1. This space served as a marketplace and a public square. 2. What major event happened in 395 A.D.? 3. Most Gladiators were either poor people, _________ or ____________. 4. ______________ moved the capital from Rome to Byzantium, later known as Constantinople. 5. The Roman writer Virgil was inspired by what Greek writer? 6. The Visigoth leader ____________ captured Rome in 410 A.D. 7. List three inventions of Roman Art. 8. The Roman author Horace wrote __________, which are works that make fun of human weaknesses. 9. _____________ thought the Roman Empire was too large and divided it into four parts. 10. The ______________ was a large arena that could seat around 60,000 people. It was often used as the location for Gladiator fights. 11. Explain the problems faced by the poor people living in Roman cities. (3-4 sentences) 12. ___________ And __________ were two brothers who, according to legend, founded the city of Rome. 13. On what date was Julius Caesar assassinated? 14. Members of the Senate were originally from what group? 15. After ____________ defeated Antony at the Battle of Actium, he took the name _______________. 16. What was the purpose of Hadrian’s Wall? 17. Beginning in _____ B.C., the Council of the Plebs could pass laws. 18. Define the Twelve Tables. 19. The development of Roman ___________, also known as a system of money, helped Rome’s trade. 20. ______________ was a farmer who served as dictator of Rome for just sixteen days. 21. In the Second Punic War, ___________ attacked Rome. 22. In what time period do most historians believe Rome was founded?

28. Julius Caesar. 27. 35. 25. ______________ and Pompey formed the first triumvirate.C.ROME UNIT TEST STUDY GUIDE 23. 32. 30. How did Julius Caesar help the poor? (2 reasons) 36. 31. Why did the people begin to lose faith in the republic? (2 reasons) 34. 33. (Hint: refer to Activity 3) What famous general fought against the Romans in the Punic Wars? What was the symbol of the Roman army and what did it represent? THE CITY OF ROME IS LOCATED NEAR THE ______________ RIVER ______________ WERE WEALTHY LANDOWNERS WHILE _____________ INCLUDED SHOPKEEPERS AND FARMERS.? List four legacies of the Roman Empire 24. 29. What happened to Rome in 509 B. . 26. Name one way the power of the Consuls was limited.

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