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I stood in front of my bathroom mirror. Dear lord. I was not ready for this. School.orthey still call it that, right? I dont know, dont really pay attention. All these youngsters have different names for things these days, and Im not so with it, I guess. Plus, havent been there for like three months. Things change. I groaned, continuing to stare at myself. Im in dire need of a haircut. And ugh. I have bag under my eyes. I dont see why, though. I had plenty of sleep last night; I even went to bed super early like 1:00am. I usually go to bed at three or so. Suddenly getting the need to, I quickly picked my phone up off the counter, checking the time. 5:17am. Oh, that may be why Im so tired. I got up way too early, but its important. My hair is shit and I need extra time to try and make it somewhat presentable. Ive been standing in front of the mirror for, like, ten minutes. And I need a shower. Dang it. I forgot about that. So *quickly takes a shower* Hey, Im back. Okay. I dried myself off with my towel that had a bunch of penguins on them (SO cute!) and then my hair. I pulled on my boxers and a white tank. Its Maygans the tank, not the boxers; those are mine. Wait. You probably dont know who Maygan is my girl friend. Please, notice the space, because she is just my friend, not girlfriend. I would never date a girl, ugh. ..wait. Crap. You probably confused, yeah? Well, Im a guy which you probably didnt think, because I kinda act like a chick, I guess, and theres a reason for that Im gay. Yeah.

Anyway, now I think we know each other a lot better. I inhaled again, rather deeply, and put on some random shirt that I brought into the bathroom with me. Still no pants on, yup. I didnt bother with my hair yet, because, well, I planned on going back to bed for like thirty minutes, then itll be six, the time I should be waking up. So I did. I went back to my room, slept until my alarm went off and then walked my ass back into the bathroom. I took out my sisters straightener from under the sink and plugged it in. Now, while we wait for that to heat up I untwisted the lid from my moms beauty lotion, putting that on, and dont tell her, but I used her eye roller thing, to get prevent wrinkles from ever intruding on this angel-like face. You can bet your sorry ass Im still gonna be lookin gorgeous when I get older. Ah, its all heated up. I sprayed some of my heat protecting spray and began straightening the shit out of my hair, making sure to get each and every piece. I had to look good today; there are some sexy guys at our school, and they all cant be straight. I mean, come on. Besides, first day of school. Pretty important. Im a junior now, time to step up my game. After that whole ordeal was done, I put everything away and skipped back into my room, feeling unnaturally good about myself. Halfway there, my mother walked out of her room. She instantly grinned a huge grin. Well, hello, Damien! Its your first day of school! She was imitating Ronnie Radke, when he said that at the beginning of Situations. I smiled just as big back at her. But, mom, Im not like the other kids. Im weird and my pants are too tight. We both paused and yelled, SIT-U-A-TIONS, ARE IRRELAVENT NOW! .sorry you had to witness that. My moms weird. But anyway, I finished getting ready and then, at 6:50, me and sister (Kearen (pronounced: K-ear-en)) walked to our bus stop. After waiting ten minutes, the big Twinkie on wheels rolled up and we boarded. I followed Kearen until she found a seat she liked and we sat down. The second she opened her mouth, words came pouring out complaining words. ANNOYING. Its kind of funny whats she complaining about. There were some peeps already on the bus before us and they were talking loud, so she complaining about how its way too goddamn early to be socializing like an annoying mother fucker. And shes speaking rather loud and annoying about it. I tried to block her out. Fail. So I tried to focus on something else and, hello. Found something perfect. Someone. Our bus had stopped at the last stop, and about seven humans shuffled in. And one of them was sexy as fuck, likehe was honestly, the sexy God of the sexy fucks.

He didnt look at me though. He was too busy looking for a seat considering almost all of them were taken, eventually finding one with some slut, a couple ahead of me and Kearen. Can I sit here? he asked her. Oh my god. I wanted to do his voice. The girl, her little blonde mane jerked up and she grinned a flirty smile, nodding franticly scooting over, giving him room. Oh, God bless me, yes. was her response. wtf? Do they already know each other? The way she said it; it just sounded sarcastic, like the way friends talk to each other. He winked at her and sat down. He gave her a quick peck on the lips, saying, Why thank ya, love. She pulled away with a big smile. Anytime, deary. I refrained from puking, leaving this pre-puke look on my face. Slut. I hissed. What? It was Kearen. I didnt say anything. I poked to the ho. She squinted her eyes, trying to get a better look. Who, Ricky? Ricky? I repeated confused. What a man-ish name. She leaned herself back. Well, yeah. He is a man, sokinda fits. SHES A DUDE? She frilled her eyebrows, giving me her Why am I wasting my time with you? look. what? Im talking about him! She motioned briefly to him. She lowered her voice continuing, The one you pointed to thats his name, Ricky. I quickly realized, Oh, she was talking about the dudenot the girl. ..oh. Then no. I was talking about the skank next to him. She stretched her neck again, squinted her eyes, and then she went, Oh. Yeah. Thats Jillian, and she is a skank. But then she stopped, shaking her head. Well, not really. Shes actually really nice. I just hate her. Why? She shrugged, looking back out the window. Probably the same reason you do I want her boyfriend. My heart it felt like it dropped, already fearing the worst. Boyfriend? Who? She motioned brieflysomewhere. Ricky. I pouted, glaring ather. Damn it.

Yeah, I know. Depressing, right? She smiled, laughing a bit. But is that why you went Slut? Wait, do you already know her? Is she a ho fo sho? God, I want her boyfriend! She suddenly gasped and smirked evilly, turning to me. Oh, Damien! Does someone have a crush? She nudged my shoulder. Shes a bit slow. No! I shoved her. I just think hes cute. Nothing to it. She was still smirking. Uh-huh. Whatever. Itll eventually turn to a crush, trust me. But, hate to break it to you, but if you havent guessed it yet hes about a straight as you are gay extremely. I found myself frowning at that. You mean, not even a bit gay? She shook her head. Sadly for you, happily for me. Gee, thanks. Seriously. she went on. Dont leave me alone with him, because I would hop on that in a second. I swear. Despite the fact that I knew she was trying to tease me, I still groaned, agreeing with her. God. I know. Me too. Right? she said, following me off the bus. I couldnt stop looking at him. They were walking together now, holding hands. I wanted to whip out my chainsaw from out of nowhere and saw her hand off his. Ricky had said something, apparently funny, because she laughed, doing that slut thing girls do when trying to flirt; she touched his arm. I dont see why shes trying to flirt if theyre already going out. I snarled. That little bitch. Taking my man, what the hell. What is he doing with her? Shes not even that pretty. Hes gorgeous. wtf? If she can get that, I should have hooked up withfuckingHayley Williams by now. (I cant think of any hot band guys right now for some reason, but shell do. I mean, come on now. Have you seen that babe?) Before continuing into the school, she suddenly stopped him, saying some things, twirling a piece of that beautiful blond hair of hers. She was chewing a big wad of gum, I think, or she was just being stupid, because thats how she looked. Like a fucking cow. A stupid one. But then I realized, Oh, she was pretending to be a dumb ho, because he laughed loudly. Are you serious? She was laughing, too. Yeah! She looked like an idiot! You look like an idiot. I hate you. HATE YOU. STOP IT. STOP MAKING HIM LAUGH. SLUUUT!! Stop it, Damien. snapped Kearen, pinching me when I mocked her. Seriously. You look like a serial killer. I mocked her again, and fought the strong urge to shove Jillian when we walked passed them. I

thankfully didnt. But I did shove Kearen into her. They both gasped, shocked, while Rickys eyes widened and he bit back a laugh. I tried to match Kearen and Jillians faces. Damien! Kearen cried, giving me the death glare. You faggot! I wasnt offended by that. I mean, thats what I am, soPlus, I knew she didnt mean it, and she knew why I did that shove her. Oh, shoot, Kearen, so sorry, and, uhm I trailed my sentence looking at Jillian, pretending I didnt know her name, waiting for her to tell me it. I was really surprised that she had actually tried to smile and answer me instead of throwing me under a bus. Uhm, Jill. Damien, Ive been in your math class since third grade. We laugh about every year oh. Ohdang. Well, uh, Jill, sorry. I looked to Ricky. And sorry to you, if Kearen hit you. He smiled at me. oh fuck, that smile. Nah, he assured me. I was thankfully spared. Its cool. I giggled, giving him a flirty smile. Oh, well, okay, never mind then. Oh god, he smiled at me again. Butit wasnt flirty. da fuck? How are you not flirting back? It was just a nice smile. I tried not to act as confused as I felt. Oh, well, its probably because hes girlfriends right there, so. Ugh. Hes so pretty. Dont believe I went into deets of his appearance. One word to describe it: Spicy. Thats it. Hot hot. Okay, no seriously. He had that hot skater boy hair going on, like not too flippy, tho, but like idk. Its was nice. He had such a nice jawline and face and hot damnnnn. He was hot. Can I have him? Okay, well, bye. Kearen said, loudly, grabbing onto my arm, yanking me away. Geez, Damien. she muttered when we got inside. Flirty slut much? I let my jaw drop like I was offended, but smiled like the smug bitch I was. Oh, well. Oh, well? she mimicked me. Im guessing we were going to her first class, because we were nowhere near.anywhere else, really. Not anywhere we would go, anyway. Plus, her first class is science, which is upstairs and we were currently climbing up three sets of stairs. No, not oh well. Hes straight and has a girlfriend! Youre going to scare him away. I shrugged once more, and said again, Oh, well ooh. I grabbed her arm and jerked her to a stop. What? I did the thing I always do; I didnt say anything at first. I pointed to him. Ricky. He was still with Jill, but shit. I dont care. I think he was walking her to her first class, maybe, like I was apparently with Kearen. She followed my finger and then groaned. No. STRAIGHT AND TAKEN.

But hes so sexy! I whined. And taken! She yanked me into a room. There were science posters everywhere, so, just taking a wild guess - this is a science room. There were a couple pupils already in here, just sitting. Kearen let go of my hand when we were officially in the room, walking over to a random desk, setting her notebook on it and bag down in the chair. I laughed at how she just strolled in here and put her stuff at some random desk like it was already hers. Uhm, wow, Keen (a nickname), already claiming your territory, I see. She just grinned, making her way back to me. Hooking her right arm around mine, she shrugged. A girls gotta do what a girls gotta do. I laughed because she sounded super lame saying that, and we walked out of that room, and turned to the left. Wheres your first class? Uhm I took out my schedule, looking for the answer. Scott, room 126. Back downstairs. Keen bopped her head in a nodding motion. Alrighty. I had him last year, so I know just where that is. I think I do, too. I mean, I didnt have him yet, but Ive had classes near his. I think. So we ventured back downstairs, through three hallways, the commons, and then into the History hall. Its just a hallway with history classrooms and history teachers. Every subject has their own little area. Math has a math hall, Science has its own section, blah, blah. You get it. And the electives, like Art, Health, Gym, and, even the foreign languages, are in on it too. Andyeah. What was I saying? Oh yeah. Anyway, so we went to Scotts room, I, unlike Kearen, asked Mr. Scott, because he was there, if we had assigned seats yet, and if so, where was mine. He said, Nope, Ill get to that later. Just find a seat for now. So I was like, Okay. and did. And goodness, I dont know if I said this or not (probably not), but the way the desks were set up. He had made two groups of four desks, all desks facing each other, and two more groups of six desks together. Okay, if youre having a difficult time imaging how this would look, then fuck it. Imagine it how you want. idgaf. Alright, and after I picked a desk, Kearen and I walked around for the rest of walk around time. If you hadnt guessed, walk around time is the time in the morning before school starts where you just walk around the school. At least thats what everyone at our school calls it, along with the teachers and principals and all them peeps. When the first bell rang, I walked Keen to a stairway near both of our classes. We hugged and both went our separate ways. When I got back to Scotts, almost everyone was already in here. I had put my stuff

at the group of desks closest to the door, because I didnt want to walk all the way across the room because Im lazy. A girl had thought that it would be okay if she just sat her ass next to where I was going to sit. Which is okay. I guess. She looked nice. Its justshe didnt ask. But nonetheless, I still smiled at her and sat down. I guess she felt like she had to talk to me, because she cleared her throat and turned slightly towards me. She laughed airily. I think he thought too much about the desk setup. I detect sarcasm. I forced a chuckle, hoping it didnt sound as pitiful as it was. Yeah, right? My three-year-old cousin can ponder up a more elaborate arrangement. She chuckled too. I believe that. Just then, some more students rolled in. They all walked passed our group and found better places to be seated, except one guy. He seemed to know the chick next to me, or at least she knew him, because she chirped out, Daniel! He smiled back at her, striding his way over to the seat in front of her. Kina! And then they started talking, about, I dunno, soccer? I kinda stopped listening, because I dont know nothin about no soccer. Feeling a bit lonely with no one to talk to, I looked up at the clock, anything to make myself look busy. Just as I looked at it, it changed from 7:38 to 7:39. Okay, so one minute til class starts. A couple more students walked into the room, including Ricky. Holy shit, yes. You should sit here, sexy. I think he just might have to. The other students that walked in all filled in the rest of the available seats not at our table, so yay. He had ambled up near our group, and he took a deep breath, looking around the room. He tapped his knuckles against the desk in front of me. Do we just sit anywhere? I looked up at where the voice was coming from. Ricky. He just talked to me. :D Or he was just looking at me while he spoke. I nodded. Yeah, I think so. Thats what he told me anyway. Alright, well, He somewhat pointed to the desk in front of me and broke out a half smile. Oh lord, take me now. Can I sit here? Honey, you can sit anywhere you like. I prefer if you sit on my lap and we talk about the first thing that pops up. ;) God, Im so good. I wish I wasnt such a puss or else I wouldve said that out loud. I tried not to sound/look as eager as I felt. I pushed out the chair with my foot. Motioning to it, I said, Be my guest.

