3 October 2003 Richard Horn, PhD Project Director OEMI 4350 E W Highway, 3rd Floor Bethesda, MD 20814 FAX

: 301-594-4967 Dr Horn: Received information. After careful review, it is obvious that there still remain too many unanswered questions. Mr Gentry mentioned that the employee would purchase their malpractice insurance and then be reimbursed. How is this handled? Why the cost of a legal plan? Does OEMI not provide said services to their employees? I was unable to locate a PCP at the MAMSI Optimum Insurance website within 20 miles of Fayetteville, NC. No retirement plan for employees. There are too many out-of-pocket charges and taxable income to the employee decreasing the actual take home salary. I would prefer to contract directly with the DoD/FOH/VHC.

Good Luck, Marguerite Persi, MS, PhD, DO, MPH FAX: 816-229-4964 MAP:me cc: Dr Collins, VHC

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