Team B Sandy Kinsella, Andrew Nunez, Debbie Vigilante, Kevin Won Song

Which laws apply to the vendors and Grocery Incorporated? Laws governing contracts.
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State common law. State statutory law.

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Goods versus services Location

Renovations contract between Grocery Inc. and Company A. Lawsuit over contract.

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Breach of contract. Specific performance. Impracticability.

Under age contract

Most states consider persons under 18 to be minors

Not legally bonded contract if one of the party is under 18

Must be over 18 to sign a legal contract

Jeff maybe under 18 If Jeff is under 18 but if he is over 18, contract stands

Void or Voidable Contract.

UCC Article 2 Contracts must meet the standard of UCC Knowingly deliver of damaged goods are a breech of contract. Grocery Inc. has right to reject the cereals Under Article 2-603


Tom planned on offering his trains to Harry

Contract Statue of Frauds

Contract must be written if longer than one year

Elements involved
Promissory Estoppel

Conflict Contract

F.O.B. (free on board)


Article 2, contract interpretation, F.O.B. and C.I.F. terms

Party who takes the risk

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