He matched my grin, pulling the chair out the rest of the way. Dont mind if I do. he murmured sitting down. The second he did, the second bell rang. Not a single soul in here shut their mouth. Well, besides the ones that werent already talking. I waited for Mr. Scott to come up to the front of the room, you know, the way a normal teacher would at the start of class to get everyones attention and let them know they needed to shut up. I took a glance back at his desk to find him talking to a girl student. She looked kind of timid and shy andsmart, I guess. Like the kind of smart you would have to be to be considered a weirdo. I dont think Ive ever seen her before. I turned my attention away from them and it happened to land on Ricky. He was leaning on the desk, his Nike bag in front of him, playing with a key chain that was hanging off the side of it. Okay, how is it possible to look that hot by doing nothing really? He was just sitting there. Maybe its the ways hes dressed. He was wearing an off-white shirt with long sleeves. I think hes wearing a mix of skinny jeans and, uhm, not skinny jeans. I dont remember. Oh, well, Ill just focus on the top half for now. He had a black shoelace around his left wrist and a purple, a black, a green, and a blue Silly Band on his right, andWhat is that? I thinkit looked like theres some scars on his right wrist, like just little cuts. From what I can see. It couldve been worse. I dont know. I dont know what it really looked like it was caused by, but theres def some scars. I doubt its like self-harm. He just doesnt looklike that type. He looks happy, and hot, and has a little blond slut of a girlfriend, so life should come easy to him, you know? Not ruling it out completely, butI dont know. Just doesnt seem like that. But then again, Im like never right, and dont know how life is for him outside of right now, so could be that. Its like he sensed me staring at him because he looked up. I quickly looked away, hopping he didnt get freaked out by me just gawking at him, because Im sure thats how it looked. But sure enough, the next thing I heard was, Enjoying the view? I looked back at him, realizing I had been caught. He was smirking, so hot-like. I took a silent gulp, clearing my throat, not wanting my voice to crack or sound dumb. I pushed out a smile. Its alright. He scoffed, sitting back. Alright? he asked, shaking his head. All this, he motioned to himself Superb. I laughed. Cocky much? He smiled. Hes has really nice teeth. A really nice smile. A sexy voice. He just has an amazing nice mouth and vocal box. And atom structure. Just the right amount. Oh, honey, I bet. But I shook my head, not being able to think of anything appropriately witty to say.

Whatever. He just continued to smile. Mm-hmm. He suddenly stuck his hand out to me. I believe weve already met, but not properly. Im Ricky. Again, trying not to appear as eager as I felt, I took his hand causally, saying, Why, hello, Ricky, Im Damien. He smiled again, taking his hand back from mine. And who was that chick you were with earlier? Oh, Kearen. And she is your.? Oh, uhm, I cleared my throat again, already feeling all that throat stuff coming back up. Sister. Ah. He nodded. See, I thought that was her name shouldnt have a doubt because you said her name like fifty times, but I didnt want to call her the wrong name and then her find out and mutilate me, because girls can get pretty pissy when you forget their names. Ooh, awesome, pissy. He cusses a little. We should get along just fine. I giggled yeah, thats right. Im gay, I can do that. Yeah, Keen can get pissed by just about anything really. He lit up the second I said Keen. It was like a light bulb went off in his head. Keen? Oh, I know her! I cant believe I forgot her names Kearen. I froze for a second. Crap. He sounds a bit too enthusiastic about that. He knows her. What if he likes her? I made myself nod and laugh. Yeah, I dont see how you ever could forget her; shes pretty out there. He was still smiling away. Yeah, I know. Real talky you know, He leaned in, like he was about to tell me a secret. I was actually the first one to call her Keen, you know because shes all, well, keen, and zealous. Dang, zealous. Thats kind of a smart word. He must be smart. That sucks because Im dumb. Really? I asked, rather surprised. We havent always called her that. One day she came home with a friend and she was calling her Keen and then we just did. He shook his head in a yes way. Uh-huh. Yeah, Keens cool. I like her. No, dont say that. I will cry, I swear. Dont be like the other guys I like; dont go liking my sister. But he like caught himself after he said that. Well, I mean, not like-like like that. Just shes cool. Okay, thats better. So, uhm, I cleared my throat again, looking up at the clock. 7:43. Who was that girl you were with earlier, when we improperly met?

He started grinning again. Oh, Jilly-Bean? Jilly-Bean. JILLYBEAN. jILLY bEAN. naeB-ylliJ. wat Jilly-Bean? I asked with a snicker. Yeah, he said with a smile. Or Jill, if you will. But I call her Jilly-Bean. Oh God. Hes has nickname for her and its Jilly-Bean. Thats so fucking cute. Why is he so fucking cute? Why is he so fucking taken? And straight? Gaahhh. Oh, well, who is she to you? I went on like he did with me. Oh, uhm, He stopped smiling for a second, tried to, but failed, smiling again. Well, shes kind of my girlfriend well, I mean, not kind of; she is, like all official and everything. I dont know why I said kind ofbecause she isall the way. Uhm, Ugh. Hes rambling. Ive learned when guys or girls ramble about some chick or guy, its because they like them. Kill me now, ugh. I made myself smile. Wow. Well, thats cool. He shrugged. Yeah, I guess wellI dont mean I guess, like I guess, butyou get me, right? Oh, I would LOVE to have you. But I laughed. Yeah, gotcha. Before he could say anything, Mr. Scotts voiced boomed, scaring everyone. He said, making his way up to the front of the room, Alright, everyone. Im Mr. Scott, and I will be your homeroom and U.S History teacher, if you havent already guessed. How was everyones summer? No one said anything. Woah, woah, lets not all shout it out at once. A couple students laughed out of pity, including me. He sighed, slightly smiling at everyone. Alright, he said, Either someone volunteers or Im just gonna start calling on people. Now do you really want that? A few muttered out, No.

And one brave soul from the back of the room said, I dont get why teachers do that stuff. Everyone turned back to look at this blonde warrior, Mason Robins, a run-of-the mill class clown. I heard a few students laugh a bit when they realized who said it and turned back around. Mr. Scott looked a little surprised that someone had spoken out and it wasnt to answer his question. Do what? That, he simply said. Calling on people just because no one wants to answer right away. Oh, and calling on people who obviously dont know what the answer is or just dont want to. God bless your soul. Mr. Scott raised his brows at him. Well, does anyone else feel this way? Everyone, and I mean, everyone, raised their hand; that blonde warrior raised both of his hands and tried to get his foot up. Mr. Scott just looked around the room, Wow, and shook his head at Blondie. Well, obviously, you dont have a problem speaking out. What your name? Mason. Well, Mason, what did you do over the summer? Mason just stared at him in disbelief. Didnt we just go over this? I dont want to answer or else I wouldve just told you what I did instead of being a smart a-aah-hahbutt. A couple students snickered and I heard Ricky mutter out, Good Lord, Mason. Shut up. Mason just smiled real big at him. Mr. Scott also smiled at Ricky, too, and shook his head yet again at Mason. Okay then. Anyone else have something to add or finally decided they wanted to share their summer experience? One kid, also from the back of the room laughed. Nothing school appropriate. Mr. Scott looked at him. I knew who that was. His names Tristan Wright, and hes also what you call a class clown. For what something to add or summer? He just laughed again. Both. Mr. Scott was still smiling as he looked from Tristan to Mason. Are you two like friends or something? They were. Like, best friends. But they both looked at each other and shook their head, and said, Nah, I dont know that fool. A good majority of the room laughed because we all knew that was a big fat lie. Again, Mr. Scott smiled and started walking back to his desk. Oh, Im sure. Whatever, go back to talking. I dont care. Well just try this again tomorrow. And we did. Cool, right?

Just kidding. He let us all talk for about ten minutes and then the assistant principal came in and Mr. Scott jumped back up and pretending like he was going over school rules and what he expected from everyone, blah, blah. And then even after he left, Mr. Scott was just like, Well, now Im in the zone now. So, we should just go on with this. And we did. And blah, blah. So. Twenty, thirty minutes later, class was over, and everyone went to second period. Mines Spanish. This should be fun. My Spanish teacher is crazy. Shes been my Spanish teacher since my freshmen year. And she is crazy, just was too chipper in the morning. Oh, and guess whos in my Spanish class. Jill. And she talked to me, like, a lot. And you know what sucks? Shes actually really nice. It makes me sad. How am I supposed to hate her now when I just want to be her best friend? Damn you, Jilly-Bean. After that was gym class. Guess who has that class with me, too? Jill. Im going to kill myself, shes so cool. So we walked together into the Fletcher Gym. When we got there, there were students sitting in the benches, talking, and oh thank god. I know some of them, so I dont have to limit myself to Jillian for the first two quarters. She asked me if I wanted to sit with her and some of her friends, and I was like, yeah, sure. So we did. We chilled for a bit before I started to realize, Hey, uhm, why are some of the people going to the other side of the gym? Because the right side of the gym (the one were on) was cut off from the other side by a big curtain, and a lot of people were going over to that side of the gym. I asked Jill and she said, Oh, well, this side is Sed and that sides Kop. I said, Oh. Yup. What teacher do you have? Oh, uh, I pulled out my schedule for the thirtieth time. Kop. She frowned. Oh. Yeah, sodo I have to go on that side? Yeah, I guess so. So I did. And oh good lord. Guess whos on this side? Ricky. And guess who saw me and practically begged me to sit with him?

Ricky. I could cry. This is such a good day. This is going to be a good year. So I was watching Wife Swap the other day, Ricky was like while we waited for Kop to start speaking and stuff. And there was this really religious wife and this really cool, mellow chick, and they switched families, as the title portrays. And well, anyway, the one wife, shes crazy, like a hardcore Jesus-God loving whore, and shes always trying to shove the ways of the lord down everyones throat and I was just thinking the whole time, God, I could not handle that bitch. Five minutes into being there I would just be like, Someone get me a bible; I need to roll a blunt. And I laughed way too hard about that, which made him laugh. And then he said my laugh was cute and funny and I was like, why are you straight? But not really. I didnt say that out loud. He wouldve looked at me funny and ran away. Okay. I did say that. And he did look at me funny. Are you gay? .I thought I made it unnaturally obvious. Well - *laugh* - yeah, you kinda did, but Ive met some really gay straight guys and they all got really pissed when I called them gay, so I was just making sure. I smiled. Well, yup. As gay as can be. And not a thing wrong with that. Yeah, there is. The fact that youre not. Fix that. I mean (: Yay. . . . The periodic table didnt let the element of surprise sit with them. what? He shrugged. I dont know. My mom told me that this morning, and it was just so inspiring I had to pass it on. I laughed again. Man, you are really weird. The good kind.

He smiled and shrugged again. Its probably because of all the drugs I do. Again, I laughed, and I could just tell that was going to be the end of our conversation and I didnt want it to be, so I quickly tried to think of something else to say. So, uhm, I cleared my throat. Are you going to participate in Spirit Week? You should know what that is. If notGoogle it? He shrugged. Maybe. Whens that again? I believe, uhm, next week, maybe, I dont know. The first days eighties day, I think. It wasnt next week, by the way. Its in like December. Oops. He lit up with a big grin. Oh, heck yeah! I was born for the eighties, baby. Baby. Baby. B a b y. Thats me. Ill ask Jill. Shes usually on top of that stuff. Is she ever on top of you? What the. Why did I just think that? Probably. I mean, how could they have not had sex already? Hes hot and, underneath all that nice awesome-ness, shes probably a secret slut. Well, anyway, Kop eventually came in and started talking aboutgym stuff, and then, after all that, he said, Alright, Im going to call each of you one at a time, and Im gonna give you a lock. I want you to go down to the locker room guys, go to the one right across the hall; girls, go out that door, turn to the left, and right by Seds office is your locker room. Go find a locker on the third row and put your lock on it, then come back here and tell me the locker you chose. Oh, and be sure to keep the little paper with your combination on it. Got that? Alright. Julio AdelleDaria AlmonteKatie Carnes Some kid came up to him and started talking; it lasted for a long time. Julio, Daria, and Katie had come back by now. And then, Richard Dankworth. Dankworth, what? Thats an interesting last name. But its his, so its hot. Hmm. Dankworth. Jill Dankworth. Jillian Dankworth. Yeah, that works together. I learned earlier Jills last name is Coleman. Ricky Colemanthat works too. Or is it just me? ANYWAY. Damien DankworthSWEET. Okay, seriously, anyway. No one else seemed to care about his last name. They were all about his first. Just about everyone turned back to Ricky. A couple people went, Ooh, Richard. Ricky rolled his eyes but stood up. Imma kill all yall in your sleep. he warned in a funny voice, getting a lock from Kop.

Elaina Dolles. Kop went on, and eventually he got to the Gs. Damien Gasik. Okay, yeah, I shouldnt be saying shit about Dankworth when my last name is Gasik. Ricky Gasik.sounds like Ricky Got-Sick Okay, Im doneor if Jill and I got married: Jill(ian) Gasik. Coolio. I got up, got my lock, and headed to the locker room. Ricky was just standing in there. When I walked in, he looked at me so confused. What were we supposed to do? I have no fucking clue. I was paying attention at all. Help me! Oh, God, Ricky. I laughed. Calm down. Uhmneither was I. Uh, find a locker on thethird row. Third row? What the hell? Why does it matter what row? I dont know! Third period third row? Yeah, I guess. Ah, He began looking from locker to locker. Im just gonna find a funny number wheres sixty-nine? You should get one next to mine. :D You want a locker next to me? I asked, surprised. He looked back at me and nodded. Well, yeah. Youre cool and probably the only guy in here I can tolerate. :D Oh, thanks. He smiled. Anytime ooh. Found it. And of course its on the fourth row. Ill just get ninety-six. Thats almost as good. Get ninety-eight. Okay. I got it and we sat there a bit locking and unlocking our lock until we got bored with that and decided to head back to the gym before Kop got suspicious. The second we stepped foot out that door, we suddenly heard, Rico! Our heads snapped toward the direction it came from to find it was Jillian at the other end of the hall, her poking out of the girls locker room. She jumped out with her arms wide open. Ricky grinned so big I was afraid his beautiful face might split in half. He exclaimed, BABY! and then they frolicked to each other and Ricky picked her up into a hug and spun her around in circles and it made me sick.

