Service Process

1. VA41- Create Contract

2. Enter the customer and material

Save the Contract 4. Create Order with reference to the above created Contract .3.

Assign WBS element to the line item by clicking on the line item -> Account Assignment Tab Enter WBS element Similarly.5. The data is copied from Contract to the Sale Order 6. assign WBS element to all Service Materials .

Set Billing Plan for the Service Items Enter WBS element Enter .

Billing Billing is blocked .Enter Date and Percentage The Block is automatically set as 02 Set the Billing Plan for all the Service Items accordingly and Save 7. VF01.

To continue with the billing. the block has to be removed in the sale order Save the Order Enter the Order Number in VF01 and enter .

VF02. .Release the accounting Documents Click on the Flag Icon Now the document will be saved and the Accounting documents will be generated.Check the Pricing in Conditions Tab and save. Accounting Documents are not generated 8.

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