FT ..

Sup lemental Re ort

OR# 11-141072 Related OR#

Offense Changed to:
Ft.. Lauderdale" FI..

Date of Incident: 5/23/11 12/16/11

On the above listed date, I Ofc, Fargnoli made contact with V#l at FLPD, located at 1300 W. Broward Blvd. Ft. Lauderdale. stated to me that on the above listed date he arrived at the listed location to meet 8#1 Stephen Lavallee .. Lavallee is the ._ stated that be has known Lavallee for approximately seven years, in the capacity as On the date of incident listed above, Mr. stated that he arrived at the listed location to converse with, Lavallee with regards to th thereat. then stated that upon his arrival Lavallee stated that he learned a specific massage technique and asked Mr.. if he could show him, to which complied. At that time Lavallee escorted to an office located thereat. Lavallee then instructed to remove his shirt and lay face down on the massage table located therein. Lavallee then proceeded to place a warm towel on the back of head and began to massage the shoulders, back and eventually the buttocks of Mr. Lavallee then instructed Mr. roll over onto his back to which he complied. Upon rolling over, was able to observe that, Lavalee had removed his shirt and was bare chested. then stated that Lavallee positioned himself along the right side of body and began to massage his shoulders slowly moving down towards thighs. As Lavallee massaged left thigh, felt and observed Lavallee's left forearm rubbing against his groin area. then stated that Lavallee then moved his hand from his thigh, and brushed the palm of his hand against groin area. Lavallee then began to massage shoulder with his left hand, Lavallee, then, began massaging right thigh, Lavallee then slid his right hand beneath the fabric of shorts making skin on skin contact with pems, then stated that he shoved Lavallces hand away, stating, "that's not right, what are you doing" then stated that he quickly rose from the massage table and placed his shirt back on. then exited the room to which Lavallee followed, As Lavallee followed, Lavallee stated, "I'm ok, are you ok"? to whic~ responded, "No I'm not ok' then stated that he exited the listed location. _ then stated that as he drove home he received a missed call from Lavallee, upon returning Lavallees call, stated, "What are you some kind of pedophile or a faggot" to which Lavallee responded, no, I'm not a pedophile, you are 18,. I didn't do anything illegal, I'm bi-curious, Lavallee also stated to that if he were to report the incident not only would Lavallee be ruined but also many people who are close to that depended on their jobs would subsequently lose them as well. stated that this was his basis for the delay in reporting this incident. Upon arriving home, informed his parents and his sister Z#l who is_ __ of the inciden t then sta ted that was approached by Lavallee approximately 3 days later, according to , Lavalee stated to ._, "is everything ok"? to which responded, "I don't know you tell me" to which Lavallee responded, "are you talking about.'? then responded, '. said that you touched him in a private area" to which Lavallee responded, " I may of done it by accident" also stated that in October of 2011, he along with Z#6 and Z#7 Tia Toslett who Lavallee, took part in a are Ed ucational Funding Convention loca ted in Tennessee. While thereat, stated that he confided in and Tia and informed them of the inciden then stated that informed him that he too had been a victim of Lavallee's unsolicited sexual advances, but stated that he did not want to be involved in any type of action against Lavallee. Tia stated that Z#8 Lavallee had also been a victim of Lavallees unsolicited sexual advances. ~ also stated that on or about the 3rd week in November, 2011, Z#2 Trish Cicero, Z#3 Ian Hewitt Z#4 Dennis Emond and Z#S Craig Haley who are all staff instructors at the listed school, had found out about the incident and confronted Lavallee, in a private

OFFICER: c. FARGNOLI Reviewing Officer:
Routed to:

CCN: 1820

Unit: 2A233

Referred to:

Case Status


1. Arrest 2. Exceptional 3. Unfounded

1. Extradition Declined 3. Death of Offender 2. Arrest on primary offense secondary offense without prosecution 4. V!W Refused to cooperate

6. Juvenile/No Custody

s. Prosecution

Date Cleared:
Decl ined

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Supplemental Re ort

OR# 11-141072 Related OR#

meeting located within the office at the listed location, upon being confronted too kinesthetic" "I'm hi-curious".

