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: VIII (Delapan) : 07.30 - 09.30 WIB

PILIHAN GANDA Choose the best answer by crossing a, b, c, or d The text for questions number 1 to.S. Read the text carefully

Like all children. Ani has a pet. It is a cat. It is white. Ani call it "Putih''. Every morning Ani takes her cat to go to out for a walk. Putih always walks behind Ani while she walks, When Ani is at home, Putih is always near her sometimes Putih likes to sitonAni's lap. Putih drink milk everyday. It doesn't eat mice like other cats. Ani feed it some fish and other food. Although Putih likes fish it doesn't disturb the two gold fish in an aquarium in the living room. It is a very good cat. Ani is proud of her pet, Putih. 1. WhatkindofpetdoesAnihave? a.Abird b.Acat Shehas ... c.Mouse d. Fish .

2. What does Putih sometimes do whenAni is at home ?
a. Sits b. Sit 3. What does Putih do every morning a. Sit onAni lap h. Walks behind 4. Putih doesn't eat mice ........ a. Some food b. Called Putih c. Sitting d. To sit

c. Drink milk d. Goes out for a walk

c. Like other cats d. White, clean, beautiful

5. What does Putih like to eat?
a. Mice b. Other cats The text for questions number Mother Bonita Mother Mother Bonita Mother Bonita c. Fish and otherfood d. Goldfish 6 to 9. Complete these dialogue .

. . . . . (6) with you, dear? Iam sad, Mom. ..... (7) are you sad ? I think you should ..... ( 8 ) hard then. All right, I will do that. I ..... ( 9 ) you can get better score for the.next test. Thank you, Mom. c. What is the matter
d. How is everything


a. Howare you b. Hello a. Why b. Where a. Play b.Ask

c.When d.How ,
c. Study .d. Practice


Ulangan Akhir Semester (UAS) Genap. BAHASA INGGRIS· Kelas VIII (DfC~any'. SMP TP.2008/ 20[)9· KABUPATEN TULANG BAWANG . . ,

.Works 14. Melsani :Ido. b.Work. : Would you please ask him to call Mitha at 07 :00 this evening.x. Dina Franata Pernando Hose a. He is not at home now. Ovie dwitia IkaOnistia :Yes. Working I 13.. his book. The film has . GinandaAfifahhas a. b. : Do you know when he'll be back 7 :No. Talking .rxeeu 11. Ika 7 b. Stealing c. On the Text . c. You have a. May I speak to Nurjannah Contesa 7 :I'm sorry. Mitha. Three speakers c. c. Were b. TiaraAnggraini. Iqbal :You Speak English. Stole b. Were raining very hard. On the letter take please? c. & Talks 7 c.Doyou 17... Two speakers d. Are you 16.Don'tyou ... I sick yesterday. Was d.Do 15. : Thanks alot. Idon't. : This is Mitha speaking.18-22 Mitha Karmila Mitha Karmila . Will d. a. Worked d. a. c. Who's Speaking 7 .. Please 7 well..Did you d.. One speakers b.Be Dialogueforno. Talk b. I'll give him the message. Could I speak to Ika. me yesterday. stopped. How many speakers are there in the dialogue? a.. M. Ihave to get a pen. b. c.. didn't you? :No.. To steal 12. Khrisma Mayang was sleeping when Ramando Gentana . a. You're right. Told.. Four speakers 19. Mitha Karrnila Mitha Karmila Mitha Karmila Mitha :Hello.Was : You wentto school yesterday. Is it 02764672901 ? :Exactly.. it . Where are you. a..Already. 18. Think 10..Always c. a.Am d.Is b. One night. What are you doing. My number is 0813-69131988 :o.. :Would you please give him a message? : Just a minute.. Ika ? c. This is Ika Speaking. Steals d. Where does the dialogue a.Am c. d.d.

