Design of Aircraft Structures

1. Describe the various types of aircraft structures and their functions. 2. With a neat sketch show the various components of Aircraft structure. 3. Mention the control surfaces present on the wing structures and their functions. 4. Mention the basic structural components of fuselage and their functions.

Classify fuselage based on a)Structure b)cabin cross section.

6. What are the various deign parameters considered for Fuselage design and Explain the various loads on the fuselage structure. 7. Mention any 4 major components of Fuselage and their importance. 8. What are the various components of a Wing Structure and mention their importance? 9. List the various types of joints present in the wing structure. 10. Mention the different types of Aircraft Loads. 11.Explain with neat line diagram sketches the different Landing conditions.

Department of Mechanical Engineering – BVBCET, Hubli

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