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Business Environment

Business Environment

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Edexcel Level 5 BTEC Higher National Diploma in Business


Unit Name: Unit Number: Assignment Submission Date: Assessor: Mode of submission:


Summary of Learning Outcomes To achieve a pass learners must demonstrate the ability to deal with each of the following outcomes and present these in report form – scripts will be checked against each of these:
1. Identify the mission, objectives and responsibilities of an organisation within its Environment 2. Investigate the economic, social and global environment in which organisations operate 3. Investigate the behaviour of organisations and the market environment 4. Explore the significance of international trade and the European dimension for UK businesses.

you are the coordinator of the international managers’ activities of HSBC (the corporation). Social and Global Environment (LO2) 2a) Distinguish free market economy from planned economy. should the operations of the corporation differ in each economic system? Provide justifications for your answer. In your opinion. . HSBC has remained strong and successful even in the recent turbulent banking environment. which groups of stakeholders are strategic to the operations of the corporation? To what extent are the objectives of these stakeholders achieved by the corporation? Use examples to support your answer.hsbc. Use examples from the UK to support your answer. 1c) What are the main responsibilities of the corporation and what strategies are employed for achieving them? Task 2 .co. Objectives and Responsibilities of an Organisation (LO1) 1a) Explain ways in which the Mission and Values of the corporation have been converted into specific objectives. 2b) Explain how social welfare and industrial policies can be employed to boost economic growth.Scenario: The world's local bank [http://www. Discuss the extent to which the objectives reflect the interests of the stakeholders. Task 1 – Mission.hsbc.co. About HSBC [http://www.uk/1/2/about] ============================================================ Tasks For the purpose of this assignment. 1b) In your opinion.Economic.uk/1/2/about] HSBC (The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation) is a renowned banking and financial services organisation with operations in major cities of the world.

You are required to attempt the entire task. To what extent does the global economy impact on banking organisations as a whole? Use recent examples to support your answer. trading bloc and globalisation to banking business. 4b) Critically analyse the impact of European Union social policy and regional policy provisions on the corporation. . Use the activities of the corporation to support your answer. Use examples to support your answer. Assess the impact of regulation on the behaviour and competitive strategies. Task 3 . 4c) Assess the impact of the UK entry into the European economic and monetary union (EMU) on the activities of the corporation. 3c) Explain two behaviour and competitive strategies applicable to the corporation. Use relevant examples to support your answer. Your responses should be in the form of a report to management.International Trade and the European Dimension (LO4) 4a) Discuss the importance of international trade.2c) Discuss how macroeconomic policy measures have been employed in the UK to influence banking activities in order to promote economic recovery. Use examples of the corporation’s activities to support your answer. Task 4 . 3b) Explain how market forces can influence the activities of the corporation.Behaviour of Organisations and the Market Environment (LO3) 3a) Compare and contrast the market structure of the UK banking sector with that of the perfect market model.

Marking and Grading:  Pass Assessment Criteria ` To achieve PASS grade the student must meet all the learning outcomes mentioned below: .

and the content of the assignment has been selected with consistent success and showing a high degree of analysis. (M2) Range of sources of information / data are used in making the formal report. (M1) Identify and apply strategies for appropriate solutions. (D1) The main areas specified in the assignment have been critically analysed in terms of theory and practical application. (D3) . The presentation and style of the report is of a high standard. (D2) All tasks have been completed to a very high standard. Merit Assessment Criteria    As for a pass but with more detailed and analytical responses. and demonstrates fluent use and understanding of the technical language. Conclusions and recommendations justified. (M3)  Distinction Assessment Criteria Contents are presented in logical and accurate manner. Relevant theories have been applied to examine the main areas specified in the assignment. Information / data used are synthesized and justified.      Familiar and unfamiliar contexts have been used.

bullets and numbering Consistency in top. References (including weblioreferencing) Bibliography (including webliography) Appendices *For Late Submission policy. please refer to your student course handbook available on Live Campus.Submission Guidelines: Your submission should be in a report format. right margins Alphabetical Harvard referencing and bibliography Report Structure003A           Cover Title Page Contents page. Font Size 12 Consistency in Heading Scheme.5. Verdana. . Acknowledgement (optional) Abstract/Executive Summary Main Body (Tasks) Conclusion. 750 – 800 words for each task or 3000 (+/-) words Excellent Formatting:      Preferred writing styles Arial. and Times New Roman Line spacing 1. bottom and left.

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