They are so cute it sucks. Should Igo back to the gym or? After he put her down, she was just like, Dude, I have no idea what we were supposed to do. You gotta help me. She began dragging him into the girls locker room, but he immediately yanked her back. I cant go in there! he laughed. Hello I got this thing called a dick. Youve seen it; its real. And here lies proof theyve banged. Orve done something at least. Oh, She hit him on the shoulder. Shut your face, ho! Who cares? Uhm, everyone? He looked back down to me. We gotta get back before Kop has a conniption. He hugged her real quick and started walking back down the hall, still facing her. Well, what do I do? she cried. Find a locker on the third row and put your lock on it keep the little paper with the combo and, yeah, tell Sed what locker you picked. Kay, thanks! She darted back into the locker room. Yup. When he finally got back to me, he shrugged over-exaggeratedly. The ol bag and chain. I laughed and we walked back into the gym, sitting down on the bleachers. When everyone had got their lockers (both Sed and Kop classes) they told us we can do whatever we walked for the rest of the period. That included basketball and sitting and talking. Guess what Ricky and I chose. Sitting and talking. Jill walked over to our side and joined us on the bleachers. And they included me in their conversations. Theyre so nice. Soon Ricky said he was bored and Jill suggested, Lets play basketball. So we did. Well they did. I sat down with this girl, Valerie, and we watched them play. Jill ran and took a ball from someone and ran to an open basket. Ricky made his way over to the wall behind the hoop next to me and Valerie and leaned against it as Jill bounced the ball a couple times. How much do you wanna bet that Ill make this? she challenged, bouncing the ball too high, causing it to fly up in the air, landing behind her. Oh. She ran and tried to catch it. Failed a bunch of times. Im willing to bet my life. laughed Ricky when she finally got it. She stuck her tongue out, walking back up to the.uhma line. Prepared to wowed. She chucked it into the air. Nothing but net! she declared, and then, Oh, shit. It bounced off the backboard like it was nothing and shot right back into her arms. Ricky was bent over, holding his stomach, but no sound came out. He just had that laughing face and then he squeaked, finally laughing really loud. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? HA HA. OH MY GOD, JILLIAN.

THAT WAS HILARIOUS. DID ANYONE ELSE JUST SEE THAT? He was now in front of her, laughing loudly. He stopped, and got right into her face. HA! She took the ball and threw it all the ground. Oh, go screw yourself, Richard! she shouted, arms folded a crossed her chest, stomping over to the wall. She huffed in a fake angry way, sitting down. RICHARD?! he screamed furiously. Oh, why I oughtta! He ran at her and she shrieked, going into fetal position. He still grabbed her by the ankles, ripping off her flip flops, tickling her feet. She kicked and squealed with laugher at him to stop, but he didnt. Me and Valerie were just watching all this by the way, laughing, of course because it was pretty funny, I will admit. Oh, just saying, Ricky gave Valerie a nickname, too: Valkyrie, like those chicks on Charmed. That one episode. Anyone? Whateves. CALL ME RICHARD AGAIN, BITCH! He suddenly stopped and looked around, obvs for a teacher. Not seeing one he went back to tickling her. Just then the bell rang and he let go of her, saying, Oh, time to go. Later. But she grabbed his arm, yanking him back down. Screw you, man! Help me up. After you disrespected me? HELL NO! But he ended up helping her up anyway, and then we all walked to fourth period. And lucky me, guess who are in my fourth period, which is some form of math, btw. Ricky and Jill. Sweet. And after that, was Art. And guess who else was in that class with me. Ricky and Jill. Im not even kidding. How is this possible? If I didnt want to screw her boyfriend and still be best friends with her, I mightve enjoyed Jill being in all these classes with me. Hell, I still enjoy Ricky in being in all my classes, but he and Jill are just so cute and I want him to be cute like that with me, but looks as though that aint happening. Which sucks. And we all had lunch together, too. Can this get any more torturous?

But I dont think it could. After that I had English. With just Ricky. No Jill. This is good. But how can I even have this many classes with one dude? Hes in like all of my classes and my lunch. Whatevs. Hes perfect so I dont care. And then he was also in my science class, the last class of the day. And still no Jill. It should always be like this. Datd be cool.


So I think Ricky has a little thing for Otte, the science teacher. Nah, he said when I confronted him about it. I have a strong and well-defined love for her. I smiled, shaking my head at him. What if Jill knew about this? Oh, she knows. He grinned. We talk about Otte all the time, no joke. I mean, come on now. He stopped to motion briefly to Otte. She was just a little blonde thing, and she always wore clothes from J. Crew and she is just about the cutest thing. Shoot. Id go straight for her. Just kidding, no I wouldnt, but she is cute. She was up at her desk. Someone at the front of the room had something funny and she was smiling away. Just look at that smile. he went on, and just as he said that, she looked at him. I think she heard him and somehow knew he was talking about her. Ricky just made a face that screamed, Of fucking course, and quickly looked down at the desk. And I started laughing. Otte just kinda went, Ohkay, then. But she was smiling so you knew she was flattered. Of course she would hear me. he groaned into his hands. She never hears me when I have a question, but when I give her a creepy underage compliment, shes all ears! God, Jills gonna have a field-day with this, just watch. And she did. At the end of class after the bell rung, Ricky and I waited by Ms. Ottes door for Jill. Her lockers up here so we can just meet her up here and walk to the bus together. How sweet are we, huh? Through the big crowd of angst teenagers, a little blonde happy blob came trumping up the stairs. Ricky recognized who it was and got a big grin. The second she spotted him, she was grinning, too. She stuck her hand out for his saying, Hey, babe.

He gratefully took her hand, Sup, sexy, but before she dragged him away, he said, Hey, wanna see this really hot chick? Before she nodded or anything, he just gave a seductive look to Otte who was sitting at her desk, back to us. Jill let out a loud laugh. Wow, Ricky! You would. He laughed too as she started yanking on his arm. Come one, guys, we gotta get on the bus before those little pricky Junior High freaks take our seat again. Ricky was sweet enough to grab my arm, pulling me along behind them. It took us about six minutes to walk from Ottes room to our bus, and it was so hot out, wtf. ITS AUGUST. But anyway, I got onto the bus first. :D And to our seat first. I rock. :D I CALL SITTING WITH DAMIEN! Jill screamed, throwing herself down beside me. Ricky gasped overdramatically. NOOOOO!!! And he ended up laying over top of us both. He turned over so he was laying belly up with a childish smile, hands resting behind his head. Me too. Jill laughed. Well, we both laughed, but her laugh is more distinct, but Ricky just stayed put. I couldnt help but notice, what with his wrist being viewable in the position hes in right now, that those little cuts were more than just little. Way more. It washorrible, really. They werent cuts, but more like gashes, all red and bloody looking, just layered over other cuts and scars. Some were horizontal, others vertical. My stomach churned but I couldnt look away. What the fuck is going on in his life thats that bad? That would make him do that much damage to himself? I dragged my eyes away from his arms back to his face. He was smiling like always, talking to Jill. I dont know about what, though. Wasnt listening. How can he just go on grinning and laughing when his arms were like that, like life was perfect? He suddenly stopped smiling. I quickly feared he knew I saw his arms, but he wasnt looking at me. Jill. Jill had said something. Neither of them were smiling. What the what did I miss? Ricky looked at me then back at Jill and rolled his eyes, sitting up, sliding into the seat next to us. Seriously, Jill, why would you bring that up right now? Why couldnt you have waited til we were off the bus and away from other people? Do you want people to know? Do you really want people to know fucked up I really am?

What? No, Ricky, I - She turned, facing him, lowering her voice; I could barely hear her. I was just worried, okay. I wasnt at lunch, so I dont know if you ate or not, and, and I I love you, Ricky. I was just worried, okay, Im sorry. What. Whywhat. If you ate or not, what? Whatever. he sighed exasperated. Obviously not sorry enough to wait. At least I whispered it! she not-whispered. And didnt yelled it out for the whole world to hear. Whatever. he said again, more harshly. Just dont talk to me. She opened her mouth again after scoffing. Ricky, she tried again, but he held a finger up - not the nice one. Shut up, Jillian. I swear if you say another word Im walking home and killing myself. She started to gasp out No, but quickly covered her mouth with her hand, like she knew he would do it. That counts. he said, getting up, heading for the front of the bus. Jills face, she had tears in her eyes. She just looked so scared. Hell, Ill admit I was too. I didnt want Ricky to do it. He wouldnt actually do it, would he? Ricky, no! she yelped out and grabbed for his hand but he yanked it away. Are we having a problem? Roger, the bus driving asked as Ricky came into earshot of him. Nope. Are you sure? Seems like something excuse me, but you cant get off the bus now, Ricky. Once you get on the bus, you cant get off. Its some dumb rule. And if Roger totally obeyed it and maybe shut the door before Ricky got off the bus, we would have had a better chance of stopping Ricky from doing anything to himself. But Ricky said, I dont give a fuck, sorry. and still stomped off the bus. Everyone watched him walk into a crowd of kids trying to get to their bus before it took off. Somehow I completely forgot about Jill until she let out a loud sob. Hes not going to really kill himself, is he? I asked, praying shed say no. But she shook her head and shrugged. I dont know! she cried. Oh God, no. She dropped her head into her hands. She whispered, Please, God, no, no. I need him, please. She sobbed loudly into her hands before suddenly shooting up. I have to stop him. she said, running to the front of the bus and out the door.

Oh fuck. I kind of wanted to follow suit and make sure he didnt do anything either, but then again, I really didnt want to at the same time. I couldnt stop thinking about that whole situation on the way home. What if he does? This is the second day of school, the second day Ive known him. I dont want to lose him already. I wish I knew where he lived, so I could go over there and see if he was okay. Or Jill. I have his number, both of theirs. When we were in gym class on the first day I had my phone out and he was like, Whats up with your phone? Is something wrong with it? And there wasnt so I was like, Haha, no. What do you mean? How has your phone survived this long? It doesnt have my number in it. So he gave me his number and Jill saw this and was like, Ooh, we can all be texting buddies. *says random number* Did you get that? Thats my number. Text me sometime, too. And ugh. I dont feel good right now. He better not do it. If this is how I feel prior to him possibly killing himself, imagine how Ill feel postsuicide. And like I said, Ive only known him for two days and I feel this shitty about him threatening it. Cant even imagine how Jills feeling, his girlfriend, and theyve probably known each other for more than two days. Plus, Jill said she loved him. Thats definitely a more than two day feeling. He better not do it. Should I text either of them? What if Jills like giving a really inspirational speech right now, spilling her heart out and then suddenly she gets a texts from some number she doesnt know and then in those few seconds shes texting back, Who is this? Ricky had jumped out in front of a train, ending his beautiful life? I cant handle that responsibility. Ill wait, I told myself, setting my phone out of arms reach of me on my bed. If he does it, Im gonna revive him, bitch slap him, and then kill him again. No, he wants to be dead. Id be helping him out in the end. Ill keep him alive. No. Keeping someone alive who obviously wants to be dead, thats torture. Then idk. It doesnt matter anyway. Hes not doing it. Jill will stop him. Right? Once he sees how much his life means to her, he wont do it. He better not, or I swear.

Okay, its now *reasonable time later*. I can text one of them now, right? Well, Im going to. I picked up my phone searching through my contacts finally finding Jilly-Bean. Alrighty. I sighed. Here goes nothing. To: Jilly-Bean From: Me ---------------------------------------------------Hey, its Damien. What was that all about? Is Ricky okay? ---------------------------------------------------And send. Now we wait. I was ten more minutes into Girl, Interrupted when I finally got a reply. To: Me From: Jilly-Bean ---------------------------------------------------Hey yeah hes fine. I just said something not at the appropriate time and he got a littlemad. ---------------------------------------------------To: Jilly-Bean From: Me ---------------------------------------------------A little? Saying youre going to kill yourself isnt a little mad, Jill. ---------------------------------------------------To: Me From: Jilly-Bean ---------------------------------------------------I knoooooow. But hes okay now, weve talked about, and we're okay now. ---------------------------------------------------To: Jilly-Bean From: Me ---------------------------------------------------If you say so

Anyway, if you dont mind me asking, whatd you say? ---------------------------------------------------To: Me From: Jilly-Bean ---------------------------------------------------I was waiting for that. Uhmm I kinda do mind actually and Im sure Ricky minds a hell of a lot, butjust promise me you wont tell anyone and maybe Ill tell you. ---------------------------------------------------To: Jilly-Bean From: Me ---------------------------------------------------Well you dont have to tell me. I was just wondering. But if you want to, dont worry. I have no one to tell. Even if I did, I wouldnt. ---------------------------------------------------To: Me From: Jilly-Bean ---------------------------------------------------(1/5) No, its fine. Well, you havent met his mom or his dad yet, but they are horrible. Like terrible. His dads always yelling at him about shit he didnt even do (2/5) and his moms just bitching at him all the time, and this is a little bitchy to say but shes no Stephanie Naumoska, is all Im saying. And anyway, shes always (3/5) going on to him about how he needs to stop eating so much, or hes getting fat, which hes so not, if you havent noticed. And just things like that, and has (4/5) been saying shit like that since he was like 13ish. And when its track season or just any sport shes making him take is around, it getsworse. Sorry about the (5/5)

long ass text, but yeah, I just had to get it all out to someone. ---------------------------------------------------To: Jilly-Bean From: Me ---------------------------------------------------Wow uh, I dont really know what to say to that, honestly exceptdamn. ---------------------------------------------------I mean, seriously, what do you say to that? To: Me From: Jilly-Bean ---------------------------------------------------Hahaha, its fine. I didnt exactly know what to say when he told me, but had to say something, and I think it was damn too. :) ---------------------------------------------------Gaahhh. No, Jill, stop. Youre making me like you and I refuse to like you. afhnajkdjaihfnmcn.\ To: Jilly-Bean From: Me ---------------------------------------------------Ahaha. [: Sodoes he like have aneating disorder and all that? Because earlier you said didnt know if you ate or not something like that. Oh and if yes, which one? jw. ---------------------------------------------------To: Me From: Jilly-Bean ---------------------------------------------------Yeaaaaahhh. I dont knowall of them? I think mostly anorexia, but when he does eat, its a lot and then he always goes to the bathroom afterwards, sothen its

bulimia. He says hi by the way. ---------------------------------------------------To: Jilly-Bean From: Me ---------------------------------------------------Oh And HEY RICKAAAAYYY. :D ---------------------------------------------------To: Me From: Jilly-Bean ---------------------------------------------------Yeeaahh. Ahahah. He said hey again. And called you Dee-ray, so hey Dee-Ray. And dont worry, he doesnt know what were talking about. ---------------------------------------------------To: Jilly-Bean From: Me ---------------------------------------------------Hahaha. Hi. :3 And okay. Oh, and another question.does he like cut and stuff? ---------------------------------------------------To: Me From: Jilly-Bean ---------------------------------------------------Ahh, youve seen his arms, yes? Yeah, pretty bad. ANYWAY, if you dont have any other questions, can we change the topic of this here conversation? Im getting re-depressed. ----------------------------------------------------

