Chapter One As soon as i opened my eyes, i knew what today was. Today was the start of summer.

Well not technially but in my eyes it was. Today me my brother, my sister and my mum would be leaving for Paradise, which is where the place is, not just me making up a cheesy name seeing as every summer is paradise to me. I sprinted out of bed to get to the bathroom first but i had already failed my first mission of the day. I started banging on the door "whoever's in there hold your hands above your head and leave the shampoo" I head a feminine giggle come from inside and i knew it was Lucie. "lucie loo, you know Immy needs to shower more then you do" i heard silence and then just as i was about to give up the door swung open and my little sister stuck her tounge out and ran off to her room. "I'll be 10 minutes loo!" i shouted to her

"okay!" she replied. Even for a 6 year old she was mature for her age. When she wanted to be. I kept my promise and was only in there for 11 minutes, i knew she wouldn't notice but sometimes i can be wrong. "you too longer then 10 minutes, were you that stinky Immy?" i laughed at ruffled her hair then she skipped off singing "immy lives in a binny" this was one of her immature moments but i guess she still was a kid. I however was almost 16, well 16 in a week so i guess my days of being immature were over. When i finally got to my room, i couldn't decide what to wear but in the end i went for a pair of short high waisted shorts which were quite short, but i had skinny legs so it was fine, a ramones tshirt and sneakers. I thought i looked okay until i went downstairs and my brother Conrad shouted "you look like a fair of a whore" i rolled my eyes and said sarcasticly "Gee thanks Con, you look like your ready from the beach" he wasn't. He was wearing Blue skinny jeans, a hoody and a pair of

battered vans. he shook it off and grabbed his bags and headed for the car. I could tell that really he was just as excited as i was to see Jeremey,and Rowan. They were brothers and their mum was best friends with out mum. We had been visiting them since we were all very young, well i remember that i was at least 9. We'd grown up together and yet i still couldn't shake that i didn't think of Jeremey and Rowan as my brothers, i though of them as the untouchable duo. Which was true. I couldn't have them no matter how much i wanted them. I was always seen as their little sister and nothing more and that would not change this summer. The car ride was excrusiatingly long and i fell asleep 2 hours in. When i woke up we were 10 minutes away so i had time to check that i looked okay and that i hadn't been dribbling. My make up had been completly smudged and my hair was a mess, so i quickly ordered Conrad to get me baby wipes but he laughed and said that i looked beautiful which was obviously some kind of joke which he only thought was funny. So i just

But they were both equally gorgeous. When i stepped out of the car i slipped my sunglasses on to cover my smudged . sand blonde curly hair and a skinny but muscley body. Then my mum handed me my brush to deal with my unruley waves which seemed to be able to tame a lot eaisly recently. When i was finally done with my check we had pulled up and Jeremey and Rowan had ran out but stopped when Conrad came out of the car looking all serious.had to cover it somehow. They definitly had blossomed over the summer. none of it made sense but i guess it was just like my mum always said 'You grow into your womanhood' and i guess that i had. i had shiner softer hair but i guess you could blame that on different shampoo? I'd grown a few inches. I'd gotten some shaped hips and still managed to loose a stone and a half. Rowan wasn't much different except that he had brown curley hair and dark green eyes. Then he burst out laughing and ran to have a group hug with the hottest boys ever. Also i had gone up 2 cup sizes so i was a d. I had changed a lot since last summer. Jeremey had Bright green eyes.

. Louis bounced Jeremey out of the way and stood there for a second smiling "well hello there. I not only looked good. He was only 2 years older then me and Jeremey was only 1 so maybe i might get one of them this year? by the way they looked at me when i first appeared it was the first time i even conisdered i looked good. it good to see you too stranger" He smiled down at which i could not fix. looking me up and down but before i could register anything else Jeremey ran up to me and gave me a bear hug "uhh Immy. we've missed you!" I laughed but before i could reply. i don't believe we've met im Rowan" He put out his hand for me to shake but i batted it away and hugged him "oh Row. It seemed like both their eyes on me. I felt Good.

