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fo.. These D can all stack up and slow down your machine... what's the point in sucking up valuable processor resources by using them in the first place? If you're confident using Terminal (in Applications/Utilities).pl <2 11' AppJlc... ro.. II J)tn ... If you don't use them.but over time it slows down as programs are installed and the hard disk -<11> - launch and programs hang in the middle of common tasks. ~ (041iml\ 1'1"10" t6 ttI«. dlfficultjfj $fftA9 lh..... switching them off will claw back some valuable nanoseconds for other routines.1 -~_ fills up. your Mac runs at optimum speed ... Let's get to work. And though one or two require access to Terminal.-- .. A list of applications that load at startup now appears. ... -_ SIft ue "'tw OtvKf .80)(24 "ilst 10"" KOr'-HOG~eJ-H~(-''lf\I:'" lo9~".finder DisableAllAnimotions -booltrue and choose Accounts. it could be even Quicker... find the Sharing pane and make sure Internet Sharing is unticked too. Inlt1...b.:bcWd """"". ttidl TO "1(1« atl ~ppll(.r. Out of the box..dlfftc\lltlu "'$In_g the mO\. Go to Universal Access in System Preferences and make sure that you turn off Enable access for assistive devices._-_ To control mouse polni¢t !TIO'¥'ClfMnl ..ltcht Ch'ch ZumoCUt ~ IMtgoS..._1 _ Show Iluttooth J. We've put together some tips to help you get your computer back to its Just-out-of-the-box speed... Remove the applications that you don't want by selecting each and clicking the minus button.lsc Mou..~ppll!.n..J _0....s Ie wm Moun Key! OIl or orr __ .ua()lTl. .. you can switch off most animations with the following command: defaults write com.. (~~bOaId prtttl1ll'l( Sh'ri~ SetuP. <uBOr Cunor SIlt -- To MSl:Il. whether it's a top-of-the-range Pro or a more humble Mac mini. Unlliflown Unlomown UnknCMft Unkflo .n H. wbtn ~u ~o tlteM Item log In: SpHth5vnlfte~iiservt!'\lUS j n lht menu b.n 1ft Ih.t1 Delay.. By Karl Hodge You don't need a faster machine... Blatlooth Q. Find Bluetooth in System Preferences and open its preferences pane. M.._ .' . _ I'rUJ tAe Opclon key flve.a«'J( . _ Enable access for asslstlve devices D Unnecessary networking Make your Mac more secure by switching off network and connectivity features you don't use..gTh. IIi. _----- m~._ --::: I±I "":::r' - . Hit the Login Items tab.d it! ~ 1M moult...!L . If you won't notice Faster startup Reduce startup time by cutting down the number of login items OS X loads.afto" .s~ .tlW tlW: CN<~)( +- g n Turn off animations Your Mac has various fancy animation effects that add a few seconds to everyday operations. just tweak the one you've got ~ •• (.. Go to System Preferences the difference with them turned 2 Macwo~d Mastertlass Mac Troubleshooting!on r Smart ScroD S".y 30 14:92:. .Mt . COlI Off td tYbol. most are System Preferences tweaks that are quick and easy.a. Term. While in System Preferences....7 0" _tty~O"O 'f)o(jGod~ G4lhu\ J loin e «l. .Speed up your Mac .aJ(lmum Speec:l .)tlwl. There are even a couple here that'll make a brand new Mac run even faster.t IuD tf. Valuable seconds are added to startup and shutdown.tunttmH~pef WOW~ Oft WI U~ts) Unlocnovoft UnScnov. -eee l tt'"c) f ltlder Ot'l~b te4114nlltl1 II -rhc:St ht. . H... applications take longer to W hatever Mac you're running.... Untick the On box.. Kev' y tlI..I Accessibility features as x has built-in accessibility features for the sight and hearing impaired.

