Read the following passages and choose one suitable word or phrase to fill in each blank.

People spend a lot of time and money (1) physical activities. The object of these activities (2) not only enjoyment. Doctors have found that vigorous exercise keeps people healthier and (3) them look better. So, those who are doing exercise or playing sports are also maintaining or recapturing their (4) and vigor. Many people do their exercise at health club, (5) has exercise equipment, and (6) for tennis or table tennis. Other people (7) . clubs with golf courses and swimming pools. Those who want privacy (8) their homes with exercise bicycles or walking machines to work out in their bedroom or family room. Walking, running, and jogging are also popular (9) of keeping the body fit. Many people jog a few mi les before (10) to work in the morning, using jogging trails in parks or simply running around their house several times. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. A. for A. are A. makes A. young A. that A. fields A. approach A. set up A. roads A. go B. on B. will be B. lets B. younger B. which B. stadiums B. arrive B. make up B. ways B. to go C. in C. is C. causes C. youngest C. who C. courts C. come C. decorate C. paths C. going D. at D. was D. does D. youth D. what D. yards D.join D. provide D. trails D. went

Is it worth reading books, since nowadays there are so many other forms of (1) ? Some people say that even paperback books are expensive, and not everyone can (2) books from a library. They might add that television is more (3) and that viewers can relax as they watch their favorite (4) . All that may be true, but books are still very (5) . They encourage the reader to use his or her imagination for a start. You can read a chapter of a book, or just (6) pages, and then stop. Of course, it may be so fascinating that you can't stop! There are many different kinds of books, so you can choose a crime (7) or an autobiography, or a book which gives you interesting information. If you find it (8) to choose, you can read reviews, or ask friends (9) ideas. Personally, I can't do without books, but I can (10) up television easily enough. You can't watch television at bus stops! 1. A. sport 2. A. borrow 3. A. exited 4. A. plans 5. A. public 6. A. a little 7. A. film 8. A. hard 9. A. with 10. A. put B. entertainment B. lend B. excitable B. programs B. live B. a few B. poetry B. hardly B. on B. set C. research C. buy C. exciting C. periods C. popular C. many C. history C. hardship C. for C.look D. study D. take D. excitement D. volumes D.lovely D. enough D. novel D. hardy D. about D. give


A. The city is particularly busy during (1) summer months of June. but C. values C. this (6) the form of shamanism.Cedar Avenue . cured D. A. with B. manners 2 C. this torm of healing works although they do not know why and how. because of A. the C. Some people believe that deities and spirits can help in healing the sick. is 2. up C. stay 7. earth 5. Stores line both sides of the avenue are often (1) open late into the evening. for PASSAGE (4) Modern medicine has done wonders for the world. prices D. There (1) many shops and services all within walking distance (1) the central square. information C. improved C. developed D. cases . with C. A. costs 9. gains A. 10. through C. Tourists will find that many of these shops offer an export service and goods (1) be posted direct to the buyers' home country. kinds D. can 10. for D. Although these methods have not proven to be very (8) . directions B. 8. Most of the shops in this avenue are small and expensive (1) in nearby streets shoppers can find almost anything at more reasonable (1) . found B. (3) advancements in science.PASSAGE (3) Shopping in Mappstone is a must if you are visiting the area. 1. effective A. in addition to B. just B. A. A. takes B. so B. sorts B. be D. of 3. active B. numbers B. Every country has its own (5) of traditional healing. ground B. without A. Shops are usually closed on Mondays but otherwise open from 9 am in the morning (1) 8 pm in the evening. without D. law B. convenient D. go B. make C. action C. would B. Scientists have discovered that in some (10) . A. some 4. A. many scientists are beginning to wonder why some of these techniques have succeeded when modern medicine has (9) . by C. developed A. 1. since 8. comfortable C. until D. same 6. cures for some diseases have not yet been found. 3. In desperation. symptoms A.put D. decisions D. one D. changed A. space C. A. in the most popular shopping area for not (1) visitors but residents too. to D. way D. have C. 9. world D. One of the main streets off the central square. A. A. some people with terminal illnesses often turn to traditional healers for (4) . Many (1) . treatments B. However. 7. might C. July and August when tourists visit Mappstone from all over the (1) . 2. because D. with witch doctors and medicine men trying to cure the sick (7) prayers and rituals. despite B. exactly C. A. chooses D. 5. illnesses C. describes C. 4. a B. point A. viruses D. studied C. should D. failed B. help A. very D. that used to be classified as incurable can now be (2) . 6. are B. Most often.