And I was like, Hahaha. Yeah, I was about to say the same thing, and then we changed the topic to Arizona teas. Oh, and just so you know, that didnt all happen as fast as it appears. She always took a couple minutes to reply. But eventually she said her and Ricky were going to go walking somewhere because they were at his house and his mom got home and started bitching about some stuff and she didnt want him to get all ahfababbblaaaah, yknow? She told me that so in case she didnt reply it was because she was focusing on Ricky, and stuff. And was like, Okay, and ended up watching TBS until I fell asleep, which ended up being at like four. But no worries. It was a Friday night, so no school tomorrow, yaaayy. It is now Monday, 3:51. I got off my bus fifty minutes ago. I know you dont care, but Im just telling you. Im just waiting for Ricky to get here. Yes, he is okay, like apparently way okay. He came back to school Monday all smiley and laughing, like Friday never happened, so I pretended right along with him that it never happened. When I had a moment alone with Jill I was just like, Uhmis he okay? She knew just what I meant and shrugged. Yeah, believe it or not, he doesnt really dwell on the past. He deals with it right after it happens in whatever way he chooses then pretends it never happened. Plus, he had the whole weekend to get over it. And I was like, Oh. But yeah. Rickys coming over now and were going to Duke Park (which is really far away) and were going to, uhm, practice soccer. Well, hell practice, Ill watch. Nine minutes later I heard IIIIIII AM A MAAAAAAN OF CONSTANT SORROW! IVE SEEN TROOOUUBBLEE ALL MY DAYS! outside my door, and then some knocking. Guess what movie were watching in English: O Brother, Where Art Thou. Its good. I quickly hopped off the couch, running to answer the door. I yanked it open to a smiling Ricky. Hey, Rick. I greeted with a smile nowhere as big as his. Instead of greeting me back, he belted out, YOU AND ME AND THE DEVIL MAKES THREE! Ah, I said in a moment of remembrance. The song of the sirens. Such a good movie. he decided. Ya ready? Oh, yeah, yeah come in. I have a big bottle of Propel in the fridge.

Good idea, He stepped inside. Its hot as tits out there. Well, maybe thats because youre wearing a black long sleeve shirt, hmm? He just stuck his tongue out. No, he said. Its just hot as tits out. Hot as tits? That wasnt me who said that, nor Keen. Keens walking home with Allyson, her friend. That was my mom who said that, walking down the stairs. Thats a new one. She smiled at Ricky and then to me, walking passed us into the kitchen. Ricky shrugged, beaming. Im just so cleaver. I see. She gave another smile to him. I followed her into the kitchen, beckoning Ricky to come with, getting my Propel out of the freezer, putting it in my drawstring Nike bag. Mom, this is Ricky. Ricky, this is mom. I introduced the two. Ricky shook her hand. Why, hello, mom. Mom laughed, taking his hand. I dont remember having you. Ricky chuckled. Thats because you didnt. I just assumed it was alright to address you as mom seeing as Damien and I are getting married. Right, Damien? You wanna get married? To me? Okay. I nodded a bit too ardently at that. If it was anymore right wed be going left. He smiled at me as my mom said, Wow, so is that where youre heading off too a honeymoon? Yes, mother, I answered, nodding. At Duke Park. The most romantic park in the world. Ricky reasoned. It gets a five-star rated, in my opinion. Duke? mother inquired. You do know how far away that is, right? We both nodded, but Ricky answered. Well, yeah, but its okay, I have a shhhh-haaa CRAP-ton of bikes over at my house; we can just ride a bike there. Plus, its good to get some exercise. My mom laughed loudly. Damien? Exercising? You got a sense of humor, kid. Oh, ha ha. I laughed mockingly back. Good one. I exercise.

Yeah, she snorted. Gym class doesnt really count. Especially when all you do is stand there and watch everyone else, interjected Ricky. Gee thanks. Oh. She went in to hug me, but I backed away like she was a zombie. Ah, ah. Nope. You cant insult me and then hug me. Thats not how this works. Were leaving. Come on, Richard. He glared at me, but followed behind me. Yeah, I guess. Byemom. After she laughed, we left out the door. Ricky had brought one bike with him, and oh looky here, its got pegs. Uh, yeah, right. I objected when he told me to hop on. Oh, come on! he groaned. Its just to my house and then you can have your own bike. Id rather walk. What, would you rather sit on the handlebars or? Id rather walk. I said again. Yeah, yeah, I get that. Too bad Im not letting you walk. I mean, He began smiling. Someone at your level of beauty and royalty shouldnt have to walk. Im just doing my job. Kay WHA WHAT ARE YOU DOING? PUT ME DOWN! RICKY, I SWEAR TO GOD! JUST GET ON THE BIKE AND ILL PUT YOU DOWN! FINE, FINE! I screamed, feeling dizzy. And that dizziness showed when he put me down. I wobbled a few times causing him to laugh. He got back up onto his bike and just stood there waiting for me to join him he looked so hot. JUSTSTANDING HERE. But I made myself think something completely different than what I was or else I wouldve got a boner, and that would be awkward. Oh. Gah. I can feel it. Im about to get one, god damn. Uh, I call handle bars. I stated, climbing onto said handle bars. Well, if I stood behind him, itdbe awkwardyou know.

He laughed and said, Alright, just hold on. and off we rode. It didnt take too long before he started singing again. FOOOOOR SIX LONG YEEEEEARS IVE BEEN IN TROUBBLEE, NO PLEASURE HEEEEEEEEERREE ON EARTH IVE FOUND! I just thought, This is so your song, Ricky, except.I guess Jills a pleasure, right? For him, anyway. Whatever. It took us not even two minutes to get to his house. Turns out he lives down the street from me, almost two blocks. When we rolled up into the driveway, I quickly hopped off and after he literally threw the bike down on the ground, he told me, Wait here. Ill go get you a bike. Okay. He quickly jogged down the side of the house, unlocked the gate, and walked into the backyard. As I waited for him to come back, a little boy ran out of his house. He looked about six or so. He smiled at me, picking up one of the many scooters lying in the front yard. Uhmhi? Hi. he said back before taking off on the scooter down the street and around the corner. k. Ricky returned seconds later with a Mongoose. And here ya go. He handed it off to me, going back over to his bike. Just as I started to say Thanks we suddenly heard someone screech, Where is that damn kid? Out walked, Im guessing Rickys mom. She lookedfranticly angry. Another little boy, this one blonde, came running out behind her. You go find him, she instructed him. And tell him hes in big trouble. He hopped onto one of the other scooters, and said, Alright, mama, before taking off just like the other one. It took her a second to spot us. Ricky, she started, stomping down the stairs. Have you seen Devon? I cant find him. He was doing his homework just a second ago and now hes gone. Hes always doing his shit. And I told him You can go outside when you finished, but he oh, Im gonna beat his little ass. Ricky looked from me to her, shaking his head, turning the bike back so it was facing the road again. Nope. Well, I cleared my throat. There was a little boy before you came out. Uhm, brunette?

She nodded, looking a lot like a serial killer. Yup, thats him. Which way did he go? Ah I pointed to my left. That way. He took off on a scooter. Oh, he is so dead. Not really, I hope. But she didnt look like she was joking. A couple second passed until that little blonde boy came scootering back. He, just like Ricky, threw the scooter down on the ground when he got to us. Devon following far behind, walking his scooter. He was crying. Blondie told her, heading inside, Mama, get your whipping hand ready. Dear lord. I turned to get a glance at Ricky. He just looked bored, resting his chin on the handle bar. When he realized I was starting at him like What the fuck? he shrugged. Oh, Devon, you are so in trouble! she scolded, grabbing onto his arm when he was close enough. I told you you could go outside when you finished your homework. Youre lucky Daddy aint here or youd be dead. She ignored him as he bawled his eyes out and continued to yank him up the porch and into the house, slamming the door behind them. Well I said seconds later, that was like a horror film. Ricky tried to remain smiling, shrugging again. Is she always like that? He just said, Yup. You dont seem reallyI dont knowemotional? I followed him out onto the sidewalk. Gee thanks its justbetter them than me. Wow, some brother. Well, Im just saying he shouldve learned by now. Its his fault, really. Again, need I say, some brother. He just shrugged, ignoring me. And after twenty minutes of vigorous peddling with no stopping, we eventually got to Duke Park. I dont see how youre not dying. I said, trying to catch my breath, getting off the bike, laying down in the grass next to a soccer net. He shrugged once more, sitting next to me. Used to it, I guess. Used to it? Oh honey. Like I said, hes in a black long sleeve shirt and pants. How the hell? I would die. But, of course, he had a reason to cover up.

He smiled at me, reaching into his bag, handing me some socks, shin guards, and anklethingies. I was just Uhhh Youre playing. he informed me. Whasince when did he get all ^ dat stuff on? I laughed, handing it back to him. I have no idea how. He laughed, too, shoving it back to me, standing up when I tried to give it back to him. Thats why I am going to teach you. Im sorry, I said, But I am unteachable. Well, thats fine. I need a laugh. Oh, ha ha. I laughed back. Then he mocked me back with some mocking laughter of my mocking laugh. Now hurry. he demanded, kicking the soccer ball a couple feet in front of him, and continued to do that for a bit. Or, or, just hear me out, I could just watch. Or, or, just hear me out on this, he said, obviously imitating me. You could get your ass up and play with me. And yes, he lifted his shirt up a tad, flirty smile. I do mean it like that. I mentally fangirled, but stuck my tongue out at him in real life, and sighed. Alright, I caved, kicking my shoes off. Ill play your stupid game. He put his hands together like he was about to pray, and said, Oh prays the lords. Good. While he..uhm..played, waiting for me, I rolled my jeans up, putting on the, uh, ankle protectors, and then the shin guards, and a pair of really long baby blue socks. Those were my old team socks. God, its weird being in this ones. He was wearing red ones You actually played? I asked dumbly, and quickly realized how dumb of a question that was. No, he said sarcastically, smiling like always. These are actually my pajamas. Yeah, all this. Just my jamies. Nothing else. YEAH, Damien, I used to play. WELL, JEEZ! I just had a blonde moment.

Uh-huh. Now come on. Id like to play before Im out of my prime and cant do anything anymore. Uhm, I dont think youll ever be out of your prime, sweet cheeks. But I hurried and we eventually startedplaying. I was goalie and he wasuhmeverything else. Eventually he realized that I really didnt have the attention span to do this and he said I could just go get the ball when he kicked it too far, which ended up being after every kick, so me being an idiot, every time I gave the ball back to him, I sat down and ended up getting up after every two seconds. ILL GET IT! I announced excitedly, hopping up, running like fifty miles to get that stupid ball. I ran the fifty miles back, with stupid ball in hand, and just as I got back to the net, I ignored the fact that Ricky was sitting down now over by our stuff, and chucked the ball to where he was standing previously. Then I was just like, Oh. He laughed, chugging like half of his huge jug of water. Taking a break. Oh, thank god. I was just about to suggest that. I walked like a zombie back over to him, gladly sitting down, getting my Propel out. He sat his jug down, getting his phone as it buzzed. He looked down at the screen grinning like an idiot. I kind of figured who it was, but I still asked, What? Oh, uhm, He looked up smiling. Jills an idiot. Not that shocking of news, Ricky. I said sarcastically, getting him to laugh again. Whatd she say? Shes just dumb. She was like, Ew lol. I got this new app on my phone to track my period and apparently Im ovulating today. And I was just like, Lovely, and she said, Yup. Super fertile right now. Wanna get it on? See? Retarded. Though his words were rude, the way he said was cute. I laughed, shaking my head. Whatta dummy. My dummy. he said in a mock clich tone. Hmm. Should I ask? I really want to know, but I dont want to end up crying myself to sleep tonight. Ugh. Whatever. Ill ask. How long have you guys been, uh I held back a cry. dating? He seemed a bit shocked that I was asking this, but smiled, nonetheless, stopping to think for a few seconds. I think its nowsince, like, seventh grade, sofive years now. If I had been drinking my Propel, it would have shot out of my nose. But I did have some spit so I choked on that. FIVE YEARS?! Yep. Heres some more proof they had to have fucked buy now. Holy shit! I KNOW! he shouted in agreement. But it doesnt feel that way.

What do you mean? I asked, calming myself down a bit. Like, I dont know. It just doesnt feel like its been that long. He kinda laughed a little. I guess its true what they say: time flies when youre having fun. Wow. I said, just trying to take that all in. Five years. Thats for-freakin-ever. Yeah. But I mean it hasnt beenlike weve taken a lot of breaks, yknow. But you guys always got back together in the end. I pointed out. Thats what really matters. What am I doing? Why am I being so supportive? I WANT THEM TO BREAK UP! But theyve been together for so looooong. I cant do that. True, true. He began smiling again as his phone buzzed. Ah, wonder what she has to say this time Every time I burp it burns. Knew itd be something weird. Uh, what do I say back to that? Oh I know: Spellbinding reiteration there, my chumly companion. Shes just gonna be like, wat? I laughed and we waited for a reply. He looked down at his phone and laughed, reading, Ballin gossip dawg! Oh, my god. Why do I love this retard? love. l o v e. LUHV. FUCK. Why am I being such a bitch of course he loves her. Theyve been together forever. No shit. Dammit, this sucks. But whatever. I still laughed and said, Aww. So you guys love each other and all that? I fucking love that bitch. *laugh and aww!* Thats sweet. He just made a big grin before groaning. GOODDDD. Whys it so god damn hot out? Maybe because its almost 80 degrees out and youre wearing a BLACK LONG SLEEVE SHIRT. Just my analyses of this. Is it weird that I just want him to fess up about it and spill it all to me? And maybe take off his shirt and show off those beautiful abs we all know he has, because I mean he is fucking hot so the rest of him has to be. He probably has a big dick. .

