Light for All Mankind

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1 An Ancient Prophet With a Modern Message 5
2 A Father and His Rebellious Sons



3 "Let Us Set Matters Straight"
4 Jehovah's House Lifted Up



5 Jehovah Humiliates Self-Fmlted Ones


6 Jehwah God Has Mercy on a Remnant
7 Woe to the Unfaithful Vineyard!

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8 Jehovah God Is in His Holy Temple 9 Trust in Jehovah in the Face of Adversity
10 The Promise of a Prince of Peace

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11 Woe to the Rebels!


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12 Do Not Be Afraid of the Assyrian

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13 Salvation and Rejoicing Under the Messiah's Reign
14 Jehovah Humbles an Arrogant City


Isaillh's Prophecy--Light fir A11 Mankirid I English ( ip-1-E)
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15 Jehovah's Counsel Against the Nations



16 Trust in Jehovah for Guidance

and Protection
17 *Babylon Has Fallen!"


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A n Ancient Prophet With a Modern Message
Isaiah 1 :I

18 Lessons About Unfaithfulness
19 Jehovah Profanes the Pride of Tyre

20 Jehovah Is King
21 Jehovah's Hand Becomes High



22 Isaiah Foretells Jehovah's 'Strange Deed'
23 Keep in Expectation of Jehovah
24 No Help From This World
25 The King and His Princes



26 "No Resident Will Say: 'I Am Sick'"
27 Jehovah Pours Out Indignation

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Upon the Nations
28 Paradise Restored!
29 A h g ' s Faith Is Rewarded


WHO today does not yearn for relief from tlze problems that face mankind? Yet, how often our longings go unfut filled! We dream of peace, but we are plagued by war. We cherish law and order, but we cannot stern the rising tide of robbery, rape, and murder. We want to trust our neighbor, but we have to lock our doors for protection. We love our children and try to instill wholesome values in them, but all too often we watch helplessly as they succumb to thc unwholesome influence of their peers. 2 We might well agree with Job, who stated that man's short life is "glutted with agitation." Uob 14:l)'rhs seems especially so today, for society is deteriorating on a scale never before seen. One U.S. senator observed: "The Cold War is now over, but in a tragic sense, the world has now been made safer for ethnic, tribal, and religious vengeance and savagery, . . .We have watered down our moral standards to the point where many of our youth are confused, discouraged and in deep trouble. We are reaping the harvest of parental neglect, divorce, child abuse, teen pregnancy, school dropouts, illegal drugs, and streets full of violence. It's as if our house, having survived the great earthquake we call the Cold War, is now being eaten away by termites."
state of affairs do we see rn the world today? (b) How did one U.S. senator express his concern about the deterro-

30 "Comfort My People"

1, 2 . (a) What sad
ration of society?

lntknm A h 7 and -mu . . the Aria n l 1 r I r m r rufr r r n I . Isaiah Introduces himself as "the son of h r y " and he t h us tbat he served as e :.andwhy mn we say that hh prophecy. t somaN~a 133 #. u r v y .. we are not left without hope. is not to br confused wlth Mas who p p h eslrrl at the beginning of Uzdah's reign and who wruw the Bible h o k baaring his name. -. Some 2. Who was W. 3.. . God InspM a man of the Middle East to utt a series of p p h e d e s that have specla1meaalng for our a day. These m v are recorded i the Bible book Mn ingthat prophet's name-fsalah.m. . I . provides Ught fm all mankind M y ? A Righteous Man i Thrbdent Times n 4 In the first vem of his book.r. juthwn. . .. ' c y-- --hat " S. and when did h wrve ar Jehwah's prophet? e Isaiah m his wife made worshlp of Cod a family mutter d .E -PI.yvyy%h w r y or paan. .. What Bible book especially offem h o p foi the future? 4.. C .701) years ago. * Isaiah's father. Aha& Ha~eRlah ~ P Q ~ W ~ Mkuh. hsw.CE.I ' F W b Was Isalah? MEANING OF NAME: *Soloplhn04 jehwoh. v. recorded Jrnmt three milhfifums ago.-I.CEO o at& tONYEMP0RARY KINGS OF JUDAH: &ioh. 3 However. FAMILE Mnkd wfth at lw3t m m s PUCE OF RESIDWOt: "-1 a3 I#lnuIrn Y U R S BF SERWCI: 7BB. . W O P H r n #oJesshm4byprrm. Y.rr.. Amos.(~samnI: r in ~ m a mean s that Wah mntlnued as God's prophet t the nation o fuo f d for no less than 46 & Ukely begliming at the end of ITm's ldgYl-8ba~t the 778 B.. who was h i a h .C. .

this designation indicates that Isaiah's married life "was not only consistent with his vocation. and EcciesidsticaI Literature. Understandably." (2 Chronicles 27:2) Yes. 4) King Jotham too "kept doing what was right in Jehovah's eye?. not only tolerated idolatry among his subjects but personally engaged in it. 6. political unrest was common. 2 Chronicles 28: 3. but that it was intimately interwoven with it. during his reign the people were "sacrificing and making sacrificial smoke on the high places:' ( 2 kngs 153. who did "what was upright in Jehovah's eyes. Isaiah related how in due time Jehovah would release the Israelites from captivity in Babylon. some of Isaiah's prophecies are o judgment. Theological. we know little about the personal life of Isaiah. No doubt the privilege of speaking and writing prophecies concerning the restoration of his beloved Jerusalem gave Isaiah the greatest joy! 8." ( 2 Kings 163. Descsibe conditions in Jndah in Isaiah's day.-Deutemnomy 12:31. (Isaiah 7:3) I t is evident that Isaiah and his wife made worship of God a family matter-a fine example for married couples today! 7 Isaiah and his family lived during a turbulent period in Judah's history. each given a name with proph&c significance." It may well be that. delivering God's messages to t h s stubborn people would not be an easy assignment." (Isaiah 8:3) According to McClintock and Strong's Cydopedia of Biblical. What is the meaning of I ~ a i a hname. for instance. . Nevertheless. that in this context the phrase refers to a literal sacrifice. and A Message of Salvation 9 Isaiah's name means "Salvation of Jehovah. "Whom shall I send.8 Isaia11's Prophecy-LiLyht for All Mankind I 8 Commendably. 6 Isaiah and his wife had at least two sons. "the people were yet acting ruinously. and did the people follow t h e ~ r lead? (b) How did Isaiah sl-low boldness in the midst of a rebellious people? 9. It seems. The hilltops were covered with aliars to false gods. bribery tainted the courts. similar to some other godly women of ancient Israel.38." However. The firstborn. and who will go for us?" Isaiah did not hesitate. Send me. some o Isaiah's contemporaries-inf cluding a few rulers-tried to promote true worship. IsaiaIlls wife had her o m prophetic assignment. allowing a remnant to r e turn to Zion and bring the land back to its farmer splendor. 5. throughout much of Isaiah's prophetic ministry." and this could well be called thc theme of h s message. Even some of the kings promoted pagan worship. True. 4) And all of this took place among a people who were in a covenant relationshp withJehovah!-Exodus 195-8. the people ignored any positive influence that came from their kings. 2 Kings 22:14."-Isaiah 6%. and hypocrisy tore the religious fabric of society. We do know that he was a married man and that he referred to his wife as "the prophetess. - Some say that to ''pass through the k e " may simply indicate a purification ceremony. Still. the lungdom of Judah was in a deplorable spiritual and moral state. though. Ahaz.4. Among them was King Uzziah. Shertrjashub. Rgeatedly. making his awn offspring "pass through the fire" in a ritual sacrifice to the Canaanite god Molech. What must have been true regarding Isaiah's famUy life. the theme of f salvation comes through loud and clear." Still. when Jehovah posed the question. Psalm 10h:37.-Judges 44. accompanied Isaiah when he delivered Gnd's messages to wicked King Aha. He exclaimed: "Here I am! 5 Compared with what we know about some other prophets. (a] What example did Kings Uzziah and Jotham set. There is n o question that child sacrifice was practiced by Canaanites and apostate Israelites. By and large. and how does this relate '~ to the theme uf his book? why? 7.

"I went on to dothe you with an ernbroldercrl Karrncnt and to shoe you with seaiskin and m wrap you in fine lincn and to cover you with cmtly material. (1)an!el 925." Hencc.40:28-31) us.lmc t hnught. r 2 With good reason. it is hardly surprising that Isaiah was the Riblc lmok most frequently quoted by Jesus and his almstles in ordcr ta make a clear identification of the Messieh. What an encouragement for us to live each day in joyful expaation of"salv.qht filr A l l Mtr t r k l ~ t Il - . 2.72:1. Yet. 10. he di5c-ip h e d them.ltion by ~ehovah]"!(Isaiah 25:9. but they themselves hove revolted against me. as would any loving parent. For many years he madc sure that they were fed. 2. the Messianic prophcctcs contained in the book of Isaiah are so dctallcrl and so accurate that t h v head Iike an eyewitness account of JcsusVife nn earth. the pain that this Foving father feels at havbng to makc the statement: "5ms I have brought up und mised. [saiah docs not prophesy simply for the benefit o the hratrihe kingdom of Ju&h. clothed. Instead.10 Isnlnlr's Pmphrcj~-l. unclrr tllc Messlah J e w Christ as e n t h e d King. and sheltered. 2 The rebelllous sons referred to here arc the people ofludah. Also. 11.l. 0 heavens and give ear. our confidence in God's promiscs will bc greatly strengthened. the people o Judah do nnl appscdatc what Jchovah has done f for them. and the aggrieved l'aihcr Is Jehovah God. eagerkt ly examine the precious message I the book of Isaiah. for jehowh himself 1. John 12:41) Surely it is no coincidence that the names Jesus and Isaiah express virtl~al the s. hS17. (Isaiah . Jehovah prefaces these words regarding lzls rebelllous sons with t h v statement: "Heor. (a) Why is thebookof Isakth o interest to ur today? (b)How f does the book o Isaiah dlf attentian to t hr Messiah? 12. ly the name Jesus meaning "Jehovah Ir Salvation. In this r e ~ a d . the lmok o f Isaiah is sometimes called the "Fifth Gaspcl. Why does Jehovah call upon tlw heavens ant1 the earth lo bear witness to Judah'c remft? . his messages have special significance for our day. I-low tragic! Jehovah has nourished the Judeans and ralsed them to an elevated position among thc nations.2 Peter 3:13) Thus t h book of Isaiah pnintr to the ~ heartwarming hope of God's Kingdom. Rut their punk hrnent was nwer excessive." II. When it was necessary. Why do we eagcdy embark on a study a1 the Imok of Isaiah? A Father and His Rebellious Sons Isalah 1 :2-9 . it was always administwed "to the proper degree. h p l d n how Jchovnh has come tn haw rehellloua sons. 3. SIE PROVIDED well for his children. we will be tlelpcd t grow in our cono viction that Jehovah is indeed tlie God of our salvation. T2 Isalah painB a glorious word picture of "new heavens and a new earth" wherein "a king wlll retgn for rt~hteousncss Itself" and princes will rule fur justlcc. they rehel. who would rule as King of Gocl's Klngdom. a large pertion of Isaiah's writings focl~scs thc fororold on Messiah. for the most part. Of course.18. (hekicl 16: 10) Yet. then. Jesus was not born untl! some seven ccntuties after Isaiah's day.- In But what do these messages of ludgment and salvation have to do with us? Happily. One source noted that in view of thk. tlien.. . As n we do so."he later reminds them through the prophet Ezekiel. o revolt. 0 earth." (Jeremiah 30:11) We can only imagine.2b."-Isaiah I . Isaiah paints a glorious picture of how God's Kingdom will soon bring grand blessings to our earth. On f CHAPTER TWO - the contrary.

" (Isaiah 7 :2a) Centuries earlier the heavens and the earth heard. Jehovah is about to state his case against Judah. Ism4 ifself hm not kno wn. the pdnt o f J e h h ' s message is cleat: If even a brute beast rec~gnizes master and its own manger. who said: "L will Iaud you. plicit warnings regardhg the consequences of disobedience. Muses said: "I do take as witnesses against you today the heavens and the earth. I contPast w t Israel. In any event. W h a t are same ways in whlch we can show aurselaes appreciatim of Jehovah'spr&siom? .' " 6 Since such scenes are no doubt common in Isaiah's day. nor did it get bewildered for a moment i the mazes of the narrow md crooked aln leys. it is noteworthy--and heartwarming-that Jehovah p~esents himself to Judah as a loving parent rather than merely the owner who has purchased them. Every ox knew perfectly well his owner. and up to 'his master" crib. a keen awareness that they belong to a master." (Isaiah I:3P The bull and the ass are draft animals famiIiar to those living i the Middle Ehst. they have 'not behaved understandingly. h this regard. for the Bible states that "the * I this cafltext. he walked smight to the daor. Perhaps same pmnts i Judah can even personally n relate to such a predicament and are moved by the malogy. Jehovah Is entreating his people to consider the matter from the standpoint o a father who is i anguish over his wayward f n sons." (Psalm 91) Continually taking irl knowledge of Jehwah . as it were. It is indeed an evidence of mercy that Jehovah still refers to the Judeansas "my ownpeople" ! 7 Nwer would we want to behave without understanding by failing to show appreciation for all that Jehovah has done fur us! Instead. 4 The smrivu# the situation calls far a straightforward approach. Jehovah says: '54 bull well kfnows X t s buyer. in what way do the bulI m d the ass disn ih play a sense of faithfulness? 6. we should h i t a b the psalmist David. . Jehon vah ralIs trpon the invisible heavens and the visible earth to bear witnss to Judah's revolt. How does Jehovahh o m e to present himself to Judah? 5. however. 0 Jehovah.12 Isaiah's Prophecy-Llgh t far AII Mankind I A Father and His Rebellious Sons 13 has spoken. what exits cuse can the people ofJudah offer fox having left Jehovah? Truly. 4." It is a> if they have no mnsriousness of the fact that their prosperity and their very existence dqend upon Jehovah. that you will positively p a ish in a hurry from off the land to which you are crossing the Jordan to take possession ofIt. my awn pmpk have not behmd understand- ingly.Mia1 encourage us in this regard. "hrael" referrs to the --tribe n kingdom of Judah. consider what one Bible researcher witnessed at the close of the day in a Middle Eastem city: "No sooner had the drove gat within tlw walk than it began to disperse. with all my heart. the braelites receive ex." (Deuteronomy 4:26) Now i Isaiah's day. t h e Jun deans would not denythat even these lowly beasts display a sense of faithfulness. As for the ass. Brute Beasts Know Better 5 Through Isaiah. How have the people of Judah failed to act unde~standingiy? 7. Indeed. and the way tu hh house. I will dedare all your wonderful works. In effect. Even in these dire circumstances. and the ass the rnmger of h ownet.

" (Isaiah 7:4) Wicked deeds can accumulate to the extcnt that they become like a crushing weight. 10. rtrlnous sons! They h a w left Jehovah. H e says: "Where else will you be slruck still more. 9 Ry their wayward course. (b) Why should we nut feel sorry for Judah? ." They must imitate Jehovah's hallncss. 1 CX. (Colossians 3 1 5 ) T l ~ one offering e thanksgiving as h s sacrifice is the one that glorifier me. A Shocking Affront to "the Holy One o Israel" f 8 Isaiah continues his message with strong words for the nation of Judah: "Woe to the sinful nation. thievery. the peoplc of Judah are showfor "the Holy Onc of Fsracl. idolatry." -Romans 1:26. and the whole heart is feeble. (1 Peter 1:15. Ultimately. which is found 25 tlrner In the book of Isaiah? To be holy means t be clcan and pure. ruinous sons. because 1 am holy"! -Leviticus 11:44.r. 27.e atop practicing these to things are disfellowshippcd fmrn thc congregation. and drunkenness can corrupt the Christian congregatfon. I will cause him to see salvation by God. "the I-loly One of Israel. Ileally. Isaiah is askinx them: 'Haw you not sufn fered enough? Why bring furlher harm to yourselves by continuing to rebel?' Baiah conlinues: 'The whole heod is in a sick condition. "and as for the one keeping a set way." Isaiah unclcrsct>re~ gravity o Judah's the f sin. 12. he calls them 'an evildoing seed." In addition. That is why those who reft~r. high pricstb sturban: "Holiness belongr to Jehovah. Why. In Abraham's day Jchavah described the sins o Sodam and Gornorrah as "very f heavy. these rekh are dircdly. they hove treated the Holy One of isrue1 with disrespa they have turned buckwctrds. the blessings of God's Kingdom government." or as thc New Revised Standard Version puts it. o Jehovah Is holy to the superlative degree. an evildalng seed. 16) And they need to "hate what Is bad. Sick From Head to Foot 11 Isaiah next strives to reuson wlth the people o Judah f by pointing out to them their sickly state. Why can the people of Judah be cntled 'the slnful nntton"? 9." Yes. [a) Descrlbe Judah'r bad condttlan. the Judeans are like delinquent €MIdren. all such wicked works constitute a shocking affrnnt ir. the people heavy with error. for lsaiah says that they are "heavy wlth error. 6 9 ." (Psalm 9710) Such unclean practices as sexual I rnrnaraIlty. by referring k Jehovah as "the Hoty o One of lsrael.A Father n ~ Hls Rcbclllntrs Sons d 15 knowledge of the Most Holy One Is what understanding is. (Iicvclatian 4:8) The Israelites are reminded of this fact every tlmc thcy abserve the words engraved on the shining gold plate on the - lo Christians today must at: all costs avoid following Judah's example of dhrespectlng "the Holy One of Israel." What is ing gross disresthe signifimnce of this phrase. in thcrt you add more re wIt?"I effect." (Genesis 18:20) Something similar Is now evident in thc people ofjudah. What Is the significance of the phrare "thc Holy Onc of Israel"? 10." (Exodus 3930) Hence. From the sole of the foot even to the head there Is no sound spot in 8. They have "turned backwarrls."-l'salm 50:23. those who unrepentantly follow a cousstl of uncleanness will he excIudcd from cnjoyinp." (Proverbs 9:lO) Meditating daily on Jehovah's Messings will help us to be thankful anti not take our heavenly Father for panted.violatingthe command given to their forvfilthers: "Yon must wnctiiy yourselves and you must p m e ynurselvcs holy." i says Jehovah.lntlllans5:6-11. they are "uttcrly estranged" from their Father. How can we avold s h o w l n ~ disrespect for "the Maly One o Israf el"? 11.

as in Hezekiah's case (chap. who of us is not susceptible to fleshly desires? Greed and a desire for excessive pleasure can take root in our hearts. it cannot be stated with has been severely punished in every manner imaginable. The idea presented is that of a man who your cities are burned with fire. such as those inflicted by a sword or a knife). xxxv~ri.16 Isaiah's Prophecy-Lrghf for All Mankind 1 A Fnther and His Rebellious Sons 17 it. and that without healing. he says: "Your /and is a desolation. from the sole of your foot to the crown of your head. Hence. perhaps during the relgn of wicked King Ahaz. unbandaged. 34. 23) By doing so." (Isaiah 1 5 . they were probably uttered later in the prophet's career. They assert that Uzziah's regn was too prosperous to justify such a bleak description. H. open sores that seem beyond healing). Granted. oil and wlne were used. Judah is now suffering these very consequences of her stubborn course. and fresh stripes (recent. then some stimulating oil or unguent. 14 Does Judah's miserable conhtion move her to return to Jehovah? No! Judah is like the rebel described at Proverbs 29:l: "A man repeatedly reproved but making his neck hard will suddenly be broken. Ps Isaiah puts it. diseased state-spiritually sick from head to foot. but how might we understand them? f 13. 13 Isaiah continues to describe Judah's pitiable state: "Wounds and bruises and fresh stripes-they have not been squeezed out or bound up. Like physical illness. to cleanse the ulcer!' 15." (Romans 129) We also need to cultivate the fruits of God's spirit in our everyday lives. Bible researcher E. 14. all-pervasive sore. I what ways can we protect ourselves from spiritual sickness? n 16. we need to train ourselves to "abhor what is wicked" and "cling to what is good. bruises (welts resulting from beating). A Desolated Land 16 Isaiah now leaves his medical analogy and turns to the condition of Judah's terrain. (a) How does Isaiah describe the condition of Judah's terrain? (b) Why do some say that these words were llkely uttered during the reign o Ahaz. her wounds "have not been squeezed out or bound up. your ground-righ t in front of you strangers are eating it up. 15 Taking a lesson from Judah. probably. 21)." (Isaiah 756) Here the pmphet refers to three typcs of injuries: wounds (cuts. and the desolation is like an overthrow by strangers. (a) What injuries hare been inflicted upon Judah? (b) Do Judah's sufferings cause her to reconsider her rebellious course? . In part. Judah resembles an open.' with a poultice. - ' Isaiah's words reflect the medical practice of his day. Tlumptre notes: "To 'closeJ or 'press' the festering wound was the process tried at first to get rid of the purulent discharge." (Deuteronomy 28:35) In a figurative sense. we d l avoid the condition that plagued Judah-that of being spiritually sick from head to foot. nor has there been a softening with oil." (lsaiah 1 :7) Some scholars say that although these words are found early in Isaiah's book. as in Luke x. Judah is m I y in a broken-down state. After all." The nation seems beyond curing. from which you will not be able to be healed."' In a sense. we must be on guard against spiritual sickness. it was 'bound up. nor has there been a softening with oil. And all of this could have been avoided if the people ofJudah had simply obeyed Jehovah. they were told: "Jehovah will strike you with a maIignant boil upon both knees and both legs. (Galatians 5:22. As if he is gazing down on a battle-scarred plain. it can affect any one of us. with no part of his body escaping harm. 6a) Judah is in a loathsome. then. A grim diagnosis indeed! 12 Should we feel sorry forJudah? Hardly! Centuries earlier the entire nation o Israel was duly warned about the f penalty for disobehence.

Isaiah's Prophecy-Light for Ail Mankind I

certainty whether Isaiah's book i s compiIed in chronological order. However, Isaiah's words about desolation are probably prophetic In uttering the above statement, most likely Isaiah is employing a technique found elsewhere in the Bible-that of describing a future event as if it has already taken place, thus emphasizing the certainty of a prophecy's fulfillme~lt.-Compare Revelation 11:15, 17 In any went, the prophetic description of the desolation of Judah should not come as a surprise to this stubborn and disobedient people. Centuries earlier Jehovah warned them of what would happen if they rebelled. He said: "I, for my part, will lay the land desolate, and your enemies who are dwelling in it will simply stare in amazement over it. And you I shall scatter among the nations, and I will unsheathe a sword after you; and your land must become a desoIation, and your cities will become a desolate ruin."-Leviticus 26:32,33; 1Kings 9:6-8. 18 The words at Isaiah 1:7, 8 are apparently fulfilled during the invasions by Assyria that result in the destruction of Israel and widespread destruction and suffering in Judah. ( 2 fings 17:S, 18; 18:11, 13; 2 Chronicles 29:8, 9) However, Judah is not totally wiped out. Isaiah says: 'The daughter of Zion has been left remaining like a booth in a vineyard, like a lookout hut in a field of cucumbers, like a blockaded city1'-Isaiah 7:8. 19 Amid all the devastation, "the daughter of Zion," Jemsalem, will be left standing. But she will look very vulnerable-1Fke a shanty in a vineyard or a watchman's booth in a cu~umber field. In a journey down the Nile, one 19thcentury scholar was reminded of Isaiah's words when he
17. Why should the prophetic description of desolation not come as a surprise to the people of Judah? 18-20. When are the words of Isaiah 1:7, 8 fulfilIed, and in what way does Jehovah 'leave a ferv remaining' at this time?



saw similar booths, which he describes as "littlemore than a fence against a north wind." In Judah when the harvest was over, these booths were allowed to fall apart and collapse. Still, as flimsy as Jerusalem might appear before the all-conquering Assyrian army, she will survive. XJIsaiah concludes this prophetic statement: "Unless lehomh of armies himself had left remaining to us just o few survivors, we should have become just like Sodom, we should have resembled Comorruh itself." (Isaiah 1:9)* Against the might of Assyria,Jehovah will finally come to Judah's aid. Unlike Sodom and Gomorrah, Judah will not be obliterated. It will live on.
'The Commerttary on the Old Testnment, by C. F. Keil and F. Delitzsch, says: "The prophet's address has here reached a resting-place. The fact that it is divided a t this point into two separate sections, is indicated in the text by the space left between vers. 9 and 10. This mode of marking larger or smaller sections, either by leaving spaces or by breaking off the hne, is older than the vowel points and accents, and rests upon a tradition of the highest antiquity."

Z l M m t b a n 1 0 0 ~ l a k rJudah wasagainunder , threa~ m l e bad not learned from the disclphc inThe f i through IM 'They mre continually making ~eaatthemessengersofthetrueC;odmddespislngbis words and m w at his prophets."As a result, 'the rage ofJehoMh-cup @mt his m e , until there was no healing." (2 Chronicles 36:16)The Babylanh monarch NebuChadnemr m n q u d judah, and this h e , there ws nothing "like a booth i a w a r d , "Even n Jerusalemm ded~oyed, Chronicles 361 (2 17-21) Still, Je hmah left a few mmhhg! Even though Judah endured 7Oyeaffinal~J~ens~thecontlnurvrceofW nation a d espediiltp of the M i line, which w d d n d c pdwethepmmhdMessiah.



and H a fiebeNfuus Sons d


22 In the k i t century, fsmd went through Its flnal crI& as W s mvenant people. When Jesrrs pamted htmself as the promised M d ,the nation re)him, and as a result, Jehovahdected them, (Matthew21:43; 23.37-33; John1:11) Was this the end of Jehovah's hiwing a special Won on earth? No.The apostle Paul showed that h i a h 1 9 had yet a m h r fulfillment. Quoting from the Septu-


21. Aft& B O ~ IdestrogredJ M e m , why did jehamb X

a few




"Just as Isaiah had said aforethe 'WasJehwahof armies had left a seed to us,we should have b a m e fwt Ue Sodam, and we should have ban made just like Gomomb,"'-Romm 9:29. This m the s u w h m wem the anointed Chrfstbm, e who p faith in Jesus CMst, These m, t first of aII, be liJews. hta they joined by belldng Genttla. Together they made up a new Ism, "the lsrael o Gad.'' f (GaMam 6 1 ;R o m 229) Thls *seed" survived the de:6 stmdan of the Jewhh system of thIn 70 CE.Indeed, u t h e b ~ o f G o d N i s s t l l l W tw today. ft hasnowbeen h p e d by millions of kIiMng indidduds of the nuons, who make up "a great m , d which no man [is] able t~ number, out of atl nations and hfba and poples and
%hit wrsbn, he wtow

tonguts."-Revelatton 7:9. Sum this world wlll face the battle of Armageddon (RmWhn 16:14, 16) While this wiU be a crlsis greater than either the &@an or the Babylonian invasion of Judah, greater evm~ thanthe Roman dwastatlon o Judeain f 70 CX, there wiIl be survfvors, (kwladon Z14) Hsw vitai, tha, t b t all cotlisider wfulv halah's wards fnJuW!They meant suwWd b faithful ones back then. And r they mnmem survival for befiwlng ones tday
W .Inthe &st ewhrry, why did Jehovah1 'a few maMng'? 24.What shautd all talce n tc of If they wbh to W W oi e mauWdls pateStCrh?ls?


"L,tnZ U.t Srt Mnttcrs Straight"


"Let Us Set Matters Straight"
Isaiah 1:10-31

of h i 5 people. " 'Of what benefit t me is the multitude of o your sacrifices?'sayslehovah. 7 h m had enough of whole burnt offeringsof mms m d the fclt of well-fed animuis; and in the blood of young bulls and male lambs and he-goatr 1 have taken no delight'" (lsaloh 1: 7 1 ) 'l'he people have for-

THE inhabitants of Jerusalem may feel inclined t jmtio
fy themselves after hearing thc denunciation recorded at TwEah 1:L-9. e v no douht would like to point proudly n to all the sacrifices they offer to Jehovah, However, verses 10 through 15 give Jehovah's wlthrrlng reply to such attltudes. It begins: "Hear the word af lehowh, you dictators of Sodom. Give ear to the law of our Cod, you people of Gomomh."-Isaiah 1: 10.
2 Sodom and Gomomah were destroyed not. only for their perverted sex pmctices but also for their hardheartcd, haughty attitudes. (Genesis 18:20, 19:4, 5, 23-25; 21; Ezeklel 16:49, SO) Isaiah's audience must be shocked to hear themselves being compared to the people o those f accursed cities." But Jehovah secs his people just as they are, and Isaiah does not soften God's message i order to n 'tickle their ears.'-2 Timothy 4 3 . 3 Notice how Jehovahfeels about the formalistic worship

go21cn t h a t Jehovah does not clcpct~rl upoil their sacrifices. (I'salm SR8-13) He does not r~ccdanythlng that humans may atier him. So if the people think that thcy are doing JchwaI~ favor by presenting their halfhearted offera ings, they are misnken. Jehovah i~scs p~wcrful f l w of a 6 spccch, The expression "I 1 a had enough" may also k 1w rcndcrcd "I am satiated" or "I am gluttecl." I 0 you know 4 the feeling o being so full of food that t l ~ e f very sight of more Is ~pulsive? Jehovah felt similarly ahout those offer-


* Accurdlng to ancient Jewish eradltlon, wicked Klng Manasseh had Isnlah executed, sawn asunder. IC:ompare Hullrrws 11:37,) source A says t h a l in order to bring on thls dcatll senlence, a false prophet usrd t h e following charge agalnqt Isnloh: "IIc ha< called Jerusalem 5ndom, and the princes of Judah and lerusalcm hc has declared (to
hr) the -people of Gomorrah."

ings-utterly repulsed! 4 Jehwah continues:"Whenyou people keep coming in t o see my face, wfre is it that bus requid this from your hand, to trample my courtyards?" (Isoiah 1 :12) ISit not JehovaWS own law that requires the people lo 'come In to see his face,' that is, to he in attendance a t II~S temple InJer~~salem? (Exod ~ t 34:23,24) Yes, but they come there out nf mere formals ism, simply g o i through the motions of PIEworship, ~ without pure motives. abJehovah, their nlirncrrous visits to his cuurlyarcls amount to mere ?tmrnplinc accomplishing nnt hlng more than wearing away thc floor; 5 Na wonder that Jehovah now adapts even stronger lanwigc:cl "Stop bringing in any more valueless groin offerings. Incense-it is something detestuble to me. New moon and sabbath, the calling of a convention-l cannot put up with the use of uncanny power along with the solem
Hnw dm5 Isaiah 1:12 expose the ernpllncrs of the people's attendnncc at the temple in Jerusalem? 5 . What are sumc of the acts ot warshlp perfuxrned t)y theJews, and why have these hecoine "a burden" to Jcllovnl~'l

1, 2. To whom dws Jehovah cornpTm the ruters and the people of JerusrIcrn and Judah, and why Is thl9 vallrll 3. What does Jehovah mean when hc s a y 5 thnt hc hils "had enough" of t l i c /~euple'ssacrifices, and why Is thls the cnsc7


R o i n l ~ 'Pmphfc-y-Li.ylrt for All Afdnkind / ,~

assembly. Your new moons and your h t a l seusons my soul hos hated. 70 me they haw become a burden; I hove become tired of bearing them." (Isaiah 1 :73, 74) Grain offer~ E I ~ Sincense, Sabbaths, and solcnr rr assernl~lics , are a11 part n God's taw to Israel. As to "new rt~orrns," Law simply F Ihe dlrects I these be observed, hi1t tvholesa~netraditions hat have gradually grown up around the obscnvnce. (Numlwrs IO:10; 28:11) The new moon IF t r ~ ' a f ~ d a monlhas ly sabbath, when the people would desist from work and even gather for instruction from the prophet5 and priests.
(2 Kings 4:23; Ezekiel 463; Amos 8:s) Such ot~setvances

arc not wrong. The problem lies ln r l o l n ~ them for mere show. Moreovcr, the Jews am resorting tn "uncanny power," spiritistic practices, right along with their formal obwwance of God's Law." Thus, their acts o worship to Jef
hovah are "a burden" to him. fi How, though, could Jehovah kc1 "tired"? Afer all, he has an "abundanceof dynamic energy. . He docs not tire out or grow weary." (Isaiah 40:26, 28) Jehovah is using a vivid figure of speech to enable us to unddcrstand his feclIn#. Have yoti ever borne a heavy burden for so long that yclu were weary to the very bone and just longed to t h w it OK' That is howJehovah fwls ahout his per)ple's h y p critical acts of worship. 7 Jchovah now addresses the most intlrnate and personal of all a a s of worship. #When p spread out your u palms, 1 hide my eyes from you. Even though you make many pmyers, 1 am not listening; with bloadshed your very


-; i 1 -I
hands have become filled." (Isaiah 1:15) Sprcacling out The palms, holding the hands outstrctdled wl Ih galins upward, 1s a gesture of suppli~qtion, Jchwah, this stance 'lo has brcornc: rneanirgless, for this pcoplc have hands full of hlnodshed. Violence is rampant in the land. Uppresslon of the weak is commotlplacc, For such al~usivc, selfish people to pray t Jehwah and ask for blessln~sis nb o sccnc. No wonder Jehovah says, "I am not liqtenlng"!
H In our day, Christendom has Ilkewlw fallcd to w n i God's f a w r with her ceaseless repetltian o vain prayers f and her other religious "woks."{Matthew 7:21-23) 'It is of vital importance that we do not fa11 into the same tsap. Occasionally, a Chiistian lapses inlo a pmctlce of serious sin, thcn reasons that if he just hldcs what he is


' 'l'lie Ilchren. word for *uncanny pnwcr" I s alw rcndcrd "what is hurt ll~l." "what is uncamy," and "etronca~~a."Accorrl~np, fie* to the .Ir),~Scrtl Dirtirmnty of the OId T ~ ~ t r r r tI~ r , tel~tcwproplrets uwd the wrlrtl to denounce "evil caused by the rnlq~~sr powcr." o f
6 , In what sense has Jehovah become "tlrcddl? 7. Why hi~s Jehoval~ stopped listening t r h e praycrs uf 1 1 1 ~ people? a


H.. Whr~t crcnr does Christendom commit today, and bmu do some (:h~I~tlans Into n similar trap? fall

Elders "plead t h e cause" of thc widow or. make yourselves clean. for they want tn protea the flock from "oppressive waives. The first four are negative i the sense that they inn vollrc the remwal of sin. Proverbs 28:13 warns: "He that is covering m his r transgressionf will not succeed. mnre appealing tone. lo Washing and cleanness have always been an important part of pure worship. - tlint lead to receiving Jehovah's blessing. A Hebrew grammarian suggests that the first. his deeds will somehow crrunterbalnnce his sln. Non tice that he drxs nat: merely say "do good" hut "I~am to do good.Micah 6:ft. whercas the second. (a) Why Is It Important to *!@or17tn do good"? (h) I lnw may clders In parrlculnr apply the dlrectlwv to "search for Ii~stlcc" "set anti right thc opprersor"? 13. as the next verscs ofIsaiah show. "wxh yourselve$. "make yourselves clean." 12 Thcrc is much to learn from the positive actions that Jehovah commands i versc 17 of Isaiah chapter 1. (job 34:22. "Wash yourselves. 'l'hcre is only onc cure for spiritual sickness. the last five am poqitiw actions 9 Jehovah. " M e " in her khalf. What pnsltlve ~ n e s s a g conwycd at Isaiah 1:16. and this is what jeh* vah wfers to. The world is all too ready t take advantage of such inclivlduo als. 11. James 1~27. 'To ccombnt sin. Most important is moral and spiritual cleanliness. all Christians want t bc a source of refuge. t We can hide nothfng from Jehovah." (Isaiah I : 16. cease fo do bad. into the very heart ofhis worshipers. for doing so is a sin in 9. hclpjng thcrn 10 receive justice and protection in a world that wants to take advantage o them and f corrupt them. but he that is confessing and leaving them will he shown mercy." It takes personal study of God's Won1 to understand what is good in Gael's eye? and to want to do it. to 14 What a firm. this must not be so among I."-Acts 20:28-30. and justlce to the needy among us because they are prectoz~s Jehovah. now shifts to a warmer. Hnw Important i s cleanness In our ~vorshlpnf Jrhwah? 11. The first two commands in verse 16 are not mere repetition. Iflvln~ cltlers "render judpent" fr the fatherless boys and girls In the o congtegalion. 10. Such forrnallstlc works do not please Jehovah. Hebrews 4:13) So his command. pleod the cause of the widow.I77 Is . remove the badness of your dealings from in front of m eyes." can only mean one thing-tu cease doing bad. Really. search y for justice. Hmv miaht we todw apply the commands reganling the latherless boy anrl r hc wldnw? 14. 'That means not attempting to concea1 scrlous sins. {Exodus 19:10. and what shoultl we never do? we itself. Theirs too is the responn sibility to "set right the oppressor." refers to ongoing cfforts to maintain that cleanness. como fort. positive message Jehovah conveys - 12. Proverbs 153. 2 Corinthians 7:l) But Jehrwa h wants the cleansing to go deeper. These directives a r ~important to Christian shep .odls people. set right the oppressor. Further. The Cure far Spiritual Sickness the compassinnateGod. 1 7 ) t-lerc we find a s t r I t ~ ~ nine imperatives. 30:20." as Jehovclh next cornmands.'rcfers to an initial act of cleansing. 13 The hnal two commands Involve some o the more f vulnerable of God's people-orphans and widows. Jehovah does not merely say "render /ustlce" but "senrch for justice. render judgrnen t for the fatherless boy.26 Isnlr~lr'sProphecy-Light for All Mnnkind 1 doing and jncreases his activity In the Chrlstlan congregation. 'Remove the badncss of your dealings from in front of my eyes." Even experienced elders ncecl to make a thorough spaarch of God's Word in order to hnd rhc just coursc I some complcx matters. Learn ilo do good. as the Hchrcw word can abo mean. herds today. what ahoul~l do. or comuf mands.

(2 Chsonidcs 33: 3-16) Jchmah wants all o us. nnt at' a give-and-take cli~cusslon between equals. turn around. How clo we know that Jehclvnh la wllll tig 2 0 forglw even serlous rlns? believe that this is true in thcir awn casc do well m conrldcr such examples as Manasbeh. Ilowewr. the good of the land you will eat But if you people refuse and are ac~uully rebellious. (a) linw does Jehovah convey the sense of hetrayal that he reels? (h) In what way has 'righteousnes? lodged In Jerusalem'? . " (Isaiah I : 7 9. How 15 the phrase "let us s e t mmtea straight between 11s" sometlrner misunderstood.28 Isoinli's Pml~ltt'ry-tl. they wlll cat the good produce of the land.'' No human effort. if they perslst In their rebellious attitude. white wool. God grants such forgiveness on terms that he sets. but Jehwah is the most merciful and mmpaqsionat~ Judg~. least of aII in his dealings with this rebellious. Jehovah knows--and wants u s tr) know-that with His help. they will be eaten-by the sword of their enemies! It =ems almoqt unimaginable that a people wouId chmse the sword of their enemies over the mercy and abundance o a forgiving God. t 17 SO important is this truth that lehovah repeats it i a n poetic variation-"crimson" sins wlll hecome like new. to know that It is not too !ate t~ "srt rnattcrs straight" with him. 5 ) The verse speaks. though they should be red like crimson cloth. It is as if Jehovah lierc challeng~s Israel to a court trial. heartfelt repentance. 'I'hosc who find It hard to A Compassionate. Judah's clloice is this: Eat or be eaten. a d he uses another vivid figure of speech to drlvc his point home. Moreover. Yet. sacrlficcs. they will be made whitejust like snow.~ht All Mankind I fhr "Lrr Us Trt Matters Straight" 29 through these nine commands! Sometimes those involved In sin mnvince thernrelvcs. now. as the next verses oh Isaiah show. such is the case with Jerusalem. HP sinned horribly-f~r yean. ond let us set matters straight between us. 20) Plere Jehovah empharizcs attittldes.that it is simply beyond their power to do right. What choice does Jehovah put before h b rehelliotts peop!e? 10. including thosc who have f cumnrittecl serious sins. (Deutcronomy 324. Only Jehovah's forgiveness can wash sin away. Though the sins af you people should prove to be as scarlet. undycti. any sl~lner stop his sinful can course. making them "white just Hke snow. Such notions are discouraging.vcry serlous ones. but of a forum to establish justice. 18 Jchovah reminds his people that they have a choice to makc. 17. you peopEe. they will become even like wool. (Ratrn 86:s) I-le alone can take Israel's sins that are "as scarlet" anrl cleanse them away. Not so! Jehovah bcarr IFO fault. Jehovahwants u~ t know that he truly o Is the Farglver of sins. Neverf thcless. If thcy have an attitude of willingness to listen to and obey Jehovah. as long as he finds us genuinely repentant. Isaiah now begins an 1 8 . he repented and was forglvcn. with a sword p u will be eaten up: for the very mouth of Jehovahhas spoken it. 20. they are wrong. and what docs It actually mean? 16. hypocritical people. 'suys Jehovah. 15. A Dirge Over the Beloved City 19 At Isaiah 1:Zl-23. 7 7 1 ~ lit$qlifsl~HiEk says. we see the lull extent o the wickf ednms of Jerusalem at this time. or prayers can remuve the stain of sin. which include genuine. ewn. Just Plea 15 Jehovah'stone now takes on wen greater warmth and compassion. For example.'" (lsrriah 1: 78) The Invitation thatopens this beautiful vcrse Ir oftcn misunderstood. "If you people show willingness and do listen. no formula of works. and do r f ~ h Instead. 16'That may be a daunting notlan. ""Come. "Lnt us arNow gue it out"--as if h t h sides must makc concessions to reach itn accord. capacity for HIS fwrgiwness is unparalleled.

"Rlghteousnes ibelf used to b e ik her. EwyonedthemisuEwarofa Mbeanda chaser h r g l h . M e l M e k means 'Xing of Mghteousness. the fatherlessboy kas Iftn tle h q e of any favorable judgment. has fallen! Once a faithful wife. arrd swing as partnm to thiwes. (Hebrews 72. that the leaders among the people are a large 2 It 1 part of the problem. even Mm Israel existed. Genesis 14:1820] About 1.The Ma& Law ennobled God's people. As for the wldow. What Is ~tgnlfied daKs and diluted bear. 21." (ism 1:22. His name.back fnAbmhmts day. chasing gi&. evidently pmtethe m h m l s w h i l e a l l ~ n g ~ e i r v i c t l m s t oworse s~. or lament: "0how the h h W n has become a prrrsartute! B e was fbli of M 1 Irudce. YourplSnm om mdpaitmts with e f i h . 22."and it ePIdently suited hkn well. but now e rnu&r~~. 20 Haw the dty. ing after thdr own Interests-seeking b d b . by r mandating the protection o arpf and widows @md m 2222-24) But i Isaiah's day.h ample. under the kingships of David and Solomon.23) ltva vMd m r dpictures i qulck succession st the tane for what must hln e low. Over it ruled a man who was both h g and priest. The smith at his hw skhm the scummy d m from tfie molten silver and thrrvwsit awq. Such a beverage i M s t be pour& down the drain! o 2 2 % m 2 shows why the lead."espedally when her r wdklng I Jeh* n set the example for the p p B .Wpm after Melchlzedek. day. Isaiah goes on with hls lament: Tour d h Itref has b m m e scumrily d w .deem s c a de3 uh scriptton."+ffIcrA 1:21. and why do Juby @ ' s leadea merlt such a desdption? . she mnnot$etanyone~tD~her~~~e. Ismel's p r h e s and judges a~ Uke the dross. nd the silvler. By Is&ah1s tb~ugh. setting them apart from ather riatiam It did so. They need to be tilarded They haw no mare use than k r that has been dilued with water and lost its flm. What could more p0mddLy convey the sense of betrayal and dlsap potntment that Jehovah feels? "Righteoum~~ used i?a& to lodge ia" this dt)? When? WeB. Jerusalem reached a peak. thesejudges and leaders am busy h k No. she has now become a prostitute.8ah's ways.Us Set Matters Stmbhtx lnsplred p n in the style of a a .let ha W. and e m the care ofa W w does not get a d m l w b them. Jerusalem. thh dty was d e d Salem. rlghmusna IWlf used bp w In ker. bur wheat beer h $iIuM with wter. Fw o hthetfas boy they do not e d r ne fidgment. such dmes are a db tantmemory.

himself of them.E. The exclamation "Aha!" I ikely signifies that Jehovah's pity is now mixcd with dctcrmination to a a upon his wrath. will: "chastise them to the proper degree. sifting the true from the false. n - ZSJehmrah did indeed refine his pcoplc.for Jehof vah goes on to say "And i wi// turn back my hand upon you.' He will remove f t r m them only the "waste proQ~cts"-the stubborn. and I will remove all your woste products. Jehovah's modern-day people emerged from the period oftesting. After this you will be called City d Righteousness.E. In a similar way..27)Ancicnt Jerusalem experienced an i nitlal lul f~llmcnt this of prophecy. (a) What initial fulfillment did Isaiah E:2b have?(h) Haw has thlq prophecy been fulfilled in our t i ~ t ~ e ? I-low mlxht thls proph(t) e y I. What feelings toward hl! advcrsarler docs Jchnvah express? 24. 'This evio clently happened at the end of World War I. and counsdors for you az at the start. we his p p l e as completely wicked. an even more important fulfillmcn t occurred in the 20t h century." ]e~usChrist. With justice Zion herself wilt be redeemed. With what result7 26 Jehwah anwen: "1 will bring back again Judges for you as at the first. lsaia h continues: 'Therefore the utteronce of the true Lord. the priest Joshua.. After the exlles returned to Ihcir bcloved city In 537 B. the PowerFul One of Ismel.E. The prophets Haggai and Zechariah. 23. Jehovah. in their course of wrongdoing." or rid. and the governor Zerubbabel all served to guide and direct the falthful returning remnant to walk in God's paths. with righteousness. emphar izing his rightful lordship and his vast power. wiWn long after the Babylonian exile. removing the scummy dross of corrupt leaders and ather rrbels. A refiner in ancient timm often added lyc t help separate o the dross from the precious metal." (Isaiah 1:25} Jehovah now uses the refining process ar an illustration.C. is: "Aha! I shall ~ l . Does this mean a complete."or harclencd. there were once again faithful judges and counselors Hke those of the past." (Isaiah 7:26.C. There is certainly reason fur this. who refuse tn learn nnd obey.cncfit elders today? t - The expression -1 will turn back my hand upDn you" rncanr that Jehovah will shift from supporting htr pflple lo chastising them.l. Jerusalem was destroyed and Its Inhabitants Ied off For the 70-year exile in nahylon. who does not.C. undesirable ones. Jehovahwill "relicvc. and I shall smelt oway your scummy drass 0s with lye. The prophecy at Malachi 3:l-5." (Jeremiah 46328) With these words.32 Isnlah*~ J'rt~phrcy-l. I will wenge mym and self an my emies. 'Phis in some ways parallels an actlnn God took much later. jehowh af armies. It pointed to the time when Jehovah C . They fully merit divine vengeance.? Ib) When cttd Jehovah refine his people In modern tima? 26-28. 27 Tn 1919. What refining process ducs Jehovi~ll purpose klr his people? . showed that Cdd would again do a refining work. However. 24 Jehovah's OFW people have made themselves his enemies. In 607 B. myself of my adw~aries.plrt for AII Mnnkind I yet. they are "stubbarn. Isalah has the privilege of writing down history i advance. (a) How dld Jehovah refine hls pcoplc In 607 R. Faithful Town. d would come to his spiritual temple accompanied by his "rnes~engrf the covenant. permanent obliteration o his name people? No.'" (Isaiah f :24) Jehovah ir given three clesignations here. They were delivered from spiritual 25. Jehwah inspected all of those claiming to be Christians. What a sorry state ol affairs! Jehovah Will Refine His People 23 Jehwah will not tderstc such abuse of power forever. and those returning of her. Iong after Isaiah's time. the rcrihe Ezra.

Fw they will be ushomed of thmightytnm Wyolrpeoplededn?4 d y o u will be abashedkcamof the gatdms that prr haw cho~en*" (lwiah 198. however. Wherl rolins and f r i i y come t the land. (a) What dm%Jehtntah m p nouncrr for thaw who refuse tn benefrt from tbe r e f h i q p m 7 (b} In what sense do t8c p p l e become "asham& of thelt tee and gardens? : Middle East. For example. Dried up. What do the Idolaters face that is w o w than shams .-Luke 12: 32. What. worshipws of Baal and hls mmrh Ashbelieve that In the dry season. the o illustration In verse 31 follows natmily.C. 30. They o are d q l y conwmed with doing thlqp God's way. gardens. 'brhglq back for them judges and counselors*-faithful men who counsel God's peap1e according to his Word and not according t o the traditions of men. 6 Elders keep in mfnd that they do. Is a farcrpfrombehgprfnms or W . ti& illustration is apt. and gmm often f i p i their debased n practim."-l Peter 5:3. But when Jehevah brings the rebelU r n idolaters to their crasMng finkh. The dktbction between that faithful anoinkd m m m t and the a p m t e clergy of CMstwdom bealme cleat. - 31. No Wx or w e n a n last h long without a steady supply of waW. 29 Wbat abDutfhe udmtis" menlioned i thepmphecy n of Isaiah? W M happas to those who refuse to Mefit from God's r&ament: pre - m? Isaiah mnthues: "And the crash of mdtmand Phrrt afsinfulo~ wlllbsutthewm~me. the mdd empire of false rdlgion. 6Q 17. do Indeed "crashu md "come tr. on occasion. r such qetatton is espedally wlnerable t rire. their fInlskH TbSs happens in 607 B. tho* Shifting the fllustratlon. the 1dolatlers gather to carry o out p w k d sexual acts under "sacred" trees i grwes or n in gardens. G d a @ blessed hla people.229) Those who m l t and sln against:Jeh* vah.%uwlll~ltkuMgh tfre Wage of whlch Is WEtherlng. Trea. ignoring the w m l n g r n q of his prophets until it is too late. the etlt o false go& receive the credit the idolaters feel codrmed in their superstltlons. In most mm tho@. balanced sense of justice. Jehovah now likens the idoiaterhhnselftoa~.J o bla 1. andtho=l&ng e h will came to their flnlsh. 4. hl:3.JAah 32:1. Heace.34 Isaiah's Pmplrecy-ilkh t pr AH Mankind I - ban* ta w o n the Great. To prompt them t a w a h andmate. do thae references tu trees and gardens ? Jo The &dams have a persistent ptoblem with idolatry. r t r q s m as a . no idol-godsp s mA them The rebels are "ashamed" of these Impotent t r and gardens. T d o l a m Judeans face samethlq worse than sham.2. " This) of m e .E. o briqtq W t y t the tand.a ~ they make m y t 9 d effuxt nwer t give even o the of It over those who are God's ~tanCe. the two deitis are d& and W e d . e ' ' W r s . imitating bls merdful. lbdsy among the dfrnldshlng "little M' their InawIrlg miIUons of "othershaep" & companions*there are thousands af such mm. dry c h a t e o the n f 29. act as "w the congregation i order t keep it morin n o aIly and spbbdly c l a n and t coned mngdoers. and like u gatdm that hos no waWN(I~aIah 1:30)I the hot.

the tendency has always been for nations to beat - 1. It was then wtdcnt that the words wrrc not of modern origin. Today we see hefore us the remarkable fulfillment ol this ancient prophecy. however. li anything. 2.Y shall beat their S W O T into plowshares. They were." (Isaiah F:37) W Ro IF this "vigor~ 1 1 manJ'? The I4ehrew expression conveys the sense of s strength and wealth. What words are inscsibctl on a wall a t the United Nntinns plaza. No power i the n unlverse can overturn Jehovah'sperfect fuclgrnents. in 1945.L f.-CHAPTLR FOUR - - 'The vigorous mun will certainly become hw. How klnd it is on Jehovah's part to give mankind a chance t "set m t e s straight" with him beo atr fore it is toolate! - 32.I) 1Iow do God's warnings of coming Iudpwnt also indicate hir mcrcyl Ib) What opportunliy i g Jehovah nnw extending t mano klntl. and with what rcsult? 33.700 years ago in what Is now the 2nd chapter of the hook of Isaiah. After all. I fact. 3 Who are the nations that beat their swords Into plowshare$? Surely. or weapons. {. t l i ~ is ~ sharta~e men who rcjea Jehovah and r no of 1115 pure worship. And their ~ ~ spears into prunlng hooks: nation shall not lift t ~ p sword against nation. and both of them will cert ~ i n l y up in f/ames ot the same time. Yet. selfassured follower o falw godq. as in our f own. 33 IS this final message compatible with the message o f mcrcy and forgivenes? In vcrse IS? By all mcans! Jehovah has such warnings wrltken down and deliwed by his ser- Jehovah's House Lifted Up - lsalah 2:1-5 -- - vants k a m e he is merciful. wiped out. Jehovah warns that such men will he like "low.36 Irrrinlt's Pwphrc!'. Until now thcsc nations haw dcvcloped sworcls. with no one Eo go do the extinguishing. Who arc thc nations that heat thelr swnrds into plowshares? . In a fire that no nne can extlng'tllsh. the name Isaiah was chlselcd into the wall h i o w the quotation. they are not the modern-day political nations and governments. Slnce the aim o the UN Is ta f work toward global peace. "he dws not desire any 10 he destroyed but desires all to attain to repentance. both to wage war and to preserve "peaceJ9hroughstrength.ql~t All . It likcly re& to thc psosperaus. ren corded as a prophecy over 2. or whatewr he worships in place o Jehovah-will bc like the ignitf ing "spark."coarse fiberr of flax so frail and dry Ihat they tear apart. at the it very smell of h e . In Isaiah's day. It was easy t condude lhat the o quote nrlglnatcd w t the founcters of the UN." (2 IWcr 3 9 ) I t is the prlvllegc of every true Christian today a to proclnlrn God"s warning messages to mankind so that repentant ones may hnefi t from his generous forgiveness and livc forever.Mnrtkintl I /irr - -- . Somc even seem successful. Neither sllilll thcy learn war any mom.. his wealth. ih 2 In 1975. For dccades the soum of that qu& n tation was not Identified. and what lu their source'! 3. F r mlllenntums o lovers of pcacc have pondcrcd aver howt and when the things Isaiah foretold would occur. U u d ~ c s h:8. a% were. : ~ Lhow dne\ ihls atieci each one ot us7 I "THI. rind the product of his activlly a spark. 9 ) The product o the idol1 E ater's activity-whether hls IdoI-gods."Both spark and tow will he consumed. There is no longer any need ta wonder." what "spark"wlll Ignite him." 'rhese worrls arc insmibed on a wall a t the United Nations plaza i Ncw York City. [ i t ) Wlio is "the vlgomus inan" refermi to In verse 317 (b) In wliut scrac will he bemrnc "tow.

the apostle Pau I made it clear that the temple in Jerusatem ant1 the tabernacle that preceded it werv pictorial They represcntcd a greater. it Is appealing.fht for All M~rrrkltid/ their plowshares into swords1 Isaiah's prophecy finds fulfillment in representatives from all nations. of Jehovah adorns the summit of Mount Moriah in Jerusalem. they . or temple. "These Are the Last Days!.qfrentn to it. B e sides. When dws Isaiah's prophecg find h~lf~llrnent? -. the a contemporary of Isaiah. 8. then. 6 When is Isaiah's prophecy to be fulfilled? "In the final part o the nnd Tract Society o Nav York. it is not foreboding or Intimidating. This mountain towers above surrounding mountains and hills."The Christian Greek Scriptures foretold features that wouId identify this period. Jr?rem!ah 3:6}Id owever. (a) With what are hills and mountains associated in Isaiah'sm? (h) What dms t hc stmmlng of the nations to "themountain OF the housc of J c h m h " picture? 4 What tines "the mountaln of the house of Jehovah"represent? . and "critical fimes hard to deal with. and it will certainly be lifted up above the hills. Included among them are wars. spiritual reality." published by the Watchtower Bil. but what does it mean? ." the last days of this present world system. to record in his book the same prophecy that is set out at Isaiah 2:2-4. food shortages. II) The fulfillment of such prophecies gives abundant Wzdence that ~ v e living "in the final part of ace the days. Whatever Jehovah purposes has "certain success.38 Isuiah's Prophecy-Ll. chaptcr 1 I." (Hebrews 8:2) That put The Nations That Stream to Pure Worship 4 Isaiah chapter 2 begins with these words: m thing e that lsaiah the son of Amoz visioned concerning judah wnd lenrsolem: And it must occur h the h a i part of the days that the mountain of the house of lehovah will become firm& established above the top of the mountains. the temple of Jehovah. A Mountain in Which to Worship 7 In a few words. (L)eutcronomy 1ci:lh) So thc streaming of the nations tn "the rnountaln o the house of Jehovah"pictures the f jiatherlng of many peoples to true worship." (Isaiah 55:ll) Evidently to give emphasis to the reliabilityof his promise. and 7 What pmphetlc plctuw does Isaiah paint? ."-Philipplans 4:9. h i * See the b k Knowledge Thnt Ccads to Everlasling Lift?. We see a lofty mountain. Luke 21:SO. and to it oil the nations must streom.-Micah 4 1-3. What do the opening verses of lsaiah chapter 2 what underscum the reliability of those words? 6. "the God of peace."' (2 'I'irnothy 3: 1 -5."-Isaiah 2:7. 5 . they serve as sites for idolatrous worship and fr sanauaries of false god!. 5 Notice that what Isaiah foretells is not mere speculaUon. we would expect to sec fulfilled In nur time the thlngs that Isalah foretold. cally.. 9 Today." The New Inkrnational Version reads: f "In the last days. earthquakes. (Deuterono omy 122. cmwned by a glorious house. Yet.- foretell. God i n s p i ~ d prophet Micah. people who worship Jehovah. "them e tent. Jehovah's tempIe in Jerusalem was destroyed by Roman armies in 70 C. Isatah paints a YMd prophetic picture. Rlthfi~l Israelites journey to Jerusalem three times a year and ascend Mount Moriah to worship the true God. pestilences. Isaiah is directed to record wents that "mr~sl occur" -without fail. which JehovaI~ up. For example. . f 4. In Isaiah" day h 1 s and mountains are often assaciat13 ed wit11 wnrshlp.2. o course. Peoples of all nations yearn to ascend to the mountain of the house of Jehovah. the house. 'This is easy to visualize.E. and not man. W ' s people do not gather at a literf al mountain with a temple ofstone.


pure worship in Jehovah's house. Yet once-it is a little while-and I am rocking the heavens and the earth and the sea and the dry ground. L~keChristians in the first century.' Jehovah o armies has said. and this f brings glory to Jehovah and his enthroned King. Never before have so many been recorded as united in the worship o the true God. (John 10:16.'' these spiritanointed ones "shine as brightly as the sun in the h g dom of their Father.' the anointed are "shining as illuminators" among humankind. 15. yes." Called by Jesus his "other sheep. God's servants today have left behind life-styles and pxackices that are 16-18. above all forms of unclean worship. Who are ?he sons of the kingdom. those who approach him are privileged to share in this work Just as it requires effort t climb a mountain." (Haggai 2 5 . the Bible." How so? Largely through the gathering together af those who want to worship him "with spirit and truth. so. Still. 14 Moreover. out of all ~lations and tribes and peoples and tongues. they appeared by the thousands. This too has contributed to the elevating of pure worship. Then they share in a further gathering work. it requires effort o to learn of and live according to God's righteous standards. 13 During this time of harvest. they are described as "a great crowd.Philippians 2:15) "Filled with the accurate knowledge of his will in all wisdom and spiritual comprehension." Jesus' anointed brothers."-Revelation 7:9. 12 Christ Jesus referred to "a conclusion of a system of things" as a time of harvest when the angels would gather in "the sons of the kingdomw-those with the hope of ruling with Jesus in heavenly glory. Worship Exalted in the Lives of People 16 Jehovah deserves all credit for the elevating of pure worshp in our time. too. (Revelation 1217) Thus to start with. How h Jehovah blessed the anointed remnant? s 14. What changes have some made so as to worship Jehovah ac- gai? ceptably? . and how was this foretold by Hag- 1 I I 1 I these have the hope of living forever on a paradise earth. He wrote: "This is what Jehovah of armies has said. and thick gloom the national groups."-Proverbs 1428. yes glorifies.F 42 Isaiah's Prophecy-Llght for AII Mankind I Jehovah's Ifouse Liffed Up has exdted his worship heaven b h ."-Colossians 1:9. far above all "the kills" and "the top of the mountains."-John 4:23. (Matthew 13:3643) Since 1919. In addition t the gathering of *the sons o the kingdom. and n r by the millions! In a vision given f cw to the apostle John. King Solomon wrote: "In the multitude of people there is an adornment of a king." 12. 4) Starting in the 19301s. Jesus Christ. are the ones gathered.Revelation 21:3. having been cleansed and refined by Jehovah. 15 Thr prophet Haggai foretold the appearance of this great crowd. Though 'darkness itself covers the earth. others have streamed to "the mountain o f the house of Jehovah. "the sons of the kingdom. Jehovah has empowered "the remaining ones" of these sons to share with the angels in the harvest work. and the desirable things of all the nations [those who join anointed Christians in pure worship] must come in. And I will rock all the nations." o f what ingathering has taken place. (Isaiah 60:2. which no man was able to number. 7) f The existence of this still-growing"great crowd and their anointed companions elevates. and I will fill this house with glory.Matthew 13:43. Jehovah has progressively helped the anointed remnant to understand and apply his Word. then by the hundreds o thousands." andwhat gathering has taken place? 13.

they speak to one another about the ways of Jehovah. adulterers. 20) With &vine backing." After studying the Bible. Through the Bible and Bible-based publications. 17 Typical is the experience of ane young woman who wrote: "I once was lost with no hope. baptizing them in the name of the Father and o the Son and of the holy f spirit. baptizing them. Isaiah writes: "He will N certaip1ly render judgment among the nations and set matters stmight respecring many peoples. thieves. Haw well this harmonizes with the command Jesus gave to his disdples just before his ascension to heaven! He told them: "Go therefore and make dirciples of people of all the nations. to the house of the Cod of ]acob. 21 They invite others to "go up" to the exalted worship of Jehovah God." Out of hearts filled with appreciation and in harmony with divine direction. Jehovah expressed his confidence that there would be multitudes today eager to make his worship the most important thing in their lives. through Isaiah. I also sold dmgs and just didn't cam about anything. who met together to eenourage and incite one another to abound in "love and h e works." 18 Even after coming to an approved standing before Jehovah.44 Isaiah's Pruphecy-Lixht for All . and where? . A People Taught Jehovah's Way 19 Isaiah tells us more about those who embrace pure worship today. teaching them to observe all the things I have commanded you. a hope for the future."-lsaiah 2:3. And they will have t~ beut their swords into plowshares and their speors into pruning shears. neither will they learn war anymore. 23. a relationship with our Father. They gather together at large conventions and in smaller groups-at Kingdom Halls and in private homes-so as to listen t and learn the ways of o God. best of all. What does Isaiah 2:4 foretell. and the ward of Jehovah out of]erusalern. Thousands of years ago. he imparts to them his "law" and his "word so that they Swords Into Plowshares 22 NOWwe come to the next verse. Jehovah. Are you among them? Iearn his ways.Udnkind I Jchovnh's House Lifted Up 45 not compatible with -true worship. you people.' for out of Zion law will go forth. He says: "Many peoples will certainly go andsay: 'Come. What are God's people taught. 20. and others have changed their ways and been "washed dean" in God's sight. Now she says: "I enjoy peace of mind. I had sexual diseases. drunkards. and we will walk in his paths." (Matthew 28:19."-Hebrews 10:24.-1 Corinthians 6:9-11. 21.25. and what did oae UN official say about it? 19. teaching and making disciples.13) Thus they imitate the pattern of the early Christians. all must continue to elevate pure worship by gving it a place of prominence in their lives. and let us go up to the mountain of lehovuh. part of w h c h is inscribed on the wall at the L plaza. 20 Jehwah does not let his people wander about Me Iost sheep. Jehovah's Witnesses obediently go throughout the earth. In what work do Jehovah's servants share? 22. This knowledge equips them to "walk in his paths. I lived a life of immorality and drunkenness."-Isaiah 2:4. Fornicators. a real famiIy and. greedy persons. idolaters. and he will instruct us about his ways. self-respect. she made major changes in order to conform to God's standards. Nation will not lift up sword against nation. (Deuteronomy 31:12.

Truly. Isaiah's words are fulhlltd by individuals from many nations. Shortly before Jesus' dcath. and I what n way? I 1 I I 25 For one thing. How do God's pnple "seek pew" nntl pursue it"? G i w an example. When I'etcr lashed out with a sword to defend his Master. To acheve this would bc the hert and most noble act that the 'global village' could accomplish." (Matthew 5 9 .ition. "the G a d who gives peace." Eventually. 25. Fedetico Mayor. A young man writes of his early life: "Hard experience taught me how to defend myself. L-ch clay." (Matthew 26352) Slnm then. 'l'hough they arc found in more than 230 lands and represent muntluss Pan&vagesand cultures. they enjoy peace with one another. In thcm is found a modern fulfillment of tlie wnrds nf Jesus. brought home to us nowadays by audio-visual equipment. a different kid in the neighborl~ood. . Jesus said to him: "Return your sward to its place. Biblical task o 'bcatlng their swords Into f ploughshares' and making the transition from an Instinct for war-developed since time immemorial-to a feeling for peace. a1 to engage in inarfilte. It is simply beyond their reach. in a divided and strife-riddenworld. do not seem able t halt the o advance of the huge war machine set up and maintained aver many centuries. I I Purst~ing Ways of Peace the 26The peace of God's people pm Far beyond a refus. director-generalo the United Nations Edf ucational. 'I'hey "pursue peace with all penple. H has taught his e people to live at peace with one another. once said: "All the obscenities of war. I would always end up in fights. soinetlrnes with rocks or bottles. 27There are dramatic examples of those who have learned to be peacemakers. Jehovah has "set matters straight" among them. who are united i pure worn ship. however. if YOLI 1'1avc IOVC among yourselves. Scientific. l ticy have f gl~ratlvely beaten their "swords into plowshares and ttielr sl?can into pruning shears. 27."HOW? 24. for all those who take the sword will perish by the sword.sometimes with fists. I grcw up being very vlnlent." (1 Peter 311) Sustaining them Is Jehovah." Uolm 13:35)Chrlstlans today are "peacemakers. It made me t o u ~ h and angry ahotit life. and the best legacy to our descendants. armed men came to arrest him. he responderl to the invitation to go to "the 26. who said to his disciples in the first century: "Ry this all will know that you are my disciples. Jesus' footstep followers have beaten thelr swords Into plowshares and have refrained from takin~ weapons lu kill thelr fellow man up and from supporting war eflorts in othcr ways.46 Isnla11's Pmph~cy-I."-Ramans 15:33. I would fight."-Hcbrcws 12:14. and Cultural Organiir. they do nnt take stdes in the wars of the nations. words hnd lulftllrncnt.l+yhtfhr Ail Mnrr kltlrl 1 23 TO achieve thjs would be no small accomplishment. footnote) 'I'hey "seek pcacc and pursue it." 24The nations as a whale will never achieve this lofty goal. In whom do Isaiah's. Resent generations llavc the almost impossible.

n -Micah 45. What crror r. What prospect ir there for the earth? . wen in relatively small things -am of kindness.48 fsaiah's Prophecy-Light pr All Munkind I CHAPTER FIVE mountain of the house of Jehovah.-Revelation 7 1 . and with the chi!&en of brelgners they abound. 2 Isaiah's denunclatlon of the Jews of his time is of great Interest to tu." He has gathered from all natjons people f who want to serve hi. A Future of Peace 29 Jehovahhas done a marvelous thing in this 'It he final part o the days." He learned God's ways and became a peaceable servant of God. The psalmist wrote o that time: "Come. and so is thc judgment that Jehoval~ pronounces. 30. Why Lq the pmphetic message of Isaiah to the Jews of his d q of Intcrcqt tn u! s ' 3. then. you people. Jehovah Humiliates Self-Exalted Ones DISGUSTED with the condition of Jerusalem and judah. let JehwaWs light iflunr~nate our path now.F hls people does Isaiah confess? - 28. Paying attention to Isala11's proclamation will give us a clear understanding of what God condemns and wlll help us to shun practices that he disapproves of."(150Tah 2:do) What has provoked Gad to reject thc people whom he himself had chosen as his "spcial property"? -Deutcmnomy 14:2. With keen anticipation.9) In vkew ofsuch a prospea.Why? Because the condition of Christendom tcxlay Is very similar to that of Isaiah's people. the house of Jamb. and we will walk i his way for all eternity. the prophet Isaiah now turns to JehovahGod and declares: "You hove forsaken your people. Still. :4 30 Swords-weaponry-will be no more."-Colossians 3:13. and empathy-they strive to promote peace with athers. has taught them to walk In hls He wayi. behold the actlvif ties of Jehovah.come orid jet u walk in the tight of s jehowrh. 2. He is making wars to cease to the extremity of the earth. how he has set astonishing events on the earth. Iehc>val~ con? had rnanded his chosen people: "Do not make yourselves unclean hv any of these things 1. The bow he breaks apart and does ctlt the spear In pieces. let u s conslrlcr Jrhwah's prophetic word as recorded at Isaiah 2:6-4:l. These are the ones who will survive the coming "great tribulation" and pass into a peaceful new world in which war will be abolished forever. and they are practicers of mogk like the PhiEistines." (Isaioh 2:s) Yes. 28 Most of Jehovah's w a n t s do not come from such a violent background." (Balm 46:8. In Pride They Bow Down 3 Confessing the error of his people.'' (kuioh 2:bb) Some 800 years carlier. the wagons he burns in the fite. Nthough imperfect. forgiveness. ways of peace. Isaiah says: 'They hwe become f d of what is h m the Emt. What can Christians do to pursue peace? 29. Isaiah's f01laving exhortation is as appropriate t d a y as it was when he me it: "0 men t of the house of Jacob. they endeavor to apply the Bible's counsel t "continue putting o up with one another and forgiving one another frwlv t f anyone has a cause €or complaint against another.

avtdyou~~~nnotp sib& pardon m. by W 9 L) s d q Jehovah's chosen ones haw adoped the abominable pracdm of the surIounding nationsand are "fullofwhat I from the East" s Rather than putt@ faith i Jebcwah and his word. It e wiir be a time b God t express his anger 'upon ali ~e cer o brr~sof&hm thatarelotlycmdlhdup~mdupor~ a# t h e m a s k ~ o f ~ ~ a n d lrllthsloftymunu p m ~~~mdupond1tkehtlk~mlWup.nocoverthickenough t mncd them.du e m y h ~ ~ a n d u p n e w y f o d ~ ~ a v r d u a# thsship of T d h h and U P ~ Jdl & I d bwk"(1I icrh 2~72-76) e .ofhr&gntrsJ'-doubtless." Far from heep ie Ing separate fmm the nations. the Almighty. rlchw. s to that which me's angers mode. and military p m m s do not saw lemsaIetn on the day of lehowh's judgment which] the nations whom 1 a sen& m ~ o u t m ~ p ~ R l & d e t h ~ selves tmdwnmR tJ.mltttctx~ 18:243 Concernfng those whom he had selected as his spedal pw o I Jehovahfar& B a b n t say: "Fmm the top of a the rocks I see them.msy organization r&ed up by man as a Ys symbol o his pride and wwy ungdy individual will be f given attendm in the day of Jehwahlswrath."-Is~tah 71. And ear&/hgm c l ~ 4.Idols.Arld~rlandls~~horses. Z Yet. Haw can Jehovahpardon such a sin? kw What wllI these idolaters do when Jehovah d s them t o account? 'Haughty Eyes Must Become Low' 6Mahoontlnw: u E n t e r i & t h s r o d c d h l d e ~ in the dust because of the dmdhlnas of jehmh. 2: 7 m day belong/n$ b]e#tovrrh of umies" is coming.andmrrnbsccutseshw. foreigners who i. and the loi3nas of men mustbow tibwtq andjehowh afonemmcst beputon h/ghh &at duy. Wher than awing t thank Jehovah. n troduse ungodIy ~ ~to Gsd's people. o Bowing dawn can be a sign of humility.1.they do not reckon lNumbers m . Jehovah Gadt The nsult?%eIr Imd fs #lkd wM w i ~ i e gods. ee and among rhe mti. B S 4 Nattng the m n t m n m i c prusplty and the dlltwy stmgth d JW under King Uzzhh. and why? . When he o comes to execute his judgment."( i d a h 2:IO) But no nock willbebigenoughtopmtectthem. W y Is bowing down c idols not an act of humillQ? 6. 6-15)Par ~ it1 ZnsWd. &It bowing d m to lifeless thhgs is futlle. the land 'abounds' with " thew k mr Umtt i W r Ca&' b hd. they n are pm3idng 'magic lk the FWstlaes. making the Idol worship er no : degenerate.. Thus. they p t OI II their trust in the wealth itaelf and turn m v from its ~ Source. and from the Mils I behold them m r as a W I e they keep tabemading isolared. 7. MHte h u h e p of agy ewihihg man must k o m low. and the - 5. (a) What happens tu ~ l ~ t o c on the day d Jehovah's m d iudgment? (b) Upon what and whom da# Jehovah express his mget. To the wlork: af one's hanB they bow down." (lu1Irrh 2:4 9)They turn their faces away fmn the livIng God and bow d m t Ufeless idols. a d trwn Ms s p W # wpkdty. "the haughtiness of the wrthIIng mun must bow down. (Isubh 2:7)DOthe ple thank Jei~wah such W t h and millmy strength? fur (2 Qwmlclm 26Cl.rrndthstrrk~U~~kbWr~u~es. from Jehwat. how do riches and o muitary S-Igth a f f e the J7 - r - bamdom. Isaiah states: Vt&lcrndbWwithdkandgdd.

211. its proud buildings demolished. (a) Who will "hold up under" the upcoming "day of Jehovah"? (b) How can we make Jehovah our refuge? 12. and man-made gods? Impossible! God abandoned even his chosen people when they acted in this way. and like a despoiling from the Almighty One it will come!" In view of the imminence of that "day. under inspiration. f fl "Alas for the day. How doe5 the foretold day of judgment come upon JerusaIern in 607 B. when Babylonian King Nebuchadnezzar destroys Jerusalem. (2 Thessalonians 2:1. attributing to them titles and honors? Christendom's self-exaltation will without fail be brought to nothing. f Neither their treasures nor their chariots amount to anything on "the day belonging to Jehovah of armies. when he rises up for the earth to suffershocks. and]ehovah alone must be put on high in that day. Why is it f~tting the idol worshipers to thow thelr gods for *'tothe shrewmice and to thc bats" on the day of Jehovah? . 9 How similar the condition of Christendom is to that of Jerusalem and Judah in Isaiah's day! Christendom has certainly cultivated a close relationship with the nations of this world." (Joel 1:lS. How vital that all of God's servants "seek righteousness. "because the day of Jehovah is near. 3:16) Will Jehovah God be a refuge for those who have a haughty spirit and who put their confidence in riches. its mighty wall smashed.C.' (2 Peter 31CL13) It is the day on which Jehovah will execute his judgment upon the entire wicked system o things. She is an enthusiastic supporter o the United f Nations and has filIed her house with idols and unscriptura1 practices. "To the Shrewmice and to the Bats" 12 How will idol worshipers view their idols during Jehovah's great day? Isaiah answers: "People will enter into the caves of the rocks and into the holes of the dust because of the dreadfulness of jehovah and from his splendid superiority. To what "day of Jehovah" do the apostles I'aul and Peter point? 11." And their idols? I t happens just as Isaiah foretells: '5% valueless gods themselves will pass away completely. associated the coming "day of Jehovah with the - .? 9.E. The inhabitants see their beloved city aflame. In that day rhe earthling man wiII throw his worthless gods o f rilver and his vuiueless gods of gold. in order to enter into the holes in the rocks and The Impending "Day of Jehovah" 10 The Scriptures point to a "day of Jehavah" that will be o far greater significance than the day of judgment upon f ancient Jerusalem and Judah." should not security during that fear-inspiring time concern everyone? "Who can hold up under it?" asks Joel.B. 13. Her adherents are materialistic and put their confidence in military might. . " (Isaiah2: 78) The Jews-princes and mighty men included-are taken into exile to Babylon. And do they not view their clergy as worthy of great distinction. But when? presence of the enthroned King Jesus Christ. military might." says the prophet JoeI.52 Isniah's Prophecy-Light f o AII Mallkind I ~ {ehovah Humiliates Self-Exalhd Ones 53 loftiness of men must become low. The apostle Paul."-Isaiah 2:1Z 8 The foretold day of judgment comes upon the Jews in 607 B. The temple o Jehovah is reduced to rubble. seek meekness. 3.C.2) Peter spoke o that day in connection with the f establishment o 'new heavens and a new earth in which f righteousness is to dwell. Jerusalem is to Iie desolate for 70 years. He answers: "Jehovah will be a refuge for his people. including Christendom. In what way i5 the condition of Chr~stendom similar to that of Jerusalem and Jltdah in Isaiah's day? 10." and examine seriously the place of Jehovah's worship in their lives!--Zephaniah 2 2 . to the shrewmice and to the bats. 8.

and bats roost in dark and desolate caves. 8-12. 6 14. these is a repulsivesmdI a d f n n a buildup of thick layers of w i n g s .into the clefts of the crags. In pIsrce of these. Moreaver.A place of darhess and uncleamas is all that they dedesem. During the upcoming day ofjehovah's judgment upan the wodd empire of Qlsereligion. mast will likely come to realkz that their Idols are valueless.17. -haps including the United Nations. because Of the dreadfuinw of jehmh dnd from his spiendld ruprlariq when he rises up for the earth bo suffershocks. whose breath i 1~ his nostriis. d 13 Shrewmice live in holes in the ground. the ~ ~ ~ l e t a l wiId beast'' ofk l a t i o n chapter 1 . of which ChrWndornis a s i p i f ~ c mpart-Revelation 17: t 3. they may well seek refuge and pmtdon i ~ ~ i x i t l f a earthly n l. they witl seek refuge in am and clefts i the rock on the day o Jehcn f vah3 judgment. hkeM ofi k. lifeless id& saved neither their wunhiplers nor Jerusalem 'from Metsuchah-9 hands in 407 3. religion. What wiI1 mddly-minded men do? On "He dojr of jehovahIR the warId empire of false religion wjll he devastated . For your own sakes.E. *hat wiII pop3-e do? Faced with detetiumting cbpditions w t h wide.idols into such places is fitting. It i oml 7 s "W ten horn" ~ 3 that q m b l i c wild beast +. So t h f i~@ o the idols and their worshipt f ers will be the same. whae a large number s bats raost i ane place.C.hatwill d s f s q Babylon the Greatjthe world empin of fabe digion. Casting. organhatlam. for s on Wqt basis is be himself f be token intu account?"-tsao i 2:19-22. True ta Isaiah's prophecy. Ps for the people. 14 During the cuming day af JehmWs judgment upon Chrismdam and other se&mm~ the worid emplrte of of the w&Iity man.1 .

and the way of your paths they have con fused. For it is the day belonging to Jehovah of armies. So low will be the condition of life that one will say to another who has no qualification for rulership: "You 15. it is." (Isaiah 3:6) But the ones thus invited wdl refuse. ." ((Isaiah3:8. "It will be well with il the righteous one. Isaiah foretells: "Look! the twe Lord. whch are as disgusting as those of Sodom. jehovah of armies. death and mourning and famine. Even the shameless and unrepentant expressions on their faces expose their sins. have a mantle. (a) What constitute the "support and stay" of a human society? (b) How will Isaiah's people suffer f r o m the removal of the "support . They have not hidden it. beih cause Jehovah God.2 17 Isaiah continues: ")erusalem has stumbled. You men must not set me a s dictator over the people."-isaiah 3. who judged her. mighty man and warrior. Jehovah 'passes sentence' and 'enters into judgment': "You yourselves have 17. 18 To the elders and the princes in Judah. Not onIy will the rulers oppress the people but "the people will actually tyrannize one over the other. and the light/y esteemed one against the one t be honored. Concerning Babylon the Great." (Isaiah 3:73) Mere boys will become princes and rule capriciously. They will storm."-lsaiah 3: 10-12. this overthrown mass should be under your hond. Revelation 18:8 states: "That is why in one day her plagues will come. and the skilled charmer. insisting that they have neither the ability to heal the wounded land nor the wealth to handle the responsibility. trustworthy leaders who are able to guide the people and maintain social order. and o o 'Leadexs Are Causing You to Wander' 16 For a human society to be stable. 12a. the whole support of bread and the whole suppor-l of wates. and she will be completely burned w t fire. and judah itself has fallen. and practicer of divination and elderly man. goes the credit for liberating mankind from domination by false religion. in fact. because their tongue and their dealings are against lehovah. more important. for the treatment rendered by his awn hands will k rendered to him!As for my people. They are in a covenant with Jehovah God. A dictator you ought t become t us.9)God's pe+ ple have rebelled against the true God in words and deeds. though. s ) Children "storm" against their elders. those leading you on are causing you to wander.56 Isaiah's Prophecy-Light fo~A11Mankind I Iehova h Humiliates Sclf-Exalted Ones 57 15 AIthough the devastating and burning of BabyIon the Great may be the direct work of those symbolic ten horns. "Jehovah done must be put on high in that day. How will Jehovah alone "be puton high" In his day of judgment? 16. The very expression of their faces actually testifies against them. is strong. Concerning ancient Israel. it must have its "support and stayn-such necessities as food and wa- ter and. Woe to their soul! For they have dealtout to themselves calamity. lacking respect for them. and in my house there is neither bread nor a mantle. (a) In what sense was the sin of Jerusalem and Judah "like that of Sodom"? (b) Whom does Isaiah blame for the condition of his and stay" of their society? people? 18. the boy against the old man. i behaving rebelliously in the eyes o f n his glory. yet he wl not change his standards for them." (Isaiah 3: o 4 . judge and prophet. the execution ofJehovah's judgment."-Isaiah 2:llb. (a) What judgment does Jehovah pronounce upon the elders and the princes of Isaiah's day? (b) What lesson do we learn from Jehovah's judgrncnt of the elders and the princes? . As Isaiah states. They will say: "I shall not become a wound dresser. chief of fifty und highly respected man and counselor and expert in magical am. and of their sin like that of Sodom they do tell. and mere women aactudy rule over i t 0 my people. Woe to the wicked one!-Calamity." So to Jehcvah God. for they will eat the very fruitage o f their dealings. its task assigners are dealing severely. the m i g h t y . is removing from lerusalem and from judah support and stay.

