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2011_16 Minetta Lane Sales Brochure

2011_16 Minetta Lane Sales Brochure

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Published by: Adrian Kachmar on Jun 13, 2012
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16 Minetta Lane

Greenwich Village Townhouse

59 Morton Street

As Exclusive Sales Agents We Are Pleased To Present The Following Property:

16 Minetta Lane
New York, NY 10012

Asking Price: $3,450,000
For Further Information Or Inspection Please Contact Exclusive Sales Agents:

John F. Ciraulo
Vice Chairman, Partner

James P. Nelson

Craig M. Waggner
Director of Sales

Brendan Gotch
Director of Sales

Massey Knakal Realty Services 275 Madison Avenue New York, New York 10016 212-696-2500 212-696-0333 www.masseyknakal.com

special governmental approvals or permits may be required. kindly return this brochure to Massey Knakal at your earliest possible convenience. Such substances may have been used in the construction or operation of buildings or may be present as a result of previous activities at the Property. legal counsel and technical experts should be consulted where these substances are or may be present. after reviewing this brochure. to reject any or all expressions of interest or offers to purchase the Property and/or to terminate discussions with any person or entity at any time with or without notice. but not limited to. expressed or implied.16 Minetta Lane Confidentiality and Conditions This is a confidential brochure intended solely for your limited use and benefit in determining whether you desire to express any further interest in the purchase of 16 Minetta Lane. Photocopying or other duplication is not authorized. All information contained in this brochure including. Neither Owner. you agree that this brochure and its contents are of a confidential nature. PCB’s and other contaminants or petrochemical products stored in underground tanks) or other undesirable materials or conditions. Massey Knakal nor any of their respective officers nor employees. and that you will not disclose this brochure or any of its contents to any other person or entity without the prior written authorization of Owner nor will you use this brochure or any of its contents in any fashion or manner detrimental to the interest of Owner or Massey Knakal. including leases and other materials. certain documents. therefore. are present at the Property and. zoning and/or zoning calculations must be independently verified. it may be prudent to retain an environmental expert to conduct a site investigation and/or building inspection. and approved by Owner and any conditions to Owner obligations thereunder have been satisfied or waived. Owner expressly reserves the right. transport and disposal of toxic or hazardous wastes and substances. Owner shall have no legal commitment or obligation to any person or entity reviewing this brochure or making an offer to purchase the Property unless and until a written agreement satisfactory to Owner has been fully executed. While this brochure contains physical description information. It is essential that all parties to real estate transactions be aware of the health. urges its clients to retain qualified environmental professionals to determine whether hazardous or toxic wastes or substances (such as asbestos. In this brochure. nor constitute an indication that there has been no change in the business or affairs of Owner since the date of preparation of this brochure. Massey Knakal and Owner make no representations as to the accuracy of the information contained herein. handling. The terms and conditions stated in this section will relate to all of the sections of the brochure as if stated independently therein. (“Massey Knakal”) and has been reviewed by representatives of Ownership. competition. are described in summary form. In addition. Additional information and an opportunity to inspect the Property and plans will be made available to interested and qualified investors. there are no references to condition. accordingly. delivered. square footage measurements. . whether any health danger or other liability exists. This brochure was prepared by Massey Knakal Realty Services. at its sole discretion. nor do they purport to constitute a legal analysis of the provisions of the documents. Massey Knakal does not conduct investigations or analysis of environmental matters and. and other factors beyond the control of Massey Knakal or Owner and. and no legal commitments or obligations shall arise by reason of this brochure or any of its contents. By receipt of this brochure. that you hold and treat it in the strictest confidence. you have no further interest in purchasing the Properties at this time. Interested parties are expected to review independently all relevant documents. have made any representation or warranty. as to the accuracy or completeness of this brochure or any of its contents. Consequently. necessarily. accurate descriptions of the full agreements involved. removal. the cost of removal and disposal of such materials may be substantial. Depending upon past. if so. New York. liability and economic impact of environmental factors on real estate. storage. If such substances exist or are contemplated to be used at the Property. current and proposed uses of the Property. Prospective purchasers should conduct their own independent engineering report to verify property condition. This brochure shall not be deemed an indication of the state of affairs of Owner. New York (the “Property”). It contains selected information pertaining to the Property and does not purport to be all-inclusive or to contain all of the information which prospective purchasers may desire. If. Various laws and regulations have been enacted at the federal. are subject to material variation. Neither Owner nor Massey Knakal make any representation as to the physical condition of the Property. state and local levels dealing with the use. The summaries do not purport to be complete nor. It should be noted that all financial projections are provided for general reference purposes only in that they are based on assumptions relating to the general economy.

