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Edgar Cayce

Born March 18 1877

In his waking state a Photographer, Sunday school teacher just a normal human being. But at the age of 21 he developed gradual paralysis of the throat muscles, which threatened the loss of his voice. When Doctors were unable to find a physical cause Hypnosis was tried but this failed to have any permanent effect. As a last resort Edgar asked a friend to help him enter the same hypnotic sleep that helped him memorise his schoolbooks.

Once he was in this self-induced trance he quickly diagnosed his own problem. He recommended Medication and manipulative therapy which restored his voice. This unique ability led to a group of local Physicians who took advantage of this unique talent to diagnose their own patients. After entering his self induced trance they soon discovered that Cayce only needed to be given the name and address of the patient, wherever that patient was in the world was immaterial, he could be on the other side of the world or just down the road in his own town. He was able to tune in to that individuals mind and body . He needed and was given no other information regarding any other patient. From that day on people all over the country sought his help. When Cayce passed over in 1945 he left over 14000 documented stenographic records for more than 8000 people . He would also give

information on any other subject asked of him be it astrology or spiritual laws covering the universe, this was over a period of 43 years. These documents are referred to as the Readings and constitute one of the largest and most impressive records of psychic perception ever to emanate from a single individual. They have been cross referenced and indexed into thousands of headings and are at the disposal of Researchers, Psychologists, Students, Writers, Doctors and members of the Association of Research and Enlightenment in Virginia beach which is the organization set up in the United states to deal with all aspects of the readings. Though Cayce died in 1945, the timeliness of the material in the readings is evidenced by approximately one dozen biographies and more than 300 book titles that discuss various aspects of this man's life and work One person by the name of Doctor Harold J Reilly has had over 45 years of clinical experience working with the readings and his experience forms an invaluable addition to the record. For more than 30 years the Reilly health institute which he founded in Rockefeller centre was a health centre for prominent people like the Secretary of state Edward Stettinus, Congressman

James Delaney, the Vice President of the U S A, international figures such as the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, famous actresses such as Glona Swanson, Mae West, Gypsy Rose also came to Reillys to keep in top condition. Neither were all Reillys patients Celebrities many were simply suffering human beings referred to him by one of more of the 3000 practicing Doctors, Osteopaths and Dentists who sent their patients to him. Dr Reillys impressive educational background encompasses 8 university degrees including Doctor of science, Master in Physiotherapy, and Doctor of Physiotherapy. He has over 45 years of clinical practise and the two men shared an identical philosophy of health, in Dr Reillys words "Medicine and most Doctors aim at curing a specific ailment, the Cayce readings and the Reilly therapy aim at producing a healthy body which will heal itself of the ailment, we try to understand nature and work with nature then the body heals itself". When Dr Reilly closed the Institute in 1965 and retired to his farm he donated his equipment to the A.R.E. in Virginia Beach . He also

trained its therapists and agreed to serve as supervisor. His success in treating hopeless cases further spread his fame. He considered himself a Teacher and Interpreter of the Cayce readings which were given for the individual and he had to draw on his background knowledge and experience to interpret what he wanted and then teach people what to do. The A R E was formed in 1932 to preserve and record the data . Its library contains over 14246 readings of this number 8976 about 64% deal with medical ailments and treatments, it continues today to promote, teach giving lectures and forming study groups all over the world. On the medical side of the readings these are some of the subjects covered and there is a file in Virginia beach or the Cayce centre on each one Acne, Alcoholism, Alzheimers, Amyotrophic Lateral sclerosis, Anaemia, Alphonia, Apoplexy stroke, Appendicitis,

Arteriosclerosis, Arthritis both main forms, AstheniaAsthma, Athletes foot, Atrophy Baby care, general Balding, Bedsore Bedwetting, Bladderstricture, Blepharitis, Blindness, Boils, Brain tumours, Bronchiectasis, Bronchitis, Burns, Bursitis. Cancer, lung Cancer and tumours, Cancer skin, Cancer stomach, Cancer uterus, Canker sores and herpes Carbuncles, Cataracts, Charcot Marie tooth disease, Chicken pox, Child training- behavioural problems Chorea, Cirrhosis, Colds, Colic, Colitis, Colon impaction, Colour blindness, Complexion problems, Coronary thrombosis, Cysts all types.Deafness various types, Dermatitis, Detached retina, Diarrhoea, Disks, Diverticulitis.Ears abscessed, Eczema, Edema, Emphysema, Encephalitis, Enteritis, Epilepsy, Erysipelas, Puffy eyes. Facial tic, Feet calluses, Feet weakness swelling etc., Flu, Fractures and sprains. Gallbladder disorders, Gauchers disease, Glaucoma Goitre, GonorrhoeaHalitosis, Hay fever, Headaches, Heart leakage, Heart tachycardia, Haemophilia, Haemorrhoids, Hepatitis, Hernia, Herpes zoster, Hirsutism unwanted hair, Hodgkins disease, Homosexuality, Hydrocephalus, Hyperthyroidism, Hypoglycaemia, Hysteria. Impetigo, Incontinence, Indigestion and gastritis, Insomnia, Iritis.Kidneys.Laryngitis, Leukaemia, Lumbago, Lupus, Lymphangitis.Malaria, Measles, Meniers, Meningitis, Menopause, Menstruation, Mental illness, Mental retardation, Migraine, Miscarriage, Moles and warts, Mongolism,

Mumps, Muscular dystrophy, Myasthenia gravis, Myopia, M, S.Narcolepsy, Nasal catarrh, Nasal polyps, Nephritis, Neuritis.Obesity, Oophoritis, Osteocondritis, Osteomyelitis.Pagets disease, Paralysis, Parkinsons, Phlebitis, Pinworms, Pleurisy, Pneumonia, Poison ivy, Polycythenia Vera, Possession, Pregnancy, Prostatitis, Pruritis, Psoriasis, Purpora, Pyorrhoea.Raynauds, Rheumatic fever, Ringworm.Sarcoma, Scarlet fever, Scars, Sciatica, Scleroderma, Scolliosis, Seborrhoea, Sids, Skin ulcers,Smoking, Spine general- injuries, Sterility, Streptococcus, Tic douloureux, Tinnitis, Tonsillitis, Torticollis, and Tumours.Ulcers.Vaginitis, Varicose veins, Vertigo Vitilligo. Xeroderma. There was also a hospital set up to follow through on these fine recommendations Also a research institute worth looking at who are testing the readings and publishing their findings is the Meridian institute - they have published research on quite a few of the chronic illnesses which plague man such as ms, Pd, etc. You can see some of their excellent results. This is the kind of information he gave on diet and nutrition . "What we think and what we eat make us what we are " this is easily appreciated when you experience embarrassment - that single thought causes a sizeable amount of blood to come to the surface. One can only imagine what stress, anger, resentment, frustration, worry, or other emotions may cause. Never eat when under strain, or very tired, very excited, or very mad. Never eat any food, which your body does not agree with. He covers numerous principles of health in the readings like assimilation, elimination, toxins, karma diet, attitude, emotions and there effect on the body, sex, water and its value, osteopathy, massage cooking methods, exercise, circulation, sunlight, using the imaginative forces, using the mind. Cayce valued vegetables, fruits and nuts highly saying that these should form the bigger part of any diet. He advocated Raw, grated vegetables the fresher the better especially beets, carrots, celery, lettuce, Potato skins, Raw onions, Tomatoes, peas beans and the like, cabbage etc. He also said to cook some in their own juices. Just about all fruits were good except apples, which should be cooked before eating. Cereals whole grain and the like were recommended. Many nuts were recommended especially almonds to ward off cancer. He also said almonds carried more phosphorus and iron in a combination easily assimilated than any other nut. He also cautioned people against eating different foodstuffs at the same time e.g. eating proteins and starch at the same meal. He still is on many accounts far ahead of this time. A little on Cayce and arthritis Peoples Attitude plays and important role here, with the holding of resentments being a major cause of arthritus. Dietary changes were to be implemented as already indicated with special emphasis on avoiding white flour and its products, avoiding fried foods, carbonated drinks, beer and hard liquor and white potatoes. Combinations of foods to be avoided were starches and sugar, coffee or tea with milk or cream and citrus fruits or juices with cereals. Frequently advised was a