..nlon ~ac Safari os X update pdate 4 Size 10.... target and shut down CPU hogs..tolH2.. wwvl.-... ..-J JoSIIolI .....0 OSI 1I.w1l~ ...tJl*4 VQ4i.""d .....~t.6 ::J M..-j...nd Improves stab Ii". 12... ~ ....(l'-lJ ". en II'you don'! want to Instilllnow. 0 Software U date -) .6. But if you're the sort of person who habitually puts it off...3) 1 OH~ftX"lIlldo .....011. ~I Io"""""""_ _w.. 6"~ O .pp.ynu... .. .. --..~'\dooIIll...... .(ll~ "1OO1-la-~i :OlO~) JOU)..21 AirPort " ex (2. Click on Manage Widgets and untick the ones you never use.1Mjl!p "~MI~ .OIUIIM ~O .. ~""'""- ----.U 1OIO.1 ~ • .Di~tll~ft!eu"_ .......' .-_ #....torI Java for Mac OS X 10. . .7 5. •• .11 . so it makes perfect sense to delete the ones you don't use. .6) It 1'4819 271091201() U1S'ii 14J0212011 11 !:&~H JOIOSIZOll l1i1lilil 24ItM/200t 14H:O! ~~I)'IIICIIN'CIIM _ .0l(1I5XJ.==: ...d wei lUW ml lJiIollt-.116 ~ff"1Wl IIp&h-aool. rlOolUlcllUll ~CioOCII'Cht0m4 "t1-llw6114tartt.o...11...l .3) ~ at UAddfl AotIIi 1IpIIIa{r. lIptt. ". lUI "0 :-U'l m....... Address Book 15. "J. .. "w.sldairnoft...... __ . ........&..:::. . To do so. Ww"'~~ Ao.."--<II-OJ IOIHl-ll '».... color plo..lller ~~ I' Adobe Rude:r (9..'TV O~.-l1.lJLMI&t .c0l ............ .........0) A. To disable the Dashboard entirely..._.. These are often drivers or configuration click on an unwanted pane to be given the option to remove it...1 lVUI-1Il-JU JOIO-O~-&4 ....... ION-GI-I-t JOIO......2...' W1W. "' p tw'I!.". ...-. .lOCla-U-01 1010..... If you use the Mac App Store to purchase programs.-"" .. n ''''714 t-MI lUt. _ Utili tv 15..f'rd ..... ..u 'It.... ....... Instiilll Nllme... run Software Update now as it often provides bug fixes that can speed up your system.... •• .d. 00<' o".... ~"""JIIJb1I Upditt..... . Upd".......-.. .....1'6...Jo'br rIO n... u .. 1010.... .j..tion ~ I AI: I\dobe AIR Uninst._..."'"" OLL" 01.. lItItbtr....r ano umeccde II Edit your preference panes Take a look at System Preferences and see if there are any preference panes listed in tools for third-party hardware or programs. menu > s. . Gooot1tOi'~'4'I'. helps you :="l!..... . ..' . ... of Apple applications as x updates periodically.a.. _"' ".....ocILul"b "" ...!cleanapp)...I\o' m"'rl" "..OOS 0"1 OlDI) O!"I).. 20. Adobe AIR Appliu...are To Oclel~... . _............ Em o Pnp. WOIOo".... 010 Ol.. OLLI Olla 02)11 \fpd~u..0 10.Q '''Ill hli hll hi" :01"" rnl '.oJ ](110-01-001 ~ . they'll be periodically updated too.....Inl tlCdro........ .W Ol1·......b>. If there's no drive space for that. ""' ... ......laquark.0. c....._ ..1~ MttooIItMu£fwVtt WIoIIioIUoo. ... _. Remove files and programs you don't need using CleanApp (l'Iww...... --. A budget program called App Tamer (around £9..... Ua " New software Is available tor your cemputer.pp Stort 11. Clean your hard disk Your Mac uses spare disk space as virtual memory when RAM is running low.(r ~'"""" IiOI'f ~ ..1.ftw". for tn... everything on your system slows down....... Run Software Update • FlxeJ leaks ..~'I\'... your Mac is probably configured to automatically run Software Update and install new versions and the Other section that you don't need. -=-- -=- .0_""'" Clml'll~' ...2 MB 39_31\18 78.ll'*t. "'" .. . . ""...~ .5..+Oo"'_"-'l_ . .."'(r Gw. . for PGpOver $tylt toottlps.... AppFresh (m.. 'IIO~ 2110312011 naS_14 ~ Update your apps Keep your third-party apps up to date for the same reason..1pp3 ph)l tl.-'-.2 313.' ... .. ~1Wt JOIC-(lI41~ lOlll ~l I-t ~I!-I-l .-t ~U-l" MID 02 U lOlo-ilS"" lO.dashboard mcx-disabledboolean YES killall Dock 1:1 Shut down programs Too many programs running at once will slow down your Mac.i 0 ~'C'lt AppleScrlpl .. tt SI.".'"""' --.syniumsoflware. enter this command in Terminal: defaultswrite com. .han unN~lcd ~p between il menu and sub enu.1 0.. Macworld Masterclass Mac Troubleshooting 3 .t ..."... •• ..I..0....... enee •• Appl." OLU Qtt:....1Q.. " ....tI' iU"..1112011J IULl4 Il'ut~lIer fl..\tI 010111 EdrlOr (2... ....2 M8 77.':':::'W. .. ...ll'II. .... wh~n vou·re tfildy '0 Inu~11.. 8"XI' 0'.ilpp---------------CleAnApp /l b'<iry..... _ .._ I...o!-lI lOlt-O -OJ ~.. "..l~l~ ..... ~'~I This ProKil Vpdoltt fixes the following • Improved support minor Issues. ... 1 . ll ~". -_. ..1 ntl "I0Il hd SIIU .:".*1"" ....._ .. IU JJ . ~ml~ ~""olIlMt .. '.. • Improvtd support for fOOl Smaol1>ng..." f ~1otf.....S MB . ~..m Mac Troubleshooting: Speed tweaks l"-' ....'1 ---------ClunA.MCIv\e <OM...".... 0 ~.~IbD!t ~ .... 010.6} A" II/OJ/ZOII It41J·17 II/O]/20U O:'~ I 01.\I. oa •• O. _.. ~...l-rtIl tUMI hli "'IU ut.. .... ._IN....l"'J~1 m' Disable widgets as x Widgets run in the background even when you're not using them and they can steal processing power without you realising it..... .oJ-IO 1liIl0-<l)-0 ~. Ol.. ':I~"'''''o. t""" . Control- B tmertare In final CUt Pro ~nd Motion.._ .......*" 2010.. scanning your system for programs that need patching.1. n........ ...lDr~ \Dt. VtldaUMIh......I6ruILlbr.... :..0'-11 lW) U Z-) ..bIt IJPGITt ... . • Addf~SJts M issue v._ ... OUt ............ ....KtfIa"-''''. " ....t~f OUtl1t OG.. Our advice would be to keep your hard disk about a third free. Ve.. Ol~ 011 ~ ..llwllWlllt \IIJIrNw . "...Jff/Iftt .c..) do this automatically..lI.5 1. You can identify and shut down the most resource-hungry culprits by launching Activity Monitor from Applications/Utilities.t. 1... --. . open the Dashboard and click the plus icon... ...(l]~l'!I .. r e ac e sz coru . can It does the job of half-a-dozen software updaters.. ~-..2) nllol' Arfil'fl A....

~ fa I. that can affect the performance of your hard disk so one of your last jobs in this speed-up tutorial will be to open Disk Utility in Applications/Utilities._ C ...ft(I [lhfllletC. .-r.. fot.WiIIoHn ..tbraty'rra... O...lrd5 r..atOSxw...rC!Wi!C! CrlplllcsJOilpb.u.. UIHd..._....ltt.. Jl(lIOlMMl: 5~ecI ODR2 SOlAM %1MHI You can disable animations." \c .. "" .diiII... ~tOlU. _nnlll. "'._.. _.t....II~~ eM rftN '"N4CUl . --....OIt... will" tat! "Mud d"~ • CIa ~rD41 . There's also an '"n Uninstallation Assistant in the Applications section that'll help you to ..U: ean tlumblu."".ll'Ylrrii IbI.-. O(D'MMO IJDIMMI "' AT' A')diDIa. but over time... 1 _..Il!I bI! ~"'L"f·U·lI .... DOR2 SOAAM 0' 6luelooth QldM~dtI DI01g005110 Dls(BIJrn../llOckPop ".. '.NkO/OIMMO: SI:e: >12 M8 Stfl._.l'fm _ ·~fJ:.....oWet......c. Finder and general applications settings via tickboxes.. SA> P~.. 1"tINN tit M.. 1. _". bJdt uo ~"e 4t-ut ttl...lI It . n. you'll have done quite a bit of cleaning up....!'Irr . I!I&f~ lU..nMM """'_nlotCII Manufacturer' 0' OIlADOOOOOClOOOOOOOO Oll.. '-lit ..d t.&Q. To do this in Safari.)l-ATA "'N~ty.but a periodic reboot will do you good in general.j~ btl I"Y. Inevitably....tiGatIy In Sl se eenes. ED Empty your web cache Give your web browser a periodic clean out too.. ~$t.. 0.... Add more RAM If all else I dI.~r·. OS:Ie ". SOAAM 661 MHz 661MH1. l'I'ol" . temporary web files lapse out of date and cookies can become corrupted...a... ~ I_.ULl. Are you sure you want to restart your computer now? IryOu do ilottlir\O~ lh~ COmpuler will res!.).\::iDe rN. is worth this useful program gives you access to maintenance routines that are usually run from Terminal.. ..ZOS9]')20Z0 O.. "" .... Adding more memory reduces your Mac's reliance on virtual memory and enables you to run more programs simultaneously. !I:t ~ Repair permissions If you've followed all the tips we've given here. _ _- 4 MacworldMasterebl$ Mac Troubleshooting .b. open Terminal (in Applications/Utilities) and type: sudoperiodic dailyweekly monthly...~ '--..ys IbrdYl..f'!ifH . ... .. II4I'IoII~" Vt'IIY.. It's best to start again with a clean slate.. _.. rll.r"<'llnl Me mIHySlo. I). ED ~~K. H jo ~ ...... hettf.. Suiil Number.\iMi..u..1"1O"". ".-t..d. Install the maximum amount your Mac's specification will allow...... We know that many MacBook users rarely switch off their machines.bresink. OUtII. there are also a series of scripts that clean up common Mac OS errors.. trtQ~.r':t .ew M.. It does no harm to run these routines manually though.. n TinkerTool Want a one-stop way to speed up your system? Then TinkerTool (www.cI)P [J. .. . os XlfUW' . go to Safari> Empty Cache.UdSCSI IA....3..*""" ~ _ .lI'1ult I.... ~h fotNif1 •• IoIil ...lid .a!i~HD5IUSJtiJ45J3~3"'-'ll. DtilI . MunDrySIolH "... "" I)Ulk.. UNn' cnttl-lIfnt«. ~~""' ~_ .-"--1 "'Pi....... Caching is supposed to be designed to speed up web browsing.. 111M ti n.."""lcT.nrral""'.1rtAAID I'QC~rd) .."'"fl.ork US. x• o. M-._ .)03e. lnl Wlrl ~lnsioIl1Cdtf)' ~DOoi1ll.lffm C'1·Sr~:C'"'l\IItt... ... i4t"f if 0. m~'.1Uf 'Hl "8 DDR2 SORAM 667 Mit: .._t. A complement to System Preferences. simply shutting the lid and putting their computer to sleep instead. the easiest and cheapest upgrade you can frequently perform is a RAM upgrade... III"" OR"'Jf!JtmfUt.. lPan-. cb •I Dr.. 0000Z162 _.. . .OII.NIr"WI-tnb "c ......'1". If you aren't going to use your computer for a while....u II t:M'...Mo" IIl!nllW. _ a try.'. ~iMr~fllf1rll"'O'II.... ""Sontrmrl. it makes sense to reboot your machine".....lliIY't..dM.. ~ ~~ (M'.. m Reboot your machine After a comprehensive tweaking ~ session. • .~t'I ~"~ __ •• 'JI_-''-'''' ._.Htoot. verify the drive and repair permissions.. nIHI U. '''O\Ildtlt-U..t111~1n"" tlIUdUl'!t'1""'.1U 61... "'JTI. l. ~ 1I11-W1I.... ou'll now be prom pted to enter your Y password and all maintenance scripts will be run straight away.lMdtt. ( CanCE!l ) ( RE!swt ) m Run maintenance scripts OS X is a highly optimised ~ operating system that runs its own cleanup routines on a scheduled basis. l'nr~". deactivate login items and change your Dock.~ .."1ft .. \l1J' ""O from Ovtl dmg • ygu Iu:n . 30JDSllOlI11 SU1US . sa.. IIM'I~ ..~ -- - -- - --- - --- -------- IIMac IIIIOlASlf.. __ . Vlff .".ift aulOm... To do ".. always shut it down... Rebooting kills all lingering processes that may be tying up valuable CPU cycles...lbratyl r~~ 0I."\'~lt~_/I .. 1H'OIIbkm ... ... There's also a Dashboard Widget that does the same job (above)..m bla.t' lhcy~I". U ..11wwUII! bvru 1[1 •• t..IL cJ(U . e...')ftI .tJ~t Inl lANK 14NK SI2MB iUMR DDR2 ..annnnnnnon clean up old remnants of programs left behind..."'1 If..O._ ..... ..-------==--------==-... ..ali Troubleshooting: Speed tweaks ..

