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US ARMY MM 2598 Course - Identifying Ammunition MM2598

US ARMY MM 2598 Course - Identifying Ammunition MM2598

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Published by: cbtdoc2002 on Jan 03, 2009
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Fragmentation hand grenades are used to cause casualties. They have a steel fragmentation coil under their
thin metal outer body. This coil breaks up into small fragments that are scattered by a high-explosive charge.
There are two basic shapes for fragmentation grades, oval (egg-shaped) and round (baseball-shaped). They
are color coded olive drab with yellow markings (high-explosive). The safety lever may be olive drab or red. If it is
olive drab, the grenade has a delay fuze and will detonate four to five seconds after the safety lever is released. If
it is red, the grenade has an impact fuze that detonates upon impact. This red color has nothing to do with the
standard color coding system.

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