After i got into the house i went straight up to my room. After i wiped it all off and threw the two wipes i used into the bin there was a knock at the door. "cool. i mean i never saw the point. fancy it?" I smiled and nodded. we're just going for a swim in the pool.Chapted Two. by the way you look really good in those shorts" he winked at me and closed the . Luckily this year my mum made Lucie share her room as she thought now that i was older i could do with my own personal space which i did appreciate. I never used to wear make up when i came here. I took off my glasses and examined my ruined my make up. see you down there in a minute. It was only Jeremey "hey Immy. "come in" i said nervous of who it might be.

even she loved my boobs. "yeah but i don't wanna let anything fall out. "right.door. He said i looked good! oh my god i couldn't believe it. Maybe after all. wear your cherry one then." . that has some padding so your boobs will look even bigger and im sure you won't show anything more then needed. I rang my best friend to ask her which one i should wear. barely that but she was so skinny that she was lucky to get a b. these boys play rough when they get into pool games" i could tell she rolled her eyes even through the phone. "Hmm. I fell back onto my bed and started laughing. that one shows off your boobs more!" I laughed at Hollys remark. but not in a lesbian way just a best friend jealous way. She sighed. anyway Im'. i gotta go. Heath will be here in a minute to take me to this pool party. this summer would be different? I quickly unpacked my suitcase and rummaged for my bikini's. She was only a b. well if you wanna go for sexy wear your pink and spotty one.

Jeremey was getting bored of waiting" . have fun! i'll ring you later with the gos' "i look forward to it haha. "okay. I grabbed my green towel and ran downstairs before my mum could see me and comment on how i was trying to impress the boys. love ya!" Then she hung up.Heath was her 'boyfriend' they'd been going out for like forever but always split up. And i never wanted that to happen. I'd be afraid that she would take my summer boys away from me. i was just coming to find you. "oh crap. It was black with red and blue cherrys on the bottom and top piece with ruffels all over it. sorry Rowan!" i said without thinking He smiled down at me "its alright Im'. Protective but still sexy. I finally decided to go with Hollys advice and wear my cherry one. I did love Holly but i would never bring her here. He'd always come running back though. I was so busy looking out for my mum that i ran smack into Rowan.

drop the towel and get in!" I smiled "you go first" He shrugged and jumped in. Not this summer anyway. "what is THAT" he pointed to my bikini. duh! a pretty good one at that" replied Jermey with a smile on his face "stop eyeing up my sister you sicko!" Conrad said and jumped in the pool. followed by Rowan. I silently slid into the pool hoping to go unnoticed but obviously that would never happen. The sun was staring down at me. Then i dropped the towel and almost instantly regretted it when my brother walked out and gaped at me. daring me to take off the towel but i wanted to wait until the boys were occupied in the pool which wasn't long. "hey look who decided to show up.. I on the otherhand was getting pumped up on all the attention i was getting. come on then Immy. .He took my hand and led me out side. Conrad swam over and cornered me while the untouchable duo were splashing eachother. "its a bikini man.. And i liked it.

Do you understand?" I nodded silently and with that we swam over to them to play doogies. Doogies was a game where you got into pairs and you had to climb onto eachothers shoulders and push the opponent off their partners shoulders. "Okay. But don't do it agian. your as light as a feather" And for some reason i believed him even though all the other years he used to pretend to collapse when we played this . Immy will be my partner and you stay with Rowan okay Jer?" He looked disappointed but agreed. Immy your my partner and Conrad your Rowans okay?" Conrad scoffed and said "not bloody likely. "Immy. they would only hurt you. Those two aren't interested and even if they were. I carefully climed up on my brothers shoulders and whispered into his ear "im not too heavy am i?" He laughed "na Im'.The look he was giving me was quite unnerving. i don't know what your playing at dressing like that.