decrease in meat and starches. Massage was to be given usually after an Epsom salt bath or after a steam bath with the type of oil being peanut and olive oil[ in equal parts ] or olive oil and tincture of myrrh as much as the body may absorb. In deed he said that everyone should have a peanut oil rub once a week as this would prevent arthritis unless that is if you are allergic to peanuts. Also mentioned was using a substance called atomidine. There is quite a lot more on arthritis but it is intended here to give you a flavour of the kind of treatment he advocated. On the metaphysical side of the readings some of the subjects are Astrology, Atlantis, Reincarnation, Bible readings interpretation, Lemuria, pyramids, Egypt and Mayan, Past civilisations, Karma and other spiritual laws, Past lives, Earth changes, Geology, The purpose of life and our very beginings, Extra terrestrials, There is one more very important point that I would like to cover on the subject of drugs and research. At present the system is most research is done by drug companies with a clear agenda of making a profit- but what are the implications of that statement? Most drug companies only look at products, which had promise of making a profit and disregard the rest no matter what the medicinal value. That means simple inexpensive things like St Johns wort, glcothymoline, castor oil, Peanut oil, crude oil, Epsom salts, Atomodine, Zappers visualisation, carbonsteel, Egyptian oil, ipsab, the Rife machine the impedance device dont even get the proper research and the promotion which they deserve because there is no profit in them. Many of these are of outstanding value giving huge benefits but there is not enough profit in them to attract some of the drug companies. That plainly means the best treatment you can get is often not some drug, which Mrs Jones, you will be taking for the next 20yrs which can have some very serious side effects like cancer etc. The most profitable situation for some of these drug companies is that they develop a product which gives some benefit but which does not actually cure you but which you will be on for the next 10-20yrs .You note I say some, please dont think I mean all, there are some very useful drugs and treatment out there but you have got to use discernment and search and ask questions about them all. I am a sincere advocate that most research should be done by government researchers with only one vested interest on the agenda and that being for the healing of the patient. Information on Edgar Cayce in the States is:

General health information & Cayce philosophy

Keeping the balance right between work rest and play and juggling all the problems in life one comes rapidly to the conclusion that one has simply got to look after oneself. You just simply cannot serve others at your best unless you are in good shape mentally, physically and spiritually. This information here comes mainly from the Edgar Cayce readings and the work of Doctor Harold Reilly who worked with the Cayce readings for over 43 years. This is really about balance and how to keep it, guard it and live it. My own personal experiences are also provided as useful input. We will deal with some major principles about living, in fact about life, straying from these principles for too long will undoubtedly bring suffering in one form or another.

Cayce put it well when he said, What we think and what we eat make us what we are It really is up to us to take responsibility for ourselves, to find out and dig for information, to question, to test, to not accept blindly like lemmings what the TV or the newspaper says. We should be investigative, especially with so much vested interest information which is flying about. Lets start by having a look at the principles which Cayce advised (without any vested interest) that will keep us well.

Consider the very air we breathe:

You can bet within us there is some very complicated processes going on, when we breathe we absorb oxygen and this gas feeds billions of cells, can you Imagine feeding contaminated food to your army of cells you just simply wouldnt do it would you but because air, dust, smog tends to be invisible and therefore it is harder to see its effects quickly. Often we dont give air the importance it deserves. Certainly within the last few thousand years we have put so many damaging chemicals in our air, things like smog, sulphur dioxide, CFC, HCFC, Halons, acid rain which is literally killing whole forests, fish, and certain animal species. Our own very protective ozone layer is being destroyed allowing in harmful radiation. Your Lungs are very important protect them, my advice is treat every chemical or vapour as potentially harmful, your lungs were never designed to deal with the huge variety of chemicals we use in the home, office or factory which are in common use today. We are also seeing a big increase in asthma, hay fever and other respiratory problems these problems are not without their reasons. According to friends of the earth Ozone is beneficial to the upper atmosphere but at ground level it can cause eye nose and throat irritation and at high concentrations actually attacks lung tissue. According to Cayce Breath is the basis of the living organisms activity Okay what can we do about a few of these problems? 1.Treat every substance whether it be a solid, liquid or gas and its associated vapour and virtually all substances have a vapour unless it is actually air as hazardous, this includes cleaning materials, solvents, sprays, pesticides, Herbicides, glues, resins, petroleum products, paints etc. Wear masks and have a good flow of air surround you. 2. Be very mindful of all kinds of dust from all sources, the graveyard is full of those who did not take precautions guarding their lungs from dust , the operating tables are waiting for the next batch to arrive. Masks will help. 3.Deep breathing helps us clear toxins out of the system as does exercise.

Water -Cayce was quite adamant about the role of water and just water on its own
not tea, coffee carbonated drinks, or cordials and recommended 6-8 glasses a day as it both aids elimination and assimilation he recommended spring and distilled water. He frequently advised against carbonated drinks. To day I would say avoid the concoction of chemicals found in some of these drinks in particular artificial sweeteners like aspartame etc. As a guide, a well known therapist I know that gets results says that our pee should be clear, if it is not we are not drinking enough water or we have a medical complaint. Another point worth mentioning is that when we get the message that our bodies need water a lot of medical authorities are saying that we are already dehydrated.

Exercise Highly recommended by Cayce was exercise, I think we all know some

of the value of exercise, Cayce had quite a bit to say on the matter and highly recommended was outdoor exercise and cautioned people about keeping the balance between physical exercise and mental exercise, not too much of either. He also said that to acquire the correct amount of pep in your life one had to exercise. Also said that it is well every body take exercise to counteract the daily routine so that the body may rest well. Exercise also helps your body get rid of poisons or toxins, if these are not got rid of they will cause major problems. Circulation is also helped by exercise which is crucial to feed your cells to keep them at their peak and to take away the wastes and toxins which all activities produce. Cayce said that walking was the best exercise but not to do this spasmodically, have a regular time and do it rain or shine. Also said that swimming, bicycling, horseback riding, tennis, badminton and any exercise done in the open was good, preferably done in the mornings as this will bring vitality to the blood supply, strength to the lungs, and a new life to the muscular forces of the body. He frequently recommended specific exercises in the mornings and the evenings and for various forms of eye and ear trouble, haemorrhoids and other complaints- see Rileys book for the full details. Exercise is invaluable for keeping our mental and psychological balance in fact it was exercise, which made the difference between death or survival in some of the prison camps in the Second World War.




Cayce said that a whole book could be written to cover this. Cellular malnutrition is probably the base cause of hundreds of human ills and frequently Cayce advised people to include many changes in their diet. We have an unprecedented amount of additives in our food and never before has there been so much playing about with our food. In the UK despite government assurances our food continues to be adulterated and contaminated with all manor of substances and chemicals .The policies in place now have allowed untold damage to our people and children, poisoning and diet related hyperactivity are now common place. It is for these reasons that the organic industry is growing so rapidly and slowly people are waking up to the facts that what you eat is of vital importance to you but much more needs to be done to spread the word. There is a plethora of misinformation out there put out by some governments and the food industry solely designed to protect profits or other vested interests. Sifting through it all is a real problem .On the subject of GM crops I would like to say that each one of these is an individual experiment in its own right .The general principles of GM crops are that certain materials which have certain wanted properties are extracted from animals, plants and then blended into a plant to give it some wanted property like better taste, better shelf life, a plant which would be able to withstand a harder climate etc. These are all very desirable properties potentially but each one has to be tested individually and who is going to explore the long-term effects of ingesting these substances. Where are they going to be grown? What are their individual effects on the ecosystem? All these effects are unknown. All of these things should be properly individually explored for at least five years before coming anywhere near humans and I do not advocate testing on animals in any way. Friends of the earth researchers have repeatedly called for proper tests to be carried out on the effects of residues from spraying crops with all manor of substances, did

you know that these substances have not been fully tested on humans. Their longterm effects are at this moment unknown. Some do and donts in the cayce food regime What we think and what we eat combined together make what we are in a physical and mental way Never eat when under strain or very tired or very excited or when angry -this clearly is pointing to the role of the emotions. Never eat any food, which your body does not agree with. An incorrect mental attitude produces more poisons and toxins than does eating bad food Cayce said. One of the hall marks of the Cayce philosophy is to keep the system alkaline by maintaining eating a ratio of about 80% alkaline reacting foods to about 20% acid reacting foods the reasons for this were that cold germs and many other germs cannot even live in an alkaline environment. That is real protection. Alkaline /acid reacting foods! What this means is this, all foods produce certain reactions in the body for instance fats with sugars will produce for an acid reaction. Where as most vegetables produce an alkaline reaction, things like lettuce carrots and celery produce an alkaline reaction. Indeed he said that if we were to keep alkalinity in the system it would maintain such a condition so as to immunise a person against certain contagious diseases. He also mentioned that it was not good to combine certain foodstuffs with others such as alkaline reacting foods with starches except for the one example of wheat. Things like citrus fruits with certain cereals are not recommended. In fact he said that to most people that it was the combination of different categories of foodstuffs i.e. proteins, fats, starches and vegetables which gives most disturbances to our bodies. Also emphasised was to avoid certain combinations of food stuffs at the same meal, things like starches and proteins at the same time, starches with vegetables are fine as are proteins with vegetables. This is the basis of the modern term of food combining, the reasons for not combining starches with proteins is because to digest proteins requires one sort of digestive chemicals and to digest starches requires a completely different sort so as you can see when you eat both food stuffs together digestion can be more problematic.