The greater Sunda islands c. The clinic has two floors and it's clean..Sulawesi.. Indonesia has more than 13.caller want to speak? a. There are some specialists working for the clinic. Greenland 26..a.jnternists. Most of Indonesian population live.. r. come to the clinic to have medical . The Lesser Surrda Islands extend from Bali eastward to the Timor. There is a nice garden at the front. Itis Smart Health Clinic.000 islands c.. and an X-ray room.Islands. There isa big medloal. Nutjarmah Read the following ted and answer-the question 23 . Paragraph two talks'about . h. fever.Boy b. __ . Which of the followings belongs to the first largest island in the world. a laboratory. There is also dispen where we get medicines and there is a ____ +. The Indonesian geographers d.:ings statements. 23.diseases services. ' Smart Health Clinic is equipped with many facilities like comfortable patients room.is Not True according. Many of the islands covet only a few square kilometers.and. a country iii SOlilt1i~ast Asia that consists of more than 13. The clinic is very busy . But-about 'a half of New GUIIlea and three quarters of Borneo also fueIong to Indonesia. Jav~.. The Mollucas is between Sulawesi and New (Juinea a. a.. Indonesia also includes Irian Jaya. Irian.. N urjannah d. in Irian Jaya h.26 .1 c..Mjtha d. Nurjannah d. " a. I The Greater Sunda includes Bemeo.Jayais the most thinly populated. an emergency room.with. after Greenland. sore eyes. Borneois the third biggest island in the world d.600 islantls ofIndorresia into three groups: (1) The Greater Sunda Islands (2) The Lesser Sunda.0(i)0kilometers. New Guinea d.. maternity wards. Contesa b.. The doctors and nurses are kind.f-~~ a ___f_. 2.The Western part-of New Guinea is called Irian J aya. Roses and sun flowers growthere.Whichofthefoll0v.. With whom does-the. Compared to theotberregions. backaches. Where is Indonesia located . an 'Indonesian territory. etc.ogtapliersdiYide die°l'tlore than 13. The Mollucas lie between Sulawesi and New GU~J1ea. 000 rshinds. The three. The walls are white.. . In the Greenland 24. In Southeast Asia b.. The people feel satisfied becausethe doctors examine them carefully.divisions of'Indonesia's islands b.Mitha 21 . The position ofIndonesia .. They are dentists.5.. They are helpful and friendly.'etc . Who is the receiver? a. Both islands ate theseeond-aad-third largest islands in the world. ItianJaya c..."'_:.lqba1 22.Kannila b.. which is part of New Guinea. Some nurses help them to look after the patients. The islands lie along the equator and sxtend more than 5. Near Mellucas d.. Some people getheadaches.to the text .People. surgeons. The clinical-50 provides a large parking area.Mitha c. Along the equator c.elinie in my town. Many ge. a. (3) The Mollucas.various.Borneo Read the following text and answer the qne~ti01127 ~29 Sm:art Health Clinic .Karmila The Indonesiaan Archipelago Indonesia is..S~tnatera.Kannila c..

He has wanted to be an actor since he was five years old.. He also likes to watch wrestling and formula one racing. The word "He" refers to .. too. Eyes . The underlined words indente the expression of .. He said. The underlined expression shows . Congratulation! : Just so so.. -. Gratitude 36. Since long time ago d.. As an English boy.. Since he was five years old b. Stomach 28. Hairy Potter b. . Since he was ten years old 34.c.. a... Sympathy d. Doctors c. Hardiansyah 33 . a.. this book is very good . 18 years old ? c . I' am sorry to hear that c Please-dau't_be 2nrn:" .. a. Teeth d. Reka Anista : What's wrong with you? You're so panic. friends.. Which paragraph tells us about the workers in this clinic . he does b.... He has become very famous after his role as theyoung wizard Harry Potter. Anfal Mandala : I lost my wallet. he has become afamons actor. 23: 1989 in London. No. (Parg.Yes.. . Paragraph 2 d..When did she want to be an actor? a... Aniz .Happiness .enttst IS aspeclallst wno caresror . he haven't e -31." Hardiansyah goes to on all boy school It means there are no girls at all there. ~ 1 years old c. He is only child in the family. Now. No. Disagreement b. You'r~ very clever. The Writer c. Music 7·fie is a big fan. An agreement 35. Paragraph'S b.. Hardiansyah loves football. Complement d. a. I am pleased to hear that b. he have 32. Yes. How old is Hardiansyah aIriyearsold b. RekaAni sta a. b.. Does he have a. : You're right.Nurses 29..his third Harry Potter movie. . He has become very famous. He love to play pranks on his. Now. 30 -33 Hardiansyah was born on July...Z7~D.brother or sister? a . a..19 years old 4.. But" I also want to be a director or writer. he doesn't d. Oh.. Yuriando : Well.. '. ·30.The boy d. Specialists d. Paragraph 1 . He prefers punk rock. Hardiansyah is ready for . 3) refers to .. The word they . Since he was child c.People b. He is a fan of'FulhamFootball Club.. a. Ervia Oxva Ervia c. Paragraph 5 The text for no. : Wow.-. Sympathy b. "I want to continue to act..Bone c. c. Compliment : I want the science Olympics last week.. .