(1955-2011) Steve Jobs .

maplin. Need more information? Use your Mac's built-in System Profiler. Macs are highly designed machines.::::rau.. as well as from version to version..... and many already run at their optimum speed and efficiency......_. .. make sure you have the right tools." .... Assemble your tools Before attempting any upgrade.. .M.~_. _ l. Buying a battery Apple laptop batteries can be expensive to replace as they aren't standard items. but there are several key hardware changes that can make your Mac even better.. the life of the battery in your laptop will diminish. __ • .. We show you what's possible O ne way to keep your Mac fresh and fast is to upgrade and refurbish it..--DK_ '" ..4l.I ..oo.:::".....~:. Try Maplin (w\IIw. To remove the old one.. ... with a set of small Philips screwdrivers.. We've confined our advice to cover Apple computers built since for cheap tools.. IUl _ . n._""".... o.tM:H... 111 ~a o. We have a general purpose kit a T6 screwdriver for hex Identify your machine The specs of Apple computers vary widely from model to model. We've also sidestepped the Mac Book Air.. last longer and be even faster with upgraded components.. D -. As long as it's not built into a unibody IIi. _ ~lc:.w.. Our options for this are limited compared to many PC owners. .....if the price looks too good to be true. You may also need a plectrum or a plastic putty spreader. but be careful ._.._. carefully insert a penny into the battery lock.. PCs.~ .. ta-.. '~. ...1Io ot tNO • .. which isn't designed to be upgraded. Grab Mactracker (available on the Mac App Store) to identify your model and find out what's already under the hood.. gently twist it clockwise and it should pop out.. _nCl"H_-'UQI "... 6 Macwo~dMastertlass Mac Troubleshooting . Go back any further and you'll encounter issues with PowerPC architecture and a range of divergent designs. it probably is..Mac Upgrades By Karl Hodge Make your Mac more stable.. unlike those found in Mac laptop you may be able to replace it with a higher capacity battery... screws and an antistatic wristband.... You can find non-Apple batteries that are designed to fit your MacBook with higher capacities than Apple's own designs. D Fitting a battery Over time.

or using very large files.dedicated access port on the bottom of the unit.. '--· .. visit Apple's Support Pages (suppon.. On an iMac...I (twD 2. No.. you need to remove 10 screws in the bottom of the case to access the RAM..11Q~l......." . .. Be careful when fitting it too... really. Be sure to order it from a reputable source as not all RAM is the same. For a list of full instructions..and any upgradable component . __ I Clll _ OVERVIEW Introduced J~nUlllrv 2008 Disrontinued Modelldtntlfler Mud! 2009" W..lIIng Tht: ~ 1TlV110ry can M relatively easy for Mac Pros...• ~Mac Troubleshooting: Upgrades ' ..applecom/kb/HI4433)...oIt.. II . . Start by asking yourself if you really need to do it.. You 2008 models. but the process could take you a whole day..r D Spares or repairs If you're upgrading or refurbishing an older machine. dismantling the entire unit. __ .It u.. II First memory Use Mactracker (from the Mac App Store) to find out how much more RAM you can install and what type Get yourself onto eBay and search for an identical model to your own listed for 'spares or repairs'......799 (two 2. W eeee IIWIQ lI'OYl iMac c. . the For instructions. ~ : " '~e II RAM in a MacBook In recent MacBooks.. -.. There's an access port held in place by one E!D Upgrading your hard drive This can be a Significant upgrade. o RAM in iMacs Accessing the RAM slots in modern iMacs is also very easy.Io..IoI t.. MacworldMotsterclass Mac Troubleshooting 7 .. you could end up or two screws on the bottom of the unit...... answer may be yes.~ ibs ."". <OmOOMIU 0( ~r jjIQc aIMDU'IU ~ ..• 10. I__ Of In5....""~_IQ.USOI "2. Long_n / /Short e~ : . . ensure that your machine is switched off and unplugged and the battery is removed." Weight and DImensions PROCESSOR (ua.' . see Apple's Support Pages (support. has a Rcmovtrlg WIUlIICIO _ .oJ(_..OII ~ IR1m. Tabs help you remove and replace the existing memory modules and access the empty slot... the new Mac mini Easiest of detailed instructions._(-.. On D • RAM in desktop Macs Accessing the RAM slots .... to buy..1 1owII4f • .apple.-------~~~ - ! • . . i: : i f--U I i : i:... you might consider buying a broken Mac.._.-. ~__ .com/kb/ht1270).._.._tll_ _.. Older PowerBooks have easily accessible RAM bays.._.t- .. visit Apple's Support Pages (suppon. all.'I~-." •• '-". but it's seldom an easy process...omEMRU... if possible. For simply drop the side panel.& CHz) . Noell' Number AllMi Order Number Initial Prke MA970Ll/A U.v .)" H x 8... You can pick up entire machines for less than the cost of a new laptop keyboard or screen..a""'9d_I. access to the RAM slots (and hard drive) is via the battery bay. If you're running out of space.