said they were going to eat later after their catch up. Conrad. Maybe it was ketchup or something? Who knows. Lucie had 1 and mum and Emily had none. I had never been skinny but i was normal weight and Con was quite strong. I Towel dried my hair and went to eat tea. go!" I feebly attempted to push Jer off Rowans shoulders but i failed and fell right off. I ate 3 tacos and felt incredibaly fat for eating more then everybody else. but before i could go for a rematch their mum Emily came out and shouted " kids tea's ready!" We all scrambled to get to the table as the first night we spend here was always taco night! i loved tacos. Especially Emilys. Guess thats just what brothers to emphasize that i weighed a ton. Jer was obviously doing his victory dance. Rowan broke my trail of thought with his countdown "okay ready. Jer and Rowan all had 2 and exited to go to bed. I excused myself and . She had claimed she put a secret ingredient into them but never let it loose. I heard woops as i fell into the water. two. one. three. Which was so not true.

"have you guys been smoking weed in here?!" They all went quiet and started laughing Con came to the door "who are you gonna tell. I rummaged through my bag to find it but it wasn't where i put it and then i heard pounding music coming from my brothers room. I really despiced drugs. I sighed and went to face him. heres your ipod now run along" I scoffed and left them to their idiocy. Apparently a lot more had changed since last summer then my apperance. I .went up to my room to listen to my ipod. I knocked on the door and then i heard a scuffle and someone closing the window. Jeremey opened the door smiling "well hello. can we help you?" I rolled my eyes "Con's got my ipod. When i woke up the next morning. i still had my earphones in and the courteens were playing which was quite refreshing. i just want it back" He turned around and wafted a smell as he turned. I thought they all knew better. mum? like she'd care. I recognized that smell. He had it.

"So Immy. Not that i needed to get anymore tanned. anything else?" "nope thats my birthday wish" I stood up and walked to the fridge to get some orange juice which was labled 'Imogens' so nobody else was drink it as i was very picky and didn't want anyone to backwash into it. by anyone i meant the boys. The only drinks i liked were Orange Juice and Dr pepper. tell me what would you like for your birthday?" I laughed "to stay here forever?" She smiled sadly back at me and started playing with my hair "oh dear that may take sometime. I went downstairs and Emily smiled up at me and patted the seat next to her.popped it on the side and went for a shower. thanks to . as soon as i was finished i decided to just go for my casual look today which was normal shorts and a starbucks tshirt which i won online. It was nice to have my own shower and not worry about the morning rush for it like in my house. I poured my oj into a glass and walked outside to sunbathe.

fancy it?" All my anger with him melted away.all the summers we spent here i had developed a natural tan which always stuck around until the next trip here. "good i hope you choke" i said He smiled "good morning to you too" I rolled my eyes "since when did you smoke?" i asked sarcasticly He smiled cheekily "Since october. To my suprise Jeremey was sitting there smoking a cigarette! what the hell is going on around here? Smoking weed and now fags? ridiculous. he actually had told me i was invited! i was never invited anywhere were the guys . "hey Im. its good to chill you out" he threw his cigarette butt in his empty mountain dew bottle. wanna come to this party later? me Con and Rowan got invited and so did you so yeah. since your all grown up. I shoved Jeremy from behind which made him choke on the toxic fumes he was so gladly inhaling.

what time is it?" "its at 7. speak to you later im' " I nodded and watched him walk away. "Yeah well whatever. wow. "er... just sleeping" Rowan looked away from my gaze to his shoes. i gotta get to work. I let every thought of Jeremey leave my mind and fell asleep underneath the suns gentle rays." "right well i best go. go get ready for this party then gay. "wake up dear sister. Then before i knew it Conrad and Rowan were standing over me and Con was shaking me. we're leaving in 15 minutes with or without you" . Damn why was he so gorgeous? even the back of his head made me swoon. your too young to die!" I must of looked really confused because Rowan just said "i told you she wasn't dead dude. we'll drive you there" "thanks. yeah okay.went." I laughed "me dead? never.

