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Overview Service Desk Process User Interface Configuration Service Desk Reporting Service Desk XT and 3rd party integration

The facets of complexity

Simplicity for end-users and more powerful architectures result in more complexity for IT infrastructure and application management
Customer challenges:
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Risk Costs

0 „Deploying SAP Solution Manager is a best practice step every customer should take to prepare for the world of enterprise service-oriented architecture“ Derek Prior. AMR Research .SAP Solution Manager is SAP‘s standard application management platform SAP Solution Manager – standardizing essential SAP application management tasks SAP Solution Manager Provides tools. content and best practices for the entire solution life cycle Is mandatory for all Business Suite 2005 and beyond customers SAP recommends to use SAP Solution Manager release 7.

Business Process Monitoring Custom Development System diagnostics and administration SAP Standards available Defined SAP interfaces IT Infrastructure SAP Standards in Operations reduce Total Cost of Operations and enable Mission Critical Support .E2E Solution Operation Standards Customer’s Business Unit Global Business Process Champion Regional Business Process Champion End User Integrated Help Desk PMO (Program Office) Change Request Management Out Tasking Out Sourcing SAP Collaboration Platform = SAP Solution Manager Customer’s IT Application Management Blue printing. testing. issue management. e-learning management. maintenance management. document management application diagnostics Business Process Operations Job Scheduling.

SAP Solution Manager as Collaboration Platform SAP SAP Partner SAP Service Marketplace SAP Customer SAP Consulting Support organization (CCC) SAP Experts Application Management .

0 SAP Solution Manager 3. SAP Solution Manager 7.SAP Solution Manager Strategy SAP Solution Manager has matured into a stable product which provides standard application management functions for SAP solutions to customers. SAP moves away from the annual release cycle of SAP Solution Manager: There will be no new SAP Solution Manager release before 2009 at the earliest A new release date will be communicated at least one year prior to ramp-up SAP recommends to its customers to move to SAP Solution Manager 7.2 Rampup Rampup Mainstream Maintenance customer-specific maintenance Mainstream Maintenance Dec Dec Mar Mar Customer-specific maintenance Oct Dec Oct Dec Dec 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 Mar 2011 . Therefore.0 because this release is SAP‘s application management solution of choice.

0 SAP Solution Manager will be enhanced continuously For specific customers through focus-group specific extensions which can be deployed flexibly on top of SAP Solution Manager For all customers through dedicated support packages which enhance the standard SAP Solution Manager functionality For specific customers through adapters which improve the integration to 3rd party tools like HP etc.Enhancing SAP Solution Manager 7. .

SAP Solution Manager – Essential Scenarios Implementation of SAP solutions Solution Monitoring Upgrade of SAP solutions CORE BUSINESS PROCESSES Service Desk Best Practices for messaging • Integration of 3rd-party help desks • Change Request Management Root Cause Analysis Delivery of SAP Support Services .

Overview Service Desk Process User Interface Configuration Service Desk Reporting Service Desk XT and 3rd party integration .

Service Desk in SAP Solution Manager Central instance for the entire SAP solution life cycle Single point of access to IT landscape and core business processes Common message processing model .End-to-end processes in heterogeneous environments Isolating parts in heterogeneous environments distorts analyses because of dependencies.

SAP Solution Manager Service Desk .Process Customer Incident is SAP Solution Support Search for Business User recorded Solution SAP Service Marketplace Application Service Desk Root Cause Analysis Forward Customer Solution Database SAP Support Problem SAP Solution Manager & Diagnostics Provide Solution Customer Solution Database Root Cause Analysis Solution .

Overview Service Desk Process User Interface Configuration Service Desk Reporting Service Desk XT and 3rd party integration .

e-mail Business User Customer Support SAP AGS Create Message .Create Message Easy creation of messages from regular work area Help -> Create Support Message Short text / long text / priority File attachments Automatic collection of important system data Transaction code / program ID Database version Support Package level Easy creation of messages with BSP application Creation of messages via additional input channels Key users can use SAP Solution Manager directly for message creation Call-center.