Jehovah will certainIy enter into fudgment against her.) What a tragic reversal! The plophetic message goes on ta say: "Instead of balsam oil there wiii come t be rnerdy a musty smerl. and instead of a rich garmenl.E. Why does Jehovah denounce "the dayghters of Zion"? 4 ' I "She Will Certainly Be Cleaned Out" 23 Speahng now to the city o Jerusalem. Besida their o r r ~ ~ ~ e n t s . the eardrops and the bmcelets and the w I. the proud women of Jerusalem fall from wealth to poverty. charms]." (Isaiah3:24) In 607 BC. "A Brand Mark Instead of Prettinesst' After denouncing the wrongs of the leaders. "the daughters of Zim" wear "step chains"-chainlets fastened to their ankles-which make a melodious tinkling sound. (Clsaiah 3:1 )Such haughtiness does not escape retribution.and mdtreated the people of God and has brought great reproach upon Jehovah's name. Jehuf vah prophesies: "Jehovahalso wjil actrruIiy make the crown of the head of the daughters of Zion scabby. the robes ofshte and the mrtutlics and the dmks and the purses. Haw does Jehovah's judgment of Jerusalem afhx? the Jewish women? 22. and jehovah himself wil! lay their wty forehead bare. Of what oppression and persecution lias Christendom been guilty? 20. if anything. " rultivating what might be considered a genteel feminine gait. and ino steed of a belt. What does Jehovahprodaim concerningJerusalem? . She has also beaten.. Jehovah says: 'The doughten of Zion have become haughty and they walk with their throatr stretched forth nnd ogling with their eyes. o Jerusalem. They misuse their authority by enriching themselves and depriving the poor and needy. baldness. a girdiy of saclfrlotk. leaders engage in dem ceitful practices. a r p and fnstead af an artistic hair aro . Jehavah turns t the women o of Zion. The women ws&ict their stride and walk along "with tripping steps. a brand murk instead of prettiness. and fhe hand mirrors and the undfergarmenb and the turbans and the large veils. What. is wrong with - this? It is the attitude af these women. Jehwah f 21. persecuted. the headdfesses and the step s chains and the bmsrbnds and the 'houses of the soul' Iprobably perfume receptacles] and the ornammtal humming shells [or. o 19 Christendom-particularly her clergy and principal ones-has fraudulentlyacquired much that should belong to t h e common people. What wus takn by robbery fPom the affticted cme is in your houses. But these leaders must answer ta Jehovah of armies for their qpression of the afflicted. In his due time. What a warning this 9s to those in pcsitions of responsibility today! May they be ever careful not t misuse their authoriry." [Isuiah 3:77-23. rangement.58 Isaiah's Propk~y-Light faa All Mankirnd I Jehovah Humiiiafes SeIf-exaIted Ones 59 burned dowrr the vineyard. land. In that day jehe vah will take away the beauty of the bangles and the headbands and the moon-sha ed ornammts. else do the women of Jemdalem what lase? 23. 6 21 H m when Jehovah's judgment comes u p n the e . &torn she has oppressed and continues to oppress. and that you grind the very fates of the afflicted ones?" {lsaiah 3: 73.15) Instead s f working E the welfare of t h e people. Apparently for r reasons of fashion. see hotnotes. the finger rings and the nose dngs. What do p u men mean in that you crush my people. They lase their freedomand receive "a b m d mark" of slavery f 19. these haughty "daughters of Zlon" will lose everytMng+ven the beauty o which they are so proud.

I311t so011 the storm passes. The storm cloud4 o divkne tuclgn and f mcnt are moving ominously closer-anrl with goad reasnn! The guilt of the nation is heavy. and your mightiness by war. and a remnant wlll survive.E. and claiming llves. only may we be caljed by your name to mke away our reproach.' these women are willing t release the man hum his legal oblio gations. will t ~ slain in e hattle.Concluding this part nf his prophetic book. 26) The nlcn ol' Jerusalem. darna~lng crops. And her entrances wjl have to moum and express sorrow ond she wit/ ccertulnty be cfeaned out. Whnt goocl news does the inspirccl mcssanr o t lsalah 4:Z-6con- the wtmen of Jerusalem? 25. W11 24 The loss of men by the sword will have drastic consequences for the women of Jcmsalern. That prospect must sadden Isaiah. torrential rains. agreeing to 'cat their own bread and wear their own clothing. Jehovah lays bare Judah's guilt and warns that He will execute judgment on that delinquent nation. and heavy finding cut a wldc swath through the land." Jcn~salem be "cleaned out" and laid derolate." (Isaiah 3:25. In 607 B. 3 Rut there is good news! The storm of Jehovah's righteous judgment will pass.. The Mosaic Law required that a husband provldc sustenance and clnthlng for his wife. 2 4 . Yrs. She will sit down on the very wrth. (Exodus 21:I 0 ) I-lowever."-James 46.T Jehovah h u d i a t e s self-exalted ones. What Is in t h e ofing for self-exr~ltccl rmes? raln7 . 'The city will be leveled lo l." it will be a time b "mourn ancE cxpress sorrow. 'Through Isaiah. The prophet Isaiah faretells what mncrrnlng ludith and Jeru- satcm? 3. but he g i w undcserv~dkindness t the o hurnMe ones. to be publicly known as his wives-and thus be frcc of the reproach of beinl: without a husband. even her mighty nnes.EW storm descends upon a densely populard region. it is a time for restoratinn and re- 1 I 1 bui lcling." o May true Christians never forget thal "Chd opposes the haughty ones. Strong winds. Both the rulers and the people have filled the land Wth Injustice and bEoodshed. he does Indeed make the haughtiness of his chosen people "how clown" and cause their "loftiness" t become "low. What a desperate situation for Ihe once tlaughty "daughters of Zion"! 2. and In its aftermath a perlod of calm scts i . Fur "her entrances.C.1 proclaims: "By the sword your own men will full. saying: We shall eat our own bread and wear our own mantles. Jehovah's judgment of Judah will be tempered with 1. dcstroylng homes. For n those who have survived.'" (Isaiah 4: 1 ) The shortage of marriageable men will become s severe that several women will attach o themselves to one man in order to be ci~lled his name by -that is. 2. (Isaiah 3:25) The land o J ~ ~ d a h be left comf will pletely desolate in t h e wake of this storm.he ground. 2 The prophet Tsaiah foretells something st rnilar concernL g Jr~dah Jerusalem.-- -- I 1 A VIOl. Thc loss o men by thesword has what cfrit~tSc f consequences for CHAPTER SIX Jehovah God Has Mercy on a Remnant -- Isaiah 4:2-6 . Isaiah tnretells: "Seven women will uctuaEly grab hold of one man In that day.

It is as if the s u n breaks o out horn W n d the douds. The Hebm noun f rendered "spmt"refers -tie 'that which springs up. for notonlydms it have prophetic signifbut i also teaches us abut Jeh* t vah'smercyandhowwea~~~ualsmight~~it The Spmuting o Jehovah' f 5 Isaiah's tone becomes warm as he looks W n d the pwdd t h e ." (m 224)L t e w d f s w thlstlmelyrn-. the c o tamp&? (b]What is the meaning of the tern Yspm~t. H writes: e coming t e m p t ta a #In that day wh@ IpfroVprh t w k spmut ["the spmubing 0 of bmte] MI come ~o be br d m d m and for g I q i and the fryWg& of rhs iand wlll be somdhhg ta be pmud dm8 semerhIng hL(tlfu1 b r #IS& wfro h~sGQ@. maw.~-!wM 42. a branch' It is ztsmcbted with p o p fv lnr s ei .IsdaP's h p h q . and blesings fmn Jehavah. a shoot.L l g h t fbr All Mankind I maql Isaiah's lnsplred rn m e d at Isaiah 4:M 1& ahead l thls blessed time. 4 Ism's propheq tqpdhg the retomtion of a wnnant and their subsequent semlty a h An& a merit in our tlme-uthe 6Ml part of the days. Isaiah thus paints a piaure of b-the approaching demlat3m will not k f m v a w i t h ~ e hb sl e the o n c e . Why should w d k w s s I U ' s prophecy of the resbratlon of a e Amn9nt? S 6. [a) How d w s Isaiah dmxbe the pcmreful tlme that follows .p m s ~ t ~ - 4.Y w and what does tbis hWte abtnrt the land o Jwlah? f A so ofdivTn~/udgm@ntcoming upon ludah tm b . the mne shifts frwn the sights and m d s o judgment+bdxd at Isaiah 2 6 f 41-to a beaddly renewed h d andfwople. 6 Isatah hae s p d x o rstoliltton.

lQ. ~d M ~ ~ n p l w y d w 3&27-21) Then.W@ewm l [Z. the G M d m ~ ~ n ~ @ d ~ H t o ~ ~ J u mrEskQRtrue wmhip.t l bestrortion.: ~ u V d & land1 mpd.) .who h1Yd b OM In $tik.~~wllltwMidaaen&y*m W g dapumn pmlously fdtebld. (3 I f m h m l t ol ~ b ! k w & n WlMt happed In $37 K g L f @)why#IayitbesrtlBth%mma#dmen hcllldeaow* hde wrl b n tn d e T (Src iwnole.* ( E m 1:1* 29)The heuwt ~ -o f t h e s e ~ ~ * ! Vw. & i 26 B ~ W P f (kd & ~. %)-A ~ ~ O s ~ ~ ~ ~ l I r e t u n3 ~ r a t l r F these n w ewpid -*~ ~ ~ ~ 1 5 ~S~tokpImddartd~hlng~~fut i a b ~ ~ ) m h ~ o n o ~~~* Wma-sensepida ~ ' i & t u ~ ~ s ~ r thestomof j u @ m a $ d d s .FWna. m b W b e aFmeBm binIf the&an* *a %PX-?$ w p mm hod n & ~ . e rn gutvim the. h d w $ i Pum be t J i k r ~ ~ d o n t h e ~ d 4& who -:w ." wit& W h . %+ W I s a ' ~ l ~ ~ n h m d C ~ ~ t 0 e5 ' t h e i ~ ~ b wl m % d m IWah d chU r kdlw? t 9.k v hWHad Y I Hon r mvtsrat &d ' ~ 85 Amwikan Bible] o all the lands? . Jn 537 Be=.thusassu~the~1ethatttreQtado mimed tp ib horxner glory and beauv.8 o r n e ~ m d ~ ~ b e n i m d e l n klqbn.humm ~tz. w b b h * l l ~ R9. m.-prad ~ ~ * g onesH lnchrdcd m e .nos i s at d . butf€itlud'nptbmktrC&d rhwq themwould have wn. Ch@& EMM*. (Isaiah &tS. ww3 kc& w h e n t l s e ~ 8 a s ~ i i n d m a ~ perished.

AF a result of clergy-inspired opposition. hut now Isaiah describes them in more detail. more important. Although the Israclllcs os a natlan A Remnant Becomes Holy to Jehovah 13 We haw already been int mduced to the remnant that would be shown mercy by Jehovah. which has drawn millions of other God-fearing ~wnp!e to join the remnant in true worship. slow to anger and abundant in loving-kindness. such a merciful God deserves all our pralre! false religiousteachings. or pure. i I 1 Who are "the ones remaining" and "the ones left escaped ones mentioned I t h e pren ceding verse-the Jewlsh exlles who wlll be permitted to return tuJudah. 14 over"? They are the 10.Jehovah God Has Mcrcy on n f l ~ r r ~ t ~ n r i t 67 in Psalm 137." (Psalm 103:8. 21." Holiness means "religious deannm or purity. everyone written down o for life in jerusalern. 13) Surely. estate-was left desolate. t~ measure up l Jehovah's standard of what is right and n proper. Their spiritual land-their ~ligious. r spirio tual. which he caused to sprout abundantly. the Bible Students." and 11e will allow them to return to "the holy city. (a) In what way were thc Bible Students In captlvlty m "nabylon thc Great" early in the 20th cer~tury'l !-low dltl J e ! l < ~ ~ i ~ h (b) hless Ihe remnant of spiritua1 I>raelites! 12. This spiritllat estate has presented an inviting.itians 6:15) He saw their repentance and their desire ta wflrshlp h m in l ~ ~ u ~ h . for he doer. As recorded at Isalah 4 3 . He writes: "It mustoccur hat the ones rernafningIn Zion and the ones leftover in jerusalem will be said t be holy to him. Who are "theones remalnlng" ant1 "the ones left m r .As a father shows mercy ta his sons." the world empire uf false religion. he had mercy on a repentant remnant We can draw comfort horn knowing that even those who err seriously can return t Jehovah with hope. came into spiritual captivlty to "Babylon the Great." Jerusalem. the BibIe Students were still tainterl by certain Babylonish ideas and practices. attmctivc appearance."-lsaiah 4:3. Back in Judah they tlllcd Ihe wil and soweci seed i the land. i sa he brought about their release from literal imprisonment and." To be holy involves being clean. as Jehovnll's Witnesses were then known. (Psalm 51:17] The Bible assures u ~ "]ehovah Is merciful and @a: cious. how does lsalah descrlhe the remnant that would be shown mercy by Jehnvnh? 14. o Repentant oncs need not fwl.-Nehemiah 11 :1. " and why will Jehovah haw mercy on them? . Farn ly in the ZMh century. causing the land to sprout like the fruitful "gattlcn of Et1enW!-Emklel36:34-36. 11 Ifut in the spring of 1919. 'I'hesc "escaped ones" were & o ~ d to their Gd-given spiri hlal estate. not reject a contrite heart. 10 A similar restoration has taken placc i our day. from splrl tual captivity. 12 Isaiah's words here magnify thc mcrcy that Gnd has toward his people. that t h q are beyond Jehe vah's mercy. (tia1. which w s Iikety written during the captivity a or shortly thereafter. some of thcm wcrc Hterally irnprismcd. Now tsatah shows why Jehovahwill haw r n q on them-they will "be holy to him. Jehovah wlll have mercy on those who are "holy to him. Hmv de Isaiah's words magnfFy the mercy that Jrhuvah has towatt1 his peopie? - 13. (ReveIation 175) Althotlgh havlng rejected many turned against Jehovah. In word and action. Jehovah has shown mercy to those fcadng him. Yes.Jehovah had rncrcy on this I remnant of spirituaE Tsraelites. sacredness. Think of how thcy must haw felt n when they saw that God was blessing their efforts.

"promises Isaiah.? (b) Why can It he said thnt Jehon vah's mercyon theanointed remnant and the "orhersheep" has not k e n In vain? 17. (John10%) They have rid themselves of BabyIonish teachings and pmctlces. 16. or book. (Fmdus 3232. (Isaiah 1:15. since thelr release from spiritual captivity in 1919. his name was removed." whose moral corruption was hidden beneath their showy ornamen@." and what should we be determined to (lo? I&.He also exposed the hloodgullt of the people generally. No one cantaminated by pagan religious practices or by the unclean conduct that Isaiah had so forcefully warned against had a right to return. containing the names of those whom Jehovah rewards with Ilfe. earth. Mali~chi3:M) k t us. urging them to wash themselves. for when a pern son died.5. Individually. too. the remnant that returned t Jerusalem o did so with a pure motiveto restore true worship. for then we may keep our names I that preciaus "baok. then. Whose name3 does Jehwah wrlte In his "book of life. 33.the anointed remnant.hH I. 5. (Isaiah 358) Similarly. they swive to hold to God's high standards o morality. imply a sobering warning-the returnees may continue living in thdr restored [and only if they remait1 holy in God's sight 16 In 537 B. 3%-23) Here.. acceptable t God.C.E. n A Promise of Loving Care 18 Next Isaiah shows how the Inhabitants of the restored land will come to be holy and what blessings await them. do our utmost to remain holy In Gfld's eyes. Psalm 6928) lraiah's wards.' Today.of judgment and by the spirit of burning down. But this book receives names conditianally. we read of a figurative register. (Isaiah 1:15-17) Only those whom Jehovah viewed as holy could head hack to Jurlah. and the brightness of a Flaming fire by night because over aN the glory there will be a shelw" -Isaiah 4:4. (Philippians 4 3 .C. what clcansin~ to be e f f d is byJehovah. (a) The expression "written down for Hfc in Jerusalem" remlnds of what Jewish custom? (b) What snherlng w a r n l r l ~ Isdinh's do wards imply? 16. T h i s o reminds us of the Jewish custom of keeping careful rep.E. holy. jehovah will also certainly create over every established place of Mount Zion and over her convention place a cloud by day and o smoke. 1 Recall that Jehwah n o t 4 those In Israel who were 7 holy and that he 'wrote down thelr names for life. He says: "Whenjehowh will h w e washed away the excrement of the dough ters of Zion and he will rinse w a y even the bloodshed of jerusalem fmm within her by the spirit. and hnw wltl tt he a~nmpEEshd? . then. (a) What did Jehovah require n those wham hc permitted to F head hack toludah i 537 B. (1 Feter 1:14-16) f Jehovah's mercy on them has not been In vain. for Jehovah can 'wipe aut'names. Jehovah notices out cndcavors to bc clean in mind and body as we 'present our bodies a sacrifice living. 19. now loined by millions of "othersheep"-those wlth the hope o everlasting f life on earth-haw made w r y effort to be holy in God's si~ht. (Nehemiah 7:s) 'To be f written I a regjster meant to k alive."-Rwclatlon 3:s. he looks ahcad to the time when God himself will have "washed away the excrement. In other parts of the Bible." or us 15. Accotdfng to hatah 4 4 .' (Romans 12:l) And all who follow o such a life course are recorded by God In his "book of Life" -the figurative record conti~ininl: names of those who the are i line to receive everlnrtlr~g rlther In heaven or on n life.sainh's Prulrl~~cy-Llxlrt All M n t ~ k l r ~Ir i for JehovnT~ God Hns Mercy nrr n Rrrnnntrt 651 15 WiIE this faithful remnant rernaln there? They w It be i "wrlctendown f r life in Jerusalem. 19 Earlier Isaiah rebuked "the daughten of Zion.isters o Israel's families and tribes. though.

24) When Jehovah inanifested himself at Mount Stnal.ahearedfmthe~~~the]r 20.'' 3 and "a b m i q h e u aw Wniscent~fhawjehop. mined ThaO b why they will be holy a3 Jehovah and receivemagg4dmpareMslIachi 3:2. " ( M u s 19:18) The cleansed exlln. will not need to €ear." aDdt *a a e d 3" "4 left Eg)rpt. It a h led them In the wildernas. and f re'fiq$e-(Psalm 91:I. (haiah 8:4. ZZ. submit to the cleansing of J e b W ' s judgment.e A both. n 31 Idah m c h & s his dnrrri tlan o d1We p r o m o n f by fmuiryy on everyday life. ThlS hm proved true I our day. and ' c l e d the b h ~ . wan often built Rw what purpose? Ib) What p m p e a ls sat bbefore tb@ h w d amant? c 23. ZOJehm thm~gh. f w Notice that k t comes the cteaming. Back in 1 1 the n 99 anointed remnant humbty submitted t being refmd? a and Jehovah "washed away'qheir undemness. ' Nau I n m n a i Vmim)How will thh deans@ be effected? By "the spirit ofjudgmenuD and by "the splrit of - t h t s c l ~ m m a n t I n t o M s l ~ m e . When f a d with the scorching heat of persecuthn and the storms of$ from the cold and storms of the dry season the rainy season~4om pare Jonah 4:5. 2. the cleansed remnant FrplIl FrhdJehumhto be their Source o prot&od. 22. was ~ . Jehovah will be their Protector. as If in 'a booth" o divine protection. semdty. {Fxodus 13:21. o hut. T & promises that he wIU take moral ath.Why has J blessed the anahbd r e m ~ nand their cornt WnS? . n r ofhm bullt in a vineyard o I a field to p m d e muchr n 4 ueed&l *elW from the burnlnIJ sun of . Since W . then the blessF in@. 121:5) A behutiful pmspwt tstset k m them: If they leaw behlnd the unclean beliefs f and practices of Babylon.3. then. T k ~ dons 'a cloud. and endeavor to remain holy. (a) Of w mt the w l t h ~ ~ n o n T ~ w l*al GWW e smoke.70 Is9iah's @phq-Lfglrt far All Mankind I jehawk God H a Mcrcy an a Retnsrast 71 burning dmm"The coming d m c t l o n ofJerwknand the W e i BabylonwiU be blasts of Gad's judgment and n burning anger on an unclean &on. [a) A booth. 20. He will wtth them whdher they gather in thelr own homa cat meet together i holy conventions. A "pillarof fire and cloud'' pmMted them from the pursuing Egyptians. they will r e main safe. the mountain "smokedall m r . cr hut. 14:19. e writes: " f i e r e will cot%? ~ ~ u b o O f h t b r o s h u d e b y d a y i r 0 r r l t h e d r y h em a td mandbgeandhra hidlngplacakwn hemimbm rrnd from dl@ ~ I ~ {Isabf! 4. The mumant: that s w v M these d a d t i l e s and Mums home will h m been humbkd.

He protech us spiritually. the remnant and thcir mmpaninm have been blessed-Jehovah has taken them i t ~ b proter-tiw his care.' How? 24 Consider this: Some of the most powerftll governments i history have banned the preaching wt~rk f Jen o hovah" Witnesses or have tded to eliminntc thcm completely." So said onc Riblc commentator referring to y the opening verses of Isaiah chapacr 5."-liomans 8:38.72 Isnlnh's Pmplrrcy-L(qht fi)r All Mtinklttd I - - CHAPTER - then. He does not rniraculousIy prevent the hcat o pcrsef culion or the storms of opposition from braring down on them. as If erect lng over thcm 'a booth for shade and for a hiding place krm the ralnstorm.Rut he does pmtect them. And he proceeded t dig Ir up and to o rid it of stones and to plant i t wlth a choice md vine. but it gmduo/ly pmduced wild gropes. - "FOR exquisltc beauty of languaw and consummate ski11 in effeeive communicatlon. SEVEN - Woe to the Unfaithful Vineyard! -lsalah."-Isaiah 5: 1. please. 2 Isaiah's parable beglns: "ktme sing. How is it evident that Jehovah has blessed his pcoplr as an or~anlzatlon? 25. More than s i n ply a work of art. it surely captures their attention. Many falthful Christians face sewrc adversities. nnttlral dirasten. the Wihesses have rcrnained f ~ r m and haw continued t preach without letup! Why have mighty nno tions been unable to put a stop to the activity o 'Ihis rell ativcly small and seemingly defenseless gmup of pwple? Recause Jehovah has placed his clean servnnls in "a hooth" of pmtection that nu human can tear down l 2s What about us as individuals? I-lav11~ Jehovah as aur Protector does not mean that we 11avc a pmhlem-fwc lifc in this system of things. What does having Jehwah as our Pmtector mean fr u s as Indio vtduals! 1. '51 a t crowd" o other shccp haw also aIiowcd f t h e m l v e to be cleansed by Jehovah. such as poverty. as inn^ as we do our best to k e q ~ ourselves holy In his sight. 4. providing what we need-even "powcr l~cyond what Is normal"-to e n d w trials faithhl1y. What does the "bclovc(l one" plant. (2 Corlnthhns 4:7) Safe in his presence. What loving cam Is cxpndcd nn the vineyard? . and to build a tower in the middle of it And these was olso a winepresz that he hewed out in i t And he kept hoping for it to produce gmpes. Most are 24. (Ilcvelatlon 7 9 ) Thus cleansed. nnthing "wlll be able to separate us From God's love. The Care of the Vineyard 3 Whether Tsalah literally sings this parable to his listeners or not. Yet. sickness. When facing such dlstres~es. y There was a vineyard that my beloved one came to have on o fruitful hillside. At the same time. and death. Isaiah's words paint a touching portrait of the loving care that Jehwah lias For his people.2. 2. this prahle is virtua11 peerless. cornpare Mark I 2:1. war. After all. these words warn us against things that displease him. to my beloved one a song of m loved one concerning his vineyard. but hcm clues It prove d i s appointing? 3.Ict us never forget chat our God i s with us.5 1 -30. we need not fear. 39.

but itgrduolly produced wlklg m p ? And now. asking Sot judgment t be rendered o him and his h p p d n t w l q l what. Chiah 5:s) Thjs was mmo monly d ~ n tn p r m t the washing away of vital topsoil. ! p ~ A 7 h e ~ r d o f ~ ~ o f ~ i s t % r s MtlMgmp. (a) Who ls tbe owner af the vineyard. cutting o r shcrot £mmanother vine. * u g f jde bemeen me and my - * Some scholars k h that cheaper t e m p m y structures. Appropriatety' he plants tW aeyand "on a fruitfulhillside. But d ~ ethe f s hoped-farharvest materialize?No. but a "choice. the o owner h a ewrg right ta q e c t &at it wlll bear fruit. 7 Yes.dqghg the land and ridIt of stones'-tdba. 4lttakhard1aatrdrkbo ~avlneyardproduce. wexe far more wmmon than stone t-I. the vineyard produces vlnsyrrd. and it must be destined br burning down. e nmy I make known t p u men what I o am ddng to my vineyard: 7hem &wil be n d n g of hs IPedge. e x b m t q work! He likely uses the k g er stones # obuild a mmcV andent times such towers t In xNed as WQM watxtmen who guarded the crops for againstthieves md animals. not grape seeds." or rich." a place where a vineyard wlt m ll h . Isaiah d-i the owner's '. (tsalah 1:8) The p e n c e o a trPwer would I da t b t unusual e r t s had f n i k been put farth by the owner i h t d f of hts "vineyard" n - 5. as it were. e s Having wo&d w hard t pmtect W vineyard. but what does he get? 6. such 8s bmths.Woe to the U ~ f i l t h F Vineyard1 I 75 probably familiar with the work uf planting a vineand W ' s daaiptron i vivid and realtsdc. Ln a mwtnmm. s aand what b the vineyard?The vineyard owner paintst the answwsto these questions when o he himself sp* "Mwr 0 pr inhabitants of l m I e m t and p man o fudah. Fn antidpatianofthh. What dtxs the owner p w y i q m t fmm his meyard. he hew m a winepress. m . #red vine"--8. There must be a 6twWng down of its Itone ww4 and It must be ddnd &a piace of tmmpling~u-Isabh 53-5. 8nd what I the v b s p'd7 ibl What ludgment d m the owner Invite? . then. Wke s vlne growers todayi tltr:pineyard c~wner plants."AIsoI he buil& a stone w d t lfne the vineyard W m m . What Is them p to do fw my vineyard k I t t h m not almdy done kt ft? Why Is it hat I hoped k>r fi to @uce grope. JehovahIs the owner of the vineyard. 7. The Vineyard rrnd Its Owner 6 Mlka i the m . or huts. ii thevlneyaKl7 The OWller@xvn m. and he has put hfmself.

(2 Kings 17:13. these branches are expected to bear fruit. her crusades. Acts 13:20) When Israel was threatened by military aggression. Uohn 151-5) They musr manifest Christlike quallticrs and partidpate In the work of preaching "this garxl news of the Kingdom. I ! 1 "Wild Grapes" 13 Having gene to extraordinary lengths to nurture and cultivate his vineyard. which served as a wall t protect them h r n being corrupted by other o nations. Hmv rlo I s a j n l ~ words mndemn Christendom. they must."-Matthew 21:3341.23) Rut ever since the death of the twelve aposllcr. How has Jehovah treated his nation like a valued vineyard? 10. Galatians 5~22. priests. 38. the prophet's love for God pales i cornpatison with the lwc n God has shown for his "vineyard"-the nation that he 31anted. (Revelation 7:9) If they are tn please the vineyard's owner. 33) With reason. the owner o the vineyard. Jesus went on t show that this pato able involved more than just literal Israel when he said: 8. What parable involving a vineyard did J m s give? "The klngdom of God will he taken from you [fleshly Israel] and be glven to a nation procludng its hits. Psalm tK):8. What is significantabout Isaiah's calllng Jehovah "my l m d one*? 9. who planted a vineyard and put a fence aromd it and dug a winepress in it and erected a tower. 11 That new "nation" ptiovd ta be "the Is& o God" f -a spiritual natlon of anointed Christians t~taIing144.g/rt for All Mnrlklrrd I Israel. 12 Therefore. Psalm 25:14.4) Je1 sus compared these discipla to "branches"on "the m e vine.'-Compare Exodus 15:17. Peter 2:9. Malachi 2:7. "my f Ioved m e . 39. Psalm 147:14. A study of her history-her wars." (Matthew 2414."-hiah 5:7a. Isaiah's condemnation of Judah applies today to Chrhtcndom. the true vineyard of anointed Chrlstbns and their "great crowd" companions must h c d Isalah's words. ant! traveled abro9d. What will Jehovah do lo his vineyard because of Its producing Imd fruit? . 6. her ~nqulsitions-reveals just how sou her frult has hecn! Nevcrtheless. the cultivators betrayed the vineyard owner. g Jehovah " p h t d " his nation in the land of Canaan and gave them his laws and regulations.76 Irainli's Prophecy-Ll. produce frultq that please him. (Galatians 6:W. (Exodus 195.10. " (Isaiah 51) Isaiah can speak of God tn such an intimate way only because he has a close relationship with Him. (Hebrews 1132. and the men of luduh am the plantation of which he was fond. Naturally. Jehovah gave them judges. What spiritual vineyard existed In the first century." Unhappily.43. and prophets to instruct them. 20. a householder.) However. Ephesians 2: 14) Furthermore. Jehovah rightfully expects it 11.9. even killing his son. 8 Isaiah caIls Jehovah. and let it out to cultivators." nnmcly. (CompareJob294. individually and a a s group. butwhat happened alter the death o t l ~ c f apostles? 12. Jehovah asks: "What is them yet to du for my vineyard that I have not already done in it?" Identifying God's Vineyard Today 1 Jesus may have had Tsaiah's words i mind when he 0 n gave the parable of the murderous cuitlvators: "There was a man. Jehovah raised up deliverers. himself. and what lesson '~ dn they hold for true Christiaus? 13.MK). t l ~ e great majority of those who daim t be o brancllrs of "'the true vine" have proved to be counterfeib -producing wild grapes instead of good frui~.-Matthew t3:24-30. Revelation 7:3.

for righteousness.-Deuteronomy 11:17." they need to 'keep strict watch that how thcy walk is riot as unwlse but as wise persons." (Isaiah 5 2 . Isaiah's contemporary Micah dedares: "Whatis J e h mh askingback horn you but t exercise justice and to Iwe kindo ness and t be modest inwalking with y w r God?" (Micah o 6:8. and you m s not prefer the peson ut of a greak one. Uame? 317) Dcspite the sexual Irnmosnllty and violence of "the present wicked systcm of things. You must not treat the lowly wlth partlsrllty.) Thcrufore. but.64. trtre Chclstianr hrtng honor to God and gain his favor. Proverbs 18:13. foomote. instead of producing usable h i t ."(Leviticus 19:lS) We must thew €oreshun partiality In our dealings wilt11 one anothcr. hc prmnally pronouncm the first of six woes: "Woe to the ones joining house to house.Hpheslans 5: 15) Thcy want to shun permissive views of sex. would he easy for Christians living in a it lawless world to develop a negative or a rehelljous attitude toward godly standads. What h i t a g e does Jehovah expectof his nation.23.78 Isaiuh's Ptia~lrecy-l. never allowing such thlnfis i ram. The nation will he 'set as a thing desboyed' and will experience abandonment and drought (Rwd Isaiah 5:6.' (Galatians 1:4. nr poverty to color our judgn ment of people. 29:22.' alwav seeking to hear both $idesol' a matter bcfc)re making judgment. 14 God expects the nation to produce good Fruits. What w l c k d ronrluct Is condemned In Isaiah's first woe? . Is part of their deviation from God's Law. and when dba~rccments arise." (Ep heslans 431 ) Ry cultivating righteousness." 24. Condemning samc of the "wild grapes" pmduced in Judah. they should settle these wlthaut "anger and wrath and screaming and abuslve . Jeremiah 221. (Lwiticus 1822) The expression "breaking of Iaw" can also be rendered "outpouring of blood" Such brutal treatment has no doubt resulted in "an outcry" b m mistreated ones-an outcry that has reached the ears of the Mmkr oft he vineyard.) Moses had warncd that they would undergo such things if they disabeyed God's Law. 28:63." (Isaiah 5:7b) Moses predicted that the unfaithful nation would produce poisonous grapes from "the vine of Sodom. including hornosermallty. "[CodJ kept hoping forjudgment. - 15 JehovahGod is "a lover of righteousnessand justice." (Deuteronomy 3232) Likely. Jehcrvah decIam that he W remove his protective "hedge"horn around the nation. wealth." literally "stinking things" or "putrid (rotten) berries. and those who annex field t field until them ir m more mom m p u o d - 17.upucch. the nation fails tu heed Jchovah's exhortation. 16 !:t~rther. (James 21-4) It is particularly important that thocc. lsaiah Is no longer quoting Jehovah's words. 16. serving in positions of oversight 'do nothIng according to a biam! Icaning. then. 13ut true Christians must be "rcady tn ot~uy"God's laws.-1 Tim@ thy 521. age. look! on outcry. buZ look! the breaking of law.bht for All Mtinklrrcl I to become "a vineyard of foaming winel" (Isaiah 27:2) However. sexual immorality. How can me Christians m i d producing the had ftulb that Brae1produd? 1 The Price of Greed 17 In verse 8.Zechariah 79) However. I 1 (Psalm 33:s) I-Ee mrnmanded the Jcws: "You people must not do In]ustlce In the judxrnent. It produces "wild grapes. Witlr justice yort should judge yotrr *soctatc.-Compare Job 3428. butwhat clocs it produce instead? 15.

and what will be the result for the nation? ."-lsalah 5: 17. Each family had a God-glven inhcrltnnce.even ten acres of vineyard will produce but one bath measure.irles lgnnre Jchovnh's law5 regarding property. and wine at their feasts. The houses they cxtort will bc "without an inhabitant. these pleasure-seekers go beyund all limits! "Thase who get drunk are usually drunk at night. which they could rent or loan out but nevcr sell "in perpchllty. "Mypeople will haw to go into exile b r Iack of knowledge."-Isaiah 5:8-10. to he content with what we have!-1 Timothy 6:8. and their crowd will be parched with thirst" (isdoh 5 7 3 tiecause of refusing to :3 act according to true k ~ ~ o w l e d God's covenant people g. such as lraE estate monopolies."The lands they covet will produce a mere Fnction of their capacity. One could easl!y kcomc cnsnaml in shady business dealings o unrealistic get-richquick schcmm. as if he would not.RO Iscria11's Prnpliccy-Light fbr All MrrrrkIr~dI men have been made to dwell alt by purrelm in the midst of the land! E my ears jehowlh of o r m h has n sworn that many houses. and their glory will be famished men. and they have defrauded an able-bodied man and his household. a n were greedily breaking God's laws tegarcling pmpeq. who are llngerlng till /ate in the evening darkness so that wine ltsetf inflames them! And there must prove lo be harp ond stringed instroment tambourine and flute." (Leviticus 25:23) 'This law prevented abuses. but Its own future will not be hfessecl. and what wlIl be the result for them? 2r). 19.?ys af getting money. Flow can Christian? todav avoftl Irnltatltlg ttic #rcetEv altltudc \Itown by some in Israel? 11 Woe to t h e U~rffllHtfirl Vlr~~ynrrll When material t h i n ~ s take on exag~eratec1 importance. - 21. but the activity of Jehovah they do not look wt. Some i Judah. 'Timothy 1:I1 ) How(1.'" 19 Jehovah promises to strip these greedy ones of thcir ill-gotten gain." says the BibIe. also houses. 72. It aIso pmtected farnilics from sinking too f r into poverty. Isaiah pwdicb a dilrk future for such ones. What sins are cnndernnt?d In Isainh's scmnd woe? 22. a man and his hereditary possession. (Proverbs 27320) 18. 22 Jehwah is "the happy God" and does not begrudge his servants reasonable rccr~atlon. How do Isaiah's cnntempclr. at least In part. and have taken them. 20 Christians today must abhor insatiable greed Ilkc that manifcsted by some Israelite5 back ihcn. wer. (1 Thessalonians 5 7 ) nut the revelers of the prophecy begin their drunken spms at dayhreak and carry on drinking into the ~veninx! 'I'hcy behave ar i f Cod did not exist. wl/i become an outright obpct of astonishment without on inhobitant For . Micah wrote: 'They have desired fields and have reizcd them. What tack of restratnt Ir rnantfvbt In Isracl." (Proverbs 2820) How important it Is. I t I The Snare of Questionable Entertainment 21 Next comes Isaiah's second woe: "Woe lo those who are getting up eor/yin the mornlng that they may seek just intoxicating liquos. it is easy to stoop to unscrupulous ru. then. to the conditions brought on I y thc future I3ab ylnnian exile. though g m t and good. and m n a homer measure of seed will produce but an ephah measure.-Isaiah 27:lO. howcver." (Micah 22) Ibt l'rvwrbs 20:2t warns: "An inheritance is being got by greed a t first. Exactly how and when thls curse will be fulfilled is nat stated. Likely it refers. "He that is r hasteningto gain riches will not rcrnain Innocent. 18 In ancient Israel all land ultirnatcly belonged to Jehovah. holrl them accountable for their actions. and the work of his hands they have not seen.

What matnt and znodemtivn are Chkthm al d upon te an show? 25. produce godly Eruit ratmint and moderatjon in ~ e f choice of r -tian. Unrestrained use o alf coholic beverages has a u s d some to k m e loud and boistmw. they mbt o thfryFs.d~thatlYgwdfsbadand'badisgoodP 4ompmJeremiah&IS. and a wkh s wugon & E s .do&Rmmeqer~. and gatherings have &n a l l M to go on inbaferhgwrth C h r M m activities the 26 What a vMd picture this paints o prackbrs of sin1 f They are attached to sin the way draft a d m h are tfed to wagons. 26.* o %d pmksb" were also a problem r among some Chris&ms in the lint emhuy. next day. - 23.em who s: h h o 'kt his wo& has- ten. T h e &men do not f a r any coming day o f judgment.aRutwmcgrknw~~'w0eto whoatesup tiwe Ing €hatgoad Is h d omi bod Is @ thobe who UR put.hkrhfhatw~sesit. not in m1rks 9 n 24 and exe- and drunken bouts? 25 Hear now Idah's third and fourth woes: Woe & those d f w h g arrw with topes of! 5: 23 "Rw&es. [GWans 5: 21. 2 E'eter 213)So it b not surprising that some dediad today have shown poor judgment when Itcomes t~ s d gatherings. 2 Peter 3:3-7.l go down into Shed.rtnd kt the c w d of the Holy One of I s d drnw near and w m . 24. those who r r am puttfng Bmw far sweet and s w a /Or bM*-4mbh 5:78-20. ting dothas h light and light h dothess. and the I . What wideed thfndiiag i his third and fouxth woes? n f i e Lra&tes dws Isaiah expose . They head Paul's &ice found at Romans 13: 13: 'A I the daylime let m walk decently. &'r@&z.-Read mW l~akfh 14. Macbgly they say "fRt [Gad's 1 come qulcklyl" Rather than submitting t God's Law. (Proverbs m1) There have even k n those who behaved ~o~ under the inauenm of acesive atmhol.Is%iuhlsProphrry--Light for All Muwkf d I v k t d l y ail -5 -the high. Balanced Ch+sdml h m m r .

in direct contu the apostle Paul's warnhgs at Romans 1 1 . Wwtsmat~amdemmLIn ' s i i n a l and. Mahaddsthesebaiwaes: %bedo thosewkin theirown qesunddrscreetem In frontof Ekeir wwt faces! IYoe fo those wbo am rn#gMyIn dtfnkfng he. 10. Gdatians 6:7.8. and who b e away k em^ the r $ h k w s of ~ ~/@hkws one 1Lorn Mmlu ~ the ( h i a h 527-23)These w w b were evidently addreBsed t o those swing a jsu i the land. ea ZsApproprWeIy.g t fir All Mdnkind d pt qU h help those who haw Zzllen and need ~ sU ~ E5: ~ S 14. Cangregatl~n n eiders today amid seernhg #wiseh their own e y ~ ~ . %*27. D e V a hEtugpg b e h e cmyhg out m r p gq tion mpmities.anddD~menwZthMm~formMgIntkxld n g# w q &me who m prwlounchg the wicked one . 1 Corinthians 14:s) T h q are modate in their u e of dcohohc s beverages. ~ 7 humhey bly accept mmd b m Mw elders and adhere doseo ly to orgmbational W c l i o n s . s p M W muwry is p"sib1e. and :8 FpheSimS 53-5. Othmvk. (Hosea 4:ll) Eldm also m i d gMng even the appearance of s h m i q hritlsm.34) bther than mock4gGadmdlming~ofthecomingdaJrof m .Isatah's m ie ." (John8. ( P m b s 15. how ran ~ ~ ckrMW~ m i d such 29. 15) With the aid of pmyers and Biblehed counsel. there i the dans ger of bwmhg "a&m of sin. 29 h i a h concludesthis propheticma&q@ destrlblng by 28. t UuMans strive bo mmh uspotlessand unblemished"b h J&mah--Z Peter 314. s? u . righmus in considmtion ofu hibe. (lama 2 9 ) Haw Werent from the clergy of Chdstendornl himy o f these whitewash the h h e n t i d and d t h y sinners In their midst. What cabmitow 4 amits Jehovah's k a e W vlneyard? ~ . 1 Codnthhs 6:9.

(a) Doe5 lsaiah acluatly src Jchwah? Explaln. got to see jehovah. thc 6th chapter of the hook o Isaf iah begins. 25.1:. and even the light has grown dark because of the drops fulling on it. 30.Jeremiah 51:27. for the most part. building.Jeremiah 515. I:. (Compare Isaiah 18:3. his heart b c o came haughty.*He will 'whistle to it. Hosea 9:16. . ond. and.'Llsalah 926. It is t l ~ e 778 11. 1)oing what "was right in Jehovah'seyes.) Now Jehovah himself will raliy this unnamed "great natlon" to execute hb [udgrnent. (h) What rcene does Isaiah beholrl. But his success also came t be his undoing. (Isaiah 5: 24. #and bring it safely away" Into " captivity. Isaiah idensffies Babylon as the natlon that cxecutes Jehovah's devastating judgment on Judah. and wlth what outcome? 31. the vineyard that God x. 2 (a) When does the prnphet Iselah rcctivc his temple vlslon? . God's nation. Malachi 4 2 ) He declares: "2lehovahI has mised up a signal f a grwt nodon fur mfi and he a has whistled to it at the extremity o the earth.C. year 2 Uzziah's reign of 52 ycats as king of Judah r m . Who wf1l rally "a great nation" against Jehovah's people.~nrl rage act his against the priests who censured him. 30 In ancient times a pale on an elmated site could serve as "a signal. a brilliant aucrrss. The prophet next describes the swift and terrifying onslaught o these IionLilce conquerers who will "gmb hold of the f p v 8 that is. What a powerful lesson Isaiah's words hold for all who would serve Jehcwah today! May they skiw t bear nothing o but righteous h i t . CHAPTER EIGHT lehovah God Is in His Holy Temple %ITHE year thut King Uzlah died I. (Read Isaiah 5:27-300. ti1 sce the Creator. nut: what hc sccs with his physical eyes is clearly a vision." (John 1: 18.' that 1 draw its attention ta 5 his wayward people as an object worthy of conquest.~ithfully agalnstJ e h a vah his Cud and crltrle Into the tcrnplc of Jchovah to burn incense. and agrlc~ilturalventures."-Isaiah 5305. {b) Why did King V~llah lusc Jcllovi111'5 favor? 3.) And what a sad result for the land of Jehovah's people! "One will actualw gaze at the land. look1 f in haste it will swiftly come in. How can true Christians avoid s w f i r t n ~ puntshrnent Inflictthc erl on Jehwah's Israebte vineyard? . 3 We are not told whcrc Isaiah is stationed when he sees the vision. for people ns arrnlcs." he enjoyed Gorl's hacking in his military." Becitttse of thlr presump~iiou!. 31 Yes. look! there is distressing darkness. as "no man has seen Cnd at any iimc. however. lwIngEy planted prwes Itself to be barren-worthy only of destruction. (2Chronicles 26:s-22) It was about this time that Isaiah started his prophetic strrvicc. Jehovah."or rallylng polnt. Exodus 33:20) Still. and his skim were fillEng rhe temple. "so that hc aclcd un F.ventunlly. sitting on o throne lofty and lifted up. even 1. not an actual sighting of the Almighty. Deutcrt~no- . ant1 fur what reamn? my 28:49. Uzziah dicd a leper." (lsaiah 6 7 ) With these : words sf the prnptrct.86 Tsainh's Prophecy-Llxlrl f i r All Uanklrrd r - a calamitous end for those who "haw mjected the low of jehowh" and have failed to bear righteous fruit. t Jehovah's praise and to their o m o salvation ! - In nther prophecies.

thcy o v e r thcir lcct with another set. Ikvclat . Isajah is Wing called t a prophetic service that will o magnifyJehovah1s sovereign power md justice. They are "standing above. Daniel 7 9 . nf 7.o Jehovah. they cover their faces with one f sct of wings. and with two he would fly about" (fsuiah6:2)Isaiah chaptcr h is the only place in the BibIe where we find mention of wraphs. Wifh two he kept 11. holy.88 Isainh'r P f ~ p ~ l c c y . Each one hod six wings. They are nut literal descriptions of Jehovah's presence. Psalm 191-3. the visions present in 1111man terms the information that is to he c o i ~ v q ~(Comd." suggests that they radiate brlghtncss. holy is lehowrh of armies." Thi5 not as supcrlor t. (a) Why must descriptions oflehwah seen In vislon and rccortled in the Bible be syrnhnlic? @) What is learned about Jehmlali Imrn Isaiah's vision? 5. (Ezeluel 1:25-28. hut as waiting on him. nor can the finite human mind colnprchend the spirit realm. lo hovcr. (Numkrs 1421.L l . 4 Isaiah provides no description ofJehovah'sappeamncc in his vision-unlike the visions reporred by kckiel. The physical eye cannot ssue what is spiritual. The term "seraphs. The vlslon informs h a lah that Jehovah is in his holy temple and that he is holy and his judgmrllntr are pure. Hence. (a) Who are the seraphs. 6 The seraphs use thcir third set of wings for flying and. o which the earth is a part. Qose to the h i vcrwl Sovereign. 7 I. and with twcJ he kept his feet covered. ntw.'" Elsaiah 6:3)'I'hcirasflgnmcnt i? to SIT that Jehovah's holiness ir dcclared and that his glory IFacknowledged throughout the universe.)As to their position. f but thcy hovered abovc the rnhc bdonging to Him with whlch the hall was filled. thc seraphs an.And those accounts all vary as to what is seen in heaven. or 'stand. they occupy their position in d l l~t~mlllty modesty. Ihniel. to thnsc privileged seraphs! "This one called to that one and said: 'Holy. ~ h t All M ~ rkinrl 1 fir r in vision. 6 What is thc po%llion thc ncnphs In relatlon to Jehmah? . he will be given a vision of God's holiness. In preparation. and what does the term mean? (1. the nature and purpose of thesc vi3 sions must be borne in mind. which symbolizes his role as everlasting King and Judge." (I:ot?~t?rc~lfi~ry the Old Testuon ~vrrrrt) sccms rcasonabic.j m 42. I'rtlfessor Franz l>clitXsch cnmmcnts: "'l'he seraphim would not indeed tower above the hcnd o Him that sat upon the throne. (Compare Ileutcmnomy 31 :IS." meaning "fiery ones" or "burning ones. obedien t and rcady to serve.s face covered. yet they hide their faces lrorn lhc greater hrlllianw and glory ofJehovah.lrten.) Why do the seraphs hide their fams and fect? I I . bdng stationed about Jehovah's heavenly throne. The Seraphs 5 Listen! Isaiah continues: "Semphsw m standlng above him. all the more selfeffacing. no doubt. Obviously. 1O. they arc angelic creatures in Jehovah's 4. so as not to distract from CmI's penonal glory. and John. flowing robe f i l I the ternp1e.ak EWl~atas3l~nment lthc scrap117 fulf~ll? Why dn the sertlo [b) a p h rlc~law (intl'q h~illne%s Il~ree Zlnles? . '. pare Revelation 1:l. and with reverence for the holy location. The fullness of all the earth is his glory. Unlike pmud King Umiah. is the Universal Ruler and Source of all rightful government! The skirts of his long. His glory f is wen in all that hc created and will soon be discmned by all earth's inhabitants. Sitting on a lofty throne. 3 However.' in their places.) In Isaiah's vidon a description nf God's appearance is not necessary. Recause o being I the presence and f n o thc heavenly Sovcrcign. is an awesome sight. I servlce who rank vcry highly in privileges and i honn or.

Why does Isaiah k l dxead at seeing the vlsion? 0 . Although U a d ah saw the goIm hpstands. moh or a cbud often provides &Ible evidenceof God's p m c e . and his senrants must reflect that quality. {Exodus 19:18.6ndhamonga~unclerrnhIiprI am dwelling. In melodious song they repeat one after anuther the &b t l o n of God's h o W and glory." ({soIdh 6:41 h the Bible. (1Kings 7:48-50. What result do we note? Listen again as Isaiah continua: '7he phts o the f thrwhoIds BegPn t q ~ at k wko of the one cadC u thtr IN. H recards: "I m e d e d t wy:W e to mel h r e o 1 am rn g o d QS h q h t t sllmce. the propnet ~ i u m not bnrsh aside the on the m q l e . for my grips haw seen the King. (Campare Rwelation 4:8-3 Jehovahis holy to m superlative d e w .ll." he did f not see Jehowh's h e o approval or m e any sp&d f l v commission fromhim. 1 Kings 8:10. 40:34. he reasons that he will die. ! t a Although the number of seraphs is not mentioned. foolnote) On the - 8. t look upon "theKing. i vision. Jehovah t9 holy. kwlation B S 8 ) It denotes a gImy m which we human aeahw camat approach. Yet CIeansed 9 This Asion ofJeh~ah7s throne has a profound & & on Isaiah. W h mdts from the seraphs* declmtfons? 0. it fs a threefold emphashing ofa ' s holiness. hao lah h allawred.35. the gotden al&r of i n cense. 'holy' hob. (1 R k I:lS. J & m h of annles. 16) Although Isaiah has a h d y been chosen as a sp4bmm f r God. Unworthy. he sees a vision priesthood or of Jehovah i his holy mple md is honofed Wth a an red commission from God. d Filled with fesr. Yet. (a) What affect dm5 t r vision have on I mi&? (b] What con-t R fs evldent between Isaiah and IUng Uzzhh? other hand. himself!'" (Isaiah6:s) What a stark comast there is between Isaiah and King Uwahi U a a h usurped the position of the andnbd priesthod and impioudy h d e the Holy compmeslt: of the temple. hhmdf!" f 1 The con0 that hiah sees between God's holiness and his own sinfulness mab hlm f most unclean. Rather. holy. but e hb m Ups are d e a n and are further sullied by the u d a u of the M p s of ?hepeople among whom he n en w dwells and whose speech he beats. he 1s struck with the realization of hrs sinful o - 1 . and the house &dfgrrrduu#y Med wftk smoke." is no evidene ofa IMnlty. Jehovah n o o armies. (Exodus 33: 20) H hears the seqphs praise God with clean Ups.90 Isalrrh's Pmpkw-Llghtfir All M~nklad r Habakkuk 214) Tlw threefold dedaradon. Whlle t h e seraphs do n& presume t Look upon the enthroned Loxd of the temple. there may be groups of seraphs stationed near the W e . and the table o "the bread of Presence. h a u s e a mrm tino rlwninllpIum.

hemnly altar that mvs oe the uncleanness ofIsaiah's Ups. repentaw of grrater things. Wheo n e .Just before the curtain of the Most Holy was the small altar of incense and in h n t of the entrance t the smctmy was the large o altar of sadfm.'"(lro h h 6:8) The question pmpwnded by Jehovah is deadp Wlgned t elicit a mpnse from IsaiahI as no other huo man prophet appears in the vision. What will the hearesponse be? U Instead o b a n i s 9 lrrwfy IsaIah from be€w Jehof vah's pmwncer the setaphs act t help him. the burnt offer@ u p the aitar when the temple was InaugmaW by King Solomon.13]But these earthly 4Ptaxs B. 11. 9 3 10:s-10) It was fite from heam that consumed 2. and wbat I s the effKtof fire? t 3. and who wkcl go for us? And / proceadsd t ~ a y' :H e m I am! Send me.21.m applying the @owing coal from the holy fire of the dtar to Isaiah's lip. 16:12. It is mmhkably an clude when he says "usPl' 12. (Levfticus 612.Ichuvah God Is trt His Holy ?IrmpL condilh~ ladcj the dean Ups befitMng a s p o h m m and of the gloriausand holy King. 13 Let: us Wen with h h h . 12 Remind@ w again that thb is a &Ion is the mention of *the altartarn (Compare Mation 8:3. (Hebrews 85. 5:18. a n d y a u r w w h e r -andyoursin Itreffk aWW"(IsProP1 T off the &I: And he p m a k d to touch my morrtk endwimtdowtMs ~YnbOliZe? How can &ecUng on what the seraph tens Isaiah fb) help ui when we feel unworthy as W'sservants? . handthemmaghwlngcoalthathehadtakend& -Whatdwsaneoftheseraphsb. What altar dws Isaiah me.the seraph assum bafrah that Ma a h haw been atoned for to the extent newismy t enable him to a recek Gud's EaPor and a wmmlssion. (a1 bd. and whom doa he in- cm t o ~ * & o k l ~ h a r ~ y o u r i l p s . 913. were t)rpical. How msurlng this Is t us! W e b o o a r e W and uaw~rthyboappnwrhGod o But mk n r e k m e d by the merit o Jesus1 b f rzmsom s a d h i and can receive Gad's favor and approach him In prayer. 7 ) X a sylnbaIic s wf has puripurlf power. What questkon d m J e h a h propound. w m the fire was kept constantly bumh ing. The recod o s m t w H A t W o p l e o f f h e ~ ~ f k w d&inhis o.) Thm mtpWJ altas at the temple in J e d e r n . (2 Chrdcles 7:13) And now it Is hfrom the true.-2 & ~ ~ W E M S 1 John410. '1 began b hear the vake of jhovoh saflttg: M o r n rhall I send.

The majority will be 1 . - 14. HOW b h i a h y n d to Jehovah's imltatiion. "Who will go for ~ 7 By swttchhg " from the stngular paonal pronoun "I" t the plural proo noun 's" Jehovahnow Indudes at least one &peru. he Imedhl~ly replie: "Here I - 16The fault lies wlth the people.J t h m k God is In His Haly X W p l e am!Send me." (Isabh 6:9. as did Isaiah. Who? Was this not Ms orilprbegotten Son. and p i h e theh w w tag&& y that they may not see W#J their e p and wlth their e m h )may not k a r .-John 1:14. O men. but do not get any knowle@e/ e Make the heort o thk people unreceptlw. and that thek own heart may not une. it a was this same Son to whom God saf4 "LRt us make man i our image? (Genesis 1:26. no o how faithfully Isaiah Nm his task. they faltht f d y stick t their assignment and amrnpllsh the "wito nm to ail the nations. 4 what ex. 10) Does this mean that blah Is ta be blmt and tactless and repel the Jm. Proverbs8:30." despitewidepmd unrespaasim nm. Isaiah s @ t th "again and again/ hit they wlll not accept o -m the mesage or gain u h t a n d l n g .31) Y s n e. (a) What Is Jsalah t say to "this people: and what will be 5 a their response7 (b) b the mctlon o the peoplc due ta arry fault an f Isaiah's pact? &plain. and s agdn and again.' (Matthew &kN)L& Wab." Neither does he ask what he e h t galn by ampthg the agslgnment. 15 Jehwah now outlLn& what Isatah is t~ say and what the response will be: "Go. and you must suy to this people. dmtPnd and that they m y not cKduaI& turn bClCk cfnd get hwlhg Ibr themselw. *HenI am! Send me. keeping them at odds with Jehovah?Absolutely not1 These are Isaiah's awn people f r whom ha feels an a f i a iv But Jehovahrs words indimtt! how the people will respond t his message. 14 Idahdoes not hesitate torespond1 Regmiles o what f the message might be. bowing that thelr c o m m o n has the highest authsrfzatbn. he . HISuvl1lhg splrlt Is a fine example for all ~f God's servanb Myfwho have the c o r n sicm t peach the 'good n w of the kfngdom fn aU € o h Wd earth. alongside Jehovah i the heavlenly courts i his onlyn s begotten Son. but do not undemnd. 'Hmr -In and agahr. 16. ample ~ O E S set fur w. who t m b m m e the man Jews Christ?Indeed. But why does Jehwah ask. and make their f my eurs u n m p n s k . son with himself.# invitation for Isaiah to be Jehovah'srnesmyp. A d they go farward with mnFidene.

fust like the slump o a rnwW f that Is klled. (2 Wngs 231-26) j e h d assure^ Mb8bitamtJI.'a mth. when there Is a cumg down d them. as if W y blind and deat By going t them ~ e p a t d l y .IU(krahh 6:fl. the bad apldtud stare of the peo 4 wntfnue.a holy seed/ will remain.a holy seed wiii be the stump of ita (Isuioh 6:13) Yes.Jehwahlsangww shows that the bad spirltua1 sbk of the people d l anthue until the ftlll mnsequmca of &bedieme to God. (Levlths m21-33. . 19 Destructton that will' leave~udah "ruinedInto a d m WonA brrund t come.and the dwe-d condI#on d m hornsm y exfenh / n thmldstdtheIcmd. no doubt. m ahere Is a stump. how longwiI1 the senseless slfttation go on? l&Alas. 'IBough the nation e x w m . what assurance l aoes God g h Isaiah? .1So. 17 Isaiah is con-& #At #Is 1 said: 'How Iong 0 j&ovdtrfimhsmM:%vi:Ithedortuallyareshin~fn. Althougtt the ntltlon win be Mled Ik a me. 19.artdItmurt@n~~eso~ns~~fwbumhgdown. and IsClomh actually mmm e a ~ l h g h rnen r w. conunuing Inta the Ngn of 17. b h h wlU keep faithfullyat h!s c~m&on until he dies.12)Bya&ng. as outlined I his n cwwmtE fulfilled. They will ta p m that they m shutling their minds and hmts to Isaiah's message-God's mew@-ta them. he i concerned abwt the people and asks haw long s t h l x bad spiritual stake will continue and how long J&CF vah's name will be dishomred on earth. the people will o be deported. m m than 100years before that natlonal diwikrocc~~s. and the land will lie desotate.Isalah will let "thiis peao ple" show that they do not m i undenmd. Thfs wurme. "Row long?"to what does he refed 18.~ to k without an Infrabitm~ the homs be w&hwt and eorthihg m. although he wfll prophesy for over 40 yeas.Isaiah's Prophecy-Light fir All Mankind I Jekavah God B In HI3 HaEy Temple 97 stubborn and u n m p e .a d the gmund I W k rulned inbo a koluthn. comforts Isaiah-a holy m n a n t will be b u d within bfs people. . and wtll Isaiah jive to see the pmphecy's complete &mt? King U W Sgwat-pdson & H Still. Until when Wll. then. #How hg?' -1 is not askinky how long he wU1 have to anthue. (See Psalm 74911. but the situation Is not hope i s o 'ThZ Will less. How true this L ~f people today1So many of them refuse t Wm t Jehoo o vah's Mn tas they preach the good news o the inf coming Wngdom of W. When W h asks. hao er.mSeablg~u~~armw s h t in &&. Deuteronomy are 28:49-48} The ration will come t ruin. bhhwill nM live to see the destmdlon o Jerusalem and M temple f by the Babylonian army In 607 &C&. p m c b g t an unrspnsive people.

and f n i m they hear in vain.that i holy to Jehovah. JesusChrist. a vie t a i ~ t l n n p ~ f t h e ~ i ie c w l~ m i . lookin& they look i valn. TheJews i Jam' n day vwre no more wflllng t acoept the m o q than were those t whom the prophet Isaiah preached (Isaiah k4) o The use of Uusbatlons was a feature ofJesus' ministry. 2. M d k 0 1 . a Gody fearlng~emnant~fromexlleinEaby1an. 'By hearing. wuch says.2 23 I quotlng fmm Isaiah. I time.rtriahm? &)WWBBseed1!l the irst mtuq the 'holy n s n d ~ ~ t t p d ? (Isatah 8:f & 61:1. They made themselves blind and deaf t his o sage and H h w h met with destntctlon. like ablg w cut down for fuel. 2) Thb occurred when the Rornan f w uau derG@n~Tltwcame~~J~eminTOCJL - .10. but to those people It is not grantedThis Is why I speak t than by the me o lUuStmtlom. xmelther do they get the sense of it. that they might new see with thdreyesand hmrwiththeireaffandgetthesawofit wlth their hmts and turnb & and I heal them'"-Mat. and they remd m e worship to the lana This ratmation o theJews to thelr f God-given homeland made passible a s a n d fuHillment of this propheq that Jehovah gave to Isaiah."-Hebrews 105-9. What was that t be?-o 1:14 ( a b h h l s prophetic task foreshadowed the work that the Messiah. 22 Like l &i . Thlspmmptdhisdisdplesmask:W h y l s i t y a u ~ E o them by the use o illutmtlom?"Jesus replied: "E'a you f It is g a w to understand tbt! s a d semAs of the kingxn dom of the heavens.Itwill h l ~ l f an be a seed.96 Isaiah's PMphecp-Light fir All Mankfnd I J'arRaugh God h in Hta Hoip lbmppk 99 a repea€& burning. thew 13:lQ 11.-Compe Job 147-9. 4I W fdhkm. Psalm 4Q:M. The people as a n whole had a heart attitude Wte that of theJewsi Isa=hht5 n day. ot 06. would do some 800 years later. Wng: " M k t I a m e to m do p u t will. 2Q. Hebrew5 2113. 241.Went years after the land of Judahhad been desolated. and. and towad them the prophecy of Isaiah Is having f u W e n t . looking. it s n will sprout againJand the bee will regrow.hh 8:9. Jewwas showing that the n pmphw had a merit i his day. you will hear but by no means get the sense of it. {a) Wth w a r n & f s pmplwq 3 4 a brat-centuryhtl. Jesus was just as wWng t be o sent by hls heavenly Father.beo f cause. Luke 4:16-21. 1. (Matthew 233538. s and with thatrearsthey h m heardwithwt wpumerand they have shut their eya. How m the k part of Isaiah's propby ipidally fulfilled? 1 t 5L23. DstnieI 4%.13-15. Fox the heart of t h i s people h grown umcepttye. Did the words of the prophcym e true?Ye. you will look but by m m c m see. Jaw faithfully carded out his w e d s h work and met with the same readion.Theyre built the temple and the city.14) Although g r e w than Isaiah.

C. (Malachi 3:1) Like Isaiah. s they say: "Here I am!Send me. come trp to jerusnlern for war ogoinst if and he proved unoble to war against it.E. and how do ~ess they pond? Facing a Decision 2 Much like an artist who defines the outline of a new palntlng wlt h a few sweeping strokes. the apostle Paul found himself under house arrest in Rome. and what does tNs indicate? 25. the king of Ismel. however. It Is the dghth century R. Then t h q w i t h d m . Isaiah 6:9. I ISAIAH chapters 7 and 8 are a study in conbasb."--Galatians 6:1 . But. wherear Ahaz gave way to fear. Tsa iah and h a z both belonged t a nation dedimted t Jeo o hmral~." Zealousty. Jesus pronauncecZ these "happy." (Luke 21:20-22) Thus the "hoIys c d " that had exercised faith and that had been formed into a spiritual nation. 3. (Matthew 713. What application did Paul make of Isaiah's prophecy. 25 SimiIarly! Jehovah's Witnesses today discern that Jehovah God is in h holy temple. What summary does l~aiah give I hb openlng wmrds? n . 14. indeed." was saved. He had inlormcd 51) them that when they saw "Jerusalem surrounded by en- 1 - CHAPTER NINE camped armies. 24. they sound the warning rnessaF about the approaching end of this wicked system of things. Why the different reactions? Since Christians today are likewise surrounded by hostile forces. There he a r r a n ~ d meeting with a "the principal men of the Jews" as &ll as others and gave them a "thoroughwitness concerning the kingdom of God. What have maernday W m s e af God discerned.10. 6 24 About 60 CE. . (A& 28:17-27.20) So Jcsus'disciples carried out a commission comparable to that of Isaiah Trust in Jehovah in the Face o Adversity f Isaiah 7:l-8. Isalah. the king of judoh. In 66 CE."-baiah 7:1. faced the threat with confidence in Jehovah." they should "beginfleeing to the rnnuntabs. as Jesus indicated.responding t a Jewish m l t . the son of Jothamthe son of Uniah.18 ." (Matthew 13:16-23. Paul explained that this was in fulfillment of Isaiah's prophecy. that Rezin the king of Syria and Pekah the son of Remaliah. Ahaz has succeeded his 1 1 GWhy benefit by exarnlnlng Isaiah chapters 7 will Chrlstlans today and 8? 2. are those who incline their hearb to listen and "get healing for themse1ws"I-Isaiah 6:8. Yet. relatively few people open their eyes and ears to see and hear and be saved."When many would not accept his message. Roman forces under Ceso tivs GaUus surrounded Jerusalemand penetrated the city as far ar the temple walls. they de well to examine these two chapters of Isalah to discover what lessons they contain. all&ngjesus' disclplcs to flee to the mountains ofPerea before the Romans returned in 70 C. and both faced the same thmat-thc invasion of Judah by superior enemy forces.ion Isaiah's PrupIt~cy-Llght for All Mcrrtkind I demolished the city and its temple. one as a prophet) the other as a krng of Judah. Isaiah starts h acs count wlth a few broad statements that mark the b w ning anrl the end o the events he is about to relate: "15 f come about in the days of Aha.) Happy. "theIsrael of God.E.some had listened to Jesus and had berome his disaples. both had God-given assignments.

" (isaiurh Z ) 3 Just W! A a t h e when the klng should t belooking for Jehmdfsp q M and asking forguidaram. Isaiahwlllf@yohpJebwah Similarly.a king cwex Judah. ilk o Ehequhdngof t h e ~ o f t h e b m t b e c m s e o fwind" a ( I d R2)Yes. " report w a made & the house of n a M d . W ' s p p l e t o d q i s to dhtte and his people t o learn that the Syrians and the L i m U b have teamed up atid that their armies are at thls wry moment encamped on Ephmim's Wel's) so& They are merely a twu.H m .or *-day marchfromJ-em! 5 J&ovah telk Isaiah:"Go ou2 please. I what w w da Gad's peaple today resemble [satah? n Isaiah took SheurJoshub along when he mnwyed Iehmh's message to Ahar . sayfry: '5yrffa hm l e a d upon EphmIm. 2 Chronicles 2. the prophet has to go and h d the king1 mfen so. M n . (2 Kings l&S.'And hi3 he& and the heart ofhis pmpk beyan t g u k . the king of Syrlai and BkaIr. learn l m a . Eo tha end of the conduit of the upper pod by the highway Of the iuundiynan's Wd.14) H m satf isfying &at each year hundreds of thousands respond t o the visits o these preachers of the good news and take f hold of Jehovah'sp hand1 ~~ - 4. and their armies hit hard. Why am the heam of Ahaz and h s people Wed wlth feat? i S. 4 Earlier i the war. thw wlU beskge J@rusalem W. the king o the northern kingdom of Israt4 f b a d e Judah.85-8)Why? That we will 6.sdilygomttoliridpoplewhoarefearfdbemwof the pressures o this world (Matthew 24:6. Eventually.15 01 aabha PmpR#cy-Light for AlE Manklttd I father. Jotham. to metllha4 you and Shear-*hub your son. the siege will fall.

6) The Syrc-Tsraelite league schemes to conquer Judah and replace Ahaz a son of Ilavlcl. Inc. whose name means "A Mere Remnant WiU Return. thus assurlnfi him that his sans would rule over Jehovah's people. c n God's pcnplc today are strengthened hy knowing that the tlme left for Satan's world is running out." (Isaiah 7:f) Through Isaiah. meals the strategy o Judah's f enemies. within 65 years Israel will no l o n ~ e exlst as a people. Why? Because JeI hovah God made a covenant with King David. Clearly. It has become 5 . not only Isaiah's messas but also the n meaning of Isaiah's name and that of his son glve hopc t those trusting i Jehovah.104 Isaiah's Prophecy-Ll. pngm 62 rlrld 758. becuuse F o the hot anger of Rezin and Syria and the son of Remaf lid?. 8.7. Judah is in danger. Jellcf vah dcclarrs: Yt wijl not stand.through Isaiah. meaning "Salvationof Jehovah. shotlld give Ahaz courage. Here is what they are planning: "let u go up s against judah and twr it aport m d by brwkthmughs toke it for o u m k .' A h a need not cl rcad Syrian King Rezin or Israelite h g Pekah. says: "Unless you people haw foith. see I n s ~ han t / - IJw Srriptr~rrs. (a) What heartening message does the prophet convey to KIng Ahaz? @) What situation exim today? 7 Why do Isaiah's name and that of his son give mason for hope? . with its specifr f timctnhle. but o n the name Isaiah." (/solah 7:8) Yes." (Isaiah 7:4 When the attackers ravaged Jludahcarlier. the son of Tabeel. 7 I Ahaz' day. the attack on Jerusalem 1 now more than a war b m c c n nations. I the same way." signals that Jehovah will prwide deliverance. Isaiah gives him Jehovah's message: "Watch yourself and keep undisturbed. since Jehovah. their anger was a hot as flames. Her days are numbered. 10 Rrhaps Ahaz' face registers disklkef. ( 2 Samuel 7:11. r htough [satah." (Isaiah 75. Do not be afraid. and do not let prrr heart /&elf be timid because of the two tajl ends a these smoking logs." Jehovah. Christendom resembles a log that is nearly burned up. Now. Rue. Jehovah tells Isaiah to take with hm his son Shear-jashub. with tlldr man. I 1 side It.rht for All Mrrnklrid I 6 Isaiah finds Ahaz outside the walls of his More T h a n a War Between Natf ons 8 Jehovah. stntggte k t w c c n Satan and Jchovah. Christendom'sleaders have subjected true Christians to fiery persecution. the klng Is inspectIng the city's water supply. though. publishrrl by the Watchlower nlhle ant1 'lract Society of N u York." This assurance. Jehovah says that not only will 111c siegc oaf Jerusalcm fail but "within just sixty-five years Ephruim wlll be shattered iW pieces so a not to be s a people. 1 '1 Jehovah's Loving Assurances Wlll the scheme o Syria and Brael succeed? No. Today it is similar. p u will in that c w not be of long duration. Volume 1. in preparation for the expected siege. neither wilt it take place. m 1 9. What asquranctls should give courage to Ahaz a well as t Chriso tians today? 10."-Isaiah96. the "I'rince of Pea~-e. (a) I Iuw can true ChrlstIans today ImltateJehwah?@) What offer d o ~ J e h o v a make to Ahax? h . son of Remaliah." Even when the kingdom of Judah finally falls. where. Why is the attackon Jerusalemmore than a war hchwen aatluns? I * For further dctalls about this pmphecy's fulhllment. Cad will mercifully bring a remnant back to the land. and let us make another king d g n in6. 16) What a triumph for Satan i f he ccluld install some other myal dynasty on the throne in Jerusalem! I le might even frustrateJehovah'spurpose for !)avid's linc to prrduce a permanent heir. Now they are meres ly 'two tail ends of smoking logs. For centuries.

" God is with judah and will not allow his covenant with David to be nullilicd. although many do not readily respond to the Klngdorn message. he lol. "went on speaking some more to Ahaz. It is possibly at this point that the king sends a large sum oi money . However. Olncrvrr. 15 Here is good news for anyone fearing that the Invadets will put an cncl to the Davichc line of kings. This assures us that Jehovah does not reject humans rashly.' Jehovah is truly kind Ahaz i s already reportedly worship L g false gmls and following disgusting pagan pratims. the ground of whose two kings you are feeling o sickening dmad will be left entirely "-lsaioh 7:14. 0 house sf david.~klng some more" as we visit agaln anrl again. Jehovah is Inviting him to turn back to true worship and is offeringto strengthen his faith by performing a sign. though. slgfllfylng what? 14. Ahaz and hi5 people are told not only what Jchovah will 14 Jehovah remains falthfuI toward hls covenant with From Doubt to Disobedience 12 Ahaz replies defiantly: "I shall not a k neither shall s. Jesus quotes that same law when Satan tempts him. sign will be given! Isaiah contina ues: 'yehovah himself will give you men a sign: look! The maiden herself will actualIy become pn?gnarsC and she is giving birth to a son. Aha2 prefers to seek protection elsewhere. and she will certainly call his name lmmanuel. (a) What haughty attirude d m Aha2 adopt? (h) Instead o turnf ing tu Jchovah. 11 Note that Jehovah says: 'Ask a sign from yorrr Assyria. What chanp do w notice in verse 13. dcfiancc. n (2 Kinas 16:3. 8) Meanwhile. we do well to Imitate Jehovah by "spc. (2Kings 16: 11. HowdocsJthclvah show his faithfulness to hi\ cowrtent wlth Da- vid? 15." not "p~iir I'rod. What assurance is found In Jehovah's expression mpttrGcd"? 12. seeklng help against his northern enemies. Btrlter and honey he will eat by the time that he knows how to reject the bad and choose the good.qht for AIl Mrtnkind I patience. the Syro-Israelik army encircles Jerusalem and the s i c n is on.cs a. Jehovahstill calls himself the God of Ahaz. fine opporm i t y to restnre his relationship with God. making if as deep a Sheol p s or making it high a the uppermgions." (Isaiah 7:7T)Ahaz s may ask for a sign. I put jehowh to the tat" (lsaioh R l ) A l m is not hem observing the words o the law: "You must not put Jef hovah your God to the test. A sign was crffc~cml. What two qricqtlonq does the prophecy abnut Iinrnanucl anrwer? . and Jehovah will perform it as a guman tee that he will protect the hutue of David.tOh Isninlr'r Pmphcy-ti. For before the boy will know how b reject the bad and choose the good. too.16. Isaiah says: "tistm. May we never sacrifice our relationship with God lly compromising our Scriptural belief% artlcr to gain temporary i~dvantages. that you should oiso SEre out my God?" [lsaiah 7:?3) Jchavahcan gel tin4 of constarlt Yes. (Matthew 4:7) In Aha? case. 10) What a fine example! M a y . Will this assurance of God's love move Ahaz to take hold of Jehovah's hantl? 1 Trrtst In jcltaunh ltt tllr F<tccof drlverstry 7. 1n acldition. to whom does Ahax go for hclp? 1 - 13." An ominous hangv! When Ahaz rejects Jehovah and lztrns to Assyria. "lmmanuel" means "With Us Is God. Jehovah next tells Ahaz: "Ask for yourself a sign fmm Jehovc~h u r God." (Deuteronomy 6%) Centuries later.4) Despite that and despite Ahaz' fearful attltude. " (lsuiuh 7:9. that the pm~rhclnow says "ury God. He Is wIlllng to reach out t~ those who err o whose faith has r grown weak. Is it such a little thing for you to tire out men. In I The Sign of ImmanucI David. please. 13 With the kln$s sack af faith on his rnlnd.