16 Minetta Lane Massey Knakal Advantage For Buyers .

16 Minetta Lane Table of Contents Section I Property Photographs Section II Property Summary Property Tax Map Section III Zoning Map Section IV Neighborhood Map Neighborhood Description Transportation Information .

16 Minetta Lane Property Photograph .

16 Minetta Lane Area Photographs View east to MacDougal Street View down Minetta Street View west to Sixth Avenue .

16 Minetta Lane Interior Photographs Front Townhouse Building 3rd Floor .

16 Minetta Lane Interior Photographs Front Townhouse Building and Solarium .

16 Minetta Lane Mechanical Photographs Washer/Dryer Electric Meters & Panels Gas Boiler Gas Meter Water Heater Gas Water Heater .

com 212-696-2500 x7742 The information contained herein has either been given to us by the owner of the property or obtained from sources that we deem reliable.696. 275 Madison Avenue • Third Floor • New York. It does not necessarily relate to actual vacancy. buildable footages and uses must be independently verified. AND ALL OTHER INFORMATION HEREIN.masseyknakal. please contact Exclusive Agents: John F.160 $27.E. The house may benefit from additional air rights giving it potential to add additional footage. the mechanical room and storage.000 For further information.250 SF (Approx. the tax bracket.com 212-696-2500 x7744 Brendan Gotch Director of Sales bgotch@masseyknakal. Waggner Director of Sales cwaggner@masseyknakal. Nelson Partner jnelson@masseyknakal. Vacancy factors used herein are an arbitrary percentage used only as an example. The townhouse comes with a carriage house that has been adjoined to it by a grand solarium. Taxes (09/10): Landmark Status: 543 / 27 North side of Minetta Lane between Sixth Avenue and MacDougal Street One-Family Attached or Semi-Attached (A5) 25’ x 50’ 1. and other factors which your tax advisor and/or legal counsel should evaluate.Greenwich Village Townhouse For Sale 16 Minetta Lane New York.2500 • Fax 212.) R7-2 (C1-5 Overlay) $164. THE PROSPECTIVE BUYER SHOULD CAREFULLY VERIFY EACH ITEM OF INCOME. Although the property requires renovations. The second floor boasts a triple height pitched ceiling reaching as high as 24’. The façade. Ciraulo Vice Chairman jciraulo@masseyknakal. The value of this investment is dependent upon these estimates and assumptions made above. of Greek Revival architecture.0333 www. if any. loft like space and an outdoor living experience. All zoning.813 square feet.5 stories) Reduced Asking Price: $3. There is a proposal in place for a new South Village Historic District that would encompass this location.450. as well as the investment income. a full bathroom. NY 10016 • 212. The lower level has an exposed stone living space. We have no reason to doubt its accuracy but we do not guarantee it.com 212-696-2500 x7700 James P. Upon entering the three level front house through the arched gated doorway. NY 10012 Block / Lot: Location: Property Type: Lot Dimensions: Lot Size: Building Dimensions: Total Square Footage: Zoning: Assessment (09/10): R. is stucco decorated with ivy pouring from each window making 16 Minetta truly unique.696. Circa 1930 Carriage House Dimensions: 25’ x 15’ (2.813 (Approx. There is a two and a half story carriage house in the rear of the property. this 1930 townhouse is located at the junction of Minetta Street and Minetta Lane between Sixth Avenue and MacDougal Street just 2 blocks south of Washington Square Park.326 None as of September 2009 (Pending) Property is included in the Proposed South Village Historic District Year Built: Property Description: Massey Knakal Realty Services has been retained on an exclusive basis to arrange for the sale of one of the most architecturally distinct and vastly unique townhouses in Greenwich Village.com 212-696-2500 x7710 Craig M. At 25’ wide and approximately 2.) 25’ x 30’ (3 stories including lower level) 2. you will find yourself in a large living room with a concrete staircase leading up to the second floor. it would be of great interest to someone looking for a truly unique home with open air qualities.com THE BRONX BROOKLYN MANHATTAN NASSAU QUEENS STATEN ISLAND WESTCHESTER .