I ran off giggling. That made me feel happy. Chapter Three Yet again i was at a loss of what clothes to wear. She always helped me get ready for the parties we went to together. "i think you should make a very good first impression to all the other summer eye . my brother actually woke me to tell me about the party. he could of just left me if he really didn't want me to go but no he actually wanted my company. I had to ring Holly and ask for her advice.

"okay great. i just wanna have a good time tonight." "okay. "agreed zwinling" i knew she was smiling. So wear your floral cropped top and your denim hot pants with sneakers. I posed in the mirror for a second until i remembered i was on a time schedule and ran down to the car but just before i got out the door someone grabbed my hair. agreed?" I did agree. "No. Yellow and purple so my favourite ones. i will not let my sister go out looking like that" conrad. I had brough 4 pairs of my sneakers out of my whole collection. let me do this please?" . she was always more then happy to style me. text me later with the deets. love ya" I hung up and got out the outfit. get off!" i shouted at whoever had a hold of me.candys that live there. "Con. "owww. The ones i had brought with me were Black. White. I put it on and wore my yellow converse just to stick to the color scheme.

some people were dancing to the music being played from somewhere." i looked up to see who it was and lost whatever i was going to say.he sighed. i mean kegs! i've never seen a keg before. It took 15 minutes till we got there but when we did i saw this was quite the party. God this was going to be a fun night. Some people were doing bongs. It had gotten quite dark but there was a huge roaring bonfire.. and stay away from me. there were kegs of beer everywhere. The only thing i could think was this boy was . Conrad turned around to say some kind of warning to me but i ran out of the door and straight into someone "oh im. i didn't look at any of the boys when i got into the car. just looked out of the window.. "fine but only this once. i don't want to see boys expressions when they gawp and fondel you" I scoffed "Like i'd let them 'fondel' me" "you wouldn't be able to stop them" then he left.

".. my special moment with this gorgeous boy was ruined. im here visiting friends with my brother" "oh? what friends?" Before i could anwser. "yeah thats what i mean.beautiful. blond hair in a surfer style and he was wearing border shorts. he had the bluest eyes i had ever seen. "Erik! boyooo. pink converse and a pearl jam t-shirt. shes here with us!" Jeremey and Rowan nudged 'Erik' out of the way so they could talk to me. are you new here?" I smiled "no..sorry?" he finished for me laughing. "why did you run off Immy? You can't be crazy here. its not safe" I rolled my eyes and walked off. Erik ran after me to carry on the conversation "ah so your with the Barber boys? quite the . then he looked confused "i don't think i've seen you around before. sorry!" he smiled. he must of thought me thinking he was hot was cute. I went bright red and started giggling.

wanna try something to ease it?" i was so angry that i just smiled and nodded. I couldn't stop talking. I had never been properly drunk before but now i know what it feels like. Anything would improve my mood right now and i was open to anything. incredible! Erik and me settled down in a . He disappeared and appeared 2 minutes later with 2 red cups full with some kind of alchoholic substance. It took a while for the taste to finally hit me. It looked like liquid tar but i drank it. The alchohol in that drink finally sunk into my blood and i just laughed. He looked happy as soon as i had finished and he drank his too. it tasted like pure gasoline with a hint of fruit "bleh!" was all i could manage to say he laughed and put his arm around me "now this can be a real party" I was going to ask what he meant by that but i found that talking took far too much effort and i jsut wanted to lay down.rebels" I laughed and said sarcasticly "yeah of course." "you seem tense.

Then he smiled and climbed on top of me and started to kiss me. They had a bong which was being passed around. After that session had finished i couldn't even see straight. They all looked at me and smiled. When it came to Erik he goes "i'll share my part with you because i like you" he took a very big drag and suddenly kissed me and blew some of the smoke into my mouth and i took it in. Gently first to see if i would pull away but i just pulled his t-shirt so he would come closer. I had no worries on my mind. "how do you feel?" he whispered into my ear "amazing" i replied truthfully. when it came back around he showed me how to use of skater looking boys. It burnt my throat more then that alchohol! but i didn't choke and i couldn't even shout at him for forcing drugs on me because i was happy enough to do it. that was the ok to go . Erik led me away from the crowd and to the far end of the beach and we layed down. i had never felt so good. because that was true. I had to put my thumb over a bit and breathe in the smoke then blow it out 10 seconds later.