Acid and alkaline forming foods

Alkaline forming fruits Apples, Apricots, Avocadoes, Bananas, Berries all except Blueberries and cranberries, Cherries, citrus fruits like Grapefruit, Lemons, limes, Oranges and tangerines, Dates, figs, Grapes, Melons, Papaya, Passion fruit, Peaches, Pears, Pinapples, Pomegranates, Tomatoes Alkaline forming grains Amaranth, millet, Quinoa. All other grains are acid forming. Alkaline forming vegetables Alfalfa and other sprouts,Artichokes, Asparagus, Bamboo shoots, Beans, Beets, Bell Peppers, Broccoli, Brussel sprouts, Cabbage ,Carrots ,Cauliflower,Celery, Chard, Chicory,Collard greens,Corn, Sweet cucumber,Dandilion, Eggplant,Garlic,Kale,Kohlrabi,Leeks, Lettuce,Mushrooms, Mustard greens,Okra, Onions, Parsnips,Peas,

Potatoes,Pumpikin , Radishes , Rhubarb, Sea vegetables Spinach, Sqashes, Watercress, Yams and Sweet potatoes. Alkaline forming nuts Almonds, Chestnuts and coconut all others are acid forming Alkaline forming miscellaneous Agar-agar, Applecider vinegar, Coffee, Egg yolks, Fruit juices, Gelatin taken with fruit or vegetables, Glcothymoline, herbal teas, Herbs fresh and dried, and most spices, Honey raw unpasturised and mineral water. Alkaline forming dairy Buttermilk fresh, Milk - raw, Whey, Yogurt. Acid forming fruits Blue berries, Cranberries, Plums and Prunes and Sulfured dried fruits. Acid forming Vegetables Beans -dried, Lentils and chickpeas. Acid forming Dairy Butter, Cream, Cheese, Cottage cheese, Milk pasteurized, Homogenized, boiled canned dried. Acid forming Misc. Alcoholic drinks, drugs- most presciption, Egg whites, Gelatin, Soft drinks, Tea black, and Tobacco. Some vegetable oils, Vinegar. All meats, All fish. He cautioned against combining starches with sweets as this can cause an alcoholic reaction. Cayce advised people to use vitamin pills and the like for a duration and then to leave off and then to resume stressing that the body must not get dependant on them and thus fail to make the necessary substances required for the digestion of proper food. Vitamins do not, will not supply the energies as well as a meal a day which consisted of raw salad. Cayce also gave the principle that fresh food energies decrease in a matter of hours after being picked in fact he said that food picked should be as fresh as possible. He also said that it would even be better to have foodstuffs from the local area to acclimatise the person to that environment.

Also mentioned was that freezing destroys much of the goodness in vegetables. He cautioned that no one can hate his neighbour and not have stomach or liver trouble and jealousy and the anger of it will be damaging to the heart. People should eat slowly giving time to the process.

The specifics of Cayce nutrition

Wheat [rolled crushed or cracked ] featured highly in the Cayce regime stressing that it would be good for the body and the mental forces acting on the body. Beware of all fried foods, fats of any kind and greases. He cautioned against using any white bread at all. He cautioned against too much red meat. He was against too much sugars and starches saying sweets should be obtained from natural sources like fruits, grapes, honey, Highly recommended were fresh vegetables such as Cabbage, celery, lettuce, carrots, watercress, onions saying that one meal every day should compose of fresh if not raw vegetables. Potato skins and plenty of the legumes, peas beans and the like should be taken The ratio that was given on the consumption of vegetables was three above the ground to one beneath. More of the vitamins are obtained from tomatoes than any other growing vegetable. Vegetables will build gray matter faster than will any meat or sweets. There is no supplement to green foods that can be eaten they appear to be unique in the properties they have within them. Almonds have some fantastic property which according to Cayce taking 2-3 of them every day will ward off any inclination towards cancer and he said that almonds carry more phosphorus

and iron in such a combination which is the most easily assimilated than any other nut. Water was to be drunk and about 6-8 glasses a day was recommended,

the water was to be spring or distilled and not of the tap variety. Coffee and tea should never be taken with cream or milk because it forms a curd, which hinders your digestion. Fruit juice and milk should not be taken together. Cayce often advised people to leave milk alone. Apples should not be eaten raw, cooked or boiled is fine unless it is a part of the detox plan outlined later. Salsify is a vegetable recommended by Cayce, which also has properties, which are advantageous like gold, phosphorous, iron and silicon.



Cayce said that you should not use aluminium cookware to some people. A Recommended method of cooking was to use the steam pressure cookers as this preserves the value of foods. The cooking of condiments destroys much of the value of foods.

Assimilation and elimination

These are the two key stones of what makes us tick in fact Cayce said if we could control these aspects of the human form we could extend life to whatever we chose, thats how important these two principles are. Assimilation is defined as the measure of the ability of any body to utilize foods that we eat, some people think that having massive doses of nutrition will give them all that they need, they could not be more wrong, it is all right shoving nutrition in but it is quite another thing if the body can absorb it and use it in that form. Typical assimilation rates might vary from 20% to 80% and nutrition supplied in some forms will not be absorbed at all. What happens to the food after you swallow it depends to a large degree on the other three principles of your body namely circulation, relaxation and elimination. Circulation is crucial if assimilation is to maintained at high levels circulation is helped greatly by some important factors; exercise, massage hydrotherapy treatments and osteopathic adjustments because the blood stream carries the rebuilding forces to the body it is these channels which need to be clear and stimulated so that the blood will flow to feed the cells and tissues.

Every thing which your body does, every activity produces waste and we get rid of that waste through the skin, the lungs, the kidneys and the intestines. Major problems start to occur when any of these channels are stopped from doing their job, we start to accumulate waste, bacteria start growing at alarming rates which leads to all sorts of problems as we become toxic. The fact that poor eliminations are the most cited cause of disease gives you an idea of the importance of getting rid of toxins. In extreme cases of toxemia cayce

recommended a controlled fast or a three-day apple diet to clear the system and restore balance. A great deal of elimination takes place through the lungs by means of deep breathing and cayce placed great emphasis on this aspect recommending some of the breathing techniques as used in yoga. Of course exercise pays a very important role here driving out wastes into the lungs and speeding up circulation, helping digestion, helping elimination of wastes through the skin. Cayce used certain foods to help elimination such as leafy vegetables and in the mornings or evenings stewed figs, raisons, apricots or pears occasionally. Cayce said that it would be good for everyone to have a colinic occasionally.

Just impeding the flow to the brain for a few minutes will cause permanent brain damage such is the importance of good circulation. The blood feeds our cells our tissues, the better the circulation the better we feel .For all the bodies rebuilding forces come through quicker with good circulation. Not only does the blood carry the so important chemicals, which feed our cells, but also the lymphatic system carries away our wastes. Exercise helps circulation in a big way as does massage hydrotherapy, osteopathy and other manipulative therapies.




Recommended in hundreds of readings was the cayce detox, the elimination process was found to be poor and the subsequent build up of toxins and poisons was found in hundreds of people. The cayce detox was to help rid the body of these wastes. As the lay person can easily appreciate the situation in your very own kitchen if you did not clean up after every meal, bacteria would have a great time multiplying and contaminating places every where. So many thousands of people have been helped greatly by helping the body get rid of waste the importance of this action cannot be overestimated. Cayce prescribed the three day apple diet where for three days you would eat nothing but apples of the sheep nosed type preferably organic types like Johnathons, Delicious, Oregon reds, Arkansas black and water. At the end of the third day a two spoons full of olive oil was taken. The success that people described having done this regime was uplifting, revitalizing, feeling great, an euphoric feeling, greater mental clarity and physically more energy. It is one of the most effective ways of preventing disease. In fact cayce said that it would cleanse all toxic forces from any body. According to Harold reillys book he himself tried to detox three times a year.

Frequently prescribed by cayce in hundreds of readings, massage has been used for thousands of years with extremely good effects, some of the benefits are increased circulation, increased elimination, it can provide relaxation or stimulation depending on how it is given it can help with emotionally affected people and children have developed better from its use it will help with depression and a hundred more complaints. It affects every part of the body nerves organs, glands, circulation and muscular tone. Massage will help all

people and cayce advised having one from thirtyminutes to an hour and a halfusing cold pressed peanut and olive oil at least once a week. It can free up joints, relieve pain and soreness. Cayce often said that the person giving the massage have some affinity with the patient. It can also build bridges of brotherly or sisterly love between people. Children with major behavioral problems have shown marked improvements in their behaviour. Cayce said those who would take a peanut oil rub each week need never fear arthritis.