Lavallee stated "1 may of gotten

then stated that Trish Cicero informed him that Z#9

had also been a victim of

Lavallees sexual advances as well. tated that he had attempted to contact'_who resides in New York and in doing so had a conversation with Z#10, Mrs who is mother. During this conversation, mother stated "Are you aware of what happened to my son". also stated that on or about December Irst, 2001, Lavallee offered a two hundred and fifty dollar "Show up bonus" to to which immediately returned to Lavallee. _ stated that he has had not had any physical contact with Lavallee since the above listed bonus

stated that he desires to seek prosecution information and instructions" Sgt Greenlaw and Detective Noles SVU notified. in this matter and was given a case card with


•. .. : It

OFFICER: c. FARGNOLI Reviewing Officer: Routed to: Case Status Ty e

CCN: 1820 Unit: 2A233 CCN: Date: Referred to: 1. Arrest 2. Exceptional 3. Unfounded Date Cleared:
Page of .

Exception 1. Extradition Declined 3. Death of Offender 5. Prosecution Declined 2. Arrest on primary offense secondary offense without prosecution 4. VIW Refused to cooperate 6. Juvenile/No Custody

Supplement Offense: Battery Location:
On 12/16/11

OR# 11-141072
Related OR #

Report Offense Chan d to:

Date of Incident: 5/?3/11 Date of Re ort: 51? 8/ 12

filed this report regarding Steve Lavallee. Due to the nature of the

incident it was routed to the Special Victims Unit. According to the initial report was an


knownLavalleefor years as

told the reporting officer and later me, that on 5/23/11 he went to Lavallee's office at 5800 N Federal Highway to discuss work. He stated that Lavallee was asking him about his training and weight lifting and then offered to give_a massage. had known Lavallee for years and trusted him so he accepted the offer. _stated that Lavallee told him to remove his shirt and lay face down on the massage table, which he did. He stated that Lavallee massaged his back and then told him to roll over onto his back.

When_rolled over he noticedthat Lavalleehad removedhis own shirt. Lavallee continued massaging including his legs. While massaging his legs stated that Lavallee would rub his forearm on groin area. Lavallee then slid his hand through the leg of shorts and touched penis with his hand. stated that he pushed Lavallee's hand away and got up from the table. He was very upset and left the building. He spoke to Lavallee via phone shortly after he left and accused him of being a pedophile. Lavallee told him that nothing was illegal becaus~as 18. id not report the incident until 12/16/11 becaus all worked for Lavallee and he was afraid they would lose their jobs.
him t . stead of going to college. He mentioned that he had completed the process for and just would have had to pay $250 to enroll. Shortly after that conversation Lavallee gave $250 as a "show-up bonus" which he returned. After I spoke with I provided him with a tape recorder and recording device to conduct a controlled phone call with Lavallee in hopes of getting him to admit what had transpired. In the call Lavallee apologizes to and when asked why he gave him $250 he says it was a bribe to get him to do the right thing. stated that he has heard numerous rumors about Lavallee having done this type of thing with He provided the names of some and said that he had spoken with __ Detective: Brittenum Reviewing Officer: Sgt. Martinez
FFICER AFFIDAVIT: I swear or affirm that I have prepared
Authoring Officer (Signature) Printed Name/CCN _ Det. Brice Brittenum /1458

When and convincing

poke again with Lavallee he told him he was upset for Lavallee breaking his trust

CCN: 1458 CCN: 1264
this report, anQ_it is ~.Qrrect and true to the best of my knowledge.



The forgoing instrument was acknowledged ho is known to me or has produced

before me this _28_ day of May, 2012, by _B. Brittenum ~(authoring as identification, an who'did take an. oath.


___ (i>~l.,,'


Date Closed:
Page 1 of

Routed to: Case Status


Referred to; 1. Arrest 2. Exceptional

3. Unfounded

Excepti on l. Extrad ition Dec! i11 ed 2. Arrest 011 primary offense secondary offense without prosecution

3. Death of Offender 4. V/W Refused to cooperate

5, Prosecution Dec 1ined 6, Juvenile/No Custody


Supplemental Report



Related OR#

in N ew York who said that Lavallee had done similar things to her son, . I spoke with who told me what had transpired and provided me the name of the detective her son had spoken with. On 1/23/12 filed a police report with the Onondaga County Sheriffs Office in New York about what Lavallee had done to him. had been about 13 or 14 years of age when Lavallee twice tried to molest him. The statute of limitations had already passed but wanted to document the incident. I spoke with Sgt. Norman from Onondaga SO and he informed me that there was also a 2005 report withtheir department regarding Lavallee and . _'was a of Lavallee's in New York. He reported that when he was about 13 or 14 years old Lavallee began molesting him and that it continued until he graduated high school. "now resides in South Florida. I obtained copies of both reports, After the incident involving i1e Lavallee and had contact with_ employees. In October of 2011, while attending an out of state conferenc told two of the employees what had happened with Lavallee, They told him that they believed others may have been victims and told him that they believed this had happened to I attempted to contac by phone and left messages but he did not return them. I drove to his home and tried to contact him there but did not hear- back. On 4/18/12 I was able to Ineet Wit11