16 Minetta Lane Tax Map .

16 Minetta Lane is zoned R7-2 (C1-5 Overlay) 16 Minetta Lane . and the amount of parking required. required open space on the lot. the distance between the building and the street. the distance between the building and the lot line. the size of the building allowed in relation to the size of the lot (“floor to area ratio”).16 Minetta Lane Zoning Description New York City’s zoning regulates permitted uses of the property. The commercial district has eight different classifications. the number of dwelling units permitted.

16 Minetta Lane Area Map 16 Minetta Lane .

16 Minetta Lane Neighborhood Map 16 Minetta Lane .

Its very mention evokes an assortment of familiar images -. and 14th Street on the north. which was formerly known as the Bowery or considered a bona fide part of the Lower East Side. jazz clubs galore. Minetta. and 5% include schools. including Desalvio. In fact. officially known as the West 4th Street Courts. The area contains an abundance of restaurants. There are also city playgrounds. but it is actually its own neighborhood. the Manhattan neighborhood containing the subject property. and Chelsea to the north. 19% are mixed-use (commercial/residential). smaller parks: Father Fagan. is sometimes (incorrectly) referred to as part of Greenwich Village. the booming art scene. is "The Cage". the courts are easily accessible to basketball and American handball players from all over New York.have a refreshing smallness of scale. Contrarily. the West Village is actually part of Greenwich Village. The historic Washington Square Park is the center and heart of the neighborhood.a cultural underground of bohemians and beatniks. Bleecker Street. many of the area's quiet. This area directly east of Greenwich Village was named the East Village in the 1960s in order to capitalize on the cachet of Greenwich Village. The Cage has become one of the most important tournament sites for the city-wide "Streetball" amateur basketball tournament. 15% are commercial/retail. clubs and shops.virtually unchanged since the early 1800s -. Mercer Street. Little Red Square. The East Village. theaters. Perhaps the most famous. the stately world of Henry James' Washington Square. The streets themselves are a crazy quilt of diagonals and curves that mostly pre-date the rigid grid pattern of the north. Minetta Triangle. Petrosino Square. and vacant land. as well as some of New York's oldest and most charming residential blocks. . and William Passannante Ballfield. though. The Greenwich Village area. but the Village has several other. tourists on Eight Avenue and Bleecker Streets. Downing Street. city property. Sitting on top of the West Fourth Street–Washington Square subway station at Sixth Avenue. Thompson Street. theaters. it is that part of the Village west of 6th Avenue. the Hudson River on the west.000 buildings in the area are residential. The neighborhoods surrounding it are the East Village to the east. Many New Yorkers argue that the East Village is still a subsection of the Lower East Side. and Time Landscape. Approximately 70-80% of the area is in the Greenwich Village Historic Preservation District. Houston Street on the south. SoHo to the south. and of course. narrow streets -. NEIGHBORHOOD CHARACTER Greenwich Village is undoubtedly one of New York's best known neighborhoods.16 Minetta Lane Neighborhood Description LOCATION The neighborhood is bounded by Broadway on the east. Approximately 61% of the almost 2. is characterized by its eclectic identity.

Here. By car. and the Waverly Inn. F. Brooklyn. DINING At night. takes you to shops like House of Cards and Curiosities. Anything and everything can be had from a great burger and fries from the Corner Bistro to an intimate candlelit dinner at One if by Land. Wandering west of Seventh Avenue and along Hudson Street. and housewares to the area. because it is loaded with genuine Village character. Specialty book and record stores. and the BrooklynBattery Tunnel to Brooklyn. and Queens.16 Minetta Lane Neighborhood Description TRANSPORTATION Besides the diversity of services and amenities located in the immediate vicinity. theaters. Greenwich Village comes alive with sounds from restaurants. The best area for strolling or window shopping is Bleecker Street. Established restaurants in the neighborhood include Blue Ribbon. and music clubs. Noteworthy restaurateurs such as the Bromberg brothers consistently increase the area’s offerings. the Village's own funky take on an old-fashioned nickel-anddime which are tucked among the brownstones . SHOPPING Greenwich Village is great for browsing and gift shopping. JFK. The Village is also home to such famous jazz clubs as the Blue Note. Cross-town bus service can be found on Houston and West 14th Streets. Pastis. Two if By Sea. D. The area is equally accessible to Newark. opening eateries such as Blue Ribbon Sushi. providing access to all areas of Manhattan. late-night coffeehouses. and LaGuardia airports. The New Jersey PATH train is also accessible via the subway. Babbo. you will find lots of specialty shops and record stores interspersed with a number of up-and coming boutiques. The Fatty Crab. fashions. and Q subway lines. the subject property has excellent access to major transportation facilities. Narrow Christopher Street is another lively strip. and fabled coffeehouses including Caffe Reggio and Café Figaro. Lions Den. and gourmet food markets dominate the neighborhood. The proximity to a vibrant selection of convenient bars and restaurants will hold a very real and significant appeal to the occupants of the subject property. cafés. and Blue Ribbon Bakery. The 6. The Village is also a destination for bargain hunters. In addition. Tomoe Sushi. the Bronx. there is relatively easy access to the Holland tunnel to New Jersey. The area is served by MTA buses on major avenues. are within easy walking distance. major retailers such as Urban Outfitters. antiques and craft shops. as well as B. The Spotted Pig. Pottery Barn and Marc Jacobs bring trendy footwear. Il Mulino.