Create Message 1/5 1 2 .

Create Message 2/5 4 1 2 3 .

Create Message 3/5 .

Create Message 4/5 1 3 2 .

Create Message 5/5 1 2 .

Analyze Message Automatic assignment of support organization Several support levels possible Identify existing service contract Assignment of support employees for processing Automated message assignment according to freely definable criteria Message assignment to processor’s work list Forwarding message to another processing group / processor Automatic notification of processor Business User Customer Support SAP AGS Create Message Analyze Message .

Assign Support Team 1/3 .

Assign Support Team 2/3 .

Assign Support Team 3/3 2 1 .

telephone User provides additional information Telephone SAP Solution Manager Business User Customer Support SAP AGS Create Message Analyze Message Request Information .Request Information Further information can be requested from business user E-mail.

User Provides Additional Information 1/4 .

User Provides Additional Information 2/4 1 2 .

User Provides Additional Information 3/4 .

User Provides Additional Information 4/4 .

Search for Solution Know how of internal support employees Integrated Customer Solution Database Search for symptoms and solutions Fast solution of recurring problems Automatic documentation of problem solution Build up your own Q&A database SAP Service Marketplace Trigger SAP Notes search directly in SAP Service Marketplace Business User Customer Support SAP AGS Create Message Analyze Message Request Information Search Solution .

Search for Solution Search in Solution Database Search for SAP Notes .

SAP Notes Search Integration 1/4 1 2 .

SAP Notes Search Integration 2/4 2 Defaults taken from current message 1 .

SAP Notes Search Integration 3/4 Select SAP Notes .

SAP Notes Search Integration 4/4

Hand over to SAP Active Global Support

Send a message to SAP Forward messages to SAP Support back office if your support organization cannot solve the problem Bi-directional interface for forwarding messages and receiving solutions No need to log on to SAPNet R/3 Frontend Provide logon data maintain logon data in secure area

Business User

Customer Support


Create Message Analyze Message Request Information Search Solution Hand over to SAP Request logon data Provide logon data

Secure Area Integration


Secure Area Integration 2/4 .

Secure Area Integration 3/4 .

Secure Area Integration 4/4 .

Provide Solution Receive an answer from SAP Message processing by SAP Active Global Support Remote support integration Application sharing between end-users. support employees and SAP Support back office experts Business User Create Message Customer Support SAP AGS Analyze Message Request Information Search Solution Hand over to SAP Request logon data Provide logon data Provide Solution Automatic transfer of changes to the message status Solution provided via SAP Notes .

Apply Solution Note implementation Automatic implementation of SAP Notes with SAP Notes Assistant Verify solution Testing Evaluation of responsible employee Send solution to end-user Using output functions of service process (print. mail. fax) Transport changes to the productive environment Software change management Enter solution in solution database Business User Customer Support SAP AGS Create Message Analyze Message Request Information Search Solution Hand over to SAP Request logon data Provide logon data Provide Solution Apply Solution .

Solution Database 1/4 1 2 .

Solution Database 2/4 Classify symptom Notes and Attachments of the message Classify solution .

Solution Database 3/4 Auto Text selection Easy selection which data should be selected .

Solution Database 4/4 Solutions are attached to the support message .

Close and Confirm Message Close and confirm message End-user tests solution The problem message is confirmed by the end-user Business User Customer Support SAP AGS Create Message Analyze Message Request Information Search Solution Hand over to SAP Request logon data Provide logon data Provide Solution Apply Solution Close Message .

Overview Service Desk Process User Interface Configuration Service Desk Reporting Service Desk XT and 3rd party integration .

.The SAPGui Service Desk User Interface GUI version of Service Desk messages is further available in SAP Solution Manager 7.0.

0 Work Center Incident Management (1) .Additional User Interface as of Release 4.

0 Work Center Incident Management (2) .Additional User Interface as of Release 4.

Overview Service Desk Process User Interface Configuration Service Desk Reporting Service Desk XT and 3rd party integration .