1.202. it causes accidents. The streets where I (9) are full of traffic at three in the morning. unhappy D. sound B. between A. life itself is busier. on B.and D. was sold for over 1. 4. Studies show that most people need (6) seven and eight hours of sleep a night but evidence suggests that they are certainly not getting it. 5. A. highest B. school A. 'A Day in the Life'. who (3) $1. Plenty A. A. 8. which was recognized by Rolling Stone magazine among the (2) songs in history. ranking B. no article . 9.500. bored A. need C. A. 2.S. from C. had B. people D. used to A. the C. makes us feel (3) and damages our health. 6. least D. with the charges included in the auction organized by Sotheby's. to most sold write until which rank in owned a B. None C. 1. reasons C. 7. should B. paid D. sleep D. 2. cars C. 10. wrote C. up to B. got C. A. depressed C. known D. home B. In one recent survey. bought B. weekends D. ranks D. for C. stays A. work C. John Lennon was inspired by (10) death in a traffic accident of the Irish Tara Browne. keeps C. A.5 hours less sieep per night than they (5) . during D. the famous Beatles song censored. Lots D. and after that you can still hear some (10) . results B. remained B. The manuscript began with a value (8) $ 500. 'A Day in the Life' is the final song of the legendary Beatles album 'St. 5. of B. 6. what C. TV and radio (8) us awake. A. 8. A. gets B. 9. by C. felt A. 4. an 3 D. that B. ranked C. live A. evidence A. stay B. problems D. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band'. written D. 3. obsessed C. heir to the Guinness group and a friend of Lennon and Paul McCartney. makes D. The buyer was an American. According to experts. when C. night C. in D. excited B. about D. A. became C.000 and for a time was (9) by Mal Evans. 7. (1) of sleep makes us tired at work and bad-tempered at (2) . agent for the tour of the Beatles. A. A. fell D. best C.PASSAGE (5) Not getting enough sleep is apparently one of the most worrying problems of the late twentieth century. people are now getting about 1. There are mail (7) for this: some shops stay open 24 hours a day.2 million dollars in New York. All are correct D. 10. noise PASSAGE (6) According (1) international media. whose D. Billboard (7) . The song is (4) with erasures and corrections. which documents the evolution of one of the greatest hits of rock music from the original idea (5) the final version. writing B. 82% of shift workers said they did not get enough sleep and 72% of train drivers said they sometimes (4) asleep while driving their train. (6) for 27 weeks remained at number one in the charts in Britain and for 15 weeks on the B. Lack B. 3. A.

