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Maiden of Finland

Info Country: Finland Languages: Finnish Relationship Status: Single -Personification of Finland -Blond hair, blue eyes ,national dress. -Originally called Aura by Turkus Aura river, but later name Maiden of Finland became common. -A beauty contest Suomen neito named by her. -Maiden of Finland represents womanhoodness and home countrys healthy vitality. Likes Finland, Lions Hockey Team/ Leijonat, Finnish people, Finnish food, Nokia, Angry Birds, Fazer, Muumi Dislikes Sweden, Russia Hobbies Being Finland Religion Lutheran


A painting of me. (; Hykkys (The Attack), 1899. Oilpainting on canvas. In the painting, the Russian doubleheaded eagle is attacking the maiden symbolizing Finland, tearing a law book. Immediately after the painting was finalized, it became the symbol of protest against russification, spreading throughout Finland in thousands of prints.


Lenita Airisto is one of the most famous winners of Maiden of Finland beauty contest.

Win Aaltonen made a statue of Maiden of Finland a four statues entirety which is in Tampere on the Tavastia bridge.

A big plaster sculpture of Maiden of Finland going to be finished for the New York World Exposition.

Backround Finland was part of Sweden from the 11th sentury to 1809 when it became part of Russia. Then Finland became independent 6th of December in 1917. Russia and Finland have fought when Russia attacked to Finland in 1939-1940 and Finland lost some areas from Karelia, Salla, Kalastajansaarento and eastern islands from Gulf of Finland. Finland tried to fight the areas back against the insurmountable adversary but in the end Finland had to lose Karelia again, Petsamo, Salla and rent Hanko to Russia for 30 years. Fortunately Finland kept its independence!