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Mike Dean Common Cause Minnesota 2323 East Franklin Ave Minneapolis, MN 55406

Dear Mr. Dean,

public Disclosure Board considered the above matter during the The campaign Finance and executive selsion portion of its meeting on June 5' 2012' separate investigations The The Board voted to separate its work on this complaint into two reports and violations, if any, that first will include arregaf;n; retateo to the false certification of Count Them All Properly, lnc lt is result from the rerationsrrip of the RpM and the corporation findings regarding the legal anticipated that this portion of the investigationwill also include gubernatorial recount. lt is staffs hope that obligation for the attorneys' fees relateo io tne 201 0 3 meeting' thislnvestigation will be ieady for Board consideration at its July will include allegations of The second investigation, which may be ongoing for some time, bills from previous reports and inaccurate reportind, specifically inciuding tfie oilission of unpaid intend to make findings in this the accuracy of the 2011 year-end reporti The Board does not 2009 through 2Q11 are portion of the investigation until it is satisfied that the RPM reports for accurate. The Board laid both investigations over to the next meeting.
lf you have any questions, please call me at 651-539-1190'

Executive Director

Suite190. Gentennial OfficeBuilding.653CedarStreet'St.Paul,MN55155-1603 651-539-1180 . 800-657-3889 . FAX 651-296-1722 . 800-357-4114 . cf.board@state.mn.us For TTYffDD communication contact us through the Minnesota Relay Service at 800-627-3529

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