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Importance of Referencing

Importance of Referencing

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Published by: Rohan Rajkumar Chavan on Jun 14, 2012
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Importance of referencing

Academic writing assumes that you have read widely and that you acknowledge the writings and ideas of other people by using a referencing system.
What this means for you is that whenever you write an assignment that is based on information from other sources, you are expected to reference these resources in your writing. This is the case for all sources including books, journal or newspaper articles, items from the internet, pictures or diagrams. The referencing in your assignment shows two things:
 

the range of ideas and approaches to a topic that you have found and thought about your acknowledgement of where these ideas came from.

Referencing is one skill that helps all writers avoid unintentional plagiarism

What are the "rules"?
There are three main rules of referencing. 1. 2. A reference must be included every time you use someone else’s ideas or information. A reference must be included when you\

   

paraphrase (express someone else’s idea in your own words)\ summarise (express someone else’s idea in a reduced form in your own words) \ quote (express someone else’s idea in their exact words) or copy (reproduce a diagram, graph or table from someone else’s work).


Each reference must appear in two places:

 

shown in the text of your assignment each time it is used (the in-text reference)

listed once in the reference list at the end of the assignment. This listing has full details so
that your reader can find the reference.

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