. . I didnt mean to say thatbut I mean, itd just be logical... He just made the -_- face and said, Oh, shush. I just rather not. Hmm. Why not? Come on, tell me. I already know. But he doesnt know that I know. Or does he? No he probably dont know. But I do know. Yo, bro, I know. I tell me. Because, he said simply, shrugging. Im fine with it on. I narrowed my eyes at him, demandingly. I know. I finally said, feeling confident. That Im fine with it on? .No. Right, I shouldve specified. I meanI knowaboutthat. He just looked at me in a confused way. Know that what? That. That what? The thing I trailed. What thing? Oh my god. Do I really have to say it? That thing. I know why. Why what? OH MY GOD, RICKY. I pulled at my face. You know what I mean. The thing you cut. Yeah, I know. You dont have to hide it from me, Ricky. So just take off that long sleeve shirt before you get a heat stroke and die. I swear I wont judge you. Just take it off or I will for you. This time he narrowed his eyes at me in a demeaning way. Who told you? Oh, uh Me. I wasnt going to rat Jill out. Well, I mean, I really did tell me; I saw it. Jill just confirmed it.

He shook his head. Did Jill tell you? What the why is my heart skippin beats here? Uh, no. I told me. I saw your arms on the first day. And then the second day. And, uhm, all the time. He was silent for a few seconds, and then, How? With my eyes. No wow, Damien. I mean, like, how? II always try so hardto prevent people from seeing. I always wear long sleeve shirts and all that shit, and suddenly you show up and see it all. Do you have x-ray vision or something? No, if I did, Im using it for the wrong stuff. I joked. You roll up your sleeves sometimes, and I see. So, yeah. Just go ahead and take it off before you die. Maybe thats what I want. he said matter-of-factly. To die? I asked. Well, I say no, so take it off. You just want to see all this sexy. I dont blame you. Hell yes. *laugh* Good one. Any other time, yes. But right now Im serious. Take it off. Again, he narrowed his eyes at me, getting up. He groaned, running his fingers through his hair. No. Youre gonna flip. I got up too. No, I wont. I promise. Ricky, I promise. No, he said again, shaking his head. He was scratching at his arms viscously. Everyone does. Jill flipped the most understanding person I have ever meant youre going to. But she still stayed. But she doesnt want to. he said, grimacing. If I wasnt so fucked up she probably wouldve left by now. I sighed. God, thats depressing. Thats not true. She loves you, and you love her. Its obvious. She will never leave you. Even if she does, Ill still be here. I swear. lol Im so fucking lame. Just let me see, at least.

He recoiled away. I dont want you to run from me. he whispered, staring down at the ground. He looked so scared. Why does he look so scared? Stop it. Smile. Smile like you usually do. Its weird not seeing him smiling away. I dont like it. You have nothing to worry about. I told him in a smooth, reassuring voice. He tried to smile again, looking up at me for a second. Before he said anything, he pulled his phone out of his back pocket. He held up his index finger, looking down at the screen. He looked back up at me, clearing his throat, Jill wants to hang out with us. Nooo. I want to see your arms. Why? Im sick. D-do you want to hang out with her? Uh, I shrugged. Yeah, sure. Where? I dont know. He texted her back something quick. Probably Michaels do you know Michael? I shook my head. Well, do you know Sam? Coleman? I began to shake my head no, but then remembered, yeah I did. I nodded. Her boyfriend. Sam is Jills sister. Oh. Yup. Buzz, his phone went. He said Yup. again. Michaels house. So Im telling her yes? *I nod* Alrighty. And we get on our bikes and peddled twenty more minutes to that dudes house. I like how he just got out of showing me. But lucky me, just as we got up on the porch of the dudes house, after Ricky knocked on the door, he said, Oh, yeah, didnt even turn to me, but yanked up both of his sleeves, giving me a few good glances at his arms. Holy God, okay, freeze frame. One word to describe them: horrid. Big deep cuts, everywhere, some new, others now raised scars. Not just on his wrists or forearms, fucking everywhere. He had words carved into his skin too: fat, fuck, disgusting, prick, and shit like that. Un-freeze. He pulled his sleeves down and lifted up his shirt, and jesus. Freeze frame again. He had cut his hips up and a few deep cuts covered near his ribcage. He had words on his stomach too, basically the same ones that were on his arms. And un-freeze. There ya go. He yanked his shirt down just as the door opened. Jills grinning face greeted us. Ricky didnt waste a second matching it, and it looked genuine.

How the fuck. Kiddo, you were on the verge of tears earlier. I dont understand you. BABY! she shouted, hopping into his arms. SUP, GURL! He hugged her back tightly. She hopped off, grabbing his hand. Hi, Dame. she said, smiling at me, too. Dame. Their nickname for me. You know who started it? Ricky. Shocker. I nodded, smiling back. Hey, Jill. Well, come on in. she continued on in a Southern accent, pulling Ricky in behind her. She let go of his hand, letting him walk into the living room. The second he stepped in there, I heard like five people say, RICKY! HEY MAN, HOWS IT GOIN!? LOOKIN GOOD, RICKSTER! I WANNA FUCK YOUR FACE. YOURE SO HOT. and stuff like that. I gave a look to Jill. She just shrugged, laughing. She shut the door behind me. Guys are weird. Right. I followed her into the living room. There were five people sitting around: Sam, a cute little blonde thing, just like Jill; uh, Michael sitting rather close to her on the couch; a moderately cute guy laying out in a Laz-e Boy; some other alright looking guy sitting in front of the couch on the ground, staring at the TV, totally captivated, eating chips and salsa; and Richard, sitting on the other smaller couch. He was staring up at the ceiling, scratching his arms, what looked like a cigarette between his thumb and index finger. But it didnt smell like a cigarette. He took a long drag, closing his eyes. Jill skipped passed me, jumping down next to him. He didnt really move or acknowledge her, but she ignored that, dropping her head on his shoulder, slapping his hand to get him to stop scratching. Stop it. Once he did, she took his arm and draped it around her shoulder. I didnt really know what to do, so I just stood there. Jill noticed. Oh, yeah, everyone, this is Damien. Damien, this is everyone. Everyone: Hey, Damien.

Damien: Hi. Jill: You can sit down. She patted the spot next to her, and I took it. The second I sat down, Sam hopped up out of Michaels grip. You guys wanna watch a movie? Scattered I dont cares. Funny and light, she said from beside the movie shelf, or dark and scary? Bring on the gore, baby! I dont give a fuck. Funny, funny! Yeah, light and whatever. She made a face and picked out a random movie and put it in it turned out to be Star Wars, the one where Anakin goes all bipolar. She jumped over to the couch, plopping back down, grabbing the remote of the coffee table, skipping the credits. As the theme song came on, Ricky started humming along obnoxiously loud. A hand quickly clamped over his mouth, making him open his eyes. Youre ruining the epicness of this intro, Jill told him, impassive. He mumbled something against her palm, but she shushed him. When he tried to speak again, she went, Ricky, shush! He then started licking her hand when she still didnt move it away. Im guess thats what happened or she just slapped him on the shoulder, scolding, EW! and wiped her hand on his shirt for no reason. He just shrugged again, grinning. This movie is lame, Michael stated, stuffing more popcorn into his face we were barely two minutes into the movie and already half the popcorn was gone. Its so predictable Anakin cant get laid, so he goes all spastic and- For your information, Sam interrupted, he does get laid hence Padme being pregnant. I bet she doesnt bang him after she gets pregnant, Michael continued, smacking her hand away when she tried to get some popcorn. His girl wont give him any, so he loses it. He shrugged. Big whoop.

There was an odd silence in the room. Everyone was fighting between awkwardly listening and awkwardly pretending not to hear them. Ricky wasnt paying attention at all. Im really starting to think theres more than wacky-tabacky in the cigarette. Is this supposed to be your way of telling me you want some? she asked suspiciously, using dramatic air quotes even though you could tell she was being totally serious. He didnt look at her he was suddenly too absorbed in this lame movie. Im just saying that the dude had a reason for going insane. I mean, its seriously unhealthy for a guy to be denied his sex. He grabbed another handful of popcorn and glued his eyes to the TV. Well then, I thought, turning back to the television. Someone wants sex. Sam slumped back against the cushions and tried to focus on the movie. She looked a little peeved. She suddenly turned to Ricky, yanking the big bowl of popcorn away from Michael, holding it out to him. Want some? Ricky reluctantly opened his eyes and looked at her, then the popcorn. He shook his head, shutting his eyes again. Nah. I ate before I went over to Damiens. Ya sure? she asked intensely. If you dont want popcorn I can get you something else. We ordered pizza about an hour ago. I can warm it up for you. Yeah, Rick. Jill got in on this, too. You love pizza. Still he shook his head, seeing what they were doing. Im fine. But they still didnt stop. Sam stood up, already heading toward the kitchen. Well, Im gonna get you some anyway. If you dont eat it, Cody probably will. Im guessing Cody was the one on the ground eating chips and salsa, not only because he was eating like a starving child in Africa, but because he looked up hopefully at Ricky. Hell yeah I will. he said smiling, but then dropped it when Jill and Sam both shot him a death glare like that wasnt what he was supposed to say. If Ricky doesnt eat it, that is, maybe not even then then again, not really hungry anymore. Ricky should definitely eat it all. Im full. They both dropped the glare of death and Cody focused back on the movie. I dont want it. Ricky groaned when Sam came back out with two slices of cheese pizza on one plate.

Too bad. She smiled smugly, shoving it into his lap, sitting next to him. Okay, like I said earlier, this is a small couch. Like a baby couch. Four people on a baby couch I could barely fit myself on here with Jill and Ricky. But Jill was basically on top of Ricky, so. Sam realized she probably wouldnt be able to comfortably squeeze herself a spot and sat on the arm of the couch. Michael huffed in annoyance at her. What, do I got the plague now? Cant sit with me anymore? Yes. Sam snapped back, then smiled sweetly at Ricky. Go on, eat it. He scowled at both of them, then down at the pizza in disgust. He sighed exasperated. You guys suck dick, honestly. But sure enough, he hesitantly poked it with his finger and tore a small piece off. And not even the good kind like Asian; Ive only heard bad things about them -- Eat it. snapped Jill, jabbing him in the shoulder. He muttered something under his breath, taking that small piece and placed it in his mouth. They both stared at him, waiting for him to start chewing. When he did, they both smiled at each other like it was a victory. The second he stopped they were both alert again. Go on. Jill urged eagerly. He groaned again, rolling his eyes, but, to satisfy them, he took a big bite out of it, and forced out an, Mmmm you got any water? he asked Sam. She nodded so fast I thought her head would pop off. Uh-huh! She bolted into the kitchen, and then back out with a big blue bottle marked Deja Blue. Your favorite. She handed it to him, sitting back down. He scoffed at it, taking another bite. Since when? Since they stopped selling Evian at the gas station. Oh, right. He popped off the cap, taking a big, and I mean, big swig. I had now just come to the realization that everyone was watching him attentively. He perceived this, too, rolling his eyes. Okay, Im not a hazard; you dont have to watch me eat. I obviously am, so you all can fuck off now. Everyone looked at each other and only the guys, excluding me, looked away. Again, he noticed this, and gave us all an annoyed sharp glare. Well then. muttered Jill, slowly turning away. Sam and I followed suit, leaving Ricky to his meal. We all got less than ten minutes into the movie in complete silence - though I dont think some people were really paying attention to it - when the plate with scraps of pizza was clanked onto the coffee table. Im going to the bathroom, Ricky said abruptly, standing and stretching, giving me a nice view of his stomach. Aside from the cuts and scars, I noticed how nice and toned his stomach was.

We all heard Jill grumble out something like Dammit, and sigh. He rolled his eyes for the twentieth time this fine evening exhaling. What? he hissed. You wanna come with me; make sure Im really gonna take a piss? She narrowed her eyes at him for a split second, but let it fall, replacing it with a hopeless expression. No. she sighed. I believe you. Thanks. We all watched him walk off down the hall, scratching his arms again as he went, and Jill sighed yet again, dropping her head into her hands for a few seconds and taking a deep breath. I cant believe I forgot about that. She cursed at herself, whimpering Maybe he really does have to go. suggested the kid in the recliner when the bathroom door shut. Yeah, Cody said. I mean, he chugged that bottle like there was no tomorrow. Just chill. What does everyone know? Of course they know. Theyre his friends. Jill probably told Sam, Sam probably told Michael and Michael probably toldthe other dudes. Probably. Who knows for how long theyve been friends, but they mustve figured it out somehow by now. I cant. she whined, and when the sound of loud running water came of recognition, her breathing shook a bit. The sink. What, is that his way of covering up the sound? Jill shook her head as if trying to banish the thought from her mind. A loud cry was choked back when her hand clinched over her mouth. His doing it, she whispered, her hands starting to shake. Oh, sweetie, Sam cooed, taking Rickys seat, rubbing Jills back. You gotta start having a little faith in him. Maybe hes just washing his hands. She dropped her hands into her lap, biting her lip. I know. That better be it. That is it. she assured her, patting her back. Plus, I cut in, finally saying something. Doesnt, uhm, puking make a loud noise? Just turning on the sink doesnt exactly cover it up completely. If he does it, we should hear it. Yeah, she said, but shook her head seconds later. But hes been doing it for a really long time now; he knows how tocontrol it, I guess and make it less pronounced.

