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~ Northampton ~

Due to popular demand, Whole Health Expo will be

presenting 2 expos per year in Northampton, MA. Join us:
October 18-19, 2008
Clarion Hotel
I-91 exit to 18
~ Healthy Food Concessions Only $12/day
~ New Exhibitors and $14/weekend pass
Free for children 12 and under
~ More Talks/Workshops Saturday 9:30-6pm
~ Free Parking Sunday 9:30-5pm
~ Free for children 12 & under
Bring the whole family! Over 100 Talks & Exhibits!

Steve Maraboli Eat Healthy!

Outstanding Food
“Inspired Living!” Concessions by:
Saturday Oct. 18, 6:30pm Lhasa Café
“Steve Maraboli is the real thing! If you want down to earth, Cup and Top Café
practical advice and discussion about how to energize and
enlighten your life, check out Steve’s show.”
- James Redfield, The Celestine Prophesy

“There are people in the world that I call ‘Centers of Sponsors:

Influence,’ Steve Maraboli is one of them.”
- Neale Donald Walsch, Conversations with God

“Steve takes you from just existing to truly living!”

- Don Miguel Ruiz, The Four Agreements
Free Program Guide - Take One!
3 Northampton Fall 2008 Whole Health Expo Program Guide October 18-19
Fall 2008 Northampton
Saturday, October 18, 2008
9:30am to 6pm
Sunday, October 19, 2008
9:30am to 5pm
Clarion Hotel and Conference Center
One Atwood Drive
Northampton, MA

A Message Due to popular demand, we are proud to offer a second Northampton expo per year. We have also
From Jonathon added Cromwell, CT, to our roster of events. Join us for the joy of community and health! Whole
Podolsky, Health Expo has been called “a reunion of strangers” because many people return each year. Others
Whole Health have called it “Brigadoon,” the fabled city that appears for just one day every 100, and then disap-
Expo Producer pears. Many of the exhibitors and speakers join us for several other of our expos throughout New
England and get to see each other with the feeling that time had not passed since the last time. As
we approach our 25th year anniversary it’s wonderful to see many of the same people come back
and new people checking out the show for the first time. There is so much to see and do, with over
80 exhibitors and over 50 talks. Talk to the speakers after their talks and get your books signed, pe-
ruse a great selection of 50%-off new age books, get information from fascinating exhibitors, meet
practitioners, check out great gems, jewelry, health products and a wide array of other goods.

In these hard economic times, it’s reassuring to know that the expo remains a tremendous value:
the $12 one day pass is the same as it was in 2006, and $14 weekend pass is much less. Many of
the speakers at our event routinely speak at other venues for $20 for a one-hour talk, and much
more for longer workshops. At the expo you can attend as many talks as you like, even up to fifteen
45-minute talks! These days you can hardly see a movie and get popcorn for less than that. Admis-
sion for children 12 and under and parking are free.

Show enhancements include new food vendors by special permission from the hotel venue and
an expanded list of great door prizes (see list in this guide). We hope that you’ll enjoy our revised
website, with new graphics and a new online application system for exhibitors. You can also check
for show updates, sign up for our newsletter announcements, peruse the online interactive floorplan
and get other show related info. I look forward to seeing you at the show!

Northampton Fall 2008 Whole Health Expo Program Guide October 18-19 4
Please visit for updates Exhibitors
Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine of New England Chocolate Paradise
Acupuncture session for $10. Chinese herbs for sale. 5-minute Try healthy chocolate & experience the benefits. Unprocessed
chair massage for $5. Free consultations. cacao with Acai berries = the ultimate antioxidant food!
Adarios Beauty & Health Products Discount New Age Books
Personal care products, including shampoo, conditioner, body Great selections! Great prices!*
lotion, foot moisturizer, scrubs, tea bags for the bathtub, ergonomic
line pillows made with Guatemalan fabrics and loofah, glycerin Dr. Mark A. Wisniewski, DDS
& liquid soaps. Useful dental information from a passionate practitioner of
dentistry for twenty-two years (twelve years mercury-free),
Ageless Wisdom Teaching who offers a practice that is minimally invasive and whole-body
Free literature and information about Transmission Meditation, oriented.
a spiritual group and practice, and the Ageless Wisdom teaching.
Dunn Health Enterprises
All Done Weighting Iridology, Bowen Technique & other remedies.
Learn how to stop dieting and lose weight forever! Meet the Anti-
Diet Expert, Cathy Barber, founder of All Done Weighting. The EarthSpirit Community
Books, CDs, artwork, note cards, ceremonial masks and assorted
Aqua Fortis other items related to Nature spirituality. Free information on
Dedicated to assisting others with personal growth of the mind, organization, classes, conferences, etc.
body & spirit, offering Alkaline Electrolyzed water, Acidic
Electrolyzed water, Aroma mists and self hypnosis CD’s for sale. Ellery’s Old Red Store
Samples and informational brochures also available. Not Your Average General Store! Retail location: US Rt. 5,
McIndoe Falls, VT. Stones, crystals, naturals, art, glass, vintage
Arbonne International kimonos, jewelry and studio/gallery.
We offer products for every generation and every skin type. Come
by to try our skin care, aromatherapy or our detox spa products eMerge Coaching Services
with ingredients from the ocean! You will fall in love with our Learn how to be the Driver in your life! Get our exclusive personal
products! development program “Are You in Your Driver’s Seat?” on CD
and accompanying Personal Maintenance Log (PML). Get started
Ask The Faery to Assist you with eMerge today!
With the support of the Faery Realm, we will assist you in getting
though life’s stumbling blocks. Empowering by Design
Offers life, health and spiritual coaching and programs that inform
Aspire Magazine and inspire people to become more empowered. Books and card
Magazine and events for Body, Mind & Spirit. decks for sale, free 10-minute mini-reading/coaching, 30-minute
coaching/reading sessions for $50.
Astrology and Past Life Regression
Offers Intuitive Astrological consultations and Past Life Regression Fox Center for Spiritual Awareness
sessions. Come for a 10-minute reading that describes your A learning center in the Pioneer Valley where individuals can
strengths, weaknesses, gifts and challenges & some of your past, discover and explore spiritual, metaphysical, and parapsychological
present and future influences. topics. Come learn about our classes, workshops, seminar, lectures
and more!
Aura Photography Bennu
Aura imaging photography with readings. F.M’s AROMATHERAPY (AROMATANTRA)
Aromatherapy oils/products, Chakra healing, oils, crystals, wands
Being in Harmony & books, crystal jewelry, and skin, hair & health care products.
Sounds to fire your spirit! Tongue drums, percussion frogs, Tibetan
singing bowls, rainsticks, Native American flutes, books, CDs Grail Foundation of America
and more! Promotional CDs and booklets based on the work “In the Light of
Truth-the Grail Message” by Abdru-shin and more!
Best of Nature, Best of Science
Our vitamins and supplements rely on organic farming techniques Holistic Retreat, Inc.
to extract nature’s most beneficial nutrients so your family can enjoy Whole body detoxification and rejuvenation: alkaline nutrition,
more energy, vitality, and life! Offering Nutilite multivitamins, food Amazon herbal remedies, ionized water, 100% natural wild-crafted
bars, weight management and purification systems. skin system and colon hydrotherapy.
Children’s Holistic Collaborative Homeopathy & WellnessWithin, LLC
Collaboration of holistic professionals, parents & educators Offering homeopathic, wellness & holistic medicine consultations
offering care products, membership information & intuitive and coaching.
readings regarding children’s holistic care.