and many are Mac compatible. As a rule of thumb. That'll require a retail OS X disk. the process is easy.5in SATA HD for Mac Pros and for details.Mac Troubleshooting: Upgrades ED Which drive do I choose? The best place to start is. the only pressing reason to do so. but movies. If you're an iMac.25in SATA connecting drives in their post-2009 machines. disk technology. In that case. The Apple Store has two ATI Radeon upgrades. See our October issue for more advice. is if you're using your Mac as a media-centre machine. Fortunately. who can use standard 5.--------- ---- - - ~- . a Lion USB m Upgrading ~ the graphics card PC users can easily replace their graphics cards. are becoming far more affordable. Mac Book or Mac mini drive or the disk that shipped with your Mac to boot into the installer. you can't.and that's to switch to solid state storage.5in SATA HD for Mac Books and Mac minis and a 3. you might as well go with Blu-ray. owner. We currently like the Avid Pro Tools Mbox Mini. you'll be looking for a 2. retailing at around £250. then you may be able to upgrade. For us. your current Mactracker. If you're a Mac Pro owner. although this upgrade may be better suited to older machines where a 60GB or 120GB drive would provide storage comparable to it's existing spec. 8 MuworldMasterelass Mac Troubleshooting . the for drives flagged as Mac compatible to make sure that they work and to preserve your Pro's aesthetics. but few cards are compatible. From there you can format the drive. ~ ~ Installing OS X Upgrading the hard drive? You'll need to reinstall OS X too. We'd only Em Prices start as low as £40 but it's best to shop around Audio expansion On Macs. and install OS X from scratch or via a disk image. I Adding an optical drive If there's room for an optical drive in your Mac. Apple shied away from this high-capacity it's still the format of choice for high-resolution really recommend the process to Mac Pro owners. again. the only real option for audio port expansion is to go with an external device. SSDs drive is and make your upgrade choice accordingly. now that optical discs are in decline. external sound card market is thriving as more users turn to using laptops for recording . See Apple's Support Pages (suppon. Find out what size and configuration m Need some speed? There's another reason to upgrade your hard drive .

dmg If . Repair permissions Free utility IceClean (www.l.OiskP"m RtpairDisItPtJmillion~.lIloIl5/Ulilil 1d be -m--r--r• tr. 101 Group dJfff:fs on 'Appiir.. ~.lrl. . problvn With a nle lAst_lied Dy Ihe Mac OS x Instalter.• tneric-50... LOg 1 &O.". repair the volume in one of the ways we suggest below.... •• ~"""" ='~"I-"'''1 ...Je OS X Installation due.JJltt..1I1Dfls/UIlIII . stan up from you. Here.. •_.Qroup n 80. b\I(k UP ~nd trUt tnt dW~. .ablt..ln" trollbft .~"ked. dIsk nc:tdS rtp:.•.png·.::. C:h4!:c.~rng t'llll!nU olterilow fll" Chf:(~lngc. dick Vtrify Disk. perhaps your disk needs repair • F Mac or the most part. PtrmlnlO1'1s differ on -ApplicnlGM!U11I11"Jd be -tw_f_r_ .lf the ~p. If tbt disk needs repalra. • ( StopP. _-~:. u problem with . J __ c.Disk repair By Karl Hodge Drive errors can cause odd behaviour...n modified . wllh I~ ~tl"C:I. glUup • tney.OJ CB ~UJITSU MHV2 . (jroup Cllntl'S 01\ ·AJ)j)lltat1ons/Ullhllt5/ Z8_JMlII.~I .d will IIot be . ( . group It 10.llr O!sk Pe" OS X In5l. from misbehaving software to a disk that won't start up. One reason for that is that the Mac doesn't have to contend with an unpredictable mix of hardware and software: as x is highly optimised for the machines that it runs on.rTJSTOl~I~IT"'TW"1W"""'-:- ele H WarnIng SUIt) fil~ ·S". In addition to that..a'l~" pumiulons .~v'n!J ttllubt. volume."" i1IUAWJl. OS X l"sUl~IIO" dll(..~r) Permlulons t._ " " . should be 0. start \lOUtM~ OS)( ltuull. dick MOle OS X Install 1M M4C O~ x Illmllltj. and tnM cheese lJtiU!ies > Disk Utfllty..Jl • Clkt Rfp.t:lmg "'. things do go wrong with a local disk drive and you'll need to repair it to get your machine back in showroom condition.. bare disk drive with a stethoscope..klngJoUIQilled HfS PIu.::=~ .lbrary/Ex u lei bcc:. !lreup Is All..03 G8 FUJITSU MHVZ • tfyou·f"h. (veritvDi5ItPermiuicns) ( Rcp~i( Obit ferminions ) 0..lfy ) Venfy 0 II.mlSliO"5 cliffe-I'on vulfica.u"... the first port of call should be Disk Utility.lrI Inary I) GU. click (JUt "IOU.pllV·.nlons/Ulilil 1d be -rw-r"r• tr.J.. If your Mac's playing up.aUed bv 1M M.:. b~1I 0 sk i'ermlUlons J II Repair permissions Incorrect disk permissions can cause a host of issues.. It's easy to spot. mainly using tools that are baked right into as X.. • If RtJN. this is called Live Verification. • If Rep.irDisk is una~iI. M. other maintenance jobs that can help your disks run more effectively. _smaJl-SG.. tIl ~-. If Ih" rep.. permissions Disk Utility compares the actual permissions in memory with those stored on disk. such as repairing launch services.. • If RtpairDisk 1$un.. ~hou'd be O. dnd Illtn chooJe Utilities> Did" lItllltv.t h. "..J. a pretty good job of cleaning up after itself.l( 'SVSlem/l.Jng~flULILU til'''''. Disk permissions should be repaired from your Mac's W . differ Oil " is worth a look as a Disk Utility alternative..". e! Show deuJ/s -l'\ITTrtJS"S1tlO'S"rrr~]TIInrn.iJy'ni complete M. hit :I€-F3 to repair permissions on your Mac's active volume.1f Ihl...Jlltcll)y Mole OS X Ins I:!.ltions/Unlitl"s. SnOUICl ee V.lollo.. IceClean can also perform startup volume. UI. (11(. Permilosion.~·.IIIlllY_ If you • Clld RltNjf Disk. The icon is a B Verify The first thing to do when faced with a potentially corrupt or glitchy disk. as x does Still.. otrn~c. Permlnlons differ on "Appllc.maalentto.. should be O.png-.... should bIP: 0.tI. you l'I:avt:l permiSSIOns IltOOltm will'l a "It In$I. is to verify the startup volume. You'll find it in Applications/Utilities.. occasionally. you'll need to reboot and spontaneously you run Disk Utility direct from the startup volume. Permissions dlff"r on "Applic. MacworH Masterclast Troubleshooting Mac 9 ..pflg·.lils.. filt Inu.Iney are ·rw-fW-t_ Group differs on ·Applkiluon5/UI1I1t16/ r(f:S'bl~.lrOlsk.!! DVO.ty are -rw-rw~f--.Is un. . • (jroup drff~rs on ·APPUc.llloIU/UllliliH/ •. not your installer . ~MATSHrrA DVD-R If vau'.. lssirms.ey an: -fW-tw-r--.J. If your drive is slow or falls. Chec. .tvlnguoubltWllhthestl""edd15k: ~MATSHITA OIlO-R UJ-846 • Okt f. gtOUp is 80.a...'emlLibroilrylCore P~. Group diffen on ·Appliution)/U'ilil. -ffl-f-r- -1'N-fW-r-. ere. differ on ~AppliullonsfUliljl 1d be -rw-r-r• tr.ation (lllc.80.. ~Uf M..ckup and «lost tht d~sk.. When If Disk Utility finds problems. .. "'P"'''~''UUlu'Ulum'''~r:: ~"''''_~III''lq. b.11..•Jd be.atJlt. lijroup i~ 80. we'll show you a few ways to diagnose and repair corrupt and ailing drives.__. back uI' and erase tht disk. Macs don't crash as much as other computers. _ II Using Disk Utility as x has built-in troubleshooting tools for disks that aren't performing well.-. click Vtlify Olsk.iththe Stltcttd di5k.utof!V.formlngliortvtrif!(alion..avall. If up ((om ~ Mac OS X Inslill DVD.llon ~M. click Verify Disk-If the disk needs rtpaln.d df<k stan up trom UJ-846 OVO.ey are -fW-fW-r-· volume: Pe.. be -1W~r--r'• Ihty 3re -l'WIIr-Jlf.. hp. . __ I ..JMacMInI ~MATSHrrA OVO-R UJ-846 tfyou'ft'h . If Ihe (t~1r falls.dmg you nave a permISSions Rej).1Ad I~n choost Utilities I> Dld'I..-.lir Olsk.