meaning to him i guess because next thing i knew his hands were up my top and he was playing with my boobs. it took a while for my eyes to focus until i realized who it was." i pointed to Erik. Jeremey.. I thought this moment would never end until i heard a voice. "Imogen Violet Lewis. he started laughing "what?" i replied laughing myself "you have really nice tits Immy" I smiled and kissed him nose "why thank you Erik" then he kissed me agian. we're just having a bit . what exactly do you think your doing?!" Oh shit. Erik rolled off me and i rolled onto my side to see who was ruining my special moment. "what do you want Jer? im kinda busy yaknow. who was smiling crookedly at Jer. "Dude.. mellow out. but even deeper this time. "oh yes i can see that! Erik what are you playing at man? Shes 15!" I stepped in then "hey! 16 next week!" Erik stood up and held his hand out to me.

of fun. Erik put his hands down my shorts as we walked off and i giggled and slapped him but he didn't retract it. "ow! what the fuck get off me!" i shouted "no." Jer threw his hands in the air "well done Erik. when we sat back down in the stoner circle someone grabbed my arm and was starting to drag me away. and i didn't really want him to. your coming home with us now." When i stood up.. Mum's gonna kill me" "conrad stop being such a killjoy!" he didn't sound happy so i decided i best . leaving Jeremey there ringing Conrad. your not wanted here" "yeah Jer" Then we walked off.. I knew i shouldn't of brought you here. I was so off my face i couldn't of stopped him even if i wanted to. jeremey looked at me intently "oh my god! Immy are you stoned?" I giggled and gestured with my fingers "a little bit. well done!" Erik rolled his eyes and replied "Oh fuck of Jer.

" . "i just wanted some fun" i said smiling "this isn't fun. he dragged me to the car as i was pretty much incapable of walking by myself and i fell into the back seats of the car and started laughing. he didn't sound pleased either. i heard him sigh. When he did. "Shit. we'll just wait here for a while until she recovers. what are you playing at? this isn't you. I just wish i hadn't caught you acting like that." I sat up and look at him.shut up. Conrad warned you that you'd get fondled by some loser" "hey Erik isn't a loser!" "Maybe not. shes really off her face" i heard Rowan say "yeah. we'll go get her some coffee and Jeremey can look after her yeah?" They walked off to get me some 'coffee' while i waited for Jeremey to arrive. fuck i'm in so much trouble" Conrad replied "Don't worry man. "oh Immy. i thought you were different.

bleh" I admitted i shook his head "oh Immy come here" he took me in a bear hug and before i knew it i fell asleep. he sat down slowly."I am different. Chapter Four When i woke up the next morning i was in . i don't get many and when erik came back with this weird drink i just felt all happy" his eyes widened "oh god. Come here" I patted the seat next to me. "im sorry okay? i just wanted one night of fun. pure gasoline. what did the drink taste like?" he asked urgently "ummm.

Oh my head was pounding and my eyes were so sore. Theres food in the cupboard. and even when i tried to remember i just threw up again. put some sunglasses over my eyes and went downstairs to face the music. Con and Row are in the pool. in my pjs. There was a note on the side that said Immy. I reluctenly got changed out of my back to front pj's and put on a hoody and some joggies. I don't think the boys told them. It was all such a blur. But when i got there it was deserted. Jeremey. I could hardly remember anything that had happened last night. Love Emily xx Oh thank god for that. go away!" They gasped . Then i ran to the toilet and threw up my guts. I walked outside shielding my eyes from the sun and collapsed on a sunbather. me and your mum have just gone birthday shopping for a special someone.bed. "morning sleeping beauty" Someone said "uhhh.

