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What the future holds

2008 – The unfolding of God's awesome plan for our planet!
Let faith and not fear feed your focus for the future.
God is determined to flood the earth with the knowledge of His glory;
just like the flood in the days of Noah left no soil dry, the effect of the
redemptive work of Christ will cover the earth as the waters cover the sea! All
flesh shall see it together and live.
The fountains of His life in us will burst open from our innermost being as surely
as He lives.
Now is the time to arise!
Jesus says, "Lift up your eyes! See the harvest that you did not labor for!"
Darkness and thick darkness makes light more attractive and visible than ever.
Three hundred and sixty five times the Bible says fear not! He has your today
One cannot speak two languages at the same time, faith and fear do not mix.
Are you studying the signs of the times or the Sign of all times?!
The sign of Jonah carries more weight than the sum-total of the signs of darkness
and doom. Luk.11:29,30, Math.12:39,40.
Something happened on the third day that concerns the total wellbeing of the total
human race!
We are not celebrating a grain of wheat that remained alone, but one who died for
all so that all may live. He fell into the earth and died and we rose together
with Him in the calculation of God's economy. Hosea 6:2. We are His harvest to
feed the hunger of the nations!
He is the fullness of time, the harvest is ready, no time can add to its ripeness,
His resurrection reveals how ripe we all already are. Co-crucified, co-raised, co-
ascended, co-seated, now co-revealed.
The seed in the fruit matches the seed that was sown!
Like Abraham you are the voice of God's faith, calling things that are not as
though they were!
All flesh is grass, its glory fades with the season, the youth fall and faint, but
they who understand their co-inclusion in Christ, the Lamb of God who removed
every obstruction and excuse that man could have had to remain earth-bound will
mount up with wings as eagles, restored to the realm they have fallen from. Is.40
(To wait, Hebrew to intertwine)