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US ARMY MM 2598 Course - Identifying Ammunition MM2598

US ARMY MM 2598 Course - Identifying Ammunition MM2598

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Published by: cbtdoc2002 on Jan 03, 2009
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A grenade is a lightweight missile filled with a high-explosive or a chemical. Grenades are used against enemy
personnel or material at short ranges to supplement small arms fire. There are two types of grenades, the
grenade thrown by hand and the grenade projected by a special blank cartridge from a rifle equipped with a
grenade launcher or adapter. Rifle grenades are not used by US forces, so only hand grenades will be covered in
this subcourse. There are five types of hand grenades: fragmentation, offensive, chemical, illuminating, and
practice. See Figure 51. Most grenades are packed one grenade to a fiber container, with 30 fiber containers to a
wooden box.



Figure 49. Two Types of 2.75-Inch Aircraft Rocket Boxes.

Figure 50. Two Types of 2.75-Inch Aircraft Rocket Launchers.



Figure 51. Types of Hand Grenades.



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