Northampton Fall 2008 Whole Health Expo Program Guide October 18-19 5
Exhibitors Please visit for updates

Indigo Massage Living Well / Randori Mind

Local healing center offering traditional & alternative modalities Offering Home Workshop Package information, books, DVDs
including massage, CranioSacral therapy, acupuncture & and CDs designed to resolve stressors and improve your life by
consultations with our holistic physician. adding direction and skills that apply to personal and professional
Infinite Branches
Infinite Branches designs and produces unique wooden items Many Hands
and offers a line of fine furniture all infused with healing energy, New England’s Magazine for Holistic Health featuring articles
including yoga and meditation stools, keepsake boxes, medallions, on alternative medicine, spirituality, metaphysics, herbology,
pendulums and more! interviews with national authors, book, music and product reviews
and more!
Institute of Healing Arts & Science
Experience an Energy Medicine treatment and interpretation by a Mud Pie Productions
well-trained Practitioner in the Healing Arts and learn about this Selling musical instruments for people of all ages: drums. singing
healing school, the only one with medical internships. bowls, rainsticks, chimes, gongs, ocean drums, tambourines,
buffalo drums and more!
Advanced Nutritional Cleansing programs for optimal health and Neosis Magazine
safe, rapid weight release. With a focus on spirtituality, healthier living, everyday life and the
knowledge of living within the means of our environment, every
Jafra Cosmetics Int. - Spagirl issue exhibits a mind, body and soul approach in articles, tips and
Jafra’s exclusive Royal Jelly skincare samples, free skincare commentary on a wide array of holistic subjects.
consulting with opportunity to win free one-hour pampering
session with friends, including free product. Stop by also for Book Nikken -Total Wellness Company
Signing for “The Clear Skin Diet” by author Dr. Valori Treloar. Natural prevention focused on Health & Wellness products that
relieve stress, discomfort and improve quality of sleep, including
Jerry Marchand Harp and Crystals water, air, whole food nutrition and exercise products. Increase
Original work, Celtic harp CDs and natural, self-collected minerals energy, balance & strength without drugs or side effects!
and crystals.
Northeast Center for Youth & Families
Journeys of Transformation Learn about being a foster care parent from a non-profit agency
Flower essence remedies are a form of homeopathic energy that provides quality, community-based services for children and
medicine with a powerful ability to balance negative mental and families. Commitment, caring, respect and accountability underlie
emotional states. Come by our booth to find out how they can our mission.
help you.
“Or So It Seems” by Paul Stone
Juice Plus - Whole Food Nutrition A uniquely comic novel with a spiritual point of view. A wild ride
Nutritional information, pamphlets, and posters of fruits and that cuts across karma, reincarnation, wisdom schools, soul mates
vegetables. Come see a short informational video presentation and a guru with an incurable case of the giggles. You have never
about our nutritional supplements and what we can do for you! before read a novel like this.
Julianna Kallas Pioneer Health Awareness
Julianna is an intuitive coach/psychic medium who also reads Ergonomic posture and foot analysis offered by Pioneer Health
auras and Tarot. She will channel information to help you help Awareness, providing businesses in the pioneer valley with on-site
yourself. health and wellness services.
Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health Psychic Readings by Helen Eli
Out of the ordinary but close to home, Kripalu Center, a yoga and Readings, Palm reading, Psychic Readings, Tarot Card Readings,
health retreat center, offers more than 750 educational programs Pet Readings, Angel Readings, Past Life Readings, Crossing
and spiritual retreats, including residential immersion trainings in over.
massage therapy, Ayurveda and yoga teaching.
Quantum Alliance
Leta Herman - Acupressure Experience Quantum Biofeedback Stress Analysis, an advanced
Acupressure, energy, massage based on the principals of Chinese stress detection and reduction technology. Offering 30-minute
Massage. sessions for $20.
The LibertyBra Quantum Life Management Center
Discover the most comfortable bra in the world. Transformational products to align body, mind and spirit. Offering
Life In Motion LLC/ Nia Technique readings, coaching, workshops and retreats.
Come see a video of the Nia technique. Nia Technique books and Redsky Healing
a beginner’s CD called Global Unity available. Native American gifts including jewelry, CDs, tobacco, sage,
drums, flutes, medicine bags, smudge kits, pottery, massage. Also
offering Readings & Healings with Michael Redsky.
6 Northampton Fall 2008 Whole Health Expo Program Guide October 18-19
Volunteers needed.
HeartSong Health Work 4 hours and receive
free weekend admission.
Integral Naturopathic Medicine
Health for Life for Mind, Body and Spirit Morning and afternoon shifts still
Naturopathy, homeopathy and Ayurveda unite
to create a personalized approach to health care and education
that integrates modern science and ancient wisdom
For info email
to heal body, mind, and spirit.
Dr. Ani Hawkinson, Ph.D., N.D.
Primary naturopathic care, Ayurvedic counseling and
therapies, classical homeopathy, Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy,
biological and functional diagnostics, Enneagram
self –awareness counseling, specialized yoga classes,
community health education.

36A Old Town Road, Putney, VT 05346


Private insurance, Medicaid, VHAP, Dr. Dynosaur accepted.

Tax-exempt status as 501(c )(3) anticipated September 2008.

9œ}> Caring Foster Parents Needed
/i>V…iÀ Northea s t C enter
for Youth a nd Fa milies
/À>ˆ˜ˆ˜} We are committed to providing foster care
and other quality services to foster children.
In order to reach our goal, we need kind and
compassionate people to open their hearts
and homes to children in need.