Thls 1s shortsighted. Watthew 2820) S m l y . Isaiah t ~ l l s his shocked audience that Anyria. hand of the king of Assyria. Assyria's king will respond to Ahaz' plea hy rvcnh~ally attacking Israel and Syria. The prospect of domination by the notoriously cruel Assyrians must be the causc nf Inany sleepless nights for Ahaz and his people. as becomes evident horn Baiah's further words. each fo-lling what will happen "in that day"-that is.though. Ahaz has seasoned that llefriendlng hsyria would relieve him of Israel and Syria. (a) Who is the Greater Immanuel. Matthew could truly say. the birth o Jesus. o 20 Isaiah divides his pronouncements into bur parts. the king of Aaynr'o. thls true historical account con9 tains awarning. the enemy nations will be destroyed. all of them. (a) Why do Isaiah's next words hrlng terror to his Ilrtcners? {b) What turn of evenh is soon to take place? - . God's people haw artded reason to cry out boldly: "With us is God!" More Consequences of Unfal t hfu l ness 18 Comforting though his latest words are. your people ~ n against the d house o f your father doyj such a haw not come since s the dcry of Ephrcrim's turning away fmm alongside judoh. Intleed. 'With us b God. the Syro-Israellre Ieaqc will have prwed unable to take Jerusalem. and they will certainly come in and setlle down. (2 Kingsl6:9) Thls Is Ilkciy why Pekah and Rein will be forced to lift thetr siege of Jerusalem.Jehe vah inspired Matthew to apply the prophecy of I mrnanuel's birth t the birth of Jesus. Anci this proves true! 16 The Bible does not m a 1 whose child lrnmanuel Is. was a sign that God had not hrsaken mankind or his Kingdom covenant with David's house. Isaiah's next statement brings terror to his hearers: 'yehouuh wlll bring 16. the G ~ a t e r f Tmmanuel. The prophet goes on to describe what the Assyrian invasion will do t the land and Its people. Who is that? T7 Outside o the book of Isaiah.Trust in JeRoval~in t)!c I:ricc ofAllvetslty 109 do but aIsa when he wifI do It. "It must occur in thut day thatjehawh will whistle for the flies that are at the extremity of the Nile cunals o f Egypt ond for the bees that are in the land of Assyria." lmmanuel may be a son of the prophet. the day when Assyrla attacks Judah. But since the young Immanuel i s to serve as n sign and Isaiah later states that he and his children "are as signs. (Bajah 8:18) Perhaps Jehovah leaves the identity of Imnlanuel In Ahaz' clay uncertain so as not to distract later generations from the Greater Immanuel. and whet did hls hlrth s l ~ n l fy7 (b) Why can God's people cry out today.' 'Today." (Isaiah 7:77$ Yes. (Matthew 1:18-23) hirth of the first The Immanuel was a sign that God had not forsaken the house of David. Likewise. Why may Jehovah have left thc Identity of lrnrn~nuel Ahas' in day uncertain? 17. 1 For Christians today. the rightful Heir to the o throne of David. (Luke 1:3133) Wlth Jehovah's chief representative now among mankind. Who are "the flEesW and "he bees. the name trnmanuf d occurs ody once in the Bibte. will become their oppressor!-Compare Proverbs 29:25. disaster is corning. and at thr. Before the b y lrnmanuel is old enough to distinguish between good and h d . thereby rejecting Jehovah's protection. namely. "Wlth us Is Gotl"? against you and against. their hoped-for protector. Jesus rules as heavenly King and is with his congregatlnn on earth. even suicidal. upon the precipitous torrent valleys and upon the clefi3 of the crags and upon all the 19. Thus. What warnlna does this Wstarlcal drama contaln for Chdsttam today? 20. When under pressure we may be tempted to compromise ChrjsNan prjnciples. at Matthew k23. (lsaiali 7:1 ) Now." and what will they do? 18.

the chief threat. no ather staples. What examples d m Isaiah use to show the conquences of k2 syrla's I r n d n m t inmiion7 21.~ Z78. Precise Predictions to the h e b situation. (IsaIoh 723-29 Thfs p p h q W s t be n o fulfilled I Bhaz' own day. no bread. so few people h will be left that unlp a mall number of animals will be n d d t provide W *WlUer and honey" will be eato en-mthg else.lnhg e I the midst of t h tarid will WE" (Isulah 7:2?.24 By the n ~ ti= t e Assyrians h 'shaved' the fmd. o there will novv be thornbushe and weeds. Those mturing into the countryside will need "ammand the bowu for prokctiun againstwild animals hddng in the wine.-2 Chtanfcles 28$Ov n w. Cleared fields will h m e kmpling grounds -for oxen In what way w&Il Asspalan h g be liLe a razor? the 2. In-ng a' every nook and craany of the land. 19) The armia of Egypt and P\sSynq like s w a m of fib and trees. in ewn by mwns of the klng of Arryria. This will nut be a passing W o n . of "IWah~akrMash-bgz" let And - 23. (a) Whrt Is Iaalah now commanded to do? (b) How Is the sign of thc tablet anfirmedl iftostcessthed~ofda~on. 21 lSalzthwnxlnues: "In that by mmm of a h l d mzor in the mo of the W.this ''head* and shave It clean. Isaiah reports: "jehwh p w d k d b r r ~ yb me: Tok h poundfa Irrrga tabktand Wte upon It with the t ~ 4 4 ~ 1 s mor&d m.t h e b e ~ m i M . he will eut butter. because b u m aitd honey ~ f H o t everyone !eft rema. Ahaz hires the byrian king t "shad Syria and h a o el.lsaiahthwetlm~says that where there used t be a l e . "hired razor" from the Euphrab regJon this will move againstJud.k i md sheep. Howev~r. Is mentioned. W e md k 23 Wah now JeruIS stlll undet siege by the S ~ h # e l i &camb e . even removing the bmd! 22 What will be the d t ? ''It musl occur In &at day that on indMtllaMf will pmerw a I k a ywng cow of the herd and two sheep. ~ ( / s a h h Z2@ Now only Assyna. productive land. will h m their amtion directed to the Promised taad.And If mustoccurt e due t the h o abundance of the pmhcing of milk.thorn thand upon a# the watering p k l c e ~(imbh . The m' and "the beesmwill settle down. jlehowf~ w171 the head avrd the halr of the liee& andItwHlnwq away. .

What effect should the sign of Mriher-shalal-hah-baz haw on the pmple of Judah? 25. 2s Christians can learn from Isalah's repeated warnings. reject Jehovah% covenant with David. o "My father!" and "My mother!'' one will carry away the resources of Dtrmascur and the spoil of Sumaria before the king ofhsyriu. (2 Peter 3:3. They exult In tl~clr a ~ a i n s t war Judah. it Iooks as weak as the trickling watc rs a f S hiloah. Whatever the ase. 2. has been remlndlng true C r s i n of the need to "keep awake" In hitas these critical times.'" (Isaiah 8:3. though." the northern kingdom of Israel. Or It could cause some to ridiculu Isaiah and his sons. Jerusalem's water supply." (lsaiah " 8:1. m d she mme to be pregnant and in time gave birth to a son. o that they can lats er confirm the authenticity of thc document This sign." Such an exact pndict Inn s h w Id build the people's confidence in Jehovah."or o v c r l n .4) ?'he fulfillment. J e h ~ vah will allow the A~syrians "flood. Now soon? Refore the boy is able to Fay the first words that most t9a hles learn-"Father" and 'Mot hcr. i5 tu be confimteclhy a sucond sign. for before the boy will know how f call out. Isaiah's prophetic words come true." up to J~crusalem. says Isaiah. (a) What events does Isaiah fomtell? (b3 What do Isaiah's 7 words indicate fur Jchnvah'r servants today? . H will ochrully flood e and pass o m Up to the neck he will m c h . the king of Assyria and oil his glory. nod there is exultation o w Rexin and the son of Remallah. (2 Kings 1216-18 ) To them. 2 . jehowh now suid to me: " C d his name Maher-sholalhnsh-baz. 0 Irnrnanueli"-lsaioh 85-8. And he will rertoinly come up over ail his streambeds and go over all his bonks and mow on through ludah. Syria and Israel. (Revetation 17:16. thrnugh his anointtlcl followers on earth. 4) IEoth the large tablet and tlrr newl-rornboy will serve as signs that Assyria will soon pli~nder Judah's Danlel 9:26." reaching riglit "up to the neck. Urhh the pn'est and Zechariah the $on of Jebe~chiah." -Habakkuk 23. unrepentant opposers are w m e d of thelr corning destruction. 27 ''This people. Devastating "Waters" 26 Tsaiah continues h l warnings: "For the reason that ~ this peopk has rejected f-hewaters of the Shiloah hut are goimg gently. a l r h o u ~ h such warnings are often met wlth riclicule. What sirnllarltim are there between the clays of Tsaiah and thc present tl me? your land. (Hebrews 210-13) Jesus. The apostle Paul revealed to us that In this historic drama." lsaiah asks two respected men In the cornmunjty b attest his wrltlng this name on a large tabl~t. 2) '[he name Maher-rhalal-hash-l~itz means "Haslcn. of time-related prophecies in Tsaiah's day is a guarantw that God's timctalrlr for our day will alro "without fail come m e . even therefore. the swelling "waters" will "move on through Judah. laok! lehowh is bringing up agoinsr them the mighty and the many waters a f the River.1 Isaiah says: "Then I went near to the prophetess. Syria to and Israel.)Next. Iwiah portrayed Jesus Chrlst and Iraiah's sons foreshadowed Jesus' anointed disciples. But this contempt: will not go unpunished. -2 Kings 17:14.Trust in Jeliomh In tltr Ihcf of Adversity 113 me how attestation for myself by faIhh/witnesses. (1 Spnlll I-le I-Ias Come Quickly to thc Plunder. And the outspreading of his wings must occur to fill the breadth of - 24. much as Jehovah will soon allow the present political part of the wnrfd to flood the realm o False relif gion. It will nnt bc late. 26. (Luke 21:34-36)At the same time.

and g k ear. Jehovah wlll likewise send the Greater Irnrnanuel not only to clash His enemies to pieces but also to rescue all those who trust In Him. 30 Isaiah Roes on tn reiterate that Jehovah will prove to be "a sacsed place.he poputar trend. Jesus. nor must you tremble at it.-Psalm 25-9. tcaclling7 tn ." (Isaiah 8: 11-73) With this in mind. (Isaiah 3733-37) i During the coming battle of Armageddon." with the Assyrians as a bulwark against the Sym-Israeliteleague. When the Assyrians threaten Jerusalem. for tli~se trusting in hlm. all you in distont purls of the earth! Gird yourselves. and he should he the One causing you to tremble. (Isaiah 8:74 15) In the first century. In contrast." (Isaiah 8:16. for God is with US!" (Isaiah 8 9 . Scrvants o Jehovah h v e f full cnnfrdcnm in I. and be shattered to pieces. Jehovah's angel strikes down 185. Ahaz' contemporaries Tack faith in Jehovah's protectton. 31 In Isatah's day. What wlll he the fntc of those not ttrustlng in Jehmah? 11 Hmv can true Chrislians today follow the example of Isaiah and t 3 l thaw who l l ~ t c n !lit. (a) How do Jews I Ahaz' day differ fmm tl~osc the days of n In Hezekiah? (b) Why do Jehovah'sservants today refraln fmm rnaklng religious and political alliances? + cracy." or t. during t t ~ c reign of Ahaz' faithful son Hezekiah. er "conspiracy. God is with h s people and the myal line of David. 10-16) What wilt be the outcome? Well. They keep on 30. . I-le warns: ' e objectof their m fear you men must nos fear. However. ond be shattered to pieces! Pion out a scheme. jchovah'~ senlant+s today guard agaitist amspiring with o putting their trust in religious r counclls and political leagues.77) Isaiah and those who heed hi5 teachin# will not abandon God's Law. lehowh of armies-he Is the One whom you should ns holy. not all are srurnbld. and it will not stand.000of them. and he should be the object of p u r fwr. put o seul about fhe tuw among my disciples! And I w keep in expectation o f Jehovah. God is with them.12. 28.w h e m r the land extends." I our time the polltin cal executioners of false religion wlll llkewise close in on Jehovah's servants. surrounding them " t ~ p the neck. and be shattered to pieces! Gird yourselves. of what docs Jeb m d assure Judah? ~ 29. TI-rey favor a confedArjsyria is also compared to a bird whose outspread w l n ~ s "hll thc breadth of yourland. Isaiah says: "Wrap up the uttestation. It lvlll he c w e r d by the Assyrian army.Jglrt for All r\. 29 Unlike Jews in Hezekiah's time. who l H Is concealing his face from the house of Jacob. 18) A similar outcome awaits those today who fall to give allegiance to the enthroned heavenly King. Despite the sb-enuousefforts of thelr enem ier.iorrkirrri 1 where Judah's head (king) rules. Fear Not-"God Xs With Us!" 2s Isaiah warns: "Be injurious. these words come true.-Psah 2:2. Jehovah's "hand" prods Isalah to speak against "the way of this peoplu. those rejecting him "will be certain t o stumble and to fail and be broken. and to be snored and caughtn-live vlvld verbs that leave no doubt about the fate of those not trusting inJehnvah. and I will hope in him."Thus." to (Ezekiel 382.114 Isaiah's Pruphecy-1. After all. and it will be braken up! Speak any word. (Luke 20:17.9. if "ehwah is an our sidc. Clearly." a protection. 10) Some yean later. thosc rejecting Jesus likewise stumbled and tell.odls protective power. O you peoples [opposer! to God's covenant people]. what happens in Isaiah's time? Do the Assyrians suwc across the city walks and sweep God's people away? No. what can earthling man do to us?' -Psalm 118:6.

when the Assyrlan flooci surges across the earth-even if it reaches up to our necks-true Christians will not be swept. . Humans. At the time o his f birth. " S i p s " and "Miracles" 32 Isaiah now proclaims. His name was Jesus. then. 33 Let dl. Likewise.12. Matthew 24:45.-Genesis 6:s. putting thelr full trust InJehovah and boldly proclaiming his purposes. and his blrth too was very special." (Luke 213. How disappointing it was when. saying: "Glory in the heights above to God.-John 3:16. and Mahcr-shalalhash-baz are signs of Jehovah'spu rpo. and what m~tst we do to rrreive such blrsslngx? . Christians fulfill their rommisdon as slgns only If they stantl out as belng different from this world.116 Isaiah's Prophecy-Llbyllt for All Miit! klnrl I trusting in Jehmah. Continue to stand out fearlessly--as signs-carrying hsward the mmmissien gwn te the Grcater Fsalah. are not at peace with one another o r with God. compare Hebrews 6:11.Luke 437-21) Indeed. observe God's standards." (Isaiah 61: f 1. a rnultltude of joyful anpis sang praises to God. after he grew up. the first human baby was born. W h a t has mankind experienced slnce the tlme of Cain? 2. J m s Christs "Proclaim the year of gdwI11 . "Look! I and the children whom ]ehovah has given me are as signs and as mlmcIes in Ismel from Jehovah of armies. We will stand firm I)(?cause "God is with us. 1 Corinthians 1555. and hls blrth was very special. and upon earth peace among men of goodwill." 32. " {Isaioh 8: 78) Yes. even though their dclhquent compatriots refuse tw and thus have Jehovah conceal his face from them. Neither his parents. nor even the C e r ator had seen a human baby before. May we follow the example of those trusting in Jehovah and have the same dekrmination to cling to pure worship!-Daniel 12:4. nor the angels. Jesus and his anointed brothers similarly serve as signs. inclined as they are to do bad. another f baby was born. (Hebrews 2:ll-13) And they are joined in their work by "a great crowd" of "othersheep. a sign is valuable only If It stands out f from its surroundings. He was horn o a virgin. What prospects werc opened up by Jesus Chrlst. 9. he b e came a murderer! (I John 312) Since then mankind has witnessed countless othcr murders. [a) W h a t are trueChristiam determlrred tn do? (b) Why wtll true Christians be able to stand hrm? 1 CHAPTER TEN The Promise of a Prince of Peace SOME six thousand years ago. h i a h . His name was Cain. Jesus opencd the way for humans to be at peace with God and to gain ewrlasting 1lfe."(Revelation 7:9. Shear-jashub.14.2.Isaial~ 48:22. and the day o vengeance on the part of our God. 14) Far from being a murderer. John 10:16)O course. I 3 Isaiah prophesied that Jesus would be called "Prince of 1. not those of this warId. Today. 2 Some four millenniums aftcr the birth o Cain. who Is miding in Mount Zion. . by the power of holy f spirit-the only such birth in history. This newborn infant could have brought hope to a condemned human rate. 3. (a) Who today serve "as slgns and as mlracles"7 (b) Why should Christians stand out from the world? 33. away.wF forJ ~tdah.

As a rermlt o th& mf €aithfuhess. 5. Even the smithern kingdom of Judah. To whom do they turn far M p ? 'Sad@ many turn to Satan. Isn rael and Jdah do the oppiie. 1 King Saul. (Colossians 121-23) Those wtro want them must learn to obey J e h c d ~ God.of old.b no p-. 5 Some are am p m m q this pmt$e. 4. to whomdo and =me turn? 7 k births of Calm and jesus wcare both vsry rpecM.) I W ' s day. No. thus makingpible rhe bqlveness of dm. Isaiah pofntg tosuchapcmaywh he s a y ~ : ~ l r ? atheyshoulds0)r se t o j w ~ : ' ~ ~ ~ s p ~ ~ m a d f ~ ~ t ~ o r t o d r w e havJng a spfrif of predirfiim wtlo pre rhiplng and d n g ~ h l o w ~ ' i r N n o t f v i b ~ d i h t m y p m - p l e s h ~ m ~ ? ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ f i o d w d p sons In M l d lkring personst" ( i d a h 8:19) Spirit me af dhsms rran trick ~ l e"ddrplng and maktng utterances . the people of Judahaw threatened with invasion by the Assp5mPand hW Cima Ue ahead. " n ofm&d. Isaiah's conOemporaries mi a depI01abk moral sme. 'Ihmiog t the Demons o 4 Because of *eir disobedience. looking for W n - atrswm t t & pmbIem9 bSf tryiRg to mmmutmicab?d t h oh the dead. a pebble pit of spiritual n darkurn. (Isaiah S3:ll) Todayj pace Mth God and the fmghness of sins can be attained on the basis of faith inJesusChist But such blssings m not -matic. Only that of /&us had a happy outcame .-1 Sm*l @:l-W.b (Isaiah 9 6 ) He wuld o f bhb own life i M l f . Whatis thestateof a f f a i f s i n ~ ~ s d q . not to Jehmah. Rather. the l a tron of m ' s tempie. Ehey engage i spfrtth. cornpate Hehews 5:8. they dq not Inwk Satan by name. (1 kter 3:11. 9.

~ t l c u 1 . tFnder the Mosaic Law.d-t wlIlbethefu~d~11&bnesiftheydorsc#~t? . It is pmerved in wrlthg. or kstlmony. i t w a s l i k e I y e v r i ~whJleIsalahwas prophesytne. dan k worked Plrrough venlrllqnhm by a living medlm."a r d theyhavebemme allen- God's 'Law and Attestation' 8 Jehovah'sIaw banning spMism. I .1 n s e d of consulthag with the d d 1where ba should the Ismlim be going for direction? Isaiah aMWED: T o the law and to the dterCationl " (Isalah 8:20cr) Yes. the demons may get dimclly ~~and impersonate the dead. of empty and h p am hay ai t h a :"Sum/ythqwlllkeqsoyingw h 4 t i s d g d P asp bhlo sWmmt that will h m no llght of dam. those seeking true enlightenment should go to God's written Ward. of Wythey-I. Today hh W d i available in its completed s form lnwrlthg.- 1 1 an a m t i o n . w h i ins eludes not only a compila#on of divlne lawr and regulationsbut a h an account of God's W g with his people. for t h e ~ b 6 s e e l r ~ w e r s f m m thedeadis justas rldiculoustodayas itwasbackthen.. 27. This i s n Bible account o JehaMh'sdealqp forms f . attdb~ted the ~plrStarh to ib of &ad ma. However. resort to 0 h and ter f o r m of mxhbm Pio mhe their problems. I f s o . many &nureJehovahJs and search law out spirit mediums1comdt hor~scofres. f -1 Samwl28:&19. Why am the hacks who him resaacd to splrlttsm eqedaIly blammvmhy? Hmdo-ytoday-&tbelsraellmofW1rday. as a p p ently happned Wtren Sad i n q u d of the witch o Endbr. o 8." sound eik&. What is "the iawwd *the attestationu bwhkh we todag should * ~~ But such T m w#I bed k r m h h wna &an a hunger ~w bread and a thirst for warn ~ustasaposta&3andothmtoday a y q y o t e S a l ~ B u t m - 6. En our day tow. . Many Wm tbat Psalm 219 was written bg HesfeW -re he becameklng. At WP though." (1-h 8: ZOb)Towhat statement is Isaiahbexe refemng?Perhaps t u the sMement: "To the law and m the atWxUm!"It may be that some apoetate haelites refer t the Word of God.P s h 119:711. s s93 . it i a capital offense.idolaters and aU the ku They ham no f u l m p m s p c t ~ Pk-Rmhtfon 21:8. %future o anywhounf repentantlypractice such +hgswill be with the " m d ers and fwnicatorsand. 1 U1:6.* when we are faced with an imminent attack by the Assyrians?' They want a quick and easy solution totheir predicament and are not:a b u t to wait: forJehwah to work out his wfll. Rutemnomy 18:9l2) Why do a people who are Je hwah's special -n o commit such a grave kmsgresslon? B e a u s e they have tuned t e r backs on Jehovah's hi Lmandcouaselandhavebecame Wetredbythed+ wptlve pclwer o s h * f 3:13) 'Their heart has becomeuddhgjustlikefat.120 Isaiah3 PrapkeEy-LigR t fir All Mank d I h The Promise afa P~incrvof Ruce in b~ ma. is not hidden in Judah. together with his otb er commands.'OfwhavgoodIsaeLgW~fJ&wah 1 ~r i 9 Some Isradites dabbling fn spMthm may profess n- for 7 . It i the Bible. ~~ aaed from their G d . kachlng us abwt Jehovah's nature and quallth. 6 All o thlS is going on in hdah despite the fact that Je f Ouwah has fmblddm the practice ofspiritism.

A h a z 4 h & s m M a m h d e p n h t hg#om'B threatened.lEPfJ~trase. (fsabalt &2l a] Bemuse ofthe m&mts un&ilthftilneq q" --plmttruMy d * the reign o f ~ . T h ~ n i s g u r r o u n d e d b & h a w k m a n e b l t n d .&l t h people.M a n g ~ " h i i ~andh-''El~t~klndOfh~BQso& f&@ @e h d . Suwe 4 Amos pmphW Q W I T h ~ a r e d a f " ~ ' b d t e u ~ ~~ ~ ~ J & ~ ~ M a * .181 Iu r $pMzu.&AFamine. w W ~ ~ ~ p ~aneJudemdtyafkamthtzTheenemy tkdate? k ~ ~ m ~ m . ~ ~ 2 : 1 4 )u E d m e : ~ d l ~ n ~ p a s r ~ ~ ~ k r m f ~ g . Net &t BradH ~QDWwknce J e w .to i mental &he% n mheim 617. n o t f ~ t f w l ¶ ~ ~ ~ ~ t n t b e ' a m i I ~ s m d a f o ~ ~ @ a ~ n o t h m m v r a o r d s o~f 8 ~ ~ " ) ~ ~ : l l ~ s ss f t ~ ~ ~ f m b e j u .

who are not descendants of Abraham."Jehovahwill bring blessings to the region of the southern kingdom of Judah and ewrl to the land formerly ruled by the northern klngdum. I-low? 1s The apostle Matthew answers this questlon in his Insptrecl record of the earthly ministry o Jesus.-l Kinp 9:1&13. iro! distress and darkness. Thus the ten-tribe northern kingdom dlsap pears from hlstory as a distinct nation !-Z Kings 17:5." and how does It come to be f "treated wlth contempt"? 14. 2 Samuel 211-16) Will tlre Israelites be forever condemned to darkness? 125 How is this land "treated with contempt"?Thc pagan Assyrians wnquer it. 28:14. (a) Ta what h a turn@ away fmm God Icd Judah?(b)What important questtons are raised? 13. an the other side of the Jordan. 16 Yes." ' Samc havesuggestedthat the 20 dtles o Callleethat King Sdomm f oflcrcd to Ilirarn the king of Tpe were probably tnhahited by nonIrraell2es. o the prorniscs that God made t f o Abraham. Their to turning (?way from God has led to calamity. [Jesus] came and took up residence I Can pernaum 'bcside the sea in the districts of Zebulun and Naphtali. Most o Jesus' earthly life was f spent I Galilee. along the road of the sea. and as for those sitting in a region o deathly shadow. What I s "Galilee o the natfans." likely because many of its cities are inhabited ly non-Israelites.24. Isaac. and Jacob? (Gencsls 22: 15-18.6. 23.the region is called "Galilee of t l ~ c natlonr.18. (Proverbs 19:3) What." (lsuiuh 8:22) After raising their eyes 2o heaver1 to t~lanie God. oBscurl& hard times and gloominess with no brightness. GaliIge ofthe natlons! the people sitting In darkness saw a great light. 15) Will Jchovah default? Will the Assyrians or some other military power bring to an end the royal Ilne promised to Judah and David? (Genesis 49:8-1O. take the Israelites into exile.TITI: Prornl~enfa klnce of Pence 12 Will calling down evil upon God bring p a c e to the inhabitant% Judah? No. 14 Judah too is under pressup from the Aqsyrlans. in the region of the lordan. back to their hopclcss prospeas. light mse upon them. It was in the district of Galilee that he ben gan his ministry and started to announce: "The kngdom o the heavens has drawn near. a at the former time when one treated with cons tempt the /and of Zebulun and the land of Naph tali and when at the later time one coused I lo be honored-the t w a y by the sea. Matthew says: "After leavf ing Nazareth." (Isaiah 9:J)Galilee is a territory in thc northern kingdom of Israel. In Isaiah's d<ay." (Matthew 4:17) In f A Land "Treated With Contempt" 13 Isaiah now alludes to one o the worst of the cabf clysmlc events that come upon the descendants o Abraf ham: "The o b s c u m ~ wfllnot be us when the Iond had s stress. "the later time" foretold by Isaiah B the time of Christ's earthly ministry. they look l~ack the earth. W 1 it 11 sink Into a permanent "obscureness"as cIid the ten-tribe kingdom represent& by Zebulun and Naphtall?Na. and. saying: '0 land ai Zebulun and land of Naphtali. In what sense willjudah's PobscurenpssH less than that of the be ten-krlhe kingdom? 15. In Isaiah's prophecy i t lndudes "the land of Zebulun and the land of Nnphtali" and also "the way by the sea. Colilee of the nations. (a) At what "later time" will the sltuatfon c h a n ~ e "the fur dlstrlctfi of Zebulun and Naphtallf'?(b)How does the land that was trratud wlrh contempt come to be honored? ." an ancient road that ran 'bythe Sea of Galilee and led to the Mcdlkrranean Sea. and resett'le the whole region with pagans. that there might be fulfilled what was spoken throu~h Isaiah the prophet. Describing f the early days o that ministry."" f -Marthew 413-16. At a "lal~r time. though. 16. Isaiah foretells: "To fhe earth af he will look. - - 12.

1 Corinthians 1551In this way Jesus fulfdld hiah's prophey by honoring "the land of a h f u n and the land o Naphf talL'' Of course. Ilghtheifharshoneupon them. (John1:9. the eyes of many humble people were opefled i a wonn drous way. A r ~ ~ ~ gat re)oidn$? laus w s a light in ehe land . of Matthew's mention of "a great light" h mike?Be? m i a q r t l u n from Imh's s pmpheq.14.126 lsdoh's Pmphdcy-&&ht fir All Mankind I W e e .' (Matkhew 2324. HQW 7 do= "a g t ll&P ahlnc in Galllce? m 18. John 28-11.?0. J W h ret llglous leaders had compnded the pmb1011 by holding to thetr ml@ous traditionwfth whlch theyhad "made the ward o G a l invalid"(Matthew 15:6) Humble ones f wax oppressed and W d e r e d ." (Isdub 9G!) By lhe Arst century C. dfd the who rlspmded to the light haw fbr - g h t . chose hls apostles. 19. IncludingJudah. The *Great UghV 17What. though. Iserlah m people that were wikfng In e ~ d a ~ ~ h ~ ~ ~ I l ingh ahsiadofdtspshdow. 3y m n g the good news throughout the land.16) When Jesus the M&sW a w e d . C o U m h g 'Wind guides. and spp x e d a0 some 500 fo11mm after his remmdon. Jesus d d not m c his minkmy t the Mt o people of Galilee.Mark 3:13. light o the f mh had been hiddm by pagm falsehoods.12) Jes& work W e on earth and the bIangs Wdng from his sacrib are aptly characterized in Isaiah's pophay as "a great IfgkH-jahn 8:'12. 18 Those who xespntkd to the Ught had much reason 1 . (Matthew 51-7:27. a16-. What reason. w r m e d hh fist W e . Jesus 'awedt be honored' the entire nation of o Israel. he d e h d his famous Sermon on the Mount.E.

Mldlanltcs tcrrorlzed the Israelites by raiding and plundering their villages and farms for seven years. Jesus' followers rejoiced over the increase. "the number of the men hecame about five 1." (Acts 241.herlc name Ir Jmuq given in the book of 1% Inh? . 47) In time. 1 I I "As i the Day of Midian" n 20 The effech of the activity of the Messiah are permanent. routecl MldI~n'sarmles. meaning "Jehovah Is hlvntion. the greater Gidmn. for it you have made the rejoicing greet They have rejoiced before you as with the rejoicing in the harvesttime. he will usher in eternal peace. you have shcrttemd to pjeces a in she day of Midian." a complete and lasting victory will be gained. Isaiah continued:'You haw made the nation populous. 22 At I the "Wonderful Counselor" time of his miraculous birth. multitudes embraced Christianity. (llevelation 1214. Jehovah caused the light to shine among the nations. (a) In what ways did the MIdianitPs prove to be enemies of Israel. What dms Isatah's prophecy indicate as to the future of warfare? 22. honestheartecl oncs came forward. the one born to bc thc Messiah rcccived the name Jesus."(Isaiah 9:#)Cenhrries ixfore Isas iah's day. but by Jehovah9 power." there i s no cviclcnce that Jehovah" people ever again suffered a t the hands of the Midianltes.for rejoicing. Shortly afterward.--Acts 13:48. 'l'he resurrected Jesus i s the Prlnce of Peace. (Judgts 6:7-16. (Judges6: 1-61 nut then Jcho~vah. (Acts 246. I 21.I.housand. the staff of the one driving &em to work. 14-t8. Lat16) er. not by human prowess. through his servant Gideon. a those who are joyful when they divide up s She spoil. "the number of the disciples kept multiply in^ in Jerusalem very much.and a great cmwd of priests began ta be obedient to the fajth." (lsoiuh 9:3) As a m u I t o she prcacliing acf tivity ofJ m s and his followers. prophetic names that outline his key mle and his elevated position. Three tliousand were baptized on the day of Pentecost 33 C. the Midianites conspired wit11 the Mmhltes to 20." But he has other names. (Judges 7:222) tiocl's people will never again suffer under the yoke of uppscsslan! 21 Displays of divine powcr am-not a glorification of warfare. War will be no more!-I1sal m 4h:9. Isaiah now speaks of rnllitary paraphernalia as being totally dcstroycd by tire: "Every boot of the one tramping with tremors and the mantle rolled in blood have even come to be for burning a bod for fire. 19 Like those who rejoice in a bounteous harvest or who delight over the division o valuable spoil after a great milf itary victory. ( A m 14:27) Sa people or all races rejoiced that the way of approach to Jehovah had been opened to them. will ddiver a dcalhblow to rntxlern-day enemies oflehovah's people."-Acts 6:7. 31~15. (John424) In less than four years. 828) I the n near future. showing themselves desirous o twrshiping Jcf hovah with spirit and truth. Jesus Christ. 19:11-21) Then. and how did Jehovah bring an end to the threat they pncctl? (b) How on a future "day of Midian" wilt Jesus bring an cnd t the o threat posed by enemies of God's people? liire Israel into sin. "as in the day o Midif an. (Numbers 251-9."(Izoioh 95) The tremors s caused by t hc trampin# of t hc boots of marching soldiers wlll never agaln he felt. as we see from Isaiah's next' words: '7he yoke of their toad onti the rod upon their shoulders. The bloody ~mlforrns combatof hardcnctl warriors will no longer be seen. 4:4) As the disciples zealously rcffectcd the light. After that "day of Midian. Whdt r~ir~ltiplc prol. and by annlhtlatlng 111s enemies.

both with God and with his fellowman. When followed. 26 The title "Eternal Father" refers to the Messianic King's power and authority to give humans the prospect of eternal life on earth.-John 658. gave no consideration to a seizure." (2 Timothy 4:1. and the princely rule will come to be upon his shoulder. Jehovah God is the Source of Jesus' wisdom. Prince of Peace. Corinthians 4:4) 2 Before Jesus came to earth.-Romans 6:9. nameIy. . 26) The legacy of our firrt parent. "Mighty God" and "Eternal Father" 25 Jesus is also "Mighty God" and "Eternal Father. Jesus never thought of himself as God ALmighty.-Proverbs 21:30. And his name will he called Wonderful Counselor. More often. Even today." (Matthew 228) He is a wise and empathetic Counselor." (John7: 16) As was the case with Solomon. perfect. His counsel is not restrided to reprimands or chastisement. (John 173. (John 1:l. he is well named Mighty God. was death. One such name is I ~ a n u e lmeaning "With Us Is God. "became a life-gwing spirit. of Jehovah." (Philippians 2:h) He is caIled Mighty God. Jesus. it is in the form of instruction and loving advice. 23 A counselor is one who gves counsel. "destined to judge the living and the dead. Adam. 28." (2 Corinthians 1:2) "He lJesusj . 18) Just as Jesus. What wonderful benefits come both now and in the future to subjects o the "Pr~nce Peace"? f of Jesus? ." This does not mean that he usurps the authority and position 23. the only God who should be worshiped. and infallible. for he spoke of his Father as "the only true God. (a) In what way is Jesus a "Wonderful Counselor"? (b) H o w can Christian counselors today irnltate Jesus' example? 25. . will live forever. not Almighty God. he was "a god. that he should be equal to God." (Isaiah 9:6) Consider the rich meaning of t h s multiple prophetic name." that is. Revelation 4:ll) In the Scriptures. Psalm 8:s. but belongs to him that sent me. the last Adam. who is 'God our Father. with an extraordinary understanding of human nature. 24. JesusJ counsel is wonderful because it is always wise. (John 11:25. footnote) Isaiah now describes another pmphetic name: "Therehas been a child born to us. Romans 5: 12. he returned to an even s higher position in the heavens." . Judges in Israel were called "godsn-once by Jesus himself. or advice. the word "god" can mean "mighty one" or "strang one. he says: "What I teach is not mine. it leads to everlasting life." (Exodus 12:12. John 10:35) Jesus is Jehovah's appointed Judge. those 26. the designation "god" carries an additional implication. (Psalm 826. there has been a son given to us. Eternal Father. In the Bible we read that "crowds were astounded at h way s of teaching." (1 Corinthians 15:22. John 530) Clearly."After h resurrection. the Eternal Father. Mighty God. When on earth Jesus Christ provided wonderfuI counsel. man also needs peace. (1 Kings 37-14. Why can Jesus be called "Eternal Father"? 27. Rather. 45." "existing in God's form.130 Isainh's Prophecy-Light for All Mankind I The Promise of a Prince of Peace 131. Matthew 12342) Jesus' exampIe should motivate teachers and counseIors in the Christian congregation always to base their instruction on God's Word. 24 Jesus' counseI is not simply the product of his brilliant mind.Phjlippians 2: 6-11) Further. (Isaiah 214. so obedient mankind will enjoy the benefits of his fatherhood eternally. What does the name "Mighty God" tell us about thc heavenly "Prince of Peace" 27 Besides everlasting life.

In later years.' Then he placed the one in Brthcl. all that he will accomplish will bc "by means of justlcc and by means of righteousness. continued to bow down t thc golden calves. this apostate rellglous practice corrupted the tentribe kingdom. the nart helm ten-tribe kingdom came under the rulership of Jeroboam. 2 I the short term. Il' anyone. #at terrlblc error dirt Icmt~mm make? 2. 2 Tim* thy 224. Because o this he made a krtlMe error that bli~hrcd whole f the history of the northern kingdom. let h m i serve Jehovah wholehearteclIy." (Isaiah 9:70) In exercising his authority as the Prillcc of Pcacc. Jcsus will not rcrsort to tyrannical means.29. both inside and outside the conpegation.eal ln clearing Dan1worshlp out of Israel. Ilathcr. territorial. Ile does nothing in a halfhcarteri way. ( 1 Wngs I2:SCF) Howi0 ever. may all servants uf God be "zcalnus for fine works. then. who had shown such commendable r."-Titus 2:14. with their neighbors. he will fi~lly accomplish.loJerusalem.~!rtA l l Mrrnklr~rlI Ihr - CHAPTER ELEVEN subjecting themelm to the ruIe uf the "Prlncc af Peace" have 'beaten their swords i t plowshares and their spears no into pruning shears. longs to enloy werlastlng peace. tsaiah's conclusion to this part of his prophecy is truly thrilling. Here is your God. (Acts 1:7) "To rjte abundance of She princely rule and to peace them wilt be no end. H e writ-: 'The veryxmlof~ehovuh of armies will do this. J c h m h acts wlth zeal. 0 Israel. Ephesians 412." (Isaiah P:7b) Ycr. His subjccts will nut br stripped of rhefr free will and subjugated by force. permanent. Like Jehnvah God and Jcsus. 29) What else rcsulted from Jerobuam'h tragically I. (2Kings o 10:28. What should wc do if I rtk pace7 WT wish tu entoy the blesslng nl werlast- . the Israelites. and the other he put in Dm"-l Kings 12:28.' (Isaiah 2:24)They do not nune hatrcds because of political. which was now i the o n southern kingdom of Jt~clah. n The people gradually Icft off goin# to Jerusalemand t k m up worshjping beforc thc t 4 calws.the Rebels! true God." What a rcfrcshln~ change! 29 ln view of the wonderful ImpticatIons of Jcsus' prophetic name.132 Isninh!~Prp/~~r+y-L/. ena ergetic ruler. even jehu. 3. Jeroboam "made two golden calves and said to the pcaple: 'It is too much for you to go up . 28 In God's due time. the Prince of Peace. 3. They are united in the worship o the one f Woe to. Jcroboam's plan seemed to work. 1 I W E N Jehovah's c m n n n t people were divided Into two kingdoms. Rut he lacked real falth In Jehovah. W a t e f f e d ~ Jernlmm'% did trrcjr have on IiracE? I - I 29. The new klng w s an able. racial. Jehovah?and they work to maintain peacetill relations.-Galatians 6:lU. that brought you up out of the land of Egypt. Christ will establish on carth a peace that will be global.were cornnanrlrrl to t m l three times a year up t the temple in Jerusalem. from now on and to time indefinite. Undcr the Mosaic Law. firmly estahlishetl. (1)euteronorny 16:16) Afraid that such regular journeys would make his subjects think about reunification wlth their southern brnthers. or economIc differences. Wc can be sure that whatever he promises. upon the throne of David and upon his kingdom in order to esroblish it firmly and to sustain it by means of justice and by means of righteousness.

6 Isaiah continues: "Jehovahwill set €headversaries of Rezin on high against him. but with cedan we shall make replacement " (haiah 9: 10) The Israelites defy Jehovah and spurn his prophets. 5 As conditions deteriorate.15) Jehovah's word proved true. They will be forced to hear." to the northern kingdom.-Isaiah 9:13.17. but his hand is sketched out still. How does Jehovah undermine the Syro-Israelite scheme against Judah? 4." "Israel.-Galatians 6:7. They are scheming to conquer the two-tribe kingdom of Judah and to place on Jehovah's throne in Jerusalem a puppet king-a certain "son of Tabeel. and assassinations. or pay attention to. blicaiah." (Isaiah 9:12. In effect." "Ephraim. which ended 1 about 804 B. Eliiah. of which Ephraim is the predominant tribe and Samaria the capital. and Micah - - 5. that Jehovah's "hand is stretched out still. Israel was plagued with unrest.* Haughtiness and Insolence Earn God" Wrath "word" will not be ignored. for Ephraim has 4 Jehovah's become hardened in apostasy and is brazenly insolent toward Jehovah. or "word. and why? . including their homes-commonly made of mud bricks and inexpensive wood. Seven of Israel's kings ruled for two years or Iess-some for only a few days."-lsaioh 9:8. 'mepeople will certainly know it. but to judge. God will not protect the people from the consequences of their wicked ways. (1 Nngs 14:14. 3 Because Jeroboam had become apostate. but with hewn stone we shall build. hut we will do more than make good for these losses by rebuilding with superior materials-hewn stone and cedar!' (CompareJob 4:19.) They leaveJehovah no choice but to discipline them furthet-Compare Isaiah 48:22."(Isaiah 9%)Note." (Isaiah 7:6) the conspiracy is doomed. Elisha. 21. the people experience severe losses. too.134 Isaiah's Prophecy-Light for All Mankind I Woe to thp Rebels! 135 wrong decision? Political instability and suffering for the people." and "Samaria" all refer to the northern Iungdom of Israel. Amos. What "word"does Jehovah send against Israel. Oded. Especially after t h e reign of Jeroboam 1 . Jehovah said that his seed would not reign over the land. But - * Isaiah 98-10:4 is made up of four strophes (sections of a rhythmic passage). and in the end the northern kingdom would suffer a terrible disaster. One king committed suicide. who tell them why they are suffering such hardships. because of their haughtiness and because of their insolence of heart" (Isaiah 9:9)"Jacob. Are their hearts softened a s a result? Wdl they heed Jehovah's prophets and return to the bxe God?" Isaiah records the people's insolent response: "Bricks are what have fallen. Jehovah's word against that kingdom is a shong judicial statement. even all of them. "Jehovah's prophets to the northern kingdom of Israel include Jehu (not the king). It is against this backdrop that Jehovah through Isaiah sends a direct warning." (Isaiah 9: 7 Ja) King Pekah of IsraeI and King Rezin of Syria are allies. How do the Israelites show themselves unaffemd by Jehovah's a d s of lodgment? 6 . violence.E. God's word. Ephraim and the inhabitant of Samaria. and six were assassinated by ambitious men who usurped the throne. 10:4) This literary device h a the effect of binding Isaiah 9%-10:4 into one composite "word. and it fell upon Israel. 'There was a word that Iehovah sent against Jacob. Jonah. whiIe Uzziah was reigning in Judah. each ending with the ominous refrain: "In view of all this his anger has not turned back.C. the people say: 'We may lose houses made o perf ishable mud bricks and inexpensive wood. Sycamore trees are what have been cut down."not to offer recondliation. Hosea.

20. shoot and rush.xt un h l ~ l ~ ' enemies against "him. 12) Yes. and Re& he put to dmth." The "Israel"mcntlonerl a l Isaiah 9: 12 may Include Judah in this instance hccause the Philistines Invaded Judah during the reign of Pcknh's conjrcrnp m r y . but his hand is stretched out still.fI~t All Mrrnkind I /iur Reztn has powerful enemies. 9 Dws not Isaiah also say that the Philistlns will invade "from behind"? Y s Prior to the days o magnetic come. 171-3. Pek a l ~himself Is assassinated by Hnshen.136 Isainit's I'roplvrc}~-Li. The aged and high/y rerespected one b the head. A Bitlle scholar writer: "The false Prophets are called the tail. and because they 10. 19. the Hebrews indicated direction from the viewpnint o a person facing the sunridng. The term 'seton these hlxh' means t allow them to wage effcaive warfare that o will bring about the destruction clE thc alliance and its ob- jectlws. Aha%. wlzo thereafter uFurps the throne of Samaria. Pnr Israel. in view of oil this his anger has not turned bock. 'The king of Arsyria went up to L~nrnascwsithe capital of Syria] and captured it and Icd its puple into exilc at Kir. 'The people themselves h m mt returned to the One striking them. 11 'I'he "head" and the "shoat" represent "the aged and highly respected oneu-the leaders nf the nation. was "hehlnd. Isaiah prophesies a b u t n how Jehovah will use this new political alignment: '7k enemies of that one [Isme!] he [ jehovah] will goad on. and Jehovah wlll '. R. Why can we say that the Phlllatlnes attack "l'rom t~elilnd"? passes. Israel's former ally. and jehovah of armies they hove not sought"(Isaiah9:13) Consequently. Likc liphraim ro t11c north. Assyria makes the usurper Hoshea his servant. and the prophet giving Idse Instru&'on is the tailI And those who ore lmding this people on prove to be the ones causing them to wander. capturing and om~pying rnrrnber of Judea an cities n11d slrongholds. f 7. the dominant power i the region. 7 The dlssolvjng of thls alllance beglnr when Aqsyria attacks Syria. is now a v3ssal of Assyrja. because they wrc morally the basest ofthe people. and they will eat up Israel with open mouth. and those of them who am being led on." (2 K i n ~ s 16:9) Having Iwt his puwerfuI ally. Assyria received a large sum from Klng Menahem of Israel. white the west. 11.16."-Isaiah 9:14. 8 Syria.) How true the prophet Hosea's PY~KIS: "Strangers have eaten up his [Ephraim's] power"!-I-lasea 79. exacting a hefty tributc. 'Thus."Israel. The "tall" and the "tush" refer to false prophets who utter wods pleasing to their leaders. 'I'he invasion succeeds.-2 Kings 1523-25. Whnt punishment wflI Jehovah brlng against Israel because of their persistent rebellion? . Pekah finds that I ~ l r designs on Judahare thwarted rn fact. 18. In one doy.. and Israel must prepare for attack from Aqyria nrrd Syria. the prophet says: 'Yehovuh will cut off from Ismel head and tail. Syria from the east and the Philistines [ram behind. l From 'Head to Tail1-A Nation of Rebels In 111 spltc of all I t s suffering-and desplt~ strong prothe nounccments of Jehovah's prophets-the northern kingdam persists in rebellion against Jehovah. the coastal home o the PhiF f Ilstincs. what is the result of hsyria's conrlucst uf Syria? 9 . the ones who are being confused. "the cast" f W ~ thc b n t .30. Judah cleserv~ discipline fmm Jel~nvah." (Isaiah 9:19b.2 Kings 15: 19. rliortly after Rexln" death. Syrb ir now Ismel's enemy. she ton is this for slddlert w th apostasyr2 Chronicles 28:1-4. (A fcw decades earlier.

For example. regardless of their situation i lf.12)It is no surprise. "Da come back. ( G a d 6:1l. n wkkdnea and violence I Israel: W n e s s hm ben (1 Codnthhm 1020) As demonstratedbefore the F l d J Even Widows and Fatherless Boys' Are Rebels 12 Jehovahis the Champion of widows and fatMess bogs. a wagging tail on a d dog.~ W 18:2. then.W) t hear what I& Y. violence and n iiIl the land. you have stumbled i your e ~ m ~pleads H w a ."-G3mp~ 2 T m t y 43. remain spiritually. ta Jehovah your God. k each one n o t jealwsly guard hk rM b with Jehuuah. Psalm 106:3538.Jeh* e & vah's day of judgment a m &e wicked. morally. Q brad. 15. 6M. lOh Faf se Waxship Breeds Violence 14 Forlse worship Is. How d8ep info b r ~ s m i e b cmqtlon penetrarctl7 ys u t 13. e s now says: " ~ w i B m t ~ k e e m o w r W r p u n gcmd I m upon~~~andrrponth&wldomhewlll ~nome~~usealloftkem mapshim and&& d m and e w y m & Js s p h g mwkmas. that when hael tuns apostate and bea s worshiping the demons.Woe ta thr Rebels! were the g$rvlte adherents and mprters o w i c W rub f IXL" b b o r W. W w 2E22. A d It wlll mtch flm In the M i of the h?sC &s and t q will bs borne aM as the billbwing of snwke. in h 14. w a l m g Ixl dtics] times prior tr. (a) What mults from demonworship? (b) W h pqhesre~ that Imel will experlenw what ongoing sufferlag? Wlckedniss and violence sweep thmugh I m e l Ilks a Ibwt #re ." 4l must pain the Chmrpion o f w f d m and fatheries bop to j-ent a d even them! gm have t o 13 Lfke Isaiah.J.4. - mrneatlomejurtll&eamthombt~hesand~&~ Itwili eat up. (Hosea 1 : ) How it n . Yxmg says o these fahe pmph f ets:UNa l d e ~ ~ mthey brat. but hk hand i s r W sM. that true CMstians. then. (2 nmothy 3 : 1-51 How impoztant." r & orrE e @oak kl7) has mrr~pted all 1ewL of sod*> indud@ the widows and fatherless bop! j&mh patmtly sends kb pmpheq hoping that the people:W change their ways. they simply ~ a t k n and famed. What cnn m km ham the s i M l o n in W ' r day? 12. d a d b the spread of 15 I vMd word p l m . in effect. * . folkwing where the ladm re led.-DMwonorny 32:17. and n ie maWydan i ordw t rettljn W ' s &or. k none e mi p t W h Q k e s m p e d h r n "Eiabylmthe GRaYmeragdn ''share With h a in her s i t ~ . I vJew n of all this hk m p h nM turned back. demon Influence leads m violence. the worship of &mom.

and f h k p y k w i l f k o m e a r W b r thefke. the t t l k of Ephraim arid Mmasseh are singled out here h a u s e they are the main represm of the northern Wgdom and. What mrmption exists In hael's legal and 7 s 7 - Ishovah dl1 hold m account those who prey on others .-2 Qm. How m the words o Idah 9 1 . and one Msrrton &el&. Thqrwfll&mmfthefleslrofhkormm. 18. and @raim km&.1hr1611ed7 f :82 1 . No one d1l w compmsbn even on his brother. Mlue o tt t f any tender ernotEom. In view of ail this h& orup h a not tomed but ~s hand is art rtia. vtolace m m out o mntrol and quickly m h f ces "the Wckets of the fur&. m a r they Intwrupt their f#Mddal Wlma only when they war e n s t Judah t o the south.rhe fury of j-h of mmia w I d has k n s@t m afim. And one WIN cut l down on the right and will camink be hungry. Together t h q d l 1 be againstludoh. Caxrupt Judges Meet Their Judge 17Jehmah next focuses hb judicial eye on tsrael's mrupt judges and other offichh. 9: 1 Uke a flame that spreads from thornbush t thorn6 o bush.nides ml-&. abuse their paww by plundering the lowly and a c t e d ones who come to 16.u--i~ai~h1&27. Despite w.M~ Ephmim. as descendants of JosepklsWO t k y are the M O d ~ ~ erelated of ~ ly the +Elltrfhs. they & o u d one another without being satisfied" Likely.* aeattng a full-blown forest frre of violence.Wle commenmtrln Kell and Deli*h d* scribe the level d vblence as be@ "the most Inhuman seifdestntctionduring ana m c h i d dvfl war. undtheyM~~in&notbewtlsfled.

except it be thot one must bow down under the prisoners ond that people keep falling under those who have been killed?" (Isaiah 70:3. which will be plundered by the enemy.' or crouching. and where will you leave your glory. especially on apostate Christendom." (John 424) In that case. and he will help them along the road t everlasting life on a o paradise earth. God's word will be fulfilled on the present system of things. 21. but his hand is stretched out still. Isaiah says: "Woe to those who are enacting harmful regulations and those who. s 1 "What will you men do at the day of being given at9 tention and at the ruin. Just as surely. they are about to o learn that "it is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God. constantry writing. have written out sheer trouble. blind to this injustice. You must not treat the lowly with partiality. 2 Isaiah concludes this final strophe with a grim warn1 ing: "In view of all this [all the woe that the nation has so far suffered] his anger has not turned bock. devastating blow to the rebellious northern kingdom.4a) The widows and fatherless boys have no honest judges to whom to appeal. How will the situation of the corrupt Israelite judges be changed. 0 1 Jehovah's Law forbids all forms of injustice: "You peos ple must not do injustice in the judgment. their corpses covered with the war dead. anti-God propagandal Thanks to God's Word. ha%Jehovah's anger against them ceased? 22. Jehovah has more to say to Israel. and what will happen to their "glory"? received. How appropriate. Never Fall Prey to Falsehood and Self-Interest 22 Jehovah's word through Isaiah fell heavily upon Israel and a d not return to him without results. while the rest will be slain. then. these officials draw up their own "harmful regulations" so as to legitimize what amounts to outright theft of the cruelest kind-taking the scanty possessions of widows and fatherless boys. that Jehovah now asks those corrupt Israelite judges whom they will turn to now that Jehovah is holding them t account. his outstretched hand will not strike his worshipers as it did rebellious Ephraim. honor.1 142 Isaiah's Prophecy-Ligh t for All Mankind I Woc to t71c Rebels! them seeking justice. among other prisoners. that Christians give no ear to lying. 20. but Jehovah is not. In view of the punishments that Israel has - - 19. then. and thot they may plunder even the fatherless boys !"-Isaiah 7 : 1. What lesson can we learn from what happened to Israel? . 'bowing down. when it comes from far away? Toward whom will you flee for assistance. (2 Corinthians 2:11) May all of us never cease to worship Jehovah "with spirit and truth. 11) History records the tragic end of the northern kingdom of Israel. Jehovah now focuses h attention on these wicked judges.2. his arms will warmly embrace them.' (Isaiah 55:10. and power that come with their wealth and I I 1 I I position-will be short-lived. and you must not prefer the person of a great one. How important. Yes. so that we nerd not be overreached by them as were the people of ancient Israel. Satan's clwer strategies have iong been exposed. Jehovah's outrtretched hand will not be drawn back untd he delivers a final. 20 The "glory" of these wicked judges-the worldly prestige. Through Isaiah.-James 4:8."-Hebrews 10:31.'' (Isaiah 10:46) Yes. Their "glory" also includes ill-gotten riches. Israel's false gods are." (Leviticus 1915) Disregarding that Iaw. and we can only imagine the suffering that its inhabitants had to endure. Some will become prisoners of war. in order to push away the lowly ones from a legal case and to wrest away justice from the afflic&dones of m people. for the widows y to become their spoil. of course.

"they contlni~erl maketheir sons and their daughters to pass through the firc and to practice divination ancl to I w k for omens."-lsaiah 705. From its f strategic localion on a hilt some 300 feet high. page 203.. Jonah ran off in the opposite direction." What is more. I I spend'? (2 Klngs 14:25) No. 5. 2 When he first received his commission. 4 Tar some time after Janah's visit to Ninewh. ' f i e Assyrlans were a n u e l people. In 740 B. there is a decline In Assyrian aggression. Jonah had reason to be reluctant. . o re1. He had a weighty mesf sage to deliver. to toke much spoil and to take much plunder and to make it cr trampling place like the clay of the strwtr.. and they kept selling themselves to do what was hnrl In the cycs o Jehovah. the Nirrwites repented of their sins and Jehovah spared the city at that time.-Jonah 33-10.-2 Kings 1S:lQ. Assyrian King Shalmaneser V Iays siege to Sarnarla. So Jehovah determines to take stron~er measures. Smaria warrls off thc enemy for almost zhm years.CHAPTER TWELVE Do Not B e Afraid of the Assyrian I THE middle of the ninth century B." Jehovah Takes Up "the Rod" 3 Do the Israelites. i O ~t Volume 1.C. 5 What a humiliation for the Israelites1 God uses a pagan natlon-"the Assyrian"-as a "rod" to punish them. Matthew 1. 2. Samaria falls. and the stick &at I in their hand for s my denunciation! Against an apostate nation E l~hall send him. 17) Unlike the Ninevites.CE. They turn their backs on pure worship. at the beannlng of the eighth century B. and against the people of my fury I shall issue a command to him. A q ~ i a reasserts itself as a military power. But no human strategy can black Gocl's purpose. and Jchovah uses it in an astonishIng way."-Jonah 1:2. capital o the apostate nation of Israet. Indecd.E.E. (a) Fmm a human standpoint. . From a human standpoint. 4. the Flebm N prophet Jonah. the rod for my anger. Israel does not r e spond when Jchovahsends prophets to warn them. t whom Jonah also preach~l. Jehavah had told him: "Get up.C.' However. 6 . Notice how one Assyrian monarch dealt with his enemies: "I cut off the limbs of the officers .. The prophet Isaiah conveys a warning from Jehovah to the northern kingdom of Israel: "Aha. trampled under Assyrian feet. the capital o the Assyrian Empire.C. From some I cut off their hands and theit fingers.241. and many I took as living captives. xvhy did Jonah sccm t haw o good mson to be reluctant to accept his comrnlwinn l prenrli to o the Assyrians? @) How did the NinevlZes read to Junahl rnctrnge? 3.E. son of Arnittaj."Still. @ N the Scrlpn~m. to offend him. toward Tanhish. when Jonah finally delivered Jehcwh's message. ~ c / c ~ ~ i . (a1 What Is rncnnt by "the Arqrlan.3." f (2 Wngs 1 7 16. Many captives from among them I burner1 with fire. ventured into Ninw~h. In 742 R. they go so far as "to how down to all the army of the heavens and to serve Baal. and from others I cut off their noses. How dws the reaction o the Israelites to the warninp clrlivr~rrrl f @Jehovah's prophets differ from that of the Ninevitcr? w e h l i i ~ a "rod"? (h) Whcn does Samarla fall5 aq and how will Jehovah . go to Nineveh the great cityI and proclaim against her that their barfness has come up before me. thehyrian.

Ikuiah-3 mphrcy-L&ht

pr All Mankind I

6 Although w d by Jehovaht~ teach his people a lesson, the Assyrians themdm do not reco@ix Jehwah.That is why he g c e on t say: %ugh [WAsphn]may not o be that ~lyty, he Mi W inclined; though hls heart m y not h that wa;y, he willsdwme, k a u s e to a n n i W Is In h&hmtt and to cut offnations not a lkw." (lsalah 109)

Jehov& meaaz; the Asspian t be an InsWment in the o dlvlne hand. But t h +tan ~ feels indhed to be some Wng eise. His heat urges h h t scheme for somethhy o gmder-mnquest o the thm-knownworld1 f 7 Many of the nofiIsmUe di conquered by the Are tm syrian were pmiaudyruledbykhgs.Thm formerklngs now have t submit t the W n g of Assyrla a 4 o o prima, s he mtruly baast "h my prlnccr at the o mrt some h e Mng$Y {Jsaiah fO:8) The false gods of promlnent dues of the nations could not w e thdr w&ipers from d a t r W m . Tke gods worshiped by the inhabitants of $maria, am% as h a l , Molech, and the golden calves, wlli npt p~0tec-k dty. Having Eorsakn Jchaa Lh$t vah, Samarla has no right t expect him to Intervene, Let o m y today who f o e Jehovahtake notice of Samarh's fab! T h e k q r h mn w d bast regding Samarla and the other cities he has 6 0 n q u d #is mt Wno just Me C m h m b h ?b not Hamcrth just like Arpad? is not amarhu t llke DamamF (Ssaioh 70.9) They are all the same j s
totheAssyrian-qdforhfmtotak. aH , the Assyrrzuz g m too far In hls boasting.
6. In what way does the Assyrian p be)rond what Jchowh B In s mind for him? kin the ap~&&n *Are oat my prttrcei rrt the same time king?" I ) Of what sbould those today who forsake Jehovah take note?

rT-' that pths#ng the nuttons


muchertb reasms is ar easy us gathering eggs h m a nest


8, 9. W h y k i t P h a t t h e ~ a n ~ s t o o f a r l v h e n h e K t s h l s s l g b t f on Jerusalem?

He says: ' M m r my hand has #ached the klngdams of fhe v u ~ r r e b whose gmwn Images are m m than god those at hr$lst?kmand ot krmurlo, will A not be tkat just mIshaIIhowdone toScr& and t herwIu&pds, o e m so I M do to jenrsulem and b her kfokl" ( b b h i ItklO, 1I ) The Mngdoms already defeated by the Assyrla posxsed far more idols than do Jerusalemor wen San mada. What, he masons, 9s t prevent me from doing to o Jerusalmwhat T did t Sam&?' a 9 The braggart!JehovahwU1 not allow him t takeJeruo sdem. Bue, Judah does not have a spotless record of supparfmg me!w~tship, Kings 16:7-9; 2 Cbronides 28:24) (2 Jehwah has w m e d that 'because of her unfaithfulne~~ Judah suffer much during the Assyrian hvasfon. But Jerusalem will sutvkPe. (Isaiah 1:7, 8) When the Assydan invasion o m , H a a h Is k h g i Jemsde~. n Hezeldah


Irraifilr's Prophecy-Light for A11 Mankind I

Do Not Be Afraid

of the Assyrian


is not like his father, Ahaz. Why, in the very first month of h reign, Hezekiah reopens the temple doors and restores pure worship!-2 Chronicles 29:3-5.
10 So Assyria's proposed attack on Jerusalem does not have Jehovah's approval. Jehovahpmmises an accounting with that insolent world power: " I t must occur that when lehovoh terminates all his work in Mount Zion and in jerusulem, I shall make an accounting for the fruitage o f the insolence of the hearr o f the king ofAssyria and for the self-importanceof his loftiness of eyes."-Isaiah 70: 12.



On t Judah and Jerusalem! o 11 Eight years after the northern hngdom fell in 740 B.C.E., a new Assyrian monarch, Sennacherib,marches against Jerusalem. Isaiah poetically describes Sennacherib's prideful plan: "I shall remove the boundaries ofpeoples, and their things stored up I shall certainly pillage, und I shall bring down the inhabitantsjust like a powerful one. And just a if a nest, my hand will reach the resources s o the peoples; and just as when one gathers eggs that f have been left+I myself will gather up even ail the earth, and there will certainly be no one fluttering his wings or opening his mouth or chirping." (Isaiah 70:13, 74) Sennacherib reasons that other cities have fallen and Samaria is no more, so Jerusalem will be easy prey! The city might put up a halfhearted light, hut with hardly a chirp, its inhabitants will be quickly subdued, their resources plucked up like eggs from an abandoned nest. 12 However, Sennacherib is forgetting something. Apos10. What does Jehovah promise regarding the Assyrian? 11. Why does the Assyrian think that Jerusalem will be easy prey? 12. What does Jehovah show to be the right way to view things with regard to the Assyr~an'sboasts?




tate Samaria deserved the punishment that it received. Under King Hereluah, however,Jerusalemhas once again become a bastion of pure worshp, Anyone wanting to touch Jerusalem will ha+ Jehovah to reckon with! Inhgnantly, Isaiah rtrks: "Will the ax enhance itrelf owr the one chopping with it, or the saw magnify itself over the one moving it bock and forth, o though the stoff moved r back and forth the ones raising it on high, as though the rod raised on high the one who is not woad?" (Isaiah 10: 15) The Assyrian Empire is a mere tool inJehovahPshand, much as an ax, a saw, a staff' or a md might he used by a woodsman, a sawyer, or a shepherd. HOWdare the rod now magnify itself over the one who uses it ! 13 What will happen to t h e Assyrian? "The true h r d , lehovah o f armies, will keep sending upon his fat ones a wasting disease, and under his glory a burning will keep burning away like the burning of a fire. And Israel's tight must become a fire, and his Holy One a flume; and it must blaze up and eat up his weeds and his thornbushes E one n day. And the glory o f his forest and of his orchard He will bring to an end, wen from the soul clear t the flesh, and o it. must become like the melting away o f one thaf is ailing. And the rest o f the Veer ofhis forest-they will become such a number that a mere boy will be uble to write them down." (Isaiah 10:16- 19) Yes, Jehovah will whittle that Assyrian "rod" down to size! The "fat ones" of the Assyrian's army, his stout soldiers, will be struck with "a warting disease." They will not look so strong! Like so many weeds and thornbushes, his ground troops will be burned by the Light of Israel, Jehovah God. And "the glory of h s

13. Identify and tell what happens to (a) the "fat ones." (b) 'the weeds and thornbushes.' (c) "the glory of h ~ forest." s


Isaiah's Prophecy-Llght for All Mnnklnd I

forest,"his military officers, will come to thelr end, After Jehovah finishes with the Assyrian, so few officers will remain that a mere boy wilI be abIe to number them on hls h e ! - S e e also lsoiah 70:33,34.
14 StiU, the Jews living in Jerusalem In 732 D.C.E.must 6nd It hard t believe that the Assyrian will be defeated. o The vast k y r i a n a r m y is advancing relentlessly. Listen to the list of cities in Judah that have fallen: "He has come upon Aiath . ..Migron Mickmash. Geba Ramah . Gibeoh of Soul. . Gallim .. . hishah. . . Anafhoth .. .Madmenoh ...Cebim Nob." (lsoiuh 10:28-32~)' Finally the invaders reach Lachish, just 30 miles from Jerwsalem. Soon a large & a @n army is threatening the clty. "He waves his hand ~thmmingly the mountoin of the at daughter of Zion, the hill of )erusulem." (Isaiah 10:32b) What can stop the Assyrian?



. ..


. ..

. ..

15 In h s palace i the dty,King Hezekiah grows anxlous. i n Ile rips his garments apart and covers himself wlth sackcloth. (Isaiah 37: 1)He sends men to the pmphet Isaiah to inquire o Jehovah on Judah's behalf. They soon return f with Jehovah's answer: *Do not be afraid , I shall certainly defend this city." (Isaiah 3?6,35)StiII, the Assyrians are menacing and supremely confident. 16 Faith-that is what wiiE carry King HezeMah through this crisis, Faith is "the evident demonstration o realif ties though not beheld." (Hebrws 11:1) It involves look-


" For clarity, isaiah 1028-32i s discuss4 bchm Isaiah 10:20-27.
14. Desaibe the

Ing beyond the obvlour. Rut faith i based on knowledge. s Hereklah Hkely remembers that ahead of time Jehovah spvkc these comfottlng wads: "Do not be afraid, 0 my people who arp dwelling in Zion, bemuse of the Assyrian . . . For yet a very littk while--and the denuncidion wit/ hove come to an end, and my anger, i their wearn ing away. And jehovah of armies wilf cerfuinly brandish against him a whip as at the defeot of Midian by the sock Oreb; and his staff will be upon the sea, and he will certainly I l f it up In the way that he did with Egypt" (lsoioh 10:24-26)" Ycs, God's people have heen in difficult situations before. Nezekiah's ancestors seemed hopelessly owtc1asr;ed by thc Emtian army at the Red Sea. His forefather Gideon faced staggering odds when Midian and Amalck Invaded Isl-ael. Yet, Jeehwah delivemd his people on thosc WO~cca~l~n~.--EXodus 13,28; Judges 6: 14:7-9, 3.1; 7:21, 22. 17 Wlll Jehovah do agaln what he did on those previous occasions? Ycs. Jehovah promises: "It must occur in that day that his load will depart from upon your shoulder, and his yoke from upon your neck, and the yoke will certainly be wrecked because of the oil." (Isaiah 10:27) The As~yrliinyoke will be llfted from the shoulder and the neck of God's covenant people. Indeed, the yoke wdl be "wrcckett"-and wrecked it is! In one night, the angel of Jehovah kills 185,000 of the As.ryrians. The threat is rernuvt~1, and the Aayrtans leavc the soil of Judah forwer. (2 Kings 1935, 36) Why? "Recause of the oil."This may rcfer to the oil used to anoint Hezekiah as king in the line
' Fnr a discu%qltsnuf Ahcar!," on page 155.

progms o the hyrian on the soil of Judah by f

732 3.C.E.
15, 16. (a) Why does King Hezeklah w c d strong falt h? (b)What hasis is there for Hezekiah's faith that Jehovah will come to his aid?

Isaiah 1k20-23, "Isaiah Lmks Further sec:


17. Him*I s the A\syrlan ynke "rvrixkd," and why?


Isaiah's Prophecy-Light for All Mankind I

Da Not Be Afrnid of the Assyrian
20 Whom will Jehovah use to discipline rebellious Christendom? We find the answer in the 17th chapter of Revelation. There we are introduced to a harlot, "Babylon the Great," representing all the world's false religions, including Christendom. The harlot is riding a scarlet-colored wild beast that has seven heads and ten horns. (Revelation 17:3, 5, 7-12) The wild beast represents the United Nations erganization.*Justas the ancient Assyrian destroyed Samaria, the scarlet-colored wild beast "will hate the harlot and will make her devastated and naked, and will eat up her fleshy parts and will completely burn her with fire." (Revelation 1716) Thus the modernday Assyrian (nations associated with the UN) will deal Christendom a mighty blow and will crush her out of existence. 21 Wirl Jehovah's faithful Witnesses perish along with Babylon the Great? No. God is not displeased with them. Pure worship will survive. However, the wild beast that destroys Babylon the Great also casts a greedy eye in the direction of Jehovah's people. In doing so, the beast carries out, not God's thought, but the thought of someone else. Who? Satan the Devil. 22 Jehovah exposes Satan's prideful scheme: "It must occur in that day that things will come up into your [Satan's] heart, and you will certainly think up an injurious scheme; and you must say: 'I shall . ..come in upon those having no disturbance, dwelling in security, all of them

of David. Thus, Jehovah fulfills his promise: "I shall certainly defend this city to save it for my own sake and for the sake o David my servant."-2 Kings 19:34. f 1% The account of Isaiah discussed in this chapter has to do with events in Judah more than 2,700 years ago. But those events have the umost relevance today. (Romans 154) Does this mean that the major players in this thrilling narrative-the inhabitants of Samaria and JerusaIem as well as the Assyrians-have modernday counterparts? Yes, it does. Like idolatrous Samaria, Christendom claims to worshp Jehwah, but she is apostate to the core. In An Essay on the Development of CJzristiarz Dochine, Roman Catholic John Henry Cardinal Newman admits that items Christendom has used for centuries, such as incense, candles, holy water, priestly garb, and images, "are all of pagan origin." Jehovah is no more pleased with Christendom's paganized worship than he was with Samaria's idolatry. 19 For years, Jehovah's Wilmesses have warned Christendom of Jehovah's displeasure. In 1955, for example, the public discourse entitled "Christendom or Christianity -Which One Is 'the Light of the World'?" was delivered worldwide. The talk graphically explained the way that Christendom had strayed from genuine Christian doctrine and practice. Thereafter, copies o€this powerful lecture were mailed to clergymen in many countries. As an organization, Christendom has faiIed to heed the warning. She leaves Jehovah with no choice but to discipline her with a "rod."


" Additional information regarding the identity o the harlot and the f -


n scarlet-colored wild beast is f u n d i chapters 34 and 35 of the book Revelation-Its Grnnd Clirnnx A t Hand!, published by the Watchtower Bible and Tract Socicv of New York, Inc
20, (a) What will serve as the modem-day Assyrian, and how will it be used as a rod? {b) To what extent will Christendombe disciplined? 21, 22. Who will motivate the wild beast to attack God's people?

18. {a) Does Isalah's prophecy have more than one fulfillment? Explain. (b) What organization today is like ancient Samaria? 19. Of what has Christendm been warned, and by whom?


the wording indicates that these verses apply more specifically to later periods when Jerusalemtoo would have to answer for the sins of her Inhabitants. The prophet lsaiah foretells that at a future time.rlrl for All Man ki11d I 155 - tlweIllng p:without [a proWve] wall .C. who is a sign in Israel and whose name means "A Mere Remnant Will R e turn." This reminds us of Isaiah's son Shear-jashub. fell to the invader. they will scc God's mighty arm raised high. the Holy One of lsra- el." (Psalm 23:4) With their eyes of faith. however. Since: verses 20 to 23 are located in the middle of this prophecy." (Isaiah 7:3) Verse 22 of chapter 10 warns of a corning "extermination" that has been decided on. Why rvfII the modem-dayA y t i a n be unabie tn i l w to God's peoplc whnl hc clues to Christendom? 24. 'l'hcy w1 offer no rel1 slstance. "The h m h will rwnquer them. 72) Satan will reason. from a thickly populated nation that is "like the grains of sand of the sera. in trueness.unprotected. not to punish them. and he wilt fight for them lust as surely as he fought fur Jerusalem in the days of 3 Iczeklah. but to shield thrm fmm his enemies. compare Matthew 25:40. lsaia h 1 : 0says that they will 02 1 "support themselves upon Jehovah.' It will be fcared no more. nations! Be advisd that if you much Jehovah's people.) Like the Assyrian of old. you will have to reckon with God himself I Jehovah loves h people. Verse 23 warns that this coming extermination will affect the whole land. (Compare Isaiah 1: 7-9. Such an extetminatlon will be righteous because it is a just punishment on a rebellious people." (Revetation 1Z14. (:I) What are true Christians determlnetl to do to prepnrr for tlic futl1rc7 [h) How does Iralah look furlher s h ~ t ~ d(See I ~ on 'l x 1)lIKP 15s. . when Jehovah used the Babylonian Empire as his "rod. jerusalem will not be spared this time.-Revelatlon 1Z11."-Isaiah 10:24. Jesus Christ. .tS4 Jsainh:~ Proplirc}~-Ll. 24Tr'rule Christians m n face the future without fear if they keep their reIationship with Jchovah strong and if they make the doing of his will their primary concern i n l i f t (Matthew 6:33) Then they need 'Year nothing bad. Yes. I-Iow easy it will be to phck them like eggs from an unprotnmt!' 23 But watch out." thc Rihle says." (Fzcklcl 38:10. That Is a battle that the Assyrian cannat win.the scarlet-colorcd wild beast wlll 'go off Into destruction. including Jerusalem. he will really he battling Jehcvah God and the Lamb. the survivors of the house of Israel will nwer again pwrsue such a senseless course. wlthour political influence. they can be viewed as having a general fulfillment during the same period.' It wlll be t get o a big spoil and to do much plundering. When the modern-day Assyrian tries to annihilate Jehovah's servants." The whale land.) However." only a remnant will return. King Ahar tries to gain securit]r by turning to Assyria for help.) These verses well describe what happened in 607 B. And thrrIr eats wlll hear these reanuring words: "Do not be afraid. why not Incite thc nations to attack Jehovah'sWitnesses? They are w l n e r a l ~ l e . that only a small number wlll do so: "A mere remnant wlll return. As a result. - ." Verse 21 shows.E. 23. ISAIAH LOOKS FURTHER AHEAD + Isaiah 1O:ZU-23 I The 10th chapter of lraish'focures primarily on the way that Jehovah will use the Assyrian invasior~to execute judgment upon Israel and on his promise to defend Jerusalem. "because he is Lord of lords and King of kings.

Cams ( ~ a Isaiah 1:9. many o the peof ple worshiped at. (Galatians &16) On th0 wd' aston the words OT Isaiah 1020 were fuMlled: 'Nmr again* did a nation dediwted l e h d turn away kom hlrn to human souws for s p o . rnaktng u p s s i i a pru l natkm* "the I& s d E . the high places.Irnl~h @ a 2 3had a further fulfllhmt f In the first em%a sirown at bmans 9:27. upR Salvation and Rejoicing Under the Messiah's Reign Isaiah 11: . (2 Chronicles 31:l) No wonder that Jehovah urged hls people to return to him and warned of disclphe to come! 2 Still.4) When HezeWah became king. Ramairs Pa. totter j o l d by k1leuing emtile. iinasmudh as a small number d faitMu1 j w b e m e f o l b of b s Chrlst and began worship u Ing IdwA *With qMtand'truth*' (john 424) These m .The were t a b captive to Bnbylon for 70 yean. M&r thaq h u g h . smn-n If only #a mere reremnanv-re. Jehovah had faithful prophets. turned t m ~ b l i s t w h i p In Jerusalem.2&. (2 Kings IS:1-4. a descrlptlan of the blessIngs ta come under the reign of the Messiah.) J explains th~t a a p ~ p Pa In tual sense#a "mmnanY o Jw f 'Wrned* to jehovah in the flrst cenkrry CE. 35. footnote. After desuiblng the terrible depredations that Judah would experience during the Assyrian Invasion. 2 Chronicles 2 : . o hm The p p h q +t. 34. not all were out-and-out rebels. and Likely there were some Jews who listened t them. Even under the rule of fafthful kings. 3. the spiritual condition of God's N covenant pople was bad. 2.* Some aspects of these blessings turned out to have a small-scale 7 - ' 'Messiah" ts derived €torn the H e b m word tnu.dd'ach. hscribe the spirltud d i t i u n of GodP covenant people I the n day# of Isai~h. he 61 had to remove the appendages o Baal worship from the f land. 1. ar "ChrlstU-Matthew 2:4. such as Uzdah and Jotham. What encouragement does Jehovah supply for those who desire to servc him despite widerpwad unfdthfulnc~s? . the prophet Isaiah was inspired to pen one of the most beautiful passages h the whole Bible.Jehovah had comforting words for thest! o ones. mmeanlng "AnointedOne.2 6 I1: I THE days of Isaiah."The Greek equivalentis KhK-star.