This plays a very important part in life as you can greatly influence how someone feels simply by touching them. A noticeable difference between foreign lands and certainly England is that the people tend to touch each other more conveying affection and support. This concept touches on the psychological makeup of nations and it may be that there is more unconditional love amongst the peoples of foreign lands. As an experiment try touching a little more your friends and family for a few days and just notice the change in them and you. To know the value of this therapy it is best to experience it, the value of human brotherly and sisterly love is very great indeed the lack of it can have a terrible effect. I have experienced personally the effects of lack of brotherly and sisterly love shown in the way of touch for an extended period of time and the only words which aptly describes the effect is writhing torture. The only remedy, which I have found, was to get amongst friends and hug more often. Some of you may scoff at this but I assure you the months spent in this state were an agony, which influenced my mind and body greatly.

Cayce said that the soul feeds off the environment it is within. What this means is that we gain sustenance from being in places we like, being around people we like to be with like friends, and doing work that we like, that is interesting to us. I have personally experienced the effects of having none of these for a time. The effects on me were terrible things like depression, M.E.debilitating illness, Mental problems in the form of memory and concentration and an intolerance and irritability to any thing which was not helping me like the wrong kind of music, certain people, certain thinking methods within people and all sorts of other things. My strongest advice to everyone is to be amongst people you like, spend as much time in places that you love, and do work which you enjoy. In fact to get these things in place takes some doing as financial and moral ties will bear upon us in one form or another each of them trying to force us into making compromises with our very being. The value of Sunlight Light is extremely important for the needs of man. Cayce recommended 2 hrs a day but not at the height of the day. Sunlight metabolizes vitamin D which is needed for the absorption of Calcium, with osteoporosis now affecting one in three women over 50 and one in twelve men, anything we can do to absorb calcium must be looked at. According to one reputable light therapist who listed ten main benefits from sunlight which include 1 Production of vitamin D, 2.Lowers blood pressure. 3.Increases heart pumping efficiency. 4.Improves ECG readings. 5.Reduces Cholesterol and hypertension

6.Assists weight loss. 7.Effective with Psoriasis. 8.Increases the level of sex hormones. 9.Helps alleviate Asthma and other lung disorders. 10.Helps improve mood. As with most things one can have too much .Too much sunlight will age the skin and give an increased risk of skin cancer, which is frequently caused by too much UV radiation. An interesting point with sunlight is the fact that you can get burnt through cloud cover or in shallow water. Never expose babies to direct sun between 11am-2pm in summer. As a precaution if any mole changes color, shape, size or becomes itchy, or bleeds seek medical advice straight away, melanoma if caught early is well treatable, caught late it can be much more problematic. With the now recognized problem of season affected disorder Cayces statement is well justified. Insufficient light will cause all manner of problems, eg things like depression, fatigue and drowsiness will be more seen in winter as the dark days come. Apparently a thirty-minute exposure to sunlight will produce enough vitamin D for the entire day. People in winter are now using light boxes, which should be of at least 10,000 lux full spectrum type lights and flicker free. Also used is UV light and both of these types of light are to be used in the early morning to keep us in balance. Treatment with these methods has been effective in about 85% of cases. Our pineal gland responds to sunlight and a sunny day produces about 100,000 lux, the pineal gland produces melatonin, which lowers heart rate and prepares the body for sleep. However you have to get sufficient daylight to produce Melatonin. PMS has now been linked to low melatonin. In fact one has to apparently protect our melatonin as things like Glutamate (often used in food additives) caffiene, alcohol, tobacco, chocolate, non steroid anti inflammatory, beta blockers, prozac, and valium deplete it. Melatonin is a very important chemical and acts as an anti oxidant and free radical scavenger and these things are linked to aging. Curiously St. Johns wort used for depression is a melatonin stimulator. Tests have also been done with florescent lighting at a school in Florida; the tests clearly showed evidence of increased Hyperactivity, Irritability, Depression and Fatigue. Surprisingly the lighting also affected blind people as well. The clear alternative for florescent lights are the full spectrum type lights where they very nearly replicate sunlight, again tests have shown improved Health and performance, a decrease in headaches, depression and fatigue. Sex Cayce said words to the effect of this being as normal as it was for flowers to grow. Sex is good for just about everyone. The lack of which can cause some pretty damaging effects upon us. This can be felt at a soul and at a mental level. This is definitely part of any good health plan. Of course as with everything too much can be as damaging as too little. We all have to make our decisions in this department and as an ideal when love is present at the same time the experience can be as deep as an ocean as is compared to just sex alone as is a little puddle.

Be amongst people
By and large man is a social animal needing the company of people.

Serious studies have shown extremely damaging effects where isolation has been implemented .A deterioration in mental faculties like memory, logical thinking skills, creative thinking skills, operating skills and many others have been found from being in isolation. Other imbalances like diminished confidence, possession, weakness was noticed. Depression and fatigue can all have their causes in a lack of the energies of people. Put it simply people need people. In the world today there are a group of people mainly elderly or certain prisoners who cannot get out who suffer from this greatly. People need social interaction to laugh, to share, and to give support, to listen, to talk. The lack of any of these will have damaging effects upon us psychologically and which I have to say by and large the people suffering from this may not be consciously aware of it. As an ideal be amongst people you like and who like you but give time to others, as you would be amazed what a few words or a listening ear can achieve.



There is now clear evidence now, which clearly shows that some electric fields can have a detrimental effect upon our health, living near or beneath power lines is not to be recommended. Some studies have also shown that being to close to TV screens and other electrical apparatus can also affect our health. We are after all energy beings and by definition therefore electric fields can influence us more than we normally think.

Everyone needs a holiday it is an essential ingredient in good health it can boost our spirits, our moral shape our mental state, bring relief, recharge our batteries, add zest to life, change our perspective, relax us, wind us down, remove us from all sorts of detrimental influences. It can introduce us to different cultures, different influences, expand us. Of course we are all different and what one person will find enjoyable another will not, my only point here is to emphasize the importance of ensuring that you get numerous holidays despite whatever culture you are in.

To stay healthy everyone needs to work it is an extremely therapeutic tool providing you are doing work which is suitable for you and not too much and not too little. I have witnessed and continue to witness some horrific mental and psychological disorders on people with too little to do. Loss of self-esteem, loss of confidence, loss of mental clarity and thinking skills all diminish. Purposeful work gives a great reward; it boosts confidence, boosts moral, boosts self-esteem and feeds the soul. What kind of work is suitable? Well that very much depends upon each one of us and how we are made, to some it could be working with your hands, to others it could be teaching, counciling, researching, the list is endless in the types of work which are available. What is very important is that you get to know yourself, what you like, what you dislike, what activities give you something which do not, from this basis you can point your aims towards achieving what you want to do. I speak to many people and a common statement from them is -I do not know what I want to do. Well it took me about three days of sitting down with myself and then conducting a little soul searching. I started by asking myself all sorts of questions. What activities in the past did I enjoy, which did I not and why,

I had to go right back into child hood. Which subjects did I find interesting at school, which did I not? A long list of things was drawn up and I started to get to know myself. This led me in all sorts of directions it also dealt with relationships a little. Everyone should get to know themselves, the ancient Egyptians knew this and written in solid rock in Egypt are written the immortal words Know thyself. We will spend many years doing work and I expect we have all worked in many ways which we did not like and I will issue a word of warning at this point, doing the wrong kind of work for any significant amount of time can have a very deep damaging effect upon us mentally psychologically and spiritually. It is like trying to fit a round peg into a square hole. Another aspect to work is that there has never been any shortage of work, of course paid work is quite another matter. I will clarify that point a little further and ask you the following question to prove the point .Is this world perfect? No well it is going to require work to make a difference.

