Venus in Aries –jumps from one relationship to another; love 'em and leave 'em!

Venus in Taurus - is attracted to relationships that will add to their material wealth. They are also very concerned with appearance (theirs and anybody they are seen with), and often collect fine art. Venus in Gemini - uses their communication skills to attract relationships; they are huge flirts! Their attractions are primarily on a mental level. Venus in Cancer - can become jealous and possessive. Venus in Leo - is the most outgoing and socially gregarious. They are also creative and artistic. Venus in Virgo - is rarely the aggressor in relationships and has strict ideas and standards of relationship worthiness, and often pass a relationship by because it is not exactly what they are looking for. Venus in Libra - excels in diplomatic skills and are able to be objective (and superficial) in their relationships. They are sociable, but not very passionate. Venus in Scorpio - is another obsessive, possessive, and jealous type. They do not have superficial relationships, and they can be very manipulative toward their partners. Venus in Sagittarius - cannot have ENOUGH relationships. They have many friends (and lovers), and don’t like to get too entangled. Venus in Capricorn - manages their relationships in businesslike style. They sometimes marry for money or status. Venus in Aquarius - lives by it’s own unique social code, has a wide range of eclectic relationships, and values the uniqueness of each individual. Venus in Pisces - is searching for the ideal relationship, but when they delude themselves into thinking they have found it, end up being disillusioned.

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