6 What klnd of ruler dthe Messiah be?Wlll he be like the cruel.and them wlll Be emjuymen€by f # 'The Hebrew w r d for 'sprout" is ne'Wr. 26)Now through Isafah. kause he was brought up I the t w n of Nam n Wh.Salwklon and &1olcf11gUnder the Meisi~h'sRelgn futhllmentwhen the Jm teturned from q t i v i I Eab~ n ylon. (Genesis 49:1@ Dmternnomy 1&18. What dld Isaiah pmphesy w r d l n g the mmlng of the M ~ s i ab. the spldt of cauns Imd sf mighthers. Jesuswas called a Namne.Tnre. What ldnd of ruler i s the h s k h prophesied to \rel . Isaiah says: "Uponhim the spirit of j h w h must settle dbwn. Redation 22%) When the m M e s M e a rm this "spraut. cornPsatrn 132: 11. 5. horn the house of David. Jshsvahadds further W s . self-willed A s y r b who destroys the ten-northern kingdom of Ismel? O cotme not. other Hebrew Bible mlt~ ers pointed Do a amhg o the Mwiah. (1 Samuel 16:13. k t prori . IsabhandutherMthfulJewsofhisthnecHd not I t see thew blesiqp. h t e f whom Jehovah would spnd to Israel. a name apparently ~ b t ed to the Hebrew ward used In Isaiah 11:1 for 'fspmut''* -Matthew 223. But the propas a whole has a major fdhllmerrt today. and personal weaknesses &allall of thmn Idah's wonderful P\lylTdS abouttheMessl&andhisrdgn mstrengthenandhe@ M J s pmpIr*t meet these chal£mga.) "Twjg" and "qmmt* bath Indkate that the Messiah wIl! be the desceprdmtofJessethrough his son David. But they looked forward to ko them fn h & and will see a fulfillment o isafh's words i f a h the wsurrWim. fite idt d Wdom and of undsrsIrrndIng. Rapidly moral Wues in the wodd. The gospel wrlW Mats thew alluded ua the words of Isaiah 11:l when he said that Jesus' being called "a Nazmme' fulfilled the words of the prophets." (Isaiah 11:1. W e 2:39. h h h wrlbes: m must $0 e m b t h a twfgoutoftheSacmp o f l m . and for " N a ~ ~ e n e ' W ts tl: - 4. the true M e r . S The promised Messiah i Jesus. a Messiah-A Capable Leader 4 Centuries k f o Esaiah's b e . o n d outofhhmofs a sprout wHI k WflhI. M o t e . Jeremi& 23:s. P s ~ h 11&22. O the Messif f ah.40. o duce good Crult. md what appUWn of Isaiah's wd dM Mstthm a p p m t l y xs make? 6.-Iiebm 11:36 3 Jehovah's modanday people a h need enrjamgemmt. the splrk of knowlaS@e and o the h r oJJ&tawh. vldous a n t the -n o r =sage. who was andntd with oils king of Israel.

understanding. and with the spirit of his lips he will put the wicked one to death."-Isaiah 11:4.'' (Isaiah 71:2. Rather. the Mcsqlah Is not swayed by false arguments. Jesus tcaches that there is no greater joy than walking wcry day in thc wl~olesome of Jehovah. 3a) The Mcsn siah is anointed. 1-I@ sees through deccptlon and looks beyond unflattering outward appcannces. the Messiah has a reslleah~lawe of God.1Corinthians 6:1-4. bttt with C. How doer Jesus find enjoyment in the ienr af Jchovith? tl. faith." (Galatians 5:22. ID. h o w how to give goocl gifts to your children. with his hips m r l loins girded with righteousness and faithfulness.o<I's holy spirit. nor shou ltl wc cease to cultivate its wholesome fru it a p N l o v c 8 jny. 11.. (Psalm 37:10. In one af his discourses. selfcontrol. 5. (a) In what way does jcsus correct his followers? (b) What judgment does Jesus rentlcr to the wicked? .23)Jehovah promi~eq answer to the request of Jesus' followers for "wlrdom from ahove" to help them deal successfiilly with thc challenges of life. the Mesf siah wil "strikethe earth" with hls authoritativevoice. would you not be gratefill Fr a judge ]like that? In his paci city a a s Judge of all mankind. Jesus declared: "If you. 1 How will the Messiah's superlative qualities influence 0 his judicial decisions? Isaiah explains: "With righteousness he must judge the lowjy ones.slnl~'. there will be no wicked people left to dlstuth thc peace of mankind. a loving rwerence for him. mlgh tjness. and knowledge. (John8:29) By word and example. What h the fear o Jehovah that the Messlah displays? f Jesus certainly is not terrified by Gnrl. issuing a judgment of desl-ructian for all the wicked.lom a court of law. goodness. whcn John t he Raytizcr sees God" holy spirit descending on Jesus in the form of a dave. such as wealth. On the other hand. And he must strike the earth with the rod of his mouth. and faithfulnessthe belr of his loins.rRrkrr I61 him I the fear of Jehovah. compare llmlation 19:15.11) Jesus. And righteousness must prove to be the belt of his hips. This happens atlesus' baptism. although bcina wicked. 3:17."{lsaiah 77:3b) If you h.wl to stirnd t)c.Mer. What pmmlse did Jesus make tn his blthtul followcr~? 8. (Psalm 2 9 . (Luke 322) Jehwah? spirit 'sctllcs down upon' Jesus. rumors." (1 Peter 3:4. 11 When hb followers need correction. not with oil.qlrt pr All Mnnklrrrl I Salvation andR~]d~lcin# Utrtlrr fhr. of When God calls this system o things to amount.-Psalm 453-7. and he gives evidence of thls whcn he acts with wisdom. mlldncss. we should never hesitate to ask God for holy spirit. footnote)Jesus' superlatlvc cxample serves as the model for all who are called upon to jutlgc matters In the Christian congregation. What example does Jesm give to those calleci i i l i c ~ r tto lucl~e mittters In the Chr~stian congregation? wi!! not judge by any mere appeamnce to hls eyesI nor rep m simply according to the thing head by his ~QTZ. peacc.) Eventually. What excellent qualities for n rttlcrl 7Jesus' followers too can receive holy spirit. fcarfi~lof his condemnation. those who practice wickedness can expect iud~rnena a swere sort." as Jesus d m .l(i0 Isaloll's Pmphtrcy-Ll. and with uprightness he must giw reproof in behalf of the meek ones of the earth. -James 1 5 . how much more so will the Father in heaven ~ i v e holy spirit to those asking him!" (Cuke I t :13) Hence. long-suffering. fear A Righteous and Merciful Judge lsaiah foretells more of the Messiah" schrackrlstlcs:"He - 7. Jesus delivers it the way that benefits them mmt-an excellent example for Christian elders. kindness. has the power to acmmplish this. clever courtroom tactics." "thc hltlclen man. rliscernlng "the secret person of the heart. A Coct-fcnring person desires always to *do the things pleasing to him. or superhcial factors. counrel.

r n ~ S d .And~ro. m d &irc d f a& t h e .the~lWInxlHhk&m. ~r tnhr ee ~w?hMm~ht eh W i lng fmm ssbpbn m the h m t d tandl . andwlEht!ieIcld.m~d/~mafcto~hqnF C m e ~ ~ I n d m y ~ ~ w i # ~ h d y b s f a C B d w f t f i * h ~ o w h a t M ~ m ~ ~ ~ s e a " ( W b h 12. b-9 e -)hDa o? t~hm ~ g@h~t ra sJcw~ h.u b & h ~ p & l t S 1 p m ~ f & l ? m n a h t G o d # r l l l ~ ~ f n ~ ~ %%dfHd#&CW#&Yfd&&@~h&~~~d8 h h .wmtal*~~mm @her W F pvwg on= WIN& dovvfi* Avid m-h rn # # h t ~ d ~ p b w s w u k w l % l a ~ C h ~~plrryrrponthemofthe&m.and~* ~~mamrhand. p i q md t W f Mm fkon M P m~d#~md~nr~lll~&tk&yWbiead W a g t ~ ~ I l ~crm.

all earth's inhab14. I ~ a i a h35:822. To this day. but it will adfect people. according to W s original purpose. hi!^^ n ItteraE ltetfillment in the new world? Lxplain. and there will be one arising to rule natlonr. C3f course. c a l l i ~ ~ g a Faithful rcmnanl o the disf persed Jewish people to return and rebulld the temple. The prophecy gives to all w l ~ will live o under the Messiah's rule the same assurance that It gave to the returning Israelites. s l ~ n a Inr Gnrl's proplc In 537 R. will Isaiah's prophecy have a further. the prophecy reaches even further-down to our day when people of 1 . however.C. ln 1914. though. and his resting-place must become glorious. The howledge of Jehovah will not chanae animals. Can we reasenably expect Tsaiah's word* tr.? 6 I l 17. was enth~~oned heavenly on Mount Zion.' " (Romans 15: 12) Moreover. the Messiah. on him nations will rest their hope. Isaiah 6022) These have learned to look to the tlme when the whole earth wilI be restored as a stlcure. Satan has not given up his goal a€turning as many as possible away from Gorl. has a larger i'ulfillrncnt. perhaps more literal. 2 Peter 3:1J. In 1919 the remaining oncs of "the Israel of God" experienced release from Babylonbh captlvlty and shared i the restomtion o true wnrsh lp. Ephesians 4:17-24) Thcse dcvelopments have now affected m I lions bccausc Jsa lah's i prophecy has come to include a rapidly Incrcaslng numher of Christians with an earthly hnpc. (Galatians 6 1 ) n f :6 h a rerult. What is the larger fuIfiIIment of Isatah l1:h-97 15. Under the Messiah's Kingdom rule. more is i n w I d than mere safety from wild animals. 10. How did Jesus 'artsc tt) rule nirttnns' In the Rrst century and I n our day? . 17 However. E. His name is involved. Hence. Ta him even the nations will furn inquiringly. ful fi1 P ment? It seems rcasonable to think so.. thc Scriptures do not n reveal every detail of what life was li kc in Ggcn-cw of what it will be like in Paradiw. of ((blossians 3 9 .C. h5:25. We can k confident. Hence. and he cams about thnse who serve him." tc the knowl~dge Jehovah. (I3snln~ 37:29. I5 In that restored Paradise. it points to the rule o the Messiah.-km 8:2I.E. Quoting the Sepfrmngint rendering uf this verse. served as a signal. "Ac~urn kno~vledgc." (lsuialr 77: 76) liack in 537 R. Jerusalem. 14 This prophecy. Neither on the way home nor in their restored land will thc Ismcrlit~snecd to fear wild beastq or beastlike men. they and thcir childrcn will not feel threatened by harm from any suurcc-human or mimal. through Isaiah he makes a striking promise: 9 t must occur in that d q that there will be the mot o fIesse that will be standing up m o signal for the peoples. the one f true Leader for people of all nations. 10) FormerIy violent people have lecome peaceabIe. En. everything will he just as it should be. the prophecy po-lnts to more than that. the way was opened for a modern-day fi~lh!lment of Isaiah's Paradise prophecy.-Matt t ~ c w fi:9.has changd persnnaliti~. he wrote: "Isaiah says: 'There will be the root of Jesse. itants d enjoy peaceful condItIons like thasc that Adam l and Eve enjoyed i Men. Pure Worship Restorer1 Thrt~ugh the Messiah 16 Pure worship first came under attack in Eden when Satan successfullyinfluenced Adam and Evc to disobey Jehovah. Jesus. As already seen. FtXat stood a5 .peace described here results from the knowledge o Jchof vah. peaceful paradise. The apstte Paul quoted Isaiah 11:10 to shaw that in his day people o the naf tions would have a place In the Christian congregation. (Romans 12:2. Rut Jehovah will never p m i t pure wonhlp to vanish from the earth. that under the wise and Iwing rule of the King Jesus Christ. the city [hat David llatl made the national capital.

2D lsalah now describes the unity of the restored nation. he says: "The jealousy of Epkralm must depart.-lsalah Sh:7." Starting in 1919 the rcmaininganes of "the IsraeI of ( h d " b e ~ a n flock to this d~nal. Members from all tribes ofIsrael will return unitedly to their land. a g r to share i pure tu e n worship under God's Wngdom. to acquire the remnant of his people who wit#remain over from Assyria and from Egypt and from M r o s and from Cush and from Elom and horn 18.E. and the scattered ones of ludah he will collect together from the four extremities of the earth. In a minor way. How much more glorious. though. remnant of both lsracl i~nd Judah out from the nations to which they have lleen scattcrd and will bring tl~ern safejy home. tlhcw Ma 25:31-40." (IsaiaIl f I: 7 1. Referring to the northern kingdom as Ephraim and to the soul hcrn kingdom as Judah. 74) When thc Jews return from Babylon.-Isaiah 61:s-9.Jchovah will lead a faithful. and the sons of Ammon will be their subjects. 2 'Emothv 31-5. for spiritual Israel and for people of a11 nations who long for righteous government." they add to the glory of thc Messiah's "testing-place. and even those showing hostility to judah wlll be cut off. a powerful effect. And they must fly at the shoulder of the Philistines to the west." (Isaiah 17:73.C:. together they will plunder the sons of the East Edom and Moob wlSl be those upon whom they will thrust out their hand. -20. Jehwah raised thc mthroned Jesus Christ as "a signal for the nations. (Luke 21:10.yhf fur All M ~ ~ r ~ k l rit r l Sirfv(fHur~ r ~ n d npiolclt~.fU a d ~ r Mcssjah s Relp thr ' 167 the nations show their Iove for Jehovah by supporting thc anointed brothers of the Messicah. which no man \Is] ahlc to number. (Ezra 6: 17) N o longer will they show rewntment and hostility t e ward one another. Jesus Christ has been a clear signal. In our day. 'This unique spiritual nation come? "out of every tribe and tongue and people and nation. they wi ll no longer be divided into two nations. a rallying p i n t . I Haggai 27. Revelalion 12:103 Since then. (Revelation 7 9 ) tls many new ones continue to comc into association with the remnant in Jehovah's spiritual "house of prayer. nor will judah show hostility toward Epkraim. "that day" refcrrcci to hy Isaiah began when the Mes. (Matthew 2 : 4 Mark 13:10)This good news has 41. 12) As i f taking them by the t-tnncl. is the major fulfillment! In 1914. how has Jesus hen a rdlylng p i n t ? 19.166 Isnfah's Propl~ruy-Ll.iab w& enthroned as K l n ~ ol God's heavenly Kingdom in 1914. Under the Messiah" direction. thc good news of the Kingdom has been carried to all the nations. What unlly will God's people cnioy upon their &urn from R a b y Ion 7 . "A great crowd. As a united ptlople. Ephrulm Itself will not be jealous of )udoh. this happens In 537 H. a second time. And he will certainly raise up a signal for the nations and gather the dispersed ones o f Isroel. A United People Serve Jehovall 19 Isaiah next reminds the lsraelitm that Jehovah once before provided salvation for them when the nation faced oppression by a powerful enemy.." God's great spiritual temple. Isaiah o f writes: "It must occur in that doy thotjehovah will again offer his hand. they will take a ti rumphant stand agalnst their enemies in the surrounding nations. a? J e w foretold. That part of brael's history-Jehovah's liberation af the nation fmm captivity in Egpt-is dear t the hearts o all faithful Jews. On what huo occasions doer Jehovah msttaW a remnant o l hlc pcople scattered throughout the earth? Shlrrar and from Hamath and from the islands of the sea."-Revelatinn 5 9 :. 18 In the mdem-day fuIfiltrnent. out of alI nations" is nibmitring to the Messiah by joining the anointed remnant in pure worship.

Jehovah. Jehovah's Witnesses present a united spiritual fmnt against Satan's cfforts Zo interfere with their worship. Jehovah reassums his faithful worshipers that ulh t e l y he wiIl saw them. and he will actually cause people to walk in their sarfd~ls. Anointed Christians and their companions today Ilkcwisc come under vicjuus attack. thew 28:19. Hut It nccompltshcs its purpose of healing the nation's relationship wlth him and of testoring pure worship. Oppmem will attempt to stop them. will he with lhcm. conditions unknown in the churches of Chrlstendam. He wlll do something similar now: 'There must come t be a higho way out of dssyria for the mmnanr of his people who will 21.21 Still more impressive is the unity of "the Israel of God. for although you got incensed at me. for Jahjehowh is my sfnength and my rnighc and he came t be the o salvation of me.20. as it were. With what exprcsslnnsnt prdse ant1 ~ratltude Jehovah's wlll Barriers Will Be Overcome 22 There are many barriers. p u r anger gradually turned back.With exultation you people will be certain to dmw water out of the springs of salvalion. grid you proceeded t comfort o me. It is not man's work. Even a barrlcr as formidable as a tongue of the Red Sea (sttch as the Gulf of Sues) or a impassable as the mighty Euphrates River will s be dried up. hut God's. but they go fonuiml co~~rapeouslyl They have come out of modern Assyria.-Matf 1 remain owq just as them came to be one b r Israel in the day of his coming up out of the land of Egypt" (isaioh 77:16) Jehovah will lencl returning exiles as it they were walking along a highway honl their place of exile to their l~omeland. but their God. Revelation 74-8)Today.000years enjoyed a unity h s d on love lor G d ie and for theit spiritual brothers and sisters.'" (Isaiah 12:1 ) Jclrova 11's disdpllne of his wayward people is severe." (lsaiah 77: 15) rt is Jehovah who wilt temovc all impediments to his people" return. I shall trust and be in no dread. How will they be overcome? Isaiah says: "jehowh will certainly cut off the tongue of the Egyptian sea. they carry out Jesus' commission to preach and teach the good news o the Messiah's Kingdom in itll the nations. Jehwah's pcaplc-both splritual Israelites and those with an earthly holrr-enjoy pcacc and worldhide unity under the Mcllesslah's rule. they cry out: "'Look! God and is my salwtian. " (Isaiah 72: 2. In what way wiIl there "come to be n highway out o Assyrla"? f I I people cly out? . to hlnder the Israelites' return from exile. 25. Endless Reiaicing for the SuE~jcctso the Mcssiah! f 24 In joyful language Isaiah nmv descrlbw the exultalion of Jehovah's peoplc uvcr the Fulfillment of Iiis word: "In that day you will be sum to say: 7 shall thank you. so that a penon can cross without having to take 08his sandals! 23 In Moses' day. Satan's world. How will Jehovah "cut off the tonuue of the L~yptl." The 12 symbolic tribes of spiritual Isracl have for almost 2. ATone peqjle. 'l'hey know that pure worship will succeed and flourish. und wnve his hand nr the Rlver in the glow of his spirit And he must strike it In its sewn torrenlr. 0 Jehowh. both literal and figurative. (Colmsians 3: 14. and thcy help others to do the same.Jehovah prepared a way f r Israel to ero cape from Egypt and march to the Promised Land.lnsea" and "wave hI%hand a t the River"? 23. How Is the unity of God's people today tnily outstandfn~? 22. 3) The Hebrew word translated "might" in verse 2 24. No wonder they expms appreciation? 25 The rrstord Israelites have their confidenee in Jehovah completely confirm~rl.

Look to the Future With Confidencet 27 Today miIliom haw flacfsed t the "signal far the pmo pl&"'Jesus Christenthmned in God's Kingdom. They r e loice t be sub/.tg Who 26. b r gmt In the midst ofyw is the H One of I s W l (lsahh w 12:6)T e Holy One of Israel ts JehwahGad himself. .hulah's PmpHecy-Light fir All Aarrnkhd I . wake m e n w ehat his name is put on high. They lead d of Jehovah's worshipen in rejoichq In his pravlI slon Eor their sa!vatio& It is f ust as Isaiah exclaims: "Gy out shdlly and shout Wjoy. Worshipers b m k out h sangs d pratse over salvation fmm "Jah Jehuwh.' They are "a chosen race. appears m 'praiW h the kphaght m i o n . Make melody & lahowh.Q you Inhablbwss of Zion. they are confident In thelr hope and 6md great delight in sharlng it with others. WMLe aweitiq t k mdbtian af theb hope.. (John123) T e find hy great happinas in their unikd Christian fellowship and strive had t p o m the pace that is the mark of Jehe vah's tnte sewmts. (W& 54:13) Convinced that JahJehovah is a God w h fulfills his pmmises. t what are Chris n . (John10:16. L t all t a k Isaiah's words ta hart and mc in salvation e ie through Jehwa'sMessiah1 tlam confident? 27. 26 Gmuioe worshipers of Jehovah annot k p their jay e make h i ' s dealltqp known among the nations? C 7 I Salvatlun and Rejoicing Under the Mmluh's Reign I C ~ h 72:4.May each worshiper d J e h a v hcontinue t use all o hlsstrengtfrtosaveGodandt0 helpothersdoUhvk. as lilapptra~s the Vead h a krolls h in (Occurrencesof W ' s nome are hlghllghtud) t themselves.' AS a abbmated form of the name Jehmh. anointed Christians-later with the help of their "other s h w " companions-have ' d e d a d abroad the excellend a of the one that mlled them out of darkness into his wonderful light. 1 Peter 2 9 ) Anointed ones dedare that Jehovah's holy name is put 0 1 x high and share in making jt known In all the earth. h .to8. the expreasim "jah JehovahJt-dmbltng the divine name-raises the intensity of pr* ta Gad & an even higher level. hr he has done surpwlng!y n&is mwke known In all the ear&. you p p k i Call upon his n a m Make known among the people~hls deaIIngs. a holy nation" set apart for this purr>ase. Isaiah f a r e k k "In drat day you w I cern H tdnh say: 'Clve fhmh to lehomh. 5 ) Since 1919. *j& n is used in the Bible t convey hdghtened feelf rigs o paise o f and that Kingdom and are thrilled to o know Jehovah Gad a d his Son.S." " (bdah 12:4.

C. Jchovah foretells how he wilt open the way for their return home. King Hetekiah falls seriously III and then movers. King Hezekiah shows them all his treasures. for h r n the extremity of the heavens. you men. They are pagan armies with no interest in serving Jehovah. (Baiah 391-7)This is Mfilled in 607 B. He used Assyria in this way.C. wave the hand. "nations gathered together. God's chosen people will not stay in Ral. However. 'They are corning from the / ~ n d c~roy. likely with the secret purpose of enlisting Hezekiah as an ally in their war against Assyrja. that new world p e r will force its way throu~h he entrances of the no'7 bles. Ambassadors f o Babylon come t cowratulate him rm o on his recovery. will he raised "upon It a mwntaln of bare suckr"-ln plaln view from a great distance. - 3 (a) Who am the "sancttfiettuncs" thtJelroveh wlll alsc up? tb) In . Usten! A crowd in the mountulns." Jehovah can sanctify the armies of the nntlons and use thelr selfish ambitions in order to express his anger.E. Tsnlah telIs Hezekiah that after the klng's death. in the I-le'lrrewScriptures. we find a remarkable prophecy that upon fulfillment will open t l way for such lc a return. of nations gathered together! Jehovah of ormies is mustering fhe army of war. sornefhlng like i~ numerous people! Listen! The uproar of kingdoms. "sanctified" means "set apart for use by Gotl. (Isaiah 11:ll)In Isaiah chapter 13. the bmk looks beyond the lime of Asyrian ascendancy. ! 1 I I 'Haughtiness I Shall Abase' 2 Judah becorn.involved with Babylon durin): Isaiah's lifetime.As a result. This prophecy is introduced wlth these words: 'The pronouncement aguinst Babylon that Isaiah the son of Amoz sow in virion. Isaiah forrtcl Is with remarltable accui racy the course that events will take. How far ahead does the book o lsalah now Took? f 2.E when Jerusalem is destroyed and the nation is taken into exilc. It foretells the return o Jehovah's covenant people from exile f in many lands. (a) How does Hezekiah get involved with Rshylon7 (b) What Is the "slgnal" that will be raised up? weaIth will be carrlcd off to Rahylnn.Howewr. Lift up the voice to them.- I Jehovah Humbles an Arrogant Cjty lsalah 13:l-1493 THE prophrtic book of Isaiah was written i the eighth n century B." the gates o that great cityf and will conquer i t f 3 Jehovah now says: "I myself have Issued the command 5 my sanctified ones. tiuwcvcr. all that 3. my eminently exultant ones." (Isaiah 13:2) The "signal" i s a r i s l n ~ worlil powcr that will disloilge B a b ylon from its place of en~inetlcc." (Isaiah 13:3. He begins: "Upon a mounrain of bare rocks mlse up a signal. the location of Habylon." (Isaiah 1 3 5 ) I what n sense are they sanctified? Ccrtainly not in thc sense of being holy. including Shinar."-Isaiah 13:1.ylon+fnrmct. As has been seen In previous f chapters of h book. Unwisely. I have also called my mighfy ones 0 for expressing my cfnger. 4 ) Who are these "sanctified ones" appointed to bring down haughty Rabylon? They are combined national nrmles." They descend againsk Babylon from a di~tant mountainous region. against the background nf the Aqsyrlan invasion o the Fmmlsed Land. that they muy came into the entrances of the nobles. Summoned to assault: Ilahylon. what sense arc paEan arnlfeq "ranrtlhrd"? .CHAPTER FOURTEEN - .

ancl stars all cease giving light. Why does Jehovah decree the fall of Rabylnn? . The supreme Judge will express 111s anger and brlng welldescrv~djudgment upon Rabylon's sinful inhabitants. fall itwill. Yet.Ec will use Babylon similarly. And I shall actually cause the prlde of the presumptuous ones to cease. by which runs through the center of the city and is tapped to fill a protective moat and to supply the city with drinking water. and the haughtiness o the tpnts I f shall srb~se. 'Thelr faces will be "inflamed"with fear and an&wish. Invading armies wlll first have t deal o with the natural defenses prr~vided the Euphrates River. The prophecy says: " h k ! 7he day ofIehovah ltrelf is corning." (Isaiah 73:6) Yes."(4saiah 13:lf) The outpouring of Jehovah's wrath will be punishment for &ai>y1ylan1scruelty to God's 7. In amazement they will look at nne another. you people. "For the very stars of the herrvens end their constellat/ons of Kesii will not flash forth theEr light the sun will actually grow dark at itr going forth.~ ~ n a hto make a le delensc. will it be poslble far Haby1on to be despoiled? lNhenJehovahlstime for this comes. appearances can be dcccptlw. like a woman that is giving birth they h m bbw pains.5. (it) What doesJehovah forrtell lor Ilahylnnt (b) What will those attacking UihyIon have to deal wlth? 6. W l ~ i wlll i~nexpectedly ~t happen whcn the fnretold assault on Babylon nccurr? a Why such a fate for this proud city? Jehovah says: "I shall certainly bring home its own badness upon the prod u c t / land. Moreover." f kojuh U:l. issrris lng a procIarnation through Batnh. and he foretells hcr frill. and their own error upon the wicked them~ selves. the city will he well stocked with food. in order r to make the land an object of ustonishment. 3 Ral~ylon not yct the dornlnali t worlrl power. Jeremiah259) i And he will use other nations lo punid1 Habylon. though. and that it may unnihilate the land's sinners out of it " (lsaiah 73:9) Rnt)ylonls prospects are gIoomy. 7 Neverthetess. It is RF t h o ~ i ~ h sun. Their hearts wlll melt with fear. the moon. the city will appear to be secure." the day whcn Jchovalr cseccrtes judgment against her. - 4. Babylon is to face a day ofreckfining. the ease o its inhabitf ants will be replaced by pain as suddcn anrl Intense as that of a woman glving birth. He says: "Howl. and the whole heart itself of morn/ man will melt And people have become disturbed. cruel both wrth h y and with burning anger. their hands will drop down. arrd it was mkoned to contain enough [fond] 20 sustain the inhabitants for twenty years. convulsion^ and birth pains themselves grub hold."that will be painful Indeed. 'Tl~ebook Dnily Rible JilusPrraliotts says that Nabonirlus-the last king of Babylon-"had takcn immense pains to store the town with provisions. Then there will be Babylon's massive double walls. Hnhylor~'~ lhji~stin~ be reiciil pltlccd by grief-filled howl in^." 6 However. What "dayof Jehovah" is coming. Why'? [{ecause o "the f clay of Jehovah. and what wlll be the results for Babylon7 H. a "day of Jehovah. Jehrwnh looks to the Ilmu whcn she will oca~pythat posi tlon. for the day of lehovrrh is near! As a despoiling from the Almighty it will come. which are seemingly irnpregnablc. and the moon itrelf will not cause its light Co shine. Paralyzed. Isaiah says: 'That is why ail hands themselves will drop down. [Isaiah 10:s. Hnw." -Isaiah 73: 10. wondering how theirgreat city could Fall. 8 ) When the conquering armies invade the city. They look ot each other h amazement Their foca are inflorned focps.

-. What aw&~ Babylon on Jebwh's day o judgmwt? f 10. And ths hibage o the f ~theywlllnot~.liorms+Wr~WimrtMscw 8 n d p I d . a t d everymetfwthcaqhEbthe~wfllMIbythe~. The whole land wlil Mer because of the badness o t Babyhdam. fand. God OMM#UWW rrnd Eakm (lsrrlcrh 73:174J lated.."(lsahh 73:13) hbyion's "heaven. w h o ~ l t c o u n t ~ i W f a s n o t h l n g a n d w l r o ~ u s ~ s m golcC take no de/&ht In It.~ I s o u w w i U b e p i # a g & O n d W r u w n w h will be mpd"--Isaiah 13:IS. "it must occur mte thut.. c h ~ w i R b e ~ t o p ~ ~ t h e & epm. Theearth. will be agltat- . to set up new relationmps with the csquerhg d d pmm.176 Xsw &A's Propkey-Light far All Mgnklrrd I ]ehavak H t i m b k aff Amgant dty people. Babylon will hallyeqxrlence the ago* of% conquered dty.#ikeogaze&&asadaavrr)radlkaaock~lhout u y m e tu &f tisem ftgeth3 t h y wlll turn. will be m d d out of p k e . Whom will Jehmsh use b defeat &byion? ~ M l o k o m @ ~ t m d h ? @ & r l h W I # r O t k autof&pkrcerrtlfPeiirryd~mhofddcrth day of hk bumkg angw. Jehovah mntinues: %t is why 1 SfroH muse 9Jehovahsags:7siwUmkmwtralmprtmuwahonm. God's Instrument of Destruction 1 Which p o w w w l I t J ~ u s e t bdngaboutthe fail 0 u of Babylon? Some 200 p ahead of tlme. hopttrg. ~ W r v e r p . Jehwah re vwhthemwmukimdng~Instthembho 9.the~llonofklngdoms. UaabletobeEpthecityinitstirneofnd. passh gInto history as Just oh rdead empire. 76." ed.tfrebeauq. each one i t o h i s o m p ~ o p k ~ a n d t h y w l l&onetohisown l~. # n d ~ g ~ r r r r e v ~ ~ ~ g o W o f ryAnd&o~n. agony that she hftftted onaa many others fn the days o her giof ry: ~ a n e i f ~ & & f o i m d W h ~ t h r o u g h .' ( r l h T3?T$)All of 3abylon's foreign mppsters b ru will famike her and flee.* her d t l t u d e of gods and guddasa.ofthepwofmUla~&bewmtea~ O A "(isakrh 13:72)Y s the dty will come to be depopupk e. And their h w s wifl dash ewn young man to pisces." the 3abyloaianEmpire. No Ionger will thm proud tyrentg f b m y defyJ m h ! Medes.

. but a number of nations wlll be d k s aphst Babyim-kAlIa.owcome the w t e d defenses oP Rabybn? . * f wws. (a) Although not intensted I s i t b what are the n and m Persian w m c n a m ~ t l o u r1~R ~ 4 1 o w . 28) NelghhrItq narfoas r t k r 12. Em and Other amalll . hamwr. x b~Iuxury. ns b~pecks gold.E. Consider thh comment found In The BibleW+ prepared by J. the Persiannrt. with t & metal km-which h mnbewednotonlytoshmt~butahotostrikeand . take no delight in i' What a unusud trait fo~ t ' n battlehardened sd&mtBible -ah Aikrt B a r n says: "Few. Persia.i". h i t does the p q h q mention about Mdh's armies? . (isaiah 13:6) Hence.-Esthcr l:l.4amh W:13. w- -they m.a I:?-11. ess er C p s r m t them thousands of gold and silwwe mo 4@ that Nebuchadnem looted fromJerusaIemtstemple. Jeremiah SO:$. bothMedia and Babyion are under the n As!yrhn pk &out a century laterfI 632 B. that Iarer on the M d r a and the Perslam dW1o wa a 1 mt- r l3.1721 & d d i k Pwfi&y-Llgfrt fir All hdrrrtkd~d I momtabus country o Media. Wttle does she w a l k that a m 100 pan after that."* In vim ofthis..* Eventually. JehoMh puts 'despollhg" it their no h m . 1 . In l~aIah9 o 6 '"he dada)r. 11 I rsaiah's day. 12. GknWorth Butlet:" U W most natfmthat have e r m g d war. 19:13. ( does OF. invz&g-armies whI& were not:influenced by the hope ofspaiLIr the Medim armles prove Jcrhwahtrue i rhis Do n regard? Yes. i n d ~ dhaw been the . and w ly the P d a m . the =pire tal o A f s This o m the way for hbylon to become W the pmbmhnt world powr. t both Me& and PWam ~s Meda" Further. Media Is the dominant pwr. er mattons. m 1 WhIle the M s e and the Persian warriors have We P~S~~M~OSS@. they I E W m 1 e s ambkbW W ~ d O not intend a6 main second bo any natlon on the wodd w. 5 : B 27.L4.M m . b memy soldlasJthe affsprlng o Babylorn mathf a determined ?otonqcler Babylon. (a) H w does M & become a world powcr7 (b}What unusu1 e al. Media will destroy hetl Who but JehavahGod could m a k such a bold prediction? 12 When identifying hh chosen Instrument of destrucon. Jehovah says that Media's armies n~ccount silver itself as nothing and .Only under Gyms d m P t m h k a m e is not surprjslng that when he H+ l a e the Lmellta fmm Wybnian exile. . Media n - " baittll mtIom only tbe &edes by name. Babyfoa will f be as d as the grossly immoral dtk of Sodom and Gomorrah. Fallen Babyton wiI/ &emmethe haunt of desert cmturer and IkbyIonjoin b c s and overt& Mnweh. thought less of gold than of conquest and $ory. the Medes.C.

They will be accompanied hy thousands of foreigners. 17. we can haw absolute confidcncc that Rible prophec i a yet unfulfilled will bc rcalizctl in God's due time. Jehovah will show mercy to "Jacob" allowing the nation t by o return home.And jackals musf howl in her dwelling hwers. And there the haunters of woterlen ~ g i o n will certainly lie down. no man in Isalah's day could have foretold Babylon's fall and her eventual dcsalatlon. and goat-shaped demons themselves will go skipping obout fhere. and h e y must dtach themselves to the house oflacob." (Isaiah 13:20-22)Iltter clcl. and Babylon falls.ueru?i.and Mnrclecai became prime rninlster of the wht~lc Ilcrsli~n Cn~plrc. and is a Ilcap of f ruins. leader of the Medo-Persian armies. the invades stealthis ly make their way into the city. A the water level kills. Aricl ohnut hQ year5 later. I c a v i n ~no doubt that He is directing matters. nabylon's fall to the Medes and the Perslans occurred some t 5. On the night OF Or-okr S/h. nor will she reside for generution uftrr~ter genera tlon. and they must have in subjection those who were driving them to work. inhnl>ibntsare caught unawares. Does this not strengthen our faith in the Bible as the impired Worcl of TI^? ( 2 Timothy 3:lS) Moremr. Somc Israelites will even come to have authority over thelr former captors. and her days tl~ems selves wilE not be postponed. I I "Rest Prom Yot~r Pafn" 17 Babylon's fall wjll he a tellef for Isracl.And there the Arab will not pitch his tent.2) "acob" here refers to Israel as n whole-all 12 tribes. Then he adds: "It is irnpossjble to behold this scene and not be rcrnlndcd how exactly the predictions o Isaiah and Jeremlnl~have hccn f fulfilled. Danlel was appalnterl ns n hlgh officlal I R~bylon n under the Medes and thc I'crslnns. Hence. lsalah now mys: "lehowrh wiII show m e q tujacob." says one Bible commentator. Still. Enther hecame queen of the Perqian Klng Ahar. Instead. and their houses must s be filled with eagle owls. Ih Inis did nat happen immediately in 539 B. und the house of Ismel must take them to themselves as a possession upon the SON of jcl~ovahas menservants and a s maidservants.olation will be the city's fate.CE. since Jehavah Fulfilled prophecies in times past. What tuture awafs Babylon? 16." J8 Gone wU1 be the anbwish of living In exile. a scene o wide clesolation. 'fhe present condition o Babylon glwr us what cnnhdence? f 200 years after Isaiah wmte his book! And her final desolation came centuria Datcr.ql1 fijr A / / Mnn klr~rlI t t4 Cyms.L. walking along the rivcrberl tl~rough thighdeep w t r Ifabylon'~ ae. (lsalah 14:1. Babylon "is now.1&.C. and they must become the captors o f those holding them cciptlve. 1s How complete will the destruction of Rahylon bc? Llsten to Jehovah's pronouncement: "She wlll never be inhabIted. And there the ostriches must reside. and the big snake will be in the palaces of exquisite d ~ l i gt h And the season for her i near to come. and the alien resident must be joined to them. today it is very clear that everything lsaiah foretold regarding Babylonhas come true. and he is yet certain to choose Esml. 539 R. and no shepherds will lle t their flocks lie down there. is undeterred by nabylon's fortifications." Clearly. Alter all. It will mean release from captivity and the opportunity to return to the Promised land.180 Isainh's Pruphcc)~-L1. and has bcen for centuries.The defeat n l Babylon will mean what blcsirsings b r Istael7 . For example. and he will oddly give them rest upon lhefr soil. And peoples will actually take them and bring them to thelr own place. he orders the diverting of the waters ot the Euphrates River. many of whom will scrve the lsraelitcs as temple servants. (13anicl 5:30)Jchwall God inspires Isaiah to prophesy thew cvcnts.

His people must express mmorse for their wickedness. and what do we learn irom this? 20. Beneath you.' " (Isaiah 14:9-11) 22.182 Isaiah's Prophecy-light fur All Mnrrkirrd I Jehovah Humbles an Arrogc1 nt City 183 Jehovah will give h s people "rest fmm [their] pain and i from [their] agitation and from the hard slavery in which [they] were made a slave. Israel will no longer suffer the pain and agitation of living among worshipers o false gods. a the oppression come to a srop!jehovah has broken the rod of the wicked ones. heartfelt confession will bring Jehovah's forgiveness. to Bahylon's rulers. und worms are your covering. the staffo f the ruling ones. Isaiah foretells the world's reaction to her fall. and to cease any wrong course. lovingly invjtes us to confess our sins to him. In a poetic sense. (Jeremiah 3:25) Open. (2 Chronicles 6:36)Jehovah.The Babylonian woodcutter has cut h last tree! s 22 So astonishing is the fall of Babylon that the grave itself reacts: "Even Sheol underneath has become agitated at you in order to meet you on coming in. They were cown ards.a stroke incessantly. the book h n d s and Peoples of the Bible says: "To the Babylonian his gods were altogether such as himself. has become free o f disturbance. 21. like m s to be cut e down and used for their own purposes. Esaiah 32:18)Commenting f on this. the one striking peoples in fury with . 'Ever since you haw l i down. How fitting that her fall be celebrated with a "proverbial saying" directed primarily at the Babylonian dynasty-starting with Nebuchadnezzar and ending with Nabonidus and Belshana-that presided over the glory days of the great city! 2 What a difference her fall will make! 'The whole earth 1 has come to rest. (Deuteronomy 4~31. the cedars of Lebanon. If has made all the kings of the nations get up from their thrones. all of that is finished.James 5:lb) This not only helps to restore us to his favor but also brings us comfort. Well. to repent. maggots are spread out a a s couch. all the goatlike leaders of the earth.) This same principle holds true today.Isaiah 1:18. At you it has awakened those impotent in death." all of us need Jehovah's mercy. in order that we may get healed. Prophetically. saying. 'Have you yourself also been made weak like us? Is it to us that you have been made comparable? Dawn to Sheol your pride has been brought. 'How has the one driving others to work come t a stop." What a relief to escape such a degraded religious environment! 19 Nevertheless. What is needed if IsraeI is to enjoy Jehovah's fnrgiveness. How do Babylon's neighbors reloice a t her fall? . Jehovah's mercy is not unconditional. i all the worst aspects of his character.Daniel 95.2 Corinthians 2:7. People have become cheerful with joyful cries. he commands Israelites who have been freed from captivity to her: 'You must raise up this proverbial saying against the king of Babylon and say: 19. no woodcutter comes an up against us. how is Sheol affected by the fall of the Babylonian dynasty? A "Proverbial Saying" Against Babylon 20 More than 100 years before Babylon's rise as the preeminent world power. Since "there is no man that does not sin." (Isaiah 14:T 8 ) The kings of the nations round about were. drunkards and imbeciles. Proverbs 28:13. A/\ of them speak up and say to you." (Isaiah 14:3) Having been freed born the physical burdens of slavery. (Ezra 3:l. Even the juniper trees have also rejoiced at you. the one subduing nations i sheer anger with a persecution withn out restraint "' (Isaiah 7434-6) Babylon has built up quite a reputation as a conqueror. the merciful God. the din of your stringed instruments. (See Nehemiah 9:6-37. wrhich moved God to punish them so severely.-Psalm 51:l. an oppressor who turns free people into slaves.

But a for you. in rhe remotest parts of the north. you who were disabling the nations!" (Isaiah 14: 72) Selfish pride prompts Babylon's kings to elevate themselves above those around them. have iain down in glory. you killed your own people. like a carcass trodden down. They mock the Babylonian ruling power." He doer not givelehavah credit for his victory aVer them. I shoJl go up above the high places of the clouds. I shall make myself resemble the Most High. each one in his own house. because you brought your own land to ruin. then. A particular source of pride is Nebuchadnezzar's conquest ofJerusalern. it was considered a disgrace for a king to be deprived of an honorable burial. Jehovah says: "Down to Sheol yo11 will be brought t the remotest ports of the pit Thore seeing o you will gaze even at you. saying. To time indefinite the offspring of evildoers will not be named. How does the Babylonian dynasty meet a disgraceful end? . What extreme arrogance is shown by Babylon's hngs? 1 I 1 I that mountain.184 Isaiah's Prophecy-Light far A l l Mankind I fehovah Hrrlwbles an Arrogant C i p 185 What a powerful poetic image! It is as if the common grave of mankind were to wake up all those kings who preceded the Babylonian dynasty into death so that they can greet the newcomer. 26 Where. lying on a bed of maggots instead of on a costIy divan." By determining to subjugate the Judean kings and then remove them from 23. just like any human. Iike a detested sprout. will be the power that conquered kingdoms. clothed with killed men stabbed with the sword that are going down to the stones of a pit. the name Zion came to apply to the whole c t . they arrogantly wield power and authority. Rather. which is now helpless. that made the productive fund Iike the wilderness und that overthrew its very cities. those "stars" ruled from Mount Zion. '1s this the man that was agitating the o earth. 25 What a reversal is in store for the proud Babylonian dynasty! Babylon is far from being elevated above the stars of God. You will not become united with them in a grave. ail o f them. After Solomon built the temple in Jerusalem. and I shall sit down upon the mountain of meeting. he arrogantly puts himself in Jehovah's place. and overthrew cities without number? Where will be the world power that took captives and never alIowed them to go back home? Why. all male kraeliy ites were obliged to bavel to Zion three times a year. Like a star s h i n g brightly in the early morning sky." (Isaiah 74:78-20) In the ancient world." (lsaiah 14:73. the Babylonian dynasty will not even have a decent burial! Jehovah says: '$41 other khgr o f the notions. The proverbial utterance portrays the proud dynasty of Babylon as saying '70 heavens I shall go up. yes. Thus. So. they will give close examination even t you. 26. 74) Could there be anything more oubageous? 24 In the Bible the f i g s of the royal line of David are likened to stars. you shining one. ( I "Like a Carcass Trodden Down" 23 Isaiah continues the proverbial sayjng: " how you 0 have fallen from heaven. that did not open the way homeward even for his prisoners?' " (Isaiah 74:15-77) The ambitious dynasty will come down to Hades (Sheol). Rather. son o f the dawn! How you have been cut down to the earth. 24. what about Babylon's royal dynasty? It is true that individual kings are pmbably interred 25. you have been thrown away withs out a burial place for you. (Numbers 24:17) From David on. Nebuchadne~zar declaring his intention is to put himself above those "stars. it became "the mountain of meeting. in effect. covered with worms instead of expensive linens. a feat that Assyria failed to accomplish. Above the the stars of Cod 1 shall lift up my throne. destroyed productive land. Under the Law covenant. that was making kingdoms rock.

lsh~wth Humbles an Amgant City wlth honor. but the impxlal dynasty of ldngs that descended from N e b u w is discarded " k la d sprout. (Isaiah $75. They wanted to doarlnnte others. ish pride we that Jehwahwill not tolerate. hi n 29 The pride of the Babylonian rulers was a reflection o f the spirit d "thegod of thb qskm of things. m t What a hu-tionl 27 The pruwbial saying ends wlth m orders to the conquering Meds and PersW: "#ah Iready.' ~ 28 The Wdpent pronounced against the Babylonian dynastp provides a valuable lwon h us.' It is as if the dynasty were thrown into an unmarked grave-& a mere f soldier slaln in battle. and what ~~ dowelesrnfmmthis? 29.6 ) And they IwM a& glary from men. ~ 4 t in ~n d i v i W or i nations.NSatan the - - 27. Ln what way do futue of BPbyIonlsar M e t for the ermr of their bmLtha? 28. &&Ion wild becams a hwp of rurm the Great . (Revelatton411)This Is a warnlng t any i authonto n ty-even I the Chdstkm c o ~ t l l o nAmbltfon and selfn . What was the coot of the s i n of the Bnbylonlan kings. which rightly belongs tu God. The ride aad &ition o what{ f of the Babylonian d e n was a refledon Like anclen t Babylon. thtdsqrmaynotrlreupandQCCUoI~ ~~lonoftkem~and~~~~ir#leofbhep t eht wfth Ma. p you a slaughtsrkrg block b his own sons because o the error r f oftfrolrhfatks. (Daniel 523) Thetr hearts were filled with a dafre far pawer. Future p e r a m o Babylof n i a will suffer becaw of "the error af their Inrefathers. The root o the f Babylonian kings' sin w a endless ambition." h rd Clmiah 14:2f) The fall of Babylonwill be permanent. There will be no mabance. The Babylonian dynasty wflI be rooted out.

has a s f lo shown a prideful.'~l~cwlatlon 18:2) This organization. As was the cnsc with the king of Baby!on and the people he subjugated. What will soon happen to Babylon thc Great7 his hand? (h) What dclchr 11 mean th. 30 Moreover. she experienced a bll. Soon she will be completely d m y d . against whum rlnes Jehovah str~tch out 30. Of ancient l<abylon. .. (Isaiah 136) Since 1919 the mrssag has sounded around the earth: "Babylon the Great has fallen!" (Rewlation 148) When she was unabIe to t~otd God's people in captivity." (Isaiah 14:22.' " (Isahh 14:24.What other BabyIon is mentioned i the tllhle." (Jeremiah50:2(7. What a como fort for lovers of true worship! What an cncouragment to strive never to allow the satanic chnracterl~tics pride. 1:or it is ngalnst Jehovah that she has acted presumptuously.htJuhnv&hstrutches out his hand against "a!! the nation$"? ."(Isaiah 131) However. 2 What. Rnbylon i~a future threat. saying: 'SureJy just as / have figured. lrnd this is the hand that is stretched out against 1 W h a t judgment pmclamt~tlon .CHAPTER FIFTEEN M . [a) In nnclent tlmcs. According to all that she has done.- - Jehovah's Counsel Against the Nations I Isalah 1424-19:25 I I . . Assria is oppressing God's covenant people. oppressive. . . JEHOVAH can use thc natlons to dlsclpline hls people for their wickedness. she toe has to face a "day of Jehovah" and tre destroyed in God's due time. Isaiah declares: mi^ is the counsel that Is counseled against all the earth. liven sat hc cloer not excuse those nations for their unncccssnry cruelty#tthctr pride. ngalnst Awyrln does Isnlah record? 2. long in advance he inspires Isaiah to record "'thc pmnounccment against B a b ylon. of other nations that are enemies of God"s covenant pcoplc? They too must he judged. IZs a result. in the book of Revelatlon. In order t o breuk the Assyrian in my /and and that 1 may tread him down on my own mauntulns. Satan's unholy ambition has resulted in misery and suffering for all mankind. Thus.Jehovah cornmanded: "Pay back to her according to her activity. 31 Hence. and that his yoke may actually depart from upon them and thar his very Ioad may deport from upon their shovlder. though. and cruel spirit. and their animosity toward true worship. do to her. against the Holy One of Israel. so it must occur. or cruelty to develop in us1 .(2 Corinthians 44)He tm lusts for power and longs E to place himself above Jehovah Coct. Jehovah's final statement of thls prophecy In the hook of Isaiah applies rtot only to ancient Babylon hut also to Babylon the Great: "I will rise up oquinst them And I will cut off h m Babylon name and rernnant and progeny and posterity. Isaiah writes: ")eehavah af armlcs has sworn. And I wiil rnclke her a porsession of porcupines and m d y pools of water. 3. arof rogance. In Isaiah's day. the world empire o False religion. 23) The desolated ruins of ancient Iiabylon show what JFhovah will soon do t Babylon thc Great. we read of another Rabylon-"Babylon the Great. James2 13 ) Ralrylon the Great will receive a similar juclgm~nt. I'lut Assylhia'striumph is limited. hsyria destroys thc nartllcrn kirrgdom of Israel and devastates much of Judah. and I will sweep her with the h m of onnihiiation. and what splrit n has she sham? 31.25) Not Iong after Isaiah uHcrs t h i ~ prnphecy.. the Assyrian threat is removed from Judalt.

g e t to enjoy securlv and material plentp. while PhiMia s u f k a h d n e . 27)Jehovah's "counsel" Is more than mere advice.Jehovah'scouna sel is against PhiliiGa.E. "It was BaWah] h t rn& down the PhIlisdm dear to Gaza and a h its tenitoris.) dl the nrrtfomr. his decm. ad his stag kept s~king that un..~outofhmtof the serpmvrt tfrerre will c a m b& a pdmnow s e and h hit will be a tlyhg h y snuk/"4uIah 14:28. MA Flying Herp Snake"Against Phiftstia 4 The P~~ receive a t m t i m first. Isaiah 4 .19-21) Inng i advance. things are changing agah I 746 B .0 *il&th. Romans 25:4.-.lngan alllance against Assyria. U U h 4920. they are sadiy mlstalpen. In the final wises of Isalah chapter 14 and h chapters 15 t 19.C. W e lOWIy onesu-the weakened kingd m of J a . (2 QlFonides 272. It b hb firm demmbtion. and the PhIhtlnes conducted rnca-3ful military mi& on Judah. Revelation 19: 4. hmww. What are h ~ n ds e - with venom. Things changed.A descendant of Uz&h (the "huff from his e Umt'l). @ Chtonides 26:&8) To thhe was like n s e p m .acrndwhonmhmkitup?AndhlshondIstheone strstched out and who can h m It hckP ( W a h 14:26. (Daniel 2 4 129. Moab.29."Next. (4 In what way was U Ilke a serpent to the PhUstina? ib) What Hwekbh p m t be agalnst PhWsth? o 4. U . Lf the PhiMiues feel that thlngs M contlnue in their faU vor. No one a n hrm back his stretched-outhand-Wm 33:ll.---. n King A h a dies and the young HezRkiah tala the throne." (2 KLngs 1&8) According to the amah o Assyrian King Sennacherlb. 11.e f m subjeas ofHtzkhh. After Uz4& dled-'his staff WBS bsokcexlr-the falthful To. skrlking I a u n fashion. -. Hezeklah prwles m be a deadly h . Jehmah. t ruled.BbasPmpkccy-Ught i l' fir All Manklnd I Phi/&rinew d um the 12th century 8.18) Now.3?. n cunfidatly meals his a m e l . the P w t y God. Damascus.R m t Iroicrh 14:30. . What ~ w o faIthn f must b k l a h make to the amdors pmmt InJerusalem? . and produdfig a burning dect. they also apply i prindple during HtheW e of the enduwhen Je n hovah se -s out his hand against all the kingdoms of the earth. but 4he people were yet actfng rutnowiy. and (Egyptian carving t b m charging their enernler m- 3 H o w e m f Isaiah says that Jehovah's hand Is stretched out against "all the nations? Hence. 28:17. while these prophe da of Isaiah ate l k t W l e d in andent tlmes. What shouldthey be told? 'What w/l/ anyone say In c s to €he mam w s~ngarr the nation?" Should Kez~Mabseek security of 7. d Jebwrah's pmmncwamt a m Phi1Wifi1 5 6. 30) Gad's "hand" is W appM power. Khg&ardkdtMrpnolnountsmentd:'Donotrs- ~eonedrlhgywPlarh~. Ethiopia. as if injecttng his vIctfms I - m. a h i Hke "a flying fiery &"-rapidly HW s dartlng t the attack. 0 81. 7 It seems that ambassadon are p m t I Judah-pern haps sh!ek. Ahaz became king. 6 This is an apt descrlptlon of the nmv king. hr lebowh d mb h h e # has counseted. just baaus2 the W o f 5 King U * was stcong enough t contain the threat o posed by PhilMh. the Phllbtlna . "In the p a r that friendly neighbor. m y w e of pu.

The dty will surdye as a fatk hawa from the Assyrfan menace. Rewbaon 14:1.14. 11. being descendanisofAbraham's nephew L t (Geno.Unlike the PhiMhs. 11 Moabites will gird & m dwith sdcloth. hoping that he would curse tbe I s d k s . The Hwcrtsrs of NJmrrhnY wiU W e " s k r & d ~ " i either a ffgun Pative sense or a W seaseHCcely because enemy fom darn up their streams. and how l w this p p f e p w d w bk an enemy of W a p W e ? 1 .famous for vine dtivaUon. CMstlan Wi-w of JefioPsh haw been m d m d i prisons and conwntmdon camps. esis 19:37)Despite that r&ttonship4 Mod ius a hisof e r i m i ~ lh IsraeL !?or example. they enlay spiritual plenty. A number haw been W e d . will be smitkn ( b h h 16:8-10)EgIa* sWbtph. the Moabites are me to td Ismel. - a fO s Mub#f-isc1iErA 75:70. AgalnSt . 7)Slbmah and Jam. (Wah 1&6."H m I with Jehovah'ssupport. batk irt the days of M+ wt ses. (Imfah 1S:J) The gma of the land wlll dry up while the "wttters of L m # become full of bid " because of the shughtet of the MoaMta.isaiuh's Pmphtxy-Light fir AH Mankind I iehovah's Counsal Against the Marian# warrior ar god (betwen 17 th and 8bh century 8 L E ) Stone &of aMwbh Moab Xs Silenced 9 &t of the Dead ! m another neighbor of Israel ? Is -Moab. whose name m9y mean H&r of Three P a Old. then.some mtions today vldously oppose t h God's .-lsaioh fS:6-9. Mmb ur&d Immotality and Eaal wrship t ensnare brao e. Thdr beards will be "cIipp&" shewng atfeaw grief and hwdiztion. ~-on~ofh&polople w l l &b-. W e their d e s suik famtne. hdudingAr. They d l their heads bald t o spmbo13ze shame and lamentation. Kir (orHr-hareseth). u s ZQ) And they rvill be under the pm&lon of "hJerusalem. w b t hm J e h m d m ?to support his peopk MY? a (a) m h S O M ~ - KPc-WWh's ralsfn c&sl pahaps a pmdud of the dty. (Isufoh lS2b-4) Isaiah himself."Jehovah's ceIatIal Khgdoa wtkich has Jesus slat as -." (IsuM 14:33 The king must h m full tnrst In Jehovd~ foundawn of Zion is The 7 firm. that Jel h d now inspfres lsaiah t xmrd "tke pmun-t o i foreign alliances? Noi He n should tell the messengers: " I e h W h h e # hrrs hd the i fctmdaa'on of & and In her . (Isaiah 65:l3.-He1222. this Qlrlsttan p p m y seem "lowljPand *poor.# will k Iik a stutdy young cow uwrlngpitiful cries of anguish. thm "lowly ones"W l be wcum Where? I a~wletlon ?he household of Gd of which j n wifh o: e s s i the sure boundation cornemom. I and Mbon. a s &11) h When Jehowh out his hand against the modem day lWlMms.-Psabm 46:1-7. the gar~ ment of mourning. mheians 219. What wlfl happnta Mmb? 0 9.They n h m been banned. the khg of Moab hired the propw Balaam. (bdoh 15:Jb. d n of the f d i h e n t of these - whom is the n e ~pwxl~uncement t made. (Numbers 224-6. 220) Moabites wlll mourn Par - ~ k P~IIW? e he W h ancient times. 8 Uke m . Wha that failad. 251-5)Uttle wnder. Up ponenfs continue t 'make sharp a h d s on the suuI o a f the righteous o m Y (Psalm 94:21) To thelr mantes. gf n f to Isaiah's prophecy 3s M against m e m u s dtla and loc~tiansn Moab.


Isaioh's Prophecy-Light far AII ,Wfli?kirrrl I

Jehovuh's Counsel Againsf t h e Nations


judgments, feels deep emotions. Like thc vibrating strings of a harp, h s inward parts are moved with pity because of the message of woe against Moab.-Isaiah 76: 11,72. 12 When will this prophecy be fulfilled? Soon. "This is the word that lehovah spoke concerning Moab formerly. And now jehovah has spoken, saying: 'Wirhin three years, according to the years o f a hired laborer, the glory o f Moab must also be disgraced with much commotion of every sortt and those who remain aver will be a trifling few, not mighty "'((lsaiah 16:73, 74) In harmony with tl~is,there is archaeological evidence that during the eighth century B.C.E., Moab suffered grievously and many of its sites were depopulated. Tiglath-pileser 111mentioned Salamanu of Moab among the rulers who paid tribute to hum,Sennacherib received tribute from Kammusunadbi, king of Moab. Assyrian monarchs Esar-haddon and Ashurbanipal referred to Moabite Kings Musuri and Kamashaltu as being their subjects. Centuries ago, the Moabites ceased to exist as a people. Ruins of cities thought to be Moabite have been found, but little physicd evidence of this oncepowerful enemy of Israel has thus far been unearthed.


(James 4:4; 1John 5:21) As a class, Christendom's leaders oppose those who preach the good news of the h g d o m . -Matthew 24:9,14.
14 Moab was eventually silenced. The same will happen to Christendom.Jehwah, using a modern-day equivalent of Assyria, will cause her to be desolated. (Rwelation 17: 16,17) However, there is hope for people in this modernday Woab." In the midst of prophesying against Moab, Isaiah says: "In loving-kindness a throne will certainly be firmly established; and one must sit down upon it in trueness in the tent of David, judging and seeking justice and being prompt in righteousness." (Isaiah 16:s) In 1914, Jehovah firmly established the throne of Jesus, a Ruler in the line of King David. Jesus' kingship is an expression of Jehovah's loving-kindness and, in fulfillment of God's covenant with King David, will last forever. (Psalm 72:2; 85:10, 11; 8 9 3 , 4; Luke 1:32) Many meek ones have left modern-day "Moab" and haw submitted themselves to Jesus in order to gain life. (Revelation 18:4)How comforting for these to know that Jesus will 'make clear to the nations what justice is'! -Matthew 12:18; Jeremiah 33:15.




Modexn-Day "Moab" Perishes 13 Today there is a worldwide organization simiIar to ancient Moab. It is Christendom,the principal part of "Babylon the Great." (Revelation 175) Both Moab and Israel descended from Abraham's father, Terah. Similarly, Christendom, like the congregation of anointed Christians today, claims lo have roots in the first-century Christian congregation. (Galatians 6316) However, Cl~ristendom-like Moab-is corrupt, promoting spiritual immorality and the worship of gods other than the one true God, Jehovah.
12. How were Isaiah'? words against Moab fulfilled?

Damascus Becomes a Decaying Ruin 15 Next, Isaiah records "the pronouncement against Damascus." (Read Isaiah 77:1-6.) Damascus, to the north
of Israel, is "the head of Syria." (Isaiah 78) During the reign of King Ahaz of Judah, Rezin of Damascus in league with Pekah of Israel invades Judah. At Ahaz' request, howmr, Assyrian Tiglath-pileser 111 wars against
14. DespiteJehovah's counsel against the modern-day "Moab," what hope is there for individual members of that organization? 15, 16. (a) What hostile steps do Damascus and Israel take against Judah, and with what result for Damascus? (b) Who is included in the pronouncement against Damascus? {c) What can Christians today learn from Israel's example?

13. What organization today can be compared with Moab7


h's I h p h c ~ y - L i g k t for All Maaklnd I


Syrian warrior riding u camel (ninth cmtury B.C. E.)

gaze, either u the sacred pdes or at the incense stahds." r (Isaiah 1Zx 88)Yes, some i Israel heed Jehovah"s i n g n

Damascus, conquering it and exiling many o its inf habitants. Thed&r, Damascus r e a w t bea timat o tO J~dah.-Z KQs 36:s-9; 2 Chronides 28:5,16. 16 likely because of Israel's alliance with Damastus, JekwaWs pronouns;meat against Damascus also bdudeS eqxes$ion.s of judgment against the unfaithful northern kingdom. (Baiah 17:Mj Israel will b c a e U e a add at harvesttrma with very little grain. or like an alive We from which most of t h e dives ham b m shaken from the branches. Qsaiah 174-6)What a sobering example for those who arededicated t Jehovah!He e x p e t s exclusive o dmoimn and accepts ad7 heartfelt sacred service. And he hates those who tu~n against their b~others.-Fxdus 20:s; Isalah 17:1CI, 11; Matthew 2448-50,

Full Confidence in Jehovah 17 Isaiah now sap: ""In that day earthling man will look up t his MakerI md his own eyes wiil gaze utthe Holy One o o Isrue1 himsdf And he will not {oak to the slaps, the work f d h i s hqnds; and at what his fingers have made he wi#not
17, 18. W How do s m e in Israel reat4 t~ Jehovah's pronouncements but what is tb~gen&al respons2 @) How do events today resembk thaw of HegekiaKs d+?

pronouncement. For example, when Iiezekiah sends an invitation to the Inhabitants of Israel to jainJudahi a cdn ebration o the Passover+some Israelites respond and travf el south to lain their brothers i pure worship. (2 Chronn icles 361-12j Still, most of Israel's inhabitants mock the messengers bearing the invitatim. The country is incurably apostate. Hence, Jehovah's counse1 against her is fulfilled. Assyria destroys Israel's cities, the land becomes waste, the pastures urrpmductive.-Read Isaiah lZ9- I I. 18 What of today? Israel was an apostate nation. Hence, the way Hezekiah lned to help individuals in that nation to return to true worship reminds m of how hue Chrirtiam today try to help individuals in the apostate ownizatlon of Christendom. Since 1919, couriers horn "the Is~ael God" have gone through Christendom, inviting of people to share in pure worship. (Galatians 6:16) Most have refused. Many have mocked the messengers. Some, though, have responded. They now number into the millions, and they delight in 'gazing a t the Holy One of Israel,' being educated by him, (Isaiah 5 413)They abandon worship at the unholy altars-devotion to and trust in man-made gods-and eagerly turn toJehovah. (Psalm 146: 3, 4 Like Isaiah's contemporary Micah, each one of them ) says: "As fr me, It is for Jehovah that I shall keep on the o lookout. I will show a waiting attitude for the Gad of my salvation. M God will hear me."-Micah 7:7. y 19 What a contrast to those who put their trust in mortal man! Turbulentwaves o violence and upheaval bdet huf manlty in these last days. "The sea" of restless, rebellious humanity churns up discontent and rwolutton. (Isaiah 57:20; Revelation 8:8, 9;1 : ) Jehovah will "rabuk" this 3l

19. Whom will Jehovah rebuke, and what will this mean for them?


I$&tu&s mphecy-L&bt far All Manklnrl I

noisy crowd. US hawnip Kingdom wfll destmy w q troub1p.mkiq organimtion and individual, and these
wiU%tbrawq.../ikeathlrtlewhirlbeforeaPdomr wind."-Isakrh IZ?2,73; ReveWan 16:14,16. WThe mull?Wah sys: "At m I n g lime, why, look! thew & sudcXen temK. k h m mornitydt b no m a 7his &bre~oftfrosepiu@gus,andtheht~ Ing b pIunderfng a (Isaiah 1Z14)Many am plun' de&gJehavah's p q k , m gthem harshly and &ret h

v l d as easy p q by biased critics md M c op ponents. But G d ' s people are mnhdent t b t the "momIng" when their trlbulatlons will end Is fast a p p m d h g . -2 ThessEllonhns 16-9; 1~~ 56-11.

Ethiopia Brings a Gift to Jehovah 21 On at least two occasions, EthiopiaI t the smth of o Egypt, hasbeen involved I mWaryaction @nstJudabn
(2 Chronlclen 12:2,3; 1k1, P I S ; 16:8) Now Isaiah pralicb

~pBeca~tfieparenot-anddon0twishtube-a part o the d d l s maimhwn ~ o m I ChrisbIans f tnre
2 . mspw king 'patmtkml' by the natlons, what M e n m do 0

fudgment on that natton: ##a h the M of tfre whkr
dnglmerts withwlngs, w h i d r & i n ~ ~ i o n o f t f r e r f w e v s of EdraOpra!" ( R e d lrwlah 18:1 6 ) " Jehovah decrees that Ethioph will be 'cut off, remavsd,and lopped off.' =Secular hlsrory tells us that I the latter part of n the eighth century BC.E, W o p i a m n q m Egypt and ruled it h r some 6Q yam. Assyrian Eupmrs Esir-haddan and Ashurbanipal invaded i turn. With the d~~~ n

"?be s a J&Illous h u m & e" chums up 61scantknt M d m i u d o n

of Thebes by Ashurbanipal,A q f a sub]ugated Egypt, thm ending Ethiopian dominance over the Nile Valley. [See also Isaiah 20r3-6.) What about in modem tima? 23 In Dmfel's prophq o "thet h e af the end," the agf g~ssive "ktng of the north"is -bed as haKtag E W pia and LIbya "at his step," that i, mponsive to his dis &on. (Daniel 11:#43) F$hiogia b &o mentioned as being in the battle forces of "Gog of the land o Magog." f


'Some scholars suglpst that the expmlon "land of the whirring


lnsW with *In@ refers t the locusts that owuionally swam a In Ethla la. Othen point out that the Hebrew word fw "whlrrlngiY bda-&m[ resembles in m d the name glmn m the lrrtrc fly, &a& &alp,by the Cdh, a Hamltlc people ltvlng J m d r n EthIoph. n

21, 22. Whlch mthn neH W s a judgment pranomcement, c and how we- Isaiah's hplrsd wards iidlUIed7 2 . What pnrt d m s the d e m & y "Whiopla"play, and r#fry W 3 It meet Ia end? t

)rlrovnlrls Co~rrrscl p i t r ~ thc Natio!rs A t


(bckld 3R2-5,8) Gog's forces, including the king o the f north, meet their end when they attack Jehovah's holy nation, Hence, Jehwah's lrand will also be stretched out agi~instthe modern-day "Ethiopia" hecause of its opposition to Jehovah's sovereignty-Ezekiel 38:21-23; DmIcl 11:45.
24 Yet, the prophecy also says: "In that time Q gift will be bmught to Jehovah of armies, h m a p p f e drawn out and scoured, even from a people feur-inspiring everywhere to the place of the name of lehovatr of armies, Mount Zion." (Isaiah 18:7) Although the nations do not sec[~#nire Jehovah's sovereignty, thc3yhhac at times acted in ways that benefit Jehovah's people, In some landr the authorities have enacted leglrlalinn and rendered court deckions gbing legal sights to faithful worshipers of Jehovah. (Acts 529; Revelation 1 2 15, 16) And there a p other gifts, "Kings will bring gifts to you yourself. .. .B m m ware things wilI come out o Egypt; Cus h IEthiopia] itself f will qillckly stretch out its hands with sifts to God." (Psalm fi8:29-31) Today, millions of modcrn-day ''Ethiopians" who fear Jehovah are bringlnfi "a g1Ft" In the form of worship, (Malachi 1:ll)They arc sharl~ig the immense In task of preaching the good news of [he Kingdom in all the carth. (Matthew24:14; Revelation 14:6,7) What a fine gift to offer to Jehovahf-Hebrews 13:lS.

14) Historians present evidence af rival dynasties ruling diCTcrcnt parts d the country at the same timc. Thc vauntctI wisclorn o Egypt, with her 'valuetes%gods and charmf ers,' t l r l ~ ~ save her from "the hand OC a hard master." not (Isalah 193, 4) E ~ y pi t successivelymnquercd hy Anyria, s Babylon, Persia, Greece, and Rome, All thesc evcnts h~lfill !hc prophecies of lraiah 19:l-I 1.
26 Ilmvever, in the Bible, Egypt often symboli;r~s Satan's world. (lkekiel 293; Joel 3:19; Revelation I l :R) 'Therefore, cloes lsn iah' "pmnouncernentagoinst Egypt" have a larger s fulfillmcnt? Ycs, indeed! The opcning wtlrtls of the prophccy should give everyone cause to take nnticc: "look!Iehovah Is riding on a swift cloud and comlng Into Egypt And the mIueless gads of Egypt will certainly quiver because of him, and the very heart of Egypt will melt in the midst of it." (fsaiah 79:1) Jehovah will soon nlove against Sillan's orgitnizirtiorl. At that time, the gods OF this aystcm ot things wlll bc sccn t be valueIess. (Psalm 96:s; 977) "The very o htlart of Iigypt will melt" in fear, Jesus foretolrl that time: "There will be , , , anguish o nations, not knowing the f way out because of the roaring of the sea and It5 agitation, while men become faint out o fear and rxpuaatlcln of the f thin^ coming upon the inhabited earth."--Luke 21:25,2G.

.. .


The Heart of Egypt Melts
25 Judah's immediate neighbor to the south is Egypt, l o n ~ enemy of God's covenant people. Isalah chap an tcr 19 mounts the unsettled state of affairs in P i ~ y p durt ing Isaiah's lifetime. There is civil war in IIgypt, with "city against city, kingdom against kingdom."(lsiiah 19:2, 23,
24. In what ways has Jehuvah received " ~ i R 5 " from the naHonr? 25, In fulfillmcntof Isaiah 19:1+11,what lial>pensto at~clent Egypt?

27 Of the time leading up to his execution of judg rncnt, Jrhovah says prophetically: 7 wilf good Egyp tluns against Egyptians, and they will certalnIy war each one agoinst hls brother, and each one agalnst Ids cornpanion, city against city, kingdom against kingdom." (Isaiah 19:Z) Since thc establishment of God's KinffdornI 1914, n "lhc s i ~ nf 1Jesus'] presence" has h e m msrk~d nao by tion ri~ing against nation and kinadom again~t kingdom.


26, In the larger fulfillment, how wilt Inhabttants of modern-day "IIgypt" react t.o Jehovah's acts of iudgrnenr? 27, What lntcrnr~l divisions were Eoretuld for "II~ypt,"and how is this
I>clng fi~lfillctl today?

-Matthew W3. and 0ther substitute gods.)Evenkrally. And thy wid be c e ~ to nasmf lo the ~Iueless n go& md b the chcrmters and to i spIrlt mediums md t the profab o s l m I hwtetkrs of wenb" (tsdah 19:3) When Moses a p pemd before Fbmab. { M u s 8:18. When JekoPah'sday emnm.tsff hh's Prepkacy-L/ght for All Msrnkirrd I tahopethatIru~~mW91iUbeofanyweInthe day o judgment! Rfen with all the world's knowled@ f at their dbpwal. what will false rellglm be able to da to s w this system d We? a 29. They are decelmdand disconcerted.8. f 2 9 though. As a-t. M k T They haw rejetted the wry woKi o f Jehovah. of what use will p~lltldnm bs? MM massaaest blolady gtmoddes. and what w i s h do they haw?"-Jeremiah 8:9. m%splrit d E g y p f ~ ~ e b e In the ~ w l mi& of I f and I shad c o n h e Itr own mimid. false religionwiU be unable to save this corrupt S ~ S taa (Compm lsaiah 47:1. pMwp@. In the day o )udgf m a t .7. they lack godly wisdom. 2 ?kmhy38) Slmilady. Such "p~mgs distress" wiU only get worse as the d end draws nearer. af the p ~ U t l leaded Can t y help? d h T h e p r i of Zoun ow Indeed hoIish.11-13. a 1% Acts 13%. W l e t match J e b W in pawer. In the dey of judgmat. Egypt m e under "ahQlltl mustqMAssyda. adr counsel ls something u n m m H e a a( R e d Idah 1*5-11.) The wise ones & have become ashamed+ They haw become terrified and wlH be caught. md s d l e d etMc cleanshgs haw daimed millions of Im during these last l days. As mgarrfsthe wise ~~~ ones of Phmmh's cmnsebrs. pleasure.) How unreasomb1e ign and a Witness to J L . (1 m t h l ans 3:19) They have Jehomh and haw turned to sdence walled. t e priests of Egypt were put to h shame. money. 28. (adlsolph 19:12-15.Their m sare In wain. they have no knowledge of God's purposes. (isabh 79:4) Thh forahadows the bleak fumefacingthls system o things.

il?'s l ~ w ~ ~ l ~ r ~ . / . the King Jcsus Chtist. are "in the midst of the land." (Isaiah 19:17) The faitliful messengers nf Jehovahgo forth telling p p I e the trut h-including the announcrrnent o the plagues f fr. There will be a dealing of a blow and a heo/ing. and they must return tu Iehovah. Hehnwr 219) Thmugl~out world thr cries of thr oppressed people can be heard. and o he wllf send them a savior. (1 Timothy 2:4$ I. as It wete. who are in a covenant relationship with God. 3s Isaiah continues: "It must pro* t be for o sign and : o h r D witness ta jehomh of armies in the land of Egypt. and they must render sacrtflce and gift and must make a vow to jehowll and pay i t And Jehovah will certainly deal Egypt a blow. it is God's will that all sorts of POple gain accurate knowledge ancl k saved.lMotrkjndt 1 ~ All . and a pi!o tar to jehavoh beside its boundary. (Psalm 5 0 5 ) As "an altar"they are offering their sacrifices. 1632-12) T h s is dlsturhlng to the religious leaders of thc world. human governments are unable to help thcm. In what ways are the anointed "a slgn" and "n wfmcss" In "Egypt"? - 31." and what l l c ~ l l n g will tnllow? . as "a plllar and support of the truth. standing nn thc boundary m e n this world and thc Kingdom uf Gad." (Isoioh 19:20]As "a sign" and "a witncss. 8-10. [Revdatinn R:7-12. (1 'I'imothy 3:15. his great name will certainly become known in this system o things. for they will cry out t lehwoh because of the opprasors. who will octuafly deliver them. Romans 12:1 Hebrews 13:15. hc will llrlng rellef and ~wrlastlng blessings to God-fearing humans. Jehovah wilt scnrl a Grand Savior.429-437. The City of Twrfng Down will one city be cafled."(Isaiah 19:18) I: n ancient times this prophecy was apparently fulfilled when the I-lebrew language was spoken in Egyptian cltles hy Jcmwho had fled thcrc. thcw are people in the territory o rnndern-day "Egypt" f who have learned to speak the "pure languageJ'of Bible truth. 12-14. (a) What "altar" is in the midst nf the land of Bgypt? (b) H a v nrv thc anointed like " a pillar" hesicle I':gyptls hbr~undaryl 34. When these last days reach their climew at the war of Armageddon. even a gmnd one.rctolcl by Jehwah. 33.16) They arc. 16) They . How does it come to pass that "the languilge of Canaan" Is ~ p * krn In cEtlcr of Egypt fa) in anclenl tlmch? (b) In modern times? 32. 7. 41 :I-3. ~ l # Ii~kovrih'sCnrrrtsel &tiinst the Nr~llons 205 amies that he is counseling against Mm.-Psalm 72:2." o and whet sacrlrice and gift will they give to hlm? {b) WEicn wlll Jehovah deal a blow to "F."they are bearing wltness to Jehovah. (Isaol' iah R: I R." (John 10:16. Isaiah writes: ")efiovah wilt certofnly become known to the Egyptians. prepared to cross that boundary and rcceive their heavenly reward." si~t~ifying part that nf the "pure language" is rclated t exposing and "tearing o 1 downJ'Satan's organization." (Isaiah 19:t93 These words point to the position of anointerl Christians. but by and lar~e.204 fsttl.fhr ~ .gypt.'' rhe anointed take the lead in thc preaching work ancl cxalt JchwnhJsname in tlils systc~n things. 31 What is the surprising result of thls proclamation work? 7 n that day there will prow t be five cities in o the land of Egypt speaking the Ianguoge of Conuan and I their "other sheep" companions-in more than 230 coun- swearing to Jehovah of armies. 4. (Jeremiah 24:1. und the Egyptians must know jehowrh In that doy.lence. to liberate all the meek ones. (Zephaniah 3:9) One of the five figurative cities is called "The City of Tearing Dawn. "In that day there will prove to be an alf tar t Jehowh in the midst of the land of Egypt. IE7:5. (<I) How wllI Jehovahcome t be known to "the E~ypttans. 142 Thanks to the proclamation work of Jeliovah's people." being found-along with tries and islands o the sea. 44:l) 'raday. I-lowwer. But they are "no part of the f world. 34 In the meantime.