in the office 4 D. as ____ (3) might suppose. give PASSAGE (8) Television and video can be very (1) to people who (2) choose the movies and shows that they watch. of A. 7. With high quality programs in various fields (3) study. advantage A. gives A. among D. entertainment D.700 per letter. The white-painted. take D. experiments B. A. for C. unnecessary C. of C. The sign suffered from years of disrepair. completely D. medicine. help A. 9. sheet metal letters can be____(2) from great distances across the Los Angeles basin. The construction of the new sign was finally completed in 1978. where A. D. sounds C. famous A. Television and video can also (8) almost everyone with good (9) . Moreover. of course. as well as patients in hospital. at work C. raise D. of B. complete A. provide C. at a cost of $27. offers B. unimportant D. one A. 7. practice A. with C. 10. it was first ____ (4) in 1923 as means of advertising homes____(5) sale in a 500acre housing subdivision in a part of Los Angeles called " Hollywoodland". at the cinema . she. 2. into D. it can also improve thinking ability. instead. it B. TV (5) elderly people who cannot go out often. knowledge C. at home B. words D. sight D. task C. that C. constructing C. give A. hidden C. for A. Additionally. he C. completing C. seen C. 3. by D. 5. Over the years.a pleasant way to relax and spend free time (10) . 5. people began referring to the area by the shortened version U Hollywood". what B. constructed B. 6. letters B. 2. at B. chores A. the last four ____ (7) were removed. provides C. harmful B. and Hugh Hefner of Playboy fame held a benefit party to ____ (10) the money for the Y. ugly B. carefully D. The sign was not constructed. remote D. and in 1973 it needed to be ____ (8) replaced. helps B. saw B. careless A. 50-foot-high. carelessly B. 10. construct A. arts and so on. 3. disadvantage D. take B. moments A. A. to construct D. TV increases the viewers' (4) . Rock star Alice Cooper. And after the sign and its site were donated to the city in 1945. it offers language learners the (6) of "real-life" audiovisual instruction and aural comprehension practice (7) any time of day and night. 1. 4. for example. 9. exercise B. helping C. The sign____(6) was constructed at that time. history. bring B. benefits D. 6. 8. careful C. bought an 0 in memory of Groucho Marx. by the movie business as a means of celebrating the importance of Hollywood to this industry. helpful A. completed B. application C.PASSAGE (7) The Hollywood sign in the hills that line the northern border of Los Angeles is a_____(1) landmark recognized the world over. who D. use B. 8. in C. helped D. such as science.on B. see A. lessons D. said" Hollywoodland". Various celebrities were instrumental in ____ (9) to raise needed funds. 1. 4.

took up the space of a large basement room. banks. or using them at work. more C. become C. the essence of a computer of equal calculating power can be built onto a piece of silicon smaller than a postage (5) . get D. and monitoring production in factories. this B. difference D. such as jars. turned D. bring A. recycle". turned A. throw B. most B. computers are no more intelligent than the metal and plastic of which they are (10) . fashionable C. parts C. 2. paper A. sheet D. us A. blow B. 3. Every Day Earth Day is on April 220d every year. subjects D. paper. On April 2200. 9. may B. We can keep Earth clean by (2) the rule of "reduce. they can be used again in a(n) (7) way. quick D. such C. expense B. together B. However A. machines A. 4. the armed forces. built over 30 years (4) . advantage A. price C. whether it be in shopping at the supermarket. pieces B. day B. reward D. 10. saying B. 10. We can keep Earth clean by recycling materials such as aluminum. 3. heart PASSAGE (10) In the (1) ten years the world has witnessed a computer revolution. miss A. memorize D. leave A. Computers have (3) a vital tool for governments. done B. 4. made 5 C. following A. take C. The first electronics computer. 5. Earth Day is a day to (1) to take care of our planet. Reduce means use (3) . past C. They are only (9) that perform the tasks they have been instructed to undertake. breaking D. 7. already B. ago D. rather than (4) things away. world C. imazine C. Today. like D. we remind (8) and everyone on Earth that we must do these things. Recycle means make something (5) from something old. When D. The computer's great (6) over human beings is its ability to store vast amounts of information and the incredible speed at which it can work. discard A. plastic bags. school. remember B. 5. beautiful A. If we (6) these materials to a recycling center. 6. since C. might C. (7) as keeping company accounts. Without instructions and information supplied by their operators. We must do these things every B. and boxes. must D. throw C. difficult B. it is important to remember that computers are not 'intelligent'. changed . 8. 9. reuse. (8) they work at such speed. so A. not just on Earth Day. carry C. We can reduce our use of resources like water or gasoline. ours D. detailed work. businesses and industries. done D. This makes it ideal for repetitive. We (9) all do our part. before A.less D. complete D. analyzing statistics. On Earth Day. set B. lead D. before D. 6. We can take care of our planet by keeping it clean. note C. 8. least A.PASSAGE (9) Earth Day. A. and we can make a (10) . changed B. move D. 1. different A. We can reuse many things. stamp B. Although B. remind everyone you know that Earth Day is every day! 1. passed A. 7. Reuse means use again. Earth. ourselves B. ourself C. and plastic. immediate C. understanding C. ought A. or play. 2. There is now hardly any aspect of everyday life that does not (2) us into contact with computers. A. Despite C.