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Isee Guide

Isee Guide

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Published by: NickSD001 on Jun 12, 2012
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Unlike other ISEE test preparation materials, this book was written by the same people who developed
the ISEE. The sample questions and practice test questions in this book include actual questions from
previous versions of the ISEE. Use this book to

see what the ISEE looks like and how it is structured;
read sample questions and answers with an explanation of each correct answer choice;
read the exact directions that you will be given when you take the ISEE;
take a practice test that has questions like those on the real ISEE; and
use an answer sheet like the one you will use when you take the ISEE.

We hope that working through this book will make you feel even more confident and prepared when
you take the ISEE because you will know what to expect.

What to Expect on the ISEE

Introduction to the ISEE


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