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Highlights 2012 Louisiana Regular Legislative Session

Highlights 2012 Louisiana Regular Legislative Session

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Highlights of Louisiana 2012 Regular Legislative Session
Highlights of Louisiana 2012 Regular Legislative Session

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Published by: RepNLandry on Jun 15, 2012
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HB 1209 by Richard (Last Action – Sent to Governor)

Provides that the local superintendent (instead of the school board) shall place an expelled

student in an alternative school or an alternative educational placement (instead of an

alternative school setting). Removes exclusion for students expelled for certain offenses

involving weapons or controlled dangerous substances from requirement that suspended or

expelled students be supervised by local school systems using alternative education

programs approved by BESE.

Requires that BESE's alternative education rules and regulations include provisions for

agreements between a school governing authority and an education service provider for the

education of students who have been adjudicated delinquent, adjudicated as in need of

services or adjudicated to the custody of the office of juvenile justice and assigned by the

office of juvenile justice to a community-based program or facility, or have been suspended

or expelled for certain weapons and controlled dangerous substances offenses. Requires that

such services be provided at the actual costs incurred by the provider with certain limitations

and that the services include certain academic, behavioral, and mental health interventions.

Allows for any nonprofit organization that provides alternative education services to a school

governing authority to apply to operate a charter school pursuant to current law and requires


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2012 Regular Session

that a Type 5 charter school governing authority receive approval from the Recovery School

District (RSD) superintendent before entering into an agreement for alternative education

services. Provides that such an agreement is not subject to the requirements relative to

providing services at actual cost as specified above.

Repeals requirement that an expelled student attending an alternative education program and

exhibiting disorderly conduct be dismissed from the program and not be permitted to return

to such program until his period of expulsion ended.

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