Chabner: Medical Terminology: A Short Course, 5th Edition Commonly Used Medical Word Parts

Combining Forms aden/o angi/o arthr/o axill/o bronch/o cardi/o cephal/o cervic/o cholecyst/o chondr/o col/o cost/o crani/o cry/o cutane/o cyst/o cyt/o dermat/o, derm/o encephal/o erythr/o esthesi/o gastr/o glyc/o gynec/o hemat/o, hem/o hepat/o hydr/o hyster/o inguin/o lapar/o laryng/o later/o leuk/o lip/o mamm/o mast/o mening/o my/o myel/o myring/o nephr/o neur/o onc/o oophor/o opthalm/o or/o orch/o, orchi/o oste/o ot/o pancreat/o path/o pharyng/o phleb/o phren/o pleur/o pneumon/o poster/o proct/o psych/o pulmon/o pyel/o ren/o rhin/o salping/o septic/o splen/o spondyl/o stomat/o thorac/o thromb/o trache/o vas/o ven/o Prefixes a-, anabadantibradycondysendoepihyperhypointramalmetaneoparaperperipolypostre-, retrosubsyntachytranstriuniSuffixes -algia -cele -cyte -ectomy -emesis -emia -genesis -gram -itis -logy -lysis -megaly -oid -oma -osis -ous -pathy -penia -phasia -plasia -plasty -plegia -pnea -ptysis -rrhage; rrhagia -rrhaphy -rrhea -sclerosis -scope -scopy -spasm -stasis -stenosis -stomy -therapy -tomy -trophy -uria

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