Configuration Standard support message type delivered with pre-configured Service Desk application including Roles Authorization concept Inboxes and monitors Status schema. text types Extended Configuration Support levels Automated notification at status changes SAP SmartForms Contracts Service Level Agreements .

Automatic Notification Service Desk configuration enables automatic notification at status changes. Configurable notifications can be sent automatically when status are changed in a support message Possible communication channels E-Mail SMS Pager Fax .

Overview Service Desk Process User Interface Configuration Service Desk Reporting Service Desk XT and 3rd party integration .

.. per organization.? By service desk employee/organization . per SAP component How long did it take to complete messages? Overall and specific How many were solved with the internal solution database? How many with SAP notes? How many with help from SAP? How many were converted into how many change requests? How is the satisfaction of end-users? Which messages are in process/completed .Typical Questions to be answered by Service Desk Reporting How many messages were reported? For a given time interval.

Service Desk Reporting – Selection Screen .

Overview Service Desk Process User Interface Configuration Service Desk Reporting Service Desk XT and 3rd party integration .

End-to-end processes: Challenges beyond SAP support Service Desk must adapt to existing infrastructures to support end-to-end processes in Enterprise SOA enabled environments. Customer challenges: Existing help desk applications Proven support processes Customer needs: Improve quality of information Extend communication options Facilitate message-processing .

Partner Interface to SAP Solution Manager Service Desk Integration Service Desk can be integrated into existing help desk applications Bidirectional exchange SAP Solution Manager 7. there is no preferred partner tool .0 offers a bi-directional interface to exchange messages between the Service Desk and third party help desk tools Flexibility Integration scenario is based upon web services (simple. flexible and platform independent) and is officially certified by SAP Openness The interface is open and any partner can subscribe to it.

Features: Existing help desk application as primary help desk (recommended to support primarily non-SAP components) Proven support channels are preserved. SAP Solution Manager Service Desk is integrated as an added value to optimize SAP solution operations. no end user training necessary Messages only forwarded to SAP Solution Manager if SAP-related (on demand) Benefits: Improve quality of SAP support by new level of solution information Extend communication options and collaboration with SAP Facilitate message-processing .Integrating 3rd-party help desks: Option 1 Existing help desk and process remain unchanged.

Features: Service Desk as primary help desk (recommended to primarily support SAP components) Additional channel for end users (log messages directly from SAP applications) Messages are forwarded to 3rd party help desk if root cause is non-SAP (on demand or automated) Benefits: System information captured and logged automatically Extended communication options and collaboration with SAP . 3rd-party help desk available for information requests or non-SAP messages.Integrating 3rd-party help desks: Option 2 SAP-related messages can be sent to SAP Solution Manager directly.

Integrate Help Desk Systems from Other Vendors SAP SAP Active Global Support Customer SAP Solution Manager Service Desk Web Services Web Services External Help desk system Message RFC Message SOAP/HTTP Message SAP Application RFC Non-SAP-Application/ IT Infrastructure .

all attributes such as priority. etc. and between IT and business users Bidirectional. leading to an improved service level and user acceptance Consistent reporting Achieved by effectively applying the new integration features .Benefits Productivity and efficiency Accelerating the solution times for incidents and support messages Communication Improved within the IT organization.) Both service desk teams benefit from seamless data exchange and a common outlook The service desk better responds to events and problems. seamless exchange between both systems via Web services Data exchange can be automated (incl. file attachments.

Risk-free – Test the standard Service Desk at no additional license cost Ready to use – Use preconfigured best practices for initial system setup Easy to extend – Extend the Service Desk for non-SAP related problems without additional software installations . It extends the standard Service Desk’s usage to non-SAP problems (and offers integration into the ERP system).SAP Solution Manager Service Desk XT (Extended Usage) Service Desk XT is an extension package for SAP Solution Manager.

to replicate equipment from SAP ERP to SAP Solution Manager Target Group IT departments who do not have an existing help desk solution in place or who want to replace an existing one Smooth transition Service Desk processes are pre-configured in SAP Solution Manager and can be easily used for proofs of concept Service Desk XT licenses can be acquired after proof of concept .and telecommunication device-related requests The proven best practices for messaging in SAP can be used as a template to model nonSAP support processes Additional functions available.g.Service Desk XT . e.Scope Scope Service Desk XT can be used for IT.