wnenevee possible. uruMt..e-d ~t·....3 or earlier.~ Checking catalog hierarchy.\nstgl \ Applejack 2 AppleJack enables you to run most of the same repair routines as Disk Utility _ along with a couple of command line interface as FSCK.rOOVL\(PHlr loya . run it again. If your computer use a di~k r~pair utility: from snning up.1t.all • .IIiCIHR1 .I Willdldl.wD 1.II!Jatt.... II Your comp\lter partlall. Script will do all tc [11 repair disks [21 repair permissions [3} cl@anup ~ache files [4] validate preference files [5J remove ~wap files [q] : Just quit.t'U tM:lvvnMt ZOlOo..tKIn • Hrlll Fo/tlm • !u.lfyou Set tht5. . FSCK 1 If your disk won't boot into OS X and you can't boot into Safe Mode.wttr. extras. choose Disk Utility from the Installer menu../ppon Rf'quuLI UnlnrtalllnOAllpl. you c.wstem eners may prevent VOU! computer shutdown. "". in addition to repairing permissions and"UI1 .".Um'}11.L1ck.. clears the loader cache and III Boot from install CD If your boot volume needs to be repaired. FSCK should report that your volume is OK.. you shoula: use Disk UWlty Insuad of tuk. FSCK 2 Your machine will boot into the Darwin command line." '_\0IIII01""'_ .f' IQOk ltvough (hI' hrlp fQrum 'Ir.. J or tater 01 Apph!. look UvCkl$lb ~ AUppo:rt (eQyeaU. mn.. .. there. At the end of the process. " Mac Troubleshooting: Disk repair a..l1klt::~I... Click the First Aid tab to find repair options. Performing ** *... ...~ _.._CIIoU_ .. live verification . You'll need to boot from your original installation disc.i\ II Start in Safe Mode Booting in Safe Mode can sometimes be enough to fix issues with a machine that's causing problems.-. trashes the font cache.l..lfI. then restart after you've safely booted into OS X...nld~ 106114 disk maintenance Last login: Tue Jut 5 17:18:47 on ttys000 Kar1-Hodges-I'. rtllillt or... you can remove swap files..trod~jo~ m..3..oo T~. but is much easier to use...IIJ" Phl~ie nurd dWI Keird"l •.!I diSk re~jr utiliI)' IG fix the ISSUt.. .4'" tGd.m.nn1MI 5cnlon end tYpct 10I0I40 . You may see the message..r~ IXI"".IoI. or power interroption.Jt. So. ** Checking multi-linked files. forced resten.1.1n Project 00 "'0M In Page Su~1)Ort re tllre PeqO.. FSCK can also be used to check disk integrity from the Terminal.k . It runs from the same single user mode Em AlternAtlvel. (ommand line In a lext-only environment.houh'l JUSt tYpelDvt'r lo. Mac OS X Includes t_ uli1itlu (or this-Disk Ulility and fsc:kli1 command-hne utility).. fill!.. holding down'S' as you reboot. "rrre dirty.Ul U.loll rebOotJng U\ I 4.. do£. Dlean file: a tUMI(Irt reQuen of" our . If yw .l.H......u OS X lOA or rater.1II10 is.. start the machine in single-user mode.vou'l seewh.5 w. U n""'vlO101116 _ . "ppfeJack.. "'MJC~r--IPOd-'PIlOnl!---'Pad-iTunM- Support .lr.."I"\~ 'CoIl. o. Type Isbin/fsck -fy this launches FSCK and takes your disk tool FSCK _ though strictly speaking.. starts but then displays iI. lI).r. .h."""-. . 3 or later: below. Dug Applt'. If not. ". Ii_.'...IlO tYpe a (ommand.. I Ralh "tum com.H11 JlUClI.4. .. This can occur afll!!( an impropt'f shows any of «he followlng symptoms on startup. check out'About bve verification In Mac OS X 10 .. txnpu/OClP\"jG1.dl1tu.. Checking volume bitmap. clean up disk caches and validate your preferences files.... then the last resort is the built-in disk repair n .sh w. After choosing your language. jl"~M. Checking extended attributes file..'"Below 11. )'QU Qn open I 1... 'OVII"' tn tQ y~ ~oc. 170\1 ta4....y.._""' .C3_~~ Terminal bash .1Mf I' your rseue 'tn"leddrn.. Make it a habit to install the program on new machines.. 'hstntNtion.__ .ov g06d "i.. Safe Mode forces a directory check. so it's ready to use and available if you do run into disk trouble.eIc tt you me runnll)g vCI·.. ~~... AppldliCk..-------- -------------------------- . Tn ~H'. hold down the Shift key as your Mac starts. to you the.lbat· ·.. man apDJe)aCio:1ft a fI.t_ •~ Checking Journaled HFS Plus volume.... Ih .. indicated by a number sign'''). Insert the disc and reboot holding down the 'C key.80x24 Resolve startup issues and perform with Disk Utility and fsck wtlIIodlloll:d:JOl!lc1 J... this is targeted at machines running OS X 10.3-1). use Disk Utility.t. Ent@r the associat@d number or letter It is strongly recommended you do th [a] auto pilot._. In stlml!! situations.I.!." . ** Checking catalog file..·.. •• Checking extents overflow file.11 OldA. &.. me C:Dmmand II ~our choice: • AppleJack 1 For GUI access to disk repair tools.x tl you an't UWl"1r land tlnd yOI. To use it. You can abo use then twn ~tn computl'r U1rtJ... if you've atl'leadv Installed tl-l"ntJn. $ystlm IHuU. 10 MacworidMasterclass Mac Troubleshooting ....ecuting fsck_hfs (version diskdev_cmds-491..lf~ UU'J'mOde anes tl:tlt6:W't..i.J. Fo! Mat: as x 10. thaI's carted a command-line plompt.. To invoke it. .J.eo nl ~rt b. .. run !sc:lr.~ :lJUrltlOll. through a five-phase repair process. you'll need 1Qrun !sct from the command line (see "Use fsek if eecessa • below •..d AppleJack tr..spodgod$ sudo tsck_nfs -1 /dev/disk0s2 n /devl rdisk0s2 (NO ~IRITE) ++ Root file system Idev/rdiskOs2: fsck_hfs run at Tue Jul 5 17:21:19 2011 Symptoms If your computer won't ~tatt up MrmAlly. If veu're uSlnglol. pI..-.. ** Checking volume in ormation.. thank you very much.0It'..k P.ll lulotC. VOU may need 10 vse .IIlU nl'1 d 10 to lUrL •• lUll mTO (!Quill" wnn A~pt"'..ju~t fln~ bulyou want to chfci: th~ dl~k for passiblt' fit.3 later. ·. Ka rl-Hodges-I'lac-mini: spodgod$ 0 - ** E.rvlOIOUtllo '~rl0IlnU 'l'UU'·o"f..m'..uml· unI"!oWI! by 1II. you can install AppleJack.our Of" Importanl.. IlIr wtJ')l '. . .ltJ Subrn r. he volume I'lac T "lini appears to be OK.

