The Olympian Gods

Connect the number to the appropriate letter: 1. Hestia 2. Ares 3. Eros 4. Poseidon 5. Dionysus 6. Hera 7. Athena 8. Hermes 9. Demeter 10. Apollo a. The goddess of love b. The goddess of the hearth and family peace c. The messenger of Zeus d. The god of light and prophecy e. The god of smiths f. The god of wine g. The god of all gods h, The goddess of corn and fertility i. The goddess of warfare and wisdom j. The goddess of maternity and the wife of Zeus k. The goddess of hunt l. The god of war m. The god of erotic longing and love n. This major god is not an Olympian god o. The god of the sea

11. Hephaestus 12. Artemis 13. Zeus 14. Aphrodite 15. Hades

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