CARE POINT Alex House: Malnutrition Center to be built in honor of a child that didn’t make it. Project 1 Project 2 Project 3 BUCKET BLESSING Clean water is the gift of life to a family in Haiti. PROJECT FEET Donating old vehicles can put “feet” to missions in Haiti. VAN MAKEOVER A recently donated van needs a “makeover” before being shipped to Port-au-Prince. Project 4

Alex House to be built for $35,000
Alex House is our first construction of a Care Point. Care Points are locations where we will hold medical clinics & feeding programs. It is also our desire to use the locations for education. Together with New Life 4 kids we are drawing up plans to build a clinic and feeding center near the area of Pestel. The cost we have been quoted is $35,000. In this particular location the clinic is specifically geared towards the needs of those with malnutrition. The current “clinic” serves about 80,000 people and it is about a 5 mile walk for many who are too ill to make the journey. The new clinic will be staffed with a full-time nurse making care available seven days a week. In addition to the building cost we are looking for individuals to commit to our $30/Month Club. These funds help to provide for the month to month needs of children through these Care Point


Happy Kids is working to raise enough funds to provide 100 families with a BUCKET BLESSING. The bucket will come with a purification system that will provide a lifetime of clean drinking water for a family. The bucket will also include other items such as rice and beans, a Bible and personal supplies to assist the family in better health. The filtration systems are $60 of the cost and the other money will provide the additional items, shipping & transporting the goods to the mountains. Donations for an entire bucket or for a filtration system alone can be made online at www.happykidsinternational.com or mailed to: HAPPY KIDS at the address below.

HAPPY KIDS INTL • 1418 BARTON RD • LAKE WORTH, FL 33460 • 805-331-9646



The missionaries of HAITI need feet so they can do their jobs! Trucks and SUV's are very expensive and good ones are hard to find in Haiti.  Many missionaries  are willing to take much needed resources and the Gospel to hard reach places but simply do not have the transportation they need.  As I travel across America preaching I see so many extra trucks it's crazy!  Many people have older reliable trucks and SUV's they only use occasionally. In Haiti they would literally save lives everyday!  We are looking for primarily 4x4  trucks and SUV's, the age doesn't matter as long as they are in good shape, diesel is a plus but not necessary.   We are also looking for a camper truck combo for long stays in the mountains.   Pray about it and then give us a call!

Happy Kids International has received our first PROJECT FEET vehicle! Calvary Community Church of South Carolina has generously given us a cargo van for Haiti. The roads in Haiti are much rougher than here in the US so our new van needs a makeover. As you can see the van now bears our Happy Kids Logo, but we are in need of some mechanical upgrades and then the cost of shipping the van into Port-au-Prince. These are estimated costs as Haiti does not have standard fees and many times they require additional costs for the vehicle to be release from port. We are confident that God will get it there in His perfect timing!

If you would like to support us monthly, we invite you to join our $30/MONTH CLUB. Just sign up on our website and begin giving today!

HAPPY KIDS INTL • 1418 BARTON RD • LAKE WORTH, FL 33460 • 805-331-9646

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