"he's come to apologize for last nights events. "oh Erik! what um what are you doing here?" Conrad showed up from behind him. theres another party at the beach tomorrow if you wanna go? i'd be glad to escort you" I was just about to anwser but jeremey came back and said "no way Erik. apart from this killer hangover i had a pretty fun night" That pleased Erik "yeah i had a fun night too. it won't happen again will it Erik?" "I'm not sorry. we're not letting her out of our sight again. let alone with you" I looked down ashamed. slowly . after last night we shouldn't even let her go to any other parties."thats no way to treat your play thing" I opened my eyes and to my suprise Erik was standing there smiling down at me. i mean your sister hot! but i shouldn't have taken advantage so im sorry for that" That seemed to annoy Conrad even more so i stepped in "well thank you for apologizing but theres no need.

What the hell were you playing at last night? i thought i could trust you" "well obviously not" i replied "stop playing around. give a girl a break" Jeremey sat at the end of my sunbather and said "but your ours! we don't wanna share you" I laughed and kicked his leg "whatever Jer. you were off of your . your in enough trouble with Conrad let alone adding your mum to the list too" "oh speak of the frickin' devil" Conrad grabbed my arm and dragged me into the house. "we need to talk Imogen. i promise" Conrad shook his head and lead Erik out of the garden "i'll call you!" he shouted and i just laughed and waved "god guys. "i'll behave. and besides. your making me untouchable. why didn't you tell my mum about last night?" he smiled warmly at me "we've all been there.remembering what had happened.

. "fine.fucking face last night!" "i know. I liked him and he was nice. An hour later the phone rang and it was Erik. And by the look in His eyes right now i didn't want that to happen again. yeah sure i'll meet you at the pier?" "yeah sounds good see you then" i hung up and sighed. Do you remember Josh?" Oh god. "hey Immy. I knew i had lost that fight but i was still gonna go see Erik. He was my last boyfriend and Con had walked in on me and him. I did remember Josh. but im going to that party tomorrow whether you like it or not" "whatever" and he walked outside. He went mad and chucked Josh out of the house and said if i ever went near him again he'd kill him. i sighed. do you wanna meet up later?" "um. I can feel it this morning" "yeah well your never seeing that Erik again" I scoffed "yeah like you can stop me" "i think i can.

I hadn't talked to him since yesterday. Trust me" "what like you?" "maybe. I put on my tube skirt and a white vest top. I just walked around the beach biding time until i met Erik in 30 minutes. Your far too good for him" . "just to see Erik. I looked to my left and there was Rowan. some pumps and left. People would think i was some sort of chav." i told him and walked up to my room to get changed."going somewhere?" I whipped around to see Rowan. Fuck this shit "im going out. even though i felt like death i couldn't be seen in joggies here. I started skimming stones. God what the hell is up with everybody today? I've been gawping over them every year since we came here and now that i'm seeing some other guy they get all pissy. Then someone else joined in. does that bother you?" He looked down and walked off. Which i most certainly was not. You can do so much better then him. "can i help you?" he smiled sadly at me "don't go meet Erik.

" he trailed off and stopped completly. i know we've only just met but i really do like you and me and Ashleigh aren't really going out i . Which was pretty good i guess. "yeah don't worry about it. I made out with someone elses boyfriend. I shouldn't of done that though i mean i have a girlfriend" My heart sunk. He must of seen the look on my face because he continued "No don't get the wrong idea. Trust ME" then i walked off. When i got to the pier Erik was already there."no i'm not. i mean summer is meant to be fun right?" he laughed "yeah i guess so.. i didn't think the barbers would let you out again after last night. meant i didn't have to wait around with my anger brewing up.. As soon as he saw me he smiled "hey" I smiled back "hey yourself" Before i knew it he was holding me in a bear hug. "its good to see you again Immy.

but i'll text you yeah?" "yeah sure." he sighed in relief "thats good. Great.mean we're on and off. friends?" i smiled "yeah friends" We hung out for a few hours until the sun set. speak to you later" I walked home and went straight up to my room but Conrad was sitting on my bed. but i have to go. i won't tell anyone. We just talked about our lives and he said "yeah well you should definitley come to my party tomorrow. But i do want to get to know you. i'll introduce you to some of my friends so you won't be stuck with the barber boys.i just wanted to tell you the truth." I looked down trying to avoid his eyes "no i understand its fine. My shift at this bar starts soon. "what do you want Con?" He looked up and smiled up at me. i just wanted to apologize for . "hey Immy.

