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Final PPT - Airline 4april

Final PPT - Airline 4april

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Total Distribution Cost

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Total Distribution Cost What is total distribution cost? • Cost or expense incurred by the Company for delivering its products from the point of production to the point of consumption. Airline distribution cost includes     Commissions Credit card fees Computer reservations system fees Cost of the airline's own reservations counters .

Case Study Scenario Pre US deregulation in 1978  State-owned airlines enjoying legal monopoly  Entry barriers for new airlines  No common platform for reservations  Unorganized hospitality industry .

To increase revenues it launched 3 websites: Travelocity.Sabre Evolution A computer reservation system developed by American airlines Primary channel for booking and reservation  Access to travel agents with travel related content like fares. 36 railroads and 220 tour operators to thousand of travel agents around the world.com. Virtually There and Get There . schedules etc. 37 car rentals. Availability to real time travel information In 2005. 9 cruise lines. 60. Sabre connected 400 airlines.000 hotels.

it started charging additional $10 per ticket booked through GDS. Northwest encouraged direct selling as a low cost alternative to GDS through internet by using its own website To discourage the use of GDS. Northwest paid $180 m as GDS fees In 2004. .Northwest Airlines Strategy to reduce distribution costs GDS fees formed a major portion in airlines total distribution cost In 2003.

Indian Scenario Type of Airlines Services Full Service Airlines In-flight services Ground handling services Bigger aircrafts where business class and economic class are separate Low Cost Airlines Minimum In-flight services No Frills Only Standard class .

pay roll. .Distribution Cost of FSA includes Global Distribution Systems GDS is a computer reservation system that airlines use to book and sell tickets Galileo. Overheads includes maintenance cost. Sabre. reporting and r emitting procedures of IATA Accredited Passenger Sales Agents Travel Agent Commission Overheads Airlines spend around 10 % of ticketing charge on payment as commission to agent. etc. and Amadeus LOGO Billing & Settlement Plan BSP is a system designed to facilitate and simplify the selling.

no frill airline Providing the lowest airfares and connectivity to unconnected towns and cities Despite a disastrous maiden flight which caught fire. Deccan continues to grow . G R Gopinath with a vision to provide affordable and point to point flight service India's first low cost.Deccan Profile Started air operations in 2003 by Capt.

Expenditure – Airline Industry Aviation fuel Uncontrollable Expenditure Aircraft lease rental LOGO In-flight Service cost Controllable Expenditure Ground handling cost Distribution cost .

Total Cost Structure LOGO Aviation Fuel Global distribution Service 40% 40% On Billing and settlement plan On travel agent on other over heads 3% 4% 10% 3% Others .

Strategies to reduce Distribution Cost LOGO Pioneer in introducing internet based computer reservation system E-ticketing In-house development of Airline Distribution System (ADS) Elimination of GDS. BSP and Travel Agent Cost .

Ticket Price Comparison Particulars X Airlines LOGO Air Deccan Aviation fuel Travel Agent GDS BSP Other Over heads for distribution Others (in-flight services. lease) Cost of Ticket 40 10 4 3 3 40 100 40 0 0 0 1 30 71 . Ground handling.

flexibility. cost and convenience Merits Easy Connectivity Receive Bookings 24/7 Cost Benefit Low Maintenance Cost Demerits Phishing De-motivation to travel agents .Merits and Demerits LOGO Online Booking offers many advantages for both travelers and airlines. including security.

htm  http://www.in/sites/default/files/Air%20Deccan.fiaindia.in/member/airdeccan.htm  http://www.com/money/2006/may/15spec5.fiaindia.cio.References  http://www.in/issues.rediff.pdf  http://www.htm .

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