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International Master’s Degree Programmes
21.11.2011 Admission information: 1. General Information 2. Eligibility 3. Intake 4. Selection Criteria 5. Admission Documents 6. Instructions on how to apply 7. Admission results

1. General Information
The admission period for International Master’s Degree Programmes is from 21 January 2012 (21.11.2011—31.1.2012). Students are selected for the following three programmes: • Finance (MF) • Financial and Management Accounting (FMA) and • International Business (IB). Applicant can apply to a maximum of three (3) programmes. When applying to more than one (1) programme, the programmes need to be in ranked order by priority (1st priority, 2nd priority, 3rd priority). The priorities are asked in the electronic application form. In order to apply to all three programmes, applicant needs to provide three sets of application documents. Each programme consists of two years of full time study, 120 ECTS credits. All the programmes are taught completely in English. Each programme leads to the Master of Science Degree in Economics and Business Administration, M.Sc. (Econ.&Bus.Adm.). The right to study is valid from the beginning of the autumn semester 2012. Please note, that incomplete applications will not be considered in the student selection.

November 2011 to 31


2. Eligibility
1. An appropriate bachelor's, or higher level degree (or equivalent) completed in a university. Bachelor’s degree must have been granted by an academic, higher education institute, which enables the applicant to apply for higher university degree (master) studies in his home country. Bachelor’s degree also has to consist of three (3) years of full-time study (minimum). Other degrees are not eligible. In addition, students with a BBA degree (tradenomi) from a Finnish polytechnic institute (ammattikorkeakoulu) are eligible.

Australia or New Zealand o 20 ECTS credits of studies conducted in English in a higher education institution in Finland o Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in English in any EU or ETA (*) country. Denmark. Denmark.2012). Cyprus. The approved methods of demonstrating English language proficiency are stated under Selection criteria 4. Norway. all the applicants are required to demonstrate their English skills as stated above. France. if the applicant receives the degree certificate of the st previous degree after the application deadline. Slovakia. United Kingdom.7. Yliopistonkatu 2. Spain. Ireland. please address the test results in section 24 (Institution Applications) to University Admissions Finland. 2 pages (included in the electronic application form)  Reasons for applying (i. Selection Criteria The selection criteria are listed below. 1. Great Britain. Netherlands. Luxembourg. that language tests (IELTS. Norway. mother tongue is not a separation policy as that cannot be proven. Germany. with a minimum of 5. Greece. The students are ranked based on these criteria.2. expectations. Slovenia. Thus.  When filling out the TOEFL Registration Form. max. Please note. Previous Studies  Relevance of the field in previous studies  Performance (grades) in previous studies 2. Hungary. 3. 2. bearing a stamp and a signature of a university official. English Skills (documentation required)  Education in English: o Upper Secondary Education in English in Finland. Original IELTS test score report can be sent by the testing centre to University Admissions Finland OR applicant can send attested copy of the IELTS test score report by him/herself.  When filling out the IELTS Application Form to take the test. Bulgaria. please fill in University Admissions Finland’s Institution Code 3138 in the Score Report Recipient field. Ireland. Lichtenstein. Canada. Poland. TOEFL) are valid for 2 years from the test date. Estonia. Belgium. Australia or New Zealand  or TOEFL (minimum 580 PBT / 92 IBT )  or IELTS (minimum overall score 6. It is the applicant’s responsibility to make testing arrangements for her/himself. Portugal. Good command of English language skills. Italy. Motivation a. Iceland. interests etc. Motivation letter. Please note. Sweden.5 per every section) Please note. that conditional admission is possible. Latvia. Intake • • • Finance (MF) Financial and Management Accounting (FMA) International Business (IB) 20 students 10 students 25 students 4. Lithuania. Finland) by the application deadline. Czech Republic. or in USA. USA. Finland. however at the latest 31 July 2012 (31.e. Official statement (free form) about the expected graduation date and degree certificate is required from the issuing university as an attachment for the application. FI-00170 Helsinki. Sweden. Malta. 3.5. plans. that the testing centre must send the TOEFL language test results directly to University Admissions Finland (University Admissions. Iceland. Canada.2(3) Please note.) . that according to Finnish Law. (*) EU and ETA countries: Austria. Romania.

 Reference letter form c. Swedish or English by a sworn.” X X X X Optional X X X X X . The applicant’s personal contribution/input to the degree programme Other merits b. X 6) Degree Certificate (Bachelor’s Degree) in original language AND a translation 7) Transcript of Records (Bachelor’s Degree) in original language AND a translation 8) Degree Certificate and Transcript of Records (Higher Degree) if there is another degree completed 9) CV (curriculum vitae)  Europass CV Form 10) Reference Letters  Two reference letters. 2 pages long. Reference letters (2)  Two original reference letters must be attached to the application. i. 3) Passport size Photograph 4) English Skills Document X 5) Copy of Passport/ ID-card.1. IB) Qualifications to be a successful prospective graduate (i. Admission Documents Please note.3(3)     Reasons for order of priorities.). personal strengths. see instructions under “Motivation 4. that all photocopies must be officially certified (legalised) as true copies.e.3. a notary public. 2 pages  In English (12) Statement for the Conditional Admission Free form. faculty officials) or references from employers. if an applicant applies to several programmes (MF. Document 1) Application Form Required X 2) Motivation Letter (included in the application form) Max. a commissioner of oaths etc. Typically reference letters are academic references (professors.e. they must bear the stamp and signature of an official entitled to attest documents: an authorised school or university official. see instructions in Selection Criteria 4. The documents have to be translated into Finnish. Curriculum Vitae (CV)  Please use the Europass CV Form 5. FMA. see instructions under “Eligibility 2.3. achievements. official Translator.”  Reference letter form (11) Summary of Bachelor’s Thesis  Document of max. Other copies will not be accepted. business related work experience etc.b.

Send the application via mail to University Admissions: University Admissions Yliopistonkatu 2 FI-00170 Helsinki FINLAND Only applications send via post mail are considered.4(3) 6. All application documents have to reach University Admissions by the deadline (January 31. and the number together with the name of the university into the lower left corner of the envelope. Late applications will not be processed. You can also send it as a pdf-document to your personal email and print it out later. Admission results Applicants will be informed about the admission results by the end of April 2012 by email. please complete your application by following the instructions given below:    Print out the Application Form. They are listed above and also at the first page of the printed Application Form. If you apply to more than one programme.15 (GMT +2). Collect the enclosures which the programme requires. Remember to sign the Application Form. If you use a courier service please also mark down the University Admissions Finland’s phone number +358 (0)9 191 23528 Please note. Instructions on how to apply After filling in the electronic Application Form. 2012 at 16. that Oulu Business School will not return application documents. make sure to fill in the electronic application form and collect the set of documents separately to each programme you want to apply. . Accepted applicants will also receive an acceptance letter and information package via post mail during May 2012.      7. Mark down your Application Form number into every document.

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