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101 Ways

101 Ways

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Published by: Marc Dela Rosa Villanueva on Jun 14, 2012
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101+Romantic Things to DO with your partner « on: Today at 02:20:32 AM » Quote I was in awe when I stumbled upon this 101

+ Romantic Things To Do With Your Life Mate List. Not only because there are 101+ romantic gestures out there but also, someone actually had time to write down a 101+ list. Wheww! I appreciate all th at effort so I thin it s just a nice gesture to actually post the list and let ev eryone now about it. FYI: I agree with some of them. Some of them are a little unrealistic. But you a lready now all that well I hope so anyway . and if it doesn't apply to you - leave it-don't brain hemorrhage 1. Watch the sunset together. 2. Ta e showers together. 3. Bac rubs/massages. 4. Listen to classical music and cuddle in the dar or with blac light. 5. French Kiss. 6. Hold your wife with hands inside the bac of her shirt. 7. Whisper to each other. 8. Coo for each other. 9. S inny dip (discreetly). 10. Ma e out in the rain. 11. Dress each other. 12. Undress each other. 13. Kiss every part of your wife s body. 14. Hold hands. 15. Sleep together. (Actually sleep with each other not sex) More of the 101+ romantic things to do list after the fold 16. One word Foreplay. 17. Sit and tal . 18. Buy gifts for each other. 19. Roses. 20. Wear your lifemate s favorite cologne/perfume every time you re together. 21. Wear your husband s clothes. 22. Find a nice secluded place to lie and watch the stars. 23. Incense/candles/oils/blac lights and music ma e for great cuddling/sex. 24. Kiss at every chance you get. 25. Don t wear underwear and let them find out. 26. Kin y is bad Blindfolds are good. 27. Lightly iss their collarbone and their jawbone just below the ear, then whi sper I love you . 28. Bubble baths. 29. Go for a long wal down the beach at midnight. 30. Ma e love. 31. 32. 33. 34. 35. 36. 37. Write poetry for each other. Kiss and smell your wife s hair. Hugs are the universal medicine. Say I love you , only when you mean it and ma e sure they now you mean it. Give random gifts of flowers/candy/poetry, etc. Tell your wife that she s the only girl you ever want. Don t lie. Spend every second possible together.















Buy your wife a ring. Carry your wife to bed. 58. 66. 52. 45. Hold your wife s hand. Tal to each other using only body language and your eyes. Be Prince/Princess Charming to your lifemate s parents. 76. 75. 74. And mea n it. Kiss your wife s stomach. 44. Always hold your wife around her hips/sides. Husbands li e half-shirts. 50. Brea every one of your safe relationship rules for your lifemate. Brush your wife s hair out of her face for her. Let your wife sit on your lap. Ma e excuses to call your lifemate repeatedly in one day. go out of your way to call and say I love you . 55. and fingers. 73. 77. 65. 71. Very lightly push up your wife s chin. 59. Hang out with your lifemate s friends. 49. Sit in front of a roaring fire and ma e out/ma e love. (If you can. Loo into each other s eyes. Unless you can feel their heart beating. Tell your lifemate you love the way they loo right after they ve fallen aslee p. 40. Spaghetti (Ever see Lady and the Tramp?) 62. 42. PDA = Public Displays of Affection. Keep something special of your wife s/your husband s somewhere where you see it everyday. 68. Do cute things li e write I love you in a note so that they have to loo in th e mirror to read it. and ears. 69. Sit in your car in the driveway. 47. then blow your lifemate a iss as you leave for wor . you aren t close enough. When in public. Remember your dreams and tell your lifemate about them. too. 84. Dance together. iss her hand and then put it over your heart. Act out mutual fantasies together. stare into her eyes. Tell each other your most sacred secrets/fears. before turning around and go ing bac to a business meeting in the evening.                                                         . 70. Ta e advantage of any time alone together. Wal behind your wife and put your hands in her front poc ets. So were eyes. 63. Waterbeds are fun. You figure it out. Lips were made for issing. 51. 67. 46. flirt with each other. 61. 39. Call from your business trip to tell your lifemate you were thing about them . (Assuming you re continuing your education). Ta e your wife to dinner and do the dinner for two deal. with their head in your lap. Draw. 53. 64. and iss her lightly. 60. and chee s. tell her you love h er. Stay up all night to thin of 101 ways to be sweet to your lifemate. (Not necessarily sexual) 82. Tell your wife that she doesn t have to do anything she doesn t want to. Even if you are really busy doing something. loo into her eyes. 57. and hands. Sing to each other. 56. 48. Share your deepest convictions. 72. 78. Clothes are no fun. 41. 83. 79. 80. Put love notes in your lifemate s poc ets when they aren t loo ing. and colla rbones.) 54. 43. hon . Tell your wife about how you answered every question in math with her name. Go hi ing and camp out together in the woods or on a mountain. Read to each other. Drive home from wor just to see your lifemate.38. 81.

Buy 11 real roses and one fa e one leave a note that says I ll love you until th e last rose dies -Mar Ansley 104. and give it to your lifemate. 89. 105. Let there never be a second during any given day that you aren t thin ing abou t them. Sleep na ed together. 101. etc. Everyone deserves a second chance. 100. and ma e sure they now it.xoxo                             85. And always remember to say. Learn from each other and don t ma e the same mista es twice. Cuddle together under a full moon on a clear night. Hot tubs are great. including sign language. Groom your spouse. 93. 102. 86. . As to brush your wife s hair when she gets out of the sho wer. Sweet dreams. 99.. 94. 96. 95. Write a fictional story about how you met/fell in love. 98. Really love each other.#ladies shower together with your white shirt on sometimes(see through view) . Ta e your wife to see a romantic movie and remember the parts she li ed. Shave your husband s face. 103. Stand up for your lifemate when someone says un ind things about them. Learn to say sweet things in foreign languages. 87. Learn to listen.Kiss your mate on their forehead. Fall asleep on the phone with each other. Ma e sacrifices for each other. 92. Describe the joy you feel just to be with your lifemate.91. 90. 97. Never forget the iss goodnight.. 88. Dedicate songs to them on the radio.

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