We wanted to (43) ..-.Ayoung man and a young woman were sitting behind me. While eating. We want there early in the morning by car. I got very angry. He didn't want him to hear their conversation b.46 In the Beach Last month. we (44) . Who.... I turned round again. Theywere talking loudly. '. 38-41 A PrlvateConversation Last week I went to the theatre. The conversation was important c. "this is a private conversation.Went c. cold sea water touched our feet along the beach barefooted. The listener d. To the movie d.. .. They did not pay any attention. we saw many things.' . the mat on the ground and meals together. I had a very' goo.. It's great. After parking our car. Collected ..I c. II 38. we looked for a place to' take a rest..Want c. Fadia . a..I could not hear it.. the young man said rudely. a. : I don't think so. Because ? the man andthe woman behind him" ? he couldn't listen to the play he wanted to know the conversation he wanted to interrupt it was prohibited to speakin the theatre Fiil in the blanks for no . In the end. The . They were not interested in the play 41.42 . Refresh d 43. To the pay b. To a private conversation c... a.d seat. They were spies d..Because b. What did the young man think of this sentence "this is a private conversation" a." It's none of year business.. was sitting behind him? a. " our mind and enjoy the fresh air. I In the dialogue. 42. Ayoung man and a young woman . til can't hear a word I said angrily.Agrees b. of the sand. I prefer going to Museum Lampung. We could feel the smoothness Then.. sand castles.Built b. Because c .. Disbelieves Textforno. Because d. To the theatre 39.. with Syifa Karinra. to the beach. The play was very interesting. "I can't hear a word to a.. Disagrees c. When-will we go? : Bow about going to Bumi Kedaton zoo ? : Yes.Syifa Karinra Arya Fahroby Syifa Karinra Fadia : Tliat's good idea. I could not hear the actors I turned round. Many children (46) . I did not enjoy it. The writer b. Where did the writer go last week? a..Enjoyed d. I love going tothe zoo. Why did the writer say. I looked 'at the man angrily. Likes d. 40.. Bathe b. my family and I (42) . We (45) .

a. 8. At last he was tired. January. There he saw bunches of grapes hanging on a tree. His mouth began to water. 50. He wanted to get the 'grapes b. .Schoolannouncement d. Football matches d. He jumped again and again to have some grapes. How many characters" or animals are there in the text? a. He saw bunches of grapes c. contact Arin (0812) 7949973 47. Office announcement b. 1 ' "b. Police station announcement . Where can you find the Announcements a. 1. Refresh 45. At last he reached a garden.b. Came d. 47 . Built Ted for no.2" c. The final tournament will be held on February. Went b. but the grapes were very high from the ground. Badminton matches c. . He wanted to get the grapes. a. What are of the announcements a. . Picnic d. For more information. He was in search of food here and there. c. so he went away. He was very hungry. 49.Ate c.3 dA . Enjoyed c. He went to the tree. Rolled out 46. Tennis matches about? 48. Basketball matches b. Picnic b. 49 ~50 Once upon a time there was a fox.The event will run from 09:00':_ 11 : 00 for the next four weeks. . Collected d.48 SCHOOL ANNOUNCEMENT Saturday Morning Basketball matches Will begin on Saturday. Why was the fox in search offood here and there? a. He was very hungry d. He was tired . Market announcement ? The text for no.

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