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Annex 21 Internship Programme Planning 2010-2012

Annex 21 Internship Programme Planning 2010-2012

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Published by: Hazie Kan on Jun 14, 2012
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AUN Internship Programme Internship exposures with ASEAN and its related bodies Concept Paper Background On 2-3 November

2007, the ASEAN University Network (AUN) convened a workshop for AUN Member Universities to discuss and set strategic direction for AUN’s work and future role in achieving the ASEAN Community by 2015. In response to priority activities that the workshop identified, AUN should serve as an instrument for ASEAN to promote professional human resource development together with the role in fostering the awareness of regional identity. In this relation, the AUN Internship Programme is proposed by the AUN Secretariat with a view to enhance the roles of AUN in order to support ASEAN Socio-Cultural Community roadmaps. The programme originated from the idea of promoting human resource development and fostering the sense of ASEANness among students in the region. In this, the internship programme will provide students with the opportunity to apply their educational experience to the actual working environment which students can have internship exposures with ASEAN and its related bodies locating in their country of residence. Additionally, the programme is at the same time allows for ASEAN community involvement in the education of young generation, facilitating good linkage between educational institutions and ASEAN which the investment in group of young people can further contribute to the enhancement of ASEAN Competitiveness. Objective The Programme has six main objectives: 1. To provide the ASEAN students with an opportunity to learn from the ASEAN community and get a better understanding of the ASEAN; 2. To have opportunity to familiarize themselves with the ASEAN/ ASEAN bodies/agencies and their working process; 3. To provide the ASEAN students with access to the ASEAN that the interns can apply their educational experience through practical work assignments; 4. To expose the ASEAN students to the essential day to day work and introduce interns to the multinational working environment of the organization; 5. To encourage AUN Member Universities to send students for intern experiences in ASEAN agencies; and, 6. To facilitate good relations and linkages between educational institutions and ASEAN bodies/agencies.


To gain a valuable addition/ resume for students when seeking employment or apply for graduate school. To have better understanding on how ASEAN and its related agencies work. 3. the student will receive the certificate from the receiving institution. 4. After the student complete the internship programme and submit the research paper which will be assigned by receiving institution. To have the opportunity to observe. 1. participate and contribute in meetings. Have excellent academic results and an active extra-curricular record 3. Programme planning: (please see attachment) Potential institution for AUN Internship 2010-2012 Programme ASEAN Secretariat ASEAN University Network Secretariat Remarks: 1. Student intern’s responsibilities will be discussed later and it depends on the expertise of each receiving institution 3. Maximum of 2 students per one receiving institution 2. Target Participants Eligibility Criteria: 1. To apply their knowledge and skill through practical work assignments. Open for current undergraduate students within AUN Member Universities with: Nationality: nationality of ASEAN Studies: at least two years of university study or equivalent Languages: proficiency in English 2. 2 . 2. Have leadership qualities and good team working ability and communication skills Programme Implementation Period of the internship: 6-8 weeks The period of internship maybe flexible based on academic calendar of sending universities and availability of receiving institutions ranging which minimum of 6 weeks in duration. and.Expected output The success criteria are for ASEAN intern students.

Attachment The AUN Internship Programme 2010-2012 at the ASEAN Secretariat Programme planning: Activities Develop proposal and process to the AUN –BOT Meeting for consideration and endorsement Management and arrangement AUNS is in charge of project proposal. e. having intern experience through daily work assignments at ASEAN Secretariat for 5weeks and 1 week at other ASEAN related bodies. Implementation • Please see attached draft proposal. • Discussion of interns working tasks. Recruitment process AUN Member Universities are in charge of recruitment • By the International relations office process and the promotion of the programme in their respective universities. Submission a complete application AUN Member Universities submit the application • Applicants are requested to submit a letter of package to receiving institution package through AUNS. • For the pilot project. AUN Member Universities may apply their existing Setting of terms and conditions of agreement between sending university internship regulations in relation to the objectives of the and receiving university project and in consultation with the AUNS and receiving institutions. intention indicating area of interest and career . students may gain extra lecture class and other activities with ASEAN center located at ASEAN Secretariat. During the intern period. study feasibility for other type of internship pattern by taking into account the comments from members and the objectives of the programme.g. potential ASEAN partner of AUN Secretariat is the ASEAN Secretariat. Approaching potential ASEAN partners AUNS set up the plan with the potential ASEAN for the programme partners as well as the sending universities. • Discuss the possibility to include student interns in extra activities such as meeting function/ seminars or training.

100 USD Visa application fee and process Approx. • The programme also requests for other active support from receiving institutions during internship periods.Activities Selection process Internship Student evaluation Implementation objective and the transcript of record to the AUNS. Management and arrangement Estimated budget: per 1 student intern Items Estimated Budget (US dollars) 500 USD Request of Action Sending Universities Student Student Student remarks The price is varied in each country May not be required in some countries Airfare (round trip) and airport tax for students from AUN members Accommodation 320 USD (40 USD x maximum 8 weeks) Medical insurance Approx. same authority for credit earning type). • Minimum 6 weeks of internship • Receiving institution will evaluate and send feedback • Receiving institutions will evaluate intern students of intern students to the sending university (apply the and send feed back to the sending university. 50 USD TOTAL Approximate expenses for Sending Universities: Approximate expenses for Student intern: 500 USD 470 USD . AUNS and receiving institution • Only 2 qualified candidates with the relevant background will have opportunity to have internship. • Maximum of 2 intern students per each receiving • Students will have an intern experience in institution different areas according to the expertise of each receiving institutions.

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