tulsadentalspecialties. And now. 20/.746. Inc.149. 5.762.com © 2006 DENTSPLY International. patent nos: 5.088.927. 4. 5.941. The three.118. Inc.934. Suite 300 Tulsa.760.950.156.976.297.541. 5. 5. 5100 E.544.059. Skelly Drive.145. Available in Single and Assorted Size Packs DENTSPLY Tulsa Dental Specialties DENTSPLY International.09 For removing materials from the coronal 1/3. 5. 5.457. 6. 25/. D1 D2 D3 D1 file features an active tip for an easier penetration into the obturation material.S. 5. Each handle is no more than 11 mm for better visibility.833.597. 5.098. should circumstances lead to retreatment.205.674. OK 74135 1-800-662-1202 1-800-597-2779 (fax) www.362.658. 5. 16 mm 18 mm 22 mm D1 D2 D3 30/.624. A working tip facilitates initial penetration.011.628.07 For removing materials from the apical 1/3.527. easily identified files feature unique design features for removing various obturation materials such as gutta-percha.659 DESCRIPTION LENGTH ITEM # D1 D2 D3 Assorted 16 mm 18 mm 22 mm (two of each) PTURTD1 PTURTD2 PTURTD3 PTURTDAST . 4.ProTaper Universal Retreatment Files Efficient performance is the hallmark of ProTaper Universal rotary files.934. the efficiency continues with ProTaper Universal retreatment files.298. D2 & D3 files feature a non-active rounded tip to closely follow the root canal path. carrier-based obturators or paste fillers. 5.106.947.464.08 For removing materials from the middle 1/3. Manufactured under U.183. 5. 5.268. 4.894. 5. SSPTURF 11/06B 5.296.758. 5.

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