The value of giving

Putting something or some service into society is one of the most transforming tools with which we all benefit. The value of it is much higher than we can possibly know and it should be included as part of everyones health program. The giver may ask how will helping others help my health and me! That is a very good question, which is very worthy of a serious amount of thought. This touches on the concept which is called karma .For if one truly wants to live with the great allies of Health, wealth, happiness, Love and all those effects which one values one should really understand this concept. It is the only thing, which explains the apparent randomness of the effects, which come upon people. Effects are all aspects of health, Wealth, Richness, [note these two are separate] Happiness etc. What is karma? Put simply it is the law of cause and effect. Or put as another way as you sow so shall you reap, or what goes around comes around. What do we mean by sowing? Simply every action or deed you do causes an effect and every thought causes an effect. So if you have sown good deeds as in helping others, being of service, giving love and Kindness for lengthy periods of time you can expect to reap those seeds. Alternatively if we have sown other deeds and thoughts of a hurtful nature we can expect problems of one nature or another to beset us. Cayce frequently mentioned in treating disease that we were working against karma and frequently told people that they would get well faster by helping others. Ah you may say why is it that babies are sometimes born with so many impediments; they have not sown wrongful acts. Yes they have not in this lifetime but what about

their previous lives as in reincarnation. You may not wish to go into this subject at this time but there are millions of references to it, some in the bible and a lot of eastern religions, some people can actually remember their past lives. There is now even past life regression therapy used in hypnosis to treat phobias, which are not connected with this lifetime. Now we can meet our karma in two ways the first as in an eye for an eye, which means reaping in the exactly the same way as we have done. Or we can come under the law of grace where we can have the opportunity to transmute our karma by the giving of service to others. You choose, I much prefer the latter being so much less painful on my soul. If we are unwell and by implication therefore suffering from past seeds sown it follows therefore one of the fastest ways to get well is to incorporate into your treatment plan service or giving to somebody as often as you can and ask for opportunities to be of service .I have

proved this concept on a daily basis and feel that this concept is so important in all types of healing and to achieve other effects like friends enriching experiences, money which we need. Just a few examples of how we can be of service giving Sharing our being, our wealth, sending our thoughts, giving to charity, sharing a joke, uplifting someone, giving listening time, giving healing, giving labour, giving love, giving entertainment, giving food, giving information and a million more ways.

The Cayce philosophy and other information.

Personal responsibility This principle is used throughout all the treatment protocols, it is the principle that each and every one of us takes full responsibility for all the actions we do and the words we say. It is very much up to us to search, to look into things properly and with care examine information and reports checking for their viability and authenticity. Do not expect unless you are very honored to get things to land on your plate or assign your health to others. You are responsible for your own body for giving it proper food and nutrients, exercising it and maintaining it. No one else. Karma and the giving principle

Just a little on the subject of Karma for if one truly wants to live with the great allies of Health, wealth, happiness, Love and all those effects which one values one should really try to understand this concept. It is the only thing, which explains the apparent randomness of the effects, which come upon people. These effects are all aspects of health, Wealth, Richness,[note these two are separate] Happiness etc. What is karma? Put simply it is the law of cause and effect. Or as you sow so shall you reap, or what goes around comes around.

What do we mean by sowing? Simply every action or deed that you do causes an effect and every thought you have causes an effect. So if you have sown good deeds as in helping others, being of service, giving love and kindness for lengthy periods of time you can expect to reap those seeds. Alternatively if we have sown other deeds and thoughts of a hurtful nature we can expect problems of one nature or another to beset us .Ah you may say well if that was the case why is it that babies are sometimes born with so many impediments? They have not sown wrongful acts. Yes quite right they have not in this lifetime but what about their previous lives as in reincarnation. You may not wish to go into this subject at this time but there are millions of references to it, some in the bible even Jesus made reference to it many times and it features extensively in eastern religions. Some people can actually remember their past lives and there are thousands of accounts of this. There is now even past life regression therapy used in hypnosis to treat phobias which are not connected with this life time, like a fear of spiders, knives, being a workaholic, claustrophobia, heights etc. Now we can meet our karma in two ways, the first as in an eye for an eye where we suffer the same fate as we have dished out. Or we can come under the law of grace where we can have the opportunity to transmute our karma by the giving of service to others. Two separate concepts, one very painful potentially, the other has the potential for developing yourself and the qualities which you will need like courage, forgiveness, compassion, respect, humility etc. There is not one person on this earth that I am aware of who is without karma. You choose, I much prefer the latter being so much less painful on my soul. I very much advocate asking to be shown where you might work to transmute your karma. Just send a sincere thought out, the universe hears all and pray for an answer. Sometimes your answer might very well be shown in dreams as it has with me many times. If we are unwell and by implication therefore suffering from past seeds sown,

as cayce said all illness was sin being met, it follows therefore one of the fastest ways to get well is to incorporate into your treatment plan service or giving as often as you can and ask for opportunities to be of service .Ask whom you may ask, ask your god your father, mother god. I have tried and proved this concept on a daily basis and know that this concept is extremely important in all types of healing and to overcome other effects which we need. Cayce repeatedly stated that illness, disease, homelessness, ruin, unhappiness, depression, was caused by wrongful acts or thoughts from the past and urged people that they would get well faster or improve their condition by helping others. He also came across a case where he told the man that healing him of his complaint would be to no avail as all that would happen if he cured this one would be another one would come his way. Just think of the implications of that statement. To another Cayce questioned the man saying why do you want to healed for so that you may add further to your own selfishness, then better to stay the way you were. Just look at the world to day and see and feel how much sin there is being sown all around. If there was such a mechanism where people knew without any doubt that they would meet their acts, words and thoughts how many would think first. Some without doubt but we all have to master our lower natures and this takes time in fact a long time to gain control over our emotions our thoughts and master influences both from within you and those sometimes much harder outside of you and all this is life. What do you think Jesus meant when he said to the person in the bible who had been suffering for years with disease when he said after the man had been healed Go forth and sin no more less something greater may befall you. Well I hope that has given you something to think about, you may feel moved at his stage to think about how to balance the books as it were. Or to know how to transmute your karma, all I will say on this is to ask your god to show you what has to be done, where may you be of service. Just a few examples of how we can be of service giving, Sharing our being, our wealth, sending out good thoughts, giving to charity, sharing a joke, uplifting someone, giving listening time, giving healing, giving labor, giving love, giving entertainment, giving food, giving information and a million more other ways. Drugs and other treatments There are a few very important points that I would like to cover on the subject of drugs and research and treatment At present the system in England is this, all treatment recommended by the NHS should be tested and approved and quite rightly so. Obviously it costs vast sums of money to test and approve treatments because of the possible damage to people and the subsequent litigation costing millions of pounds. Where does this money come from to test and approve treatments? By far the biggest source is the drug companies. So take for example a researcher might go along to his local drug company and tell them his findings about this treatment he has been working on which is of outstanding value but needs testing further or approving, you might think they would be falling over themselves to know more right, you could not be more wrong. By and large only treatments, which show a profit, will even get examined. Because they are in business to make a profit, not for serving the

people. So many of the thousands of therapies which they see as having no profit potential do not get approved and thus by and large do not get recommended by your local doctor or hospital despite the fact that some of them do have overwhelming benefits some which have saved needless operations, needless amputations, needless pain and trauma, needless kidney failures and much loss of life. So Mrs Jones by and large you will probably only get recommended treatments where there is profit in them for someone. Have you heard your local doctor recommend, Massage, Spiritual healing, Kinesiology Herbs, Light therapy, Colour therapy, Regression therapy, Osteopathy, Zappers, Magnetic devices, Electrical Frequency devices. All of these have shown their inherent worth with thousands of testimonials. As you can see this system in its present state is inherently flawed that is until the day comes when most of the research and testing is done by the government with no vested interests attached and a clear agenda of being objective. There is clear evidence that some of these drug companies will even go much further than just dismiss this proposed treatment especially if it is going to affect their profits. Email me and ask for the sin bin to really find out what is going on but this is for the readers who really wish to know. Mind is the builder Frequently Cayce was pointing out that mind is the builder with attitudes and emotions playing a major role keeping you healthy or causing you illness. Worry, anxiety etc. could bring on more toxins than eating poisoned food he said. These were real forces which could undermine the bodys own defense mechanism. Attitudes also starred in this line up with good ones bringing health and poor ones bringing all sorts of calamities to the bearer. He frequently counciled peoples that if there was not a change of attitude healing simply would not come. Further and an extreme example comes from case 3315 female age 40 where Cayce found The conditions here, as we find, have been so aggravated by animosities, and by hates, that we have a deterioration in the nerve forces along the spinal system; so that this has caused dementia - and now possession, such that this may appear near to hopeless in this experience. Through the application of low electrical forces as shocks to the body, with patience, care, persistence, there may be aid - if those responsible are active in keeping with divine approbation. The reaction to major trauma in peoples lives could bring about all sorts of problems anything from stomach upsets to cancer. It is difficult and yet so important to control these emotions. Cayce frequently said why worry when you might pray, which is still true to day as it ever was. Creative visualization has reportedly helped lots of people overcome illnesses including cancer which adds to the point that the body follows what the mind creates. Embarrassment and the subsequent blushing are a prime example of this, with lots of blood flushing the face causing a red appearance, just from a single thought. Of interest is another piece of Cayce advice for all who would help or administer. A patient was receiving treatment from other sources and was satisfied with what was being done. Cayce indicated that as long as the patient felt this way other treatments would not be advised for they would be ineffective. If the bodys mind is not changed from evidence . Let it have its way! For it must learn for itself. This can be difficult for the person who helps or administers,

