OC Quest Helos 1 Monstrous Brigands 2 The Cornered Man 3 Medicines Waylaid Sparta 1 The Lost Dowry 2 The Ancient

of War 3 The Poisoned Spring Megara 2 News of a Shipwreck 1 Skeleton Raiders Delphi 4 A Proper Offering 1 The Good Centaur 3 A Master Blacksmith 2 Goods Abandoned 5 The Grieving Widow Athens 1 Trapped in the Ruins 2 Spartans Lost Knossos 1 Xanthippus the Healer 2 The Undead Tyrant Rhakotis 1 The Family Heirloom Lower Nile 1 The Beast of Legend 2 Plight of the Nile Farmers 3 A Promethean Surrounded Memphis 1 Lowest of the Low 3 The Missing Brother 2 The High Priest's Request Giza 1 Khufu's Curse Fayum Oasis 2 A Hidden Treasure 1 Caravan Woes Thebes 1 The Corrupted Priest Babylon 1 The Seeds of Destruction Silk Road 3 A Gargantuan Yeti 2 Mystery in the Mountains 1 Caravan in Trouble Great Wall 1 The Child and the Raptor 2 Peng Problems

Acquired Laconia Laconia Woods Laconia Woods

Direction E E NE

Completed In Natural Cave Laconia Woods Laconia Hills


Inside camp to the right after fountain

¤ ¤

Laconia Hills Spartan War-Camp Village of Tegea


Natural Cave Pellana Valley Fetid Lair

Talk to naiad Pegaea

City of Megara City of Megara


Halcyon Coast Ancient Ruins

Inside Old Eleusis

¤ ¤

City of Megara Ambrossos Farmlands Village of Ambrossos Village of Ambrossos City of Delphi


City of Delphi Natural Cave Lower Delphi Helicos Pass Parnassus Cave

Get branch in Olive Grove

Kephisos Valley Kephisos Valley


Kephisos Valley Athens Marsh

Village of Herakleion Village of Herakleion


Tritons Ridge Ancient Tomb


City of Rhakotis


Rhakotis Slums

Can be in two spots

¤ ¤

Wadjet Canyons Village of Sais The Lower Nile


Wadjet Canyons Nile Floodplain The Lower Nile

In cave In a camp off the trail


Beggars Quarters Memphis Plaza Memphis Plaza


Beggars Quarters Giza Plateau Tomb of Khufu

Right before Memphis In cave Bottom-right part of pyramid

Pyramid of Khufu


Pyramid of Khufu

Fayum Oasis Fayum Oasis


Fayum Oasis Fayum Desert

In Mysterious Tomb

Temple of Seti


Meretseger Ridge

In Mysterious Tomb

Babylon Outskirts


Babylon Outskirts

Shangshung Village Shangshung Village Natu La Ridge


Tsongmo Ice Caverns Tsongmo Peak Tsongmo Peak

In Mountain Cave

Village of Guanzhong The Great Wall


Village of Guanzhong Shaanxi Province

The stones are in Lower Daemon Camp. Philos Plateau. and Royal Chambers. . and Polis Daemonai. Note 2 – The quest is obtained in the “Tomb Entrance” right before the Plains of Judgment portal. The sun key is in the Great Tomb of Aegimius (Tsakonian Ruins). finish in Elysium Aetolian Polis Aetolian Polis Delian Meadows Argolis S Aneslasia Delian Meadows Achaean Pass Argolis ¤ Argolis Argolis Royal Chambers Prison of Souls *Note 3 *Note 4 Notes Note 1 – The moon key is in the Tomb of Tsakonian Queens (Soronis). Treasure is in the Tomb of Dorus. E N. NE Ampelian Caves Soronis Great Tomb of Dorus Tsakonian Ruins East part of cave *Note 1 Northeast of liche Refugee Camp Refugee Camp Refugee Camp NW City of Paseron City of Paseron City of Paseron ¤ ¤ Charon's Dock The River Styx SW N The River Styx Stygian Marsh Free Hipparchus first ¤ ¤ Lower City of Lost Souls Upper City of Lost Souls Upper City of Lost Souls Upper City of Lost Souls Upper City of Lost Souls Upper City of Lost Souls Prisoner's Camp N N NW NW E Lower City of Lost Souls Deep Caverns Small Rocky Cave The Salt Flats The Necromanteion Vale of Mourning Aetolian Polis *Note 2 In The Far Plains Mirror in Cave of Whispers Talk with Keuthonymos in Lower Daemon Camp Talk again in First Domain. N. Fourth Domain. Note 3 – The five shards are in The Aidonean Propylon. Court of Kouloures. Polis Daemonai.4 The Wealthy Collector 3 Stalker in the Woods 5 A Lesson in Despair Chang'an 2 The Emperor's Clay Soldiers 1 Terra Cottas At Large 3 Behind the Waterfall Qiyum 1 A General in Repose 2 The Hermit Mage 3 Three Sisters Rhodes 4 An Impossible Task 1 A Crab Story 2 The Torch-Lighter's Gauntlet 3 Outpost in the Woods Ixian Woods 1 The Stolen Sigil 2 Lampido's Potion 4 The Wealth of Ancient Kings 3 The Treasure Hunters Epirus 1 Among the Ruins 2 A Dangerous Mission 3 The Enemy's Captain Styx 1 One Who Would Lead 2 The Stygian Lurker Plains of Judgment 7 Hades' Treasury 5 The Dust of a Titan 2 Eurydice and Orpheus 1 An Invitation 4 The Necromanteion 3 An Inside Source 6 Admetus Among the Dead Elysium 1 The Siege Striders 2 Flight of the Messenger 3 The Achaean Pass 4 A Noisy Diversion Palace of Hades 2 The Shards of Erebus 1 Hades' Generals Village of Zhidan Village of Zhidan Jingyang Woods SE or NE S N Jingyang Woods Jingyang Woods Jingyang Woods Check both caves Left of first cave Before bridge ¤ City of Chang'an City of Chang'an Jinghe River Valley N W Chang'an Palace City of Chang'an Mortuary Cave Quinba Bamboo Forest Village of Binxan Qiyun Ascent SE S E Quinba Bamboo Forest Jinghe River Valley Jinghe Wetlands In Woodland Cave East of Qiyun Ascent entrance East camp in wetlands ¤ ¤ ¤ City of Rhodes City of Rhodes Coastal Asomata Ixian Woods N E W. NE Damatria Camirus Bluff Den of the Anteola Cave of Orthea ¤ Medea's Grove Medea's Grove Medea's Grove The Great Tomb of Aegimius E NW. Note 4 – The generals are in The Winding Descent and Prison of Souls.

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