" (Hebrews t3:lS) They make a vow to Jehovah by dedicating themselves to him. havc ap~~carcd. and Israel? 1 I 1 37 l'oday.DuringJmus8 MilIennial Reign. Some . 22) People from all nations of Satan's worId." with an earthly hope. 358-10. J m i a h 3E:ZP) A limited fulfillment of this prophecy t m k place after the defeatof Babylon when exiles from Assyria and Egypt. 36. though. a blessing in the midst of the earth. *the frultof lips which makc public declaration to his name.' I t is as if there were a high: t ." They promote true 9 wnrrhll~and arc dcclarlng the Kingdom message to peoplc In all the nations.fht for A l l Mrtnklnd I and he must let himself be entreated by them and must heal them. h way from o11cto the other. the a~ointed t and the "r~ther shecp" arc "(me flock. people from vc all nations am unitcd in 'rendering service. as well as h r n Babylon. earth were members of "I Israel of God. he will use his Kingdom to heal humankind. mental. How (In rnl!Hnnr tc~liiylive 3%thougli thew were a hjghrvay bet w c m *:lr\yha" ant1 "lippt"? 78. 38 HOW. Egypt with Assyria. 2.oft hcse nations are like Assyria.'" (Isaiah 19:23-25)Yes. (Isaiah 11:16. (Isaiah 31:11) But what of modern times? 35. (lralah 22-4) They perform the same preachln): work as thclr anointcd brothers.what connections came to n exist in ancient times between Egypt. Millions of individuals 8) from thc militaristic nations and the mare liberal nations l ~ i ~ taken up Ihc way al' true worship. Egypt crnd the work of my hands. ir pleased with their activity? Little wnndcs that hc prunounces a benediction on them. (John 10:1ha. 4911-13. Assyria. In that day israel wiJl come to he the third with Egypt and with Assyrid. 'l'ruly. endure simiInr ttasts. individuaI "Egyptians. a gr@atcrmvcl of "other sheep. say ing: "Rlessed be my ~ ~ e q ~ l e " ! - - 37. viewing their ~ zeal and endurance." (John to:l(. hsyrla. (a) Ilow wlll Israfl "wmc to he the third with Egypt and with A\rvrlaH? (h) Why dnos Ichrwah ray "Rlemerl be my people"? .206 Jsninh's Prupllecy-Li. and i t can truly he said that Bsyria comes into IIgypl and T w into Aqqyria.-1 Rter 217. Thus. hriavily militaristic. doe? Israel "come to be the third with E ~ y p and with Assyrla"? Early in "the time o the end. one day friendly relations will exist between J?gypt and Assyria. because lehowh of armies will have blessed it." t f nwai of those servlny:Jehovah on. Mow? 36 When Jehovah rescued his people from the nations in the past." come to know Je hovah and render him sacrifie.Galatians 6:16) Since the lie Ic):$O's. namely.Revelation 29) ComIng out nl' ~ h c nations-foreshadowed by Egypt and Assyrla-they strcam to Jrhovilh's house o worship and invite f nthcrs to loin rhcm. rnoml. and they pay their wrw by living a life o loyal service." (lsaiah 1921. were brought back to the Promised Land. and my inheslfoncc.h) T A a n p n c douht that Jehovah. They love one annthcr. one shepherd. L Iullillment of Isaiah 1923-25. pcrhaps t ikc Ihypt-at on" timc "the king of the south" in Ihnirt's proplrcry. mankind will be elwated to spiritual. and Assyria will actually come into Egypt. so to speak. saying: 'Blessed be my people. he made for them highways to freedom. and Egypt into Assyria.' There are no nation8llstlc divisions among thew ones. the remnant ofanointed spiritual Israelites is ' Illlesslnfi In thc midst of the earth." (Ilanid 12:9. /srael. milnifest the same faithfulness and integrit$ and f p i ~ li ~ thc same splritital tablc. I I "Blessed Be M People" y 35 The prophet then foresees a remarkable development: "in that day there wit1 come fo be a highway out of Egypt to Assyrio. and they will cerbinly render service. Folf lowing the "blow" that Jehovah will deal this system of thing5 at Armageddon. and physical p r fection-healing indeed!-Revelation 22: 1. (I Sanlcl 115. Other nations are more Liberal.

R do not put trust In Jehovah as thcir stronghold. One inscrjption tells of a conquest in which thc Assyrian army cllsmernbered its captives and made two mounds outsldc thc city--one of hearts and the other of Hrnbs. '!+he children of the conquered were burned E fire.. Wjth spears they blinded some captives.- CHAPTER SIXTEEN . 2.. God's p o p ! f a t a f ~ ~ frlghknlng threat in the eighth century R.r for turn pmtectlon? l'hey are in a covenant relatinnlihip with J e h a vah and should rely on him for help. n The Assyrians used tn blind some of their cuptlves - A Land of Bloodshed :% Arsyrinns WIT known for their military might. Howdld the Assyrians strike terror in the hrarts o otlier natlonr? f . The Thc I .- Trust in Jehovah for Guidance and Protection AS SERN in earlier chapters o this hook. 1 ions say anrl hulls whose ponderous limbs.- . To whom will thc land's 1nhaI~ltant. courage.E. 2 'firough hls prophet Isaiah. 'the fcar n 4.. 'I'hey are more inclined to look to Egypt and F-tthlopla. and human hcads were symbols of strength. 'rhc hload1hll. What d a n g t do God's people face Inthc c l ~ h t h ucntilry B. and vlctary. 6) That is what K David did. and to whom are many of them inclined to turn lor prntc~tlonl 3. Jehovahwarns that seeking refirgc i l3hwt or in Ethiopia will be dlsast rota.C.. its '"he city o b1ood~hed. Assyrla's capital. They are wrong. and the priests was werc inccrqrant fomenters of war. Fightln~ the business of the nation.C:.T:.C. 'l'he prophn et? insplrerl worcls providc a salutary Icsson for his csontcrnporarles nlid contain a valuable lesson for us about the impltxtancc of trusting i Jehovah. caglc winas." (2 Samuel 22:2) Evidently.h o p in# that these two nations will provide a hulwnrk against thc Zhrefitcned Assyrian invasion. the bonk A r ~ ~ * i cCities notes: T h e y worshiped strength. Ilcscrll~c emphasis that Assyrla put an mllli:lry power. and it Is only a milficrof time before they attack the southern kingdom of Juclah." It is with goml wason that the Aihle prophet Nahum described Nineveh. (l. and ~tt woc~ld tlielr prayers only to colossal idols of stone."-Nahum 3 1 .styAssyrians are ravaging one lanil after anather. though. He acknowlettjicrl: "Jehovah is my i w crag and my stronghold and the Provlclrr of escape for me. many in tlic cighth century B. f 4 T h e war tactics of the Assyrians were unusually cruel.kutlus195. Carvcd rciiefs from those days show Assyrian warriors leading riff captives by means of hooks stuck through the noses or the lips.


Isuiuh's I'mpl~ecy-L~,~I~tAll Mrt~rk/t/rt fir I

'IS~rst jrlinvtll; for I;rridnnre trnd P r v t e c t i o ~ Itr

21 1

inspired by such cruelty must have s e m d thc tlssyrlans well m a military sense, discmtragi~ resistance hy thostl who stood i the way o thclr armies. n f

The War Against Ashdod In Isaiah's day the Assyrian Empim reached an unprcccdented level of p w e r under King Sargon."For many yean, critics doubted the exiFtence of this ruler, as they knew o f no mention of him in secular sources. In time, horvrwcr, archaeoIogisbuncovered the ruins of Sargc>nms palacc, and the Bible" account was vindicated. 6 Isaiah briefly describes one o Sargan's military camf paigns: Tartun came to Asfrdod, when Sargon the king of Assyria sent him, ond he proceeded t wur against Ashdod o and to capture it." (Isaiah 20:l)" Why docs Sargnn oi.cirr an attack on the Philistine city of Ashdod? For one thlng, Phillstia is an ally of Egypt, and Ashdod, hotne to n tcrnplc o Dagon, is located on the road that rum along the coast f from Egypt through Palestine. The city is thur i a slratcglc n location. its captu~e be viewed as ii prcllminnry step tu can the conquest of Egypt. In addition, bsyrian records report that Azuri, Ashdod's king, was conspiring rigninst Assyrla. Hcnce, Sargon has the rebellious king rcmovtd and ~mts the king's younger brother, Ahimiti, on the throne. Still, that dws not settle matters. Another rtlrolt breaks out, and
Historians refer t thir king as Sargon 11. An earllet kin^, nut oI I\<o svria. but of Rabylon, is des~gnaled "5nrgon 1." as " "Tartan" is not a name but a title designating the rr>mrnantler 111 clriefof theAssyrianarmy, likely thc s'cwnd most powerl~~l Iwrwn in thr. empire.
S. Who was a pcnverhl Assyrian ruler in Isaiat~'!, day, and liow wa5 the Bible's account or him vindicated? h, 7. (a) Likely, f o r what reawns dnes Sar~cln order an aitnckor~ Ashdod? Ib) How doe5 the fall of h h d a d atTeck Philirtio's ncixhhnn!

this time Sargon takes more forceful action. He orders an attack on Ashdod, which Is besieged and conquered. Lk ily, Isaiah 2R1 is allucllng to this event. 7 The fall s Ashdod casts a griin shadowmr her neighf bors, especially Judah. Jehovah knows that his people are fnclinerl to look to "an arm a#flesh," such as Egyptor Ethiopia to the south. Ihercfore, he commissions lsaiah to act out a dire wtlrnlng.-2 Chronicles 32:7,8.

"Naked and Barefoot" A Jehovah tells I.wiah: "'Go, rrnd p u must loosen the sockcloth from off your hips; and p u r sandals p u should d m
from off your feet." Iralah complies with Jehovah's command. "He proceeded & do so, wolking abour naked and borefoot." (Isaiah 20:2) Sackcloth is a cwarse garment often worn by the prophets, sometimes In conjunction with a warning message. It is also warn in Slmes o crisis or f upon hearing ctllitinitous news, (2 Kings 19~2; Psalm 35:13; Daniel Y:3) Does Isslah really walk around naked i the n seme of belng without any protective covering at all? Not neccssarlly,The I-lebrew word translated "naked" can also rcfcr to one's belng partially or scantily clothed. (1 Samuel 1924, footnote) So Isaiah may have merely taken off hls outer garment, while retaining the shorttunic that w s a carnrnonly worn close to the body, Male captlves are often represented in this manner i A s r a sculptures. n syin 9 Thc meaning of Isaiah's unusual action is not left io doubt: "jehwlah went on t say: yust as m swvrrnt Isoo y ;ah has walked about naked and borefoot three ywrs os o sign and a portent ogainst Egypt and agairtst Ethioplo, so the king of Assyriol will Ieod the body of captives of
8. What Inspired prophetic act dries Isaiah carry out? 9. What h t h e pruphctic meanlng of Isaiah? action?

Isaiah's P i q h q - L i g h t for All Wdnkiprd I

Egypt and the exiles of Ethiopia, boys and old men, naked and barehot, and with buttocks stripped, the nakedness crf Egypt' (lscoioh 20:3, 4) Yes4 the Emtiam and Ethiopjans WlI soon be carried 08captive. No one will be spared. Even 'boys and old men"-the chiId~rl and the elderly-will be stripped of aU their possessions and taken into exile. By means of this bleak imagery, Jehwah warns the inhabitan& ofludah that it wiIl be futile for them to put their trust in Egypt and Ethiopia. The- l d of these nations wilI lead t &ir "nak&ms"-their ultimate h d o
iatim 1

Hope Crumbles, Beauty Fades 18 Next, Jehovah prophetically destliha .the response of his people as they realize that Egypt and Ethiopia, their hoped-for refuge, has proved powerless before the ksydans. They will certain& be terrified and be ashamed of Ethiopia their looked-fur h o p and of Egpt their beauty And the inhabitant of thjs c o d a n d will be rertain t say in o that day, ITRere is haw our looked-hr hope is, to which we fled for ossjstance, J wder to be delivered becouse of the n king of ksyrlol A d how shall we wrseCv& escape? "-Iwigh 20;5, 6, 11Judah s e m s I.& a mere strip of coatland when campared with the powm of Egypt and Ethiopia Perhaps some of the Inhabitants o "this roasdmdl' are mamared f with Egypt's beauty-its impressive pyrnmids, its towering temples, and its spacious villas w i t h their surrounding gardens, orchards# and ponds. The magnificent architecture ofEgypt seems to be evidence of stability and permanence. Surely this land c m t be devastated! Likely, the Jews are
1 ,11, [a) What will the respaasp of Judahbe when 6 he f-lizes that 0 Egypt and Ethiopia are powerless before Asqria? (b) W y may the h inhabitas& of Judah be incIlned to twt in Egyp and ExMopia?

Some may be imptessed by men's achievements, but ft I better to trustin jehovah s

also Imppressed by the a ~ h e ~ chariot& and horsemen of s,
Ethiopia, 12 In view of the acted-uut warning of Isaiah and t h e

prophetic words of.Jehovah, any of Gbd's professed p a ple who are inclined to trat in Egypt and Ethiopia haw same serious thinking t-o do. H w much &tier 'to put their trust in Jehovah rather than in earthling man! (Psalm 25:z; m4)As thing's work out, Judahsuffers terribly at the hand of the king of Assyria, and later, she sees her ternpJe and apital ciQ destroyedby Babylon. Yet, "a tenth," "a h~lg wed,"is 1ef&like the stump of a maaiw W. (Isaiah 6:B) When tlhe time comes, Isaiah's message will greatly
12, In whom should Judnh put her trust7


Isahh's P r o p k ~ c y - C I . ~ ~ t t All Mankind 1 fur





strengthen the faith of that srnaEl gmup who continue to trust in Jehovah!
Put Your Trust In Jchavah 13 Thc warning in Isaiah concerning the futility of trusting in Egypt and Ethiopia Is not just dead history. It has practical value for our day. Wc arc llving in "critical times bard to deal with" (2 Timothy 3:1) Financial disasters, widespread poverty, political z~nmrtalnty, civil unrest; and small- or largemle wan have devastating effects-not only on those who spurn G d s rulcrsllip Ilut also on those o' who worship Jehovah.The question lacing each one Is, 'To whom will I turn for help?' 14 Some might be impressed by today's financial wizards, politicians, and scientistr, who talk ofsolving man" problems using man's ingenuity and technology. Homer, the nlble plainly states: "It i s beeter to take refuge in Jehovah than to trust in nobles,'~Psalm 8:9) man's schemes 11 All i?)r pcace and security will come to naught Ibr the reason aptly stated by the prophet Jeremiah: "Iwell know,0Jehovah, that to earthIing man his w y does not: belong. It does a not belong to man who is walking even to direct his step." -Jeremiah 1023. 1s lt b imperative, therefore, that servants o God not be f unduly impressed by any seeming strengtll or wisdom of thls world, (Psalm 33:lO; 1 Corinthians 3: 19, 20) The only hope for distressed humankind rests wlth the Creator, Jehovah, Those who put their trust In hlm wlll be saved. As the inspired apostIe John wrote, "theworld I passing away s and so i s Its desire, but he that does the wilt of God remains fomer."-1 John 2:17.
13. What pressurns affect all-both h ~ i l w e r s unbclimrs-today? and 14. Wlly qhould we put trust only In J C ~ O V A ~ I ? 15. Where Ires the only hope for dlstrcissed rnanklnd?

'Babylon Has Fallen!"

Isaiah 21:l-'17


'I'H E I!ihlc may be likened to a great piece nf music with a rlominant theme and with minor thcmcs intrduced to add to the distinctiveness of Ihc whole, In a similar way, thc Bi blc has a major theme-the vindication of Jehovah's sovcrrigniy by mcans of the Messlanlc Klngdnm government, It also has other important, rccurrin~ themes. One o these Is the fall of Babylon. f 2 That theme Is inbmduwcl in Isaiah chapters 13 and 14. It recurs I chapter 2 and again in chnptcrr 44 and 45.A n 1 century later, Jeremiahenlarges on the samc thcme, and the lmok or Rwclation brings it to ;I thundering conclusll>rr. (Jcrcmiah 53:60-64; Revelation 18:l-194) [,veryserious s t ~ t d c t of the Bible needs to bc concerned about this n Irn['ortnnt sut~sidiarytheme of God's Word. Isilia h chap tcr 21 helps In this regard, far it suppf ics fascinating details nhout thc prophesied fall of that great world power. later, wc will see that Isaiah chapter 21 slnbsswnnothcr Importnnt Rlblc theme-one that helps us assess our vlgilnnfe as

Chrlstiiins today.
"A Hard Vision"
3 Isaiah chapter 21 opens on an ominous nrbte: "The -1, 2. [a) What is the owmll theme of tlic Rll?le, hut rvh;~timportant sul~$idiary theme appears in Iraiah? (b) Ilirw dnrs tlic Hihlr devclop illu thcmc of the Call of fiabylon'! 3. Why Ic Ital,ylon t e ~ m c d "the wlldernes~l t tlic sra," and w h t dues r 1 ha1 tlklc portcnd regardillg her fi~tt~rc:'

pmnouncement against the wilderness of the sm:Like storm winds in the south in moving onward, from the wiEderness it is coming, from a fear-inspiring land." (t5aiah
27: 7) Straddling the Euphratcr Rlver 15 Hilhylon, with its ca5tern half in the region between the two great rlvers Eul~hrates and Tigris. It is some distancv from Ihc actual sea, Why, then, is it called "thc wildcmesr of the sea"? Bc cause the region of baby lor^ used to flootl annually, treating a vast, marshy "sea." Hawmr, the tlelylonians have cnntroEEd this watery wilderness by creating a complex system of dikes, sluices, and canals. They ingeniously use tbcse waters as part of the city's defense system, Still, no human works will saw Bahylnn fmm rlivinc judgment. A wilderness she had been-a wildrrness she will again become. Calamity i s heading hcr way brewing Iike onc o the fierce storms that somctimtls blow in upon Isf rael f rorn the fearsomewi Gderness to the mut h.-Compare Zechariah 9:14.
4 A?WWF lrarned in Chapter 14 of thlr hook, ancient Babylon has a modern counterpart-"nal~ylon the Great," the





5 In Isaiah's day BabyIon is not yet the dominant world powrr, hul Jehovah already forewes that w l ~ e n her lime corncs, shc will her power. tsalah prtrcdr: "There is a hard vision that has been hki to me: The Ineacherous dealer is dealing treacherously, and the despoiler is despoiling," (Isaiah 21:Za) Babylon wlll Indcet l despoil and dcsl lr~ochrmusly with the nations shu ronrluerr, includin^ Juclah. 'l'he Babylonians will sack Jerusalem, pillage it5 tcrnplr, and take-its people caplivc to Ibl?ylon. lhere, tllmc hclpless captives will be tmtcci treacherously, ridictrlccl for their faith, and offered no hope of return lo theit homclanrl.-2 Chronicles 36:17-21; I'solm 137:1-4. fi Yes, Rabylon richly deserves this "hard vlslon," whidz wJl1 mean hard rimes for her, lsaiah cclntinucs: "Go up, 0 Eltarn! lay siege, 0 Media! All sighing due Eo her J have caused to cease.'' (Isaiah 21:2b) 'l'ho~c opprr%ed by this treacl~erous empire will have relief. At last i n cnd to their sigtilng! (Psalm 79:11, 12) By what means will this reIief cornc'? Isaiah names two nations that will attiick Rrtbylon: Illarrl and Meclia. 'ltvo centuries later, Irr 539 I!.(:.C., Cyrus Ihc Persian wiIl lead a combined force of I'etsians and Medes aaainst Babylon. As for Elam, hrslan monarchs will possess at least part of that land prior to 539 H.C.I.:.* The Persian k>ws will thus inclucic Hamits. 7 Notc how Isaiah describes the effect of this vision



world empire of false religion. In Rcwlatlan, Rabylon the Great is likewise portrayed in connection with "a wilderncss" and "waters."The apostle John is carried away to a wilderness to be shown Babylon the Great, Ile is told that she "sits on many waters" representing "peoples and crowcls and nations and tongues." {lEcwlatlon 17:1-3, 5, 15) I1opular support has always bccn a key in the survival of false religion, but such "waters"wl1I not protect her i the end. Like her ancient counterpart, shc will end up n empty, neglected, and desolate.



-Anshan [ ~ c l n f i reg~onr city in Elam. 'I'hc Imull tcs ot' Isalah's day a o -I hc c l ~ htt ccntury R.C.E.-may have hccn ~inlimlllar 11 I)ursia, i wlt whrrew thcy wnuld have known of Etam. I'hh ~ n , i y rxplain why Isa+ la11 hcrc I I ~ ~ T I I C S Elarn instead of Persia.

' 'l'ht. I'crsli111King Cyrus was at tlrnes drllgnntc~l"Klng nf hnshan"


4 Flow cfoes the Rerelation vision of "Ilahylon the Great" indude thc cfumcnts of "waters" and "a wlldrrncss," anti what do the "watcr~"mean l

S. I ~ R W dues Babylon come to earn a reputation as llelnp, "treacherous" and 31 " d e r p i l e l ' ? 6 (a) What sifihlng &ill Jehovah cauw to cease? (h) What nations

;ire k>retnld to attack Rabylon, and how Ir t h l h lulfillcrl? 7. Hnw drwa Isaiah's vision affect hi~ri, sigllllylng whut7

7 twlh Ilght tbr which I had an uftachrnent has been made tbr me u tremMIng. a f drSnkhgln (Isuicrh 2J:Sa) Yes. a shuddering itdf has M e d me. d e d a b u t . (Daniel 5:1. The hatted state of the 8. I haw fnmme d&u&ed so that I do not s e My heut has me. pain.upon him: %at i why m h i p h#e become full of ses y w~ pins. As well as many w b a and concublmi. the BabyIonbns will experiena slmi h wmr.CE. C o n w h h s t h m s e k ha^? g t w W hdd of me. On the nlght of QcQober 516. as s Isaiah's n dwords prophetically show. and wmbhg. bringing inst& only fear. Isaiah foek "Let them be o setting of the W e in order. He sufiers mnvuldons llke those o a woman in labor. 8 As darkness fails on that fateful night. and hh heart Ehas wandered f about. an wthg.Thep~have~muse them&=! The aged prophet Daniel has beea died t o thesamIandhe~howJehovahhm~~ King Mhamr into a state o terror similar bo that de f s a k d by Isaiah T h e king's grmdes are plunged into confusion m the comblned foms of Meks." One scholar renders this p h m "my heart beats wildly. u prlntet. her many gods make It unthinkable. Babylon fsrlls quickl! What. It seems. but they klim that the1r cv Is Impregnable. Iik the c m w b of u w m u n that k g#ng bid. l Her massive walls and deep moat appear t makc her c p o a ture impassibIe. I haw beoome it4h-m so tbat I do trot harr. Why does Y become n ~ s a r t "anoint the shleld"? y o . a d n t #w shlakl. Pmtans. So let thm be "an cat@ a drinking!" Belshaaar gets drunk. and he probably is not done."Why such distress? Evf Idently. Soare two centurks f n advance. and Hamites breach the dty's defenses. h w do the Babylonians a d . a lovely h e for quiet contemplatlon.539 B." (Isulah27:Sb) p Sudddy~thepartybcrper. But nightfall h a now lost its charm. an a m g b o ttrs Iwdn of swb. 9 *teY q. snjoys the twilight hours. the m g a n t Klng k b zar is hosting a feast Seats are arrilnged 6w a thwsand of his grandees." Clmiah IT:$ 4) The prophet. terror b the last thlng on the BabylO&nsl minds.2) The d e r s hm h a t there Is an army outside the d s . thou& does it mean to "mhtthe shidd*? y 9. hiah's feehgs are prophetic. wen though their enrmlep are m ~ d the mu? e high offichh i qgeskd by the ned to rouse them. noting that the expression refers t 9 fwerlsh o and irregularbeating o the pulse.

* or appoint a new king. Babylon the Great.-Daniel 5: 1-9.But as this prophecy m d s us. (RevelatIan 1 8 &) ls sucXl a thing possible? To build our &thIwe have only t see how his warnings regaxd1ng the fall o both m&nt o f Babyion md her modernday counterput have already k e n Eutahd. pemmted. What comfort a wonhipet8 of J e h R d m from the W0 n mrtt of Is&hls prophecy regarding the &reachemus dealer? 11.* Thus. IQ All lovers of true worshfp driiw comfort fmm this account.30.* (hh9:l8) So t h i s wm I Isaiah Is W I y breklbg 8 n tfre need for a new hng. "She Has Psllenl" UJehmah now speak to the prophd -1 I w: ! I I I I L 1. Why? k a u e Belshmr is ldlled that "very +t. Modem-day Babylon. b as mu& a treacherous dealer md despoiler as was h anm dent caunteprt. lb this day religious leaders conspire t have Jehovah'sWitness% o banned.lsa today?(b) What I tepxemtd by the war chars W ofasses and that d c~lrnekl * Many Bible commentators think tbat the words "anolnttbeshieldn re& t the andent millmry pctlee of o1lInj~ o leather shields befoff battle so that mast blows will glance 08. the &aby10nbu barely had Um@ put up rm hght.Jehovahsees d su& tm&msdealing.The Bfble sometimes refers to a nation's Wrrg as Its shield because he is the deknder and prowtor of the land. et alone prepare Por to htde by w i n g r b k sMeldjl T ~~ i f i e watchman "pme*ded to c d out like a lionn . and who hw barn a c i h . H wSlI brhg an end to all religions that mise r e p m t him and -t hls people. and he wlll nut l t it go unl e punished. It should be noted that a r ~ the t the dty feU. (a) W M la the nsponUbllIty of 1watchman. therrr Is a need e "anoint the o sbleid. Whlle this i p i b l e ina ~~. or puniW y taxed.

What I s the newd "He begon to speak up m soy: d The has faiIenl w n has b h . with a y#ut of stesdrl'" (lsuhh 21:8. the watchman class i tbex n last days has n d e d courage and endurance.9a) The vbknary watchman d s out courageously. never-1 his vigilance flag. Nitzsch notes.a~rcharJotofca&. (Matthew 2*42.though. And h. . and at m guardposl I am stutionpd dl the nights. (Rwektron 14:12) hlltrue Chrlsdans need these qualities. is ~r)mpelleda make a rqmrt." The faithfuland &meet s h e " has never stopped Wing what it sees regarding the nearness of Gad's day of judgment and the dangers o thh corrupt f world. wibh mucb [Isahh 2 : Thae slngiewar chariots M y representcdumnsd 7- -" . t #He p m c d d to d l out like a lion: 'Upon the wotGhtower. "likea lloa" It takes cowage t call out o a judgment message against so formidable a nation a W yion. - Dlbh critlcs hnw theorlzttd that L must haw k n writtcn after the t m n t . forJesusurged his followe~s to Ymp an the watch. that will unite t launth this attackk. (A) ow d m anrlcnt Babylon fare. T i is of In-t r hs to all true CMstiam today. SlrnilarIy. 12 The watchman.And he paid s t k t attention. then.history cono firms that the Persian army used bath asses and cam& i n warfare. 0 j-h.Furthamofe. y now. 12. 14. But as H c b m scholar F. o watchman. Isalah's vl~lonarywatchman dbplays what qualttiea and who need thcse ualldes today7 s 13.ZZ2 Isaiah9 Progh~cy-Lightfar Ali Mankind f "i?nbylorr Har FallrnlY a 3 "Thb Is whotfebmh has ~ t ' d me: 'Go. post u lookout t o that he moy W j u s t what he sea'' (ImCah n:6) These words Introduce another important theme of this chap &-that of the lookout. The war chariot of ma and that of c a d s Rttlngly represent:the two powers.3 k1ah's visionary watchman sees a war charfatactvanclng. Media and Pe~sia. and a# the images of her p& hns broken b tke d f ' " (lsuhh 21: he Pb) What a t h r l h g report! At last. 1 am W r p g constan* by drry. . this mcherws des p h r of God's people has fallen! Inwhat sense.all the nfghtr" chariots advancing i battle farmation with the speed d n trained steeds. them Is m l n g a wur charlot of men. such speculatlon is unnmsary If we ampt that a prophet might be impbxl t~ foretell m n t s hundnds of years In advancc. 1. 7 am stondng constondy by dufi and. and in what m e hw idols broken?(b) How and when dld Babylon the Great saffer a simllar $ 1 11 'Isrrlah's prqphccy wwrdlng bbylanJsMI i s so atmuate th& same a .4547) What does Isaiah's vislonarywmhmnsee? "Hexawu wurchotiot WM span of a a wurdrarbtd~. Something eIse fs requited as well--endurance The watchman nmains at hls p s t day and night:.

Thus. leaving only the refined. However. 1fl At the time o the writing of Isaiah. desirable grains.dorn. 16 This may sene as a usefuI reminder to d of u . Lct us accept godly discipline as an expression of C d ' s love. Rather. God's covenant peopte will bemrnc "sons of the threshing floor. p a p s 164-9. "I'heanswer? m e watchman said: 'The morning has I?.However. but none of them are inte~~derl Durnah is not found in Seir. though. what I have heard from lehovah of armies. 18:2. some will anxiously inquire about the future. and the preaching work was recommenced. It begins: ' e pmnormcement ogrrinst Dumah: To me there m is one calllng out from Seic 'Watchman. Isaiah is not gloating over this discipline.-Revelation 143. The president and other prominent officers o the Watch T m r Socicty were imf prisoned on false charge?. what about the night? Watchman. Edom lies in f the path of the powerful hsyrian army. f Morn." iulhllril upon . long a vindictive enemy of Cod's people. Why ir F h m approprlntcly termed "Dumah"? 18." In Revelation. 1s Isaiah concludes this prophetic m s a e on a noic esg of compassion toward his own people."i'lflhylon Hns FfillenS" 225 are Babylon's graven images and idols broken? Will the Medo-Persian invaders march into Babylon's temples and smash the innumerable idols? No.' where wheat is forcibly separated from the chaff.' - 1 I some of whom will spend their entire l k s as captives in a forcign land. nothing of the sort ir needed. I hlw Is t hc pront ~unct~nirnt. 14 What of Babylon the Great? Ry engineering the oppression of God's people during World War I.I rlcicnt I'do~n? 1 * See Revelation-Tts Grand Clin1n. the God af Israel. the headquarters office was reopened. Some in Edom yearn to know when the night o oppresion will end for f thcrn. Their preaching work was virtually brought to a halt. and also "TEic liar tlrr night. Hefore that happens. / how reported to you people."Dumah"means "Silence. 15. which is another here. he has compassion for these future 'sonsof the threshing floor. threshng often symbolizes the disciplining and refin inx of God's people. In the I s Christian congre~ation today. whut crbouf the night?" (Isaiah 21:11) Whrse Is t hl5 Dumah?Tl-rcrewere eviclently several towns wllh that llnme in nlble times. Babylon's idol gods will be broken I that they are n exposed as potverless t protect the city And Rabylon will o e~perience fall when she hecomes unahlc to m~~tlnuc a oppressing God's people. will end rip in sllcnm-the silence of death. ~nnrning tfl mme. 'some may be inched t o lose thcir compassion for wrongdoers. 'The officers were released Ervm prison. 1-le says: ''0 m y threshed onex and the son of my threshing floor. Inquiring of the Watchman 17The seconcl prophetic message of Isaiah chapter 21 brlngs the figure of the watchman to the fore.arrl them? ." (Isaiah 21:10) In thc nit-rle.x A t Hand!. 16. this fall is twice heralded by an angel uslng the words of thc announcement at Isaiah 21:9.-Hebrew 12:6. a$ was the case I the previous pronouncen mcnt. Babylon the Great fell in that 11cr hold over God's people was broken. the region is given a name suggestive o its future." and what n can r w learn from Iraiah's attitude ton. And those who receive discipllnc may of ten be prone to resent it. I what sense are Isaiah's p p l e "threshcrl ones. she eff~ctively held them in exile for a time. If we keep in mind that Jehwah disciplines his people in order to refine them. name f-or I:. we will neither belittle the discipline ant1 those who humbly undergo it nor resist it when if comes our way."So It seems that. But I919 saw an astounding reversal.

Illusary.) an imnt t Jehovah s people taday? o 21. Babylonian oppression will be hllowed by Persian and then Greek oppression. the watchman invites further inquiries. A glimmer of morning will show on the horimn. What an apt picture of Edorn's futufe! The Assyrian oppresion wjll end. There will then be a brief "morning" during Roman times." We understand that n m&nd is deep into the dark night of spiritual blindness and alienation Etom God that wiIl lead to the desmction o this system o things.Russell. Night-anather dark time of oppression-will follow quickly on the heels of morning. dnut the desert plaln"?(b) What are the caravans of mnl of Dedan. 2 Corinthians f f 4 4 ) Dwring this nahttirnq any glimmerings o hope that f rnanhnd can somehow bring about peace and security are like those iIlusory gleadngs of dawn that are followed only by still." It hegins: 'me pronouncement against the desert plain: In the forest in the * During the first 59 p a r s of its publicafion."Babylon Has r*llenl" night. When the watchman says. wads: "Ifyou people would inquire. the Watchtower ma a zinc featu&d Isaiah 21:11 on its C m r . The same scripture povi&i the theme d t h e last written sermon of Charles T. "lf you people would inquire. vanishing from history." the prophet may be suggestingthat any Edomites who want to escape the nation's doom should repent and "return" to Jehovah. But as long as the night lasts."'(l~iohZl:7Zo) 'a+---. But that "morning" not last. when the Herods-Edomite in origin-gain power in Jenssalem. the Watch Tower Satiety's first pmidem. Might Fails on the Desert Plain 21The final pronourrCernen-t of Isaiah chapter 2l is directed against "the desert plain.---7irT Things do not bode wl el far Edom. m i r e . A genuine dawn is approaching -the dawn of Christ's Millennld R e i p over this earth. This short pronouncement has meant a great deal to Jehovah's peopIe i modern times. In either case. Why i s the mnouncernent recorded at baiah 21:11. 272-8)This cycle will be repeated. but Babplon will succeed Assyria as a world power and will decimate Edom. we must fallow the lead of the watchman class by staying spiritually alert and murageously announcing the nearness of the end of this carrupt system of things. but it will be brief. [See illustrati~n preceding page. 1 The watchman concludes hls brief message with the 9 19. (Romans 13:12.21.--1 Thessalonians 56. 28. Or bemuse the expression may also be txamlated "return. darker limes. inquire. Finally. Edam will will descend permanently into silence. 12 dgnif- P Come again!"what may he mean? Y' . Come again I" (Isaiah 21: Y2b) The expression "Came again!" may refer to the endless successtan of "e h' ahead of Edam. The name Dumah will fittingly describe her at Iast. (Jeremiah25:17. (a) What play on words may be intended h the phrase "the pmi nouncement .

because of the drawn sword. and at whose hands? I I I I' dle in number to a mere remnant. 0 you inhahftantr of the land of Tema. When? "Within yet a year. 15) Yes. 17) Kedar is so prominent a tribe that it is sometimes used to represent all of Arabia. Tema. dark night of alienation from God. Let us ally ourseIves closely with the faithful watchman dass. the God of Israel. just as a hired laborer works no more than the amount of time for which he is paid. the Millennia1 Reign over a paradise earth! 24. And the ones remaining over of the number of bowmen. for the pronouncement is directed at a number o Arab tribes. How may we imitate the example o the watchman? f . 23. that he will soon bring an end to mankind's long. Jehovah tells us that the il world empire of false religion will come to nothing. the rnightymen of the sons of Kedar. Let us join them in courageously calling out just what rve see-the overwhelming evidence that Christ is ruling in heaven. Such caravans follow trade routes from one desert oasis to the next. and because of the bent bow and because of the heaviness of the war. This is not just a possibility. forjehovah himself. has spoken i' (Isaiah 21: t " 16. Nothing can make that point more forcefully than the closing words of the pronouncemmt: vehhrsvah himself. The pronouncement opens with a nocturna1 scene featuring caravans of men of Dedan. be like the watchman. the God of Israel. as if posted on a lofty watchtower. the remaining anointed Christians on earth today. and with what effect upon them? (b) How soon will this disaster mrne. scanning the horizon for any sign of impending danger. Let us remain vig5 . located on one of the most mll-watered oaes in the region. Today.and so it happens. as foretold. Precisely how all of this was fulfilled is uncertain. ilant. as if a dark 1 I evening-a time of trouble-is about to fall upon this region. is forced to bring water and bread to the hapless refugees of war. h o m e r . How can we be sure that Isaiah's prophey against Arabia was fulfilled? 25. and that thereafter he wdl usher in the @uedawn. that this prophecy was fu1filled to the letter. When will t h s trouble come? 23 Isaiah continues: 'This is whot]ehovah has said to me: 'Within yet a year. (a) What crushing b u d e n is about to befa11 the Arab tribes." (Isaiah 21:14." (Isaiah 21:73) The desert plain referred to is evidently Arabia. Some suggest that this is a play on words. confront the one fleeing away with bread for him. Why? 22 Isaiah explains: 'To meet the thirsty one bring water.228 Isaiah's Prophecy-Light for All Munkind I "Babylon Hns Fallen! " 224 desert plain you will spend the night. It may seem equally unlikely that powerful Edom will end up in deathly silence or that a night of hardship and privation will fall on the wealthy Arab tribes. and othcr treasures." To people in Isaiah's day. Two Assyrian rulers -Sargon II and Sennacherib-claimed credit for subjugating Arabia. Jehovah himself has spoken it! 2 Let us. pearls." a very similar word in Hebrew. 24 We can be sure. Either may well have decimated these proud Arab tribes. a prominent Arab tribe. But here we see them forced to leave their welIbaveled tracks to spend the nights in hiding." no more. But Jehovah says it wl. will become few. it may seem unlrkely that Babylon will ascend above Assyria and then be toppled from power during the debauched merrymaking of a single evening. it is a certainty. according to the years of o hired iaborer. the crushing burden of war will fall upon these Arab tribes. has spoken it. The word for "desert plain" is f sometimes rendered "evening. then. bearing spices. Jehovah has determined that the bowmen and rnlghty men of this tribe will dwin22. 0 caravans o f men of Dedun. all the glory o f Kedar must wen come to its end. For because of the swards they have fled away.

13) Chapr 22 opens the same way: %re p r o n w m e n t of the valley of the vision: Whet IS b e maiter with you." (Isaiah 21:1. W M is "the valley of the vision. each af the three judgment messages was Introduced with the expresstan "The pronouncement. When does It happen? It is di@mItto pinpoint m y one siege in which irll the features described are fdHled. Y w know that other cities haw ahady fallen to him. YOU see their battering r m and scalhg ladders.Lessons About Unfaithfulness Isaiah 22:l-15 When Zedekiah flees. vision' bemuse m y &vine visions and fY!velati~ns @wn are there.50. The enemy armies are far U tau powerful to confront directly i combat. a general warning of what lies ahead. he is captured and blinded I found today among many who claim ta worship Gad. They alsa haw siege engines apable o f hurling boddm to smash your defenses.the prophecy is best undestood as a generic descpipticm o the various sieges that will befall f Jerusalem. a their hordes o soldiers. As you look out over the walls. are they eryirpg out to Jehovah f save them? No. 3 In the face of the siege that Isaiah describes. a) d name? ($1 Wkmt is the spiritual mndltlm of the i n h a b i m ofJP rusalem? b .49."m why does it have thia . When dws t siege d ~ c r i h i Isaiah chapter 22 happm? h d n 3. theyhave ignored him andhave strayed into false worship.-Deuy a t e r m w y 28:45. 11.52 I 1. thenpthat you haw gone up in p u r e n t i m lo the roofs?" (Isaiah 2 2 1 ) 'The ~ k of y the vision' refers to JerusaIem. Instead.The city is call& the vallq because even though elevated. you ou only n hope that the walls of the city will keep them out. Evidently.we read about such a siege+ siege ag@mt Jerusalem. The enemq besiglng the atPj b m in9tmmmt qf God's judgrnmt against his m w dpeople. Haw are Jerusalem's inhab~tants remng to the Uege that Csaiah - describes? 4 [. What a terrifying sight! f 2 In Isaiah chapter 22. their archers and &aiots. IMAGJNE what it was lile to be in arm ancient dty under siege. what are the inhabitants a Jemalm doing? As Cad's menant f peaple. For thh reason. it is surrounded by higher m nam It is asuciaredwfth '#the u ti . the city's inhabitanb should pay h d to Jehovah's words. Outside the walls i the emrn-stmng and ruths less. What might it have been like t~ be insi@ an ancient city under siege? 2. you can see siege tawers brought by the enemy. a thry are showing a wry W e attitude. Now he is determined to conquer and plunder your city and r a p and ~ L its inhabitants. one like that - A City Under Siege 4 In chapter 21 of halah.

. ~ l n r t u s e e .a one grass. hhhdmnottefl why they& so on tW..h o n s About lfPt~lth#L~ln#ss 5 Notice kbat thehhaWmb of Jmsdmhave 'gone up hth&m~btfied'ofrh&h~*Inmde~t times. This h a p bath I 6W B. the m& o Emelite homes wme Bat and fmiW f often c m p j p d . and it i tntumotl. Wrdlng to ftmt-ou~tuty hi!mri~ Jowphua. Zephaniah 1:s. 233 LU&yIthen. though. tamhe fn Phs* W u so scwra Wt M e ate Te&thert aad -.Mqiathedtymgodfigtodkadeathfarmore cxuel than by& edge o the sword. but his words indicate d b q p m a l . are n exulthg.L.pathapsbec~use~W~mthq~ that the dsurget ispssing.MangInJ~aiemwillthusdeby~eand ptilence.* 'In 66 C.t h e r e .A dtyunder siege is art f offrnoutSidesaurcesbf~S~**~ dwindle. W b t h t i 4:9.6wskn.*Zbexuitatthisdme. lmwewr.CE and i 70 CE n n -2 K h @ 25:3.they4avegnetotherm5toappdto~ ~g~Thlsis~~mfntheyear~leadIngupto the m c t i o n of J d e m in 607 B . U . Multitudeshavedocked tothedty.10. Fkb s pie i the meets are noiq and fearfuL Some. S u w h g people and cnrppded m ih lead t d s t o epldemlcs.l. in 70 CB. O fooirsh.j e 19: 13. a ~ ~ a n d a t e b e r o w n ~ . marry Jm l t e d when the Itoman amlW Wqhg w f w Wwtthdrpw.

It also indicates that Elarnltc archers may haw bccn in the army threateningJerusalcm In Hezekiah's day. What ls ta "thescreen o Judah"that i s removed?Likely. pursues them. however. (a) How does Isaiah react to the prophecy foretelling calamity upon Jerusalem? (b) What wlll be the scene In Jeruralcm'l - . 9 What sort of enemy is threatening Jemsalcm? Isaiah tells us:"Elam itselfhas token up the quiver. Attempts a t Defense 10 Isaiah clescrrbes the developing situation: "It will occur that the choicest of your law plains must become full of war chariots." (Isaiah 2 2 2 80) Chariots and Iqorses crowd tllc plains outside thc city of Jerusalem and position il~cmsclws attack the ga:es of the city. "the screen of Judah" mlght refer to something e l ~ e that protwks the city. and one wlll remove t the screen of fuduh. it probably means no mom than that their cries of terror will ccho in the sumtrnrllng mountains. it is a gate of f the city. 21:3) Now his dismay and lamentation are even more intense as he contemplates the dlraster coming upon his own people." (Isaiah 22:3) The rttlecs and the rni~hty men run away and are then caught! Without ewn a bow bending against thm. jehowh of armies. what Iead do Jerusalem's rulers give? Isaiah answers: "Allyourdidotors themselves have fled at one time.the capture of which bocles ill for the defenders." (lsdah 22:d) Thc Arcs itre fully armvd. After Jerusalem's wall Is breached." ' Alternattwly. in the warchariot of earthling man. and what happens .Wnnkind 1 7 In this crisis. 'l+httv have arcllem whnqe qujwrs arc filled with arrtms. The mighly men scarier. He says: "Turnp u r guze away from me. and catches up with them on the f plains of Jericho. What davcluprnent bodes 111 for the city? - 7 What doJerusalem's rulers do during thesiege. (Isaiah 16:11. Zedeklah is seixed. 'l'he army includes solctiers from Elam. As the etlerny hegins to 1 break through the city walls. to them? 8. such as fortresses wliere arm5 arestorctt iinrt soldiers quartcml. In view of thcir unfaithfulness. and Klr itself has uncovered the shield. Far off they had run away. 9. There arc chariots and hatlle-traincd horses. This l~appens in 607 D. I'eople will wander about e panic-stricken. 10." (Isaiah 22:5)Jerusalemwill b filled with i d d confurion. There is the demoiisher of the wIi. We Is inconsolable. they are captured and ledl off as prtsoners. locatcd north o what i s now the Persian C. probably located close to Elam. All those of p u who have been found haw been to&en prisoner together. King Zedekiah flees by night with his rnlghty men. Without n e d of o bow they h m b m taken prisoner. bound in copper fetters. has in the valley of the vision. and f from f i r . blinded.Why? "Forit is the day of confusion and of downtreading and of confounding that the Sovereign Lord. and dragged off to Babylon. Dacrfbe the army threatening Jerusalem." lion this mean that the city's inhabltanls wlll cry out to God in his holy temple on Mount Moriatl? k r haps. Mention o those f lands indiciltcs the great dista!~n. Wnrriors are retldylrlg their shields fur I3aLtle. without purpose. ( 2 Kings 2527)What a hagic conseqtlence of his unfaithfulness? Dismay at the Calamity 8 This prophecy mows Isaiah deeply. with steeds. fl-ornwhlch the lnvsdcrs come. The encIny learns o this. and the cry to the mauntoin." (/mioh 224) Baiah grieved over the pmphesiecl fate of Moab and Babylon. I will show bitterness In weeping. there will be a "cry lul the mountain.234 Isnitth's Prophecy-Light far AII .ulf. Do not you people insist an comforting me over the despoiling af the daughter of my people.C. and the very steeds must without fail set themselves in position a the gate.B.

the city is open to Its attackers. they abandon themselves to sensual enjoyment. Instead. the people o the aty f i this prophecy of Lsatah are absolutely faithless.' " (Isaiah22:12. hut whom do they forget? 14. B a look! exultation and rejoicing. for tomorrow we are to dle. f A EaitMess People wit! be o coIIecSing basin hat p u must mcrke between the hwdls for she W e 0 of the old p o d And you will certainly not look at the gmnd maker o it. As they n work on the defense of the city. This armory was built by SoIomon. 14 Isaiah continues: 'The Sowmin Lord.5. unlike H e ~ k i a h . Their first thought-weapons! "Yov a will look i that day towgrd the armory of the hwse of the n f a r e and you people will certainly see the very brwclies of the City of David. 12 What can be done about those breaches in the city wall? 'The houses of jenrsalem you wlll actually count. a cjty cannot stand. it b m m e known as "the f House of t h e F r of Lebanon. 12. ' l e t there he eating and drinking. described both here and in verse 9. The same attitude exists today among many who do not put faith in God. Iehmb of armies. Rwerhs 1 :33. Withf out it. 11 Isaiah now focuses on the attempts by the people t defend themsdves. 15 The 'beslegcd Inhabitants o Jerusalem will not h o w f - 11. or wear sackcloth as a sign of repentance. 'I'hey do not wecp." (Isaiah 22:8br9 ) an Weapons are stored in the armory of the hourc of thc forest.236 Isaiah's Prophecy-lfglit fi)r A l l Mnnklntl I I When this defensive screen is removed. (a) What Is Jehovah's judgment rnessapy against Jerusalem. How do the people try to ensure a supply of water. the eating of flesh and the drinking of wine. though. saying: "Let us eat and drink. The people need water to Itw. Notice. " (Isaiah 22:1 7 ) 'I'he efforts to collect water." (1 Corinthians 1532) How shortsighted! If only they would put their trust in Jehm vah. Water Is collected-an important measure o defense. will call in that day tofor weeping and for mournIng and lor boldness and for girding on sackcloth. DcsplteJehmtah'swr~rnlng rncssage.remind us of the action King Hezekiah took to protect the city against the Invading Assyrians. May we newr make that mistake1-Psalm 127:1. Rather. And you wiII collect the w k of the lower pool. What defemiw measures do the Inhabitants of J e r l ~ ~ l e m take? 13. they rely on their own resources. likely Jehovah f would spare them the coming horr~rs. and wlro crarrlus out his (udplrncnz?(b) Why wit1 CIhristendom suffer a farc rlmilnr to that of Icrzisnlcm? ." (Isaiah 22:10) Houses are evaluated to see whlch ones might be demolished to provide materials for repalring the breaches. what unwise attitude do the 1wople have? 1. thry would have a lasting hope!-Psalm 46-8. that nothing Is said of their looking to Jehwahfor deliverance. they give no thought to the Creator." (1 Kings Z 2 5 ) Breaches o& in the wall are examined. mt their hair. You will also pull down the houses to make the wall unattuinable. 73) The inhabitants of JerusaIrm show no remorse for their rebellion against Jehovah. for tomorrow we shall die. tlte killing of cottfe and the sloughrering of sheep. Sinrr. for they will ochfally be many. (2 Chronicles 32:2-5) was constructed o cedars from Lebanon. l h s is an effort to prevent the enemy from gaining complete control o the wall. T thcy were doing so. Rccausc they have no hope-either of a resurrection from the dead or of life in the fiiture Paradise earth-they pursue lives of self-indulgence. f 13 There 1 and the one forming lt long ago you will certainly not see.

a d Iiom pw OW standing one d1 l r l down. In a uag he is wl#q aut a residence hr H m K ' " -422:I tM. I fulfdhent of n Isaiah's prophetic words. to die i n n a distant land I this t e is alirfardng t all of those enn h o tnxsted with authofiq among God's people. wilI Shebna k r e d horn his 18. t l C o s f b 16. Shebat is pttrsuing glory for himself. Isaiah ays: "In my eon /ehorr$l of m r has a l e wuld hlm& '7hls m r will not be atoned Ibr In p r M # you papk die. Who wlll re Iaw Shebna. obwrvin& thlts. thatphmhewdouthrpu~df here a burJaI pime?"o a height he Is h w h g outhis burial r piace. it is by the arrnics of w o n and law by those o Rome. have "massedtogether dear up t heaven? Like the error o of a p t a t e Jerusalem. he has an M1uenU podtlon. Jehovah. ~ n d 7 (b) Because o frls I i aspirations. 0 ubkbodled man. Shebnawill nothave even an ordinarytomb i Jerusalem. jehovak a until of m l e ~h a said.And! wlllpushpcnwy b m your podtion. en& In b thls €u Shsbna. inspires Isalab 1 warn the unfaf0 steward: "Look! ~& k hurfing you down with Writ hurling. (Titus 1:16) The sins dChrt&&m. ] a h of o m k . As nrch. and g m p Incr mu W b k W I W A Selfish Stewerxld 14 The prophet now turns his amtion from an u f i naa ful people t an unfaithful indMdual. &Whatk tbm of interest to yrw he* and who i them of s i n & m s t b p h . whni wlll happen m wh f dy die. 17. Much i errpaed o him. when he should be gMng fitrst attention b the a&in of the nation. Without fail.# the M g n hd.21.their error i too great t k atoned s o br. too. hex411be hurled like a ball. This is a certainty. The Swereign Lord. Isaiahwrites: %Is Ar o what the kwdgn Lorb." {lsakrh 22:17-79)B e a of his Af~ CenWness. though.-Rw&doa 1 : 8. 8s dnthhm 42) Yet. Jehovahofa d = . o 18Hav. and there t chariotssfywrglory will be the d/shonk orofthehouseofpur~." { b d ~ 22:14) . la) Who now wceiws a warning message Erom Jehovah. andwhat dws it mem that this m e wlil receive ~hefna's offrcid garments and the key of the hwss o f David? Skebna r . He Is having a rumrIous tom&compmble to that of a €or himself Mgh on a crag. has suki: 'Go. has said it. death will mme. So. h of the hadheartednessof the pople. there will be no pardan.' pmbably the house of KIng H W a h . along Wth those Of the world's other rd@iornthat flout Gd's righteous mys. S 17 Shebna is ' s t m a d mw the house. who is owr the h a m .Instead. Abuse of powa will lead to the loss ofthat authority and possibly t lmnhlment. second only t the king. calamity will come f upan unWthfu1 C W s t e n l i o ~ whose mernhrs claim t o worshtp God but actually disown him by their works. damity comes twlce upon unfaithfulJ e d e m .Le59dns A b u t Unfaithfilnw mrlty.

And I wlfl clothe him d t h p u r robe. H states: e "1 wM d& Aim [EfiaWm] in as a p g in a /&g place. Elialdm WU a l a m support ta household be shut m t r ps i ~ . emmmd with the keys. m n deddhg on anGod.) I andent times. (" m a h 22:a24 ~eplacw~ l o p ' wsels. d pursashlshrrCI~Bind~thlm. a n d h e m u s t h m e a s a throne ofgbtyb the house of his Itrther. and try positton?Though bhh.) of semlce should use them Thus. The Bible m. Jehavah will rewha. the second peg refers t Sheb o ments dong with the keyof the house of David. Was place him. o o r (Campre Matthew X19.' is the uttemnce af w w of uwnies. why. (a) Haw will Elialdm prove t be a blesslug tp his people? o (b) What will happen to thaw who mllnue t look t Shebnal o o I Uke Shebna. but because he is unfaithful. IntM f day. and the h a d thotisupon it must bs cut off. a n 21 Shebna's experience reminds us that lang's aatviser. A n y usa the tarn to symbolize authority.(Compare Rewlath 3:7. EliaWm the son of HIIkioh. m n y o Chr~dom's f leaders how brought dishonor on #e W m rby u d n g rkhes . repiad. t others i the ldng9 service (2 Thos o n ingSbebaa. (Luke 12:48) Shebna may 21.lehavah c t x p k *ltmJtoccur in WdcryhtI Wlcaflnrysmwnt. rrndyourdomlnion * 'Xlvo Symbolic Pegs 19 Pfnall~ Jdmahuses whom? symbolic hgmge to d e s d x the tramfa of powex from Shebna to IWdm. he will not &grace his f t e ' house or n l ahrs andkmrrstqmwirtrwt~e'sshutdng. govmment. might haw general among those who daim t worship o supemhion af the myal dmnks. 20. I b r j h w h himself hos spoken &'"-4mioh 22:23-25. those who accept privilege didata for the lang's sewice. Hilliah f o f Iwirrputthe~oftheh~ofPQYIdup~nhlsshwldw. l s h c r l l ~ b l ~ ~ ~ a r n d h e r n ~ ~ m e u ~ e 20 In thse vmm the first peg is Eliakim H e will bemme r b fhe I n k b h n t o P I m m b und tO thehouse of]udph.240 isfijah'sPreph~r~pLight All M ~ n k l n d for I Lessons Abau t (Infiithfiltrcss 241 be mmd. E b k h w i l lbe given the mard*somal garthy 220. and it no] that & d r h n In a Irrsdng place must behewn down undibil. h e w i l l b e m d .And 'a throne o dory" t the house o his father. and much i as to serve others and t o paed of whoever s a w s in it. And thq must h g u p hlm all the giory d the house ofhis Wq ahe m n t s and the offshoo& all the *& ofthe small W the = o the & f b o w l x o r t c n w e l l m a l l t h e ~ ohelugejam. U We Shebna. that I. be capable.~dkrnust repulatlon. 'the p g [Sheboh 19. . who continue t look lnhim will fall. the ofice of steward is Important.Thoughhemayseemwcm. Ilke %b&na.211 In contrast.8. In mbdern times.

W Why ms the ''ma &smw one. In this. domls kadm have bmught dlshmor on the -tor by amassing tlcha and power fort h.Mall Christendom. g &6 I - dM~nwhenSawnandhisSO~~e~mmbOrafIIlal on W e Israel of W 1 their other 8and cornpani~ll~ [Grslatlans 6:16) lls in HsmIclah1sd&y. Shebnais at his sldeassemmytotheMng. a.not~clhgtothe~ted"peg* ChriSmldomI a Whathappenst~Shebna? Wehmeno recordofhaw the prophecg abwt him. w fulfilIed.then.~~one. rehn he xmbh Christendom.bitter and repwt€ul."it has proved to be a reliable support b all r the different "vessels. Luke 1242 44) Thls m r l l p a t e h has shown wwo*hyofshouldertng the royal ''key" of the hwse of David.-John 1 1 .BEhakim replacedshebmwhen Sennachertband bis horde wwe threaanhg Janrsdem. minted Chrlstlm with m n t fpspomiblISdeswho 'took t it for spiriw sustenance. like 'the allen mident within the gates' of andent Jerudm.they are w k t o continue sewing Jehovahi whatever c 8 p a d ~ allows. but he may have Iemed b m the discipline. that am&will end In dWmUon for the enemies of r i g h w n e s ~ ~ Those wkr9 support themselves on the "peg i a hstlng placqQ n the W s w a r d . e yi n ren&r. Chrlsmdom has 1 q promuted herself . HenceJ when the tlme of fudgment "to start with the b e of God" m e in 1918.22) What a 6m b m for 62 s time who lose pwltlons of h c e in G a l ' s orgadmuon! Rather than b e . Jehovahremoved Christendom. HaekIahk ssteward. whi& will come t a cono 1 bring praise $0 J&m& They W d nat abuse their psitlon in order t @nrlch themselva o o r @in personal pminenm. SMMy. ~ e v m t u U y b a p p e m t b S h e h & a n d ~ c a a w l e m ~ tMs? modem times. just as Shebna brought dlshofim on his father by seeking Mo o m gtoq Christen. B . rnsurvive. v&y wnS the appoint@ of Shebna tta stmhrd timely? fb) In of "the faithful stemrd. Howw~er.W e he exalts h h l f and Is then disgmd. lust as fatthful ma bit^ m t ms ofJerusalemm f d the hs@m Irwasia ofludab Hm~. the earthly representadw of Jw Clhrlst. DeuQronomy 514. dkaet o n e M 4 the apphted mer Jesus' housebold (1 R k r 417. #the f%ith- In modem times a Rulthful steward dass has been appoimted over ]esus* househofd 1 Nsteward. m r d d at Isaiah 22:18. Like a trustworthy "peg. They wlll enjoy God's faand blessing k u g h o u t eternity."hasbeenqpolntpdtn during the thne of the end. as an appointal steward.leads k h d e l e l W tianthatgces cut tomeet him. Evidently. tlmeiy? 23. n he [Hehews 186) By sa do@ they will m i d the diwm that wilt . For example. (bhh3 : . t h e . depend on this the modemd EUaldm. The o " d msheep" too.However. ShebnaIsstlllin the king's sewice. he Is very differentfrom Christendom. W n the M ra Rabshuh demands Jmusalem's sur. Anothe~steward was i d e n a d -"the faithful stm-4.

So the long distance from Tyre to Tarshish was no obstacle for them. will have good reason b "howE. and their rhips 1 1. I "Howl. and what WiH the relationship betwern 'lyre and Tanhish? (b) Why wlll thc sailor% trading with 'l'ara l l l s h have reason to "howl"? 1 'lw. Vfscrlhc the relationship between lyre and Sldon. 12. 33) In the seventh century 12." lamenting the destruction o their home port." (Isaiah 23:7b) "The land of Kittim" likeo ly refen to the island of Cyprus. Spain has mines rich with deposits 01' silver. How were the prnplret's words fulfilled? And what can we learn from all that happened to V e ? Havinx a clear understanding of what befell her and why such things happened w d strengthen our faith in Jehwah and his promises." Isaiah 1. Some 1 W years before Ezekiel described her.perhaps the main source of her wealth during part of her history. and other metals." 5 1 1 the Phoenicians were expert seamen. Ezekiel 27:12.E. " f i e pronouncement of Tyre." (Ezekiel 2225. 4 In Isaiah's day. the sailors will receive news o the overthrow o their bef f loved home port when they make I? stopover in Cyprus. An Amrricnn 7h~tslation) I-ler large fleet of ships sailed across the sea to faraway places.I." she "made e a M s kings rich. This is the last stop for thc eastbound ships from Tarshish before they arrive at Tyre. 4. "and with her "valuable thlngs.." likely ships from 'l'yre trading wJth Tnrshish. (CompareJeremiah 109. What a shock for them! Grief-stricken. you ships of Tarshlsh! for it has been despoiled from being (I por& from being a place to enter in. destruction was in the ofling for '@. were l a r h ~ seaworthy. distant Tarshish fs a market for T~E.CHAPTER NINETEEN l~lravrl Prnfirn~s~ I I PPride of p r f lr 245 Jehovah Profanes the Pride of Tyre Isalah 23:l-18 declares: "Howl. 2. Wherc will mariners corning born Tarshlsh learn nf the fall of 6. Some hlstoriatls b c l i w that the and I'l~ornlcians were the first to notice the link between the tnonn and the tides and t use astronomy as a navigationo al aid. such was the stahre o Tyre-a Phoenician city f on the eastern end of the Meditetmnean." (Ezekiel 27:4. (a) Whew was TarshIsh. Isalah also prophesicd that after some time God would turn hls attention to tlic city. tin. 2 Yet. She became "very glorious In the heart of the open S C ~ . P Tyrc'/ 5. granting her rencwcd prosperity. You Ships of Tarshishiv 3 Under the tide.they will "howl"in dismay. the prophet Isalah foreL l I the downfall of this I'hoenician stronghold and the oc grlef of those depending upon hcr.C. about 60 miles west of the ITihenidan coat. f 5 How will mariners at sea learn of the downfall of me? Xsalah answers: "From the land of Kittim S has been ret vealed t them.) "Ships of "lrshish. Iron. " (lmiah 2 :7 a) Tarshish is Ewl i e v d to haw been a 3 part of Spain. far frornTyre in the eastern Mediterranean. (a) What kind o d y was ancient 9 r e 7 (11) What did Isaiah f k prophr~y 'I'yre? for . . Hence. an island in thc wmtcrn Mediterranean Sardinia too was far Irnm SHE was "perfect i beauty" and abundant In "wealth of n cvcry kind. 6 Dismay will aIso be felt by the people of the fioenjrian * Some scholars have identified Tarshish with Sadlnla.

) "Ti-te harvest of thc Nlle" also Inclucles other produce from Egypt. Isaiah says: "just a at the report pertaining r~ s Egypt. the easternmost branch o the Nile Rives In the rlelta r~gian E t f of m. 33 'The "inhabitants of the coastland"-Tyrc's neighbors-will be silent j utter amaze~nent the calarnltous n at fall of Tyre. those hearing the report In of 'T)m's destruction will be in severe pains. 36 they will grieve at her desolation! ExuItant "From Her Early Times" 10i an ancient c t . antiquity. Mow have Stdonian merchants spread wealth? 8.'' (Isaiah 235) 'The paln o the mourning ones f will be comparable to that ltsululnng horn the report about Egypt. lsaiah next addresses Sidon wlth the words: "Be ashamed. m d 1 have not given birth. (Compare Jeremiah 2:18. you inhabitants of the coospfand. because the sea. mised up virgins.the news of the destruction o f spread grief. e the coastline where the dty formerly stood wlll look barren and desotate. as Isaiah reminds us when he s iy asks: "is this y w r city hat WQS exultant from duys of Eong ago. They are invited to flee to distant 'I'arshlsh for refuge and are commanded to make a noisy expression of their gdeE "Cross over t~ Tarshish. 5. which caused widespread consternation. SirIon clcscrlbes hero self a the mother of T)w. And an many waters has been the seed of Shihos. she is still a "dauglrter ol Sldnn. and influence of T p e . O you stronghold of the sea. -H 7. The grfef of the people follawlng the fall of % will be compa&1e t the consternation following what othct cwnts? o 10-12. Indeed. The prophet says: "Be silent. Who are "the merchnntr fmm Sicton" who "haw filled" thcse inhabitants. of Shlhor. The sea will appear to cry out I ann guish. Althou#h 'I'yre has ectlpsed SIs don in wealth. Trading and bartering In such gmds is highly ptofrtablc for thew seafaring merchants as well as for the nations with which they dd business. and it came to be the profit of the nations. people will likewise be In severe pains at the report on Tyre.P 246 Isainlt's S r u p l ~ c r y . just a 22 rnlIes t the north. On her coins."(Isaiah 232. will cause wide9 Yes. 'l'hey carry to many places the seed." and her inhahitam still call themselves Sidonians. nor have I brought up young men. the expmsion "the merrrllants from Sidon" pmhably refers to the commercial inhahitants of I@. howl. I Sidon will be ashamed at what happens to her daughter. Describe the wealth. like a mother who has lost her children and is so distraught that she now disclalrns w e r having had them. or grain. thls book. T p has become famous as a manufacturer of metal objects. (Joshua 19:29) Over the years.t l ~ hfur All Mcr t~k l ~ r I~ l t Jehovah Profanes the Prldc of Qre seacoast."' {lsaioh 23:4) After the deftructlon of Tyr~. and purple * See Chapter 15. has said: '1 have not had birth pains. 1416. 0 Sidan." -Isaiah 2 : . 7 Engaging in commercial entcrprlse. her revenue.pages 200-207. from her w r l y times?" (Isaiah 23:7a}Vre's prosperous history extends at least as Jar hack as Joshua's time. (lsaiah 23:12) Hence. ? 3 ~ merchanfs h m Sidon. you inhobitan& of the coastland. (bodus 154. the ones cmssing over the sea-they haw filled you. glassware. of 9. The Sidonian traders 611 m wlth revenuc. making them rlch? 'lyre w s nriginaIly a colony of the seaport city o l Sldon. What effectwill -r' @es destrurtlon have on Sidan? . the wealthy Sldonlan merchants traverse the Mediterranean Sea. Which report does the prophet mean?Possibly the fulfdhent o E his eadler "pronouncementagainst Egypt. Joshua 29-11) any case. the harvest of the Nile."' (Isaiah 191-25) Or perhaps the prophet means the report of the destruction of Pharaoh's army in Moses' day.

Sprape de Camp writes: "Although not espedally warlikc-they w r businessmen. s ment agarnst Tpe? I ( I 1 Chehab. Wha pronounces judgment qalnst and why? 15.1 'Ifw is also a hading ccntcr for wedand caravans as well as a great Import-export depot. is condemned because of her arrogant pride-she has grown fat a t the expense of other peoples." 12 Indeed. expecting to benefit fromthe destruction ofJerusalem. it will r. enabled the Tyrlans to hold out against the Assyrian army." (Ezekiel 26:2) 'I)w will rejoice. Tp~e makes her mark on the Mediterranean world. For example. lsaiah says: 'Tehowh of armies himself has g. These qualities. for the purpose of removing them far from their own territory." (Joel 3:6) Can God owrtook WS heating his menant people as mere trading commodities? fi The passing of a hundred years will not change Tpe. L. and other cities: "The sons of Judah and the sons of Jerusalem you haw sold to the sons of the Greeks.13. 11 Mureover. (Cornpare Ezekiel 27: 7'24. including the Israelites. When the army o Ktng Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon def stroys Jerusalem In 407 B..F. Hmr will T p react when Jcrusatem falls to Ncbuchadn-r? m.w h o married King Ahab o Israel and massacred f the prophets o Jehovah? ( 1 Kin@ 16:29.. whose tmdesrnen w w the honorabk ones of the earth?" (Isaiah 23:8) Who dares to sprak againrt the city that has appointed powerfi~lindtviduals to positions of high authorjty in her colonii~sand elsewhere -thus becoming "the bestower of crowns"? Who dares to speak against the metropolis whose merchants are princes and wtlose tradesmen are honorable ones? Sald Maurice 23. Cnrthage.1 shall be filled-she has been devastated. the city is militarily strong. setting up trading posb and ports of call.'SO who dares to speak awinst this city? uy' J4 The inspired reply wlll cause consternation in 'lfw. 18:4. h were princes. e will exult: "Aha! She w [Jerusalem] has been broken.C."(lsaiuh23:7b) Phoenicians travel to distant places. former director o antlqultIes at the National Muf seum o Refrut.E.7 248 JsalaR's Proplr~cy-Ltqr'rt fur A / / Motrkit~rlI I Jehovah PrnfFlnes thc Prldr of ' V W dye. whose merchants Tp.ven this counseh t prokne the pride of 01. known to London at the lqinninl: of the twentieth centr. and Tyre's costly fabrics aR sought after by tho nobility. "Her feet used to Mng her fur away to reside as an alien. the next quation is fitting: W h o is it that has gEwn this c o w sel q ~ J n s l b e besbwer of cmwns.. Is a colony of v e In time. the strongest ofits time. Jehovah said to IIf. which In some Instances grow into colonies. as well as their naval might. Robes of m a n purple command the highest prices. beoub to treat wjtth contempt o all the honorable ones of the earth. surpass Tyre and rival Rome for influtrnm In the Mediterranean world. through the prophet Joel.19) f The m w e r to both questions Is no.With l w 14. h the ninth century B. the clours of the peoples! The trend will certainly be to me. including w . Lebanon: "From the ninth to the slxth f century R C . Why i the question raised as to who d a m to pronounce turdg.' (Isaiah 2 3 9 ) Why dms Jehovah pronounce jurlgment agalnst this wealthy.C.. ancient city? B It because its inhabitants are worshipers of the false god Baal? Is If k a u s e of '1)w's relationship with Jezebel-the daughter of King Ethl~aalof Sidon. not soldiers-the I'hoenlcians dcfcndee ed their cities with fanatical courage and stubbornness.T)w retained the position d imprtance . . Her Pride Will Be Profaned 13 I view ofW n s antiquity and wealth. on the north coast of Africa..

No m e can alter the outcome."and how d l her state change? Tmwould submit h Bubyion. ( because after the defeat aim. as ""the vhgh daughter of 18 Isaiah a h speaks of - AitHnati~ly. the FMt of 5e r 251 the Judean capital no longer a mmpedtor. - 16.I I je)twuA Profanes." The inhabitants of W d Tpe WU be scattered like a rhnr h flood." Wl.) 18. w' 3 17 Why IS) ?called the '/daughtero TmhhhT Perkaps rH f * .And h e w : 'Xw m u s t ~ u p l exad&Ooppresfed om.12. j&mh hl& has g h u command against Phmklb. *A& 2 :TO. not Assyrtu ) . f# r m n I h l h her$t?wngM. c r w r o w & M r n i t s e I I I E Ehera!k m will not be mi#Wfw y . Why L caU4 "the vlan daughter of Sidon. One &erence w r k f : The nattveg o f l h h h a r e n o w ~ w w m l m d ~ & ~ ~ ~ t ~ N I k w h e all dlrectlons. IsnlahJsmessage t the "daughkrofm s h "undmmws o the severity o what will happen to me.Jehovah h i d f stretches out hls hand end gives the wmmd." who pridefully stand e with the enemies o his pople. TarsMsh will k the more powerful of the two. the vlrgn daughn aproflydon. What d U happen t the Inhabitants o ?pre when the dty o f falls? (See foomote. l%erre is rna ship@ any Hh hand he h a m: ~outowrthesecr.heh~WngdomBnk agltohd.Wyl. its banks bmken d m and its waters m r f l o w i q into all the nelgbbtlm plains. 'nda~ghtwof TafsMsh" may refer to the -itthe antJ o lbrshtsh. Jehovahwill treat with contempt self-proclaimed Y h o n ~ b lones. she will a @ more trade for hemelf. the emphasb b on the dmHc rep%trussionsof the fall of Tyro. f 16 Isaiah continues Jehovah's condemnatTon of T m s OW y ~ u Eand /Hoe the Nile Rlw4 0 duughter of Tarr shM. 17.

The Chaldeans Will Despoil Her Ig Which political power will execute Jehovah's judgment upon Tyre?Isaiah procIaims: "Lookl The land of the Chaldeans. the same as she days of one king. (Compare 2 Kings 1921. she is to be annihilated.C. you ships o Tbrshish. land about half a mile from the shore. Who Is prophesied to be the conquerur of Qre. They hove erected their siege towers. Nevertheless. Bellevlng herself impregnable. lcwl the dwelling places of 'lyre.y ll~nlan domination? 19. one has set her u a crumbling ruin."and for how lflrlg? 22. I ie says: "These nations will have to scrvc the king n Rahylan swenty years. some of her resicicnts wlll cross over to the Phoenician colony of Kildrn. l~avinglost their cconornic power." (Jeremiah25:R-17.)Now. not long after the fall af Jemo salem. In the course of the siege. the islandclty of 7yre will "be forgotten." (Isaiah23:73. includes Vre among the nations that will be singled out to drink the wine nf His rafie. thc heads of Babylon's soldiers are "made bald" from the chafing of their helmets ancl thelr shoulders are "rubbed bars" from carrying materials used in the consmalon of sjegwnsks. s Howl. In what way Is 'Qw"forgotten. 'The mainland city of 'l)w is deswoyed. Ve capitulates. but she wilt survive and see the r hdfr Ilmcnt of further prophecies. make yaur songs many. for thc duratlon of "one kingu-the BalyZonlsn [:mplsc-the island-dty of Tyre will not be an Important financial pawcr. go oround the city. Jere mlnh 46:ll.. This is the people-dssyria did not pmve to be the one-they founded her for the desert haunters. 23. The bulk of the treastm of Tyre have been transferrer1 to a small is- "She Must Return to T-Ter HireN 21 lsa l ah goes on to prophesy: "It must occur in that day thot Tyre must be Forgotten seventy years. through Jeremiah. though. 20 Truc t the pmphecy. What wlll happen to'ryrc when a l ~ r comes o u t frnrn under Ilnl. A h s 1. they will find no rest there.' And ir must occur at she 21."indicating that she has not previously been seized and ravished foreign conquerors and still enjoys an unsubdud state. O forgotten prostitute.They MI1 erect thelr siege t c w ers. (Ezekiel 29: - 38) The siege is costly to Nebuchadnezlar.qllt fur A l l Mnnkind I Sidon. Lading a fleet of ships. 20. throne even above "tl'lrstars o God. yet its spoil eltides him. Tyre wsists. and how is that plnphecy fulfilled? . What wil! then happen to ? y e ? 22 lsalah cnntinues: "At the end of seventy years it will happen to Tyre as in the song of a prostitute: 'Take a harp. and N e h u c h a d n w lays siege to the dty. and llkc refuges. Eralah 472. in order that you may be remembered. But at the end of70 years. that clomination will crumble. T4." True to the prophecy. they haw stripped bare her dwelling towen." (Isaiah 14:13) Different nations comc under that f darnlnaklon at different times." (Isaiah 23:tSa) Following the destructint1 nf the mainland city by thc Babylonians.22. the Chaldean king i unable to take the i5lantl.E. T t hc Is Innrl-clty of Tyre is not subject to Babyion for a full 70 years. EvIrlently. 27) True. b your stmnghold has k e n f r despoiled. Jchovah. since the Babylonian Empire falls In 539 O.4) The Chaldcnns-trot she Assyrlans-will conquer vre.252 Isainh's I'ropl~rry-1. and make that stronghold of the ships of Tarshlsh s crumbling heap of rulns. Do your best at playing on the swings. the 70 years repreqenh the pcrlocl nl' Babylonia's grcntrst domination-when the Dal7ylonian royal dynasty hoasts wl having lifted it.1.7 years. 'l)m rebels against Babylon.

Under this new rulership. Delighted.'" f -F~~kict 28:2. Jehovah Inspires a further pmnouncement against l)m.C. This comes about following thr Esraelites' mturn from Babylonian exile. 25 Despite this.C." (Dcharlah 9 4 ) This Is fulfilled inJuIy 332 B. "l. is a tolerant ruler. when Alexander the Great demolishes that proud mistress o Zhc sca. It will not be stored up. Why did Gad mndcrnn 27. addresshng says: "Your heart be- 1 gan to be haughty 11eca~:ause your wealth. and in the fiw she herself will be dewurecl. 27 Natlens can succumb to pride and a wrong view of wealth-and so can individuals.. Jehovah said to "the leader of T ' " : y "Your heart has hecome haughtyl and you keep saying. (Ezekjcl 28~13-15. and how dld Jesus illusbate I his? we. Jesus gave a pafable that s h o d how subtle this snare can be. f Avold Materialism and Pride 1 26 J e h m h cnndcrnned 5 r e for her pride. playmg her harp and singing her songs.CE.Jehovah will grant her ye success. what prophecy doer Jehovah inspire regarding her7 temple. 'Her Profit Must Become Something Holy' 24 How remarkable are the following prophetic words1 "Her profit and her hire must become something holy t o lehowh. 'I am a god. and Ezekiel's description of proud Tyrc has elements that describe Satan himself. foreating to satisfaction and for elegont covering. Nehcrniah 13:lh. the man 26. because her hire will come to be for those dwelling behm jehovah. (l'roverbs 6:16-19) Paul assodatcd pride with Satan the Devil. I time.1 Timothy 3:h) Why was lyre proud? kcklcl. 28.ofty eyer" are listed first among the srven things that Jehovah hatcs.ah? (b) Despite Tyw's helping W ' s people.. and to pile up silver like dust and gold like tlie mire of the streets. Through bekiel. Cyms the Great. TLfF? . a characteris tic that he despiser. and she must return b her hire and commit prostitution with al the kingdoms of the earth upon the surfoce of F the ground. Phoenlcia becomes a sattapy of the Medo-Persian Empire. The people o 'Vre i assist them by supplying cedar timbers for rehuildlng the 24.E." (/miah 23:18) H m F does Tyre's material profit hecome somet tiing hoIy?Jehomhmaneuvers matters so that it is used accorcling to Ms will-for the eating to satisfadon of his people and for their covering."-Zechariah 9:3. Will T r succeed?Yes. 25. T r will resume her former activity ye and try hard t regain recognition as a world corno mercial center-just as a prostitute who has been forgotten and h a lost her clientele seeks to attract new clicnts 'by going around the dty. and Ento the sea he will certainly ." (Ezehe128:5) of The city was dedicated to trade and the amassing of maney.strike down her military force.the prophf et Zechariah will say: "Tyre proceeded to bulld a rampart for herself."-Isaiah 23: t5b. 'l'he Persian monarch.end of seventy yeam that jehovah wiil turn his attention to Tyre. the islandsity will become so prosperous n that toward the end o the sixth century R. iy . Whni rnp can humans fall Into. H e spoke of a rich man whose fields produced very well.1Z 2 3 FoElowing the fall of Babylon in 539 B. rffre's success I this made her unbearably haughn t . They also resume trade with the c t of Jerusalem. [a) How does VR'sprofit becornc somethln~ holy to lchw \. Zechariah prophesies concerning the now wcalthy island-city: "laok! Jehovah himself will disr possess her.b r a 3:7. In the seat o god I have seated myself.E. nor be laid up.