for you will see some very difficult and painful lessons learnt by watching people learn the hard way. Cayce said all strength, all healing of every nature is the changing of the vibrations from within the attuning of the divine within the living tissue of a body to creative energies. This is healing. Whether this is accomplished by the use of drugs, the knife or what not, it this the attuning of the atomic structure of the living cellular force to its spiritual heritage We are spiritual beings above all else and the greatest form of healing is a form, which makes us more aware that this is so. For as the mind is the builder or as a man thinketh so is he so does that mind, that body, that soul, expand to meet the needs of same Thoughts are real they direct forces, they can help you or hinder you aid someone or do the opposite. There is within the grasp of man all that in nature that is the counterpart of that in the mental and spiritual realms and an antidote that this the counterpart for every ill in the individual experience if there will but be applied nature, natural forces Another example where Cayce said There is a great deal of disturbance in the physical forces of the body, that causes quite an aggravation to the body. Yet as we find, if there would be a change in attitude of the body toward life and its relationships to things around it, we might find a great deal of difference. Simply Cayce is saying here that within nature itself lies the answer to all healing. Mentioned literally hundreds of times throughout the readings were three distinct inventions the Violet ray, the wet cell and the Radial appliance sometimes called the radio active appliance. Electrotherapy is a fundamental therapeutic tool used extensively throughout the Cayce readings. Cayce explanation of the importance of electricity in healing is that the body itself is an intricate electrical system. Illness is often aligned with imbalances or incordination in the energy patterns of the body. Treatment is aimed in correcting those imbalances, so that the bodys own healing system can bring healing and regeneration. Bear this point in mind though Cayce main objective was to use a variety of therapies to achieve healing do not just think you can hook up to one of these and be cured. Please look up the Cayce therapy carefully and apply in the proper manner for that particular complaint, you will find the use of these machines varied enormously depending on the specific complaint. Radial appliance This machine is basically a box with two wires coming out of it, the wires are connected within the box to two pieces of carbon steel which are insulated from each other, the steel is surrounded by blocks of carbon and further surrounded by granulated carbon .The two wires have German silver disks on them which are then connected to the body at special places depending on the treatment being effected. When in use the box is placed in to ice to cool it and then applied to the body. Some of the Cayce readings on this device Cayce said this appliance emanates No dangerous rays. Cayce also warned them never to work on the construction of an appliance when emotionally upset. When activated in ice and water, it does radiate a force, which can be detected by sensitive people. Cayce said the electronic forces being produced by the action of certain grades of steel or iron, and their combination with ice, see? This appliance was prescribed by the readings

for at least one hundred and fifteen different ailments. (Its use, without solution jar, would benefit everyone.) It was mentioned in 1027 different readings. An aid to meditation unite the body, mind and soul (The appliance was activated after 15 minutes in the ice and water.) the psychic described a very strong force field emanating from the terminals on top of the appliance. - rising up to and apparently passing through the ceiling - The readings referred to the energy emanated by the appliances as "Etheronic Energy". Cayce said Use for thirty minutes circulating the attachments about the body (making a different attachment each time the appliance is used.) The first attachment becomes the positive, the last attachment the negative. (Best to always attach the red wire first, as red is usually associated with positive.) (With the gold solution, the negative or black lead is placed 2 fingers to the right of and 3 fingers above the navel.) Cayce said (Some used it 2 or 3 times a day, for 30 minutes.) be sure the change in attachment is made each time correctly. (The locations of the hookups, for straight battery operation, rotates among the ankles and wrists, on a four-day cycle - as explained later.) Cayce said (Applicators) when not in use keep them out of water, and dried, see, in sun, and not ever placed on metal, where the forces of the magnetic iron may not lose but may gain, see? - Keeping all anodes (plates) polished, never in contact with either. Cayce said each person should have their own appliance. Be sure no other body uses the Appliance. It was thought that these machines take on some of the vibrations of the user and indeed there was a case where a person constructing a device had inadvertently been angry at something or another. When the device did not work properly cayce identified this as being the cause of the problem. Keeps the body balanced 5158-1 For this builds to vibrations. The appliance takes on the vibrations of the user. 1179-3 The Appliance works as a generative magnet - that in each connection with the body the short-circuiting is to be the flow of the body fluid in the vibration of the pulsation of the body itself. 1179-3 the magnet that builds up - So the discharge then (that builded up) is constantly to the opposite extremity to which the Appliance is first attached. 444-2 the lowest form of electrical vibration is the basis of life (the first cause, the Word) 681-2 The Appliance's vibrations are the lowest form of electrical forces that move as energies from the etheronic forces - or of the lowest form of static, or the electrical Creative Forces. 957-3 their constructive forces are in an orderly manner. This enables the quieting, then, from within, and allows the forces to become predominant that are constructive to vitality in system. Cayce said this takes energies in portions of the body, builds up and discharges body electrical energies that revivify portions of the body where there is a lack of energies stored. 3119-1 as to build up in one extremity and discharge in the other. The system would be improved in every condition that relates to the body being kept in attunement. Cayce said (The appliance is for) bringing rest to the weary - those who have been under great periods of stress and strain. To those who seek to find an equalizing influence that will assist them in producing a coordination in their physical and

mental beings with the spiritual affluence and effect of activity of spirituality upon the body - physical. The appliance will put the body to sleep - irritation will disappear. (The hearing was improved by olive oil rubs.) There would be a great improvement for the eyes, for the hearing, for the throat condition that appears at times through cold and congestion, by the use of the Radio-Active Appliance. Cayce said will aid in relieving nervousness Cayce said will make for the abilities for the body to quiet self throughout. Cayce said make for an easier circulation, more uniform heating forces - as it were - in the system. Cayce said (Brings about) the purification of the blood itself - a better coordination in the cerebrospinal and sympathetic system. - Rids cold feet the active battery, when kept clean and tight, will last the life of use of same, there's no ending. Cayce said there would not be felt any vibration from the Appliance Cayce said - until the latter portion of the treatment, for it will gradually change the vibrations of the body. Cayce said (The R-A Appliance is good for those) that need an equalizing of the circulation; which is necessary for anyone that uses the brain a great deal - or that is inactive. Will aid the body in every direction. Cayce said with the use of gold chloride with the Appliance, the whole body will be improved. Cayce said With the Appliance and with the meditative forces that make for concentration, the body will be enabled to fit itself physically and mentally to be of a greater service, to find more and greater opportunities for the expression of that gained. Cayce said the days when the Appliance is used would be found to be, if it may be so termed, the lucky days, or the periods when there is a closer association with Creative Forces. A good aid when meditation is desirable If they are as one - body, mind, soul - as the effective activity of a low current of electrical reaction or radiation is created in the active forces of the Radio-Active Appliance - it brings to the system just those influences; the tendency to make the body-physical, the bodymental and the mental-spiritual forces more and more in accord by a unison This used whenever the body feels tired. At least 3 to 4 times a week for an hour, at the period or about the time the body is ready for retirement. - Preferably as the body rests lying prone. Cayce said put it on when you go to bed. When you wake up take it off. (The R-A is for over-tiredness, over-anxiety, pain, or distress.) As much a preventative as a cure. Thus we find that the body does not become dependent upon other things outside, other than that ye seek in thy meditations. In the equalization, the circulation becomes the most involved. (For prenatal conditions, the anodes) are attached to the umbilicus, and are the negative attachments for same, - but when it is for the sensory system, these then are attached to other portions of the system, dependent upon the characterization. Cayce said when using the gold, first begin by applying the positive to the wrist. The next time, the gold is applied to the ankle; continue to reverse these in each application. Cayce said as is seen in the embryo - all vibrations enters from the central portion of the body. - Just above and to the left of umbilicus

place the larger nickel disc - the negative pole (Cayce seems to say which ever side of the umbilicus that needs cure Cayce said do not use the appliance the same day you are taking sedatives or any kind of alcoholic beverages. Cayce said it may take several uses before you begin to see results, although many do notice an immediate in their dreams. Cayce said Use of the appliance, the readings promise, will bring new self-awareness and greater understanding. Cayce said there will be periods of exciting experience in the spiritual and the mental self. Cayce said Pay attention to the unfoldment of the real subconscious self in dreams, which occur during the period of the appliance applications. Cayce said Body builds up charge in appliance and redirects charge back to body. Cayce said And if other Cayce recommended appliances are being used, such as the wet cell or violet ray, they should be used out of phase with each other, we would not use the appliance during the strong use of the other influences. Nor should there be a great deal of mental activity. Use this time to analyse ourselves and our relationship to God, to examine purposes and ideals, study Scripture, and read the Bible - Genesis 1:1-6, Exodus 19:5, Deuteronomy 30, John 14 - 17, Psalms 1, 23, 24, and 91. Cayce said you can't use the radio-active appliance and be a good cusser or swearer neither can you use it and be a good hater - the nervous system will boomerang. The RA is good for stress management also good as a preventative and as a curative .It can be also be used with a solution jar utilising different types of solution such as gold, iodine, camphor, iron, silver, strychine-hydrastis, potash and also used for severe nerve and or circulatory imbalances. The ra was also used extensively in treating Alzheimers and dementia see Alzheimers disease and the dementias (McMillin 1994)