) Further SAP CRM releases Interaction center and service management functions will be enhanced on a continuous basis.0 functions and will keep on doing so at least until 2009 Service Desk XT can be used for IT requests and requests related to telecommunication devices Scope of SAP CRM Acquire and retain customers. related to facility mgt.g.0 .0 uses SAP CRM 5.Service Desk XT and SAP CRM Scope of SAP Solution Manager Application Management platform to enable E2E Solution Operations providing integrated functions which support the entire solution life cycle SAP Solution Manager 7. technical service mgt. This includes IT-related services and processes.. These enhancements will not be part of SAP Solution Manager 7.. maintain competitive agility. gain customer insight. improve customer loyalty. employee and accounting services etc. and attain operational excellence Interaction center and service management functions can be used for all service requests (e. and implement customer-focused strategies Drive new growth.

Option to integrate into SAP ERP 2005 Compliance with SAP Standards for E2E Solution Operations SAP Solution Manager is the enablement platform for SAP’s Standards for E2E Solution Operations Service Desk is the interface for efficient and effective collaboration with SAP . One Transport Order etc. SAP and non-SAP Integration Seamless integration to Solution Monitoring. Maintenance Optimizer.Benefits of Service Desk XT Single point of access One Service Desk system for the entire solution. Change Request Management.

Availability Service Desk XT The scenario is available since January 2007 Pricing information For pricing information contact your account executive .

Summary SAP Solution Manager Service Desk Pre-configured Best Practices for SAP-related incident management Optimized collaboration with SAP Active Global Support More efficient and effective SAP solution operations Extension package: Service Desk XT Single point of access to E2E solution operations Consistent reporting and support processes Seamless integration into application management processes Integration into existing support infrastructures Enhanced communication Seamless and bidirectional data exchange Flexibility and openness .

tools and processes.all functions. third-party-integration Detailed customer field-reports deliver insight into firsthand.Publication related to SAP Solution Manager: SAP Solution Manager Complete reference to SAP Solution Manager Concept of SAP Solution Manager and its strategic importance for application management and cooperation with a strong reference to ITIL Comprehensive approach to the complete portfolio along the life-cycle . practical experience German edition available English edition available ISBN 3-89842-778-1 ISBN 1-59229-091-4 . incl.

Publication related to SAP Solution Manager: CobiT and the Sarbanes-Oxley Act The SOX Guide for SAP operations Roadmap to implementing CobiT controls using SAP tools and services with a special focus on the SAP GRC portfolio and SAP Solution Manager Explanation for business/IT requirements evolving from the Sarbanes-Oxley Act and outline of SOX-relevant controls of the CobiT framework Description of the portfolio SAP provides for the smooth implementation of controls within IT operations German edition English edition ISBN 978-3-8362-1013-3 ISBN 978-1-59229-128-1 .

Detailed description on customizing steps. German edition English edition © SAP 2007 / Page 72 ISBN 978-3-89842-986-3 coming soon . the concept and function provided.0 .Service Desk Functionality Discover the Service Desk inside SAP Solution Manager 7.Brand New Publication : SAP Solution Manager 7. coding examples and practical hints. Benefit from the experience gained from many Service Desk implementations.0 Introduction into the Service Desk. Presentation of new upcoming scenarios and useful functions to enhance your Service Desk. -> Documentation -> SAP Solution Manager -> Service Desk http://service.Further Information General Information Service Desk -> Functions in Detail -> Support Area General Information SAP Solution Manager -> Installation Guides -> Release -> Training .com/rkt-solman (Learning map) Documentation http://help.0 (Scenario description and configuration guide) Training (General information) http://service.

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