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To Whom It May Concern:

It is my privilege to give a full and unfettered recommendation for Alyssa Audd as a motivational speaker. I have heard Alyssa speak to various audiences in Idaho and Utah. These audiences have ranged from intimate groups of 20-30 people to several hundred people. Alyssa is masterful in her ability to engage an audience. I am employed at a pharmaceutical company that develops medications for people who suffer with Multiple Sclerosis. As part of my employment responsibilities, I work with patients and have the opportunity to hear motivational speakers on a regular basis. Without exception, Alyssa receives high marks from audience members on feedback questionnaires. Alyssas approach is heartfelt and sincere. She has a unique ability to adapt her message to the needs of her audience. Alyssa also takes the time before and after delivering her message to engage with audience members and has the ability to connect one-on-one. It is without hesitation, that I can recommend Alyssa for any speaking engagement. She would do equally well speaking at a family reunion or at a Fortune 500 company. Her personal story and experience have refined and strengthened her. She is courageous and fearless in tackling any issue head on. Alyssa has refined her craft and will be an asset at any speaking engagement.

Sincerely, Ryan McKeehan

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