'Wha IS J&ovah?' "-Proverbs 30:8. then. Hew did James warn @mt reba on 31.'So It goa wlth esw tStemm~tI~up~uteh~1lhtisnotrIchb mrd God." (Luke 12213 3% wealthy was not wrong i n &elf. much emphasis is pl~ced d t b .and m n & profitsI'whereas you do not lmow what your Ufe will be tornorm. the man did. Wrhat q u d o n s does a ChMhn do well t ask kimself? o .2.James showed tbe relationship between math md pride when he cantlslued. h the arroganceIthe coddmce in self that gaining wealth can -dm.a of rich=? (Matthew 6:24) I he envlow of some who mag s haw m o or better possessions than he ha57 ( G a l a m 5: ~ 26) If he happens to be Wh . this o nighttheyarrdemar?rdfngpursoulh m p u Who. f Again.-tulPe a16-20. dofiis or that.a s s m b g brags. T e sin is tbe pride. is t kthe things you stored up?" Ya. Bemuse of the prwaiMg c m r o ecraI ciimnate."-James 4:16. "You take pride f your s a .does he p d y feel that ty he desmes more atteation o prlvlIega than others do? r (Campam James%I-9. a .' Uamw 4: 13-15) Then. When looking b the n future. mw. n Al3 such taking o pride is Wckd." can &lifie ~ rbity tr But riches can lead a person ao "deny [Call and say: e. Matrkfwcl'i p l a n n e d t o b u i l d ~ s ~ m ~ h i 3 ~ o l n d hstppiIylaokd69mtardsoalonglifeofcomfiort. Does he spend s much of his tbne t o JePPgwh Prsfanss the M d t of Modal of a andenergyinma~~tsthatheis. 30. 28 Jesus condudd the m .he didnut t k JehovahCud into mount ae coin ctspkthg Melka* chief d i of WM ev d - 5# mJames wry strongly made the swne pht He said: Tome. you who T&ay or tomorraw we win iDumey e this dty and wlll spend a y themland we will o m engage i busin. The man's erroriqfnhUs~tbethemalnthhgsInhislilrsHls whole confidence was i his r i a . you mght bO say 'If Jehovah~ U Swe shaII live and alW . 3 We llue i n world where many have fallen a 1 n i m to greed and sdbhness.9.)If he Is not rich is he " d e ta k I&" whatever the cost? (I Thothy 6 9 ) 1s he so S. do@ bushes Is not a sln. the mdent proverb s a M "Give me neither pverty nor rlches. HemeI on a Chrlstlan does well to examine himself t be s r W o ue he is not falling Into the same trap that ensnared the mmr& n d y of Tyre. occupied with business mattas that he leaves only a v q 29. o and his d t h d e d him nothing.Butthis did not happen Gad said t hlm:"Umewnable one. For you are a mist a p p d q Eos a little while and then dhppearhg.56 Esrrfah's Pmph#pL&ht fir All.iufaa. and h m a g d harvest was no sin. Instead. W y .

such as Jotham. the people did not turn completely away from false worship. the Kingdom should always have first place in o w lives. What warning did John give." And it ir doing the will of God that leads to eternal life. 1 I "Showy display" is a translation of the Greek word a.ln. T r . ('2 Kings 15:3335) A climax in the wickedness of Judah is reached during the reign of bloodthirsty King Manasseh. . which is descr~bedas "an impious and empty presumption which trusts in the stability of earthly things. we 'use the world1-but we do not use it "to the full.23. (a) Why does Jehovah forsake the two-tribe kingdom of Judah? (b) W h a t i? Jehovah determined to da? . (2 ThessaIonians 310) Hence. Instead. What.258 Isaiah's Prophecy-Light for All Mankind I CHAPTER TWENTY small corner in his life for serving God? (2 Timothy 2:4) Does he become so consumed with the pursuit of wealth that he ignores Christian principles in his business prac- tices?-1 Timothy 6:lO. Philistia." Forcibly removed from its land. .. the capital of the ten-tribe kingdom o Israel.]udah. Jehovah Is King 1 1 BABYLON. though. the love of the Father is not in him. m. How can Christians avoid the trap that ensnared Tyre? Isaiah Foretells the Desolation of Judah Some kings of Judah were faithful. Ethiopia. and to rest their hope.1John 2:16. the inhabitf ants of Samaria "kept doing bad things to offend Jehovah . Figypt! Edom. That nation did not keep its f covenant with God." (1 Corinthians 7:31) If we have an excessive love of material things-the things in the world-we no longer love Jehovah. ancl how do we know? 3. It did not keep separate from the lewd practices o the nations round about. "Israel went off its own soil into exile in Assyria. and how can we apply it? 33.zo. Even under a faithful'a. but most were not. 32. but on God. of judah? Will the inhabitants of Judah be exempt from punishment for their sinful ways? The historical record answers with a resounding no! 2 Consider what happened to Samaria. murders the faithful prophet 3 1. became very proud. who according to Jewish tradition. and was punished for her pride. we have to use the world's economic arrangements in order to survive. Syria. Her example stands as a warning t nations o and individuals today. 32 Whatever our economic situation. Hosea 4:IZ-14) What happened to Israel bodes ill for her sister lungdorn. If anyone loves the world." (I John 2:15) True. It is vital that we never lose sight of the words of the apostle John: "Do not be loving either the world or the things in the wodd." (2 Kings 129-12. so that he remwed them from his sight."-l Timothy 6:17. Therefore Jehovah got very incensed against Israel. not on uncertain riches. 2 . 33 The trap of putting the pursuit of material things ahead of all else ensnared She was successful in a material sense."-?l?e New Tliqcr's GreekEnglish Lexicon. (a) Who will experience Jehovah's wrath? (b) Will Judah be exempt fram punishment. 16-18. 17. How much better to folluw the admonition of the apostle Paul! He urges Christians "not to be high-minded.Asryria-all will experience Jehovah's wrath. Isaiah ye has foretold the calamities that wdl befall these hostile nations and cities. Moab. Chasing after "the desire of the flesh and the derire of the eyes and the showy display of one's means of life" is incompatible with doing the will of God. who furnishes us all things richly for our enjoyment.

Without fail the land wlll be emptied. they found It to be "a land flofiing with milk and honey. for the reason that they did what was bad in my eyes ancl were continually olTend'ig me. and those inhabiting it are held guilty. 'lhe descrtcd land becomes a wilderness with dreary ruins inhabited only by wlld beast5 and birds. and the few left behind flee to E w.260 Isnfalr's Pmplrtbry-Li. for jehovrrh himself has spoken this word. Judah and the inhabitants of Jes~lsalen~ (lo worse than to the nations that Jehnvah had annihilated from lwffirc the sons of Israel. And the very land has been polluted under its inhabirants. they continued to bo dependent on jchovah's blessing. wiping it clean and turning it upside clown. the stme for the buyer as s for the seller. why the curse ItreH hcfs eaten up the land. buyers and sellers-must go into exile. Will anyone be exempt from Jehovah'r jtrtlgrnent tlxplnln. 14. W l y does jehwah wtthdnw t ~ blessing Fmm the land? l ~ 4. Not even domestic animals remain.ecEuclng 13. The productive land has withered. the same for the interest toker as Fr the one puyhg She o interest. thrir cl'forts to cultivate the land would bc "expended for n d h l n g " and thc earth would "nut give its yield. and how ts thts pro hcty fulhltedl 5." (Levitlms 265-5. (Compare Hebrews 1 : 7 ) This wickcd king "kept ?." but If thcy hypasscd his laws and commandments. Isaiah describes the completeness of this corning disarter and explains the reason for it: "The land has gone to mourning. . has faded awuy. and he has twisted the face of it and scattered Its Inhabitants. I during the coming judgment? Isaiah answers: 4f must c a m to be the same for the people as for the priest. of which if anyone hears both his ears will tingle." (Dcutcronomy 27:3) Still. Thus k t the land ofJudah is wrecked and completely depopulated." (Isaiah 24: 7) Thi5 prophecy is lullillcri when Jerusalem and i & temple are destroyed by the lr~vnding L ~ h t ylonian armies under King Nehuchadne~jsar whcn the and inhabitants of Judah are decimated by sword. the land would "give its yielrl. Most of the Jewish survivors are taken captive to Rnbylon. 15. No exceptions will be made. 6 In order that there be no misunderstanding. The land is so corrupted that evcryonc survlvlng -priests. The hlgh ones of the people o tile land haw f withered. 6. 20) Jehovah's curse would 'eat up the land. 4 Like a bowl that i turned upside down. What wUJehovahdnto Judah. This coming desolation of Judnh and Jcrusa!em is again the subject of prophecy hy Isalah. Y ." (2 Chronicles 33:9) Under Manasseh's rule . He hcgins: "Lookl jehovah ir emptying the /and and laying If waste." (Isaiah 242. Jehovah Is King 261 I - the land becomes even more polluted than when the CAnannites controlIed it. has faded oway. famine. That Is why the in habitants of the land hove decreased in number. 3 ) Wealth ancl privileges of temple service will rnnke t ~ o dllTcrence. And t shall indeed forsake rhe remnant of my Inheritance and give them into the hand o thekr enemies. ancl they will f simply become plunder and pillage to al E their cnernies.' (Deuteronomy 28:15-20. and without fail it will be plundered. Jehovah declares: "l-lere I am Ixinglng a calamity upon Jerusalem and Judah. . changed the regulation. and pestilence. servants and mastcrs. If they faithfully kept Ills sia2utcs and commandments. the some for the lender as for the borrower. the land will Ile cmptled of Its I~uman inhabitants. for they have bypassed the laws. 5 Will anyone in Judah recelve preferential treatment . 1 shall simply wipe JcrusaIem clean just as one wipcs the hanclleless bowl clean. the same for the maidserwrnt a for her mistress. allowlng all its s contents to spill out. the same for the serwrnt 05 for his master. and very few mortal men have remained over. Hence."-2 Kings 221:ll-15. broken the indefinitely lasting covenank That is .ylrl f i ~ All r Mitriklt~df Isaiah by commanding that he be sawed apart." (Isaiah 24:4-6) When the Israelites weregiven the land oi Canaan.

" They haw b p m d the dlvlnely given laws. A o the fmt t 'wlthd haw ofJemw o withdnwing ids protdlon and favor wlll l "the x high om.24.M Q IS m~ W~ 263 ~fTOmfReland.63) Judah mmt naw q x c t oc."( W m 1W15)F one 'sitking under hls awn vine and fig We. If would safeguadthe IsmeUtes until the apparanm of the MessIah. o unspedfied time. us S c r p w list Nne. as the ds s t r w t i m of Jausdem approachesI Hrst the tbm the Bslbyloh make Judean M n g i SubsequentI5 KtngJehoWn and other members of the @ r family are amang the &st ones taken Into BabyloxrEaPl&plVrty1-2 Qmnlctes 36!4. Lmittcus 255-aThe t h e e annud tkfitiwls that the mtlan L mnlrn t celebsate are timed-to d n & e wlth agfiCulklro al ~ ~ m . now wwld the h w -t be a Uesshg for the Israellm? How have the p p l e m s e d the lawsu and ' c h r q d the of the vine. as a gift horn the heart of mortal man rejoice.62. i g noring them have "changedthe regulaUonlHfollowing legal p m W s &rent horn those that Jehmh gm. blessing but If W y the covenant. Micah 4A) A sucwsful vintage u sexan i mnslded a Mmlng and i a cause for singtng s s mdrepidq. Jeremiah 2330) The 3s d 0me. (a) 3. When the v h a ~ 4 t or produce no p a p s 3 h ~ and tly$59aep& bccome dadate wastes . tbq havesettleridowntoallEeohdttMthg~ywandherdXsg livW&~Thus. the Israelites will. Music and rejoicing will no lot~ger h. given though Moses.-GaIatians 3:19. audges 927. lagly entered into a covenant r~latlonshfpwlth J e b mh and qpxd t abide by it. the people will be re- Rejoicing Leaves the band 9 Themtion of Israel la an agriculhtrd sod* Frpm the t h e that the Israelites entered the Pmmhd W. Dwtemmmy 2fk1-68) This bw B e? tbi lEh0vah h~ wlthdr8m his bhSW+ sm ofp a t wlmwGod that 9 1 (a) What role doa k er'? h n c e o each om 'ri* f sulhur! lay in Im 7 (b) W W Ls the s 1 underh own vtnr md 8g mem? .11.* & I denotes pros^.of tho. 7 Some 800 years before Isaiah's day.9. ( W u s 23.NomercywlllbeshIn thearm Jng. . 8 But the people bave "broken the L n W t e l y lasting covenant. (Exodw 32:2Si &i &d a121 Hence. heard iff the land %esd 33-42." the 110bUty. regulation'? (b) J what ways are 4he high onu" the bnt a 'withn . a p&a IQVhqards are common throughout the W The 8.& ~ d 23:14-16. ( u 249-8) The terms o Ws o t h t Zm covenant stlpulated that if they obeyed J+ f rw hwahYs o ~ n ~ nthey w d d experience his rich c b . experience that Curse.10. agrlcultum m p k an importantptaSe i n tlw hgkhtlon g rn Isml.6. was t remain in iozce foran Indehik.they wwld lose htrs biasing and be taken a * by their enemies.5. In MHIment of this. judgmemt. A compuIsMy sabbathmsl Es i m ~ d e d E a E ~ ~ d ~ ~ t ltp'm k m w d to the mil. peace. (b dus 19:5.10. and securlq under God's righ m s rule (1 Khgs 42.

tn rhe superiority of jehowh they will certainly cry out shrilly from the sea. the exultation of the t w r p hm ceased. That is why in the region of light they must glorify jehovwh. The exultation t of the tambourines has ceased. !n the city on astonishing condition has been left behind." As secorded in versr 6 . then. the noise of the highly cloted ones has discontinued. 12. in the islands of the sea the name of jehovah. the prophet has already rpokcn of these. (2 CElronicles 29: 25." so that no onc can enter. What grim prospeck for inhabitants o a land that by nature hiis l been so fertile! they are forbidden to go over t hc ho~lghs the trees of to collect the remainiw dives. for the fatherless boy and for the widow"-to glean."-lsuiah 24:772. It is with no song fhot they drink wine.~ I l1c. AN rejoicing has passed awoy. It In among the peoples. 'She deserted town has been broken down. There is an outcry in the streeB for wont of wine. the vine hus withered. (Deuteronomy 24:19-21) Drawing on these well-known laws. the Cod of Isroel. There will be no joyfill grape hnrvests. 14 Just as some fruit rcmains on the tree o vine a f r ter harvesting. the Ismelites bcak the t r m n o with rods so that the fruit will fall. la) Hmv does lwiah illustrate the conditions that will rC~tilt from Jehovah's ludgmc-t? (b) What grim pro~pcc-ts rloc~ Iralah dcsr~ibe? 13. They themselves will mise lhek voice. The remnants of thc harvest are to be left for the poor-"for the alien resident. n ofJerusalem. 1 I. all those glad a heart hwe gone to sighing. llke rhe gleaning when the grape gathering has come to an end. 14.) I<aiah use the Inws on haw~sting jllurlr. Isalah Illustmtes the comfortwill hc survivors of Jehovah's corning iilg ti~ctI h. so thcrc will k some who are left aver after Jehovah's cxccution or judgmcn t-"the gleaning when I hc grape #atherin~ has comc to an end. land: "The new wine has gone to mourning. they will cry olr t joyfully. saying A Remnant "Cry Out Joyfully" 13 I order t harvest dives.r~ jutl~mcnl:"Th~a will become In the midst of the /and.?tc that rtlrnc rvHI F U X V to jehmah's judgment? (c) Although there ate dark 5r:lwlns o trlal f coming. Isaiah uses vineyards and thelr produck to illustrate the conditions resulting from Jehcr vah's withdrawing his bkrsing from thr.with its gate "crushed to a mcrc rubble heap" and its l~ouses "shut up. every house has been shut up from entering. from the extremity of the land there are rnelodier that we haw heard: 'Decoration to the Righteous One!' "-Esoiah 24: 13. of what can faithful Judeans be crrtiliri? ~ ~ . (a) What are Jehmqh's laws on hnrvcstin~? l Inw clot% (I. the intoxicating liquor becomes bitter to those drinking it. the gate has been crushed to a mere rubble heap. There will be no happy sounds i the dvsolatcd rulnr. Nor should they gather thc Icftover grapes after harvesting their vineyards. justas fruit remains on a tree after the harvest 11 Appmpriatelv.Psalm 81:Z) Their music will not be heard at this ti~nc of divine punishment. like the beating off af the olive tree. Accorcling to I~orl's law.264 Isaitrh's IJmplt~cy-Lklrtfor A l l M l r t ~ k l r ~I d Some will survlve jehovoh's judgment.160. 12 The tambourine and the harp are pleasant jnstsuments used to praise Jehovah and express joy. the exultation of the lond has departed.

hgJahbrings ror both day and night. 1 Isaiah fs ftIled wlth grief 6 m r what wlll befall his people. "-han outhrrtAdrtsmlqn?s.) & k 3 4lS T h g h righthe~ted will e p d w dark sehsons srw trial. and later a remnant will returnfrom ct@Ivfty to ~ p p ~ t f laid. The state of &airs around hlm atuses feelings of d ~ k n and woe.'~~dtheho#owdthsimpmuponymr. unfaithful hihabitan& of Judahwlll experienceter- and it must HI. f o sent m n g . 3 . The hnd &dutel)l mom unstmd& I l k ackunhmcm. the I d h a absdaway aptlw. a t t d i t h a s ~ & a n d h w I / k a l a d r 17 Yet. a d he Wc1Llwu of W km8 a course to destruction. In1 How d w Idatah E$$l qbWt what will httppen to h 4 ao1 @el t b ) What wfll b W t k uunRiW inhahicant3 d the land! . (hatah 42. AU o this is m y & w i n g t Isaiah. any ~aeristant place-they vvfll po r d r God bemuse they have beenpreserved. the c a n b e ~ t h & ~ w U l b e d e l t ~ c c a n d f ~ i ahead T e S N ~ W O C S seeJehovah's prophetic word uuwiU Mdandwlll tealhe WIsafahhas beenatruepphetof G a t They wiil be filled with joy as they witness the ful~entofthe~~n~.Anditrnustmurthatanptw Ona In 'hiah lr illled ~ 1 S w t r i h e ~ ~ ~ h d o f t h e d ~ t M n g w I b J 1 h ~ though hchm the la@ ww to €ha and a n p mming up irom !nMe the hoUow ~ what vNl &&/I his peopl~ the people that everything will be cau h t h t e . what wlll happen to t h h land? his contempor&& back t the present gating: "ButI s q ~ o 'For ma them is lrnnmf fir me them I Ie~nnwd s Woe & I No &+apeFmm Jehovah's Judgment 1s For now.slonhm~mh~uponit ing Jehovah's carmmdE m w l t l l ~ t k ~ d e a l e r s h m ~ t ~mats and Ignoring gadly wisdom. 14. There will be no escapfng the d h t w that will befall them for hrsak- I 1 I - 15. &w asthey are. ( J e r e W279-15) Enemles from d rock. 7 h d 1 a emus ones abound and cause dread to the inhabitants of the Imd. Calamity will come wen puinha#tmtdf~~. the wry WdgoCs b t ~ h wFor higk will k all right. use fahehad and deceit:t l e d them on o wlll uctuo$ be o m . When jehmah withhaws hb proteF tion. (a) Why wM no escape k posibk? (b) When Jehrwah%judgmtnt p m r ir released from t e h a m s . so that it wlll nab a up @. t h e r e m t o b e ~ r s o thedatrucUmof f JmuaIern andJudah. Ihe dpnd has a8s&te& &mt cryla@ the land has t outside watt come In md plunder them and w y them r &duaely h up. repicing is p t u r e . the prophet Is bmd t declare that there will be o met The M e r o u s t h k h m dgalt W&mw& 17. tho-.mOmwhereverthey have k n xatkmd4eit the blands of the Me&aerr~neaul e h the WestI Babylon h ''the regfun o lfght" (the sun*$ f or the hf). They will be uncertain of their Ihres. ( r s mb 1:2427) ~~. and they will siryF Qecm&tionto the Bightems OneEY iah 24: 1 6 2 0 . 1 : .1~8rrh's J'mplteq-Llg4t f i r All Mrurk4md f that * w y €ewmortal men have remained OWL" Still.

"(Fphesians5:12) These 4ave had a n powwfd iduence on thew odd^. aml u p r ~ kings h the of the ground upon the ground. (4 TO what may She army of the heighr refer.the wi&d spirit forces I the heavenly p W . the land reel5 and falls.Ltlrea~ man. fw jehowh of amfa has become Mng In Moun! Zion and I n lerusuh and h front of hk e& l@ men with glory.19. "the kings of the ground*? surround them and thw merit God's divine judgment! But Satan and his demons must answa to Gad when he finally tums hh attention t them and to the rulexs on o earth. . Haw well they succeed i seducn ~~ Nsither tfra sun nor the moon wlll match jehovoh i gJory n ing Istad . "theIdngs of the grwnd upon the ground. &d the full moan h become ahhad. I14) & hh says that they will be gathered and "shut up in the dungeon." whom they haw Muendt turn agahst God and t~ trslnsgress o his laws. a 19 "The army o the h f may r f r to the demonic ee "worldrulers &f this .* "After an abundance of Clap. heavy with guilt and unable Qo rfse again (kmos 52)JehcPPah's judgment is h a l Utter datmctloa and ruin wilI bddlthe land Jehovah Will Reign in Glory Isaiab's p m p h e now takes on a greater scope.) Jehmah's judgmeutpwrwiIIbedeasdbmtheheavwlsandwlll sbalcethe~ery~datlmsofthetand.mi&$Pruphap-Llght fir All Marakknd J no e s a Wherever p q i e try t~ Bee. 1 .' perhaps when . It wiIl be just as with ahunted~that~fallingintoapitodyto b~ aught In a snare. (Daniel 10:13. ~ Some m2ip &ape atme calamityI but they will be caught In another-there will be no security. they will be caught. and tke glowing sun has fiecome ashmed.. how will "the army i of the h e m f be @ven a t m t l o n 'after an abundance of days"? (c) HOW dwsJehovahgive attention tr. (Rwehtlon 16:U1 Sywaklng symboHdy. m d how 8 9 are thea gathtmd " n the dunpn'? (b) Llkty.''-I~~~ !h M21-23. polnt~ h g to the final outmMng o Jehovah's purpose: "It must f mcurin thtltdaytbt@& wHI tum hisatention upon the umy of the w t in fivehefghl.20. 1John 519)Their goal is t tutn people away frwr Jehe o vah and his pure worship. (Compare Amos 5:18. And tfrey wlN certainly be g a M d wlrh a g d n d n g as of p r k w Into the plb and be shut up In the dungme md &r an abundance of days they wlil be g/wn f a h the corrupt practices of the nations that 1 .

the call o balm 97:E.Ichtwiih's crlemles glorify him? . you one my Cod. to compare themselves t the glorious Jehovah of armies. In both ancient and modern times. f wlll resound throughout the earth in its grandest fulfi tirnent: "Jehovahhimself has become king! Let the cart h tw joyful. God will b r l q upon them the h a 1 punishment they deserve. which will nor be rebuilt even to t h e indefinite. lsala h knows that Jehovah ir taithful and trustworthy and that all his "coun~e1s"-the things he purposes-come trt~c.C. and what of may ~ I P ~>l>jrct t hls C O ~ I ~ ~ C I ? the nf 1.) They wlEI be ashamed. he would n bring about the fall of ancient Babylon ancl restore the jcws b their homeland.2. 20 T h i s part of I a a ' prophecy thus left the Jews with sihs a wonderful assurance. Isaiah's next words rrvcal this knowledge: "For you have done wonderful things. Jeo hovah wifl reign supreme.-Joshua23:14.Satan and his demons (but not "the kings of the ground upon the ground") are temporarily released at the end of the Thousand Year Reign of Jesus Chrlst. 19-21) Afterward. it could truly be said to them: "Your God has become king?" (Isaiah 527) In modern times. in trustworthln~ss." What hclps the prophet to haw such fine npprcciatiun for hi5 Creator? A major factor is his knowledge o Jel~ovnh f and of his activities. counsels from early times. Kwelation 19:1. 513. in faithfulness.-Revelatian 203. In whnl way do .. how and when does Jehw vah "become king"? 21." (lsdah 2532) What is this unnamed city?Isaiah may be referring to Ar of Moab-Moab has long been at enmity with C~CKI'CPCOPIC. stronger Or city-Rnby Ion. a dwelling tower of stranger5 to be no city. I exalt you. I-le crEcs out: '"'0 jehowfi. (Zechariah 14:9. Why does lsalali haw appreciation b r J e h m h ? 2. Jehovah's Kingdom rule will be so magnificent that neither the gleaming full moon at night nor the glowing sun at hlgh noon will match it in glary. (Compare Revelation 22:5." (Isaiah 25: 7) Like Joshua hefore him." 1 I 1 1 3 .9 3 How will Jehovah's enemies react when his counsel ISAIAH ' Tlie nallie Ar pmhahlv means "City. 14) What a marvelous prospect! At that time. I laud your name. 21 Jehovah will again "become king" when he brings an end to Rabylon the Great and the rest of this wicked system of things.Jehovah 'hecame king i 1914 when he installedJesusChrist as Klng n in His heawnly Kingdom.E. when he demonsbates his power and sovereignty in this way in khalf of his people. Isaiah now pronounces one of t h e x : "You haw made a dty o pile of stoner.-Isaiah 15~1. In 537 B. (Revelation 4:Rll. I Jehovah9 due timc. 7-10. (Balm 96:10) I-le also "became king' in 1919when he demonstrated the power o his k ngf l ship by liberating spiritual Israel fmm bondage to Rabylon the Great. (a) How will 'the full moon become abashed and the glowrng sun become ashamed'? (b) What mounding ~ 3 1 1 have Itc grandwlil est fulfillment? p p - CHAPTER TWENTY-ONE Jehovah's Hand Becomes High h x dmp love for Jehovah and delights in prais in^ him. a fortified town o crumbling nrin. What ~rn~nxci Jeliwnh does lralah now pronounce. so to speak. k the many islands rejoice!' t 20. Zephaniah 2:8. Hls almighty pmwr and glory will be manifest to all. 2 The counsels of Jehovah Include his Iudgment declarations against Ismel's enernles.* he may be referring to another.

i:vcntually. they will fearpu. especially in+aspiritual way. doing s as it he were covering y n thc burning desert sun with a cloud or blocking thc forw o a rainstorm with a walI. Religious and political tyrants may try cv~rylhlng to break the faith o m e f hut tl-rqt hi1 bccausc these have ahsolute confidence inJehovah. the town of the tymnnical nations. he casi 1 siIcnccs his opposers. Jehovah not only protgcts but also feeds his children. 17." 5 Although fearsome when viewed by hls cncmles. ancl for whom? . How do tlle religious Imtlcn o f Christendom glorify Jehovah? By bitterly conceding the wonderful Ehings he has accomplishcri in bchall a l his Witnesses. * See l<rwlntiotr-ftF Granil C ~ ~ H AtHt/tsd!. 4 Today "the town u T 1 tyrannical natlnns" Is "(he great E 1c city that has a kingdom over the k i n g of the earth.33."-Psalm 72:8. in this mountain. p a ~ 170. like Pharaoh and Nebuchadne7mr. 1 m doer Jehovah pmtect t l l o s ~ Iv who hnw ahsnlutr rulnfirlcncc In 6. [a) What t ~ r o r t ' ~ !nI e ~ ~ inlern:!nklnd wlll I>crc~novd? ."-I<e17rlno tion I 1 33. II:Y) I this elevated placr o l worship. and the woven wark that is interwoven upon all the nations.-Read Isaiah 254." (lsabk 293) It is undc~tnndalsle that the enemies of the almighty Cbd will fcnr him. Jehovah n spreads his lush hanquet for faithful ones. an abundant supply of spiritual fond: "khomh of armies will certainly make far all the peoples. 8 Those who now partake of th@ divlnely prodded spiti b a l feast have gloriuus prospects." namely. a banquet o f well-oiled dishes. And the spiritual good things now supptled s ~encmuslyforeshado ow the physical good thitlgs that will l ~ c w i d r d when p God's Kingdom becom~sIhe solc ~ovcrnmcnt manof hnd. ll~nlel 4::37. t h e ~ e lealrlars "l~evnrne frightcncd and gave glmy t the God of heaven.eNed with marrow. do they glorify him? Will thcy ahantton t hcir false gads and adopt pun worship? i laaclly! Ratl~cr." he says: "In this mountain Ljehovak] wif\certainly swnjlow up the face of the envelopment that is enveloping over all the peoples. hc set Ixfnrc?them a victory banquet. He will actually s wa/lolow irp death forever. After liberating his people in 1!)19. What "town of the tyrannical natluns" cxl\t\ todny. though. (Revelation 17:5. 'I'hen hungr will be no rnclrc. "Babylon the Great." It is Jchovnli's "holy mountain. 12:30-.against their strong city comcs true? "Those who are a strong people will glorfw you. on the top o tile mounf tains there will be an ovetflow. and the Sovereign lord 1 I I 1 I ." where his faithful worshipers do no harm and cause no ruin. a banquet of wine kept on the dregs. J e h ~ vah is a refuge to the meek and humble who want to s c m him. 7 The banquet is spread i Jchovah's "mountain. How." or "enwtopment. of well-oiled dishes fl. ant! 11nw rlr>e< even she have tn glorify Jehovah? 5. ~ r l ~ Explain." the world cmpir~ lnlsc reof ligion. filtered.18) The principiil part oi this cmpire Is Christendom. "There will come to be plenty of grain on the earth. Listen to Isaiah's next words. ICIX ~! him? 4."-lsalah 256. (Isaiah 22. 7 (a) What kind of iensl doe5 Jellovah spwad. (b)What does the banquet 11mplrerl~~2l ~ a i a l itc)rcshaduw? by 8 9. they glorify jchovah whcn they are compelled to recngnlxe tiis clvtlrwhclming superiority." What n is this mountain? I1 Is "thc matintain of the house of Jehm&" to which all nations stream "In the final part of the days. Comparing sin ancl death to a nlffocating "woven work. of wine kept on the dregs. 5. f 'A Ranquct for A l l the I'eoples' 6 Like a loving father. (b) What will Litxi do to rwllnve Ihc rel~roach his people? of .16.-hodus 10:16. Particularly in t919 when Jehovah rcstorcd his servants to dynamic activity after their release from spiritual captivity to Babylon the Great.

therefore.12.Therqult?HaugWyMoabistobe slappedand tdden d m as "in a manm place: I I+hWs timeD n sm~~strampZdinto~ofdungtomak~~~w -wh - 1 .W. Man a hts seed.274 &~lak"s Pmphap-Ltght for All MaPjgitd I wiCl certaJfi& wipe the m3 h dl hmx"-hor r n lah 2 8a. % 9 Y s n~m m sin md'death! ( m t o 21:3. H Brael'spqg@ImMwb b m d an8 jeu. (Redation UI:1-3) lit& tle wonder t& Galr% h people wlll be moved to exclaim: %&I 7hkIxoui.4) MOP e. a d h e will save LIS. he must lay low. @@I and The Hiaugbq M e A b e d 1 0 ~f hi$ W o -st h huI T & @ . h W detests pride @ 16. fs gI slated for humfii&m. .enm ~* s dudfar ~ ~ o f y e a r s Wbedoneawqwlth. We haw hopdin him.1@) M &B W W ."-l~dEoh 25:9. R l rn a am. ~ m m mpmach of his p p l e be will bk oway h n all the e earthD Jskowak h i d fm qmken it*(ImW 25:8b) hr HmPvJnfbis happa?Jehcwabwillrmnm mrce of the that mpach. it I n f con~ tact with the d# dld W-ha 2 :to.U. '?he hand of jewlA settle down on o f r i s m a r m ~ ~ andMoab must be tmdhn down in Ib plow w when a ~~p h t d d e n downln a mu~ f u m ~ e . let us k k i && * W h W by hM.And the fbrHYer4 c W p r high Wh of se& u w*. n is J&whh W lime hoped In him. the lying @p& t h a t ~ s~ m Ira. Wbat hash wtment dioE?sJehovah m m for Moab? 0 "A bmguet of weII~iled #&esa . k rnustahe tt. & d h e r n i & ~ p o t r s h i s ~ & b m&& fie af It us wheh a swimerslaps &em out to swimt and he m a t 0Its bughihas the Mcky m mnsof w eE hls hmds. tD the 5 1 Jehmhls b a d will 'settle dawnn on the mountain 1 ~fMoab.

15 What a contrast to what happens t the enemies a a£ God's people! "He has laid low those inhabiting the height. despite her high* snemjngiy secure walls. Trust in jehowh. he abases it to the earth. particuIarly Christendom. and who 1 ! 14. or he may mean some other sty? such as Babylon. She is especialIy like Christendom. far song! 14 What kind o people come into this "city"?The song f gives the answer: 'me hciination throt is well ruppo&ed you [ will satkguurd in continuouspeacq because if k q in you that ons i5 made to trust. i the printipaI part of s Babylon the Gteat A Song of Salvakion a What of God's peqle? Thrilled to have Jdwah's favor and protection. they also ha& a dear fulfillmenttoday. which claims t have mots in the first-century Christian coqrea gation but which. which is certainly elevated in haughtiness."-Proverbs 35.singfed out fer Jehovah's judgment decIaration? 2 today. Those having full confidence in jehwah receive his protection and enjoy "continuous peace. Despik this. Today this prophecy aptly fits Babylon the Great. What "8imng cityRdoes God's people 3 am allowed to enter it? definite. (Revelation 148)How? By publicly announcing - 7 1 15. 6 3. 12 Why does Jehovah single out Mmb for such harsh counsel? 'Ilw Moabltes are desmximts Of Lut.not in the floundering commercial. thq haveadopted falsegods and manifested hard-set e n m i 9 toward Brad They deserve their fate. the nephew of&Pi raham and a worshiper ofS&QV&. that tk righteous nation thaf s keeping faithfrrI conduct may enter. Wiat a cause for rejoicing. In this. political. Isaiah may be here referring to an "elevatedtown" in Moab.276 Imhh's Prophecy-~ighr far All Mankind 1 Isal& fowkelb hufntliation for Moab. for in]oh jehowh i the Rock oftimes ins 1 . and religious systems of the world.Z) While these words no doubt had a fulfillment In ancient times. as seen edier. "in that In this song will be sung in the blrd of fudah: 'We haw a strong ci& He sets salvatfofl itreif fbr walls and rumpart Open the gates. citylike urganimtim. "Jah Jehovah"is the only reliable Rack of security. in pling upon their old cap tor.' spiritual Emjis endowird with s l a Str~ng. Philippians 46. Jehevah has turned the tables an "theelevated tom. the feet o f the afflicted one. Jehcm h ' s "righteous nation. Why is Moab . How has "the elevated town" been abased todq*and in what way do "the feet of the afRi~ted one" tfampk it? I 4 t Babylon is trampled under the feet of those who were prisoners . 6. p u men. Whatever the case. they axe b not mly neighbors of God's w * m t nation but also relatives. 7 ." (Isaiah 26:$ 6) Again. he Brings it in touch with the dust The h o t will tmmpfe it down. 4) "The inclination" Jehovahsuppats is the desire to obey his righteous principles and to trust in hlm."' (Isainh 2 : ." and his 'lowly and afflicted ones' trample it. T 1919 this "elevated town" was forced to release n Jehovah's people-a humiliating fall--and they. Thus. t&y raise their v~ices sang. p peau pled for ail times. He abases it. the elevated mwn." (Isaiah 26:3. Modb is E ~ the enemies of Jehovah's serP vants today. the steps of the lowly ones.

f ~ e s s ~ s o m e m a ) r k i l t a taJ&mh's lovhpktndness. .. pf&s a W example o 'haping inJtW&h' a haye f and P iqe d q d& for Jehwah's and "memorm#IIU What is JehavahSmemorhl? W w 3:IS a s ?elm& y: dal o me a0 meration a€tag~neradon. What hne example of r i m t h a b n Ixalab set? 6 ZX W t p~~ will be withheld from the wW i ? #Enifitinto your intwlw moms" . T o ewho d t f v a t e a &mihs h b e . the w k k d not sse the eminence of]& l a o h ' They MInot live b enjay the blwhgs that will f h w to mankind after Jehovah's name has been sand6ed E m i the new wndd. when the whole enrth will h n a 9 d o f . t t r b w *fuse to l w n r@teowness in ordm to ens t e r % e f a d a f ~ ~ h ~ ~ Y t t r eql P en d y a db Jehmh'smotally and sfltually str4ghtfmvardsewants.Jed's a m v q e a n c e upon h e r .-Isaiah 652% RweIrttbu 2O:IZ. 14-19. m u e n t l y .&mynarne&~eIrldeMte. hdudhq M s smW and ways. 15. IsaiahrwealstbedPgffi of his mdWQblonPlnd the reward$ of sewing khe God of righhou~ness~ (Read lsalah 26:7-9.) The prophet p ~ > . h 1 J&W& low && (&@dkduh 2b:ll). 135: H m 125 13. .8~ : ~~ U. 17Nrjt: dl). d.5.)The w l c W men when bvitI .-R&n 5 4 r of 25:4.~ &&hf blab aJefrovaht5name and alt that it stands h.EbrJehovahrn a~rmFed his bking.andtbijfsthememw ~~ 7 1 . o r n .. 9: ~Aftm~Mumphtintsoag.The names of su& oneswill not be in the book of life.

" or acknowledge. (Read Isaatr. iah 26:13. how have God's people been blessed? 23. {Matthew 24:14) In turn. brut they never again fall prey to worshiping gods of stone. In what way are some in Isaiah's day blind by choice. Why and how has Jehovah d~sciplined people. Jehovah hsciplines his people by allowing oth- er nations. Such ones. "other m s e s " to dominate them." -Hebrews 1 2 4 . and when will they be forced to "behold" Jehovah? 19. time after time they haw been disciplined. they will not rise up."-Ezekiel 38:23. Jehovah Wll overturn proud Babylon and free his exiled people. What will happen to thow who have oppressed God's people? 22. the Jews often need discipline for other sins. because even all our works you have performed for us. you wiiI adjudge peace to us. but they do not behold it.? . is evidence of Jehcvah's love because "whom Jehovah loves he disciplines. even bringing in a great crowd o "other sheep" f to serve with them. Eventually. they have poured out a whisper ofprayer when they had your disciplining. then he benefits. spiritually blind by choice.Jehovah when they are eaten up by the fire o f his zeal.E.E. " je0 hovah. 16.? (b) What similar demonqtration occurred in 1919 C. as good as dead. your hand has become high.) I 607 B. (Deuteronomy 4:2531) Do any Jews show godly repentance? Yes! Isaiah says prophet-ically: "By you only shall we make mention of your name. repents. Yes. That great city. you have glorified yourself..E. By means of the Medes and the Persians. 22 In the modern fulfillment. will eventually be forced to "behold. 0 Jehovahtyou have added to the nation." (Isaiah 26:11) In Isaiah's day. and gives Jehovah 18.280 Isaiah's Prophecy-Light for All Mankind I Jehovah's Hand Recowres I-lixIi 281 18 "0 lehovah.C. Jehwah has blessed them with increase. will be rendered impotent. (Zephaniah 1:18)God later says. "Whom Jehovah Loves He Disciplines" 19 Isaiah knows that any peace and prosperity that his fellow countrymen enjoy is due to Jehovah's blessing. Such discipline."-Isaiah 26:15. However. As a resuIt. during distress they have turned their attention to you. 20.C. 21 What of Judah's captors? Ympotent in death. They will behold and be ashamed at the zeal for yourpeople. (John 10:16) "You haw added to the nation. Babylon."After their return from exile in 537 B. if the sufferer learns from what happens. In modem times.E. 0lehovuh. to Ezekiel: "They will have to know that I am Jehovah. she will cease to exist." (Isaiah 26:14) Babylon will suffer for the cruelties visited upon Jehovah's chosen nation. (a) What outstanding demonstration of Jehovah's power occurs in 537 R. Therefore yo~t have turned your attention that you migb t annihilate them and destroy all mention of them." Judah has had a checkered history. Revitalized. "They Will Rise Up" 23 Isaiah returns to the situation facing Judah while she 21. anointed Christians threw themselves into their preaching work. a remnant of chastened spiritual Israel was set free from Babylon the Great and restored to Jehovah's service in 1919. 20 Often. her people have turned to the worship of false gods. (Exodus 196) Repeatedly. But most have not recognized this. Does this benefit them? Suffering in itself does not benefit a person. the very fire for your own adversaries will eat them up.C. the hand of Jehovah has shown itself to be exalted when Jehwah protects his people by acting against their enemies. he allows the Babylonians to n take them into exile. however. and who his have benefited from such discipline? exclusive devotion." (Isaiah 26:72) In spite of this and in spite of Jehovah's having set before his people the opportunity to become "a kingdom of priests and a holy nation. You have extended afar all the borders of the land.

" Meantime. 26 LOOkjng w a r d that time. Awake and cry out joyfully.16. and Pssyria. such as Babylon." (Isabh 2Z 1 ) In the initial fulfillment. 18:24) "1~vlathan" lost his hold on God's people i n 1919. h a w nheytct sc21ovah's commi~nrl hide themselves? (hl What ma): t h e "lnrcr lor roorn~'' to polnt tn in ntodem times. For.In h i tlal fulfillment when the Medes anci Ihc I1crslanr. and what altltuile. and the land will certainly expose her bloodshed and will no longer c o w over her killed ones. What I "Leviathan" In IsaIahla day and In our day. even to Leviathhan. he commands everyone to stay I their homes ben cause his cavalry has "orders to cut down all whom they found out of doors. will turn his attention to Leviathan.yIiL filx A l l Mon kltrd I Jehovah's Iinnd BPCOVIPSl r h lf 283 is still captiw to Babylon. my people. conquer Babylon in 539 R."(Revelation 214) How vltal thi~t maintain a wholesome attiwe tude toward the congregation anci regularly associate with it!-Hebrews 10:24. his tool for WTring against spiritual Israel. 24 However. nothing 26. the crooked serpent. and soon he will disappear altogether when Jehovah will "certainly kill the sea monster. Acm~ulingto the Greek historian Xenophon.E. 21. la) How may theJews In 539 tl. eager to rebuild the temple and restore true worship. [Rcvelatlon 12:9. if faithful ones are to enjoy the splrllual blessings promised through Isaiah. "Leviathan" refers to the countries to which IsraeE hnr becn scattered.C. How Jehcvah WlI protect his people during that fear-inspiring time." (tsalah26: 19) What n demonstration of Jehovah's powccl I:urther. Egypt.) Thal help coma in 537 R. A corpse of mine-they will rise up. He compares the nation to a woman who is in Iabos but who withnut help is unable to give birth. and what s happens t this "sea monster"? o . look! jehovoh is coming forth from his place to call to account the error of the inhabibnt of the land ogainsl him.25. 17. the nation is raised from thc dcad. (Zephaniah 2 3 ) However. even through "the great tribulation. and the earth Itself will let even those impotent in death drop in birth.t wc citltlvate I& ward these? I I I I I ylon." Tarlay." (Isoiah 26:20. though. and Jehovah's ~'eoplereturn to h c i t homeland. Thme countries wiEl k unable to PITvent the seturn of Jehovah's people to their homeland at the proper time.C. and he will certuinly kill the seo monster that is in the sea. 25 Soon the end will come for Satan's world.) -llzis passam may have .29. In effect. i s the mdernday L i mz than? It appears lo be Satan-"the original swpemw-and his wicked system of thinas here on earth. Hide yourself for but a moment until the denunciation passes over. the gliding serpent.10. what a great dernomtration there was when thcsc words were hifrlIed in a spiritual sense in 1913! (Revelation t l:7-11) And how we look fomrd t the timc whcn these words o are fizlfilled in a literal way In the new worlcl and thaw lrnpotent in death 'hear Jesus' voice and come nut' from the 1 memorial tombs!-John 5:28. Such rongregatlnns will continue to phy a key role in our lives. led hy King Cyrus. "Your dead ones will live. with his hard and great and strong sword. enter Into your interlor roams. compare Zephaniah 1:14.l:. we do not yet know. (Rend Isaiah 26:Iz 18. wlien Cyrt~senters Iinb24. and shut your doors behind you. we do know that our suwival will depend on our faith in Jehovah and OUT loyalty and obedience to him. Isaiah prophesies: "In that day [ehovah. nw. 25.II. you residents in the dust! For your dew is as the dew of mallows. 13:14. the "interior rooms" of this prophecy could be closely linked with the tens o thouf sands of congregations o Jehovah's people around the f world.I:. lhey mtnt o h ~ y Jehovah's commands: "Go. Who.282 Isalah4 Propllccy-L1.

E. on trees. "It must o occur In that day that Iehwrrh wlll baat off the h . and thaw who am perishing In the hnd of Aosyrlrr and those who are dhperred In the /and of Egypt wlll ettdnly mme and bow down to lehowh In the hdy mountcrin in) m l e m . echoing the anthem of M o m for Cod's people.13) Following his victory in 539 6-CE. " (Isabh 2E 12. yw popk: 'A v + l of lbcrmlng wm I I I. wen weak popler. en able to exploit what r rsmnlns In the land. 28. in & titat no one m y turn hls attention agatrtst hw. So. ludah's+painsIncrease when jehovah dlsclpllnes hP waywad natlan wkh the stroke of axlle. the tlme c o r n s for Jehovahto delivet hls people from captivity.)The nation's error b too gmt: t o be atoned for by animal d H c e s . Cyrus Issues er decree freeing all the jews in his empjre. t k fmm h e M n g sham of he R i m [EupbW] to the Wmnt wfley of Eg~lpflrnd so p u purseks will be plcksd up one after the o t h q 0 sons of kruel. Mowh. (a) With what ha5 Jehwahrsvheylvd fiHed the whale esrth? (b) How d m Jehovah p-ct hb vineyard7 shg to her. as one rnlght scatter sheep or p t r with scam u' or might Y M s f ' y leaves away with a mang wind. However. (Read Isaiah 2E7-11. E w y m o m t I shall W hsr. am safeguarding her.~ & 5B 17. I shall s g f i r b her m night and dtry.'" (Isaiah 27:& 3) The mn. w t speak.C. h i c h includes those In Assyrla and Egypt. Thereafter. S ~ now beautifully illustmtes the hidulness of Jehovah's freed people: "In W day 27 With another smq Idah - 27.CchmA's Hand B a r a m High "A Great Horn" Heralds Llberty In 607 B.nant o spiritual Israel and their f . He h s them as a farmer might free o l l w held prisoner. . symbolized by the feminine sex. And It must occur In that dcy that hem wlll be a bkwhg on a great hom. Jehovahexpels Israel from thelr homeland. "LeviathanN may by t do qplrtst Jehovah's popk will o h m r@dU C I : ~ S S . (Ezra 1 :I-4) Is as If "a great horn" saundIt ed.

5 ) To ensure that his vines continue to pmduce an abundance of "foaming wlne. Aftcr all." nourishing spirlh~aIfood. 2 ." (lsuiuh 2Z4. Who will give me thornbushes and weeds in the battle? I will step on such. ond the fading blossom d itr decomtion of beouly Chat is upon the head of the M l e vulley of those overpowered by wine! Look!jehowh hos someone strong crnd vigorous. let him make pwce with me.' seeking his favor and pmtectlon. As a Esult. they have come to be joined by millions of loyal other sheep. May we never lose sight of the grancl privilege o f partaking of "produce"and s t~arlng wlt h others through it our own shout o praise! f * Isaiah 27:7-131s discussed in thc box on pngc 285. in an effort to find safety In a dangerous world. "The Drunkards of Ephralrn" :3 Isaiah begins his prophecy with startling words: "Woe to the emlnent crown of the drunkards of Ephraim. t h y make peace with God-something so Important that lsaiah mentions it Lwlce. Clf what Is the northern k i ~ l g d o ~ n lsrncl prfll~dl of .~ht All Mankind for . The result? ''in the coming days lacob will take mot. m r oe powcrl'ul nations. Ancl his words contain his vital lersnnt for everyone today. Israel wlll put forth bEossoms and actually sprout. jehovah inspircs Isaiah to foretell devcloprnenh that will seem trirly stranh~tu wayward peoplc. some in the northern kingdom may expect Jeh* vah to protect them-despite their continuing to use golden calvcs in worship. Judah is llkewlsc convi nccd that she can cou nl on Jehovah's protection. the capital o Judah. Isaiah Foretells Jehovah's 'Strange Deed' 1 I I I FOR a brief moment. let no one endanger the we1fare of the Christian congregation! Rather.-Compare John 15: 1-8. while Jerusalem. Why do Israel and Jltdah fccl sccuwl 3. let all 'take hold of Jehovah's stronghold. And Jehovah continues to blcss them with increase. - . Theit leaders havc forged political alllances wlth larger. In s doo ing. 1.2AS IsuinI~'sFroph~cy-l. who together with them "arcrendering [God] sacreci service day and night" (Ilevelation 7: IS) In the midst of a corrupt world. anointed Christianr have filled the earth with "produce. peace let him make with me. has f rested her hope on ruthless Assyria. and they will simply fill the surface of the productive land with produce. . Like a thundernus storm of hail. Is not Jehavah'~ temple located in Jerusalem. 2 In addition to putting their trust in new political allies. their capltal city? Hut there are unexpected events alread for tmth natlons. he will certainly do . 28 Truly. Tsrael and Judah feel secure. .- - CHAPTER TWENTY-TWO - hardworking associates have indecd filled the entire earth with spiritual produce. the capjtal of Israel.l. Otherwise let him f take hold of my stronghold. has turned to neighhnrlng Syria. 1 will set such on fFre u the same t h e . these joyfully maintain his elevated standards." Jehovah crushes and consumes as with fire any weedlie influence that could corrupt his vineyard. What a cause for celebration-for song! All m d i t goes toJehovah. Hence. the one tovtngIy attending to hls vineyard." (Isaiah 27:6$ What won* derful evidence of Jehovaha< power the fuifillment o this f vcnc is! Since 1919. 4. Samarla. Jehovah's earlier anger has been replaced by joy! "mere is no rage that I have.

Isaiah cmtbues: "And 7. Wah's judgment e prophecies are tempered with hope. Nth the k t the eminent crowns ofthe pksrnko& o Ephralrn wlll be h m f Ned h. "IThey Have Gone Astraf 6 The day ofe n i n g for Samaria comes In 740 B. and late Babylon will &shy her capital dty. has come to stand for ttte entirr lungdom of Israel. wlth Jehovah's al. Isaiah continua: %e Wing ffoww of its dmmtfon of bwutyfhatisqwn the W o f the W!evufkymupt k c o m ilk the wrty fig before summer. that when the seer sees 14 while It b yet ifi 4b palm. What is Ismi's prmmicus pos&n. n and ShouldJudahgloat wer the comlng d e m k ofher & ern neighhr? CeMblp not! Jehovah will atSO settle am wlth Judah and her leadm for their dlso?mlbmce and lack o faith. 5. Judah's temple and prksthml will rernain I opera~on her prophets wlll continue m prophesy. But they n are 'drunkard. 4 Ephralm. Its capital." Qhraim's leaders are prwd of their "eminent m of indepenu dence £tam the Dmidic w h i p i Jerusalem. but why should Judah nut . and w mightinas b those tumlng away fhe bat& Itwn bhe @&.CE. a sweet morgei to h consumed i a single Wte. Even though the naffon f l s faithful individuals will mrcrive.6. help." (haIdh 28AJ Ephrairn will &I1 into the hand of dssprla. he swallows it but what hope d m lsdnh hold out? 6 When does lmel meet her demise.-pare lsaiah 299. the mast prominent of the ten northern tribes.andwirhwhtresdts? . enjoys a beautiful and commanding lacation at "the bead of the M e valley. f 7 D h c @ hjs -age to Judah." spiritually iaebdated because of their alliance with Syria agaht Judak EErergthing they cherish is about toh trampIedunderthefmtofinvaders. 3 Qhrah d m not its p m a m u s pitlon. gbt? I ( Christendom has relied on aillances wtth human rulers mmcr *an on God when the Assyrians devastate the land and the northern kingdom ceases tio exist as an independent natloh What about JudahlHer land will be in by Assyria. 1s t h w no n hope?then7 W & a& sa often khe me."--Is~frh 28:5. In~twrryateJudsh'sleadmdrunlr. But dr h MI'SIlktime.hilrrk's Piopkcy-tight for All Mankjlnd I a casting down to the earth with M e . *jehwoh of m i e s will Become ar a m w n ddemtwtion d m a w a n d of b q t o ones miningo m ofhkpmplq undm asjdrftofjusih to lkonesittlng In thejudgment.

and whom wlll orme me u-nd k what h a ~kad?fhorewho~been~liwntfwm ~m&dc~wayfromthabrevrstz?hrlt&'m m a d upon c n n command upon comnmnd meammd wdng line upon -ring /Ins. them a fit&.~e~ofwinetheyhuwgdnerrstrayan beurweofhtordcatkrgilquorthqhaw~Irbout. they haw bsnmls cmhed as a muk of thewhe.liut these priests and prophets am spiritually intoxicated-thelr minds becloudoud ed by overconfidence i human alllanaes.'" (Isaiah 28:9. Wbat b the mpnse to W h ' s rn~~~age? j&dcrh carries out his 'strange deed' when he aIlom EabyIon i destroy jeru~olem n . 10)Hnv npetrtious and strange Isaiah s u d to them! He ons keeps w : hImsdf. I th& splrltually inebriated state.I@ous n leadm spew wt molting. undean expressions that betray their g i m w kck of genuine faith In W ' s pmmks. sayfw This is what Jehmh has commanded1 This i what Jehovah has comrnandedl T t s hs ~~~ 8. For the W s themsek haw a/! k a m e full of fl/thy vomit--thm Is no pkrce without k" (lsalah28:Z 8 ) Haw disgusting1 Literal in W s h o w wlould h bad enough. Ptiest and pphet--they h m gone artray becaw of ini w h i k y Iiqw. mmuring Une upon n?etmdng h m a little. They have d e n c e i w l themselves Into t h h h g that thdr cwrse is the only p d d one. these re. accuslng him o speaking to them as f if they wax Wants: "Whom will one insmct En krPowG etige. pimps believing that they now haw a b d q plan i case Jehovah'5 protecdofi prows inade n qua&. t k y h ~ ~ a b w t c r s r r ~ u A ~ f tmkdng liqmc t h ~ gpns mfrayln Wseeitg. 8 How do Judah's leaders react to Jehovah's warning? They mock Isaiah. h thy have reeled as to k h l o n .

What is Judah's supposed "covenant with Death"? 13. 11 How do the leaders of Christendom react when Jehovah's Witnesses draw their attention to the only true hope. for we have made a lie our refuge and in falsehood we have concealed ourselves.w 292 Isaiah's Pmphecy-Light for All Mankind I Isaiah Forete11s Itlhovah 3 'Strange Deed' is Jehovah's standard! This is Jehovah's standard!'" But Jehovah will soon "speak" to the inhabitants of Judah by means of action. 13. a tried stone. it will prove to be her undoing. rather like a child's nursery rhyme. He wiIl send against them the armies of Babylon-foreigners who really do speak a different language.16." and how has Christendnrn reje~teed him? 1 ' In the original Hebrew.17 13 Where. Who is the "tried stone. mock them. utterly destroyed. they speak uncleanness. 75) Judah's leaders brag that their political alliances insulate them from defeat. 1 7 ) Not long after Isaiah speaks these 12. (Matthew 23:13) Hence. To them. 9. and with Sheol we have effecikd a vision. Romans 11:s) Today." and Judah wiIl fall." yes. 10. No one exercising faith will get panicky. a falsehood. And I will make justice the measuring line ond righteousness the leveling inrtmmeni and the hail must sweep away the refuge of a lie. Instead o speaking pure Bible truth. rejoicing at being consulted by the f so-called great ones of this world. they are put on notice that Jehovah will not always speak by means of his harmless messengers.' " (Isaiah 28:14. But their hollow refuge will not shield them. (Isaiah 29:10. Isaiah 28:lO is a repetitious rhyme. Christendom's close relationship with the leaders of the world will not protect her when Jehovah's time for her accounting comes. and they are not safe guides for mankind. the precious comer of a sure foundation. Like the Jews of Jesus' day.-Read Isaiah 28: 71-73. will not come to us. Spiritual Drunkards Today 9 Were Isaiah's prophecies fulfilled only on ancient Israel and Judah? By no means! Both Jesus and Paul quoted his words and applied them to the nation of their day. Thus. in case it should pass through. the Witnesses seem t be babbling repetitiously. they do not want God's Kingdom nor do they want their flocks to hear about it. too. interfering in political matters. 9. They stagger about unsteadily. like the drunkards of Israel and Judah. Their spiritual vision is blurred. then. o The reliflous leaders look down on these messengers and 1 I "A Covenant With Death" 12 Isaiah continues h s pronouncement: "You men have said: 'We have concluded a covenant with Death. They feel that they have made "a covenant with Death" to leave them alone. like babes. Indeed. it is the religious leaders of Christendom who put their faith in politics. The time will come when those who do not subject themselves to God's Kingdom will he "broken and ensnared and caught.-Matthew 15:14. Those armies wl certainly c q out Jehovah's il "command upon command. How do the leaders of Christendom react to the good news of God's Kingdom? l . Similarly today. rsaiah's message sounded repetitious and childish to the religious leaders. Their alliances are a lie. a situation has arisen like that of Isaiah's day 10 This time. God's Kingdom? They do not understand. the overflowing flash flood. should these religious leaders be looking? Isaiah now records Jehovah's promise: "Here / am laying as a foundation in Zion a sfone. Revelation 17.Matthew 15:8. and the wuten themselves will flood out the very place of concealment" (Isuiah 28: 16. When and how have Isaiah's words had meaning for later generations? 11.

" says Jehovah. jehovah of armies. (1 Peter 2:6) How sad that the leaders of Christendom." (Isaiah 28:20)It is as if they were to lie down to take their ease. for n there is an extermination. '7he overflowing flash flood. quoting Isaiah's words." (Isaiah 28:22) Although the 16. some of Christendom's religious leaders have found themselves implicated in such terrible atrocities as ethnic cleansing and genocide! I I I 1 1 Jehovah's 'Strange Deed' 16 The final outcome of affairs w l be completely conil hary to what Judah's religious leaders are hoping for. and his kingdom is saved. When will Judah's "covenant with DeathNbe dissolved? 15. What effect will scoffing have on the fulfillment of Isaiah's prophecy? . 19) Yes. Jehovah will expose Judah's political refuge as the lie that it is. . there is a powerful lesson to be learned from what happens to those who claim to serve Jehovah but who instead put their confidence in alIiances with the nations. Isaiah cautions: "Da not show yourseiws scoffers. 17 Therefore. is the "tried stone" and that no one exercising faith in Him need have any fear. ")ehovoh will rise up just as uf Mount Pemzim. showed that JesusChrist. the royal house of David in Jerusalem has never been overthrown. have done what Jesus refused to do! They have sought prominence and power in t h s world rather than wait on Jehovah to bring about his Kjngdom under Jesus Christ the King. a distant descendant of Hezekiah. Could anything be more strange or unusual? Not in view of the fact Mat Jerusalem is the center of Jehovah's worship and the city oilehovah's anointed king. The apostle Peter. . How does Isaiah illustrate the inadequacy of Judah'sprotection? ' the situation today for any who put their trust in Christendom's refuge of a lie. and the woven sheet itselfis too narrow when wrapping oneself up. but by Jehovah's intervention. This was the uncomfortable situation in Isaiah's day. not by neighboring allies. these inspired words are not fulfilled in Hezekiah. while calling themselves Christian.' and why i s this work unusual? 17. Nevertheless. How disgusting that as a result of involving thernseIves in politics.-Matthew 4:s-10. Jehovah gave his people notable victories over the Philistines at Mount Perazirn and on the low plain of Gibeon. And it is 14. when it passes through-you must also become for it a trampling place. even something decided upon. that s he may do his deed-his deed is strange-and thar he may work his work--his work is unusual.'' (Isaiah 28:21) In the days of King David. . that I haw heard o f from the Sovereign Lord.'-Compare Habakkuk 15-7. faithful King Hezelciah is enthroned in Zion. but in vain. "Your covenant with Death will certainly be dissolved. Jehovah will surely carry out his 'strange deed. it must become nothing but sr reason for quoking to make others understand what has been heard. i order that yaur bonds may not grow strong. Either their feet stick out in the cold or they pull up their legs and the cwer is too narrow to wrap up in to keep warm. As often a it passes s through. Jehovah will do something strange to the spiritual drunkards of Judah.294 Isaiah's Prophecy-Light for All Mankind I I Isnia h Foretells Jehova h's 'Stmtge Deed' 295 words. he wen caused the sun to stand still over Gibeon so that the victory of Israel over the Arnorites could be campIete." (Isaiah 28:18. Huwever. (1 Chronicles 14:lO-16) In the days of Joshua. 14 When ?he overflowing flash flood of Babylon's armies passes through the land. (Joshua 10:8-14) That was most unusual! Now Jehovah will fight again but this time against those who profess to be his people. "The couch has proved too short for id stretching oneself on. for 011 the land. he will be agitated just a in the low plain near Gibeon. 15 Consider the position in which these leaders of Judah now f n themselves. Up to now. What Is Jehovah's 'strange deed.

)Just as a farmer uses gentles methods to thresh a more delicate grain. 18 As for sincere individuals who do ncrt follow those !cadas." (lsaiuh 29: 1." (Ssaiah 29:3. Jerusalem i~ brought down as low as the ground on which she war built.296 Isaiah's Pmphe~y-Liglit ror Anll Mf8r!klr1tlI leaders scoff. the town where D ~ v i d encamped! Add yeor upon year.3 Consider what happens to the Assyrian atmy under SennacherIb when It threatens Jerusalem E faithful King Hez&ah's n day. chapters 36 and 37) In one night." In his w n due time.1:. Yes. (lsalah. ( R e d Isaiah 29:z 8. though. Likc an altar. E is found in the Rible. and I must lay s i q t you with a polisode and mise up ~ o agafnstp u slegeworks. let the festivals run the round. there is hope. any Individual who subjects himself to Jehovah's Kingdom can avoid the comim adverse judgment.' They even r a t and rave. s Jehovah adjusts his discipline according to the individo ual and the circumstances. In what way i Jerusalemto hecome an "altar hearth: and when s and how does this take place? but Jehovah takes no pleasure in their worship. The Jews Follow the f s routine o holding festivals and offering sacrifices there. What then? J e h ~ vah fights for his people. I I 21 Hostlle armies may eagerly anticipate sacking Jerusalcm and gorging themselves an the spoils of war. the religious leaders o 'Chrbtenf dom scoff when they hear of JehovaPtJs"trangcr deed. 2 ) s "ArieF" possibly means "The Altar Hearth of Gocf. Jehovah disperses them "with thunder m d with quaklng and with a great sound.8 ."-lsaiah 295. crnd us h r n the dust your suying will sound low." and here it widentlyrefers toJerusalem. But they are in for a rude awakening! Like a starvlng man who dreams that he is feasting and then wakes up as hungry as ever. a book that thore t leaders claim to represent. hc decrees that the city itself is to become an "altar hearth" in a different sense. How does Isaiah illushate Jehovah's balance when adrninlskring discipline? 19. and there must come to be mourning and lamentation. while the fate of Christendom as a whole is sealed. such as cumin. it will run with bloorl and be suh]ectedto hre. is Jehovah now speaking about7 "Woe 9 to Ariel. 6. you people. Similarly today.C.Jehovahwill readjust them and restore them t his fau vor. Isaiah's message is M e . the fear-inspiring Assyrian war machine is turned back-l8S. storm wind and tempest. He b never arbitrary or heavyhanded but actI with a view to the potential rehabilitation of erring ones. But the rnmsag Jehovah's Wihresrcs proclaim is true. f 18. and she must become to me a the altar hewrth of Cod. Jchovah even describes how t t ~ sf wi l I happen: "I must encamp on 011 ssides against yorr. Even though the enemy may COVer rhc land. 20 Rcfore that fateful time. when Lhe Babylonlan army besieges and destroys the city and burns the tcmplc. He has heard it from Jehovah. with whom those leaders are in a covenant relationship. [Hosea 6:6) Rather. and the flame of a devouring fire.That is where the temple with i t s altar o mxifim i located. 4) This is fulfrllcd forJudnh and Jerusalemin 607 R. Woe to Jerusalem! 1 What. Judah does from time to time have a king who obeys Jehovah's Law. they become llke "fhepowder" and "chaff. Similarly today. (Read Isaiah 2893-29. at . if indiduals respond to jehwah's appeal.Q00 of its valiant warriors - 20. And 1 hwe to make things tight for Arie!. the enemies of Judah wlll not enjoy the feast that they so eagerly ant lcipate. without a human hand being raised. to Ariel. Whnt will be the ultkmate fate of God's enemies? 21. Fsplaln the illu~tratlon Isalah 29:?. And you musr become low so thcrt you will s p w k from the very earth.

pmphb.-We1 38:101& 39:6. Smsimilar wilI happen i our orm day to Qlristendom.7. f &ah T e haw dnmak t h e m e l m into a spiritual stupor hy by meaas of t e r alIianca with ungodly nations. rrnd they h m r e m w d their heart IEreIf Ibr awrry from me. but they haw left Jehovah.'rmdhe hlrv bsay:'/& &know w d h g at all. the leaders ofJudahdo not have faith like that o Hez.saying: VetId o chis out loud p h e . Mind p u s e i w q and bs M i d d.' n-4saI& 29:tG72. ~ w haw mawti umtadiifi But not because of InBwlcahg /Iquor. Are they? Isaiah t a n 0%their - 23. I& s states: "Ujm p men j e h o h I#rs w ~ r r s p i r i t o f & p ~ . hmwwI the bragging leaders of Judah beU r n that they are clever enough t get away w t their o ih perwrsion of true mrship. u n d h e d o s m y w r the ~. d Ibr yw h the Won of wetything bmmer - 2% HOW Judah'rs spiritual drunkenness a&& does her? These who u d t be o s p i r ~ r ~ deaf~ *%ear"the Ward of God e / / c9n like the wards o the bDok that has h e n sea/& up. ' and he as to say: 7 om unable. n Z Romans 11:8. H says: "%r the msm &at this p e ~ e ple haw come near with Wlrmouth. lbr it Ir seaid up'. Whywlll ehovahcaUJwlahtoamunt. H w do t e Judam &tray thelr lack of godly fear? o L . t4) Judah's s l. whkh f hey give t $omeone knowin the writfq.-Matthew W:8. and W r ikur toward me b m m a men's cmmundment that & being taught themh e hen 1am. these leaders are unable b discem the h p r t of the given bJehovahJs true pmphet. the VfsIonA.9. und they haw glotifled me mete& wlth tMr I@. mu! he has covered evm pur he&. "Unpr. In a wonderful marmet and with something wonderful. By means of usorn&hg wonderhlN-hls 'strange deed1-Jehovahwill d them t account l a for their hyprIsy.and the wlsdom of their wise men must perish.L f g h t f i r All hfu~&lttd I Isalfllr ForntcHl$ jehovah's 'Strange Deed' 299 dead1 Drkams ofmaquest wili again be frwated when the war m a t h h e 09 Gag o M a p g gears up @nst jeha f vah's p p l e i the near future. ahd be unwed. U For now. jwtifpng their f falthles and immoral acdvltles and their leading the POple into God's dlshwr. the One that will& m d e r h l l y again 4 r t h this people.dhowmlUhe&so3 24. 23 Judah's religious leaders profess t k spiritually diso creet. . and the must be gircen to someone that dOBS not h w wrldna somebody s w g : 'Rwd thrs outloud. h ~ ~ ~ i n ~ b u t n o t w t t l rthqr k r e . T h same thmg hap pened I the 6rst century after the self-styld wise leaden n of the Jews led the natlon asbay." (Tswah29:9)Spiritdy drunk.e wisdom efw d and understanding will perish whm Jehovahmanmmrs things fr her en. hi yar men." (Isahh 29:13.apostate religious sptem t be wiped o o out by the 3abylonttln World Rwer. pktase. and the very understundng of rhelr dlsmet men will QO~P cwl /twilF.2M Isa &h's h p k ~ y . They teach instead their om twhkd Ideas o rlght and m n g . n 22 At the W e that lhbh utters this pottion of Ms praphecy.

that claims to serw G d is a strang. are remlnrld of how vital It is to be serving Jehovah from the heart. while they ray: 'Who is seeing us. we need to I show that we are wllllng tu bc corrected by and to learn from Jehovah. they think they are. as did Isaiah. The pxorpectivc cleszrt~czlon an organiof zation. must scrupulously avoid s 'going astray because of intoxicating Ilquor. (Read tsaiah 29:77-24. "Deaf Ones Will Certainly Hear" 25 Havever. What lessons can Chrlsttaas learn ltom Isaiah's pmphecy? 28. Jesus Christ. every breathing thing.' (Isaiah 28:7) Further.) "Deuf ones" will "hear the words of the book. 27 Elders and parents wn learn from the way Jehwah ad- -Hebrews 4:13. including young people. and millions of sincere ones are allowing themselves to bc corrected by Jehovah and are learning to praise him. Yes. we have a wholesome {car of Jellovah and a prcfound respect for him. the day will come when everyone. / ministers discipline. (Isaiah f 29:13) We must show that unlike the faithless Inhabitants of Judah. we must never forget that like the judgment on apostate Jerusalem.-Isaiah 29:24.) And all of us. but from Jeh* vaZl W. - 27. What spiritual reminders do 'drat oncs" hear today? 6 25. they stand "naked and openly expoqed" to the eyes of God. and. and who is knowing of us?' The ptversity of you men! Should [he pofrer himself be accounted Just like the clay? For should the thing made say respecting its maker: 'He did not make me'? And does the very thing formed uctually soy respecting its former: 'He showed no understanding'?" (Isaiah 29:73. there is salvation for Individuals who rrxcrcise faith. God's servants put full trust I his Kingdom and in his appointn ed King. help we can continue to proclaim his warning desplte opposition. What a thrilling fulfillment! Wltimately. a w y sccklng to restore wrongdoers las to God's favor.-kalm 150:6. f White Christians are properly subject to governmental authorities and look to them to provide certain services. there can be no doubt. compare Jeremiah 3&1l.l.yl~t for All Monklnd I Isaiah Foretells Jehovah's 'Strotig Deed' mask. thus no true which help us to have a spirthiat vlewpofnt o all things. not from the secular world.' Of that. not merely to punish them. (Isaiah 28:2629. this is not a Ilealing of ~llysical dcnfness.Also. Rut Jehovah will accomplish his 'strange deed. we must nwer tire o hearing God's reminders. concept. 26 What do such "deaf ones"who hear Cad's Word today learn? That all Christians.) To most. e x p i n g them as having no genuine fear of Cad wisdom: "Woe t those who an? going o very deep iit concealing munrelfromjebovab hlmsdf. With Jchwah':. Hence. will praise Jehwah ant1 sanctify his holy name. especially those tn whom the congregation looks a examples. salvation comes. This has taken place in our time. E In what sense wilE "deaf ones" hear? 2 . God's judgment on this generation is inescapable. nnd whose deeds have occurred in a dark place. Christendom. (Isaiah 29:lh) Moreover." thc message horn God"s Word. It is a spiritual healln~. How do Jehovah's scrvants view his saving acts? . the warning rnerwge we preach will sound childish. They know that Jehovah's saving ads-performed along with his 'unusual work'-will bring eternal blessings to a l l obedient mankind. compare Luk 722. 16.) No matter how well mncealerl. through the last days of this system of things.T 300 Isntair's Prophecy-l. lsalah oncc a ~ a i n points forward to the establishment of thc Messlanlc Klngdom and the restoration of true worship on earth by the Messiah's rule. an unusual. compare I%lm I I I : 10. 28 How Important It I to have faith and confidence I s n Jehovah and in his way of doing things! (Campare Psalm 146:3. not Justgoing thmugh the mosions o being a Christian in order to please men.

'7he pronouncement against the bwstt of the south: Through the land of dlstmss and hard condltlons. on the shoulders o f full-grown asses they carry their resources. 7) "Rahab." (lsa/ah 30:drr) Clearly. how eve^‘ Jehovah has been watchlq. but nor 1. In fact. we read further divine pronouncements against the wicked. and fcel his s healing touch. Yeverrheless. but not that from me. (a) Why Is the alliance with Egypt a fatal mistake? (b) What carller journey madc by God's people highlights the foolishness of tlils trlp to Egypt? 4. However. Now he exposes their scheme: "Woeto the stubborn sons. o 4 What a shock for those scheming leaders to hear their plan revealed! Trawling to F@pt i order to make an aIlin ance wlth her I s more than hostile action against Asyna. the nation looked to Jehovah a a stronghold and took refuge "n the shadow of his wings. and to pour out a libation. 2. they put their trust in man. 2 Even so. which they load with costly goads and lead down to Egypt through a barren wllclerness infested with growling lions and venomous snakcs. and they w E help simply i F for nothing. it Is rebellion againstJehovahGod. 5 As If to answer any suggestion that the mission to Egypt Is merely a msual visit. and on the humps of camels their supplies.ypt. the envoys reach their destination and hand thelr treasures to the Egyptians. They have bought protection-or so they think. I the time ofKing D+ n vid. Envoys organize a caravan of camels and asses. nerefore I how catled this one: %hob-ifiey a# for sitthg stilt. as It were. And the Egyptians are mere wnity. Isaiah glws mare details. Jehovah says: "In behalf of the people they wjtl prove of no benefit. How does Jehov~ah about this? h d feel how does t E part of Isaiah's prophecy help Christians tohs day t~ keep in expectation of Jehovah? {Isaiah 3 : Let 0 18) us find out.tnthe place o God! What treason!-Read f I~tl!~h 30:3-5. those who are setting out ta go down t Egyptn'"-/miah 30:1. hear h gulding voice. of the lion and the leopard growling." (Isaiah 30:2b) They have put II~. this part of Isaiah's prophecy highlights some of Jehovah's heartwarming qualities.CHAPTER TWENTY-THREE - I with my spirit. Instead. in order to add sin to sin."' ((Isaiah 30:&b. Isaiah's counbymen." a "sea Keep in Expectation of Jehovah -lsaiah 30:l-33 I TN ISAIAH chapter 30. Finally. refuse to return to Jehovah. the apostate inha111tan ts of Judah. 6. 'those disposed to carry out counsel. 3 6 3 Now r hey "takeshelter in the smnghold of Pharaoh" and "toke refuge in the shadow of Egypt. the jnurney is well planned. Jehovah's characteristicsare described in such vivid t r sthat we can.2a.21. o f the viper and the flying fiery snoke.' is the utterance of jehowh. . 26. (a) What does Fsaiah chapter 30 rontajn? (bf What qucstlons will we now consider? 3. What scheme is exposed by Jehovah? How have Cod's rcbelllour vmple put Egypt in the place o God? f 5. see his em comforting presence.'((Psalm 221.-Isaiah 3020. 1 Folly and Fatality 3 For some time the leaders of Judah have been ~ h e r n ing in s e a & t h c l a wsjto avoid corning under the yoke o ofAssyria.

fnto subl&on. 28:9." (IsaM 30:9) The p m ph have God3 dmd. "fils a e. IsW&1. (a) I what way do the h r k of J u W hy to rvwru J h n ~ ee a ' s pmp-7 (b) H a r doa Bahh dunonsnare tbrt he d n o t b ." (Deutmnomy 8:1416) In Mosesr day. 6 A g ~ ~ ~ * j s u m f f 3 F O f t h e ~ . 9.Tbeir-M-thatvery same "fear-Insplring wflderness. ~ 1 i 5 tenexs may mmemk a shdar journey made i the n m o ~ l came t $ p b o l w Egypk (Isaiah S1:9.10) She " o daysofMblos.gyp and.m~btrlsmq~omwhohm~un~ M n g b ear the &w objdmmh.They%awdgnt&onerse&n&'YbumuFtlwt 7.2 8 Isaiah n w offen an example af the peopIe's rebelbus o att#ude. """N'""r@ p Oppasitlon to the Prophet's Message 7-j tells Isaiah to write dawn the mesage that he has pst ddtvered sa that "it m y s e iw~a f u b dayI ~ 1&lr a wIbms to t h e hid&trddedeu (hulah 30:8)Jehmah4s disapproval af p ~ n aWnm Wth m m a b m reliance g on Htm must be m e fnr the Wn&t of httm genemdd tlons-fnciuchg QUF gmerathyltoday (2 Pew 3:1-4) But thereisamoreimmediate~lf!edfaawrit&n record. dw h & a d hwere traveling away fnmnEgypt and out of bondqp This time the envoys travel ta F. however.Hence. whydoe~JebEmahhaveIsaiahwrite&mHtJ~mJudsh? 8. diahdy. intlmldated? In Moses' day. the Isdim 01caped from Egypt h Isaiah's dapt Iudah goes f Egypt for help u . It must be written down 50 that hat they cannot deny that they meived a w *. Judah's allfahce withherha fatal misbk.p m W e w y h h g btrt d m nothing. What M y 1 May we never mak suEh a bad dedsion and exdung~ our spiritual k d o m fr s~~~ a Watians 5 l :.