Also stated the gold and silver given properly can extend life in this one reading.120-5.In another case the RA was used as an aid to memory due to circulation problems. Also used in treating obesity, elephantitis, Tb, many areas where poor circulation was noted, do not use the Ra when you are toxic for this will distribute the problems, For those who are able to build small items like this I would recommend the book the radial appliance and the wet cell battery by David Macmillin and Doug Richards obtainable from the Cayce center in Durham England or the ARE in Virginia beach USA.Or you can buy the item from these sources. Radial appliance feedback Psychiatrists have used these and indeed one had built 22 of them and were well satisfied with them. They have put them in their freezers for about 15 or 20 min. before using and the energy generated is terrific. Better sleep has been reported and waking feeling totally rested. Energy levels have also improved. Better sense of well being has also been experienced. Meditations are much better! One person reported a change from the shaky feelings he was having. Sleep was also deep and refreshing which was a great change from previous years The (Edgar Cayce) readings say this heightens all the senses, including memory. Specifically, sight, hearing, and taste are improved. One person noted improved sleep with less sleep required, when using the RA. Improved mental activity with better comprehension.

A better sense of well being sense of well being, with a more happier disposition. A dramatic decrease in negative thoughts and an increase in energy disposition was also noted More energy and constipation of long standing is much improved... A claim that alcoholism had been helped using the RA (Gold Chloride and Silver Nitrate, alternated in solution jar). The person involved became a quiet person.

Violet ray
These machines were in common use in the 1900s and literally thousands of them were being used. It is like a wand in appearance with a bulb applicator, when the machine is switched on, by virtue of a Tesslar coil high frequency sparks come of the applicator and a violet glow is seen to appear. Cayce recommended this device in hundreds of readings for all manor of complaints. Some Cayce quotes Cayce said the spine is one of the holders of the physical karma in all of us. According to Allan Wilkinson who uses his violet ray extensively. This is all about getting our thinking right and it would seem to be that the right thinking has many advantages over many other therapies. I've changed the shape of my own spine by getting my thinking right. This point helps one to understand why Edgar didn't always suggest a mechanical adjustment. Right thinking was easier on the body and gave better long-term results. Jesus came into the world to teach us how to think constructively. "Let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus, who thought it not robbery to be equal with God. SFG Book 2. P 52. John 14.6: "I am the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the father except through me. I am the way." Get physical relaxation and stimulation through the use of massage or the Violet Ray and you will find a cure. Cayce said that the Violet Ray stimulates the sympathetic and cerebrospinal nervous system and it creates a balance. However, he warns about using it as a crutch for your cure. But if you use it while working on your thinking it becomes an invaluable tool for helping the body. From the time it's turned on it transfers your energies from one area to others that need them more. I have seen the above points many times, coming together to get many cures, so they are worth thinking about. In one reading, on possession, Cayce said that it will drive out negative earth bound entities. These are entities that try to stop you changing the way you think. I did two of these treatments and they were both a success. I gave them the Violet Ray up and down both sides of the spine, three times at a slow to moderate pace. Both had very unhappy childhoods. Their behavior improved from then on and they appear to be still stable. Each needed two treatments only. I believe it would help children with behavioral problems. Don Button's file on research into the Violet Ray, as used in the Edgar Cayce readings, is a wealth of information. If you have a Violet Ray, you will appreciate the file. It's the best information on the Violet Ray that we've got. The Violet Ray helps the body cope with the negative cells when created from past negative selfish thinking while the new positive cells build up through the listening process with the help of improved thinking. Some suggested application methods for general debilitation Treat the body as in figure 8 that is put the applicator under the right arm pit the first day for 10 mins. Then under left knee the next day, under left armpit the next day then under right knee the next day, then repeat. Apparently these are the same locations where the lymph system cones to the surface.

Reading 313-17 states that the violet ray calms the nerves. Also used for blindness and severe headaches, Rheumatism, Lesions, ears and deafness, after effects of surgery. The violet ray was applied to various different places on the body including the eyes, throat spine, arm pits, base of the brain, upper broncials, thyroids even a rectal applicator to treat hemorrhoids, the feet the scalp. Some other explanations followed over the forty odd years violet ray treatments directly on the spine to stimulate the superficial circulation and revitalize giving more activity to the whole of the respiratory system. The violet ray gives incentives to the nerve centers to be rejuvenated again .The ozone produced from the machine would be most beneficial to the body. It was stated that amperage burns cells and is not helpful. Only negative static dc. Like voltage is life or healing and makes resistance in the system. The violet ray should be applied to the feet and lower limbs along the sciatic nerve and across the sacral and in the plexus of the cervical and upper dorsal. Do this each evening and in 5-6 weeks the body will be more active mentally and physically. This machine is still being used to treat acne and to increase circulation in the scalp. There are also reports of increased hair growth or baldness.

(Q) Is my Radio-Active Appliance still good? Cayce said only needs some little overhauling. But this electrical vibration as indicated is the Violet Ray That is needed, as well as the Radio-Active Appliance. This is the high vibration, while the Radio-Active is the vibratory force of the body set to work for making a more perfect circulation. The Violet Ray is the current carried directly into the system and is a destructive vibration, while the Radio-Active vibration is constructive. These do not work in opposition to one another, but work on different portions of the system. The Ultra-Violet or the Violet Ray works upon the superficial circulation, while the low electrical vibration of the Radio-Active Appliance is an active principle with the deeper circulation though it is taken in through the superficial. The application of the violet ray following the packs of salts, when the skin has been opened, or the pores, and the centers along the cerebrospinal system are ready for response to this low form of electrical vibration, will enliven not only the nerve centers of the cerebro-spinal and sympathetic system, but also cleansing the blood stream itself. This we would give from five to fifteen minutes along the cerebro-spinal system; that is, over those areas that have been covered with the Epsom salts, see? That is, from the base of brain to the first dorsal area, then from the first dorsal area to the 10th dorsal, going towards the Central portion of the body. The application to the side of head and to the eye would be divided between two and a half minutes; for the side of the head - each temple, you see, would be included in the two and a half minutes for both sides, then to the eyes with the double eye applicator for two and a half minutes. Then, after four or five such adjustments are made, begin with the low electrical vibrations to the side of head and neck, and the direct application with the double eye applicator, of the Violet Ray. This will cleanse the body from the poisons as

well as any tendencies for those activities of influences from without that are not of a creative or helpful nature. It will also not change the vibratory rate of the body but increase same in its abilities for the use of the abilities latent within to apply the spiritual interpretations and spiritual healings for others. Then, after the three or four or five osteopathic adjustments, begin with the Violet Ray (hand machine). This may be done by self. Apply first the bulb applicator across the lumbar and sacral areas, then across the shoulders and the lower portion of neck and between shoulders, around the side of the head and the face, for about a minute and a half. Rest for about five minutes. Then apply the double eye applicator to the eyes, and then turn on the machine. This would be used for not more than a minute and a half for the body application (with the bulb applicator, you see), and for a minute or less to the eyes with the eye applicator. Do this each day for some ten days or two weeks. (Q) What causes failing of sight at times and what should be done for it? Cayce said The same applies to those conditions where the nerves' reaction to the sensory system makes an excessive reaction in the vision; just as at times - if the body will be mindful of it - there is apparently not as good hearing, the taste is not as well, the vision is not as well; hence reactions from the elementals and from the superficial reaction in the violet ray to produce an attunement with the cerebrospinal and sympathetic centers in the upper dorsal area. The Readings suggested the violet ray for me 20 years ago, and I haven't worn glasses since. So I know from experience what it can do