Well, I tried, but shes just so negative right now. Nothing anyone can say will get her to change her mind. Only Ricky can, when he comes back out, with all his food still in his stomach. But we all know theres no way of knowing for sure, so she may never be content. After about five minutes, she started getting antsier, fidgeting and tapping all of her limps. Should I go check on him? she asked, voice cracking. She stood up. Im gonna go check on him. No, Jill. Sit. Sam said, grabbing her hand, pulling her back down. Hes probably just trying to waste some time in there, because he knows the second he steps foot out here, hes going to be bombarded with questions. Just let her go. groaned Michael. Shes just trying to be a good girlfriend, checking on her boyfriend. Are you trying to say Im wrong? retorted Sam angrily. He scowled at her. No. Thats not what I was saying. Im just saying maybe she needs to do this for herself, get some closure. Oh, of course you would use the words get some. Whats that supposed to mean? It means - Just then, the bathroom door opened and the sound of a light switch flicking off was made. Walking back into the living room, Rickys eyes were glued to his phone. He was about to sit down, but realized Sam was in his spot. He raised his brows at her, a slight smile on his face. Well alright... he mumbled, beginning to sit on the couch next to Michael, but she quickly got up. Oh, sorry, Ricky. You can have your seat back. He stared at her before chuckling, shoving his phone back into his pocket. Its fine. No, really, she said way too enthusiastically. I insist. That was rude of me to just take it. You were sitting there before. He continued to stare at her like she was a little psycho, but slowly moved back into his seat, getting his phone out again. alrighty. Uh-huh. She quickly took a seat next to Michael, but didnt go back to watching the movie. Ricky felt everyones stare and he looked up again from his phone and sighed.

What? What took you so long? Jill asked quietly, dreading the answer. He glanced at her and then at everyone, then back down. He said nonchalantly, I had to take a shit. All the guys bursted out with laughter, including me. Jill didnt say anything, neither did Sam. They both looked a little taken back by that, but Jill was mostly in disbelief, knowing that probably wasnt true. Sam began to laugh nervously. Uhm, wow. T-m-i. Michael rang out, That is fucking hilarious! Good to have you back, Ricky. He just smiled. I never left.

Ricky and I headed home after the movie was over, which seemed like forever later. After Jill calmed down a bit, her and Ricky got a bitintimate. Like, huggy and cute and snuggly. Baby? she had whispered, snuggling up to him. Hmm? She gave him a peck on the neck. I love you. And you know what he said? Cool. And I didnt want them to know I was eavesdropping, so I tried to stifle my laugh, but Ricky heard me and just smiled. Jill asked sadly, You dont love me? And when he shrugged, making a face, she slapped him on the shoulder and he laughed. You already know I love you, idiot.

She still grinned, snuggling up closer to him. I know, she said. But its still nice to hear. It was cute and it made me want to puke. But then she was like, Thats why I worry so much about you. I dont mean to be so annoying about it; I just love you so much. He sighed. I know. Oh, and Sam and Michael had got back to loving each other, too, so some hardcore making out was going on while that all happened. I expected Jill to tag along with us, but she got a ride home with Sam. Oh, well, the less the merrier. It took us about ten minutes to get back to Rickys. I hopped off his bike and, after he offered to walk me home and I rejected him, I left. So you know how Ricky and Jill are always so cute? And you know those one really hot guys with their cute little girlfriends and they just act so sweet and cute together and youre just waiting because you know theyre absolute f r e a k s in bed? Well, yup, thats them. How would I know? Well, its a Friday right now, almost Saturday, and you know where Im spending it? In Jills closet. Watching Ricky and Jill get it on. Now, how did I get here? I hear you ask from afar. W E L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L, Ill tell ya. It all started off with this: Youre a boob. Just tittin ya. Youre my breast friend. Ricky, seriously? We were sitting in math class and Ricky just randomly says that. Even Jill looked at him, like Wtf? and she should be used to this shit by now. He grinned as always and shrugged over exaggeratedly. Youre weird. Jill stated looking back down at this weekends homework. He just nodded and was like, This is true are you still ovulating or can we have sex now? Almost everyone fucking heard that and looked at them, seeing as Ricky and I were on the right side of the

room and Jill was waaaaayy over there, on the other side of the room and Ricky had basically yelled it to her. I expected Jill to slap him for saying that so loud, but she just shrugged. I think I have three-ish days left of being fertile as the f-word, sono. In three daysishyes. He started to say, Sweet, when she suddenly said: Oh, waitnever mindI dont know. Who cares - in three days, were doing it. He got to say sweet, and I just stared at them as did everyone else. Jill went back to doing her homework and Ricky just sat there, seeing how high he could count to in Spanish. dieciseisdiecisiete, dieci.nueve no, ochonows diecinueveveinte.uhuno HEY. he suddenly exclaimed, staring right at me. Youre so sexy. Ahem, I mean wat? This weekend well, today being that its Friday, is Jill-Bills birthday and - I gasped. Its Jills birthday?! Jill answered, YEAH IT IS. Everyone in the room said Happy Birthday, and Jill gushed and said thanks. ANYWAY! Ricky said loudly getting my attention again. Sams throwing her a birthday party Sams idea, definitely not Jills. Apparently Jill HATES parties and Sam is forcing her to have one. And I think you should come. It would be fun. Yup. So you wanna go? Yeah, Jill shouted from across the room. Its gonna be off the hizzay, apparently. Hate for you to miss out on it you could bring Keen with you, or whoever. It really doesnt matter. Hmm. I began to think deeply about this. Im not really a partier either, but its Jills birthday. Cant turn that down. Sure. Rickys arms shot up into the air, as did he, as he yelled out, SWEET! did a little dance and then sat back down. I love you. But yeah, so were walking home now, well, to Rickys. Were going to Jills after. According to Jill, I should be tripping/flattered that Ricky is allowing me into his home, so I was.

We had to go through the back yard, because thats what side of the house we ended up at. I have three dogs, so watch out. Ricky warned, unhooking the back gate, causing three dogs to bark like crazy. They were all barking and hopping up and down, and one tried to run out the gate, but Ricky put his foot in its face. Ah Maggie-Poo, back. Maggie-Poo? I mouthed to Jill. She laughed and said, His moms dog. Ah. I followed Ricky in and Jill shut the gate from behind us. And oh my god, the dogs, they kept barking at me, but they were like little rats so it wasnt that frightening. Ricky protected me still and cursed at them to back off, yanking me onto the back porch. He quickly opened to screen door to reveal that the actual door was already opened. The reason this confused me is because Ricky had said no one was going to be home until about six or so, and its 3:09. Ricky didnt pay any attention to that and just shoved me in and then Jill. SAVE YOURSELVES! he screamed overdramatically. We all laughed and Jill yanked him inside. This is a really nice house. I commented nodding in approval. Huge as fck, man. He made all those gestures that were made to fool people into thinking he was modest. Meh. This old thing? Its alright. I smiled at him, like, ah youre funny. He just smirked back, and then was like, WHO WANTS TO SEE MY ROOOOOOOOOM!? But he was already skipping out of the kitchen, which is where the backdoor led to, into the dining room. A really nice dining room. Jillian and I followed him, going up some stairs. That led into a nice little hallway-ish/room thing. There was a bathroom near the top of the stairs and when you turned to the left, there were two doors. Bed rooms, Im guessing. One was closed, the other was opened. Neither were Rickys. He beckoned us a little further, turning to the right, passed a little room that ended up being a laundry room, and we came upon another door, which was closed. He hopped in front of it, turning back to us. And now, he began in an announcers voice, ladies and gentlemen wellmostly gentleman. Jills already been here. ANYWAY gentleman, I am pleased to invite youinto mySEX LAIR VOILA! He kicked open the door and gangster-walked in. I really, really love you. He bowed like a gentleman, saying, Why, thank you, thank you please, please, control yourselves. I cant handle all this fawning. Laughing, Jill sat down in a bean bag. Youre such a dork.

He immediately stopped and gasped, staring at her like she had just said she didnt like air. He took a deep breath, closing his eyes. He muttered, shaking his head, Me oh my oh me oh me. He took another dramatic breath and opened his eyes. And by that, I do mean fuck you. I laughed loudly at that, as did Jill. He grinned at us and said, WELL, tour over. Im hungry is anyone else hungry? BACK TO THE KITCHEN! And out he ran. Jill and I just laughed and took our time behind him. By the way, the fridge was right next to the little walkway between the dining room and the kitchen. Ricky was standing at the fridge with a look of ponder upon his face. He was even rubbing his chin. I dont know what I want. he said frowning as Jill and I sat down at a small table, which was in the kitchen, also btw. Oh, well what do you guys want? Whatcha have? I asked, messing with some hot, hot, hot, hot, hot, hot, hot, hot x69 pink nail polish. Now who would use this? Maybe Jill. I looked to her nails and mentally shook my head. Nah. No nail polish. Maybe he has a sister, or this was his moms. Or Jill left it here. Ah, Ricky bobbed up and down, scanning the fridge naming items as he saw them. Well, for drink we have Sunny D, Capri Sun, green teamilk the chocolate kind, water which is always a good time and uhorange juice. And for food, frozen crap. Sweet. Jill took a second to think. Ill have myself a Capri Sun fruit punch, please. A fruit punch for the lady coming right up. He took it out of the box and threw it underhand to her. She didnt seem surprised that he just threw it at her like that and caught it like a boss. Like a G. She grinned to herself, taking the straw out, stabbing it into the pouch. Ricky retorted with, Any more G, youd be H. Cute. Alright, and what does the other young lady want? He was looking at me. I rolled my eyes at him in fake displeasure. Funny. Uh, green tea. He nodded and like a good boy, he got it for me. He underhanded it to me and I nearly missed. And here you go. He turned back to the fridge. And a Propel for the king oh, yeah, we also have Propel, so if anyone wants thattoo late. And as always, at anything Ricky says because hes so god damn funny, we laughed. When he got himself his drink, he shut the fridge door, revealing a teenage girl behind it. She was wearing a pink tank top over a green tank top. She was in almost booty shorts, but she managed to not look slutty in them. She looked like a mix of Brittany Snow (chick from The Pacifier and John Tucker Must Die) and a young

Anna Friel (she was in A Midsummers Night Dream, Pushing Daises, and Me Without You) She had brown hair with blonde highlights up in a messy bun. I know Im gay and all, but damn shes hot. But she was carrying a baby. uh Despite how gorgeous and angel-like she was, she scared the hell out of Ricky. She scared us, too, but damn, not as much as she did Ricky. He screamed bloody murder and, like the manly man he was, he made frightening mini-guns with his hands. Even dropped his Propel. As soon as he realized who it was, he gripped his hand over his heart and scolding, ELLIE! You scared the HEEELLLLLL out of me! What are you talking about? I was in my room; my door was open and everything. I even waved, but whaaateevveerr! She shrugged, smirking, walking passed him over to Jill. Oops Jill, can you hold him for a sec? Jill immediately lit up and nodded franticly, taking the little boy from her arms. Oh, God, hes so cute! she fawned, holding him close to her. She tapped his nose, saying, Whos so cute? You so are! Oh, yes you are, yes you so are! Instead of bitching her out like a normal person would have, like Biotch what the fudge he giggled like a cute little baby and she awwd some more. Yeah, Ellie was smiling, standing over at the stove. She had a bottle of milk sitting in a pan of what was probably lukewarm water. He is pretty dashing, isnt he? She looked from Jill to me and smiled, then looked back in front of her. Well, arent you going to introduce me to your friend? Ricky had picked his water up by now and was leaning on the counter next the fridge, drinking it. Right, right. Thats Damien, my second lover. I tried not to smile to big about that. And youre Ellie, my sister dude, El, He started laughing. I almost shit myself I didnt think anyone was home and then you pop outta nowhere. I thought you were at Logans. She went Pfft! No, I dropped that bitch about a month after that little bugger was born. Where have you been? Pretty sure she was referring to the baby. She said little bugger with love. She turned around, eyes wide and you knew she was about say some mean shit about this Logan. That little ugh! He makes me sick. You know what he did? I went over there last Thursday to tell him, since he wont answer any of my texts or calls, that he needs to start paying child support or theyre gonna start harassing him about it like the nice person I am. A little warning. And he was there with that slut, Kaylee! Ricky and Jill had both gasped, like a real gasp, obviously knowing who this Kaylee girl was and werent exactly fond of her.

She nodded like a crazy person. Yeah. she said. And he has the audacity the audacity! to go on and say that he aint even sure Calebs his! Like, what the fuck? He obviously is! And then he says Im a slut and I sleep around all the time when all damn well hes the little whore who cant keep it in his pants! Again, they all gasped. He called you a slut? Jill asked incredulously. Ellie nodded again. Yup. She suddenly smiled, getting the bottle out of the pan. After she dapped a bit of it on her forearm, she turned off the stove and grinned, walking over to Jill, well, probably her baby. Oh, hi, honey. Ya hungry? She dapped a bit more on her forearm, double-checking and took him from Jill. Oh, youre getting so big! He made some baby noises, making Jill and I go, Awww! Yeah, I know! she said back still using that annoying voice you unconsciously do when youre near a baby. They went on to fawn about him for quite some time. I stopped listening eventually because of something that made me sick to see on anyone in the world. Something I forgot covered almost all of Ricky. Four scars on her right arm. They didnt really look like cut scars too wide -- but eraser burn scars. She had some cut scars on her right leg. So its not just Ricky who does this. Why is that so weird to comprehend? They live in the same household; Im pretty sure their parents get on her about some of this same shit they do for Ricky. Plus, she looks like shes still a teen and was clearly pregnant at one point, so they couldnt have been too happy about that. I looked at Ricky who, as always, wasnt paying the slightest bit of attention, staring up at the ceiling, the cap of his Propel between his fingers. He had drank all of it; it was sitting empty on the counter next to him. He actually wasnt wearing a long sleeve shirt today. It was a short sleeve bright-ass yellow t-shirt that had the emoticon :) on it. You could actually see all his scars and cuts, but when I had said this morning, Whoa! Look at you, wearing a short sleeve shirt never thought Id see that day. Has anyone said anything about your battle scars yet? because thats what he calls them. He had said, Yeah, I know. I think everyone knows by now, to be honest. And wearing a long sleeve shirt every fucking day it gets annoying after a while and my arms start getting itching, so I thought, what the hell. Why not? If anyone has anything to say about it, they can suck my dick.

