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Advanced TF Russian Study Results W-graph 4ld

Advanced TF Russian Study Results W-graph 4ld


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article about this fantastic suplement
article about this fantastic suplement

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Published by: luis on Jan 03, 2009
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The Study Results are in!

A Study Summary Report: 4Life Transfer Factor Advanced Formulas Increase Immune System Effectiveness
With two products—4Life Transfer Factor Classic and 4Life Transfer Factor Plus—that already set new and higher standards in immune system support—providing boosts in Natural Killer (NK) cell activity of 103 and 248 percent—how did 4Life think of trying to improve them? It started with a dedication to the long-term pursuit of transfer factor research, which led to the discovery of eggs as another viable source for transfer factors. A commitment to remain the leader in transfer factor technology and to provide the highest quality, most effective products for good health further drove 4Life to be even better. And finally, it came from the belief that one of the best ways to improve 4Life Transfer Factor was to broaden the spectrum of support by combining safe and effective sources of transfer factors. 4Life researchers and scientists developed the Transfer Factor E-XF™ proprietary blend in an effort to further maximize immune system support using transfer factor molecules. Transfer factors were taken from both the cow and chicken sources and combined in hopes of sparking a synergistic–effect which was definitely achieved. 4Life Transfer Factor Advanced Formula and 4Life Transfer Factor Plus Advanced Formula both feature the scientifically proven Transfer Factor E-XF proprietary blend. Developed exclusively by 4Life using patented and patent-pending technology, the E-XF blend calls upon the knowledge of two sources, providing an enhanced combined effect of transfer factors from both cow colostrum and chicken eggs. Research shows that the immune building effects of this transfer factor blend are more effective than that of colostrum or egg sources alone. In an effort to determine how powerful the 4Life Transfer Factor Advanced formulas are, researchers Calvin McCausland, Ph.D and Emma Oganova, Ph.D, M.D. designed a study to test NK cell activity. Dr. Anatoli Vorobiev at the Russian Academy of Medical Science directed his team in the independent testing. Using blinded cytotoxicity testing, cancerous cells were combined with NK cells from humans and divided into groups of NK cells activated with transfer factors and groups of unactivated NK cells. Samples containing several different blends of transfer factors sourced from cow colostrum and egg yolks were incubated with the NK cells for various time periods, in order to identify the most potent blend ratio and the optimal activation time of NK cells to provide maximum health benefits. Comparison of times demonstrated that the activation time of 48 hours promoted the greatest NK cell response. Results of this study conclusively demonstrated the ability of 4Life Transfer Factor Advanced Formula to boost NK cell activity by 283 percent and of 4Life Transfer Factor Plus Advanced Formula to propel NK cell activity to a remarkable 437 percent above normal immune response (a response established as a baseline from this study). They also showed that 4Life Transfer Factor Classic increased NK cell activity by 204 percent when tested at a 48-hour activation time. Further, results from this scientific experiment showed that NK cells activated with 4Life Transfer Factor Plus Advanced Formula killed 97 percent of cancerous cells, which exceeded the Interleukin-2 (IL2) activation kill rate of 88% during the same time period. The Russian scientists who conducted this study found the results to be exceptional and requested further information so their results could be published in professional journals. One scientist stated: “The 4Life sample [4Life Transfer Factor Plus Advanced Formula] activated NK cell activity more than the Interleukin-2 (IL2) drug used as the standard. Here, we now refer to your sample as the Golden Interleukin,” said Dr. Kisielevsky, Russian Academy of Medical Sciences. These outstanding test results are certain to be reflected in human health through an increase in immune effectiveness, leading to improved overall health. People around the world can be confident in the ability of 4Life Transfer Factor Advanced Formula and 4Life Transfer Factor Plus Advanced Formula to more effectively modulate immune system function, making it more response “able” and to provide broad-spectrum support that is unmatched in any other health supplement today.




www.4lifediscovery.my4life.com STUDY SUMMARy

Objective: To determine the extent to which Transfer Factor E-XF blends and 4Life Transfer Factor Plus Advanced Formula increases Natural Killer (NK) cell activity above baseline. Study Design: Dr. E. Oganova and Dr. C. McCausland designed the blinded cytotoxicity study. The independent testing of the coded samples was done under the direction of Academician Anatoly Vorobiev, M.D., Russian Academy of Medical Sciences (RAMS) and the experimental work was conducted by, Dr. M.V. Kisielevsky, Dr. E.O. Khalturina, at the Russian Cancer Research Center, RAMS. Methods: Blood was obtained from RORC donor station. A standard method of density gradient was used to isolate mononuclear cells [NK Cells]. The isolated cells, 60 thousand cells per well, in 100 ml of culture medium, were introduced into each well of Costar 96 well plates. Then, portions of coded test samples [Transfer Factor E-XF blends of selected ratios, 4Life Transfer Factor Plus E-XF blend and others samples] were introduced into the wells at predetermined concentrations (wt./vol.). An Interleukin-2 (IL-2) standard was used to compare effectiveness. The preparations were incubated in a CO2-incubator with a 5% CO2 atmosphere, 100% humidity and 37° C for 24 or 48 hours. Next 30 thousand K-562 tumor cells (erythroblastic human leukemia) were introduced into the wells. (Thus, the ratio of effector and target cells was 2:1. Each sample was tested in triplicate). The preparations containing both the effector (NK cells) and target cells (K562 cancer cells) along with control wells were again incubated for 18-24 hours under the same incubator conditions. An MTT (dye) solution was used to spectro-photometricly determine the number of viable cells remaining in each well. The cytotoxic index (CI) expressed in % is reported for each sample.
Results: Each of the samples significantly increased NK cell activity. The Transfer Factor E-XF Blend (Advanced Formula) resulted in greater NK cell activation (283%) than the Transfer Factor XF (204%). 4Life Transfer Factor Plus Advanced Formula increased NK cell activity by 437%. The drug IL-2 increased NK cell active by 389%. In the study www.4lifediscovery.my4life.com