and took a sworn, taped statement from him.
. stated that he began when he was 13 years old. WIlen he turned 18 Lavallee offered him ajob. Approximately four years ago Lavallee invited his condo at 3100 N Ocean Blvd in Ft. Lauderdale to discuss . He stated that they ended up going to Lavallee's residence after walking along the beach and Lavallee asked if he wanted to do some grappling training. stated that several times he felt Lavallee's leg rub against his groin area, which he believed was intentional and not accidental contact. After they finished grappling Lavallee began to rub oil on ·himself and tol that it was good for the muscles and offered to rub some on him, which_agreed. As Lavallee was rubbing the oil 011 he began to get lower and lower with his hands until he pushed his hand beneath the waist band of shorts and underwear into his pubic area but didn't think 11eactually made contact with his privates. stated there was another inappropriate incident with Lavallee when they were having the Halloween party. stated as ajoke he was dressed as a female body builder and that at one point Lavallee grabbed waistband and pulled his shorts from his body to look at what he was wearing underneath. There was no other contact. Several days after taking statement I met again with him at his home where he performed a

controlled phone call with Lavallee, During the course of the statement Is Lavallee that he no longer wishe because he is having trouble dealing with what had occurred. He asks Lavallee WIlY he did that to him
and Lavallee replies that he might be bi-curious. stated he understood that criminal charges could not be made but he wanted to make a police report because of all the rumors he had heard about Lavallee doing similar things to others. On 5/25/12 I attempted to make contact with Lavallee at his home in Ft. Lauderdale and at his school on Commercial Blvd but he was not at either location. I then responded to his offices at 5800 N Federal

I Detective:




I Unit:








Sup lemental Report

Related OR#

and made contact with an employee who said Lavallee was not there. I left my card and asked the employee to pass it along. On Friday evening I received a voicemail from Lavallee indicating that he had received 111Y card. I did not speak with him or tell anyone why I was looking for Lavallee. Approximately an hour after Lavallee left the voicemail I received another message from Ron Baum indicating he was Lavallee's attorney and that any communication would go through him, Earlier in the week that I attempted to interview Lavallee the police department received a letter from that was also signed by other parents from New York. The letter was written to the State Attorney but a copy was forwarded here. The letter indicated that Lavallee was suspected of molesting children there and here and they wanted to ensure an investigation was being done. Dennis Siegel, from the SAO Sex Crimes Unit, was assured we were investigating and would be forwarding the case to them. Copies of all reports from both Ft. Lauderdale PD and Onondaga County Sheriffs Department were forwarded to the SAO with copies of all statement and phone call transcriptions.

[ Detective: Brittenum



I Unit: K-35

Page 3 of3


Supplement Report
Offense: Battery Location: Offense Changed to:

OR # 11-141072
Related OR #

Date of Incident: 5/23/11 Date of Report: 6/12/12

'This case was received by the State Attorney's Office and assigned to Assistant State Attorney Swadlow. I was informed by ASA Swadlow after he reviewed the case that his office would be filing a battery charge against Lavallee. ASA Swadlow informed Lavallee and his attorney, Mr. Baurn, on 6/8/12, that battery charges were going to be filed and Lavallee would be issued a summons. On 6/11/12 the Ft. Lauderdale Police Department received a call from Lavallee's home at 742 Intracoastal Drive reporting a death. Officers arrived and located Lavallee deceased in the home. Homicide and Forensic Unit detectives responded and investigated. It was determined that Lavallee conunitted suicide. Based on the fact that this case was investigated and charges were going to be filed if not for Lavallee's death this case will be CLEARED by exception.

Detective: Brittenum
Reviewing Officer: Sgt. Martinez

CCN: 1458
CCN: 1264
true to the best of my knowledge.

I swea.r or affirm t.hat I have prepa~~/~.llo-rt'ffid~~r-recf·and
Authoring Officer (Signature)
Printed Name/CCN

_,.._ ~..

~~__;;:-before me this _12_ dayof June, 2012, by _B. as identification, and who

Det. Brice Brittenum 11458 __

The forgoing instrument was acknowledged ho is known to me or has produced


Brittenum ~(authoring



Ldf___ / f 9.),


Routed to: Case Status


Referred to: 1. Arrest 2. Exce tional 3. Unfounded

Date Closed:
, Page 1 of

I. Extradition Declined 3. Death of Offender 2. Arrest on primary offense secondary offense without prosecution 4. V/W Refused to cooperate

5. Prosecution Declined

6. Juvenile/No Custody


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