And I just thought, WellI said something about itcan I suck your dick? But thankfully did not let that thought out of my brain. After Ellie soon finished feeding her child, she had said she was going to go change him in the privacy of her room, unless we wanted to see the wonderful shade of brown-green baby diarrhea can be. We all said no and let her do her thing. Jill had went to the bathroom. Oh, yeah. Ellie said when she returned withwhatever its name is. I made some popcorn chicken, if anyone wants any. She walked out the backdoor, settinguhthe child in a bouncy chair on the back porch. Oh, heck yeah. Ricky cheered, running over to the counter where the popcorn chicken was laid out. Dont mind if I do! But the second he picked one up, he went, Ew! and threw it back down. Ellie pushed her face up against the screen. What? Its cold! he cried. You suck. She stuck her tongue out at him and then said, Hey, can you get me a towel? After you tried to serve me ice-cold clumps of death? He paused a moment to huff at her in disgust. You can go screw yourself. Geez, Rick. I laughed, shaking my head in disapproval. He just smiled that beautiful smile of his as Ellie smirked. Please, Ricky? she begged. The chairs out here are grody as fuck and I aint dirtying up this shorts I just got them. Please? He huffed again. Fine, drama queen. She grinned. Thanks, babe. No. But she continued to smile and after a couple seconds she faded from view, probably sitting on the steps or something. Ricky said hed be right back and disappeared and I was left to sit there and wonder why Jill was taking so long.

You know what I just realized? I dont talk much when Im around Jill and Ricky and their friends. I let them talk mostly and just sit there. I dont know if anyone else realized that, but I did. I guess its mostly because the author is doing this on purpose because, even though Im the one narrating this; this is my point of view. This isnt really about me. Its obviously about Jill and Ricky and Im just here telling their story as I see it, adding in my witty repartee where I see fit. But then again, Im almost never right, so that might not be true. (Author: Kind of is true.) But oh well. Also Im socially awkward. Ricky returned a little later with no towel, but a Jill. Jill was walking in front of him through the little hallway connecting kitchen and dining room and apparently too slow, because he said, Do I need to light a fire under your ass? SPEED IT UP OR IM GOING TO SNEEZE ON YOU! And Im also guessing he started tickling her, because I could see he was and she started giggling like a hyena and ran the rest of the way in here. Surprisingly not wanting to vomit at this cute sight I said, Yall are cute. Jill did that meek Aww, shucks. Youre too kind, thing, sitting back at the table. Ricky also smiled at me and did what Ellie has been doing: he pushed his nose up against the screen door. Hey, cunt, I couldnt find you a towel. I almost choked on nothing. Did he he just said the c word. You know, its surprising how people are just throwing that word around now. I thought that was the worst thing a guy could call a girl, but apparently thats not the case anymore. I heard Ellie say, Oh, thats okay. Damien got me a hand towel from the drawer. Yeah, I did. Bonding. Thats what we were doing while you read my analyses about this story. Ricky looked at me and said, Well, look at you! Socializing. Thats cute. Just dont interfere with my line of work. He turned back to Ellie and shouted, I TORE THIS HOUSE UPSIDE DOWN FOR YOU! She smiled, walking back inside. She shot back with WELL IF YOU HAD JUST ATE MY POPCORN CHICKEN! WHAT DOES THAT HAVE TO DO WITH THIS?! IM NOT SURE. IT JUST PISSED ME OFF. PISSED YOU OFF? I was really looking forward to that - I AM DEVASTATED. he screamed madly, picking her up from behind well, she ended up turning around, screaming her head off, so he picked her up from the front. She wrapped her arms and legs around him, pulling down making him lean forward, having to grab onto the chair Jill was sitting in to keep from falling to the ground.

Long sentenceand complexalmost made no sense. WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! he laughed loudly, trying to stay off the ground. TRYING TO SERVIVE! she screamed back and then laughed like crazy, jumping off of him when he tickled her sides. They are some weird siblings, Ill say. For some reason, Jill was cracking up about this, which made me laugh, because she looked like a retarded seal. Ricky suddenly turned to us and asked seriously, Are you guys making fun of my sexuality? Dont. Its hurtful. Like wtf? I dont know, but it was funny. Ellie suddenly hugged Jill. Happy birthday, Jilly-Bean! I forgot to tell you that earlier. Jill was beaming. Aw, thanks, El! Sams throwing me a birthday party today. Did you want to go? Oh, I said, pretending to be taken back by this. So Im not the only one youre saying these sweet things to? You know what, I cant believe I actually thought that meant something. I see how it is. Jill was grinning and jumped up and took two big hops over to me, sitting down on my lap. She wrapped her arms around my neck and hugged me tightly. Oh, Dame! she said. You know I love you; that meant nothing, what I said to her. Nothing! I mean, how else am I going to invite someone to my birthday party? There is no other way. And I was just like, Kay, And eventually Ricky was all, What time is it? and we were all, Its 4:42, and then yaddah yah we left for Jillians house. Oh, and Ricky has another nickname for her: Gill. Like the things on fish and stuff. Just thought Id tell you, in case he calls her that and youre not sitting there like wat? Okay, so I dont know if I mentioned this I do believe Ive said that Jill is a tiny thing, right? Shes like skinny and everything; not like too skinny, but like fast metabolism skinny, flat tummy and all. Anyway, I bring this up because were now standing in her kitchen, because it was strangely the only room in the house not bombarded with a shit-ton of raunchy drunk horny teenagers, and Ricky and Jill were talking about something (cough cough making out cough), and she was standing up straight and usually her stomach is flat, like really nice flat, but right now its looking kind of like she has the starting of a baby bump. yknow?

Im totally ruling out that she couldve just been getting a little plumpy, because thats not how it looked. You know how you can just tell with some people that either theyre pregnant or just getting fat? Well, thats this. But, no, Ricky asked earlier today if they could have sex yet, sothey havent had sex lately. (so they say) Plus she just got off her period a while agoI dont know. Maybe they banged while she was on it, or sometime after. She did say she was fertile as the f-word right now. But Im not going to ask if shes pregnant or not. What if shes not and Im just an asshole? Well, Ricky and her have obviously had sex before. Hello, five years. And theyre whole convo earlier. Cmon now. Plus theyre getting a little touchy right now, more than making out. It wasnt cute anymore. It was getting sex. Yeah, right in front of me. They probably knew I wasnt really paying any attention, sitting up on the counter, playing games on my phone. But I was. A little. Enough to quickly realize, Hey, his hand just went up her shirt and hes grabbing her ass an awful lot. Heh. Well, Ill leave them alone, I guess. I hopped down from the counter and tried to make it seem like my phone was the most interesting thing in the world right now. Hey, uhm, Jill quickly shoved Ricky away from her and went, Yeah? Ricky was just smirking away, grabbing at her hands. Jill, wheres your bathroom at? Oh, uh stop it, Ricky. Seriously. She was not sounding too serious. Its upstairs. Either the second door on the right or the third. Not too sure. Dont know where your own bathroom is? okay. Alrighty. Though I had now had my back to them, I knew he went back to feeling her up, because she giggled and said, Youre so bad. I cant believe you. Alrighty, well, I skipped my way through a crowd of people. It took me forever but I soon found the case of stairs. I tried not to disturb the hordes of making out couples as I climbed the stairs to find more people making out in the hallway. Wow. I ignored them and I dont even have to pee. What am I doing? Well, Ellies here. I can just go find her and chill with her, or something.

Or I could try to find Jills room and snoop. Maybe theres a positive pregnancy test somewhere that can confirm my question. Okay, look to the right and I see one door, two doors and no three doors. So one of those is the bathroom and the other is Jills room. But they were also doors on the left side. Three doors. What if she mixed it up and bathrooms on the left side? Who cares? I dont even have to go. I just want to be nosey. Lets trythis one. I knocked a couple times on the first door on the right. I got a few weird looks and one girl pulled away from another girl and said, If youre looking for the bathroom its that one. She pointed to the second door on the left side. So Jill was lying. Cool. Thats Jills room. JACKPOT! Oh. I nodded. Okay, thanks. But Jill actually wanted me to get something for her, sobut thanks. She smiled. Youre welcome. She went back to making out withher girlfriend? I turned back to the wonderful door. Got it on the first try. Heck yeah. I slowly turned the handle, praying there wasnt another couple going at it on their bed. Well, if there is, I did knock first and no one responded, so. I pushed open the door, stepping inside. I cautiously shut the door behind me, thinking, for some reason, that Jill might hear me and storm up here and yell at me to get out of her room. Idk. Im weird. I basically groped the wall, searching for the light switch, eventually finding it, flipping on the lights. Woah. This is a sweet room. Theyre were posters of bands and all that cool stuff everywhere. Never actually been up in Jills room before. Or her house. Whenever we hang out its at Michaels or uptown. Hmm. Why am I here again? Oh yeah. I spotted a trashcan next to her bed. Somethings gotta be in there. I tiptoed over, still fearing Jill could hear me, bending down, and like a weirdo began digging through her trash. It contained a lot of empty Propel bottles (I suspect Ricky) a couple bags of Cheddar Jalapeo Cheetos, and other various food wrappers, and then underneath all that laid three used condoms. Heh - HELLO.

Well, I think I got my answer. But what is this? The more I looked at them, the more one stood out. The others looked, idk, normal? But one of them it looked like it was ripped. And had a tint of red on it. . . . OH SHIT. THEY BANGED WHILE SHE WAS GETTING A VISIT FROM AUNT FLOW. Either that or they did it for the first time recently but yeah, right. Im so good. So good. Sodamn. Theyre screwed. Whats wrong with me? I shouldnt be cheering for their ill-fate. This is a bad time to get pregnant not saying theres a good time for a teen girl to become with child, but its the beginning of the school year. They still got the whole year to go. Shes going to be very pregnant; its not like she gets the summer to get the noticeable belly and have the thing. Well, maybe shes just getting fat. I mean, there were more than just a few bags of Cheetos and food wrappers. I hope so. Or maybe she just has that appetite becAUSE SHES EATING FOR TWO NOW. Godthat sucks oh shit. I froze at the sound giggling and talking. Not the same giggling and talking that was already going on. This sounded more familiarthis sounded moreJill and Ricky-likeand it was getting progressively louder. FUCKK. Uh, uh,,,,, I basically flew across the room and flipped off the light switch. Where am I going to hide? I doubt theyll think its hilarious that Im snooping around. Which reminds me I flew back to the trashcan, throwing at that shit back into it. There. Less suspicious. Alrighty, now I frantically tried to think, twisting and turning, looking for a hiding spot, then I found one. Closet. And darted over to it, yanking it open, plopping down. I quickly shut the door and tried to scoot as far back as I could. The second my back touched the wall, I heard the door open. But no talking really. Justkissing, and lots of it. And moaning.

Oh. I squinted, looking through the crack of the door. I couldnt really tell for sure who it was, but the outline looked a lot like them. Then, confirming my theory, the girl giggled out, We shouldnt leave Damien like that. What if hes looking for us? Oh, thanks, Jill, for worrying about me like that. But you know what Ricky said: Hes fine. th4nx br0. Whatever. I guess my virgin ass (literally) understands. He wants to have sex and doesnt care about anything else. Its cool. Jill started to say, But - when Ricky shushed her, pushing her down gently onto the bed. Ooh. Hot damn. I seriously got the chills. The way he was kissing her hot hot. Should I go into insanely wellappreciated details here? Like, again, I know Im gay and all, but dis is pretty nice, and I want you all to get in on this too, because Im that nice. Alright, well ooh. So you know how Ricky and Jill are always so cute? And you know those one really hot guys with their cute little girlfriends and they just act so sweet and cute together and youre just waiting because you know theyre absolute f r e a k s in bed Well, yup, thats them. Because Ricky just fucking ripped her pants off. And he did it so hot-like. And then there was some intense hot making out that involved some more clothes to be ripped off, but then Ricky had to go and ruin it all when his phone buzzed. I was surprised he actually stopped to check it. He grabbed it from the bedside table and clicked a button. The screen lit up, illuminating his gorgeous face. His eyes went wide and the next thing you heard him say was, Hooooly shit. Jill sat up quickly, almost fearful. What? He didnt say anything; he shoved his phone into her face. He was smirking. This what. Someone loves me. She gasped loudly. Holy hell! Whose are those? WHAT? I wanna know. Ricky continued to smirk smugly as he said, Haylea Bowers. WHO? She gasped again, snatching the phone from him. That bitch! Bitch with the nice tits. WHAT?

RIGHT! she, for some reason, agreed, staring down at the phone. What the hell whyd she send you that? Is she retarded? Youve met her. he said with a laugh, sitting beside her. Well, right, duh god! Those are fantastic whadoes she have nipple piercings?! Ricky grabbed for his phone again, taking a closer look. Woah. Guess so. She scooted closer to Ricky, looking over his shoulder as he started doing something. After a couple seconds she laughed loudly. Are you seriously setting that as your background? He continued to smirk. Yup. She laughed again. Dude, send it to me. What the? They are so weird. He laughed back. See, youre sick, too. She flashed a toothy grin. Which is why we work so well together. True dat. He seriously said that. Wellif theyre not going to bang now, can I leave? Well, of course I have to wait for them to either leave or go to sleep --I like how they just left me and decided Im okay just sitting in someones house Ive never been to before. Thanks, guys. Jill suddenly hopped off her bed. She flipped on the light revealing that she was just in her underwear. Nothing else. DAYUM. Okay, I dont know what that Haylea girls boobs looked like, but Jills were really nice. Yes, gay, but I still know how to appreciate a nice set of tits when I can. I think Ricky does too: there were bite marks all over them. A thought suddenly popped into my head. I mentally gasped. I wonder what Rickys still in. I eagerly shot my glance to him. Nothing but boxers, hell yeah. I looked back over to Jill to sadly see she had picked up Rickys shirt and threw it on. Darn. She skipped over to a desk, which was over by the window. And I just thought, Fantastic idea. Lets just skip while not in a bra. What are you doing, weirdo? Ricky asked, watching her. She just smiled and shushed him. Just wait. she said, pulling out a drawer, not finding what she was looking for, and pulling out another. This process went on for a couple more drawers until she went, Bazinga! pulling something out of one of them, smirking evilly. A box. Ricky seemed to know what this was, because he whined out, Noooo! I thought you loved me! I do! she laughed, setting it down on the bed. Why not? Come on, Ricky. I know what Im doing this time.