short name. .dkil (me da1') 01'1 dIsc' !e! ~ Mounting volumes External drive didn't mount when your machine booted up? Time to dig out Disk Utility again. pnmillillm. All within Restart your machine When you've finished repairing your Mac's drive. switch to this one to run diagnostics and fixes."-odIw Oulody euc u~" t f~ "'1iftu..drTl9 OIhefWh-e. the computer will restart automatically in 46· seconds. o CD ~ Turn en FiteVault prctecuon {HJmll1l~l~r thJ$ CQmpV11!'1 ~ (Creatll! Account) fit ~ Login Options Inable parl"llra! comroh. unmount drives. Select the unmounted drive and click the Mount button in the tool bar.nges. verification and even defragmentation tools bundled into the ED package. ( Open Parental Controls .. 846 001(." lep. .. ) Password hint: (Rt. Go to the Accounts preference pane and click the lock to make changes. Maintenance Choose Administrator from the New Account drop-down and give the account a memorable long name and You can troubleshoot this by adding a second user account with Admin rights. whether it's been an intensive series of command an easy-to-use.---.. if things do go wrong..11 Mac Troubleshooting: -f Pauword login Items Disk repair :) r- New Account: ( AdmInistrator full Name: ! Maintenance ( Change Password..pluotl'J! ". ) A.lmuilotd b... Click the Add icon to add a new account.. If'f<M<~"Iw •• ~ Mile OS X In:mU 2 Id![n. _. Same goes for unruly disk it should work._.w j (o".J Cllell the lock (0 make changes.plOsofLeng. Add a password then click Create Account.eommendtd) Address Book Card: ( <":. Drive Genius 3 Serious about disk repair? Drive Genius 3 (lVwlV. might save your bacon.. lIt ~ ~ DVD_VR DVO-A 1II..fb Click tlte lock to prevent further ch.lrl" use the same button to mount or it from the Applications/Utilities folder in Finder. This applies particularly if you've had to remove programs and repair permissions during the process..w..I!oer Q Open . line tweaks or a quick session in Disk Utility. Are you sure..u. Unmounting kills all system activity in process . the handiest functionality is Drive Pulse. . like 'Maintenance Account" and 'cleanup'. but by your user preferences.. alerting you to potential problems before they get too big to handle. ~~"'~ MATSHITA UJ'lloalo:. Launch m Unmount ~ volume or partition You'll notice that the Mount button is a toggle .you want to restart your computer now? Ir you do nothIng.. Like Disk Utility after a serious workout.ftl.c..... a feature that monitors your machine for drive issues./ AIIQI'Ij t. ED Create a troubleshooting account Some Mac problems aren't caused by your machine.OSXlIlu"'U.. if an external drive refuses to eject.11 trwno hour. reviewed on p34.ount name: Full Name: Karl HDdge I memtenence Password: Verify: MoblleMe user name: spoogod ( Change . open Disk Utility and try unmounting it instead.t~I. If you have more problems with your main account.~_----------------'=..pruc"".rU1"4 <. No command line fiddling required.... Macworld Mallelclass Mac Troubleshooting 11 . However. "left tWt. E!J {. W"Ilh".. you should reboot so any changes are applied. ~oginOpnon'. there are repair. So.. I" . highly graphic interface.... You should see all connected drives in the left-hand pane.. """'" uwe.

( Targel it Disk Mode . we Apple users are often poorly prepared and woefully clueless when it comes to getting our machines back up and running. or reinstalling OS X depends on the severity of the issue. 10. you can usually fix it. and you have another Mac handy. Click too restart rbts computer in target disk mode. so if it ever happens to you.6. Select the system you want to use to start up your computer Mac OS X. you might be wondering how you're going to get out of this pickle. start the non-working Mac.. When Lion was installed... Start the working Mac first and set it to target disk mode by holding down 'T' as you boot up.H1Uj) M You h~ve seleaed MlC OS X.rg$dbk mode. while holding down the Option key. We show you how to do all these things.Disk recovery By Karl Hodge Lion doesn't ship with a recovery disc. connect the two Macs using a FireWire cable. it added a recovery partition to your drive. And when it does happen. which should enable you to choose the Mac in target disk mode as your ailing Mac's startup volume. Whether that's by running Disk Utility to repair the start-up drive. D Boot from another Mac If you have problems with either of the above methods. ) Jl Oicl the lock co p(evem further changes.B Qn~Otlnl Netwoflt St. 12 Macwo~dMastere~ss Mac Troubleshooting . This brings up the Startup Manager. Fixed IP Next. you'll be ready. To boot into it. providing access to tools that'll enable you to troubleshoot the problem. It launches a minimal version of OS X with access to key utilities. This will boot your Mac from the disk. The key thing to remember is that if you can boot your computer..q. Worry not. Once vou boot to the desktop. try this. Aher you Jut"rl this t"mpulerin tol..I .8 on the di}k 'Mac Mint" Restart . 01 ~ g 1 ~ x II Mac OSX Snow leopard Mac as x Utilities D Recover with Snow leopard If you're using Snow Leopard (or Leopard) dig out the original boot disk. lO. Insert it into your Mac's Recover with Lion If you've upgraded to Lion. restart your machine holding down ~-R.. you can use Disk Utility to restore a backup or repair the drive. so what do you do when things go wrong? We count the many ways you can get out of this fix M acs don't crash quite so spectacularly or as often as other computers. optical drive and restart the machine while holding down the 'C' key on the keyboard. you tilfl conn«t to ~not~r (Omputt1 lIslng "' NleWire uble olnd un it U j) hard disk. With both machines switched off. but it can happen. IIi. restoring a previous backup.

