Beautiful Creation Psalms 33:14-16 From the place where he sits enthroned, he looks down upon all w ho live on earth

. The one who formed their hearts understands everything they do . No king achieves a victory with a large army. No warrior rescues himself by hi s own great strength. The prophet Isaiah states these things about God's perspective of us, as well as our relationship with Him: • • • • • • • • • • The Lord made you, formed you in the womb He will help us He will not forget us He is the one and only Lord, there is no other He formed the earth and made it He formed the earth to be inhabited He formed the earth to be enjoyed He set up the world Don't be afraid We will praise Him

Knowing all this is the truth - let's apply this to a deeper level. God created the world. He formed it to be inhabited. At the beginning of creation we are told there was chaos. God reached into the chaos and created order. He stated i t was good - and we know this is "True Beauty" God created us. He formed us to be inhabited with life. There is chaos all aro und and in us. He reaches into the chaos and creates order. This order is the re just as it was when He believed, accepted and received it. When we agree tha t his ways are good, believe and have faith - this too is "True Beauty" All through the bible you see when there is chaos a mob mentality forms in indiv iduals and communities. This is where the battle ground or spiritual warfare is ensuing. Keep these things in your mind as we continue journeying down the Dee ply road. You are the beautiful creation God intended you to be! Individual beauty does not have to be "re" created, it already exists within you . "True Beauty" is intangible, intrinsic - it is a quality which delights the s enses. It is perceived in the mind. Until we can embrace our individual unique ness with the understanding and appreciation of God's love, for us "True Beauty" is unattainable. ©Candace Huffmaster, 2012 All Copy Rights Reserved Kaleidoscope Butterfly, Inc™

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