What a fine example for us! When it comes m procIaimfng God's message. H e will not be intimidated. What a sharncful cndl 'I'he corning destruction of those who rebcl against true worship today will be equally sudden and camplctc. (Acts 5:27-29)Llke Isaial~. "pu were not will- The Consequences of Rebellion lo Judah has rejected God's word. in an instant. they keep on proclaiming: 'This is what Jehovah has said'! Jehovah's Offer Rejected 12 Fur Isalah's llstencrs.r wl1l causc the collapse o the nation. as Isaiah stresses with an ilI-on. trusted f n a lie. 11. How can the people of Judahavoid destruction? . not condemned. "the Holy n One o Israel"! This very title irritates them becausc Jchaf vah's exalted standards show up their contemptible condition." or true. Isaiah speaks the very words his opposers haw tn hear." (lsuiah 30:Jlo) He should either speak ear-pleasing thing or stvp preaching altogether! 9 Isaiah's opponents insist: "Cause the Holy One of Ismel to cease just on account of us."or demonstrating trust in God's protective power by not giving way to fear." (Isaiah 30:716) Let Isaiah stop speaking i the name of Jehovah. a swelling 10. though. envision deceptive things. instead of leaving the scene as the nation wishes. the Increasing rebelliousness of Isaiah's ro cnnternpcirarlc. Speak to us smooth things. and relied upon "what is dwiour. any prophet not willing to prophesy according to their taste should "turn aside from the wafi deviate from the path. There is a way out. crushed to pieces wjthout one's sporing it.see. and to speak instead what Is "smooth" ralsed woil. trndlsturbed and in trustfulness." (lsaiah 30:1%) What will be the consequences? Jehovah." (Isaiah 30:14) Judah's clcstructinn will be so cmnlplcte that nothing of value will remain-not even a potsher~l enough to scoop hot ashhlg es from a firuplace or to skim water from a marsh. destruction is not inwItable. the leaders of Judah show that they want W h e their ears tickled. " (Isaiah 30: 12a) Without hesitation. so that there connot be found among its crushed pieces a fragment of earthenware with which to mke the fire from fhe fireplace or t o skim woter from o marshy pbce. They want to be praised. Chrlstians must never compmrnise. and by "keeping undisturbed. 2 and "deceptive. the Holy One of Jsmel. Peter 21. In their opinion. "But" haiah tells the people. has said: 'By corning back and resting you people will be s a ~ d Your rnlgl~tinesswill prow to be simply in keeping ." (Isaioh 30:13) Just as a grow in^ ht12gein a high wall will eventuaLly cause the out in a hltghly wall to callap~c.'" (Isaiah30: 750)JehovaIz is re&dyto saw Ills peoplc-if they show faith by "resting. The rebelliousness of the nation is like "a broken sdon about to fdl down. 'You must not envision for w any straightforward things.-I-lebrews 6:4-8.' " (Isaiah 3 : By or0 10) dering faithful prophets to stop speaking what is "straightforward. What wllt be the comquencxs of Judah's mwlt? I ing"--/mkh 30:fSb. 12." o refraining from trying to secure dvation through hur man alliances." or false. the breakdown of which may come nrddeniy. 7Xe prophet explains: "Thir i s what the Sowwiqn Lord jettomb. f 11 With another Illustration Isaiah s h m the completeness ofthe corn in# deshuction: "One will certaidy bmk It a$ in the brwking of a Iuqe jor of the potters.' and to the ones having visions. Haw does Isaiah react? Hc declares: "This is what the Holy One of Israel has said. will cause the nation to cease to exist! This will happen suddedy and mmpfetely.

" (Isaiah 30: 16) The Judeans think that swift hmes. and t the few who return f o to the I'rornbcd Land in 537 B. (Prwerbs 23:12. 16. which highlight a spedal aspect of Jehovah's personality."In h e end. but on horses we shali flee!' That is why you will flee. Even large numbers will not help them. 'And on swift horses we shall ride!' That is why those pursuing you will show themselves swift. (Deuteronomy 17:16. whcn Jerusalem is desboyed in 607 B. rather than Jehovah. "'likea mast on the top of a mounruln and like a signo1 on a hill. He delights I showlng mercy. words! Jehovahis a compassionate Father who yearns to Note that if Judah had been faithful.C. may kc1 discouraged because deliverance ha? nnt conle as soon as they had hoped. left alone.baiah 557. counters the prophet. on account of the rebuke of five you will flee.-Jeremiah 25:s-11.--Psalm 652. merefore Jehovahwill keep in expectation of showing you favor." (Isaiah 30: 17a) The armies of Judahwi1I panic and flee at the shout of just a handful of the enemy. only a remnant will remain. the prophet's wads also comfort Christians today." "as What reassuring words! Discouraged ones can be greatly strengthened if they pray to Jehovah. 'Why can't you be strong like your brother?' (Galatians 6:4) Instead.and is such confidence justified? 34.E. As a Father. t h e tone of his message changes. Comfort Amid Condemnation 14 While these sobering words are still echoing In the ears of Isaiah's listeners. When Jehovah comforts distressed ones.-Leviticus 26:7. will mean their salvation. Jehovah Comforts His People l~y Answering Prayers 16 Same. In what do the leaders otJudah put 'thdrmnfidence. However.-PsaIm n 103:13. We are remindrrl that Jehovah will "rise up" in our khalf. only a remnant survive.C. Faithful worshipers can be confident t ' t ~ iJehovah-"a Gad of /udgmentM-willnot allow ~t Satan's world to exist far one day longer than justice requires. he Was each person IndtvIduaEEy. "A thousand will tremble on account of the rebuke of one. 15. he listens attentively to each one.E. their trust will be an illusion beause their enemies wiIl overtake them. Threat of disaster gives way to a promise of blessings. the very opposite could hme happened." (Isaiah 30:77b) True to the prophecy. For jehomh i a Cod ofjudgment Happy are a//those keeping s in expectdon of h m " (fsaicrh 30:18) What heartening i. Haw doe?Jehwah comfort discouraged ones? . you wii/ by no means weep. he does not ask a disco~rraged son. Tl~crcfore."those keeping in expectation of him" hav~ much reason to he happy. He will without fail show you favor at the sound of your outcry: as raon os he Irears ir he will actually answer you. and thereforehe will rise up to show p u mercy. In [.8.308 Isaiah's kaphecy-Lixht for All Mlit~klnd I 13 Isaiah then eIaboratm: "Andp u proceeded to say: 'No. What comfort do the words of Isaiah 3W18 offer to the Inhabitants of Judah in ancient times and t true Christians today? o next worils. Proverbs 21: 31) However. help his chlldren.. bringing an end to this wickecl world. 2 Pctcr 3:9) May they draw comfort from Isaiah's 1 I I 13.E.C." (Isaiah 30: 19) Isaiah conveys tcnrlernesr in these wordr by switching frum the plural "ynu" in verse t 8 to the singular "you"in verse 19. "Wiwn the very people In Zion will dweN in lerusaiem. 1 I 15 Thcse reassuring words apply to the Jewish remnant who are mercifully allowed to survive the destruction o jerusalern In 607 B. soon as he hears It he will actually answer.

7) Today. Yow livestock will graze i that day J a spadwspasture. as recorded in Isaiah 3023-26 a deUgbtful restoration prophecy that has its initld fulMlment when a Jewish e m k t rerjrhs b m captivity in 537 B. The people will receive " b e d in the bm of distress and water in the form of appssion. he reminds his listens ers that distress Wl come. 47." (lsaiah 30523. (Amos 3 6 . Each Chrktian should Listen carefully as Jehovah speaks through the pages of the Bible and though BibEe-based publications provided by "the faithful and discreet slave. Walk in i t you peaple. haw does Jehwah provide guidatice? 19. What blessings are h store for those who respdnd 'to the voice of the Grand hstrurtor? sbuctor will scatter their graven images. These are described by Is&.C. And the cattle and n n the fuII-growtt asses cultiwfing the gmund wi# eat Fodder 4easmed w i h sorrel. Even so. can people 'SEE' and "hear"him? Jehovah reveals himself through his prophets."-iraiah 30:20b) 27. How. which was winnowed with the shavel and with the fork. when faithful worshipers read the Bible. Westock will he fed "fodder seasoned with sorrel"-tasty fddet mewed far rare oclcasiam. And p r own ears will hear u word behind you saying: n t i s is the way.) Than." (lsaiah 30:2Qa)The distres and oppression that they will experience when under siege will become as familiar as bread and water.'-Deuteronomy 32:46. whose words are recoded in the Bible. for "it means h Me. 24) *Fat and c 1 i. those respowive ones will enjoy wonderful blessings. s Isaiah 4 : 7 81. Jehavah is ready to come to t h e rescue of rightheartedones. 1Y bread-had rich in nourishment-will be man" s l y staple. Ti hs f ~ o d wen been "winnowedn-a Watment aarnrally has . "Ymr Grand Instructor will no longer hide kimselt a d your eyes must become eyes seeing your Grand instructor.E. which must become fof artd oily. Contemplate Future Blessings 19Those responding to the voice of the Grand In- "Upon every ekvated kill there must come to be streams" - "This is the only place i the Bible where Jehovah is called "Grand n Instruaor!' 17.' 18 Jehovahis the "Grand Irntr~ctor. Todax this prophecy help wta see the marvelcnrs blethat the Messiah brings abmt f the qiritun d paradise now and the libral Paradise to come. (Read Isaiuh 30:22.'in case you people shouldgo ta the right ar in case you should go to the /eft. it is as if God's fatherly voice is telling them the way to go and urging them to reildjust thetr course o conduct so as to walk i f n it. The L n will prOdu# s abundwy that wen the anad o imals will benefit. 2 "He wjjl certoinlygive the rain for p u r seed with which 0 you sow the ground. though. viewing them as something disgusting. 18.Isainh's ProghecpLight for All Mankind I Hear God's Guiding Voice by bading His Word 17 AS Isaiah continues h address." (Matthew 2445-47) Let each one apply himself to Bible reading. and us the produce of the ground bread.~ has no equal as He a teacher. 20. Even in diF~cuIt times.

" and reined in with bridkRThey will m be twPrmtfhot1~1chescleartoths~bsw~ng& 23P." ClmM 30:28) &nernies of God's people will be endrdad by "a flooding torrent. as if t get hls listmew' attention.V r e n~meofW* o wh b m l n g h m far a w w ~ burnhg with hls u n v rrnd with heavy clouds. the prophet's XkZSlr w d % *in theday ofthe bkg slaughter when the taw6 1"In t l ~ e 1.gainIsaiah'stmechangesashed~thebapW - condition o faithful worshipers who will o m day rebun f - * 22. What delightful diet& hiah p e m t s here to illustrate the f l c b w o f J e h M sb h h g s an faithful mankind! u~ewyh~mwrrtahunduponemyelevated MI1 mmf cwm to be stmrw* (I& 30:2Su)' haiah pram& an apt word picbe emphasMng the mpletam ofJehmahlsblasiqp. No shoaage of water-a pcedous rommodity that will flow not only i the lawn lands but an wery mwntaln.u violently % and f with m sieve. The blessings In st= for God's faithfulm r shtpeft wlll exceed vastly-seven59ld-anyth1ng that thq -* ~ ~ have experienfed beSam. m the merit of t w biessi rigs In the new wM."LookI" be says. h 2 . @ee pagraph 1%)It may also refer t the delltrue. md the uwy light o the glowing sun will bef come sewn times m much." (lsaloll 3096) What a thdhg climax t tbh o btllllant prophecy1 The glory of God will sbine b t i all rh n its splendor. %h spirit is ii&ea 8 d i n g t o a n d h d adeveof Whmess.andabrMladHrt t h crrusesoneap w d rr o t d b e h trPejamdtMpeon erb u pk. whi will make p s ~ t b l e g m & t hIMI. What Fauser "mloiclng of heart" for Christians Way'! . em don. which operued the way Ear I s m l t enjay the b o l be o rP t d at blah 30:1%26. men *upon every high mountah d u p n every elwabed hilLR Yes. fnltiaJ fdllheut thb may refer ta the fall of Bab- sttentlon shifts to things even higher than the m %elightdWfulYmoonmwtMeartJleIj#tb%fPe gIbwIng sun. lik the fight of in the day thatjehmwhbindsup the brwkdown ofhis people dheals~ths~rwrund~ltingftwntk by him. o tim at r4rm@ldon. Jehavah has stayed m y YU Q W ing the enemies of his people to follow their mmure Now he draws closer-like a steadfly apptoacMng t h d m storm-to execute judgment. and hJs tongue Is ilk a demurlng k " . hunger wlll be a of the pa$t (Psalm 72: 16) Further. {Isaiah 30:27) Thus far. D s f P the cam~&m&ss the bledngs to come. 1 eab of jehovoh wlll come "with his anger and w M heavy cloudsW Judgment and Joy 22 The tone o Isaiah's rnasag~ f changes again. k iiw hh I& they hdw k c o m fadl of denunciation.' I- resend h~ grain intended for human consumption. la contrastwlth the bLesslagstacohe dot the faithfcrL what does Jehovahh m in smn far the wlckd? 23.

Arsyrin stands before God ancl trembles at the s i ~ hol his 'descendinji t arm' of judgment. (Isaiah 30:29)True CIzris%anstoday ex jreriencc a si tnl" ilar "rejoicing of l-~eatt" they conternplate the judgment as o Satan's world. Isaiah ernphaitrs [he renlity of God's judgment of hssyria. it is also p r e p a d for the king himself. and mcdit." and the Kingdom hlcssir~gs to crime.ite upot~ Kingclom Messings the to comc. Christians ca~crlv . the "Rock of salvation.Thcse word$encourage Gad's servant~ trcasurc the privilege of prayer. Thw derivc stretlgth trom rcllc. (I'r. as Thc prophet continues: "Ewryswing of his rod of chartiFernent that lehovah will cause t settle down upon Aso syrio will certainly prove to be with tambourines and with harps. 'Yehovah will certainly make the dignity o his voice f to be heard and will make the descending of his arm to be seen. d k I K C T ~ l < . thcr. I'roverhs 21-6. . (llomiin~ 15:4)lchorah wil I again. tie has mode its gife deep." ((Isaiah30:30. he will strike it even with a staff. Revelalion 1O:ll-21) M y that day come quickly! Meanwhile. ond with baffles of brundishing he wN acl.314 Isnitllfs Pt'opltrcy-l. this expression of gladness. "You people will come f hove cr song like o that in the nisht that one sanctifies oneself for Q fesliwrl. In eflccl.i. (a) Jchovalt'a ~ ~ r c ~ c l n m a t against Arsyrla have what modernl(~i~s day upill [cat l o l l ? (11) I low ilo (:llrlal Lana torlay kc[) In exl~ebalion of llil * .ually i fight against them. to the Rock of Ismo e. as t L wrtre. Jehovah. Fire ond wood are in abunrlance. Isaiah returns 10 t l ~ r theme of judgment and idcntilies the objea o G d ' s C wrath. 26. come lrom afar tu floorl. ancl bridle all thore who o p press hir people. For his Topheth is set in order from recent times. in the raging of anger and the flame of a devouring fire and clorrdburxt and rainsrom and hailstones. By showing that Assyria wiI1 end up there.alm 42:1. 2. For because of the voice af)ehovak Assyria will be struck with terror.a torsent of sulphur.2 Rter 37.s 26 Althartgh this judpyment mcssagc :cis directed against A s r a the slgnlficar~uco f IsaIah'r prophe~ygoes furqyl. the pmtechon extended to them hyjehcr f vah. is used here as a figurative place L~urnin~ with fire. await the dav ofdeliverance.1 After 24.-Campare 2 K l n ~ 23: 10. 3 7 ) With this gaphic description. and rejoicing Gf heart like that of one walking with a fluti t enter into the mountain of jehowrh. v p c 8 r t r ~ ~ l/ o]~i ~l ! t ~ u t ~ l ~ 111 o ' ) 315 to their land. (rzckicl 38:18-23. 1-101' does Isaiah's prophecy empha~izr rcallly nl' Awyrthe La's comlng judgment? I Ish str~sres suddcn and c o ~ n ~ ~ l e t c the destruction that is to cumc uvon that nntlon. Romans 1212) 'Ihuq I~alah's o ~ l hell? all o us to keep In expectation of w s f 3 . h a k e .ctin#ulkn thc vivid W O T ~ S recordcrl In Isniilli chapter 30.ylr t thr A l l httu~llt~/ ~ . 771ebreeth of jehomh. like . 2s. is burning agoinst iL" (lsaioh 3032. apply themselves lo tu Ritlle study. Iw2. in thc ValIcy of Hinnom. 33) Tophet !I.--Psalm 95:1.

Surely Egypt will be a valuablc ally against thc Assyrian army! I-Iowwer. Jeroboam led the ten northern tribes in rebellion against the house of David. and in steeds. To Isracl's fleshly way o thinking.17) What rvll1 iy l King Hezekiah and the rest oIJerusalern1s fnhahitants do? 2 Since the other cities of his land haw already fallen. Ntw the f death ofSolomon. Jehwah.The final slx verses seem to apply to Judah. (a) Why are Jerusalem's inhabitants terrified? (b) In vbw of . those who rely on mere horses. 'Tltis was in the year 997 B. main- - 5.-2 Kings 124. 4. Moreover. (Jeremiah 32:3R. we haveta look back and see how Jehovahdealt with his covenant nation in earlier years. I I 12 tribes o Israel were u n i t 4 as one natlon. That nntlon's army is so fear-inspiringthat opponents somdlmcs flee without even a fight! In view ol' Jcrusalcm's dlre circumstances. "Woe to those going down to Egypt for assistance. f Egypt" horses are numerous and mighty. 35) Par this and other reasons. (1 Kings 1225-33) This was abhorrent to Jehovah. but who have not lmkd to the Holy One of lsmel and have not scorched for Jehovah himseff. three verses of lrninll chapter 31 are dl&ed the hrst Iy to 1srael. I-lezekiah knows that Jerusalem is no match for Assyrja's powerful military force. (2 Kings 15: 29) King Hoshea tried t break the hrsyrlan yoke by conu spiring with Egypt. and from then on the nation w 3 5 divided into two kingdoms. To whom does Israel turn for help? . tllc Assyrian5 have an unparalleled reputation for auelry and violence. (2 K nas 18: 1 3. but the rchemc failed. 4 Jemboam was the first king of the northern kingdom of Israel. has attacked "all the fortified clties of Judnh and proceeded to seize them. Apostasy In Israel 3 From the time that Israel left Epypt until the death of Davld's son Solomon-a period of just over 500 pars-the 1 2." (Isaiah 3 I : t 3 I low tragic! Ismel places greater t r u s t i horrcs and in war cliariats than In the livn ing God.C. he allowed A5syrla tcr subjugate Israel.E." Now. because they are very mighty." So he sends the prophet lsalah with the follawing warning.Assyria's milltary machine i q thrcatening the capital c t of Judah. because they are numerous. I I I Israel Turns to a False Refuge 5 Jehwah wants to bring the Israeljtes back to their senses. (a) When and how was the nation of I~ract dlvlded Into two kingdoms? (b3 What bad start did Jeroboarn ~ l v c northern tcnthe tribc kingdom? 1 GY. and who put their trust in war chariots. and he 11x1his suhlects on the path of apostasy by replacing the Aamnic priesthood and the lawful worship of Jehovah with an illegitimate priesthood and a system of calf worship.- . the mightiest emplrc of the day. the Israelites will soon find that thelr fleshly alliance with Egypt is futile. where can her inhabitants turn for hclp? 1s there any escape from the Aqsyrlan army? And how did God's people get Into such a sitriation? To answer these questions. - CHAPTER TWENTY-FOUR N o Kelp From Thls World 317 No Help From This World Isaiah 31 :7 -9 JERUSALEM'S inhabitants are terrified-and with p o d reason! Assyria. Jeru3alemdspredicament. what questions are fitting? 3.

3-5. c ~ ~ ino WOIM-rather than in Jehothe m vah. social n posittan. m& the a. 54:7. what will be the outcame.3-8) pro*. saying "He Is also wise ctnd will brlng k what is mIamItous. o Sadly. the bhab1tmts of both 1% rad arid J u d ate h~ dedicated relatiomhip wiih Jehc a vzlh. Grant& C * M family heads take s m m their & S y resp0rl~bWyto provide materially for their w e . Jehavahhas~tedly~tabeaHfo~in the time of dlstms.n leaders who uaft- ed the treaty with Egypt.318 h i a h ' s Propimy-tight fur Al! MdnMnd I 6 Thmgh the Law cwmmit. And they gu& against "aery sort of cwetousm." (Lulpg 12:13-21) The orply "WCUE height h ~ Co S f d i s ~ ' isJehQvah ' Gad-Psalm 9 9 . But is not the (.lO)Moreovq through Moses. Wbat rn Cbbtbns W a y 1 h m Israel's lack o faith? f 8. and w4yl M What Is the diEmnce htrman pmmtres miJ e h M ' s pmmlm1 InJehwah? . Why? &cause induded in the k m s o the covenant f is Jehovah's pramhe to protect his people if they render dusi~e to bim ~ ~ I Q I STrUg fO that 26. (Deuteronomy 17:16) Obedia c e t this qplation would show that these kIngsl look o t "theHoly Qne. Israel m d s a lack offaith I Jehovah and n n disregard fw the laws that are part o that holy cove f nant. s 1 7There i a k m i in W f ChWam ?mday. (a) AIttmughIsmeYs pkns may seem shateglcallysouad. Nw~rtheles5. and he hnr not caIM Back his own wv&i and he d l certain4 rise up against the house of & d m and au the dstwnce d tho^ Io gI g m n g what b hurtfu1. tlker wise tO&x ChrMa135:may be tempted to place!theit con& den@ i fleshlys o m s nfsecurfty-bk accwnts.9-12. t e do not put t e r faith In mamihy hi (1 Timothy S:@ al tbfngs. @ x d m 24:= 1 M d a I6:15-17)By tuning to Egypt for help.2 Chmnides 1&2. 9. 8 w h i e m . the m d t o r of the Law cwlenaat. Jehwahtold future kings o Israel not t inf o sxease horses for thernse1~. forming such a political alllance consUtuta spiritual Tkose who put thelr Crust in mottdal thhgs wlll be dlsappolnted T? 7' 6. bras s m el baked t &IMe s u p m from o t rather than to the h more povmh1 mppxrt that Jc m h provides. the rulers ofI m do ndt have that kind of Mtk." (isahh 372) k d ' s leadm may think that they are wise.' [Psalm 3739.ofTsraeI" ibr-on. 17. why d m Israel's wrn@ to Fgypt ktmy a blatant lack of falth 7.reator of the unlwm supremely wise7 By all appearances Ismel's scheme t seek a help from Egypt Is StrateIglcallysound.

and what happens to thme whn tllsrqatd the warnlngl 13.E. m n the maned young lion. and at the some time they will all of them come lo on end.~Prophecy-Light fir All Mrrnklnll I adultery i Jehovah's sight. The Israelites even malw "their sons and thelr daughters pass through the h. and In 740 B.o warn "mankind that they should all cv~rywhcrcrcpcnt." (Isaiah 33:3) Both the helper (Egypt) and the helped (Israel) will stumble. does not need to 'call back his ownwords! He will without fail do what he promises. Sarnaria's Pall 11 In his mercy Jehovah repeatedly sends prophas to cncourage lsrael to repent and return to purc worship. What work has Jehovahcornmlssionedtoday. and they will reside forever upon it. the capital city of judah. . 14. and not Cod. when there Is caited out against it fuEE number of shepherds. n Isaiah says that Jehwah will "brlng in what is calarnltnus!' 9 Arrrnan promises are notoriously unreliable. Isaiah tells issaeI: T h e Egypfiuns. though. On thc other hand. After a threeyear siege. and in spite of their voice he wit! not be terrified and in spite of their commotion he wilj not stoop.I s a i a h 55:10. Will they learn horn what befell Sarnarla? 14 Isaiah's next words are comforting to Jerusaiem's residents. And Jehowh himself wi!l stretch out his hand. Jehovah." (Psalm 37:25)) How wlse. (Ezekiel 239 -10) As a result.C.. and come to their end when Jehovah stretches out his hand to execute his judgment by mtlans of Anyrla. saying: '7hb is whot Jehomhhas said f me: o ')mt a the IIon gm wts. What comfnrtlng words does Jehovah have for Zion? . His word does not return to him without d b ." sacrificing the h i t of their own flesh to demon gods. IrnrnoraI Raal worship. Israel adds to its sin s calf f worship by engaging in divination. Now they find themselves threatened by the same terrifying enemy that brought about the end of their narthcrn neighbor. and their hones are flesh. Psalm 106:36-39. and he ilSot is offering help will have to stumble. and not spirit. Samaria falls. The inhabitants of Jerusalem are only too aware! of what has happened to Samarla. and he that is being helped will hove to Foil. and what I5 t hc end m It? u Jehovah" Saving Power 13 Siiuated a few milcs frum Israel's southern border is Jerusalem.11."destroyed Iike the apostate nation of lsracl. What will happen to both Egypt and Israel? 11. . ure earthling men. to avoid the mistakes of the ancient:kingdom of Isracl! k us put our whole mnfit drncr in Jehovah for ralvabun. then. (2 Kings 17:14-17. and human protection is uncertain. the tcn-trlhe kingdom ceases to exist. (2 Kings 1Z13)Despite this. Amos 2:s) To bring an end t Israel? wickedness." (Acts 17:30. ll ke a snapped43 twig on the surface o waters. o w its s prey. 14:24.C.E." (Hosea IO: f 10. He assures them that Jehovahs lwes his coveW nant people. Jehwnh deo crees: "Sarnaria and her h g will certainly be silenced. 10 WilI the Egyptians prove t~ be a reliable protection for Israei? No. those hoping in Jehwah "will possess the earth. in - 12. 12 F our clay Jehovah has commfsstoned a worImYide n preaching work I. Matthew 2414) Those who rcjcr? Gotl's means of salvation will become lie "a snapped-off twig. What record ofsin has Jsrael amassed. the capltal clty of Israel. on the other hand. /1 ' I 1 7) [n 742 R.. fall. and the use of sacred poles and high places. Assyrian forces attack Samaria.320 tsainh'.

nor any other commotion by Assyrian troops wiIl turn Jehovah from his purpose. and with watchful eyes she searches for any sign of danger. you people." This will be especialiy evident when. she quickly swoops down tn defend her chicks. also "sons of Israel. In a similar way. Jehovah will jealousIy protect his holy city. Sparing her. now. threatening no words. he must also cause her t escape. shortly after Isaiah concludes his prophetic message. Hezekiah's son Manasseh becomes king.Isaiah's Propphecy-Light for All hfrnkir~d 7 I No Help From Thilis World she same way jehovah of armies will come down to wage war over Mount Zion and over her hill. The people of Judah. to the One against whom the sons of Israel have gone deep in their revolt. According to the Bible record. jehovah of armies will in the same way defend jerusalem. are even worse than the people of those nations. in a covenant relationship with Jehovah. No boa~ting. lekovah will protect his haly city I I 15 Notice. he will also certuinly deliver her. the tender and cornpassior~ate way that Jehovah will deal with the inhabitants of Jerusdem: 'Like birds flying."(Isaiah 375) The ten-tribe kingdom of Israel has not bcen alone in her rebellion." have gone "deep in their revolt. Defending. {a) What lavlng appeal does Jehovah make to his people? (b) When does the revolt of the people of Judah become especially evident? Explain." (Isaiah o 375) A mother bird i s ever vigilant to delend her young. . yet the inhabitants of Judah. "Manasseh kept seducing Judah and the inhabitants of Jerusalem to do worse than the nations that Jehovah had annihilated. If a predator comes near. 15. How does Jehovah deal tenderly and compassionately with the Inhabitants of Jerusalem? 16. With outstretched wings she hovers above her brood." (2 Chronicles 3319)lmagine that! Jehovah annihilates pagan nations because they are disgusting in their filth.'" (Isaiah 37:4) Like a young lioll standing over its prey. Like a lion guardfng its prey. Zion. You People" 16 Jehovah now reminds his people that they have sinned and encourages them to abandon their erring ways: "Return. "Return.her. Jehovah will tenderly rare for the inhabitants o Jerusalem because of the invading f Assyrians.

conditions are similar in many reSpert~ tho* In Jmhh in the d a p of Mato mob The world is' lnCreasihglypd-ed by reI@bns. in a @eat open battle. and what should they learn from this? . p~ople and nations-especially the natbns of Christendom-have gone "deepIn their rev&" We can he cerbin. He warns t h e Jewish king against ~ l y ing on Jehovahfar salvation and points out that the gods of other nations have been ineffdve in piatecling their people agmst the mighty Assyrian war machhe. Bel. he says: "In that day they will reject each 18. thegreat gods ws] lords.No Help From 7'hls MFarld 17 At the dawn of the 2 1 g t cent-. torture. m d ethrtic hatreds. He humble$himself and looks to Jehovah for direction.and ethnic hatreds Jerusalem Delivered 18 Assyrian kings gave uedit ta their gads for victory an the battlefield. [when t he] defeated the battle (qxperienced)soldiers .Why? Because of what took place in Isaiah's day. Horrific acts o Murder. Jehovah will not althat low wickedness to continueindefinitely. who (always) march a [his] side. shows a sisnliar belief in t h e invaIvement of gods in human warfare when he addresses King Hezehdah. The world h poldrleed by dIgi0613." I Isaiah's day. What warning does Rabshakeh give t Hezekiah? o 19. radal. How will Jehovah act in behalf of the inhabitants of Judah. Nebo. Through the prophet Isaiah. f 1%In."(2 Fmgs 19:1) He&ah recognizes that there is only One wRo can help him in this frightening situation.. and so-called e t h c cleansing have victimized millions.-2 Kings 18:33-35. 19 How does King Hezeldah react? The Bible account says: "As soan as King Hezekiah heard. Jehovah gives the sought-for direction. ~ o w e ~ e r . Rabshakh. How does HmeEriah react t Rabshakeh's bunts?: o 20. who repxesenb n King Sennacherib of Assyria. racial. Without a doubt. Whnt way ace mhdlblobs W a y corflganble to t h w in JUeh under Mamseh? 325 rape. m Assyrian monarch who claimedthat he was guided "by Ashur. he immediately ripped his garments apart and covered himself with sackcloth and came into the house of Jehovah.. . The book Andent Near Emtern T x r conet tains writings of Ashurbanipal.

while bowing to his god NIsmch. Sennacherfb's gods wlll be for what they are-~wrthless.As for ~ i a Wng Smnachern ib.-2 KSngs 19:35-37." s (wah 3f:n When Jehavah fights for his people. Later. he is assassinated by his own sons. including Hezeldah. will devrrur him. could foresee how Jeh P a wwld deliver Jenwalem from the h s ~ l a n y .andas~~~~ thut of earthling man. of th& skis and rejecting "each one his worthless gods. ZZNP one.. What mW t i a n a today leam from the m invoMng Het s ekiirh and the hssyrlan army? Hezekiah went to the house of lehovoh b help r . ~ h l l d ing their rdattonshlp with Jehovahwill require repenting. This Is a -. now prophetically d d k s Jehovah's execudonal acts agdnst Judah'sf e m m e enemy: T w Assyrian -See 2 Isaiah 1 ~~bythe~notdtcrtofamcm." e Exodus 34:14. The cream o Assyrf iaJs Mops are dmured. (hiah 2:s-8) For the Inhabitants dJudah. Hetekiah's way of d d n g wlth the crisis 21. How dae~raalah prophetically describe Jehovah's exeatkana1 aas against the BissyrfanT 22.1 that the inhabitants of JudaR shwld take to hem. c Ph m MmrEheless. he f f return [srwl. has bwn hlled with id&. Jerusdem's inlwbitanb do not even k tc~ draw their swords from their sheaths. the h d of Judah.000 o hh warriors at the hand o Jehwah'sangel. not by the swords of men.mdhlsownpungmmwillmmeb be fw b e d labor W. "he must flee becaw of the mrd!'After the death of 285. Desplk the fai#hfulnessof King Hez&ah. And he must & b. but hy tlw sword of Jehavah.# (Isaiah 31:8) When the showdown comes. h t your hart& haw mOde Ibr youa a sin. -- Ma H d p From T?t!s World onebis ~ k g d o f d l w r a n d h l s Wuekssgudsd goid..

(Tsaiah 41:11. [I Peter 5:7) He wjH help us overcome our fear and will strengthen us t cope with the situation that o is causing stress. no porn." (fsoiah 32:l) Yes. What adminlstntlon Ir prophafed in the books of Isaiah and Rev- clatlon? . Inwhat way is Sennacherib. it i Sennacherib.L and 70 CE. faith i Jehovah. This scroll I s almost complete. not man's. a remarkable collection f of scrolls was found In caves located near the Dead Sea.C. 2 A noteworthy detall about the Dead Sea Scroll o Isaiah f I$that the portion making up what is today known as Isalah chaptcr 32 I marked with an "X" scrawled i the mars n gin by a scrlhe. W do not know why the scribe made such e a mark.12) At the same time. In many situations. 24 This part of Isaiah's prophecy pmvides a clear message for any would-be opposer of God.000 years later. 2.ylrt f i r All Mlrrrklrtrl I CHAPTER TWENTY-FIVE provides an excellent exampIe for those who face trlals today." flsaiah 31:1. not Hezekiah. the only real and lasting refuge is Jehovah Cod. hut w do know that there is something special e nbottt thls portion of the Holy Bible. 'They too arc struck with terror."(Isaiah 3 1 9 ) Sennachcril~~s gods -his "crag." the refuge in which he lras trusted-fail him. t h e scroll demonstrates the accurate transmlsslon of thc Bible text.-Psal m 37:s. they will rule os princes for justice itself. "Look! " "This exclamatloo calls to mind a similar 3 1. They "pass away out nf sheer fright. if we 'throw all our anxiety upon Jehovah. 2-3 In the end. n What a blessing for Jerusalem that he did! God-fearing Christians today may also experience intense ernotior~ when under s t m s . those who clat rn ta serve Gad yet turn away from hlm to seek security in fleshly things will meet with disappointment. not He~xkiah. Rtlllng for Righteousness and Justice Isaiah chaptcr 32 opens with a thrllIing prophecy that is finding rcrnarkabte fulfillment in our day: "Look! A king ME reign for righteousness Itrdt and as wspecB t' princes. There is no weapon. fear is undcrstandable. 'Thus. In Palcstinc." as it w r e . and its text differs very little from that of manuscripts of the Masoretic text dated about 1.Any who "have not looked to the Holy One of Tsmel" will see Jehuvat1 "bring in what is calamitous. 2) Truly. with fearful ern* left tions? 24.' he will care for us.' is the utterance of fehovah.-1 328 Isalnh'J I'roplrecy-lf. Yet. who Is left s with fearful emotjons. no device that can Frustrate Jehovah's purposes. (2 Corinthians 4:16-18) In view of the terrifying reputation of the Assyrians threatening Jerusalem. ( 2 K n s 193) S i l hc had ig tl. 23.I-[ezekiah understandably was afraid. even Sennacherib's princes are of Httle help. What clear message can he learned from what happened tn the Assyrian? The King and His Princes -- lsaiah 32:l-20 TOWARD the end o the lWQ's. Moreavcr. Best known among them is a smIl nf Isaiah written In Hebrew on durable leather. whose light is in Zion and whose furnace i4 in Jerusalem. To whom can he turn? Isaiah f o w tells: "'His own crag will pass uwuy out of sheer fight. What can he salt1 about the text of the Dead Sea Scroll of Isaiah? It. and because of the signal his princes must be terrified. and he sought His guidance. Thcy became known as the Dead Sea Scrolls and art! heliwcd to have been written sometime between 2(X) Ii.

0. the m m a l r l e r ~o Isaiah chapter 32 b h t f fnretatbIllDtheKing.the apakJohar p r k " saw. a global. 6 Whatnueleusof thene~eaahisnawpresent? 5-7. /miah chapter 32 is m k e d with an "X" .1' $." Here Is the nudws of thenewe*th-agreat~nownumberlngtntothe~born. 2 : .Isatah's Pmkhccy-Light far All Mankind I exhatian fwnd in the lerst prophetic book of the Bibie: "The One seatedan the throne said: W k ! I rn making all things nw" (FhvdAion 215) The Bible books o Isaiah e! f and Malion. Nmwmr. wild human society. and 144. who h m bem @herd t the dde of the few. mosta 1 elderly m i n i n g ones of the M4. What role do the I d 'princes' play I God% s? n In the Deud Seu Scrdls. written snm@ 9W years apwtl both present a glowing -#on of a n@w adminishatimQnYa e nw he-* composedof the ChristJaus." (Rmhdm 141-4. and.. 7 5 H m e v a .m~afthr!gmtnawdneedpr~m. enthroned ln the hemem in 1914. out ofall nao tions anxt t r l h and peoples and toques.-rnbtiorn z4. lwkl a great I ctwvwd. 1 l 4 halah 65:17-25) This entire a m e m is made e b l e by m gm t ~sransomsacrlfrce ~Adterseelng~~nthefmal~oftheselMlOOO calm. as I g as the present hate-med world exm #. stankfure the throne and k f m e the Lamb. W n o m u w a s able t number.If0. This great crnvd y will survive the fastMapba&ngp a t tfibulatlan and in the m s e earth will be joked by resurrected faithful ones and bflllom of athers who vsfli be @tpen the appor~tyto~~AUwhodosowillkblessd~th ewxasting life.000 wrulers "bought from among mankhdua@er with "a new earth. QuMJesus.Inlarg@ *The"klngLIn~32:1~~hadap~Wry~ncem - King Hemkiah.

shdbr is kom the rain. 9 In his great prophecy desrr&fog the dlstresshl "condusiaa of tbe $yskmo things: Jesus said: 'See that you are f not terriftatN (Ma&ew a:=) are JesustblIowers Why not W W hy today's d q p o u s W d condtlms?One reason 4 that the "prima"-whether they be anointed or "other sheep"-are loyally prokkiq the flock. How Is lehavah Wgand using the "prhmuwho are of the n i athw sllwp? Each 'pdn~e' like a hidng piwe fmm the wind.e h r n thewindadaphce efcomwiMentliom t h e d n storm. like k the shardow of u heavy crag in an ahmhd kmd. even i the face 6f such humors as e t h i c wan and genadde. 8. the Bible 8 Duhgthe past sDyem. they see to # that depressed souls are rekbed by the upbuilding t u h of W ' s rts Word."--Is~Icrh 322.~thisisp~ddbythe"prlnces*who"mle~ .. the "princeu hawmmckrlylntnvim. water in the daert. 6 Right now i this time of worldwide distreis.for justfce itself:' W t a grand amqementl These "princes* are desaied further in the glowing words o Idah's f pmphq:"EuchmemustpmwtobekoMdngpkrr. Vdnmn who are oftheather sheep are being Wried as a d e d q b g "chieftainH d~ so that after the great tribulation. elders who will "pay attentton t o o all the f a l caring for Jehmah'ssheep and adrnhlsw tdng justice i harmowwithJehwah'srighteous prlndn ples. (Am 2U28)Such "princes"must m e t the q u a l l b tiom set out in1Tmothy 327 and TlW 1:6-9. and shade from the sun . I shams of vvrtlter in o wtaks country. there is a n need fr "pdmq" yes. (John 1 : 0 16)They W4ssXp cape fw their brothers and shters.. h n a spiritually exhausted w d d .. qualified onesamong them wlll .

Jehovah will thus see to it that what is righteous and just wiII prevaiI. Inc. and in what way do they lack generosity? - 9. but well thought out. they are ever ready to hear and to obv. published by the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society of Sew York. The Theocratic Ministry School and other meetings oper* See The Watchtowq March 1." (Isaiah 32:4) Let no one be overhasty in drawing conclusions about what is right and what is wrong.-Psalm 25:10. as well as the specialized training of the "princes" to treat the flock with loving care have al I contributed to the building up of a united. and international conventions. Wherf ever these shepherds are on earth. and even the tongue o f the stammerers will be quick in speaking clear things.2 Peter 3:13) By providing spiritual guidance and refreshment as they take the lead in Kingdom service. Storms are raging in the farm of wars between and within nations as well as direct assaults against faithful worshipers o Jehovah God. Ears. 6a) Who is "the senseless one"? Ar if for emphasis. their ears are wide open to acljustments in understanding of the advancing word of truth. and a for the uns principled man. through his anointed brothers and supportive "princes" of the other sheep." (Proverbs 29:20. Happily. he will not be said to be noble. not stammering with uncerta~nty? 12. But starting in that year. global brotherhood o millions. Christians badly need the streams of water o pure. they are proving themselves to be "like the shadow of a heavy crag." (Isaiah 3233) Over the years. national. Ecclesiastes 5:2) Before 1919. The Rible says: "Haw you beheld a man hasty with his words? There is more hope for someone stupid than for him. and the very ears of those hearing will pcry attention. atjlng in the congregations of Jehovah's Witnesses worldwide." (Isaiah 3. In a world f parched by spiritual drought.25. unadulterated buth in order to f quench their spiritual thirst. What conditionr show the need for "princes" today? 10. Who are 'the senseless ones' today. and they are now speaking with the certainty o belief. pages 13-18. 13) Smng winds of false doctrine and twisted propaganda are blowing.3. Why are God's people now speaking with confidence. What provisions has Jehovah made so that his people can 'see' and 'hear' spiritual things? . Jehovah has provided for the instruction and bringing to maturity of his precious servants. because the senseless one himself will speak mere senselessness." 9 In these perilous last days of Satan's wicked world. Paying Attention With Eyes. 1999. dedicated Christians sorely need such protection." (Ezekiel 44:2. not overhasty. even Jehor vah's people were tainted with Babylonish ideas. Jehovah has promised that his reigning King.334 Isaiah's Prophecy-Lilphf for/lll Mankind I Ute King and His Princes 335 be ready for appointment to serve in an administrative capacity in the "new earth. (2 Timothy 3:1-5. King David mice supplies the answer: "The senseless 11. will provide encouragement and guidance to despondent and discouraged ones in this time of need." bringing relief to the flock in its realm of worship. 1 1 The prophecy then cautions: 'The heart itself of those who are overhasty will consider knowledge. and Hearts 10 How have the great crowd responded to Jehovah's theocratic arrangement? The prophecy continues: "The eyes o f those seeing will not be pasted together. They haw found the truths he has revealed to be. Jehavah has given them a clearer understanding of his purposes. "The Senseless One" 12 Isaiahts prophecy next draws a contrast: 'The senseless one will no longer be called generous. not f stammering with uncertainty. the district. With Bible-trained consciences.

how refreshing is the fulfillment of the prophet's next words! ' regards the generous one. with a view to having Jehovah's Witnesses banned or restricted. They will pour into your laps a fine measure. and he causes even the thirsty one to go without drink itself.' is the utterance o Jehovah. shaken together and overflowing." of whom Jesus prophesied: "If ever that evll slave should say in his heart. 'to deliver you." (Ephesians 5 3 ) Thus. 16 h cantrast.' and should start to beat his fellow slaves and should eat and drink with the confirmed drunkards. But the final outcome d l be what Jehovah declares to. (a) Bow do modern-day apostates work what is hurtful? (b) Of what do apostates try to depnve the hungry and the thirsty. even when someone poor speaks what is right. hornos-&uality-indeed. it is ' A for generous things that he has given counsel. 14. I I I 1s From the middle years o the 20th century.his people through another of his prophets: "They will be certain to fight against you. they will measure out to you in return. they "wreck" their flocks with their false saylngs. Why? The prophecy foretold one reason: "ds for the unprincipled man. so do "intellectuals" and others who act as if there were no God. imrnoralif ty has openly run riot in the lands of Christendom. who particularly are "unprincipled. and in favor of generous things he himself will rise up*"(Isaiah 3 : ) 28 Jesus himself encouraged generosity when he said: "Practice giving' and people will give to you. There i s where his weeping and the gnashing of his teeth will be. The truth is not in such ones. In effect.tal sex. they are slow to provide for needy ones in distress or fail to do so entirely. many of the clergy in particular have adopted a permissive attitude toward prernasi. (Isaiah 32:6c) Enemies o truth f 14 In 13. but what will be the final outcome? lf I I I I . apostates have joined forces with other opponents of truth." (Isaiah 32:7} In fulfillment of these words.' They have acted ruinously. and with what result? 16. he himself has given counset for arts of loose conduct to wreck the afflicted ones with false sayings. I t y to deprive truth-hungry people of spiritual food. For with the measure that you are measuring out." what "false sayings" have they promoted. There is no one doing good. believing that they are accountable to no one.' "-Jeremiah 1:19. Today. They manifest the spirit of the "evil slave. but they will not prevail against you. the apostate causes "the soul of the hungry one to go empty. They have no gospel of love. 53:l) Of course. f Isaiah 54:17.336 Isaiah's Prophecy-Light for A11 Manklrrd I The King and His Princes 337 one has said in his heart: 'There is no Jehovah. and will punish h m with the greatest severity and will assign him h s part with the hypocrites." (Isaiah 32:6b) How true this is of modern-day apostates! In a number of countries in Europe and Asia."-Matthew 24:48-51." (Luke 6:38)The apostle Paul too pointed to the blessings that come to generous ones when he said: "Bear in mind the 15." (Psalm 14:1. 13 Many such senseless ones come to hate thosc who champion God's truth. cohabitation of the unmarried. and r they try to keep thirsty ones from dridung the refreshing waters of the Kingdom message. they have acted detestably in their dealing. to work at apostasy and to speak against Jehovah what is wayward. "His very heart will work at what is hurtful. What makes genuine Christians happy? 1 I I - the meantime. speaking outright lies to the authorities. his instruments are bad. pressed d m . In contrast with genuine Christians. 'My master is delaying. for 'I am with you. There is no generosity in their hearts. "fornication and uncleanness of every sort. the master of that slave will come on a day that he does not expect and in an hour that he does not know. confirmed atheists say that there is no Jehovah.

whlcl~ claim? to be God" ''highly elated m n ..1 Timothy 1:11. yes. rise up. listen to my voke! You careless daughters. 'l'hc nncicnl citslom was to wear an outer garment over nn ~ t l t l ~ r ~ n r m e n t .7.l F a) 'I'hc attitude of these women rnay rcrninrl us o those totlny who claim to s e m f God but who an. not by ga:nlnlng material weaIth or social promincnc~. is grncrous. "l'here i s more happiness ingiving than thew is in rccclvlng! " (Actr 2035)Gcnuine Christians are made happy. 19 This picture of gloom extends to all parts of apostate "JeerusaIem": "The dwelling tower itrelf has been forsaken.iscIw complacent as to the judgment ancl agitiit-ion tllal wl ll soon c n ~ l lrlthem. (Matthew 544. not 7~alnw his scrvicc. ta hlac religion: "Undress and make yourselves nuked. you careless ones!" (haioh 329. members of Christendom's rpligions a r c w r y much as lsaiah describes thece "women. Who Nday are like the "carelew dau~htcrr" rcf~rred by I5~11111' tn . because the grope picking will have come to an end but no fruit gathering will come -- 17. Upon the ground of nty people merely thorns. nuier garment 'I'hc wa? often a means or idrnlll~catlon. JehovaIr. for they are upon all the houses of exulhtion.(2 Kings 10:22. over the fruit-hearing vine. and gird sackcloth upon the loins. " or among tllc rest of the mernhert of the world empire of false religion. i genemusly giving o thcmselvcs in order n f to make known to others "the gloriuus good IIPWS of the happy God. symbols o l n~ourning over their imminent jurlgment. you women who aw at ease! Be agitated. spiny bushes come up. Wha i x instruct4 ti) "glrd s. 23. when hc hirnscll sald.The King ond 1% Prlt~crs 1 339 in. 18. the highly doted town. Tremble. 14) ?'hc prnphccy b thus commanding members of hlsc religions to renwve their outer garments -their pretended ldcrrtity as scrvants of Gad-and to put on instead garments of cnckcloth. hy being generbut uus-in the same way that their I. abandonment. 18 The call aoes fortlil then. give ear to my saying! Within a year and some days you careless ones will be agitated." [isuioh 32:17 b-73) 'Shc expression "Undress and makc y n u r s e l ~ ~ s nakccl" cloes not appear to mean total disrohin~. 'l'hdr domain 01 operiiti~n brings forth "mcrcly t h o r ~ l sspiny busher" of neglect and ." and why? 19. Beo t yourselves upon the breasts in lumen takion over the desirable fields. What ctlntlition nf apcrqlntu "Frrural~~n"cxpnqed by Isaiah? 1% A Christian finds great happiness in sharing the good newr with atlrers words of the Lord Jesus.'' (Itcvclalion 1 7:s)1:o~ cxample. (ltewlation 1 Zlh) No godly fruitfulness is to l#r found amon# the religious organizations of Christendclrn. Such ones are in found in the rell~ions "Hsl)ylan the G m t . 17 Isaiah's prophecy continues: "YOU women who are at ease."'rhcy arc "at c.451 Their greatest happiness is fot~nd doin ing God'swill.(uI.". Revelation 7: 1. the mother of of the harlo~.tcktloth upon thc loins.

even Bphel is included. a united.e hull and the ass were beasts of burden used by God's andent people in plowing fields and sowing seed. even though thcy are "out of all natiom and t r l tws anti pcoptcs and tongues.'' (Isaioh 32:75) Happily. far time indefinite the exultation of zebras. and other multitudes are joining them. I the restored spiritual paradise. a fruit-bearing orchard of anointed Witnesses." lirui far the imitation Christians. ddng so in confidence o enioying. What 1% the dl Reference between the condition of God's people and that od those i falrc religion? n 2. 16) All of them arc indeed to bc counted "happy"! - 22. elertronic tools. work. "the glory o Jehon f vah. 21 W sen. lsalah 32:7& is already being fulfilled.-Rcvclation 79. lo drikc tile counterfeit city o t false religion. 17. true Christians are gIobally united." '['hey live. vialencc. quietness. l'rosperity and growth are the keynotes o his organization on earth f today. quietness on$ security to time Indefinite. and security found today? 1 tual condltjon of Jehovah's people today! In contrast with the rnajorlty of manklnd." is reflected by hls people as they proclaim his incoming Kingdom wor1dwlde. "it will certainly hail when the forest goes dawn and the dty becomes low in an abased state." Millions o God-fearing men f and worncn have already k e n harvested. modern hullclings aancl transport and. Today." (Isaiah 32:79) Yes. It is brren spiritually." (Isaiah 32:20) '1'l. the splendor of our God. Jehovah'spcoplc use prlntiq equipment. like a W r n ~ ~ ~ s t ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ h a Jehovah'snjudgment is p~ised ilslorr . A Glorious Contrast! 20 Isaiah next presents a heartwarming hope for those who do Jehuvah's w l -Any desolation of God's own peoil ple will last only "'untilupon us the spirit Is poured out fmm on high.ltions. true p i c e and security to lime f indcfinitc. Jehovah's spirit has becn poured out in abundance upon his people. now. Isaiah's words show that apostate "Jerusalem"-Christendom-1s not watchful of doing God's will. and the orchard i h l f is occounkd as a real forest.X. It says: "My people must dwell in o peaceful abiding place and In residences of full confidence and in undisturbed resting-places.2. Willing workers use these inshuments to sow S C ~ of Kingdom truth throughout the earth. far removed from truth and justice-+eastlike in the extreme. to be followed by an expanding forest of other sheep. and serve t n harmony with God's righteousness. 77) How we1 l this describes I he q ~ i ri20. (Revelation 14:15. who are divided by hatred. sendinq forth the feet of the bull and o f the ass. restoring. debasing its "forest" of wpporters. Ovhel is an devated part of Jerusalem that provides a strong ticfensive position. 22 In the spiritual paradise. and hmv are those sharIng In ~t to Ilc counted? . since 1919. aurl abject spiritual poverty.-lraiah 35:1. And the work of the true righteousness must become peace. the pasture of droves. Ophel and the watchlower themselves have become bare fields. What is the effect of God's spirit bring poured out upon his pmwle? 21." (EsaTah 32:T6.s: it: were. a. and the sewice of the true righteousness. Where is righteousness. IitS erally "alangside all waters. at last. theoctatlc organization to print and distribute biIlions of Blblc pub1tc. above all. and in the omhard rjghteousness itrelf wit! dwell. To say that Ophel become? a l~areheld bespeaks complete desolation for the city. and the wilderness will have become an orchard. t J e h d s glorious promise: "in the wito demessjustice will certainly wide." (Isaiah 32:74}Yes. Wliat gloll:!lwork IF nenring complctlon.the very hubbub of the city has been abandoned. obliterating these for all time! 23 This portion of the prophecy concludes: "Happy are you people who ore so wing seed alongside all waters.

they will deal treucherorrsly with you.' ravaging the cities o jurlah. that aggressive nation sccms unbeatable.. though. A t your arising nations f have been dispessed. It lzas 'despoiled without being despoiled. (Isaiah 7:17. Isaiah thus prays: "0 jehowh. is now pursulng Its own greedy ambition for world conquest. 2." (Isaiah 332. without you pusself being despoil&. our soSvrrclon h the time of distress. the promise that climaxes this part ofIsaiah's prophecy is! Imagine the time when "no resident will say: 'I am sick' " gsaiah 3324) When and how will this promise be fulfilled? 2 Isaiah is writing at a time when God's cownatlt people are sick spiritually. then. - God's people. show us favor. the northern ten-tribe kingdom of Israel falls to the A~syrians the year 740 &. the nation's spiritual illness? Cn Isaiah chapter 33. slckness and death con-tinueto plague the human race. (Isaiah 15. 33) Appropriately. How comforting this prophecyir to faithful ones! 5 During that frightening period of time.CHATTER TWENTY-SIX "NUNcsirirnl Wlll Soy: ' l a Sick'* l "No Resident Will Say: 'I Am Sick' " .CEO Kings 17:l-18:18:9in 12 I 7 1 A few years later. going beyond its mandate to discipline 1 Why are the words of lsaiah 33:24 comforting7 . Assyrin. 3 (a) In what rray is the nation of lsnel sick? (b) How docs As. Become our nrm [of strength and supporfl every morning. 15) Erst. even stripping the f housc of Jchovah o its wealth-and dnlng so with seemf IIIR impunity1 (2 K111gs18:14-16.'' Isaiah boldly rlcclarer. we read Jehovah's answers to these queskions. As soon as you hove done with dealing trwchemusly. (Isaiah 1k7-11) Will Jehovah allow Its brutal mbtr~atrnent hls people to go unpunished? of Wilt there he a Ilealing of. 6) They have plunged s deeply into apostasy and immorality that they need sco vere discipline from Jehovah Gad. ( 2 Kings 18:13. At the peak of its power. without others hovifig d d t trwckemusly with you l & soon a you hove finished as a despoils ec you will be despotled. and tu you who are I I I I 1 I dealing trwcherously. Ioyal worship I - ers af Jet~ovahwill need to turn to him fat heip. Judah's complde annihilation seems inevitable." So said the apostle Paul. How wonderful. Isaiah 3 3 1 -24 "ALL creation keeps on groaning t o ~ t h e and helng in r pain together until now. 5. King Sennacherib o fl Assyria lat~nches an d a t attack on the southern kingdom of Judah. I=iah prays that Jchovah dclivcr His people as I-le has done 4. the tables will be turned. "You wllI he despoiled. (a) Wlint rewrral tvlll Alsyrla experience? (b) What prayer does Isaiah o R ~on I~chalf l Jehovah's p p l e ? t o .2 Chmnicles 28:21) Now. (Romans 8:22) Despite advances in medical science. 3 But Assyria. tn you we h w e hoped. At the sound o tumoilr peoples how fled." (Isaiah 33: 1 ) Isaiah directly addresses the despoiler. Isaiah 36:l) Bs the hsyrian juggernaut sweeps though the land. Assyria serves as Jchovah's "rod" to administer that discipline. yes. 10:5. syria serve as God's "rod"of djscipljne? Despoiltng the Despoiler 4 Thc prophecy begins: "Woe to you who are despoiling.

known for i l c rarnpnxcs ti~roughout h.lh's i rnrrnic. r~iil~r~ltlr~~r~cl . ten-horned.I "rnrl" ((1 punish Christendom-as well as tlio ri*sl o Ihc world crnllire of false C religion.ll.lchrwah used Assyrln as a "rod" to punish Isriicl." (lsniah 33:4) Judah is Iii~nilii~r t i tlr>v. (a) Who mtl." ( I ~ o i a h 10:s.Jehovah's ans w to it! r r 6 "Thespoil of you peopl@ [the Assyrfnns] will actuol!y be b gafhered like the cockmnrches when gathering in.Inti with what t<. tticlt~gh.~y Ilc cclrnlii~~r~tlllc qllrlturilly vlck natlon o [ lo I Isracl? (b)Who wlll wruc af [cllnvill I. The Modern-Day Assyrian 7 How does rsaiah's prophcr-y iipply In clttr day?She spiritually sick nalion of 1sr.Fi. rvlly Is this fttlr~$ tn lil 7. hX: 1 ) And no sooner does Isaiah oncr this pravrr t tmn Corrcltr. will c x p r l c n m being despoiled. 8 When the modern-day Assysl. and its e soldiers will he forceti tn flcc.r~lc~rt~d 11cnrl. l ir J~~tl.IS.~ that will be tlwastatecl. Jurt . (l'~. "Bnbylon lllc (. outcome? Isoioh pray3 confidently to Iehovoh . nll:~t.~clicrll~? U'ho will the It) (11) moderndny Sennarticrlh 111. licvelntion 18: 2-8) That "rorl" will hc mcrnhcr n.r~.-lsa iah 37:36. scnrlrl-i.ic.ilm443. This time.itic~nj ol'thc Ui~itcd Nations-an organin~tinnp i c t ~ ~ in Ilcvclntion ns a sevcnr~d headed. (a) !A710 today can hc rotnl~ilrrtl Sctin.-Rcvclawilt! tion 123."No Rcsir-lcrll lYill Sny: 'I t l ~ r . 15-17.trti!llnxinsect invawll sions.*: ''rtltl" Ir) rlclt rny ( :hrI~tcnclum? 8.?Irk*" l 345 many times in thc past.l can hc cr~mparcdto unfaithful Christendom. What will happcr~ A ~ ~ ~ r . Iike the o n m h of locust swarms that is nahitlg ogainst one. lcnvinl: I~chlrid great spoil a for the inhabitantt.inrl. of Judnh to cc>llcci! It is only fitting that A~svria. s o hr will usr . Assyria wl l l run'c~r' htlrnilinti ng rlefcnt.

I~ringing devastation upon Satan and his crowd.25) They have assurance from God that he will I their ". will launch :in all-out attack against them. facc mockery and humlllatlon. as it were. as Christendom's propo erties and investments are cnnfiscated or dcst-royed. I'otitlcal: and ftnancial 'cavenants.)The brutal Assyrian wH1 not pity them.) Jehovah's name will be sanctified." Satan. mourn. Fzektel38:lO-16) As terrifying as this attack will no doubt hr. (a) How wlll Chrlslentlom's "hcrocs" prove to be Ineffective? prntert genulnc Chrt6tlarrs dur lng Chrlstentlnm's day o distress? f IT. " ~ e s s & ~ e ofspeace.'rays jehowh. It will appear to be unstoppable. Lebanon. having no regard for human life. 'the god of this system of things. Sharon. f ful like Hezekiah. Commero cial activities will come t a halt. Your own spirit.'' diplomats sent to negotiate peace r wit11 the warlike dssyrians. They will weep bitterly over their failure (Comparc Jeremiah 8:lS. (a] What wiII Jndah's "heroesi' and "messengem of peace" do? (h) How will the Assyrian re~pondto peace lnltlat~vcs from Jurlab~? . An~crcd t a the refusal of true Christians to pay him homage. Isaiah 33:8. The situation wlll be so devastating that the land itself will.'" (lscrioh 33: 10) Finally. (Isaiah t0:24. you will give birth to stubble."-Read Isaiah 335." He will intervene. viewing f them with contempt and scorn.mlvaSion x in the time of distress. will be the fate of faithless ones in Judah? Isaiah paints a grim picture of their impending doom at the hands of bssyria. as a fire. A Warning to Faithless Ones 9 What. 11 The unfaithful cannot count on such protection. Jehovah wit l intervene in hehiith o bit11 ones. Chrlstendorn's "heroes"-is politicians.-Psalm 125. fnr Jehovah himself gives this assurance: *'Now I will rise up. (Read .346 Isnlnh's Prtlplterqy-I. (Read Isaiah 3393 Judah's military "heroes" cry out-in fear at thc hs. millions who haw come out of Satan's warld. AIongide the remaining ones of Jehovah's anointed spiritual sons. and other pople of In fluence-will be unable to come tu her aid. and Carrnel will likewise mourn over I he dcsulation. Satan the Llevil will 'be embsIdencrI to strike out-nol only against apostate organizations deserving of punishment but also against true Christians. as As in Hezekiah's day..yrlan advance. (Revelation IR:9-19) Will true Christianity be swept away with the false? No. and halt the Assyrinn'r advance.plr t /itr All Mrrrrklrtd I #No Resident lYili Say: ' i Aal S l r k S u the realm of false religion. 1 . Any who still have friendly fcclings toward Christendom will do little more than stand at a safc dbtnncc and mourn her parsing. Jchwah's people will not need to cower in fear. 10 Similar rircumgtances will 110 doubt develop in the near fuh~re thc nalions hegin thelr assault on religion. Bashan. (Isaiah 2R:lS-18)Frantic attempts t stave off destruction by rliplomacy wlll fail. those trying to despoil God's people will themselves be despoiled! (Comparc Proverbs 13:22b. IEzfkicl38:18-23)Just as in ancient times.' w ageementq desijincd rn protect Christendom's interests will be violated. which Includes Rallylon the Great. take their stand for Jehovah'sKin~dom. will eat you 10. (a) When and how dn the word? of t~nlah 2 33:ll-14 And h E filirnentf ib) Jehovah's words ~ l v what warnlng for toclay? c - 1 (I?) Who will 9. With an attitude like that of Sennacherll~. financiers. though. (2 Kings 18:14-16).Jehovah says: "You people conceive dried gross. ancl survivors will be rewarded for having sought "wisdom ond knowledge [and] the fear of ]ehovah. 6 . (2 Corinthians 4:4. pl~yslcalresl~tance these destructn tive forces will be futile. 'now I wifl exuk myselt now I will lift mysdf up. The Assyrian will 'contemn the dtEa' o Judah.l. 9 ) He will ruthlessly i p o r c covenants he har I ' 1 1 I 1 I I made with the tnhabitant~af Judah.

and who ir closing his eyes so as not to see what is bad. 14 Christians today must likewise 'walk In continual righteousness. (Iarnentations 2: 20)Yet. s As thorns cut they wit/ be set obime even with fire." (2 Peter 2:9)Jcremiah expcrlcnccd such deliverance. He is the one that wi reside on the heightr themN sdves. Jehovah next says: "mew is one f who is walking i conbrnual righteousness and speakn ing whot is upright. (I'salm 11937) During his day of judgment. d f s warning." (Isaiah 33: 15.'daily observingJehovah's standards. Babylon. Jehovah will protect and sustain his worship en. If they do not heed < . (Prowrbs 332) I:rat~dand hrlbcry may be common i many Zion the sinners have come to be in dread. His own bread will certninly be given him. who is stopping up his ear from listening lo biood- I shed. who live by such standards. 13.what I must do! And y know. Hear. 9wr the next few decades. In fact. 16) As the apostle Peter latcr cxprcshes it.)hknows how to deliver people of godly devotion nut of trial.-Ileuteronf omy 32:22. Beholding Thelr King I 15 Isaiah next glves this #lowing glimpse of the future: '54 king in his handsomeness Is what your eyes will behold. the rcbelllc~us Inhabitants of Judah experience a sickening dread. hut t reserve o unrighteuus people for the day of judgment to be cut off. (Psalm 15: 1-5)They must 'speak what Is upright' and reject lying and unmth. Jehovah's worrls to unfaithful Judah illustrate the sihtatlon OF C:hristcnrlurn's members today.7 ' N o Resident Will Srry: ' I A t n (Slrk'" up.-Zephaniah 2 3 :. 10) Ant1 one who has 'stoppcd up his ear from listening to bloodshed and closed his eyer so a not s to see what is bad' wlll he selcctlvc in his choice of music and entertainment. his smuw height will be cmggy ploces dificult t o appmoch. And peopler must k o m e a the burnirngs of lime." (C7xkicl 416)Some women even ate the flesh of thcit own children. but they are repugnant to one "walkn ing in continual righteousness. his water supply will be unfailing. (Jeremiah 525-1 1) Wicked oncs wlll "bcmme as t h e burnings of lime"-utterly dcsl~oycd As they con1 template this impending duom. How can Christians today keep J'walklngIn continual rfghteouqness"? 15. who is rejecting the unjust gain h m fmuds. 1 Timothy 69."and how was it fulhlled in Jercmlah'r msc? 14. who is shaking his hands clear from taking hold on a bribe.pcople had to "eat bread by weight and in anxious care. rehelllflus ~pirit of the nation will actually trigger the events leading to its destruction.a grim future awaits them. you men who ore h r m . After thc death o Hezckiah. studiously avoihng shady or fraudulent schemes. "Jehov. During the Rahylonlan sl~fic. you who are nearby. What prnrnire is made to one nwnlktng L continual righteousn ness. (Hebrews 1318. thc proud." Chrlslians must also keep "an honest conscience" In hudness dealings. 12 Wicked I I - "Walking in Continual Rightcousness" 13 By way o contrast. Juf dah reverts to her wicked ways. - ' 1 plans and schemes hntchccl by disobedient ones to avert God's judgment provc to bc of no more s u b stance than stubble. sI~iwring grubbed has hold of the opostoPs: 'Who of us can reside for any time with a devouring fire? Who of us can reside fur any time with long-lasting conflugrotionsf'" (lsclioh 33: 1 1 14) 'I'hese words evidently apply to the tlme whcn Judah facer a ncw enemy. What promise will sr~slalnbtthful Jmlsh cxrles? - .Jeehovah saw to It that Jcrcmlah was kept safe. conditions in Judahdeteriorate to the pnlnt where the cntire nation has to suffer the fire o Cod's anger. my migl~tiness.

17) I le wiIl newr ahnndon his loyal ones." (baitrh 33:22) Jehovah accepts the responsil~ilityof prcltrctlrrg and directing his people. Jcsi~s Chrlst. is not a. recognlzlng that Jehovah has thc authority not only to make lam but also to enforce thcrn.that Goti's Messianic Kingdom cannot bc upmoted or dertroyed. a people too deep in Iunguage to /Wen to. Any enemy coming up against them-cven one as powerful as a "galley fleet"or a "majesticship"-will face destruction! 18 Why. individual Jewish exller will have to await the resur~ection enjay the mrnplctc fultill mcnt n to C this part of the prophecy. and no rnajmric ship wilt pass over it. the Messianic Klng. who recognize 111s posll ion as Suprc~nc Sovereign. of a stommering tongue without your tmderstanding. jehowh. will be for u ~crplace of rivenI of wide canals. These willingly stil~rnltto his rule through his Messianic King." es discern. Your own heart wlll comment in tow tones on o fn'ghtfd thing: 'Where is the secmtary? Where is the one that doer t h payEng out? Where is ~ the one counting the towers?' No insolcnt people wil! you see. they 'benefit themselves' Iv submitting to his authority. the town of our festo1 occmions! Your own eyes will s k ]erusalem an undizturbed abiding place. (Psalm 452.7: 18."hru Resident Wll/ Sny: ' I A rfr S k k ' " 351 they will see rr /and fur away. Nevthat er wi/i its tent pins be pulled out.chold. can Twcrs of God's Kingdom feel so confident of divine protection? Explains Isaiah: "jehwoh is our judge. they enjoy true spirihlal security. Stirvitnrs of t hc attack of the Assyrian will happily ask: "Where arc the tyrant's officcrf. Rather. sub1ca. On it no gals ley fleet will go. At that time even spoil 18. jehowh is our King. I n all hi5 spiritual beauty. f through his Son. they have experienced deliverance from Ihc opprcsslon and control of Satan's wicked system. though. Flowever. l:vei~ if marly Indivldusls are put to severe tests. burden to his wonhiprs. Whar responstblllty docs Jrhovah accept7 19. M o r m r . even though thcy can scc that Kingdom only from afar.s of C. his mle. they have not spread a sail.Jehovah's people have hcen nblc to ?. who taxed us. Isaiah tells enemies of lchovah'q Faithful people: "Your ropes must hang loose.)Haw are Jehovah's promises regarding Zton futfillcd nn t hc Merslnnlc Klngdorn and on Its supporters on earth? be torn in two. such protection clcarly ext~ntls faithful Kingdom s u p tn porters on earth today. 27) I~aiaRassurvs u?." (isaiah 33:20.~n tynnny wlI1 he a distant dchcrlbc tlic It~effrrlivencrs enerntcs nf Jehof vah's faithful people? . 1lX:22-26) A? . because Jehovah Is a I m r o righteousness and justice. (Isaiah 48. --Psalm 3728.I wsult. their mast they will not hold firmly erecl. and none of its mpes will 16. (Hehrews 13 :I 3) When Mesq1ah's rule finally becorner a rcality. took our tribute?"-Isaiah 3. o k r ~ t no one will pack up. the nalylonl. lehovcrh is our Stotvtegives. and with what result? 17. he himself will saw us. (a) What promises are made regrcllnpl Zlon? (I. What al~out God's servants today? Slnce 1914. 17 Isaiah continues: "Behold Zion." (lsoiah 33337-79) The promise ol' the i'ilturc Mesclit~licKIlifi and his Kingdom wdl sustain faithful Jcws duriug tlie l o i ~ j clci cades of exile in Babylon.odls K ngdorn are assured that l no effort to destroy them as a conjircgatlon can possibly succeed (Isaiah 54:17)Jehrrvah wlll protect his people in the way that a moat or canal pmtccrs a city. But there the Mu/estlc One. the scat of God's Kingdom. charged us. Under Zion. flow does I3al. Mofi tit 16 Although Isaiah's words guarantw a restoration from Plabylonian captivity. Stncc when have God's peoplc been ablc tcr "hehald' the Mcsslnnlc King.

for It 1s m n n d with s& f sin. and hellfire. h what do Jehovah'swonhfIwrs taday experience rplrltual Wlng? Thanks to the mnsom sacdffce."No mident will '1 am M. 2 T l section of Edah's prophecy candudes with a 0 hs hmbvardng prom%. Jebwahspeople today have also enjoyed a spiritual healing. the lame ones tfiemseltes wrfl &aI& mke a blg @underIM (Isaiah3 : 3 32) Any appmadhq enemy will prow t be as ineffectve and o Mpless @mt Jehovahas a warship wlth loose rlgghg. the mrniragJepvs will =staba r k hpwe worship inJexwdem. compare Psalm 1031-5.6. 21 Howevm. Jeremiah 5316. t @nation wlll be hded sp~tual1y.) Having been forgWn f t b i r f o m s i m . and no d l . freeing them from immoral 20. I s i a W s prophecy has a modem fulfillment. a wobbhg mast. or "error. Jehrwah WIN tr1umph over hfs enemiesi the coming "great tribulation. jehovah promises that after t W ~Iem Babylonian capfrom tivfty. We can therefore be con& n dent that through the King Jents Qlrist. h (Isaiah 35:5." n -Rewhtion 724. Tbey have been M e d frorrm such false teachings m the immmtaliitp of the soul.' Thepeopkthafrwe~ngh helrrndwillbethosepardo#d h r t & m ~ " 33:24) The sickness that hah (Isdiafi MI p o ls primarily s@rItud. the Trinity. The destrudon of God's en& mles will result i so much spoil that even disabled ones n will share i taking plunder. Jehovah'speopie A m o ckun stunding bdbm him .in nbundame will have & k divided up. W's psopie w 1 qmimce what klnd of Ileal& and when? U 21." In the fmtappllcation of these words. They receive moral gukkm.

there wlll be a grander ~ ~ 1 r n m ~ of the wads of Wah 3324 after Armageddon. What an aCltIng promise! May I ik . Under the m1mWp o the M e d d c Kingdom. 1PeSer 824. tho% coming bscktoUfemlllnodoubt be&withgoodhealthBut as the value of the m m s a d c e is applied ta an i n creasing extent. f humans will expdenm a peat phplcal healing along with &efr Wttd h. The blind will s e the e. all lme w s i e s Way resalve t be mong thme who rhp r o w i l l ertperknm fulfilment! = * - - 22. deaf will hearJthe lame wlll w&! ( s 35:5. until t s ~is~tu~on. (Revelation %5. And o thankstutheransomsacrlficeofJesusCMst. 22 Morewa. a Later. 2 Corinthians 71 :. i lwth a spMrual and a physical way.Tben. when the resumdon begins.6) This will Im ql . W What g r ~ MIiIlment w l l huab 3324 hrwe i t e fud n h ture? (b) What Is the molw of true worshipers tdv? .rlghbeousonesw "comem ItfewIn the fullest sense. "Nomin dent will say ' am sc! .theyhma clean standing -e r God and enlay a clan conscience {Crr1@~iam 1:13.miding i m moral and the use of bbacco p r o m pChistm @nst sexually transmitted d k w s and cextaln t Iorms of cancer-1 Corinthians 6:18. 1John 4:lO) ' ? I spiritu& al heabg has physical knefits. In W's new wodd. * (R~&tt~n 214 4) Shortly the &stman of Satan's system of mhades &those thatJesus Wrmed whUe on earth will no dauW take place on a global scale.l survtvors of the gmt trlbulaUon to share I the lm il n grand work of bringhg the earth to a pmadsalc condtan.6) At fiat Ume.1 I praetas and helping them t mak god dedrlons. more p w W wlll m e .14. 23. For example.

he m s give them t the stuughter. their stink will ascend. Jehovah will express hls vclngeailcc iiptsn all clements nf the present wicked world thar dcly his sovcrcign ty. 'l'hat i s why the "national groups" i~nd" t h ~ carth" are callled upon to hear the 1Ublc-1~1sed menage that Jehwah has caused to he proclaimed wr~rlrlwitle. They havc not tnkcn sexiously the warnlng aboul Ihclr forrhcoming clemlre. (a) Rrgarding Jehovah's v~ngeance. Ilo these warnings have any meaning for our clay? 4 Yes. however. will not prcvcnt Jehovah from f~ilfilllnl: ward. (Isaiah 35:l-10) The prophet states: "jehovuh has indignotion against o/l the nations. (1Peter 319.- . 2 Peter 3:15) Jc2hovnh's i~dvc*rsarirs may not appreciate his patience and may vlmv Il as an inahllity ar an unwillingness to the end Jehovah always demands .in accounting from his enemies. his 5 The praphe~y now descrtl~csthc dark outlook for ungoclly nations-a cnmplctc mnrraqt to the hrlght hope of God's people that IF descrlhrrl later. and rage against all their army. (Deuteronomy 3235) Slmllarly.) 5. as wcosclcd at Isaiah 34:1? (b) Does jclinvnll'r rx[?re\(lnn of ]ucl#~nrnt tllc nation5 on prove that he 15 a crud (roti?(See I ~ t o n ~ l i l ~ c a 363. and the mountafns must melt because of their blood. in hls appointed time. You Natiuns Before focusing attention on retribution agalnrt Edom.-. 1.h. when Jehovah's Wltnes~cspreach "to the n most distant part at t hc c?art.3 I 1 ion<? Pay Attention. He must devote them to destruction."-lsaiah 342. Morctwcr. ns thc 34th chap kr of Isaiah shows. What invitatiun does Jchwah through I<aloll cutctlt! to thr txr- 4. (a) What are thc natiims callctl upon In do. language reminisIn cent of Psalm 241. ut o And their slain ones will be thrown out. and p u national groups. you nations. p y attention."(Ads 1:8) 'l'he nations. h a w not listened. ~ ~ t n u r i t God? (h) t lorv tdi hv i5 it m e that "thc mouritaliis milst tnrll lr~cnaw thcir tllmd"? of . the pmdactive land and all itr produce.~llrtl . God permitted Edom and other nations tu opposc his pet> ple without hindrmm. Isaiah 5ayr thnl all thc carth will be covered with this message-a pmphu~y that has come true i our time. fo heor. (a) For what arr lhp r~atirtn\ r. Let the eurth and that which fills it listen. The Sovcre1gn of thc unlwrse has a controversy with all segments of thir urlgodly systcm of things." (Isaiah 34: 1 ) Thc prophet hnr w~~catectlp spokcn against ungodly nattons. JEHOVAH GOD is patlent not only with his faithful scrvailtr but alsq when his purpwc warrants It. Now l ~ is ahnut ta sttrnmi~rizc divine e the denunciations against them. 1l. 2 'me primary purpose of Cod's cxecu(lngvengeance Is to demonstrate his sovereignty and glclri* his nilme. what can wc4ht* crrt:~lri? of (hl What doer God acco~nplislily rxccr~tlng Z~CII~~L'. of course. Jchovah'c. 20. 3. 6. and a for their s carcasses. (I'salrn 83:13-18] His retribution also vindicates his servnnk a5 heing truly h i s representatives and dulivcrs them from undcsirahle circumstances. 2. (Zephaniah 3 8 ) For a while. But Jchwvah had his own due ti me for retribution. Stlll. n l . -I Jehovah Pours Out Indignation Upon the Nations 1 I Jehovah through Isaiah extends n solemn invltatlon to f1 nations: "Come up close. wlth hls enemies. This.ITIC'L'~ 3. rrengeanceis always I f ~ l harmony with his justice.CHAPTER TWENTY-SEVEN .-I1ssatm 58:10.

. dead badips will fill the &-a buly h r n & u l death1 ( J e w 25: 33) The blood asked 4&&i &payment will l enough to n x melt.Iseiahk hphtty-Light. (Romans 13:1-41So the army of the heaven? represents the combined armies of t h e gawmmerrts of rnankhd. 7. 7 Again employing vlvLd imagery. Gr.forces. thh must be a qmlsal of something I the human realm.eni~94-6) TIUE to a s this lm.'' Hence. (Psalm a 969)Jehovah's law has set the standard: 'You must give soul f r soul. n 129. he will cause the bIood af the nations flow -to their death.jusf a5 the 1e shdds off the vine and like a shrided f aff the fig W. "aad what 4 "thearmy of the heavensf'T Christendam has SWM eorth with blood the "' I ' -. or dissolve. What are 4he h w m . wMch i 3lleprophq are sometima pictured as mounn tains. i . as it were4the mountains. the w r I 0 nationsd l see the fall of their governments. (Zephaniah 1: 17) With tlw complete damctlan of their military." ( k ~ d u W:23-25. pr AA Mankind I 6 Attation is d r m to the bioudguilt of the nauons. And the heavens rnwt be rolled upp @t lik a b m k $wIb and their aany will all sh&el away. world wan and i m y smaller conn f l i c t ~they have soaked the earth with human blood. Today the nations of Chriskndorn have the most bloodguilt of dl.44. Versstars es 5 arid 6 speak of a s w d of emtion king dmched with Mwd in those "heayefls.-DanfeI 2:35. ~ Who should rightly d m m d justice h r all this bJoodguilt? None other tkm the Creator.In twr. [l Co&Wans 1 : n 5 50) &cause of their loftfnes I superior authorities. the gmernmnts of mankind are likened to h e a m d i n g wa earthly human sodety. The stench of their unburied."(1st~g iah 34:rl) The expression 'blI those of the army of the heawnfl does not mean the lfte~d and planets.45. the g t W i v e r . Isaiah goes on t sy: o #All those of the army of the heawns must rot awv.

must be brought bo their W h they thdr end. ~WI thwgh they descended win m. ReacNng the final ~ m a s w i t h ~ l ~ ~ o f f a g r a ~ m f&'dropsoffafigtree. Lslter thenatlonof Edornandthe nation of hael mmlh. E u beam@ m Wedwith hatcdforhisbmther. A Day of Retrlbutton Naw the prophecy singles out a nation that exis% W Isaiah's day-Mom. s &the must be rolled up. the naked eye.b I Huw do the w b U c hewm prow t be "jut U a l m k iW&ifion 6:1214. o h md what happens m thdr 'armies'? ts M by *Ion? W*n? 10. find whnt relationship dewdoped betwmb#el a d M ' l {b)Whatdoclibhawah b W ~ 3 n .Th&thlewJLt. this mr 9 agaimt God's people.I I F d k W P a m Out hrd&hation Upon tha Nnti~ns gymmmmts must come page o their f at Arm.rgeddanTh& hpmsbImklng ' d dn3IlhtJl 51:6) 'R." molder. F $ r ~ h h a r asadkein Bamrh. just Uke a book scroll. @ a h I W 5 . Edam has trxc11tEdthe wrath of who naw s a p : Vn the h m n s my stlrord wlll c ~ & I n & Iw d~enchd. jehawh ew b haru~ltm~~tb8nnQdwi~M. (Genesis 25:24-34) Beanw Jamb supplanted hlm h the birthrlght. and ugmtsh@Wngin flrehd of EdmnA4ahh34:S. the W l hawem a u appear c s u Ik an andent mi t m k m l l . who sold his bWMght to hifi W n."i that human n m e hemns must be mHed up." . k l Upon Edom It will datent$ a d upon h tttep p I e devoted by ms ib d s d n k jwtke. t h e w r i ~ o f ~ w on thein~ n ~ y ner side.b. the finished w -1 i mltd up md put awayI.a) What is the gr4gln of B d m . Weri themel r written on the infiner side of a tr l n scrollhas p db b the ey& of the nak. ~~ 9-$. The E'domlWare descendants of E m (Ekbm).'ICm~be pmywinhtheApt wfththtrblaodufyoungmmsudh gsats. b Jacob. (a) Whom dDeS Jehwah bd tiown when he *Ids hfp sword % does Edom display when J u M @in havwrsn? (b) What tnre .S-rly. l k mmething i prishable. b r W and lentil stew. wi& t f r e h t o f & e M n e y s o f r w r w . just llke a book scroll" a Thjs win *rot away.