there are a variety of public and private school options for elementary to high school students. and St. In the 1820's. the Village offers a multitude of pleasures. giving it a competitive advantage in its ability to attract a wide variety of market participants.16 Minetta Lane Neighborhood Description CULTURAL AMENITIES The Village also has a bustling performing arts scene. Private school options for elementary students include City & Country School at 146 West 13th Street. either of brick or of wood with brick facades. near Lafayette and Bleecker. Little Red School House at 196 Bleecker Street. Public school options include PS 003 Charrette School and PS 041 Greenwich Village for elementary schools. The Village Vanguard hosts some of the biggest names in jazz on a regular basis. CONCLUSION The neighborhood is a gold mine of social and cultural history. or just take a lazy stroll through this peaceful downtown enclave. Located in Community District 2. Few other micro-markets in Manhattan enjoys the charm and convenience that Greenwich Village does. and Yeshiva University's Benjamin N. Urbanized in the 1820's Greenwich Village is on of New York City's oldest and most diverse residential neighborhoods. and Lion's Den. But whether one comes to savor the architecture. including The Boston and Comedy Cellar. The village also has its own orchestra aptly named the Greenwich Village Orchestra. The architecture surrounding the subject property is extremely unique. for instance. Other music clubs include The Bitter End. a number of Federal-style row houses were erected. For interested investors. Greek Revival row houses with austere entrances frame by heavy stone can be found throughout the district as well. The Little Red School House also offers private education for Upper School. Public high schools include The Legacy School at 33 West 13th Street and City as ASchool at 16 Clarkson Street. immerse oneself in its history. Greenwich Village by Building Classification Primarily ResidentialMixed Use 15% Other 15% 1-2 Family Dwellings 14% Commerical Condominiums 8% Store Buildings 6% Elevator Apartments 5% Walk-Up Apartments 37% Total Buildings: 2508 . where many American stand-up comedians got their start. restaurants and shops. Cardozo School of Law. enjoy the nightlife. the subject property is amidst a constantly evolving community and vibrant nightlife which are inviting attributes to the neighborhood. Comedy clubs dot the Village as well. Our Lady of Pompeii at 240 Bleecker Street. SCHOOLS Greenwich Village includes the primary campus for New York University (NYU). Streets in the village of Greenwich were initially laid out in the late 18th century. It is home to many Off-Broadway and Off-Off-Broadway theaters. Blue Man Group has taken up residence in the Astor Place Theater. Luke’s School at 487 Hudson Street. The New School. Bountiful retail options and a plethora of exciting restaurants are all immediately accessible. Cooper Union is also located in Greenwich Village.

providing access to all areas of Manhattan. The Christopher and West 4th Street Stations subway lines are within easy walking distance. and to the Bronx. and Queens. The area is equally accessible to Newark and LaGuardia airports. New Jersey PATH trains are accessed adjacent to the property. and the area is served by northbound MTA buses on Hudson Street and southbound buses on Seventh Avenue.16 Minetta Lane Transportation Description Besides the diversity of services and amenities located in the immediate vicinity. 16 Minetta Lane has excellent access to major transportation facilities. and the BrooklynBattery tunnel to Brooklyn. Brooklyn. 16 Minetta Lane . By car. there is relatively easy access to the Holland tunnel to New Jersey.

16 Minetta Lane Neighborhood Map 16 Minetta Lane .

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