activation by 4Life Transfer Factor Advanced Formula, 4Life Transfer Factor Plus Advanced Formula and IL-2 resulted in a kill rate of K562 cancer cells of 69%, 97% and 88% respectively with the 48-hour incubation period giving the greatest NK cell activation. As a Result of These Tests 4Life® Transfer Factor™ Is Now Approved By the Health Ministry of Russia for use in Hospitals and Clinics! The First Ever Dietary Supplement to be approved for Use by Doctors and Hospitals in Russia SANDY, UT (October 1, 2004) - 4Life announced today that 4Life Transfer Factor products as immune modulators have been approved for use in hospitals and clinics in the Russian Federation. The results of ten separate clinical trials and two experimental studies on 4Life Transfer Factor products were combined in a Methodological Document that was approved by the Ministry of Health, which now allows doctors to recommend 4Life Transfer Factor Classic and 4Life Transfer Factor Plus® products to their patients. Transfer Factor is the First Dietary Supplement Approved for Use by Doctors and Hospitals in Russia. The Russian Ministry of Health is the equivalent of the Food and Drug Administration in the United States. Doctors and scientists from Russia have been working jointly with scientists from 4Life for several years to arrive at this accomplishment. This approval establishes a new roll of dietary supplements in the Russian health care system. Remarkable Response from Russian Academy of Medical Sciences In another sector of research of 4Life Transfer Factor, Dr. Kisielevsky of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences stated, “The 4Life sample [Transfer Factor Advanced Formula] activated NK (natural killer) cell activity more than the Interleukin-2 (IL2) drug we used as the standard.” This discovery has attracted the attention of The International Scientific and Technical Center (ISTC) of Russia. Scientists from Several Countries Join Forces for Additional Clinical Studies of Transfer Factor The ISTC of Russia is a member of a joint international project with other health agencies of Japan, Europe and the US. The objective of the international project is to combine efforts in finding improved immunotherapies. Following the discoveries from the NK cell testing, the scientists of 4Life have been invited to join the project. 4Life Transfer Factor as an immune modulator will be further researched in this international forum. The cost of the studies will be paid by the ISTC. Worldwide Ramification Speaking of this benchmark achievement, Dr. Calvin McCausland, VP of Research of 4Life, and Dr. Emma Oganova, 4Life/Eurasia President, jointly expressed that because of the acceptance by such a reputable organization and doctors from Russia and other major countries, 4Life Transfer Factor will gain wider acceptance in the professional and private sectors as a superior immune system enhancing product. The worldwide ramifications to this acceptance are just beginning.4Life is the world’s foremost leader in the development, production and distribution of natural immune support products and were recently recognized by Inc. magazine as the fifteenth fastest growing privately held company in America. *We make no claims that our products will cure an illness. We suggest that you consult a physician if ill. The above statements have not been evaluated by the FDA or our company. www.4lifediscovery.my4life.com



Provided by Nature, Proven by Science

4Life Transfer Factor Plus Advanced Formula E-XF 48hrs

4Life Transfer Factor Advanced Formula E-XF 48hrs

4Life Transfer Factor Classic XF 48hrs

4Life Transfer Factor Classic XF 4hrs

*Transfer Factor XF (from cow colostrum) *Transfer Factor E-XF (from cow colostrum and chicken egg yolks) ill;,. Activation Time

'Test results obtained from two independent NK cell studies. Original test using 4Life Transfer Factor Classic bovine formula utilized a four-hour activation time. Secondary blind study test results, conducted by Dr. Anatoli Vorobiev, head of Immunology, at the Russian Academy of Medical Science, used 4Life Transfer Factor Advanced Formula (Transfer Factor E-XF proprietary blend of both cow colostrums and egg yolk sources) and a 48-hour activation time. Comparison of activation times demonstrated that the longer activation time (48 hours) using the 4Life Classic and Advanced Formulas promoted a significantly greater percentage increase of NK cell response. Samples were tested for maximum time of effectiveness.

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