Wet cell
One of the most therapeutic tools is certainly the wet cell. It can be described as an electrochemical battery which produces a measurable but weak DC current .It has a main container where the two rods of nickel and copper are contained into a electrochemical solution the nickel wire then leads of to a solution jar and passes through this and into a nickel electrode which is put onto the body at special places. The copper wire is also connected to the copper electrode, which is also attached to the body. Cayce said the wet cell uses the low form of electrical energy or life force and seems to have a stronger effect than the RA .The wet cell is almost exclusively as a curative device for chronic and degenerative diseases. The claims made for this device were enormous. The readings quite clearly state that remarkable physical healing could result even in cases of extreme illness .In severe neurological disorders Cayce said that the nervous system could be regenerated and in some cases the brain itself could be rebuilt. The wet cell does produce current although very weak. The primary function of the wet cell was to introduce into the person certain vibrations without taking the actual physical substance. The readings recommended the wet cell appliance several hundred times, and for more than 150 different ailments.) (The variables are the chemical solutions used, and the locations on the body where the electrodes were to be attached. (More detailed and individualized readings were given prior to 1930, and then a more universal approach began.) Cayce said (Wet cell) is of the nature that - with the type of plates used - the electrical forces should have their effect upon the very sources of the disturbances through the bodily functioning. (Before using device, consult the files on that particular ailment. Do not alter procedure!) Cayce said (The wet cell employs low vibrations.) Cayce said Not AC or DC, but - "This is of the galvanic nature, and more as a cellular reaction to the body. - The power from the wet cell was neither AC nor DC." - it does not

act like ordinary static electricity. By far the greater number of cases followed a more standard pattern, with only minor variations. The readings referred to the power produced by the appliances as "Etheronic Energy", and also related it to the emanation from a healer's hands. - He compared it to what Mesmer called "animal magnetism". (Might be the "Odic Force" of K. V. Reichenbach? Or W. Reich's "Orgone Energy" - Dr. Brunier called it "Bio Cosmic Energy" - and British scientist Esman called it "X Force".) - Some materials which are conductors to ordinary electricity are insulators to Odic energy, and for other materials the opposite is true. Odic energy travels quite slowly - Odic energy is generated by magnets - the readings referred to the appliances as "regenerative magnets" - Odic force remains in the conductor after the source is cut off - the leads should be kept separated when not in use. - Its bipolar like regular electricity. Cayce said while it cannot be measured with ordinary electrical instruments, it can be detected by sensitive people (people with some psychic ability.) Cayce said some sensitives could see a strong force emanating from the terminals of these appliances. The therapeutic effects, perhaps, do not effect the physical body directly but may affect what is called the etheric body. Cayce said (Wet cell) will create more and more the ability for the suggestive forces to reach to the nerves of consciousness in the body. Cayce said the lowest form of electrical vibration that will carry with same the elements, which in their final analysis are the basis of the association or connection with mentality, contousness and matter in activity; that is, gold and silver. (The Wet Cell has been used in: Alzheimer's Disease, Arthritis, Asthma, Blindness, Brain Clots, Cancer, Cerebral Palsy, Retardation, Delta Sleep, and Epilepsy, The Eyes, Pineal, Migraines, Homosexuality, Insanity, Kidney Infections, Leukemia, Possession, Ulcers, Liver, Melancholia, MS, MD, Nervous Tension, Neurosis, Parkinson's, Senility, Tumors, and VD) Cayce said (When alternated, gold chloride and silver nitrate is the cure for neurosis.) Cayce said (Gold chloride and muriated iron are alternated to cure problems of the nerves, and insanity.) (Gold chloride for) rejuvenating any organ of the system showing delinquency in action. - Also epilepsy, insanity, melancholia, poliomyelitis, cerebral palsy, possession, and allergies.) 4488-1 Strychnine: For enlargement of heart - one-grain strychnine to five ounces of 80% alcohol. Attach the negative to second and third dorsal center; positive to upper right portion of umbilici, between umbilici and pancreas area for not over ten to twenty minutes. (Spirits of camphor and muriated iron, are alternated for incoordination in assimilations and eliminations.) Cayce said (Pray during Wet Cell) I am thine, Lord! In the love Thou has shown through the Christ, bring to this body of mine that Thou seest, that Thou knowest is best! That I may be the more perfect manifestation of thy love among the children of men! Use my life, use my purpose, use my aims and desires, in such ways that they may be to the glory of the Father in the Son, Christ our Lord! (The Wet Cell was first given in 1925.) The WET CELL APPLIANCE was designed for stimulation of the glandular centers. This appliance, like the Radio-Active Appliance, was suggested for individuals throughout the whole period of the Cayce work. These appliances were used successfully in some of the most serious cases.

Involved in the use of this appliance, the Wet Cell, were solutions of various properties such as camphor, gold, iodine, etc., through which the low electrical current was passed. Some very interesting ideas were given by the readings as to the effects of the stimulations furnished by these instruments. The Wet Cell Appliances have been recommended in serious cases of incoordination with undeveloped children, in paralytic cases, for gland conditions and serious nervous disorders involving insanity. We have in our files reports on cases of arthritis, paralysis, and brain disorders, where definite help has been received. Where this type of treatment is recommended, the case is generally of a very serious nature and requires patience and persistence in carrying out the needed treatments. There is also a report of regulating a skipping heartbeat using the wet cell. Also used in apoplexy, nerve exhaustion, neurological impairment, angina pectoris, and Parkinsons disease. Also used in treating diseased areas of the body-tumors, a developmental disorder, which prevented a young person from speaking. Also used in treating mentally retarded people, Kidney disorders, Glandular problems, back pain and sensitivity in the upper body, nervous system degeneration, birth trauma Highly recommended is the book The radial appliance and the Wet cell battery by Doug Richards and David McMillin where excellent construction and application methods are discussed at length. Wet cell feedback Benefits of Radio-Active Cell Therapy with Gold Chloride Sol. 1. Corrects Catarrhal Conditions (Allergies, Arthritic or Rheumatic Conditions etc.) which affect all tissues of the body. 2. Creates Equilibrium between the Cerebro-Spinal Nervous System and the Autonomic Nervous System. 3. Regenerates any organ of the body. 4. Decongests any endocrine gland (especially of Iodine) and re-establishes its function. 5. Balances up the Endocrine System. 6. Reverts the changes that cause ageing and degenerative changes. 7. Makes ordinary foods that are found in the ordinary market sufficient for good health, life, and longevity. 8. Radio-Active Cell Therapy is the answer to many chronic illnesses, mental and emotional aberrations, menopausal syndromes, heart disease of degenerative type etc. 9. Radio-Active Cell Therapy with Gold Chloride is the therapy needed to accomplish the cures necessary in the new branch of Medicine which is Functional Endocrinology. 10. Radio-Active Cell Therapy with Gold Chloride Solution gives mankind a safe simple, non-toxic therapy with varied and multiple therapeutic and corrective benefits for his very complex modern life, which has brought on an increase in illnesses of many types. Reports of benefits with people suffering from incordination in underdeveloped children. In paralytic cases, gland conditions, serious nervous disorders involving insanity. Schizophrenia. The wet cell could regenerate nerve tissue Good reports in treating arthritis, paralysis, brain disorders.

Cayce warned some people to expect some side effects, which were not, too serious mostly nausea as the body adjusted to the new vibration. The pulse was a very good feedback signal, Cayce usual advice was to decrease the length of the session if the pulse became to quick .As the body adjusted to the new vibrations, increase he length of the treatment accordingly. Some people may experience tightness in the back where the positive plate of the wet cell battery is attached. Contacts The Association of Research and Enlightenment address is A.R.E. PO BOX 595 VIRGINIA BEACH VIRGINIA 23451 Tel no 001 757 428 3588 email There are also various cayce study groups, and practitioners throughout the states and details can be found from the AR.E. and thousands of websites with very useful informationrecommended is sparkys web site The Edgar Cayce centre in the UK IS THE EDGAR CAYCE CENTRE: DURHAM 13, PROSPECT TERRACE, NEW kYO, STANLEY, CO. DURHAM. ENGLAND DH 97TR TEL 01207 237696 They produce a free newsletter and have some of the Cayce remedies, books and they also have the circulating files which are a collection of all the readings in subject format, testimonials on 350 medical complaints from cancer to MS. They lend these files out to people who wish to help themselves, just ask at the centre Also two must have books on the medical side which give the treatments, the causes and the philosophy of the healing of his work are The Encyclopaedia of Healing by Reba Ann Karp ISBN 0-446-30981-8 This is a condensed version of the readings giving causes and cures and some feed back from people using the treatments -Valuable The Edgar Cayce Handbook for Health through Drugless therapy by Hugh Lynn Cayce Harold Reilly and Ruth Hagy Brod ISBN 0-02-601960-4 Harold reillys 43 years of experience of working with the readings the results he, got the treatments he gave- a very valuable book Please feel free to copy and distribute to your friends. You can e-mail me if you want more info on the Cayce principles or specific info on some of the major

complaints such as cancer, MS etc.