We Provide:
t Pre-Service Training
t 24 Hour Supportive Services
t Detailed Treatment Plan
t Tax Free Daily Stipend
t $1,000 Sign On Bonus
t $600 Referral Bonus
t Weekly Case Management Services
Certification Program. Learn to share the gifts of yoga
with children ages 3-11 during this fun and interactive weekend! Contact Barbara Kopacz
Northeast Center for Youth and Families, Inc
October 25 & 26 - YogaLife Institute Wayne, PA 203 East Street, Easthampton, MA 01027
November 15 & 16 - O2 Yoga Boston, MA Phone: (413) 529-7342 Fax: (413) 529-7889
March 7 & 8 - Dover Yoga Studio Dover, NH
Discover it. Live it.
® 1975

Total Wellness Company

Healthy Body
Healthy Mind
Healthy Family
Healthy Society
Healthy Finances
Air, Water, Sleep Systems, Whole Food Nutrition,
Fitness, Cooking, Exercise, Magnetics &
Far-Infrared Technologies, Weight Loss,
Skin Care, Discomfort, Stress, Low Energy & more.
* Leader in Prevention and Wellness *
Gary Domurad
Independent International Certified Wellness Consultant

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learning disabilities  depression  anger
����������������������������������� ������ ��������� addiction  lack of focus  anxiety  fear
������������������������������������� ����������� ����� smoking cessation  jealousy  insomnia
�������������������������� ����� ����������������� physical and emotional shock & trauma
�������������������������� �� �������� �������� low self-esteem  stress  major illnesses
finding your life path  pregnancy/childbirth
����� ������� ���� �������������������� ������������ major life changes/transitions  much more
������� ��������� ������ ���� ���������������������
��� ������ ������������

Sean Martinez-Dantonet, BFRP
Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner
Please visit for updates Exhibitors
Rosie Pearson, Karuna Reiki® Stephanie Powers - Custom Jewelry
Experience twenty minutes of Karuna Reiki®, a Reiki practice Custom-made, unique jewelry, featuring sterling silver and semi-
that increases the power and focuses the intention of the session. precious gemstones, copper cuffs and crystals.
Come and try it!
Taliloquay Essences
Round Sky Music Flower essences, gem elixirs, silk scarves and information on
Ambient New Age music of Grammy-nominated composer Paul Shamballa Multidimensional Healing.
The Joy is in the Journey
Science of Spirituality Betty Hill Crowson is a Holistic Life Coach, Retreat Director,
Dedicated to peace, unity, & service, we offer information about Speaker/Trainer and author of The Joy is in the Journey: A Woman’s
free classes, seminars & retreats on meditation and spiritual living, Guide Through Crisis and Change.
under direction of Sant Rajinder Singh, teacher of meditation on
the inner light and sound of God. The Universal Healer
Free Soul Consciousness transmissions, Auric Clearing and
Shake Your Soul® Soul Calibrations. Dr. Scott trains Master Universal Healers and
Daniel Leven of Leven Institute for Expressive Movement offers provides distance-only private healing and Ascension sessions.
teacher training program Shake Your Soul®. Get information,
brochures and flyers about our training program and local classes The Vac Store
and see classes in action on our website. Helping improve indoor environmental quality by providing
solutions for your home or office, including air filtration, water
Shaman’s Dream quality, and non-toxic cleaning products and supplies.
Mystery, Sparkle, Intrigue & Light--and that’s just the stones!
Healing and knowledge can be gathered in abundance also. Vemma and Verve! Liquid Nutrition
Create abundance or divinity through a reading. Stones, minerals, Taste-testing two delicious complete nutritional supplements. All
essences, statuary & aromatherapy. It’s only a short walk away! your vitamins, minerals and antioxidants in 2 oz. a day or in the
world’s “Insanely Healthy Energy Drink” Verve!
Share the Sweater
Energy & Intuitive Healing, training in meditation, stress relief Vita-Mix
& loving kindness. Your resource for healing and good health, Vita-Mix delivers taste
& nutrition in four easy processes. Offering blenders, accessories,
Silpada Designs soy powder and samples of smoothies, soups, salsa’s.
All Silpada Designs handcrafted jewelry is the finest .925 sterling
silver complimented with semi-precious gemstones and natural Waters of Life USA Hydrogen Rich Water
materials. 25 years of clinical research, the H2 Water Sticks go far beyond
the health benifits of ionized water for the best health promoting
Silver Twist water available.
Vibrant hand-made silver jewelry by international designers in
collaboration with master Balinese Silversmiths. Wellness From Within
Balance your Body and Enhance your “Life Force” with essential
simply fitness for the spirit, mind and body whole food supplements. We’re offering the best of land and sea
Providing holistic services for the spirit, mind and body to help for your Complete Wellness.
people get unstuck and move forward with their lives. Offering
books, CDs, card decks, artwork as well as Intuitive Readings. Western Mass. Coaches Alliance
Come learn about this professional coaching community
Sisters of Avalon organization, membership, what coaching is and it’s value to
Psychic readings. individuals and organizations. Individual coaches will be presenting
information and samples of their coaching services.
SolutionFinders - AirSource/Shaklee
Next generation air and water purification; natural nutrition, skin
and personal care products and cosmetics; earth-friendly, non- Certified Glycemic Friendly, 100% Organic Chocolate that
toxic cleaners. promotes healthy weight loss and healthy blood sugar levels and
also kills the bacteria that can cause cavities.
Somatics Institute
A worldwide resource and educational center for the general Zen Yoga - Remember to Breathe
field of somatics and somatic education, healthcare, science and Zen Yoga is a holistic practice combining Tai Chi, Qigong and Yoga
philosophy. providing programs as well as Books, DVDs, CDs and instruction
on how to live a happier, healthier life.
Spiritual/Past Life Readings
Cheri offers Life Path and Spiritual Readings. Zrii - Body.Mind.Spirit Wellness
Spiritual Web Communications, LLC Zrii is a liquid nutritional supplement based on Ayurvedic
Tarot Reader, Medium and Spirit Artist. botanicals and endorsed by the Chopra Center for Wellbeing and
is a health & wealth generating opportunity.

Northampton Fall 2008 Whole Health Expo Program Guide October 18-19 10
Special Event! 6:30-8:00pm
Northampton Room

Inspired Living
Steve Maraboli
Tickets - $35 (Buy at registration counter or call
Are you ready to hear philosophies
and practical strategies designed
to help you live a truly inspired
life? Learn to fuel yourself with the
blessings of each day and propel
yourself to greatness. It’s time for a
To d a y i s a n e w d a y !
Steve Maraboli has risen to international
prominence by delivering highly effective speeches
and programs that help people shake off mediocrity,
destroy personal barriers and attract happiness,
success and excellence.
Opening Meditation by Michael Redsky of Redsky Medicine
Northampton Hampshire Southampton Berkshire
10am The Safety of Chinese Flower essences and the
The Autism Connection
Herbal Medicine Law of Attraction
Leon Favreau
Eve Luneta Sean Martinez-Dantonet
The Afterlife and Soulmates
11am Trish Casimira
Confessions of an
Honoring our grandmothers You've got the Power. Use it!
Overweight Dietitian
Michael Redsky Shelley Hines
Bill Bradley

noon Energy Medicine and

Healing through Chakras
Fibromyalgia Mercury: The Toxin and You Foster Parenting
Gail E. Frey
Dr. Dorothy Martin- Dr. Mark Wisniewski Theresa Gordon
(for Ravi Ratan)
Schedule of Events

The Path to Enlightenment
MANifest Mr. Right with Yin The Writing Of A "Spiritual
through Breathing, Creating Divinity
Yang Dating Strategies Page-Turner"
Movement and Meditation Elizabeth Tallman
Ronnie Ann Ryan Paul Steven Stone
Aaron Hoopes

