What happens when the Holy Spirit comes with such power?

I just recently went on a mission’s trip to Lima, Peru with a group of 12 people. It was my first mission’s trip. I am a pretty recent Christian and it is amazing how God can use someone like me. We went to 12 schools, orphanage and did street evangelism. We spoke to about 10,000 people and I would say that about 7,000 came to Christ. We performed dramas, body worship and songs. The plays tell the story of Jesus on the cross. It is a simple play called Doors that helped many understand the message of the Gospel. There was one night in which we all gathered with the church that we where staying with. We walked in when our pastor had just given a sermon while our group was out evangelizing in the streets. As soon as we walked in we all noticed how thick the atmosphere was with the Holy Spirit. It was an experience like no other. As soon as I walked in, I began to cry and I couldn’t explain why. I was just crying...People where prying with such fervor and heart that it convicted many to repent from sins. Many where weeping and where filled with joy. They where weeping of the amount of joy they had. My pastor would pray for people and they would fall over in Spirit. As we began to pray more into the hour, some people began to vibrate uncontrollably. There where about three people who where demon-posed. We began to pray in the name of Jesus and casting out the demons. They would then collapse on the floor and later come to Christ. It was now about 1AM and we began to sing hymns to God and thanking Him. We where all together! We walked in divided and left united! It is hard to put into words what I experienced but it was something real. If any of you have questions about the experience or about the Holy Spirit please ask me..

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