"oh Con" He stood up and hugged me tightly. its just your my kid sister and i don't like to see you with boys. And so will Jer and Rowan" I nodded and then he slowly walked out and closed the door. And it did. "i just don't want to see you get hurt. I'll always be here. I know you'll be the same when Lucie grows up. i know you've gotten really beautiful and appealing to boys. Its just instinct. I'm just not used to it. I mean yes it was very annoying. I went outside after mine and Conrads chat for a swim and luckily the garden and pool were completly deserted and my hang over was very mild so i thought doing a few widths would help it pass. After i was . It was a simple one piece. Truth be told i was usually glad for Jeremey and Rowan to come join me for a swim but tonight i wasn't. as what i was wearing was not sexy at all. I just hope you understand where i was coming from" I wasn't angry with him for the way he had been i've been acting since we came here. But he's my brother and i love him.

This wasn't me. band tee's. In the new me pile i put revealing tops.. She was too young. In my real me pile i put my sneakers. i just. "Oh just sorting out my clothes Loo.finished i decided to just lay there for a while looking at the sky like i used to when i was a kid. jumpers. Even if the boys did like it." . don't worry about it" "good! i didn't like you walking around naked" Ha! even my sister thought i was a whore.. Phew. I ran upstairs unnoticed and seperated my clothes into new me and real me. "Immy does not walk around naked. "wanted attention. short skirts and my best cropped tops. i wouldn't be showing off my body to boys anymore. skimpy bikini's. I decided tomorrow i would be myself. No boys full stop. "whatcha doing Immy?" I looked up.. I had had enough of pretending. I see the way you look at uncle Jeremey and uncle Rowan.. skinnys and joggies. Which meant no going to that party unless. It was Lucie." I didn't even know how to explain it to her. I didn't like what i'd become over the years.

Whats wrong with me? . so why didn't they? "Oh lucie. your bootiful!" Then she skipped off leaving me sitting on my floor covered in clothes.I was speechless. Even my kid sister saw the way i looked at them. Why don't they see that?" "because they're narna's immy.

"Hey Immy" Jeremey said.Chapter FIve I didn't sleep much. "oh. it just felt colder today" Jeremey laughed "sure" he said sarcaticly and turned back to the tv as well but Rowan was still looking at me. I . At least i'd get Conrads approval. When i got down the stairs everybody was in the lounge watching tv. What the hell was he looking at. Then looked back at me "whats with the sudden change of style?" Rowan and Conrad looked around to check my clothes and Conrad smiled warmly up at me and turned back to the tv but Rowan was still looking at me waiting for an anwser. The next morning i put on my skinny jeans and a tee shirt being sure i was completly covered up.

My mum came into my room smiling. i guess you could say that. I think i may love him. since its your birthday tomorrow i was wondering if you were feeling up to Eriks party tonight?" he asked nervously. And seeing as i wasn't dressing like a whore anymore but i still wanted to look good i decided to go for a simple summer dress. "we haven't had a chance to talk since we . My birthday was tomorrow.. "Um Immy. And then he stood up and left.did a mental eye roll and walked outside. I smiled smugly at my reflection in the water. Of a respectable legnth. Not even a little bit. "ha. Rowan came and stood next to me. You look very beautiful" "ha thanks Rowan" He leant over and kissed my forehead. And i like what your wearing.. Since i was actually going to this party i needed to get ready. I mean for my sweet sixteen i should of been a little bit excited? but no. I was not excited. "are you asking me out Rowan?" i asked shocked.

"oh? what happened to that 'Erik' ?" "he had a girlfriend and wasn't really my type mum." . so i thought we could have a little chat" "oh mum here. i'm going out with Rowan!" she looked disappointed but then suprised by the name i said.