2pm All Done Weighting, Stop

Relax and Communicate Transitioning the Fourth to
Chirp or Get Off the Twig Dieting and Lose Weight
Everything the Fifth Dimension
Betty Hill Crowson Forever
Greg Chenevert Cheri Evans
Cathy Barber

Heal your Body with Breath Reclaiming the Spirit Ways Staying Sane in an Insane
Your History, Your Destiny
& Movement of our Ancient Ancestors World
Steve Maraboli
Rita Lang Andras Corban-Arthen Dr. Alan Hughes

4pm Transmission Meditation and

Flower Essences and Gem
Choices in the Afterlife The Other Reiki the Ageless Wisdom
Gretchen Vogel Rosie Pearson Teaching
Phyllis Brooks
Ed Shea

The Mechanics of Seven Ways to Become

Northampton Fall 2008 Whole Health Expo Program Guide October 18-19
Druid Magic with Trees Why Yoga for Children?
Mediumship Willing to Forgive
Ellen Evert Hopman Lisa Flynn
Rev. Stephen Hermann Pat Mazzola

6pm Closing Meditation by Clare Vidich, Science of Spirituality. * Exhibit Hall closes at 6:30pm.
Please visit for updates

Special Event: Steve Maraboli - Inspired Living! 6:30-8pm Tickets: $35*

*Tickets for this event must be purchased at our registration counter or by calling 413.584.0010
Opening Meditation by Denise Delsie, Science of Spirituality
Northampton Hampshire Southampton Berkshire

Clearing out the Blocks of The Clear Skin Diet:
The Joy is in the Journey
ALL Bodies Controlling Acne
Betty Hill Crowson
Ellen Donovan Townsend Valori Treloar
Stone People's Medicine
11am Michael Redsky
Reclaiming Your Power, Quantum Biofeedback:
Integral Naturopathic
Passion and Health Re-Educating Body's Stress
Medicine and You
Dr. Dorothy Martin- Response for Max. Vitality
Dr. Ani Hawkinson
Neville Lori Strolin

noon Calibrate your Soul

Power of Breath: Survival You Are What You Think You
Contract, God Power, and
Tools for the 21st Century Are
Patricia Bowden-Luccardi Laurie Wheeler
Applied Prosperity...It's Not Dr. Gregory M. Scott
a Secret
1pm Tim Harris Ghost Point Treatment:
Please visit for updates

What's Your Body Really

Source Energy Alignment in Hypnotrition
Telling You
Classical Chinese Tradition Deborah Yaffee
Priscilla Bengtson
Leta Herman

2pm To Supplement or Not to

FIVE Elements Healing Somatics: The Warmup for Take a Spin on the Wellness
Supplement...THAT is the
Breath your Whole Life Wheel
Aaron Hoopes Steven Aronstein Pamela Burris
Katie Kelley

3pm The Chakras in Shamanic Shake Your Soul® -

Children as Teachers
Practice: Eight Stages of Experience the Joy of Resonance
Debbie Gleadow & Sara
Healing and Transformation Dance! Harold Bates
Susan J. Wright Daniel Leven


Northampton Fall 2008 Whole Health Expo Program Guide October 18-19
Demonstration of Spirit Space As A Gateway To The Meditation - Connecting
Money and Me
Communication Soul Body, Mind, Spirit
Marcia Bloomberg
Rev. Stephen Hermann Terry Cline Dr. Matthew Raider

Closing Meditation by Michael Redsky of Redsky Healing

Schedule of Events

5pm Exhibit hall closes. Come again next year!

Saturday, October 18 Presentations & Workshops
10:00-11:45 Eve, a licensed Acupuncturist, tive thought patterns as well Bill, a Dietitian and author,
Northampton certified Chinese Herbal Medi- immediate situations. has experienced the highs and
cine Practitioner and registered lows of weight management
The Afterlife nurse, has been in practice for Sean has over 25 years of and the physical, emotion and
and Soul Mates almost 8 years. experience with Flower Essence mental stresses that accom-
Remedies and is a Bach Foun- pany this issue. Join him for
Trish Casimira 10:00-10:45 dation Registered Practitioner. his “confessions” and learn how
Southampton She has many years of experi- his experience can positively
ence in the mental health and impact you.
The Autism holistic health fields.
Connection (In Bill, a Registered Dietitian and
Northampton) 11:00-11:45 author who has presented over
1,500 workshops and cooking
Leon Favreau
Honoring our demonstrations, offers health
Gain insight from an energy information presented in a fun
Each soul takes a particular Grandmothers manner that is easy to under-
journey after death, visiting worker’s experiences working
places in the afterlife before with autistic clients. Leon will Michael Redsky stand and incorporate.
convening with their counsel talk about issues related to
autism based on the work and 11:00-11:45
of elders to chose the next
life. We travel life after life research he has done over the Berkshire
with the same group of souls, last five years.
You’ve got the
changing roles in each life to Leon Favreau, a certified Power. Use it!
help each other learn lessons. practitioner of Reconnective
The person in your life who Healing and the Reconnection,
Shelley Hines
has loved you the most and the is a civil engineer, a former Come learn why the drum is
one who has broken your heart wood products manufacturer a sacred object as well as how
may both be your soul mates. and owner of Infinite Branches, to bless and honor her in the
Trish will discuss Between Life which produces energized wood Native American Tradition.
memories and the Soul Group items.
experience. Proud son of the Cherokee
10:00-10:45 people and committed Sun
Trish Casimira, MA, CH, is an Dancer of the Wo Pila, Mi-
experienced hypnotherapist and Berkshire Our foods, thoughts and emo-
chael offers Native American
is a Certified Life Between Lives Flower Essences practices, visionary readings, tions play a significant role in
Regressionist. and the Law of animal communication, flute how our bodies & minds per-
Attraction playing, crystals and massage form. Optimum health depends
and provides teaching, heal- on choices we make everyday
Hampshire Sean Martinez- ing practices and ceremonies in the face of challenging ex-
The Safety of Dantonet throughout the United States periences and environments.
and Europe. Join us for a fun, interactive
Chinese Herbal seminar and learn simple ways
Medicine 11:00-11:45 to identify and release silent
Eve Luneta Southampton stressors.

Confessions of Shelley, a talented Holistic

an Overweight Therapist, has been empower-
ing others in matters of their
Dietitian health for over 10 years. She
The Law of Attraction says Bill Bradley teaches with genuine com-
that our mental states and emo-
passion, easy-to-understand
tions are what dictate what we
concepts and belly-laugh wit.
manifest in our lives. Flower
Come learn about Chinese
essences work directly on Hey, it’s lunchtime! See ads on
Herbal Medicine and its ef-
negative mental and emotional p.15 for ideas, then stop by the
fectiveness in the treatment of
states. Learn how to use these special food concession area.
pain, respiratory conditions &
powerful tools to help you
other internal medical condi-
move through life-long nega-
14 Northampton Fall 2008 Whole Health Expo Program Guide October 18-19
Stop by our concessions at the expo. Try items such as such as
Mango Yogurt Shake, Tibetan Tea, Vegetable Fried Noodles. Try our special
Tibetan Dumplings (Beef, Chicken, Yak*, or Vegetable) or Vegan Potato
Dumplings. *Yak meat is 95-97% lean.