However. unlimited knowledge of a situation. (Isaiah 12:l) Fundamentally. (1 Tlrndhy 1:11) Thls I R s sharp conhst to the merciless. such s anger is always justitid. Acts 10:34. jehwah Is not an angry Cod but a happy God. JehovahGad ts "slow ta anger and ahndant in Iwlng-klmlnes." (Exodus 34:6) Those who b r him and striw t work righteousness receive mercy. for o the Almlghty recognizes man's Inherited lmperfectlon and shows mercy t him on th9 account. repent. negligence. It is always based on prlndple. and he acts with impartlaliv. Jehovah'sanger is r e m d from those who a&nowledga their sln. and calm bowad those who properly approach him.lehovah sees all the issues invoid In a matter and has complete. Today C d o does thh on the basis of Jesus' sacrifice. it is aC ways dictated by the Creator's right to receive exclusive devotion and his comtancy in upholding truth. wrathful Gad. Momwer.18. (Psalm 103: 13. or wilhl sin. Is that so? No.Iehowh hun Our tndtgmtlan Upom the NalJons An Angry God? Expressionssuch as those found at Isaiah 342-7 have moved many to thhk that jahomh. 1 SamuJ 16:7. While God does at ~ r n e expms his anger. (Hebrews 4: 13) He reads the hearc he notes the degree o Ignof rance. peaeable. cruel c h a r a ~ ~ t las rs c r l M to the false p i s of the pagans and portrayed in images of those g&sS . and truly serve him. Dlvlns anger Is gwerned bath by God's tow of rlghteousn&a and ty fils love %r those pmctldng dghteausners.35. as descrlbed In the Hebrew Sdptures. is a crud.-Deutemnomymy 1017. not umpproadable but welcoming.141 At the proper t h e . not on uncontrolled emotion.

aitct what tln they not nlcan? k . . as young rams and he-goate. Hut Jehovah has clccrccd "a year of rctribution~'' against tlils rnoclcrn-day I!dom for outrageous misconduct towaiodHis people. throuqh its clergy class? Ycs! Christendom has elevated hrrsclf to mountalnll kc l~cjghts the aRairs of this world. called Zion. I I 14 'hcrcfore. as we considcr the rest of this part of Isalah's prophecy. 15. Plow will Jehovah repay the Edornites for thclr tsfachernu~ cnnduct? 12. . and why? 1-1. Jehwah f 11. there exists an oqyaniration with a rccorcl lk that s Irdom. (Jeremiah 2S:lS-17. 12 God purposes to punish Edom for what has maliciously been done to His earthly organization. Rather.C. 15. What organiziition? Well. in S hc claim3 a lofiy positioll in mankind's sysWrn of things. who i f in moclerrl times has taken the lead in miling and pene cut in^ Jchnvnh'sservants? I. E:+~cklclZS:F2-14. and young bufis with the powrfuI ones. we think not only of anclent Edom but - - 13.lar it no1 bcen Christendom. (a) Wlrat wlll happen both tu the land o Edam and to Chrtsf tcnrlorn:t (17) What d c ~ rcfc~nccs hurnlng pitch and Indefinitethr tn ty Iwllng ~ m n mean. and ymr wlll have to bc cl~t to tlme indefinite. a year of retributions for the legal case over Zion.-Ei!e!ae135:10-I5. I-lls Wllncsscs. In the off way that you have danc. Your sort of treatment wltl rcturn upor1 your own tread. and they speak hnastfi11Iyagainst fehavah. i l wi I l he done tn you."-Obadiah 10." (Isaiah 34:8) Not long after the destruction of Jerusalem in 607 R. Who totlay Is Hke Pdnrn. and l ~ c r~ligio~ls the dominant part of Babylon the r form Grcat. and their land must be drenched with blood. he foretells of Edorn: T h e wild bufls must come down with them.iylrt 011A l l MutrklfftI i Iorc tclls through the prophct Obadiah: "Because of the violence tu your hrnthcr Jacob.364 Isnlalt's P'ropllecy-l. and their very dust wlll be made greasy with the fot" (Isaiah 34:J) Jehovah spcaks OF the greater ones and the lesser ones in (he nation as symboIic wild bulls and young bulls. nohng can save the Edornites! It is "a year o retributions" upon that mountainous land. shame will cover you. Says the prophecy: "jehovah has a day of vengeance. The land of this bloodguilty nation must he drenchcd with the people's OMTI blood by means of thc cxccullonal "sword" of Jehovah. (Obadiah 11-14) The Edornites plan to take ovcr thc abandoned country of the Israelites. 11 Dws Jehovah overlook t h i s unbrorhcdy conduct on the part of the Edornites? No. . ( a ) Whom clmlehmah use to bring p~nishment upon F~lnrn? Cb) What dm$the pophet Obadiah forelell rcganling II ^ Chtistendnrn's Bleak Future 11 In modcrn lirncs.. Nebt~chadnczf mr. running for their lives and hands them over to the Rabylonians.21) When Dahylon's armics move against F&rn. Jchovah begins to express his righteous vengeieance upon the Erlornites by means of the king o Babylon.B.

On her dwelling towers thorns m s ut come up. birds. As the prophecy goes on to show. the final result is. the courtyard for the ostriches. whose Witner. and sul- fur as evidence of the existence o a burnlng hell.. and he must stretch out - . but "emptiness . there a the nightjor will cerCainIy take ib ease ond find far IBelf cr resting-place. Then tl~cse highly combustible substances are set afire!-Cornpare Rwelation 17:16.By night or by day it will no t be extlnguished. and e m the gont-shaped demon will colt C it4 compmion. noth1ng. It wlll become a waslcland with only wild beasts.' " By Molachi7stime. . wasteness . "-lsoioh 34: lob-75. (Malachl 1:4) However. the Nahataeans. rrnd her land must become as burning pifcff. 'This parched state of the land will continue. Rather. Whenevcr anyone cornpares the prophecy with the fuifillment. in a sense. Her nobles-there are none them whom key d l / call to the kingship itself. f o m and ever no one will be passing across her. "forrzwr and wer. smoke keeps coming from the ashes for some time after the flames have died down. 17.366 Isaiah's IWphfcy-Ll. lo time indefinite Its smoke will keep ascendIng. and she must become on abiding place of jackals. this prophecy had been fulfilled.l (Isaiah 3411. this was not Jel~ovilli's wlll. . and her dust into sulphur. When a house burns dowt~.' 17 Ycs. the two will be found to colncide-just as surely as Fhc creatures that Inhabit the desolated Edom each 'have tl~cirown mate. Chr!stcntloml She has provcrl herself to be a bitter enemy of Jehovah God. 18. 1. not everlasting torment." and wliat Is rrscrved for I:hrirtcntlom Irr this "book"? - 16. it is destroyed. implying a corning desolation: "Fmm generution fo generation she will be parched. Edom will become an empty land. and later anathcr pcoplc. 16 Isaiah's prophecy continues. nettles and thorny weeds in her fortified places. And the pelican and the porcupine must take p o ~ s i o n her. Since Christians today are learning lessons fmm thc destruction of Mom. disappearing from the world scene a if totally consumed wlth fire and sulfur. ascendt ng. the smoke of Edorn's burning is still. and long-eared owls and raof vens themselves will reside In her. 19.sesshe viciously pesecutcs. but wlth pitch. and how long will It continue i n such a state? . pmviding onlookers with evidence that there has been a conflagration. What will Morn become." (Isaiah 349. There the arrow snake has made Its nest and lays eggs. Yes. 12) The smoke 'nscertdlng ta time indefinite' vividIy flustrates this." There will be no restoratron. took passcrsinn nl what l ~ a rheen the l lattct ol Erlnrn.5 Some haw viewed the mention of fire. pitch. But f over her the measuring line of emptiness and the rtanes of wsleness. 100) The land of Edom becomes so parched that it is as if the dust were sulfur and the torrent valleys were filled. (Malachi 1:3) M411i~chl c p r t s that Edornjtes hoped to rcposcen thclr desolated r larlrl. not with water. And haunterr of warerless regions must meet up with howling animals. as verse 1 0 says.rh t fir All Munkind I also of Christendom: "Her torrents must be changed into pitch. fowklllng that Elom's human population wlll be replaced by wlld animals. What Is 'Ithe book of Jehovah. and her very princes wil! ail became nothing. Anri there is no doubt that Jehovah will Fulfill his word. Mom is not hurled into some mythical hellfire to burn forever. and snakes in it. -0badfah 18. Sure Fulfillment of Jehovah's Word 1fi What a hopeless future this foreshadows far that madern-day equivalent of Mom.

we can read of the true f hope of thc futtire 17aradisc. [nthis promised Paradise. A vicle the answers to these qumtions. "The measuring line. TZ 19 The impending destruction o Christendom has.rfliuh's Prophecy-Lixlrt for All Mcifiklrrrl I -. What a wonderful promise! How should thcsc worcts be understood? Do they hold out hope for us tc~day? consEderalion of this chapter of Isaiah will prr. "forever and wcrr. the part of lsalah's prophccy recorded In chapter 35 describes tl~c Wanslbrmatlon o wilderness regions Inh gardenlike f parks and Iruitriil fields. to Iralah's prophecy. since the Iiihle tells us that l~urnan began i Paralife n dlw-a beat~tlful garden free o dis~ase death. 3 . Imn f foretold in "the book o Jehovah. ond it is his spirit that has coliected them together." I A Desolate Land Rejoices Isaiah's Inspired prophecy of Paradise restored h e n s 1. '['he bllnd gain sight. for genemtion after generution they will resjde in it"--Isaiah 34: 76. can wc find the trite hope of future Paradise? . which implies that wen death is no more. Christendom's situation will become I i k t the bleak condition dercribd in M a h chapter 34. It may be the most ~mweslul and pcrslstcnt of all. saying: "Search for youpselves in the book of lehowh and read out loud: nut one has been missing o f them. there is no grief or sighing. This wilI rid the whole earth o Fake f Christianity. Almighty God. guarantees that tlus spiritually rnoribunrl organization wlll beconw a desolate wasteland. Shc will not even be on hand during the all-decisiw "war of the p a t day of God the Almighty" ! (Revelation 16:14) Like ancient Edom.'' This "hookufgehwah" f details the accounts that Jehovah will settle with those who are his implacable enemies and who ate unrepentant oppressors of his people. will likewise come t-suo. what h~nrformatbn the land will ~~ndcr~o:p 20. the mute can speak. I Paradise Restored! "THEnostalgia for paradisc is among the powerful nostalgins that seem to haunt human beings. rule of action. Christendom will be totally cleared from the surface of the earth. will pitt It Into their hearts to act against all o Babylon the Great. Christendom will experience whal? . rhey octua//y do not fail t have wch orre her mate. 2 In many parts o the Bible. Why do manyrrllglons hold out thc hopeof life In a paradise? 2 Whcn.(Isaiah 51:3) Por example. And it is H that itrrs cost far e them the lot ond his own hand hos apportioned the place to them by the measuring tine. Such nostalgia is only natural. Jehovah. for it is the mouth of jeo hovoh that has given the commond. and this strengthens our confidence that the prophecy as applying t Christenrlom. What was written concerning ancient Edom came true." So says Tlrr EncyslopcIio of Rclgion. and the deal can hear. To time indefinite they will take possession of it.w 368 I. A certain longing for par i~ctise wiclenced at every 1~wlf relipjou~ is o life. the o modern-day parallel of Mom. but to no avail! According to Revelation chapters 17 and 18. (Genesis f and 28-15) It is not surprising that many of the world's reEgions lrold out the l l o ~ ofefuture life in a paradise o one ~ f klnd or another. Includf ing Christmdom. 3 20 Christendom does d she can to pacify her polltlI caI friends. Accnrdlnp." Jehrrvah'r. CHAPTER TWENTY-EIGHT Isaiah addresses future students of Bible prophecy. Like andent Edorn.

W i t h o u t h i l I t w l l l W m . It will be restored to a writable p r adhe.desolated. 4 Isaiah w r l b these words about the year 732 B. Isalah's prophecy foreteUs that the land WI not lie desolate forms. the Jews are agah able to cultiate and Irrigatetheir fields.with g M aylw wt 7 gCory I k ofLebranoniMmusCbegkntoIZ ?heJprendwdtcmrmel - ~dShm.15. r chards. 72: 16. (2 KIngs 25:811. m d H w i l l d ~ b e m wrth /oyorrwress and. #The glory of LebanonNand #the ~ p h d of Car~ r met and of Shuon" w U be given to it? How?U p fheir return from a e . Ezekiel 28:ll-13) Sharon was known for its streams and oak f r & h e 1 was famous for I t s vineyards. and their land returns t the rich fruito fulneis that It had before. 'The Wpturer de.Thtrewlllkthosswho~Hs~bhe~oryo the splendor of olrr Cod.-Batah 6410.37. their wellIrrigated fields and orchards are left unattended fur 70 p a r s and become I l k a wUdemess. 4. o oe. 2. s However. s (Deutemnomy 28.ralbe andent Lebanon as a fruiW land with luxuriant foreatr and malestlc cedars. mdit can go only t o j&&. When and h m dow the Jew' homeland take on the appearme of a wlldernal? 5.36.Jee miah 423-27. For thls. the Babylonians destroy Jerusalem as and the people of Judah are sent Into exile.21-26) In this way Jehovah's warnlng that the pople of hael would go Inb exile if they pmml unfaithful I ful6Iled. Their homeland ls left uninhabited. comparable to the Ga&n o f Edeh (Psalm 29:s. and flowerslopes."-&ahh 35: I.Parudlse l?esfurcd/ 371 with these wards: '7he w l i h e s r and the w a t e k regh wlll emrlt)and the desertplaln will be)oyfuI and blossom atr fhssdhn. 1 Klngs 9:6-8)When the Hebrew natlon becomes captive In a foreign h d . 9:10-12. (a) H w are paradlsellke condltfons restored to the land? (b) In o what sense do people "see the glory o Jehovah"? f .CH Some 125 p r later.

King Q6 What important Iurfillment of Isaiah's words is seen? 7.4. pure worship was severely restricted. Isaiah prophesies a reversal. The Jews aTe to shengthen one another and have confidence in Jehovah. (2 Chronicles 36:22. there is a more important fulfillment of Isaiah's words. He himself will come and save you people. Indeed. 6 Nwertheless. However. What grand promise is held out to rmlrning Jews? Aglow With the Spirit 7 The words of Isaiah chapter 35 have a ring of joy. and worship Jehovah freely. Era. Do not be afraid. Israel has been in a dry. he speaks with conviction and optimism. you people. Two centuries later. at the threshold s their f restoration. 8 The end of the long exile is a time for action. 9 Those released from captivity in Babylon will have good reason to rejoice. and Nehemiah. W h l e the exiles were in Rabylon. in the restorcd land of Israel. There was no temple. and no organized priesthood. and make the knees that are wobbling firm. Jehavah prophetically exhorts them: "Strengthen the weak hands. exiled Jews need the same conviction and optimism. Cod even with a repayment. Through Isaiah. It is by his will and with his support and blessing that the Jews get to enjoy such paradiselike conditions. The prophet is proclaiming a bright iuture €or the repentant nation.'" -Isaiah 353. Look! Your own Cod will come with vengeance ifself. n o altar. People are able to see "the gIory of Jehovah. Daily sacrifices were suspended. rebuild the temple. the instrument of Jehovah's vengeance against Babylon. Why dn the Jewish exiles need a positive attitude.23)Thousands of Hebrew families need to get organized in order to make the huardous trip from Babylon to Jerusalem. Under the leadership of such men as Zerubbabel. representatives from all 12 tribes of Israel return to Jerusalem. it is no time to be weak or apprehensive. and how do Isaiah's words provide encouragement? . Now. 'Be strong. all of this may yeem daunting. In a spiriha1 sense. When they arrive there. has proclaimed that Jehovah's worship is to be restored in Jerusalem. Say to those who are anxious at heart. for a grand future awaits them 9 .I 372 Isaiah's I'ropla~cy-Light for All Mankind I Piiradise Restored! Jehovah. the splendor of [their] God" when they acknowledgeJehovah's hand in the amazing bansformation of their land. ( E m 21. they will have to erect adequate living facilities and prepare h the rnonurner~tal of ret task building the temple and the city For some Jew in Babylon. 8. desertlike state for many years. 2) This is indeed a spiritual paradise! 1 rus of Persia. He assures them that they will be saved.

and speak Jehovah'sword. By their %e canduct. " J&oVah Refreshes His People 12 It is difficult to imagine a pmdisc without water. Hence. They have been punished with 7 years df 0 for their wliee apostasy. D y and dusty ground will be Imnsforrn~d into "a !mampy place"where papyrus and ather aquatic mds can @m. luxuriant vegetadon. I.~-Isaiah 35:5. and the torlgue of the speeehka an&will cry out In ghdnes~.-Job 8:11. is the spiritual water ~f truth. restoring d the nation of Israel does not require the healing o f physical dhabilitia. Isaiah makes this refreshing promise: "In the wilderness MIQ. there will be green gross with reeds abd papyrus plants. namely. TQwhat extent wiII Jehovah bles? the land with water? . and what do they imply? 12. enmuragement. they "cry out* in joyfulpaise o their God. Wll. though.374 Baiak's Prophecy-Light @I AII Mankind J upon their return to Jerusalem. Isaiah forelells: "At that time the eyes af &e bflnd ones will be opened.Z) Those who prom* p u e 13. Moreover. Jehovah will provide knowledge. Eturnhg Jews7why must Isaiah's words have a spirlual meaning. which the repatriated Jews will enjoy in Amdance. obey. and torrents i the desertplain. (Ispiah 35: bb. irt the abiding place ofjackals. then. faithful older men and princes will be 'like sr a of water in a wate m terless country. At that t h e the / d mone w'il dimb up just as e stug does.6a. 7) When the Israelites again care far the land.the desolate a m where )adds once roamed will be covered with verdant. lamenas. a resting-@ace for them.Figuraave'I~ wII "clrmb up just as a he Wlk 1 have burst out. deafness. and the very e m af the deaf mes will he unstopped. spitihral health. Jehovah did not strike his people with blindness. and the thirrty ground as qwkigs of water. They kcme aware of tlleir need to stay close to Jehwah." (Deuteronmy 89)App~opriat)t. springs and watery deeps isf suing fasth. What &undqnt spiritual water will be milable t the ~ s w d o nation? stag d m . and comfort through his Word. m muteness. n [Gemis 2:10-14) The land gwen to Israelwas alsb "a land o torrent valleys of water. 11. The orignal Paradii in E$en had a abundance of water.0Jehovah wldtntly has in mind the spiritual condition of his ptmpke. 13 More iqoftaot. 11 Repentant Jew$ are healed in that tMy regain their spiritual senses-their Spiritual *an and their nbiify t o hear. i administering his n discipline. 10." p$aiah321. n &r$ And the heat-parched ground will have become a a reedy s pod. The farf mer@"lame one* k a m e s eager and enermc i his woln ship of Jehovah.Jehovah restores that which was lost.

" (Isaiah 35: 10) The captive Jews who have looked to this prophecy for comfort and hope during their exile may have wondered how its various details would be fulfilled.10. They are not wanted in the restored land. 65) Just a few months later." Those who disrespect sacred things or are spiritually unclean are not qualified to travel on it. and the rapacious sort o wild beasts f will not come up on it None will be found there. and the Way of Holiness it will be called. and fenced-in road from Babylon to Jerusalem? No. Nehemiah 1247. (a) What protection does Jehovah provide fox faithful Jews 6 on their journey home? (b) In what o t h e ~ sense does Jehovah pm- Jehovah's People Rejoice 17 Chapter 35 of Isaiah's prophecy ends on a joyful note: "me very ones redeemed by Jehovah will return and certainly come to Zion with a joyful c y and rejoicing to time indefinite will be upon their head. They are not returning to Judah and Jerusalem in a spirit of national pride or in pursuit of personal interests. Is there a Literal paved. and the repurchased ones must walk there. The 200-year-old prophecy of Isaiah is fulfiltcd. In what way is grief and sighing in Babylon replaced by cxultation and rejoicing i the restored land? n i vide a safe hlghway for the Jews? . Jeshua. Why? 15 Through Isaiah. 14." (Isaiah 35:8. A less-challengmg route would involve travding 1. wen a way. it has been crystal clear that they would "return and certainly come to Zion.-Ezra 1 :13.Approved ones are rightly motivated. And it will be for the one walkjng on the way. To exultation and rejoicing they will atbin?and grief and sighing must flee away. inhospitable terrain.F 376 isainh's Prophecy-Light for AII Mankind I Paradise Restored! 16 The Jews are also protected from spiritual dangers. The 17. How has the prophecy of Isaiah comforted faithful Jews during their long exile? 18. will indeed be living testimony to the fulfillment of Isaiah's prophecy. Nehemiah. with full confidence in Jehovah. Jehovah's altar is rebuilt. Jehovah promises: "mere will certainly come to be a highway there. - "The Way of Holiness" 14 Before the exiled Jews can enjoy such physical and spiritual paradsaic conditions. Describe travel between Babylon and Jerusalem. Likely they have not understood many aspects of the prophecy. and na foolish ones will wander about on it. elevated. The figurative highway is "the Way of Holiness.E. Either journey would mean spending months exposed to the elements and in danger of meeting both wild beasts and beastlik~ men. those who believe Isaiah's prophecy are not overly concerned." 18 Hence. 7:6. Stdl.000 miles. The unclean one will not pass over it. No lion will prove to be there. (Ezra 254. Taking a direct route would mean crossing some 500 miles of arid. 15.9) Jehovah has reclaimed his people! They are h s "repurchased i onesI1handhe guarantees them safe conduct on their way home. Still. some 50.000men {including more than 7.--Ezra 5:1. Spirituallyminded Jews realize that the principal reason for their return is to reestablish the pure worship of Jehovah in that land.. however.2. Haggai. but Jehovah's protection of his people on their journey is so sure that it is as if they were on such a highway.000 slaves and temple singers) along with women and children make the four-month journey back to Jerusalem. they will have to make the long and hazardous journey from Babylon to Jerusalem. Zerubbabel.-Compare Psalm 91:1-16. worship. Zechariah. such as Ezra. in the year 537 B. setting the stage for a full reconstruction of the temple.C. 1 .

Romans 8: 16. greater h d f ~ & ~ & to of ~SMI chapfa3 . Why must it b~ said that h W pwpheq l only a limited & s w blfilLmt ia the a r b century B-GET? 20. (Matthew 9:32.19. s i g h .3 'i je-s heard the rick.Jesusand his disciple$rnifaculody gave sight t blind on= and hearing t deaf on&. a more compIete one involving the Christian congregation today? Yes. Pare zidi&-hth literal md 5 ~ ~ wm r 1 e ~ 5Md! 1s Of course. 1t'l the sixth m y &C. a spiritual 9 % came into exist-. a spiritual Tsrad made up ofJews and okh'er-5 redeemed by Jesus' shed blood. truth-seeking Christiam in modern times come inta Babylonjsh raptiviv? . After the death of the - 22. and m i n t e d by holy spirit. 22 What af our day? Does the pr~pheey Isaiah have of another fulfillment.Jehovah has fhiN d his promise. S w en weeks after his death and resurrection..~ ~ wiwts them as his people. bath physically and spiritually. righthearted ones escaped from false religion and came tia enj~y spiritual paradise within tire Christian a congregation.-Romans 12:ll. A joyful q went forth as the good news of God's Kingdom was prodaimed. what event5 fnay be viewed as a fulfillment:of certain features pf Isaiah's prop h- eq? 22. h time1~ s ~ ~ r r t f s and at^ teachings tionaIsm cmtminak pure W Q I S ~ I ~SpirltwIt~ Jews ~. there was a fuIfillmentof the words o Isaiah f chapter 35. m t £ u & ~ H of ~ & x Bit- *&ap€er 35 iskip ited The p d i s a i c qmdlthnn enjoyed by the repatriated Jews do flat Iwt.E. the again expaimce grida d . WhatIsxaei~came e-lllswnteIn the hnt mitq C.In a literal sense. courageous splrit was e~5entml. 21 When writing to the members o spiritual Israel. waters of teuth began to flow ante again. o o They enabled 'lame ones' to walk and speechIess ones to regain their swch.L? into for the birth of this new Israel during his earthly mini$try. then. these escapees ~ d y foundthat a positive. (Fdatiaus 8:W) J e w set the qgf? 19. (Isaiah 5 2 1 1 2 Corhthahs 6:17) As in the . aa3utha Imd. He heated the sick. 5 20 In Jehovah's-due time. and with his teachings. the f apostle Paul referred to the wards of Isaiah 3 5 3 by saying "Straighten up the h a & that hang down and the enfeebIed knees. in the first century C. the glorified Jesus established the Christian congregation.He restored pure worship. 1Peter 1:18. 17.11:s. both spiritually and I physically I I ' 3 naticm's grief and stgtiulg while i &bn ylon t% replaced by exultatIan and rejofdng In the ~ s t ~ r e d lmd. Luke 109)Mare important. ~ejafcing not permanent All their & of th4a p~inB a hrthef. @&itthew k : 3 &came o re14j f m d dk~bedfmce. case af the Jews ~ returning from Babylon. Regarding the first-century Christian congregation.." (Hebrews 1262) Evidently.E. begmen as Gad's spiritual sons and brothers of Jesus. How did sincere.-Acts 2: 1-4.

Acts 20:31F: 2 Pctcr 2: 1-3) Even when during the 19th century. the hlind a r t learning to see and the deaf. (Flornans 1 :15) Those who were spirituallymak. Will there he a phystcill Ikrlfitlrnrntof Isaiah chapter 35? Fxplain." This "Way. the lame. sincere Individuals began to separate thernselvm lmln Christendom and seek pure worship. things cllanged. and false Christians. o "lame. Say to those who are anxious at heart: 'Rc strong. the number of true anointcd Chrlsttans greatly diminished. and make the kneer that are wobbling firm. the deaf. Jesus was cnthroned as Messianic King. 23 In 1919. constantly aware of the need to stay close t Jehovah. true Christians arc eager to "cry out. heeding the admonition: "Strengthen the weak hands. they enjoyed a healing. (I Thwsalanlans 5:6. pcoplc since 1919T 25. and the speechless will hc healed pl~yslmlly and permanently. They b e ~ a n reject the klsc tn teachings that had earlier corsuptcd I helr worship. to hear-becornlng fiilly alert to the operation of God's hoIy spirit. The InspirccE Psalms speak of everlasting life in peaceful conditions on earth. situathc tlan looked bleak for thesc slncere truth seekers.17. 25 What of the filmre? Will lsalah's prophecy w e r be fulfilled in a physical way'? Yes.380 Isfiiah's P r n p / ~ c c y . i)o not he afraid. the -John 10:16. They came to he in I? spiritual paradise. lsut rnon thcrenft~r. 11. their understanding rcrnnlned tainted with unscriptural teachings. (1 Peter 1:13-16) They can cu~int n Jchmah for u protection and be confidertt that Satan will not stlcceed In 23. Hornb Isaiah% worrl%~lrcngtllrtl do Cl~rlqttans today? . H hlmsclf will come and save you peoe ple." 24 These restored Christians walk on "the Way of Hullness. the Bible provides hope for a o literal paradise. [n effect.-Rcvclation 7 9 ." now display zeal and ioy. (Luke 2343) n Down t its very last book. they went into Babylonjsh captivity. 21:3. 26. 26 While true ChrbtLns awalt the rcstaration of the physical earthly Paradlrc. r Figuratively. you people. 'l'hey face trials and t i f rb ulations with optimism. the hllnd. 4.3. (Matthew 1336-43. In 1914. (L Peter 5:8) Disobcclient ones and any who hehave like rapacious wild heasts are not allowed to corrupt those on Gacl's highway of holines~ Corlnthlans 5:Pl) Within this prm (I tected envlronment. 2 Timothy o 4:s) No tonger mute. cvcn forever. T11r miraculous healings by Jesus and his apostles In t l ~ c century demonstratArst ed Jehovah's desire and ahlil ty to lxrform such healhgs on a large scale in the future."-Isaiah 35:." declaring Bible truths lo othen. (Psalm 329. 16. i . God even with a repayment.-Ilwtllatlon 1l:7.l . In fulfillment of prophecy. 24. With unwavering confidence i n JehovahIthey encourage one another. Jehwah brought his people out of captivity. As a rcsult. Jehovah's mlwmed ones-anointed and "other sheep"-find joy in scrvlrr~ anly true God. ~ Pjr tAll M c ~ ~ / k l1t ~ d ~~ apostles. FR whatway? haw Isatall's word? hrcn hITrllcrI among Ctui's ' his mimaIIstic attacks to elf mlnatc true worshlp. 29) Jesus promisccl tile i I'ilrilrlice.' and the attempts of these sincere Christians to preach t h e good news were stifled. which even today continues to sprcad tlirnt~ghout the earth. In a spiritual sense. 4.'" They have complete trust I11 thc prophetic ~ S S U T ~ I ~ C"Look! C:' Your own God will comc with vnigeance Itsclf. the nations 'made war with them and conquered them. m n now they enjoy the blessings o the splrittral paractbe. Grief and sighing wll l f l ~ c away. however. Rejoicing will indeed be to time Indcfinitc. At that time. i s open to all spirl Lually clean worshipers." flourished on the world scene. they are able to "climb up lust as a stat: docs. 'wwds." which leads nut of Ralylon the Grcat into a spiritual paradise.8.

pull down the high plam and the altars of their false gods.-2 Chronicles 38: 1 25. 8) This has anger& the Mng of AssyFia. and what se doa Hcmklah t& ta m i d an Immdak artp uult on Jerusalem?{c} How does HmUah pxepare to defend Jem- ed that Passover? mlem from the h!@alls? .A King's Faith Is Rewarded Isaiah 36:l-398 King litweklrrh trusb In Ithowh when ha face$ the might of Assyrtu I HEZlXWI was 2 years old when he beam@ 5 king o Juf dah. 62 2 Soon a k H M came to the throne. m o break up the samd pillars."-Heb~ews10:23-25. . HezeMah lzas bm ken an alllance that hki faithless father. 2 . and Induce nk hfs subjects tr~ follow after false gods? Or would he lead the pwple in t e worship of Jehovah. he ordered Jehovah's temple repaired and temple servlces resumed.111Then he arganlaed a grand Passover debxatton ta which t h e entire nation was invited -hdudtng the ten norttLern tribes of Israel. e Wtao are allies of h y r h . o o 1. after which they rp turned t their citia. 3) In his &st year. 2. -L- Faith Put t the 'rest o 4 Serious trlafs lie ahead for Je&em.' Such gatherings. H m did Hezeklah ptove to be a better klng than Aha27 3. What kind of nrlet would he be? Would he follow i t f m b k p s of his father." (2Kmp 1&2. (a) What action was by the lnhabimts of Israel and judah who attendedthe Pasarranged by by~~zeHai17 What do CM* {b) tm today leamfrom the decblve action taken by those who attendl (2 Cbronides 31:l) What a contrast that was to theh former nUglous attltudel True chrlstbm today rn learn from this the Importance of 'not forsaking the gatherhg of themselves together. Hence. H has even subdued the Philistha. (2 Kings 1&7. What an uhrg@ttabk feast that was1 There had been none llke it since the days of King Solomon.7. It became clear that he fatended "to do what was dght I Jehe n vah's eyes. King Ahaz. we read: ultcameabout In the -th p r of King H m # a h t)pat %mwdm'b the king o f h y d u tame up agulnst dl the dti%r of - 1 5. deterdud t serve the true God. conchrdd with the Assyrians. those f in attendance ~ I E d t cut down the s a d pales. a m brom Aayda? (b) What milltary adon has Sennacherib taken against Judah. (2 Chranicles 293. play a vital role in their wmMng enc~uragaent and bdng mwed by the brotherhood as -11 as by God's spirit to "hateto low and fine works. h. 6 3 At the conclusion o the Passover celebralion. as did hls hrefather h King David?-2 Kings 1 : . whether In local congregations ar on a larger scale at assemblies and conventions. (a) How has Hcmklah demonstrated bts L .

W emah retrieves what predou5 metals he can from the kmpte. H also cuts d m e the tanpie doors." o B~~.*-2 Hngs 18:14. HezeMah malks that the AssJrrlans wlll not leave Jerusdem fom for Iong. f * 'Worth more than $9.*-2 Chranides 32:4. Muding "mtssilesin abundance and shields. (2 Klngs 1&15." ( i d a h 36:1) Perhaps haptflg t protect Jerusalem from m W&k o satrlt by the dentless Assyrian armyI Hezeldah agrees tn pay Smrmherlb an enornous tribute of 300 dmtalents and 30gold talents. This wtlsfia the Assyr3ed an.5 mllllon IU.A Kina's Faith fk m warded Iu&h and pceeded b selre them. 5 Since there is not enwgh gold and silver in the rqral treasury t~ pay the tribute.16) Evidently. The people block up water soma that could supply water to h m h g Assyrians. In whom docs H u r W l put hll rmso . ln Jehovah o a r m i ~ . 6 However. x but f H ~ e ~ hls military chleb: 'e m u m p u s and e s B strong. not in d m r war mategla o In br8fim~om.S.5. people hgin brace themselves upon the the m d o Hezelcfah the ktng of Judith. T h d ~preparations have to be made. [ 6.but s d y for a while."(2ChronEdes Ds f 327$f3] Visu&c the: exciting mnts that ~~ ntr chap krs 36 to 39 o Isalatx's pmphcq are reviewed. which have been overlaid . He~lafahputs his trust. Hezeldah also sfrengthens the b brt fications of JwusaIem and builds an arsenal of weapons. Do not be a b i d nor be krrified because o the f ldngofAssyriaandonamuntofalithemmdtharis withhim. but withusthm is Jehovah our God t help w and to 6ght our battles.mlveiy. brwithusthmare m o than themare wlth ~ him. With b h therehian arm of flesh. . t goid. dh and s n s them to Sennscherib.1 at current values.

11 Hezkiah'r representatives are concerned about the effect that Rabshakeh's arguments will have on the men who can hear him from the top of the city wall. Rabshakeh says: "In case you should say to me. for we are listening. 9) Since Egypt cannot save itself. Egypt does resemble a crushed reed. (a) Why does Rabshakeh Insist on speaking in "the Jews' language. Speaking in Hebrew. is not an Egyptian but an Ethiopian. he argues. he first cries out: "What is this confidence in which you haw trusted? In whom have you put trust..3. to put riders upon them. Shebna the secretary. that former world power has been temporarily conquered by Ethiopia. 12. does it matter whether Judah's Wained cavalry are many or few? No. (2 Kings 18:17) These are met outside the city wall by three of Hezekiah's representatives. for he is riot able to deliver you. that you have rebelled against me?" (Isaiah 36:4. 70. 10 Next Rabshakeh reminds the Jews that miIitarily they are hopelessly outclassed. in fact." Then Rabshakeh claims that Jehovah's blessing is with the Assyrians. and do not speak to us in the Jews' language in the earz of the people thar are on the wall. (2 h g s 19:8. to your servants in the Syrian language. the Jews have actually returned to Jehovah. the Assyrians could never haw penetrated so far into Judah's territory. ELiakim the overseer of Hezekiah's household. And he is about to be defeated by Assyria.386 Isaiah's Prophecy-Liglrt for All Mankind I Rabshakeh Presents His Case 7 Sennacherib dispatches Rabshakeh (a military title. he tries to tempt those listening by painting a picture of life as it could be for the Jews under Assyrian rule: "Make a capitulation to me and 10. though." He warns the inhabitants of JenrsaIem: "Do not let Hezekiah deceive you people. To whom can they turn for support? To that "crushed reed." (Isaiah 36:s)In reality."and how does he try to tempt the IisteningJews? (b) What effect might Rabshakeh's worils have on the jews? 7.. Why does it not matter whether Judah's defenders are many or few? 11. reminding them that they are completely isolated. He issues this arrogant challenge: "kt give you two thousand horses to see whethme er you are able. Proverbs 21:31 explains matters this way: "The horse is something prepared for the day of battle." (lstliuh 36:17) But Rabshakeh has no intention of speaking in the Syrian language. King Tirhakah. far from rejectingjehovah by tearing down the high places and the altars in the land. it will be of little help to Judak 9 Rabshakeh now argues that Jehovah will not fight for His people because I-Je i s displeared with them." Following this.-lsaiah 36:2. but salvation belongs to Jehovah. and Egyptts present Pharaoh. 8 Rabshakeh's aim is simple-convince Jerusalem to surrender without a fight. please. on your part. What evidently leads Rabshakeh to conclude that Jehovah would forsake His people. for Judah's salvation does not depend upon superior military strength. 'It is jehovah our God in whom we have trusted.7) Of course.' is he not the one whose high places and whose altars Hezekiah has removed" (Isaiah 36. How does Rabshakeh try to breakJerusalemlsresistance? 9. He wants to sow seeds of doubt and fear in the ]em so that they will sur- I render and Jerusalem can be conquered without a fight! (Isaiah 3 : 2 Hence the Assyrian speaks again in "the 67) Jews1language. and why is he sent t o Jerusalem? 8." Egypt? (Isaiah 36x5) At this time. but what are the facts? . These Jewish officialr request: "Speak. Who i s Rabshakeh. not a personal name) along with two other dignitaries to Jerusalem to demand the city's surrender. not the Jews. 1 A King's Faith Is Rewarded i 1 1 .-Isaiah 36:9. 5 Then Rabshakeh taunt5 the 3 frightened Jews. and Joah the son of Asaph the recorder. Otherwise.

H goes t Jehovah'stemple. Howwpr. o e h the commandment of the king wws. saylng: %u must r 13. The prospect o eating succulent grapes and of drlnklng f -1 water must be very appUng to the men listening on the wall. as o (2 Kings 1E7. (a) What declslan now fafes Heeeklah? (b) How does jehmh reassure his people? . the three Judeanrep resentad= do not try to explain this t Rabshakeh. the king's a b a r i e s IS. ' M e r e ate the gods of Sephard m ?And have they &Ifwed Sumurla out o my hand?" f -Isaiah 38: f &2U. W~qr o mttnued t keep siht a d did m answer him o word. "4saluh 3: 13-17: 6 12 There will be no harvest f r the Jewsthis year-the Asu syrian invasion has prevented them from plancraps. Despite Rabshakeb's arguments. 1 )On the other hand. Rahhakeh. rr land of bread and vineyar&. a worshiper of false gods. Rabshakeh draws an& verbal a a He warns the Jews against believing HezeMah should he say: "]&wuh h i d will ddIw us. But Rabshakeh has not yt finbhed trying t e o w e d m the Jm. and JoEih return t Hezeklah and make an aR&l report of the o words of Rabsshakhh. 1 . along with the older men of the prlcsts. a h d o f w n und new wine." h W h ~ & d stheJewsthatthe g d s o Samaria were f unabk to prevent the ten Mm from being overcome by the Assyrians. And what of the gods of the other natlans Assyrla has conquad? "Where are the gods of Humatbs end ArpadT" he demands. 1 . why Is what happened t 4 o Samaria IrreImt t ludah's situation? o come out ta me a d eat each one frrun his own vine and n ecKh one fmrnhis own fig bee and ddnk e a d ~ the wuone I The king sends emissar/es to Isalah to hiear~ehovuh'scounsel not answer him.gypt? a or stand her ground and fight? Heklah i under great s pmsure. while dispatding e o Eliakim and Shebna.2) Dressed in sackcloth.lunirrh'a Prophecy-Light fur All Maaklnd 1 ter of his own cistern. WIIIJerusatem surrender t the Assyrlm? join forces with F. Samari' Calse gods had no p w r t save the ten-& kingdom. Jerusalem un7 8 der Hezekiah has turned its back bn fahe gods and has * turned to SerVlngJdmah.-Isd& 3 : 2 62. until I came and cKtuaI& tuke you to a Iand llke p u r own land. does not understand that there k? a b 4 dlfimce between apostate Samaria and Jerusalem under Hezeldah. Hezeklah Makes a Dedslon 15 King Hezebh now has a decision to make.'" (Isalrth 36:27) Ellakirn. 13 Prom his arsenal of arguments. Shebna. 14 Of course. to Inquire of Jehovah t h u g h the prophet Isai& (ISOM 327.

(isalah 37:I4) In heartfelt prayer he implores Jehovah to give ex to the 14ssyrhVs threcits.Y-lwiah B:d.IbMeanwhile. .Hena and i o f of Iwah 7" (I~gIak 379-73)Basically. and o I shall ceEarhly cause him f fall by the sword in his own o land. with his o m not ddivemnce. Smnacherib willdeal. Speaking as t Sennacherib. and wiii yau p d f be deli&? Hwe the gods of the ndons fiat my foefathem brought t ruin defIvePed o them?. she has held . i! what the inhabitants of j e d e m sari e q a t if they Bfuse to -surrender:'Taup & F haw heurd whot fhe king$ o#&yrh did & all the lands by devoting them t destmco tian. 0je#r~rnJ~ Ca . but witb the reproach that will be heaped upon Jehovah's m e tf m i a dekab Jerusalem. (a] What i5 Rezekiah's motive i asking Jehovah for proteed n ttun?@ How W J&ovah through Islah. Hezefiah spreads Smmcheribisletters out before Jehovah in the temple. RabsW*Isdeparture brings no letup of pmure on us out of his hand. the Asspian is a n $g that it is m e l e s s to resist-resistance will onIy bring m o ~ trouble! 17 Deeply concerned a b u t the mmequenm sfthe dedsian he musf make. that our Q. Whereis the king crf Hamath m d the king of drpad aod the king o f the t @ o f ~ h ~ i m . are Cod &ne.0 jehoigo vah. saytug: %is day iy u day d d i W s and of rebuke and of xornibj Insofence Perhaps Ietrovah Fur Cod will hear the words of R ~ b s f i & & ~ whom the king a f k y r i a his lord sent t taunt the living Wtand he o wii! ~~ttuully h h to account for the words h t jehucall vlrh your Cod ha5 heardrd" [Miah 37:3-5) Yes. Jerusalem must xlat swerider to && y. i $pokeubu&e& o have heard with whish the rrttendants o the king of ksyrf of me. with Jemalem la&r. Jehovah reassures the Jam "Donot be ahid bemuse offhewords thdt you .mmr the ksyriu? j . Rabshakh is called away to bk at S m nacherib's side while the king wages war at Libnah. ar?d he must heat n report mid return t his own /and. Isaa iah boldly states Jehwah'srnessa&e t the Asyrian: 'Ww o virgin daughter OF Ziw has d~xpiced you. . Wh+t letters are sent by SpnnacheriM 1 18. mdudirr his p y r with the WQT ae Jr%zdnow.'Ithe kn d m of the eartk M a y know that y t u ~ . s h must stand her ground. (&aiah 31&) SaI. IBJdwvaJY3 answer to Hez&iahts pager c a m tlxough Isaiah. the Assyrians are challqhg the limg God! WillJehovah give attention to their taunts?Though Isaiah. f 16. Here I m putttng a spi& in him.. Sermachdb sends theaiming letters describing approach Isaierh." (l$uiah3E 15-20)From M s it h dear that Hezekiah Fs primarily c~mmed.

in effect. wE certainiy take root downward and produce ii 19 What 19.000Assyrians . Although unable to plant seed because of the Assyrian occupation.A King? Fnith Is Rewarded 393 1 I you in derision. you make great boasts. they will he able to eat from the gleanings of the preceding year's harvest. and in to this city he will not 21. a sabbath year." (Isaiah 37:21. . I will put a hook in your nose and lead you back to Assyria!' -Isaiah 37:23-29. 2 Jehovah now compares his people to a plant that can0 not easily be uprooted: "Those who escape of the house of judah . The following year. and what does ~tmean? 20. 32) Yes. Then I will do to you as you have done to others. I will conquer you. What sign doesJehovah grve Hezekiah. I will frustrate your plans. they must let their fields lie fallow. They and their offspring I will remain firmly established in the land. (Exodus 23:11) Jehovah promises that if the people obey his voiw. . enough grain will sprout in the fields lo sustain them. you people." (kaiah 3Z3 T. Then." (Isaiah 37:30) Jehovah will provicle food for the trapped Jews. and reap. You have trusted in your military power and have conquered much land. those who trurt in Jchwah have nothing to fear. nor confront it wit11 a shield. and plant vineyards and eat their fruitage. despite their desperate situation. "This Will Be the Sign for You" guarantee does Hezekiah have that Isaiah's prophecy will be fulfilled? Jehovah answers: 'This will be the sign for you: There will be an eating this year of the growth from spilled kernels. nor will he shoot an arrow there. men will sow seed in the usual way and enjoy the fruitage of their labor. But you are not invincible. Behind you the daughter of Jerusalemhas wagged her head [mockingly]. 21 What of the Assyrian's threats against Jerusalem? Jehovah answers: ' H e will not come into this city. You have great ambitions. 22) Jehovah then aclds.: 'Who are you to taunt the Holy One of Israel? I know your deeds. In what way will those who escape the Assyrian attack "take mot downward and produce fruitage upward"? fruitage upward. nor cast up a siege rampart against i t By the way by which he same he will return. 22. in the following year. and in the second year grain that shoots up o f itselc but in the third year saw seed. (a) What is rophes~edconcerning Sennacherib? (b) I-low and when arc ~ehovaE's words about Sennachcrib fulfilled? lehovah's angel strikes down 185.

he returns to Nineveh."-Isaiah 38:z 8a. and mighty nlen of his army dead. and what are the i~nplications t h cri~is? of ~ 24. there was a staircase inside the royal palace. he does not show appreciation for God"s compassion. If Hczekiah dies. he stubbornly remains devoted to his false god Nisroch. 3. chiefs. while worshiping in the temple of Nisroch. Here ! adding onto your days fifteenyears. Now Jehovah will perform a miracle. Sennacherib is assassinated by two of his sons. What crisis does Hezekiah face when Sennacherib first comes up against Jndah. Isaiah tells him that he i s going to die. wlto will lead the fight? At that time. 33:l-6. 87 . Some ycars latcr.-Isaiah 38: 2. without which he would llot have been born! Instead. This apparently happens a t Libnah. his first A Lapse in Judgment 27 Like his forefather David. Surprisingly. during most of his lifetime." (Isaiah 37:33. and I will defend this city. When the king of Hahylon hears it. Shamefaced. and Sennacherib himself wakes up to find the leaders. Once again. not the Jews. Hezekiah recovers from his illness. 26 About ery. i s horn. Hezekiah's Faith Is Further Strengthened 23 About the time that Sennacherib first comes up against Judah. but despite his resounding defeat. When Manasseh grows up.-2 Chronicles 32: 24. as described at Isaiah 38: and out of the palm of the king of Assyria I shall deliver you and this city. he arranged for the compiling of the material now found in Proverbs chapters 25 to 29. In fervent prayer Hezekiah begs Jehovah to show him mercy. who are defeated without a fight. Hezelaah is a man o faith.391 IsuiaI~'sPropliecy-Ligrit Tor A ! Mankind I ! A King's Faith Is Rewardt*d 385 come. he sends messengers to Jerusalem to obtain the faas. it will retrace its path backward ten steps. One could measure the time of day by observing ihe progress of the shadow on the steps. Hezekiah falls gravely ill. Jehovah sends an angel who strkes down the cream of Sennacherib's troops-185. Who ever heard of such a thing? The Bible states: "Andthe sun gradually went back ten steps on the steps o f the stairs that it had gone down. News of this spreads as far as Babylon." (lsaiuh 38:4-6. lifeless Nisroch proves powerless to save. Hezekiah has no son to assume the rulership. According to Proverbs 25:1. I have seen your tears. they cast a shadow on the stairs. (Isaiah 38:T) The 39-year-old king is devastated. 34) There will be no battle between drsyria and Jerusalem after all. 22 True to his word. three years after Hezeluah's miraculous recovson. 25. 25 According to the Jewish historian Josephus. (a) HOWdoeb Jehovah graciously answer Hezekiah's prayer? (h) What miracle does Jehovah perform. am 23.S) Jehovah will confirm his promise with an unusual sign: "Here I am making the shadow o f the steps that had gone down on the steps of the stairs of Ahm by the sun retrace backward ten steps. His concern i s not only for his own wellbeing but also for the future of the people. Manasseh does on a large scale what is bad injehovah's eyes. 24 Isaiah has not yet left the palace courtyards when Jehovah send5 him back to the stricken king's bedside with another message: "I have heard your prayer. probably with a column near it.-Isaiah 37:35-38. f He treasures God's Word. What is om result of the lengthening of Hezekiah's life? 27. it wdl be the Assyrians. In what ways does Herekiah show apprec~at~un forjchovah? 7. When the sun's rays hit the column. 2 Kings 20:4. After the shadow drifts down the steps in the usual way. Some believe that he also 26. Manasseh." (Isaiah 38: 86) Shortly thereafter.000 men. Jerusalem and Judah are in danger of being invaded by the Assyrians.

Hczcklnh was n man of faith. (it) What may be the rnotlve of tlczeklah when he \t~nwshts wealth to the Babylonian delegatton? Ib) Wlrat wtlt hc tltr conscqucncrs of Hezekiah's error in judgrncnt? . sllver. may we. he and the Inhahitants of Jerusalem."-Isaiah 39: 1. 1 le concluder.'' These gifts may have nllowrrl hlrn Io rcl)lr~rlh his treasure-house. look to Jehovah for wisclom and the way out.Is I P r i ~ ~ ~ ~ fi)r~A l~l M I~ ~ I ~ /fI . A1 2 ( : h r o ~ j i c I ~ 3 2 2 2 .-Hebrews 11:6. * 29 Even after the stinging defeat by Jehovah's angel. When prohlems arise. will themselves be taken and actually become court officials in the poloce of the king of Babylon. after he heard that he had been sick but was strong again. 27. Them proved tu be nothing that Hezekioh did not stlow them in his own house and in all his dominion." both now and in the future. to whom you will become fnther. (Isaiah 3 9 8 ) Jehovah should k just as real to us toclay. f Hezekiah was grateful. we read that "Hezeklah a m c tu llrw r i c l i c ~ and ~Iur)r to a very gfiat amount" and that "hc camp to be cxnlrcrl In tllc eye% nf all the natlons. Jchovrth dlsclo~es future to Hezethe kiah: "Days ore coming. 30. I-Imewr. The rnovlvtng song of gratitude that f-iezekiah composts after recovcrtrrg from his illness shows him to be a man of deep feeling. Nothing will be left. like Hezekiah. and aft that is in your own house and thmt your foreforhers have stored up down to this doy will octrrc~lly curried to Batylon. includIng Babylon. Iil*7cklah.. So Hezekiah began to rejoice over them and proceeded td show them his tremum-house. . Hczcklah pmyed ferventIy to Jehovah. "for he gives genemusly to all and without reproaching. o 30 Apparently referring to the incident In which Hezekiah showed his treasure to the Rahylonlans.31 56 ~ S L I ~ U '. surrounding notions brought gifts of gold. we can be sure that l ~ will hecome "the r e c warder of those earnestly seeklng him." (I5diah 3 9 3 . be And some of your own sons that will come forth from you. How did Hezekiah shown g u ~ attlt~tdel l 31. which he had emptied when p e y l i l ~ trll~utc t h e A$Ir) syrlans. C~I ~ ~ / ~ t ~ ~ I ~ - composed the 119th Psalm. When under pressure." uames 1:s)If we continue to cndurc and to exercise faith in Jehovah. Assyrla continues to pose a thrcat to many nations.Jehovah docs not want the inhabitants of Judah to consort with their enemies. He knew that his God. I-lc makes a serious error i judgment sometltne . the silver ond the gold and the Bolsom oil ond the good oil and orlf his armory and all that was 50 be found in his treasures. What errnr in judgment doe5 Hezeklali make somct l mc artcr heIng miraculously healed? 2'1. and what d m this teach us? 28. Isaiah explains: "At thnt time Merodaci~baladanthe son of Baladan the king of Babylon sent letters artd a gift to Hezekiah. 2 Chronicles 3226 states: "'HWekiah humbled llimself for the baughtiness of his heart." 31 Despite his imperfcctlon. Hezehah may have wankd to Impress the king of Babylon as a possible future ally. How did things turn out for Hc7ekiah.iftcr Jchwah heals n hlm. and Jehovah answered hlm. . Jrhovat~.7 ) Ycs the very nation that Hezekiah sought to iinprcss will even tilally l~lunder Jerusalem's treasures and rcbducc her cl tixens to slavery. and other precious thing. Jehovah God granted him peace for the re3t o his days. he wants them to trurt In him! 'I'hrough * After Sennacherib's defeat. ( 1 the prophet Isaiah.Z. that the most important thing in life is to IF ahlc to praise Jchovah a t His temple "oli the days of our life."(Isaiah 38:920) May all o u feel the samc way ahnu2 purc worship! f s 28 Altl~ough faithful. Hezeluah's showing hls treasure to thc Ralsylonians only serves t whet their greedy appcrltc. Hezeklal~is Imperfect.and Jehovah's indignation did not comc upon them in the days of Hezekiah. and for that. a rcal person who has is feelings.

Isaiah sets forth Jehcvah's words that promise restoration: "'Comfofi comfort her error hm been poid off For from the hand of Jehovahshe has received a full amount for all her sins. 2 Can we really trust the pxomises of God? Indeed. and every mountain 5 .29. (a) Isaiah records what worh of comfort that God's people words of comfort that Jehovah's people will need at a later time. well describes the message of light and hope contained in . 5 The journey from Babylon to Jerusalem is 500 to 1.Rabylon. the prophet Isaiah records 1. Jehovah will lead a repentant remnant from Babylon back to Jerusalem.CHAPTER THIRTY "Comfort My People" 394 "ComfortMy People" lsaiah 40:l-31 JEHOVAH is 'the God who supplies comfort. what could be more comforting than the prospect of that loved one's being resurrected in God's new world? (John 5:28.'says the God of you men. 1 I A Comforting Promise 3 In the eighth century B. Revelation 21:3-5. 29) And what about Jehovah's promise that he will soon end wickedness and transform this earth into a paradise? Is it not comforting to have the prospect of surviving into that coming Paradise and never dying?-Psalm 37:9-11.C.2. No. Will the long trip impede the fulfillment of God's promise? By no means! Isaiah wdtes: '%sten! Someone is calling out ia the wilderness: 'Clear up the way of jehovah. (Romans 15:4.E.000 rmles. as it appears in Isaiah chapter 40. 'Speak t the heart of o lerusalem and call out to her that her military service has been fulfilled. What is one way that Jehovah comforts us? 2. we can! The Maker of those promises is completely reliable. 4. Why can we t r w t the promises of God? 3. 2.C. (a) Why will the Iong journey from Babylon to Jerusalem not impede the fulfillment of God's promise? (h) The restoration of the Jews to their homeland will haw w h a t effect on other nations? will need at a later time? (b) Why will the inhabitants of Judah and JeruqaIem he taken into e x ~ l to Babylnn. (Isaiah 55:1 . (Jeremiah 25: 11. and how long will their sere vitude last? .the rest of the book of Isaiah.E. But those Jewish captives will not serve the Babylonians forever. 4 "Comfort.'"-Isaiah 40:1. 70 years. Let us consider that prophecy. Immediately after telling King Hezekiah of the approaching destruction of Jerusalem and the deportation of the Jewish people to." the opening word of Isaiah chapter 40. the Fulfiller of promises. 6 . when faced with the death of someone dear to you. depending upon the route taken.11) This was powerfulIy demonstrat0 ed in connection with Jehovah's statement through the prophet lsaiah that he would restore true worship in Jerusalem.' One way that he comforts us is through the promises he has had recorded in his Word.. what a comfort it will be for the captives to realize that the time for their promised deliverance js at hand!-Daniel 9:1. 5) For example. for doing so can strengthen our faith in Jehovah. l e t every volley be raised up. their servitude will last only until their error is "paid off. For turning apostate the inhabitants of Judah and Jerusalem will be taken into exile to Babylon in 607 B. In the 70th year of Judah's desolation." How long will that be? According to Jeremiah the prophet. 12) After that. you people! Make the highway for our Cod through the deserf plain straight. He has both the capability and the will to carry out his word.

the sun's intense heat changes it from green to a parched brown. The green grass has dried up. it will Iast to time indefinite. the blossom has withered. In the case of the returning Jews. James 1:10. it will be as if God himself is in the forefront. might listen to him and follow him. And the glory of jehovah will certainly be revealed. John applied Isaiah's words to himself. After all. And rhe knobby ground must become /eve//on$. the blossom hos withered. (John 1:19-23) Starting in 29 C. these are Jehovah's name people. because the very spirit of lehovah has blown upon it. In some respects.C. was not the only fulfillment of this prophecy. During the dry season. (Psalm 103:15.E.-John 5: 43.' "-Isaiah 40:6-8. but as for the word ofour God.. they can! With vivid words and illustrations taken from everyday life. Isaiah foretells the preparing of the way before Jehovah. and ali flesh must see it together. Isaiah now gives compelling reasons why they can have complete confidence that Jehovah will prove true to his word.L6. and fulfiIling his promise to restore them to their homeland will cause hrs glory to be manifest before all the nations.E. the Gospels apply that prophecy to what John the Baptizer did in preparing the way for lesw Christ The inspired writers of the Christian Greek Scripture5 made such application because Jesus represented his rather and came in his Father's name. 76) Through Jesus. those nations urll be forced t see that Jehovah is the Fulfiller of o his promises. Eastern rulers would often send out men to prepare the way by removing big stones and even building causeways and leveljng hills. Like it or not.E. 6 Before embarlung on a journey. (a) The words of Isaiah 40:3 had what fuIfillment in the first century C. about those who are in line to benefit from the initial fulfillment of the promise-the Jewish captives in Babylon? Can they really trust Jehovah's promise to return them to their beloved homeland? Indeed.E. (Luke 1:13-17. and all their loving-kindness is like the biossom of the field. 8 2 9 . (John 1:29. John began preparing the way for Jesus Christ* John's advance procIamation aroused people to look for the promised Messiah so that they. 10 The Israelites well know that grass does not Iast brwer.400 Isaiah's Prophecy-Light for AII Mankind I and hill be made low. 8 What. clearing away any obstacIes." in fulfillment of Isaiah 40:3. 7 The restoration in the sixth century B. 10. (Luke 3:1-6)Under inspiration. man's life is like grass-so temporary in nature. A God Whose Word Lasts Forever 9 First. (Isaiah 40:3) However. John the Baptizer war the voice of someone "crying out in the wilderness.'"-hiah 40:3-5. though. 7.11) Isaiah contrasts the transitoriness of man's - 9. There was also a fulfillment in the first century C. Isaiah writes: "Listen! Someone is saying: 'Call out!' And one said: 'Whar shall I call out?' 'dl/ flesh is green gmss.and the rugged ground a valley ploin. in turn. The gneen grass hos dried up. 8. for the very mouth o f Jehovah has spoken it.? (b) Isaiah's prophecy had what larger fulfillment in 1919? 1 'Comfort My People" Jehovah would lead repentant ones into the heedom that only God's Kmgdom can provide-liberation from bondage to sin and death. Surely the peopk are green gmss. 8:32) Isaiah's words had a larger fulfiIlment in the deliverance of the remnant of spiritual Israel from Babylon the Great in 1919and in their restoration to true worship. How doer lqaiah contrast the transitoriness of man's life with the permanence of Gotl's "word"? . the word o the One who promises restoration f lasts forever.

(1 1:2%25) Think &Gut tm:5 W J e h o a hhas pres&rwdt& miiten Word. Md whycanthqhaw mnfdmP 11. ''the Iiving and endusfng Gad" and the P m m iJf his W d .tgflil the promise3 m a l n M i s ufl n k written Word? i 1 . R a f yuur mire f ~ e m wh%paw." fsmWJI his arm w#Y!& rufhtgfw h*. Like a skephprd he wi/l $ e m h$s dm@. and the w q e he p * ~& kfomhirn. S to the c i i oPlud&: w 'Here is plrr God. their e&rb alone do not -I& why It has mwiyed. The Bible has h x d bittercppsitim n over the centuriest and hrlw &amtator$and others have risked their hws W preserve it. (a) Why a n t h e p m m k o restorafinn be trusted8 (b) What 2 f p d news is there for the lmkh exflw. Raise it Do tmt. Ail credit for Its s u v i v d musk @ < ~ Jehovah. 13. dannat trust him to fuIfiII the gmmi5Qsi cantaim? t 11 Today we have Jehovah's skaknent ofpurjgse l writn A sttong G M wlm Tenderly Cares for Hh Sheep a Mab gives a second xwon why the pmds.faxiah%l4Pyliacp-A#tt for All kbankiad I life Nhthe permanem of GQ@S t yrdI~ or 'stated ppose. : u pr you woman bringingpod new h am.-Joshua &:I4 ten form i the Bible. YH.' LcrokI f i e d o d i p LordMowk hims wjit mme wen as B sttong one r&n mm& & WenM. p u woman bringing $4 bjrunews swtpm. WE& his r r r ~ m t Jehomh. The One who makes the prod= is rn a & m q Goel w h tmderlspmm for his p q k . iadd His reand ward b d f b him. Isaiah mn~ tinuex sM k u way up ewn wntu a high mountain. Why tm W fohn ~ ~ Buptizer was a l b vdce 'crying out h the wifderned' .ea rest& f WRP be m d .When God spe& natcan m IMsw~rdsgl'pmt u them f i n being "he word 6 our Ga$? endues hwr.

b g M g sudc he will d u c t with em. 11) Isaiah wln d d y basesthlS warm Ifluswatlonon the real-lk practicer ad sh~phervfs. When hi!i bosom was full. aying out or singing the goad news o batf tla won or of coming relief. news that can be k. unbll the flW e ones were able to rollow the motherr. Jehovah.' -450ioh 4O:Pf I* 13 I Bible times it was the custom for women to celen brate victories." Is It not comfwtlng t o krww that we s m a God who has such tender concern far hls pehpW .wlevly +out&. hoMlng them by the feet or in a bag or & a s k on the back of a donkey.on tM slopes of M m t Hemon in the Middle East e rp m eo shephrd watched Ms flock closely t see o hbw & ! fared. (IsaBh 40:1Q. gmat CDBC slnceItwld betoo bhie to bIIw the mother. 7.. hk put la& on his shoulders. madem-dw obsemr who w U shep A ad h . Ralm 68: S& 11) Isaiah p p h e t i d y Indicates that there is good news far the Jewlsh mils. . (1 Samuel I : . a Lovlng Shepherd Isaiah compares j e h a h to a Iwlng shepherd who at- ries his lambs I hls bosom. When he found a nw~born +y lamb he put It in the fatds&Ofhjs. .hewlinc~~~ekrm~ondinhhbosomipewlll uarry them.

and the hills in the scales? Who has taken the proportions of the spirit of Jehovah. Let us. 1 There is. Isa4 iah warmly describes how Jehovah wdl lead his people back to their homeland. Can mere humans turn back the tide of the 16. therefore. or teaches him knowledge. In what manner does Jehovah lead his people today. 16 The cal value for All-Powerful. "Who has measured the wafers in the mere hollow of his hand. T h q must be ever rninclful of the way that Jehovah feels about each member of the flock.) 15.Jehovah is like a loving shepherd who collects his lambs togethm and carries them in his "bosom. Jesus Christ.Jehovah came "'even with strength" and established his Kingdom in the heavens. and who 05 his man o f counsel can make him know anything? With whom did he consult together that one might make him understand. It is comforting to note the tender manner in which Jehovah leads his people. imitating the loving concern shown by Jehovah himself. or weighed with an indicutor the mountains. and what pattern does this set? 17. whom Jehovah h a installed upon his heavenly throne. (a) Why can the Jewirh exiles have confidence in the promise of restoration? (b) What awe-inspiring questions does Isaiah raise? . sheep? (See box on page 405. or who teaches him in the path of justice. In 1914. or makes him know the very way ofreal understanding?c--lsah 40: 12-14." The word "bosom" here evidently refers to the upper folds of the garment. however. for Jehovah will come "even with strength." and who is the 'arm that is ruling for him? (b) What good news must be fearlessly prodaimed7 ' 1 words of Isaiah 40:10. 1 have further pram1 us today. (2 Samuel 12:3) Such a touching scene from pastoral life no doubt reassures Jehovah's exiled peopIe of his loving concern for them. 18. This is where shepherds somerimes carry newborn lambs that cannot keep pace with the flock. The 'arm that is ruling for him' is hls Son. then. 18 These are awe-inspiring questions for the Jewish exiles to ponder. Jehovah. I n 1919. Jehovah delivered his anointed servants on earth from bondage to Babylon the Great and set about completely restoring the pure worship of the living and b u e God. "which he purchased with t h e blood of his own Son. Just as a shepherd understands the needs of individual sheep-including the Little lambs that cannot:keep up with the rest-Je hovah understands the limitations of each one o his f faithful servants. In addition. a gentle side to this s b n g God.406 Isnia h's Prophecy-Light fur All Man kind I "Comfort M y People" 407 even from the mountaintops-Jehovah will lead his people back to their beloved Jerusalem! They can have tonfidence. (a) When did Jehwah come "even with strength."-Acts 20:28. sets a pattern for Christian shepherds. as if by shouting b m the mountaintops so that the proclamation carries far and wide. lift up our voices and boldly l& others know that Jehovah God has restored his pure worship on this earth! 14. Surely such a smng yet tender God can be trusted to fulfill what he has promised them! 15 Isaiah's words are filled with prophetic meaning for our day. and taken the pmportions of the heavens themselves with a mere span and included in a measure the dust of the earth." Nothing. All-Wise 17 The Jewish exiles can have confidence in the pmmise of restoration because God is all-powerful and all-wise. as a tender Shepherd. T h s is good news that must be fearlessly proclaimed. Says Isaiah. (a) How does Isaiah illustrate the tender way i which Jehovah n will lead his people? (b) What example illustrates how shepherds tenderly care for theit. can prevent him from fulfilling his promise. Elders must treat the flock with tenderness.

20. For what reason can the Jewish exiles take heart. Can even the wisest humans advise God what to do under present circumstances or tell him what to do in t h e future? Certainly not! 19 What about the mighty nations of the earth-can they resist God as he fulfills his word of promise? Isaiah answers by describing the nations as follows: "look! The nations are as a drop from a buckec and a the film o f dust s on the scales they have been accounted. Isaiah proceeds to show the folly of those who make idols out of gold. as nothing m d on unreality they have been accounted to him. Isaiah uses what graphic word pictures? . starry heavens or weigh earth's mountains and hills? No. To emphasize the greatness of Jehovah.I 408 Isaiah3 Prophecy-Light for All Mankind I "Comfort My People" mighty seas? Of course not! Yet. the seas that cover the earth are like a drop of water in the palm of his hand. "Who Has Created These Things?" 3 There is yet another reason why the Jewish exiles can take heart The One who promises deliverance js the Creator of all things and the Source of all dynamic energy. all-wise. and what does Jehovah now stress about himself? - 19. Even such an offering would not be worthy of Jehovah. All the nations are as something nonexistent in front of him. 22. God can. How Isaiah's words must have comforted and skengthened the Jewish exiles in Babylon who longed to return to their homeland! Today we too can have confidence that Jchovah's promises for our future will become a reality. N w e Revised Standard Version.*Suppose that It has been calculated that "the mass of the oceans is approximately 1. (a) How does Isaiah emphasize that Jehovah is incornparable? (b) Isaiah's vivid descriptionslead us to what conclusion? (c) The prophet Isaiah records what scientifically sound statement? (See box on page 412. 21 To emphasize further that Jehovah is beyond compare. Yet. As if the imagery used thus far were not suflicient.35 quintillion ( 1 -35x 1018) metric tons. Jehmh calls attention to 21. weigh mountains and hills in a pair of scales. * TheExposEtor's Bible Cammentarynotes: "Near Eastern marketplace commerce would take no account of the minute water drop in the measuring bucket or a little dust on the scales when meat or fruit was weighed."-Eptcartd 97 Encyrlopediu." I someone were to construct a huge altar and use as firewood for the altar all the trees that covered the mountains of Lebanon. to Jehovah. Jehovah measures the heavens as easily as a man might measure an object with a span-the distance between the end o the f thumb and the end of the liffle finger when the hand is spread out.-Isaiah 40:17."-isaiak 40: 75-IZ 20 To Jehovah. To stress his astounding capacity. and incomparableJehovah from fillfilling his promise. without effed." Can puny men measure the vast. in effect. Look! He lifts the islands themselves as mere fine dust Even Lebanon is not sufficient for keeping a fire burning. and its wild anirnorls are not sufficientfor a burnt offering. Isaiah resorts to an even stronger statement-all the nations are as "less than nothing" in Jehovah's eyes. or about 1/4400of the total mass nf the Earth. 22 AIl these vivid descriptions lead us to one conclusion -nothing can prevent the all-powerful.) 23. How foolish to think that any such idol could be a fitting representation of the "One who is dwelling above the circle of the earth" and who holds sway over its inhabitants!-Read Isaiah 40: 78-24. Then suppose that he were to offer as sacrifices a l l the animals that roamed on those mountains. silver. entire nations are as a dmp o water fallf ing from a bucket. They are no more than the fine dust that accumulates on a scale. or wood.

'not one o f them would be missing. Who has creukd ti~ese things? It is the One who is bringing forth the army of them even by numbec all of whom he calls men by name.his ability manifest in creation: "To whom can yau people liken me so that I should be mode his equal?'says the Holy One. who comrnanrls tllc slirrs. Like a military mmmander able to marshal his troops. he also being vigornus in powec not one of them is missing. holv docs Jchovah show that he J5 wtthnt~l ctluaI? 25. Jehovah Inspire3 Isaiah to record in advance these wards o reassurance: "For whatrwf son do you soy. 26 Knowing that the years i captivity will dampen the n splriw of the Jwlhexlles. just one of these--the Milky Way aal- axy-cnntalns. 7b show that he is without equal.'"-lsninh 40:25. H does is e 26. and justice t o me eludes m Cod himself'? Hove you not come to know y or have you not heard? Jehovrrh. Hnw anbthc fccllnjir nl the exller in Babylon describe& . occordlny:lo sotnc estimates. Like obedient soldiers.mrnancl of t l ~ r stars. 27. they keep their place and observe proper urdcl. If he were tn muster them. u 'My way has been concw/ed from lekovah. for thclr Leader ha$an abundance of "dynamic encrw" and is "vigorous in power. 25 Who uf us can resist the dlvlne invitatinn mcorcled at Isaiah 40:26: "Raise your eyes high up and see"? 'Shc discoveries of modern-clay astronomers have shown that the starry heavens are even more awe-inspiring than they appeased to be in Isaiah" day. and do y ~ specrk out. over 100 hilllon stars! Such knwlctlgc should awaken I our hearts n ruvclmcc for uur Crcntc)r i ~ n d complete trust In his word of 24. Speaking for himself. the Jewish exilcs havc reason for confidence. . t lrnv may we rpspond to the divine invitation recorded at IwIa h W Z h . hiis the power to support his servants. 2-1 The Iloly One of Israel is. 'Raise your eyes high up and see. O jacob. o God to time indefjnite. he calls each one by what thlng~ shoulrf they knwu! .26. Jehovah directs atteution 20 thc stars of the heavens. either an indivir211a1 name or a namelike designation. The Creator. Due to the abundance of dynamic energy. speaking for hlmsclf. Jehovalz is in ut. the Creotor of the extremities of the mrtl~. 0 Isme!. and with what effect? promise.4stronomerr wire pccr into the heavens with their powerful telesmpcs cstimnlc that the observable universe contains as many as 125 billion galaxies. Why."Therefore.' Though the nurnher of the $tan is grcat.

t g will wk and not rite outm-/$ah l b h 402S37." Far ahead of h the. the prophet Isaiah stated with extraordinary darity and certainty: "There b One who lr dwelling above the slxje o the earth.~-baIuh 4O:U. They ought not t expect bo be able fulo l to %raspJehovah's doings. howerer. then at least b m W r o W o n W has been handed down. Thqr will mn and notgrow w r y . s 2a. "Technically ~ p e a h $ the earth Is an oblate sphemld. discernment. f if n t from personal experience. hadreds of mlles from their homeland. and not men mighty B& n g o b beyond hts ma&. (a1 How does Jchwah wmind hn people that he will come L m the aid of w r ones? (b) What lllustnrtlon I used to show havv ay s Jehovah empowers trfs m t s ? .CE. Jehovah continues with encowagement fbr the despondent:exiles: "He is glvlng b the ~ e d one amd b the one wlthout dynamic energj. he still possesses the f ~ he &played i mation. the exprLtssisn "time Indcfinlk* means "forevex.They wlll mount up w M dngs like mgb. not tim out orgmw w e u ~I mk no seurching out of his . When speaking of the need t give to the Wed one o * fit kajah 40:28. two cenkrrles before o Pythagoms formulated hls theory. It is slightly f l a t l e d at the poles. the prophet tsaiah recorded i s a statement that is sdentiflcally sound and fFee from andent myths. Even s." Inhrestlngly. and pemptIon-ls beyond their cornprehemion. Creek philosopher Pylhagons h r l z e d that the earth must be a sphere. he nwkes M rnlght abound." (Isaf lah 40:22) The Hebrew word &ugh hare translated "drcle" may be rendered "sphere. a Through Isaiah. then. Hence. h 1 3 I ) ~n&nimding. They think tkat Jehovah b indifferent ro the t nfWcesthey suffer." for f e h w h I "the Klng of etesntg"-l Timothy 1:17. Boys will both the wt and gmw 1 w r y . They are remhded o thlxlp that they should know. only a spherlal object appears as a dde from @varyangle. Such a God mnot grow ttred Zn and fail his pwple. 29.What I s the Shape of the Earth? I ancient times humans In general believed that the n earth was flat As early as the sixth century B. H is the eternal God and o vr e the Chator o the m t i carth. buf who hoping In jehovoh will -In power. and pung men themsdwts wlll Wctbout M stumi ble. for hb understandmg-oz iny sight. Some think that their "way"-the M come of their life-is unseen or unknown by their God.28.* h i a h mods Jehovah's words descrIblng the Wings of the miles in Babylon.Jehovah B able and willing t W e hls people.

Isaiah's pxophecy mtained a comforting promise 01 light and hope-Jehwah would retor& them to their homeIand ! I n 537 B. The seemingly cikrtless flight of the eagle. Or mIumns df ridng warm air.E. Even the most vibrant of humans-"bqs" aad "young menn-may be warn d m by fatigue and s t u n ble from eihwstioa. Jehovah rm-drds his people that it i isrBLaractex#ic o him s f p m r . can impart power-even "pmer b q n d what 4 nn~ml"--tohis servants in t h e $ a£~ a l . Jehavabled his people home.wbase remmzs are irmhausijble. His ~rzgdomn promises. Yet. the One whose "understmding i wn ~munting. the Jewish & l ~ s have no muse for despdr. problems that tend to dishearten.C. We t can have a b e k conw ticlence in Jehovah. (Psalm E4'J:5. J e b d promises +a@ye power -unwearied power t run and to walk-to thme who are o trus&ing in him.6)Meanwhile) we need ggt endure in our msWngth. h w can true C k i s t i a a M a y draw camfort fmm the closing verses of Isaiah chapter 401 31.E. it is reassuing to know that the hardships we endure and the injustices we suffer do not go unnoticed by our Gad. and In what can we have absa1dte cottfi- d& m? . its temple in ruins. their beloved Jerut q H salem lay desoIate. . Jehovah. verses o Isaiah chapter 40 contain f words o romfort for true Chri$lims living i the last f n days of khls wicked y m With so many pressurn and 9 .2 Carinthiam 8 3 .Tmnfart My People" used to illustrate haw Jehovah empowers ht$ $manta* With prci$pettsof such didfie supgort. Jehwah have i mind the arduous journey n to tome to the a16 of weary ones who b s k t him fm o support. For them. proving that h@ is the Fulfiller of promises. is a - * The eagle stays aloft with a minimum expenditureof enIt dues ss by rnaWng skUfuI use af thermaIs. What pmmhe of light did baiah's praphecy'cbntatnfat the Jew- ish captive in Babylon. WThsre dasinp. MI become a reali* That is indeed good news-a message o light for all f mankind1 that the exiles WII Rave w make Worder b &n b m e . SO. u n d r e of miles away.. 31 Think of those Jewish captives i Babylon in the sixth n mu B. We can be sure that the Crater of ail things. a powerful biid that rn soaT fr hmrs at a time. whirh xe $0 beautifully expressed in Isaiah's prophecy." me t all injustlkes in h& s ad will r c o v h time and way.E.

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