..... Overwrite startup Find the disk image that you created and set that as the source.. I' r 1 lot t. _t.__ _ "..._ .....OO. Choose the TIme Machine "~ ......... external hard drive to your Mac.. • C.".q_ II Verify and save Leave the other settings at their defaults and click Save to start the process.. _ . i!!"IW •• _ 1T O'-IJIIIIII't __ .. either by browsing to it or dragging it to the Source box.. ........ __ .... _ ..CM!f.. wt.._.-.. ._ ~='i:. t_JIIIlftII .9J~ _ ...... -~ __ ·_ Time (i) ( Set J Up Time CapstJle ) Use fOI Backup ~ Show Time Machine status In the menu bar Click __ . • . .~""_ _.... ·r..:. III Restoring from an image If you have a valid and verified disk image to hand ..~ "'-"'.)I"" .. the next thing to do is make a disk image. Maewo~dMasterclm Mac Troubleshooting 13 ...."' . oo.. O>U~_ ... Em Time Machine setup 1 Of course.. ~._Il10\. -..... )"""' ...... __ . "... _.MIKt. .... D..... Dt.........I"It_"'. . _.._'de_fIIrt....~ _ .....a.. go to Images in the menu bar and click Scan image for Restore... copy the image to an external drive or USB key.. . ~ _ r."~"'_..... Set your start-up disk as the destination.._" 1 Ii(\-.......'001_.~ Mac Troubleshooting: disk recovery 0--D... • 'T. Select it. ~ tIIS._-----.. you could always restore from your full Time Machine backup . '. 1. _ . _"' ! ._o-..................MIoi1...IrWtlp.. _'_ ao.... lack to p(j! .... . ·<'P" .. IftIICI ...o _.~I •• I ........a.. UIl't... OS X will prompt you to set up the drive for Time Machine..I .. ~ ~al=:.i'ot . ...-:'~=::::...t>~~ II .. u .. Finally.. IIII'I-' ".... •• -. . 110""'-'" hI!Io ~ ~Ol-ot""....------ II Planning ahead So far we've shown you how to get OS X up and running so you can access the utilities necessary to restore your system.._!!!ll .then you're just Restore tab.. plus all your usual applications..o __ L r..._ ..... It's always good to be prepared and here's a way you can make a handy. .. ".. Open Disk Utility (lApplications/Utilities)... r.. __ ...... which means you'll need to start keeping one! The easiest way to get started is to simply connect any new........~.. ent funhu changl!s.. • c-_ .. ~ ...' . It'll take a while to complete.o!boot.. ~..... clean restore image that you can use to get your 1:1 Create a restore image With OS X installed on a clean drive. j'-ill Mv""ok l'I(ompoIIl leI! ....... the image will appear in the left pane too.._"" ..... .. . . .I m 21544 c.f • T..::5:) ~.. system back up and running .. Dot ............ . Click Restore to overwrite the contents of the boot drive with your disk image............ ~ ...'!~m. Select your hard drive from the pane on the left....dId. Boot into the installer and open Disk Utility.. n ..... . nJl."1iPI' .........! I ell as · T.... dod _. a few clicks away from recovery. ' ' .. 1c1.... dmg format image of the drive's content..c 0It ~ ...... above to boot your Mac .~'\ _ ~... then click on New Image in the main tool bar to create a •......... _......."rr llltlm -... ... _'"""".... __ __ ....'O ..and you are able to use one of the methods When Disk Utility has finished....-a _ ...-....._ "ddJIH .III-........Mci .

.... m Restore from Time Machine With Time Machine backups there's a quicker way to restore your old system. "" ..... or using a prepared recovery USB stick to reinstall is a last resort...... . .. Th is insta lis a reduced I_'_ ... ~ Jl~Ho. Time Machine incrementally updates this backup every hour. U..." ' . Choose Restore System from Backup and browse for your Time Machine backup.. For a shortcut to updating OS X once you're back on the'~ ~ ~ Reinstall Of course. Download Apple 1-' _~It n. purchase Lion on the App Store.. after using Disk Utility to verify and repair the start-up volume....-. Apple has also announced its own recovery backup tool...J .... Local snapshots are stored on the same disk with the originals... ..lI ... you can do that too.. Go to the From then f. Open the tool and choose the Erase tab... booting into the recovery partition on Lion...wI. HoI. .JI/..._.gele.. ~ --... ... ED Time Machine setup 2 Your first backup will take a while to complete. _Oib ........ by default. I Create a recovery backup Feeling a bit insecure about downloading an operating system without a physical version to fall back on? If you've yet to take the plunge.. then reinstall the OS onto the clean drive when Disk Utility has finished... _ ..11 boatable USB drive or DVD of the full Lion installer.romlkb/HT4848....."""...u .rom/downloadsl and find the latest Combo update for your version of the OS. Time m Clean ~ machine You can install over the existing Mac OS X Utilities Time Machine makes hourly local snapshots of changed files so \IOU can retrieve earlier versions.... ~r_I . ~ .....QI... ...U. ._'lIJlllh •• {( l"'IO~.•I.f') .. This script automates the process of creating a __ ...~"'"""'""""" ...~. ~.."C ... First.. .• ~... f'I . .nell lion-diskmaker-lIS/. Wipe and install Initialise the drive using Mac OS Extended (Journaled). . ...__.__ ..... _~ I Em recovery version of Lion to an external drive or USB stick .. but if you don't have a disk image.valuable if there's damage to your machine's disk. ~ Ia..._ ......." 14 Macwor1dMastertlm Mac Troubleshooting . there are two workarounds for you. We prefer to reformat the target drive using Disk Utility first.. but don't install it just yet. fOt.'" ~ e.... .. Utilities menu when you boot from your install disk. select another disk for backups...... If a clean install is required.w~ Ul'QIU.J"ln ._ ..... '" M.. go to support. Machine or other backup. .O$)( . ........ launching from Snow Leopard's boot disk. _ 0.. daily updates for a month and weekly updates until the drive is full.U. it's always better to restore from some kind of backup... To protect all your lnforrnauon against disk problems. so it's worth setting it up and leaving it overnight... On Lion.IO •• \MI't_ consultant Guillaume Gete's LionDiskMaker from blog. 1II . It keeps the hourly updates for 24'~ . .. Download it from support... the option is available in the main recovery menu.- ------------ - ~~ Mac Troubleshooting: disk recovery I~ '1Jit' I Select Disk Options ••.