Also join us at our restaurant. Serving lunch and dinner.

159 Main St. Northampton, MA (413) 586-5427

Eat at the expo cafe area: CONVENIENT & DELICIOUS Foods

Including CONVENTIONAL, ORGANIC, and VEGAN options

Eat well. Be well.

The Cup and Top Cafe
is pleased to support
Whole Health Expo 2008

We will be on hand
throughout the day offering
fresh baked goods,
light meals, teas,
fair trade, organic coffee and
other beverages.

1 N. Main St. in downtown Florence

Free Initial Exam & Acupuncture Treatment
for Pain (Gift Certificate)
── Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine of New England
Free 40-Minute Consultation with Certified Holistic Health
Counselor, Cathy Barber, the Anti-Diet Expert (Gift Certificate)
── All Done Weighting
Inner Self Package: 4oz. Aroma Mist (Celestial Solace),
4oz Positive Topical Solution and “Enhance My Calm”
self-hypnosis CD (courtesy of Mindtripproductions)
── Aqua Fortis
Sea Source Re-Mineralizing Body Lotion from Detox Spa line
── Arbonne International
Some Faery Thing (ask the Faery!): perhaps a Faery
Tee Pee, Pyramid or Crystal DRAWINGS TWICE
── Ask The Faery to Assist You
Special Surprise Prizes
── Being in Harmony EXHIBIT HALL.
Healthy Chocolate Gift Bag

── Chocolate Paradise

Full Initial Dental Workup: includes photographs, radiographs,
doctor exam and treatment plan (Gift Certificate)
── Dr. Mark A. Wisniewski, DDS
$20 Gift Certificate you can use at our booth at the show 5:50p.m. & SUNDAY
── Ellery’s Old Red Store
AT 4:50p.m.
Exclusive Personal Development Program CD: “Are You in Your
Driver’s Seat” and Personal Maintenance Log (PML)


── eMerge Coaching Services

Free Book
── Grail Foundation of America
Special Surprise Gift
── Infinite Branches
Your Soul Sings, Your Body Dances, Dr. Dorothy Martin-
Neville’s latest book. Learn how we contribute to our ill health
unknowingly, and how we can learn to personally turn that
around. You Could Win:
── Institute of Healing Arts & Science
Book &
30-Count Package of IsaDelights, the happy chocolate dietary Teleclass
supplement to lift mood, satisfy cravings and improve focus Series
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One-Hour Skincare Pampering Session: Color Consult, a Free Full
Product and $20 Spending Coupon for Product Hill Crowson!!!
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One-Hour Complimentary Reiki Session Gift Certificates (Three
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Valuable gifts Three Round Sky Music CDs :-)
provided by ── Round Sky Music

our many
Inner & Outer Peace through Meditation by HH Sant Rajinder
Singh Ji Maharaj #1 best seller in Best Meditation Book

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Angel Guidance Package: includes book, CD and card deck
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Exhibitors! Bottle 25 fl. oz. of Zrii
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A Holistic Journal
Inner Tapestry
Celebrating & Supporting LIFE! E

June/July 2008 u THE ART OF u Volume 7, No . 1

A Holistic Journal
Celebrating & Supporting LIFE!


Cyan Magenta Yellow Black


6 Kristin Lane
Raymond, ME 04071

u Herbology Today u Modern Shamanic Living ~ Frodo Lives!

u So Why Punish The Kids? u Destination Healing SNE ~ A Simply Abundant Life

u Becoming More Fully Human u Feng Shui ~ 7 Core Principles for Health & Wellness Part 2

u Autism: A Spiritual Perspective u Destination Healing NNE ~ Simplicity Through Movement

free services for

Women Living with Breast Cancer
and Survivors
Cooley Dickinson Hospital’s
Center for Complementary Therapies
Under the Susan G. Komen for the Cure Grant, women living with a diagnosis of breast cancer are
eligible to receive three free complementary therapy sessions at Cooley Dickinson Hospital.

For more information or to make an appointment, please contact Bridget Griffin Thompson, coordinator,
at (413) 582-2424 or,
or visit our Web site,

18 Northampton Fall 2008 Whole Health Expo Program Guide October 18-19
Presentations & Workshops Saturday, October 18
12:00-12:45 the body responsible for energy Cosmetic Dentistry, practices
metabolism, are the transfer dentistry that is minimally inva-
points for our thoughts and sive and whole-body oriented.
Energy emotions. They affect the func-
Medicine and tioning of our endocrine glands 12:00-12:45
Fibromyalgia and vital organs and are affected
by our mental/emotional states. Berkshire
Dr. Dorothy When Chakras are balanced Becoming a
Martin-Neville we experience vitality, health
Foster Parent Active participation workshop
and body ecstatic; while daily for anyone seeking to inte-
stress can result in imbalance Theresa Gordon grate healthy habits into their
and physical, physiological daily life. Focusing on the
and emotional disorders. Come basic principles of Zen Yoga,
learn how you can heal and including elements of yoga, Tai
balance Chakras with essential Chi and Qigong breathing. This
oils, crystals, yoga, meditation, workshop will allow you to feel
etc. the flow of energy through your
Is there is a research-proven, body. Everyone welcome; no
drug-free, supplement-free, Gail, a certified Reiki Master,
studies other energy medicine, prior experience needed.
exercise-free approach you can Come and learn about becom-
learn that can help minimize or hands-on therapies and holistic Aaron, of Zen Yoga and author of
health modalities and is a ing a foster care parent, training
eliminate the pain and distress books, CD’s and DVD’s to help
distributor of Young Living and support services available
of fibromyalgia? YES! “The people become more mindful
W.I.S.E. Method” research Essential Oils. She has worked from local non-profit organiza- of their bodies, including “Zen
participants reclaimed their with the EPFX in Quantum tions, as well as the special Yoga: A Path for Enlightenment
passion, joy and laughter in 8 Biofeedback. challenges, goals and rewards Through Breathing, Movement
weeks. Learn how The W.I.S.E. of being a foster parent of ado- and Meditation,” has been a
Method can resolve fibromyal- 12:00-12:45
lescents. Information regarding student of martial arts, yoga
gia and other conditions. Southampton
additional resources will be and traditional Eastern heal-
Dorothy, founder of the Institute Mercury: The provided for those who want to ing arts for over 25 years. His
of Healing Arts and Sciences, Toxin and You workshops provide a fresh
learn more.
look at traditional methods of
international healer, author and Dr. Mark Wisniewski holistic health.
speaker, has been featured on Theresa, a Case Manager for
50+ radio/TV shows regarding Our planet Earth has been Northeast Center for Youth
inundated with one of the most 1:00-1:45
energy medicine, the W.I.S.E. and Families, Inc. for the past
(TM) Method and psycho- toxic elements known to man: Hampshire
10 years, specializes in family-
therapy. mercury. We need to educate MANifest Mr.
ourselves so that we may better based services. The Center is a
12:00-12:45 avoid this and other heavy metal non profit-agency that provides Right with Yin
toxicity. We will discuss sources high quality, community-based Yang Dating
of mercury in the environment treatment services for children, Strategies
Healing Through and how and where mercury adolescents and their families. Ronnie Ann Ryan
Chakras affects your body, including
potential symptoms and dis- 1:00-1:45
Gail E. Frey eases that are associated with Northampton
(Ravi Ratan program) mercury toxicity.
The Path to
A passionate practitioner of
dentistry for twenty-two years Enlightenment
(twelve years mercury-free), Dr. through
Wisniewski, DDS, member of Breathing, Suddenly single again? Frus-
International Academy of Oral
Movement and trated with dating? Wonder-
Medicine and Toxicology and
ing where the good men are?
American Academy of Cosmetic Meditation Discover seven crucial dating
Dentistry, and past president of
Chakras, the energy centers of the New England Academy of Aaron Hoopes strategies that will turn things