Oh, what-the-fuck-ever. The last one got infected. What the hell are they talking about? Sitting down she said, Exactly. Last time. I know what Im doing now, I swear. Whos to say this one will? Whos to say this one wont? he shot back stubbornly, crossing his arms over his chest. Oh, thats easy me. Oh, and Im supped to just take your word for it? She nodded. Mmm - Yup. I have the vagina in this relationship. I went almost fifteen years without opening it up. I can go a while longer. She was almost fifteen when her and Ricky had sex? Assuming that he was her first, which, I mean, come on now; he obvs was. But almost fifteen. Thats pretty young. But then again, Ricky had said theyve been dating since seventh grade, and she told me today she was turning seventeen, so lets do some math here. Theyve been dating for five years. They did it when she was fifteen, shes now seventeen. Solike two years ago, soshes a junior now, minutes two would make her a freshman. Fifteen year old freshman giving it upto her boyfriend of, at the time, two-three-ish years. Okay. Reasonable, I guess. I was probably so wrong with that. I suck booty at math. He looked at her with a face that said, Oh really now? but when she nodded at him, reading the face clearly, he groaned, defeated. She knew she had won. She chirped out, Yay! Now, lay down and let me work. You suck. he stated, but laid down, belly-up. She opened the box, pulling out a needle, some of those little sterilized hand wipes the looked like they were from BW3s (Buffalo Wild Wings) so probably lemon-scented, a lighter, some rubber gloves, a clampy thing, something small and shiny, and a marker. oh. Shes piercing something on him. Why cant you do this to Sam, or any of your chick friends? Because now chill, bruh. I gotchu. Ignoring his groans and whines, she tore open a packet of hand wipes. She whipped off her hands and put on the gloves. She paused a moment and tilted her head to the side. Rickys eyes grew to the size of baseballs. I dont like that face. The last time I saw that face you realized a little too late you forgot birth control that face only brings misery. Which reminds me, he started patting her belly only to get his hand slapped away hows our child? HELLO AGAIN. Im just getting so many clues here on what to believe and Im starting to think, Yeah, she might be pregnant.

She hushed him, hitting him on the shoulder. Imma beat you up, seriously. He shrugged defenselessly and she continued with that face and wondered aloud, Should I have sterilized the needle first and then put on the gloves or the other way around? Ricky started to sit up. How about neither and we just go find Damien? I miss him, dont you? Thanks, man. Only wanting my company when youre about to get your bellybutton pierced by your ill-equipped and most likely pregnant girlfriend. She pushed him back down, climbing onto his legs, holding him down like a killer. Shh. Im thinkingoh well. She picked up the needle and then, before picking up the lighter and/or another sterilizing wipe, she made that thinking face again. Should I use the lighter first and then the wipe or the wipe first and then the lighter? Or should I only use one of them? Because apparently if you sterilize it too much it can become un-sterilized. Hmm Ricky immediately tried to kick her off. Oh god, let me go. HELP, HELP! SHES TRYING TO KILL ME. HELP! Jill laughed, holding him down again. STAY CALM! she screamed. Ill use the lighter on the needle and then the wipe on your bellybutton. Problem solved. Might as well just use the lighter on my stomach to ensure I dont feel any of it. Again, she hushed him, flicking on the lighter. She stared intensely at the needle as she ran the flame under it. I need to concentrate or youll die. He whined again, but let her. She did it a few times and then told him to hold the needle. She tore open another wipe and cleaned off his bellybutton. I think its cool how shes not saying anything about all his scars. Shes just ignoring them like theyre not even there, which they are, alright. I can see them from here. She crumpled both of the wipes that were already used up into a ball and tossed it into the trash. She took the marker and marked a spot on his bellybutton, then closed the cap. That mustve made him even more nervous, because he whined again. Cant we just have sex? That sounds like such a better plan. After. she promised, picking up the clamp from beside her and clamped it down on his skin. She took the needle back from him, and angled it, taking a deep breath. Dont scream. The look on Rickys face was terror. He took a deep breath, too, and squeezed his eyes shut, biting his lip. I could see her mouthing, 321 It was like lightning quick how fast she pushed it through. Ricky tensed a bit, but relaxed after a few seconds. He said, Hey, that wasnt that bad. She grinned and leaned forward, kissing his forehead. Told you I knew what I was doing this time. Have a little faith, would ya? He stuck his tongue out at her. I could say the same to youHow long do you have to keep it there?

Thirty seconds Im at eleven right now, twelve, thirteen, fourteen - ALRIGHT, I GET IT. This time she stuck her tongue out and went back to counting quietly. Get a wipe out. she told him nicely. After ten more seconds, she gently began to slide the needle out. She took the wipe from him and cleaned it off, setting it on the bed, picking up a bellybutton ring, apparently. Couldnt really see what kind it was like what design, but it looked pretty. She did some stuff and then, patted his knees. Done! she squeaked, climbing off. While Ricky looked at it, she began cleaning up and putting everything back in the box. This is pretty top-notch, he remarked, nodding in approval. He slowly sat up as she thanked him. He has no fat on his stomach area whatsoever. It was just toned and ab-ified. Why would his mother lie to him like that? Maybe the only reason its like this now is because she had something. Now, he started deviously making her frown. What? she asked hesitantly, shoving the box back into the drawer. I think you need gauges. Oh, I dont have a car. Thanks for reminding me. She smiled snootily as he narrowed his eyes at her. Funny, really. No, seriously. Youre always running your little Lets see if I can be a piercing artist tests on me. Its my turn. She frowned again and groaned. But - Nope. He got up and patted the spot next him. Sit your ass down. Ill be with you in a moment do you still have my tapers here? Yeah the 4 inch ones. You are not shoving those in my ears. Its a good thing I dont give a fuck or else that mightve really affected me where? She continued to pout, but sat down where he had patted. Second drawer on the left I hate you so much right now. He just said, Get in line. Again, she stuck her tongue out and so did he. He bent down, opening the drawer. Ahh, we met again. He took them out. But instead of joining her on the bed, he picked up his pants from the ground, pulling them on. He looked around the room without actually doing much moving and started to ask, Wheres me shir-right. Gimme my shirt. She grinned really big, shaking her head. Nope. You have plenty more here. Find one. He just narrowed his stare at her and she groaned after a while. Fine, you puss. She pulled it off, throwing it at his face. By the time he pulled it over his head, she had found another one of his shirts and threw it on.

He said, Be right back, and walked out of the room. Jill was just like, Okay? She sat there, tugging at her ears after a while. You guys are about to get as loose as Haylea Bowers. It took almost everything out of me to keep from laughing at that. God damn, Jill, youre funny. Okay , I think this might be more interesting and entertaining than sex. Good job, guys. Oh crap. I think Jill heard me trying not to laugh. She looked around like she had. I froze, clamping my hand over my mouth. Damn, damn, damn. She looked really freaked out, but before she had the chance to really, really freak out, her door opened again and in walked Ricky with a big pan (thats the one you cook soup and stuff in, right?) full of what Im guessing to be water. Jill widened her eyes at him. Uhm, what the hell? For your blood. he said smirking at her, but laughed, walking back over to the bed, sitting it on the table and then himself next to her. Hot water; makes them less prone to tearing, which is always a good thing. No one likes a torn earlobe. She nodded in agreement. Right, right. She took out her earrings as he pulled out a rag from the pan. He dipped it back into the pan and rung it out. He took his time, wiping her ears off til they were pretty clean looking. He scooted back, still Indian-style, laying a pillow on his lap. He patted it. She knew what to do and groaned doing it. She dropped her head down, lying so her face was up. I could see right up her shirt. Guess what she shaves.whered her underwear go? He wiped her right earlobe. He picked up one of the tapers and placed the smaller end over where the hole was. If it hurts too much, tell me and Ill stop. Awww. Look at him worrying about her earlobes. Dats cute. She even knew how sweet that was and smiled. She took a deep breath, nodding. Okay. I just saw her squeeze her eyes shut, but she didnt yelp like I (and probably Ricky) thought she would. Just gritted. Then she went, Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow. Ricky immediately stopped. You okay? Despite the fact that youre shoving 4-inch tapers in my ear, yeah, Im fine. He mocked her for a few seconds until she told him to continue. And he did. It looked like all he did was push his thumb down really hard, but then he said, Done well, with that one. Wanna take a break? Hell no. she said, shaking her head fast then realized that was a bad idea. She turned over onto her other side after he dapped her ear with the wet rag. If I wait any longer, Ill start to really feel it. Alrighty. And he did the same thing he did to her other ear. She just laid there, poking at her ear. He sat there before shouting, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! She laughed. Thanks, man. Best one yet.

Oh, if you think this one rocked, wait til you see what next years gonna bring Im thinking Avenge Sevenfold concert? She most not like A7x because she groaned loudly at him. Do it and IllIll tell your dad it was really you that drank all of his liquor. That didnt even faze him, it seemed. He just didnt look like he was paying attention. He was looking down at his phone. It took him half a second and then he gasped at her. Really? Because Im nice and offered to take you to see your favorite band live? Screw you. Then it was like he thought about what she had said again, because he laughed. Geez Ill tell your dad you drank all his liquor. God, why would you do that? You know who thinks of sadistic shit like that? SERIAL KILLERS. As she laughed he went on, Do we need to talk? She laughed again, shaking her head, Nah, nothing good to share. This time he laughed, but suddenly stopped after a few seconds. He shoved her off him with a groan, standing up. God, get off me, you weirdo! Dont even act like you know me like that getting all up in my grill. Ill wang a bitch up. Jill continued to laugh. Wang a bitch up! Shes crazy, man. What? What are they talking about? I dont know, but they went on to laugh about it for a while. Jill eventually got some undies on and pants. Soon Ricky was like, Damien would love to see your gauges, I bet. She grinned. I bet hed die laughing at your bellybutton ring. Because of how sexy it is, yeah. She laughed again, walking towards the door. Oh, yeah, okay. Its true. he said, following her. Mmm-hmm. A masterpiece turn off the light. And shut the door. I dont want no freaks in my room. Kaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! And then they left, leaving me in the dark. Well, that was interesting. I waited a few seconds before getting up and running out there. I wanted to wait long enough to make sure they werent going to suddenly come back, but I also didnt want them to go around looking for me and freak out when they didnt find me, because they did, in fact, say they were going to show my their new accessories.

I slowly got up, sliding the closet door open. I tried not to trip over anything as I made my way across the room. I kept seeing out of the corner of my eye a blinking light. I quickly recognized what it was. Rickys phone. He left his phone up here. should I get it for him? Right, dumb idea. Hell be like, Woah, where was it? I thought I left it up in Jills room and yeah. So I left it. But an idea coming running into my mind. The picture Haylea sent him. I gotta see this. I dont think Ricky will show it to methen again, he showed it to his girlfriend. Maybe I do have a chance. Still, I bolted over to it, clicking a button, bringing the screen to life. After I got over how blinding it was, I focused my eyes on it. Oh, I know who she is now. Haylea. I know her. Too bad it took a picture of her tits to get me to remember her. She made the mistake of having her face in it. She, like Jill, was just a tiny blond thing. They were kind of small, but very nice. She had a tattoo of a pin-up girl on her right arm and another tattoo of what looked like a pocket right above her right boob. Her room was a mess, btw. Why am I focusing on her room? wtf. She was wearing red lipstick and was making a kissy face. Dumb hoe. Oh, and yep, I see the nipple piercing. Is it bad that I want this on my phone, too? Hell send it to me if hes a good friend. what if he realized his phone wasnt in his pocket and runs back up here? Or what if theyre still looking for me? I should get going. I put his phone back down where it was and headed for the door. I slowly opened it and was greeted by loud music and talking. But no Jill and Ricky. I straightened myself out, trying not to look like I just sat in a closet for thirty minutes, and turned for the stairs, going down them. Guess Ill start looking for themor Ellie. If I find her I can make her tell them I was with her this whole time, safe and sound. Ellie it is. Now where would she be? I eventually found her out in the backyard, sipping on something in a red, plastic cup. She was sitting in a lawn chair, talking to some chick, but when she saw me, her face lit up. Damien! How are ya, buddy? Come, sit with me. She patted her lap. Uhmalright. I did only because she yanked me down. Wassup? Oh, dear lord. Shes been drinking. A lot. Well, this should make my lie easier. Nothin much. Hey, if Jill and Ricky ask, I was with you this whole time, okay?

She smiled, nodding. A-okay with me, mister - wassup? She already asked me this. I eyed her but still answered. Just chillin with you. Have been for the past thirty minutes. She smiled again, nodding. Yeah, man, I remember. We played beer pong, yeah. Youre really good, by the way wassup? Are you kidding me? Im gonna slap you so hard - Oh, Damien, there you are! It was Jill, Ricky trailing behind her. I tried to stand up to greet them, but Ellie yanked me back down. Wassup? she asked again. I widened my eyes at Jill and Ricky. Im gonna beat her with a crowbar Wassup? SHUT UP. I think that annoyed me a bit too much. Probably just pent up angry from being abandoned. I mean, not much. Whats up with you? Aw, man, She started laughing. So good, man. Dudes, She was talking to them now. Damien is a beast at beer pong, like a pro fo sho, ho. Jill and Ricky looked to each other then at me. Is this true? Ricky asked. I nodded, smiling. A real champ. What can I say? Jill laughed. Thats probably because Charlie Sheen over here is a clumsy twat when shes wasted. Oh, yeah, yeah, Ricky said, agreeing with her. Totally unfair. I think we need a sober game sometime. See how that goes. *laugh laugh* Maybe we should get you home. Jill said to Ellie, pulling her up. What, he cant leave. His phones upstairs. Ill call my mom and let her know were coming home so she doesnt freak out. He started feeling himself up and the groaned. I left my phone upstairs oh yeah, which reminds me. He turned back to me and lifted up his shirt. I tried to act really shocked. Wha did you pierce your bellybutton? Nailed it. Earlier. he said, nodding. While you were powning noobs at beer pong, apparently. Jill tuned back to me, and pointed her ears, trying not to drop Ellie. We also gauged my ears. You missed out on some good shit.

I laugh. Apparently. And Ricky went and got his phone, and drove us home, because hes seventeen and has a car and can (somewhat) drive it. I want him. so bad. We soon got back to their house and Ricky offered since it was almost midnight that I could stay here tonight and I did. And I slept in his bed. Along with Jill. We made him sleep on the floor. Ha. ha . hA. Sorry. Kind of tried. I guess Ill go to sleep now. Good niiigghhtt.