Selectthe network you want to join.but make sure that the device comes with drivers for your Mac.2. lFDG56789 BTFON BTHomeHub2-6NMG BTHub3-NNPW Password: I o Show password Remember thls network I BTOpenzone '" Remember this network C Cancel) ( Cancel ) ( Jom OK ) ( OtheL .lA. Pop open your MacBook just about anywhere and AirPort is likely to detect half a dozen or more WiFi connections within immediate range. Go to System Preferences" Networking and select expensive search on eBay or similar) or use a USB WiFi dongle. We even explain how you can do things with your network you might have overlooked. Things can sometimes still go wrong .. Welcome to the future. Fromcreating ad-hoc network connections to improving password success. Fortunately. Select Ifle network youwant to join from the list. The stronger the connection.Make a note of the currently assigned network settings.Fix wi reless networki ng By Karl Hodge Get faster and more stable network connections. it should automatically detect all WiFi connections trouble connecting with your password. take note of the encryption protocol and apply it manually when you connect with AirPort.. Choose Manually from the Configure IPv4 drop-down menu. AirPort (or Ethernet if the connection is wired). within range .. The network password. faster connections. In the wireless settings section. the more filled in waves show in the icon.'" 11l1. We'd recommend the latter .enabling you to connect to the router using a predetermined password or phrase.We've pulled together 15 practical tips.. or you may have to scour the web to find them. Let'sget tweaking . and then enter the nelwnrk password if's all here. try logging in to your router configuration page (check with your ISP for instructions).! bMW DID u-_asa II Alternatives to AirPort If your Mac is too old to have built-in WiFi. MacwlllttMasterclast Mac Troubleshooting5 1 .. with these easy-to-implement tips and tricks H ome networks. are now commonplace. ) D Wireless networking If your Mac is fitted with a wireless or I!I Encryption protocol III password encryption AirPort is usually good at detecting what protocol your router is using.we know some tricks you can use to get stable. driven by WiFi. If you have AirPort card.and there are few things more frustrating than flaky WiFi. either find a compatible AirPort card (which can be an II Fixed IP You can speed up connectivity by speCifying a fixed IP address. showing you all the waysto makeyour Mac's network connection work better for you. Click Advanced then TCP/IP. "IFDG56789" requlres a WPA. II't'I ~.

Open the Terminal and type: nano Iprivate/etc/hostsz II. ...~I~~ ~ II Entering details For IP Address.hos t .255.......:1ho"tI=.""-IIHD'==19Ut~ Z55~ii.IIW"'I ". OP\ ansI .'. \cr~~~~~~~~~~~W. lM""".~ \~ 5~""'F_'" u. mQI •• tOo WMI.~_ "'O..~L<Ip> -""~ • ~.-iiMJ . You can enter the URL Em File sharing Want to make files on your computer accessible to other Macs on your network? You'll need to enable File of any website here and it will return the IP address. ~""'.80:: 1\ t.1.. Click the Lookup tab. - ..255. (onllll!Jrc .. J....8. 'fI"""..~H . along with other useful information.."11 OOC:P wlih m4lltill olddttJ. ."PU·fll f ca...' CDnIiIaurI _ ~JU~I.u·~I.. Choose this to connect to other WiFi stations.I!i.8.mM'G.""O. ~ .._ 1tH!I" \If•. www.9'1 109 1M A ~Dl)~n L'l... I!:uoIQnt... Click Apply to enjoy your new.8.. II>I~ 8o~P Disk repair AII5....QOOO'Mom ~... 1I• bej . (o~Il!l'>~IP.. 16 MacwortdMasterciass Mac Troubleshooting .. 41111~ nl' defru.:. _'" fit.. 10 1000000u~.c_.... l.tI""' . . -... # II localhost is used to configure # whell the system is booting.. _lIIO..I.L...q.this will use Google's open DNS lookup service...i·t. II lim Get Iil Exit Home and away Select the current connection then click the gear icon and choose Duplicate Location.. . U.•IIMac Troubleshooting: 1J114rlm!if:i •••••••• l/il~ DHC' 11>.(WAQLt Ii .C... .. Set Configure IPv4 to Using DHCP and name this Away.Jra' n1 I -........."u riRI WI-.. [ L CO- . Sharing in System Preferences. stage...:.l43. you may have problems trying to access WiFi outside your home network.. Start in System Preferences » Network and choose Edit Locations from the Locations drop-down menu.ns. IN r .. host entries to OS X Speed up access to favourite sites by adding them to your hosts file..._. Q:6c. which is faster than most ISPs. so your Mac doesn't need to look up the address online.255 b roadce s the s t ::1 localhost f..ogj .omin:.. While you're there you'll see a few other things you can enable.0..4. Name this Home. Network Locations enable you to create different configurations for different environments. _"".It\vn IlIhlu\.\11"1\1"'" • "I. i. . ee .8. Help Ii WriteOut Justify Iil'.'.sudo ... Go to System Preferences:> Sharing and tick the File Sharing box.. faster and more stable settings. icad 8.g ~.!l i1ll Read File ~rhere Is iIil Next Page 11 Prev Page II!I ri1:l Cut Text liD Cu UnCut Textii To III Adding SUdD Return to the Edit Locations section and click the Plus icon to add a new location..4 . ClIl'Wlnv Wu . #11 127.ll! otiCI' __=_ ~ iI Hos t Database the Loopback interface Do not change this entry . 1tI1l1t:dtt:'I~'mlfttl __ LI.... .l loce thos r 255.u SIl""'ll II Finding IP addresses Go to Applications> Utilities and open Network Utility.. enter the numeric addresses you noted down at the previous III Network locations With a fixed IP address...0 'tcc at.."" . Terminal . Let's have a look at them... tm ... n .l.... e..Ii.. • FJ~litIlr. Cl_ ... .. 0 "". (>n.Ill <so. 8. In the DNS section enter 8. You can further configure what information is returned using the Select Information to Look Up menu.L~D~h... _::otI:.c_ -=-. Subnet Mask and Router. ~.._ l1iQ ...80x24 e~ ~~lt· _ __ I!b>.HI-me. 'l t CA-" i11q.lIOWt Z!l!J lH " !D3...

... It uses Apache HTTPD ... To make it easy to add the shared drive in the future .click the Plus icon when you've entered the Samba URL to add it to a list of favourite servers....-...._..-"~ ".0..:..__.0...t- '''MmI mow:m... Enable it in System Preferences> Sharing and tick Web Sharing.3 you can improve the sharing feature by going to Preferences and version of Dropbox offers 2GB of storage... Next.. In the dialog that appears enter smb:llpcname/sharename. OS X should give you a list of shares.... The old Share My Library feature is superseded by Home Sharing. then click OK..~ .--. You'll need AirPort on both machines.. I. ~. hit Control-K.-". It behaves just like a documents up online and is accessible on every machine on which it's installed.... disabling Share my library on the local network.. indeed. .. Replace 'pcnarne' with the PC's network name and a shared folder name. you can leave it off. I Mac to Mac by WiFi :. If you don't know the share name. . ~. . . Use the web server .. way it sees your router enabling it to connect easily...-:r-=....--.and is ideal for sharing files or testing sites..1..~I . 4oil-1iII.. .- Want to connect two Macs without internet or a router? No problem.. s-.... AirPort should see your second Mac in the same . You can add pages to the site in ILibrarylWebServer/Documents and see your site at http://iocalhost or http://127. local network. \' iff.. Click the AirPort icon on the menu bar on the first Mac.. With the focus on Finder.i. ·.. • .- -------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ II Mac Troubleshooting: Disk repair rEt m ~ Connect to Windows If there's a Windows share on your Map a network drive The steps in the previous tip will add the Windows drive to the Finder. ~ ~ Use Dropbox Want a less nerdy way of sharing files between multiple machines on different operating systems? The free folder on your system... go to the Advanced menu and choose Turn on Home Sharing...:. connect by using network protocol Samba... any networked resource .--.... I"C .. except that it automatically backs m Improve ~ sharing on iTunes With iTunes 10..... choose Create Network..._tIiItlft~IJiiIO) Macwo~dMaslerclass Mac Troubleshooting17 .. Give the network a name and password.. Tick the Require a Password box. OS X has a built-in web server. . _........or... You'll be prompted to log in....:... ...=n:=..-.. ~ :a. A dialog will pop up labelled Create a Computer-to-Computer Network...

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