Northampton Fall 2008 Whole Health Expo Program Guide October 18-19 19
Saturday, October 18 Presentations & Workshops
around! Find out how to cap- A “Spiritual Coach and author, offers prag- Learn how we all can com-
ture his attention and his heart, matic and results-oriented municate and resolve situations
who should pay and why a Page-Turner” solutions. She has conducted effectively when we apply the
positive belief about love and Paul Steven Stone many spiritual retreats and principles of confluence and
dating make all the difference brings insight, compassion and harmony to our personal and
in your success. a good sense of humor to all of professional lives. Greg will
her work. show you the skills you already
Ronnie, the Dating Coach, is a have and provide you with the
speaker and workshop teacher 2:00-2:45 tools you need to accomplish
and author of “MANifesting Hampshire this end.
Mr. Right.” She’s helped over
1,000 people jumpstart or All Done Certified Hypnotherapist, NLP
accelerate their journey to “Or So It Seems” offers a comi- Weighting: Stop and Budo instructor for more
find love. cal look at one man’s spiritual Dieting and Lose than 10 years, Greg offers semi-
journey. In exploring the mys- Weight Forever! nars and training and is author
1:00-1:45 teries of its protagonist’s life, of five books for improving
Southampton the novel reveals mysteries we
Cathy Barber performance, communication
Creating Divinity all must face. Ably assisted by and resolving stressors.
his guides in creating “Or So
Elizabeth Tallman It Seems,” Stone will discuss 2:00-2:45
his writing experience and read Berkshire
from his novel. Transitioning
Paul has been a creative direc- the Fourth
tor, a newspaper columnist, to the Fifth
an environmental and human Interested in losing weight Dimension
rights activist and a dime store without feeling deprived? Lis-
philosopher. He’s currently ten to Cathy Barber, CHHC, Cheri Evans
With rapidly shifting planetary Director of Advertising for W. explain how she stopped diet-
The energy brought about by
energies, it is important that B. Mason. ing, lost 65 pounds and kept
this immense transformation
each person create and anchor it off for 16 years. Employing
period creates upheaval and a
a divine blueprint. What brings 2:00-2:45 humor and joy, Cathy helps you
breakdown of the old paradigms.
you joy and fulfillment may find freedom from compulsive
Northampton We are now living in times when
conflict with patterns that need eating and dieting by tapping
Chirp or Get the veils of illusion are being
to be released. How you see into inner guidance. Meet the
lifted; people are experiencing
yourself as a reflection of the Off the Twig founder of All Done Weighting
mental, emotional and physical
and take home your own free
divine is essential to your Betty Hill Crowson mini-workbook.
stress as well as breakdowns.
empowerment. Let Elizabeth What was known as permanent
be your guide to help you find For 25 years, Cathy Barber reality is beginning to shift.
peace, love, joy and empow- excelled at the weight game, The Universe is birthing itself
erment through your divine trying every diet available. into a higher level of vibra-
blueprint. Worn out from losing and tion and frequency--a battle
Elizabeth, owner of Shaman’s gaining over 1,000 pounds, between light and darkness,
Dream and Green Dragon she stopped dieting 18 years head and heart. We will discuss
Healing, has traveled exten- ago, lost 65 pounds and never the biological, neurological and
Feeling stuck in procrastina- regained it. She shares her planetary influences affecting us
sively working with Shamans tion, indecision or confusion?
and Guides on both sides of story to help others win the and two methods that will help
Then come hear Betty Hill same food freedom she did. individuals who struggle with
the veil. She has been on the Crowson, Holistic Life Coach
path of service for over ten great uncertainty. Questions
and Author, as she outlines an 2:00-2:45 will be taken in the last ten
years and would love to be of 8-step plan of action guaranteed
service to you. Southampton minutes.
to help you suit up and show up
to make your dreams and goals Relax and Cheri, a Clairvoyant and Teach-
1:00-1:45 er, has been doing Spiritual
materialize. Communicate
Berkshire Advising and Intuitive Readings
Betty Hill Crowson, a licensed
The Writing Of for 25 years, specializing in
social Worker, Holistic Life Greg Chenevert Soul & Past Life work. She
20 Northampton Fall 2008 Whole Health Expo Program Guide October 18-19
Presentations & Workshops Saturday, October 18
identifies patterns that cause being. Rita shares the wonderful an Insane World within the potential for another
conflict in your life and works energy created through simple lifetime on earth.
as a channel engaging with breath and movement practice. Dr. Allan Hughes
your higher self and guides to Come as you are. Sitting and Gretchen has been a practicing
bring forth information. standing exercises only. Ev- trance medium since the early
eryone welcome, no experience 1980s, providing a degree of
3:00-3:45 necessary. solace to grieving families all
Northampton over the country. Her book
Rita, a certified Yoga instruc- “Choices In The Afterlife” eases
Your History, tor with twenty years training people’s fear of what those they
Your Destiny & teaching experience, is the love might experience beyond
chief instructor for Zen Yoga the death transition.
Steve Maraboli Connecticut and a naturopathic
How do we wake up our sleep-
ing bliss? Great teachers tell us
nutritional counselor licensed everything is within us. Learn 4:00-4:45
in massage therapy. how to access your true inner Hampshire
nature which connects you to Flower Essences
3:00-3:45 joy, wisdom, all life and all and Gem Elixirs
Southampton love. Learn a simple technique
Reclaiming the of meditation on the Inner Light Phyllis Brooks
that will help you manifest
Spirit Ways of happiness from within yourself.
This inspiring presentation has
become an international favor-
our Ancient Includes a meditation sitting.
ite. Steve delivers a heart-felt Ancestors
Dr. Hughes, DC, is a national
and powerful outlook on life, Andras Corban- speaker whose programs focus
your purpose, your history and
