User Link to employee plan goes to edit even if that is not allowed in the appraisal process - User/show

- navbar a Should view employee plan edit even if they can't actually edit. ability for that? Should view appraisals in user task list even though they are of different model

Keep employee plan edit - add 3 sets of view permissions: view only (admins), view w/ notes and measurements (appraisal process disallows edit), full edit. EmployeePlan#Show becomes a redirect to the current best document view for state and role Remove all appraisal/show links and replace with employeeplan#show except for on review show where there will be a "mode" link to to edit the plan documents/id as a named route for employeeplan/show In EmployeePlan show if access is denied, check their relation to the employee plan and log them in as that role, if they have no relation we create an ability and see if they can view it as admin. if all that fails then they get access denied. (helper method to get the best role to view the plan - employee, manager, admin in that order) Allow a preferred role - manager to score etc. 3 permissions - edit_notes, edit_measurements, edit_plan Delete factor_template factor_rse template question template text template copy to comment broken width of title inserting a factor

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