Understanding Special UK Phone Area Codes

There are a variety of different UK telephone prefixes. Standard Prefixes connect to ordinary landlines or mobile phones. Other prefixes can connect users to Freephone numbers, Local rate numbers and premium rate numbers amongst others.

The 084s and the 087s
 These numbers generally connect to

companies, government departments and other entities.
 The costs of calling these numbers

from a BT landline vary from 0.49p/min to 10p/min.
 This range includes 0842, 0843, 0844,

0845, 0870, 0871, 0872 and 0873.

The 080s
 These number are free to call from

standard landlines.
 They may however, be charged at a

premium rate if called from a mobile.
 They are often used by companies who

want customers to be able to call their sales departments or customer service departments free of charge.

The 055s and 056s
 These numbers are normally used to

connect to a business telephone system which uses Voice over Internet Protocol technology.
 The cost of calling these numbers is

estimated to be around 5p/min from a standard landline.

The 118s
 These are special 6-digit phone

numbers for calling directory enquiries companies
 They rates for calling these numbers

varies significantly.
 Typically you can expect a call to cost

over £1 though.

The 09s
 The 09 code is used for premium rate

 The cost of calling these numbers

varies greatly. The most you should typically pay from a standard landline should be around £1.50/min
 These numbers are often used for

competition phone lines, chatlines and technical support lines.

The 03s
 03 numbers were brought in in 2006

as a means for an organisation to have a national phone number not linked to a geographical location.
 The 03 numbers are charged at the

standard local rate.
 Ofcom introduced the numbers in the

hope that companies would start using these as an alternative to 0845 and 0870 numbers.

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