your destiny. This is one show
Arthen on Jyoti meditation as a power-
you will not soon forget! ful technique for personal and
spiritual growth. Come for a discussion that is
Steve Maraboli has risen to tailored to participant interest
international prominence by 4:00-4:45 about vibrational flower es-
delivering highly effective Northampton sences and gem elixirs. Learn
speeches and programs that about how essences are made,
help people shake off medioc-
Choices in the choosing the right ones for
rity, destroy personal barriers Afterlife you, the benefits, ways to clear
and attract happiness, success, Indigenous European peoples Gretchen Vogel attitudes and emotions from
and excellence. had very similar spiritual be- the past, using homeopathic
liefs and practices to those of potencies and whatever else you
3:00-3:45 other aboriginal cultures in the would like to know! Our ses-
Hampshire Americas, Africa, Australia, etc. sion together concludes with a
Come learn how some of those meditation using essence sprays
Heal your Body traditions, centered on living and unconditional love energies
with Breath in a sacred relationship with to clear our chakras.
& Movement Nature, have survived into the
present and what they have to Phyllis, of Taliloquay Essences,
Rita Lang offer us.
Everything we do in the af-
has been making and teaching
terlife can be considered one
of the following processes: about essences since 1984 and
Andras, director of the Earth- is a Shamballa MDH teacher,
self-realization, assimilation,
Spirit Community and a board a master/teacher of 13 Dimen-
member of the Parliament of healing or progression. This
sional Shamballa, a practitioner
the World’s Religions, teaches talk centers “Choices In The
of Soul Wisdom Remote Energy
about the indigenous European Afterlife,” a book detailing our
Clearing and has studied sound
spiritual traditions throughout after-death processes. Without
the U.S. and abroad. the physical body, we begin
Learn what the true meaning our deceased experience near 4:00-4:45
of healing is and allow that 3:00-3:45 the earth and progress until we Southampton
understanding to lead you Berkshire choose either to ascend (return
inwards to the core of your The Other Reiki
to God/Source) or to remain
Staying Sane in
Northampton Fall 2008 Whole Health Expo Program Guide October 18-19 21
Saturday, October 18 Presentations & Workshops
Rosie Pearson workshops around the country
and released a CD of Yoga
Little known fact about Reiki: Songs for Children.
it isn’t only for pain relief!
Reiki leads you directly to 5:00-5:45
your intuitive self, the part Berkshire
that knows who you really are,
where you are going and how Seven Ways to
to get there. Join Rosie Pearson, Is there life after death? And, if In celebration of her two new Become Willing
Reiki Master and Intuitive books, Ellen will discuss the to Forgive
so, is it possible to communicate
Healer, for a discussion filled herbal and magical properties
with possibilities. with the spirit world? Learn the Pat Mazzola
of trees that grow in our area.
science of mediumship, what it Learn to identify and use local For so many of us, the biggest
Rosie is a Usui Reiki and Kar- is and how it works. Discover trees for health and magic! hurdle in the process of healing
una Reiki® Master Teacher and
your latent intuitive abilities is becoming WILLING TO
Intuitive Healer in Amherst, Ellen is an herbal instructor,
and learn how to safely and FORGIVE. In this 45-minute
Massachusetts, with special a Druid Priestess and author
interest in herbal medicine and effectively receive accurate talk Pat will show you specific
of the new books “Priestess
Flower Essence Therapy. spirit messages for yourself ways to shift your perceptions
of the Forest: A Druid Jour-
and deal with your feelings
and others. Topics include: ney,” (Llewellyn, 2008) and “A
4:00-4:45 based on an excerpt from her
Claivoyance, Clairaudience and Druid’s Herbal of Sacred Tree
book “Forgiveness As An Act
Clairsentience; Methods of Psy- Medicine” (Inner Traditions
of Power.”
Transmission Bear & Co., 2008) and other
chic Protection that Work; the volumes.
Meditation and Pat, a certified Angel Therapy
Aura and Etheric Body; How
Practitioner, Medium and au-
the Ageless to Distinguish Your Imagination 5:00-5:45 thor of the book: “Forgiveness
Wisdom Teaching from Genuine Psychic Impres- Southampton As An Act of Power!,” has also
Ed Shea sions; and much, much more. Why Yoga for been a practicing massage
Stephen will also demonstrate Children? therapist and Reiki Master
Enjoy an overview of transmis- for 15 years and runs spiri-
his mediumship by bringing
sion meditation and the wonder- Lisa Flynn tual gatherings and classes at
ful and optimistic predictions for through spirit communications
Southwestern Massage & Spirit
the future of mankind and life for participants. in Ashland, MA.
on earth, with the help of The
World Teacher and the Masters Reverend Hermann, an interna-
of Wisdom as explained in the tionally acclaimed medium with
Ageless Wisdom Teaching. incredible talent and featured Last door prize
Ed has spent over ten years personality on television and
drawing of the
leading a transmission medita- radio worldwide whose medi-
Learn about how yoga works, day at 5:50
tion group and promoting the umship has been documented the benefits of yoga for chil-
positive message about the by the Associated Press and dren, resources for starting a
future and fascinating informa- other news media, is the direc- practice with children and even
tion from the Ageless Wisdom tor of the Alachua Sanctuary some yoga tools to share with
Teaching. your children TODAY all in this Exhibit Hall
for Spiritual Healing in New
Zealand and teaches parapsy- experiential workshop. Ideal for Closes at 6:00
5:00-5:45 parents, educators, therapists
Northampton chology at Holyoke Community and others who regularly work
Receiving Spirit College. with children. No yoga experi-
Communications: ence necessary. keynote
The Mechanics Lisa, founder of ChildLight address
of Mediumship Yoga, provides yoga programs
The Reverend Druid Magic for children around the ME saturday night
with Trees and NH seacoast areas and
Stephen Hermann developed the Yoga 4 Class- 6:30-8:00
Ellen Evert Hopman rooms® program. She offers

22 Northampton Fall 2008 Whole Health Expo Program Guide October 18-19
Presentations & Workshops Saturday, October 18
Keynote Are you ready to hear that help people shake
Address: philosophies and prac- off mediocrity, destroy
tical strategies designed personal barriers and
Inspired attract happiness, suc-
Living to help you live a truly cess and excellence.
inspired life? Learn to
Steve Maraboli fuel yourself with the Steve Maraboli has
blessings of each day risen to international
Northampton Room and propel yourself to prominence by deliv-
6:30-8:00 ering highly effective
greatness. It’s time for speeches and programs
Tickets - $35 a change.... Steve Maraboli has that help people shake
Buy at registration risen to international off mediocrity, destroy
counter prominence by deliv-
To d a y i s a personal barriers and
ering highly effective
or call 413.584.0010 n e w d a y ! attract happiness, suc-
speeches and programs
cess, and excellence.

Northampton Fall 2008 Whole Health Expo Program Guide October 18-19 23
Services of New England, Inc.
130 College St., Suite 275 South Hadley, MA 01075

Eve Luneta
RN, MAOM, Lic. Ac., Cert. Chinese Herbology
Empowering children to heal and teach
each other holistically, the CHC is a “Youth
Mon & Tue 8-6P
Thu 10-5 Fri 8-4
Tel: (413) 493-1475
FAX: (413) 493-1476
Roots” organization that offers child-focused
holistic community events and workshops as
well as trainings for yourself and your staff.
Nervous or Confused about Dating Today?
Visit our Holistic Counseling Blog
Work with a dating coach to improve your success!
- Get your online profile written by a professional
to dialog with our various Holistic
- Find out the best places to meet people Practioner members!
- Stay motivated and start attracting your mate now!

FREE copy of MANifesting Mr. Right with any service
over $100 & mention the Whole Health Expo. 401-323-7271
Ronnie Ann Ryan has helped 1,000s – Why not you? Intuition First


24 Northampton Fall 2008 Whole Health Expo Program Guide October 18-19
Presentations & Workshops Sunday, October 19
and share take-home-and-try
Looking to grow
Southampton techniques to enhance your

Space As A
home or office. your business?
Gateway To Director of DwellRight Studio, Whole Health Expo
The Soul
which provides SpaceTherapy® provides speaking,
Terry Cline
counseling, Terry offers pre-
sentations nationwide and has
been interviewed on NPR and Once we tap into our inner
advertising, and
participated in a television resources through meditation, sponsorship
program about the beneficial ef- we can experience a profound opportunities. For
fects of well-designed personal
transformation that can enrich more information
all areas of our life. This work-
shop will give you the tools
call 413.584.0010
4:00-4:45 you need to make that trans- and we will be
Drawing on principles from
Berkshire formation a reality. Includes a happy to provide
architectural and interior de- Meditation: meditation sitting. you with the details.
sign, behavioral psychology, Connecting Dr. Raider, MD, a Geriatric Or check our
the ancient art and science of
placement and not-so-common
Body, Mind, Spirit Physician, is medical director of website:
Dr. Matthew 4 health care facilities. He was
sense, Terry, an architect and a faculty member for UCONN
SpaceTherapy® consultant, Raider, MD Medical School Geriatrics Cur-
will give an introductory talk on riculum for many years.
the profound influence personal
environments have on behavior

Ron and Joan

Quantum Energetic
Is at the heart of our offerings.
EOL Rings of Oden*
These unique and powerful Rings create an
energy vortex of net-neutral energy particles
All are Supported that increase light resonance in the body
All are Support causing denser, “stuck” areas to open and
All are Loved flow normally.
All are Love EOL Visionary Acupressure*
This cutting-edge system targets specific frequencies of physical
and psycho-physical tension patterns to disperse blockages and
facilitate rapid and deep release.
Bio Cleanse Ionic Bio-Enhancement System
Energetic Sessions & Raw Food Diet
for our animal companions
Gatherings & Playshops
Supplements & Products For LIFE!
For Sessions in Connecticut and Maine or by phone
Call 860-655-5500 or 207-799-7998
* Created by Aaron & Sue Singleton Founders of The Way To Balance

Northampton Fall 2008 Whole Health Expo Program Guide October 18-19 25

Healthcare Ledger Magazine is the best way

to stay connected to what is happening in the
healthcare community.

• Regional News Briefs

• FDA Updates
• Independent Viewpoints
• Balanced Articles
• Region's largest healthcare

/0)0+0#4.$0. recruitment section

Serving Northampton, MA and Neighboring Towns Annual subscription

with polo-shirt
+0#-*45*/(4 only $32.00
70-6/5&&30110356/*5*&4 SUBSCRIBE TODAY
#64*/&440110356/*5*&4 Email:
For all your employment needs:
Sunday, October 19 Presentations & Workshops
10:00-11:45 through chakra soundings. Controlling of Healing Arts and Sciences,
You will be amazed at how international healer, author and
quickly this works and become Acne speaker, has been featured on
Stone People’s empowered to use clearing Valori Treloar 50+ radio/TV shows regarding
Medicine techniques daily to maintain energy medicine, the W.I.S.E.
your wholeness and movement (TM) Method and psycho-
Michael Redsky within the divine flow. therapy.
High Priestess Witch Ellen 11:00-11:45
Donovan Townsend has offered Southampton
readings and classes on psychic
development and path work- Integral
ing empowerment since 1983, Understand the science behind Naturopathic
including rites of passage, diet and lifestyle changes that Medicine and You
general readings and past-life
In the days of the “Old Ones,” a regressions.
can help you or your loved Dr. Ani Hawkinson
ones improve skin health and
healing was spoken of that was
control acne. This talk includes
so sacred only the Paint Clan 10:00-10:45 concrete suggestions for ac-
ever attempted to unleash its Southampton complishing the changes.
power. As a little one, Michael
assisted his mother with this Finding the Joy Valori Treloar, MD, CNS, co-
healing way. Today after many in the Journey author of The Clear Skin Diet,
years of study he offers this Betty Hill Crowson is the only board-certified der-
lesson to you. You will wit- matologist to be certified by the
ness the use of Crystals, River Integral naturopathic medicine
American College of Nutrition combines the principles of
Stones, as well as the power of as a nutrition specialist. Her
the Crystal Skulls to release the naturopathy with insights into
Integrative Dermatology office the role of consciousness in
Voice of the Sacred Flute and is in Newton, MA.
the Grandmother Drum. With healing brought to us by the
smoke of our elders at the hands 11:00-11:45 ancient medical tradition of
of the Ancient Ones, let yourself Ayurveda and the modern field
come to an understanding of a of Integral Psychology. This
Looking for greater joy in your
truly Native experience! Reclaiming Your will be an interactive presenta-
life? Then come meet life coach
Power, Passion tion where attendees will have
Betty Hill Crowson, author
Proud son of the Cherokee and Health the opportunity to explore to-
of The Joy is in the Journey:
people and committed Sun gether the connection between
Dancer of the Wo Pila, Mi-
A Woman’s Guide Through Dr. Dorothy consciousness and health and
Crisis and Change, as she gives
chael offers Native American hands-on and often humorous Martin-Neville how different dimensions of
practices, visionary readings, individual and community life
suggestions for increasing your
animal communication, flute impact this relationship.
potential for fulfillment, con-
playing, crystals and massage nection and greater purpose.
and provides teaching, heal- Dr. Hawkinson, PhD, ND,
ing practices and ceremonies cross-cultural educator, li-
Betty Hill Crowson, a licensed
throughout the United States censed naturopath, Ayurvedic
social Worker, Holistic Life
and Europe. consultant, yoga teacher and
Coach and author, offers prag-
therapist, practices at Heart-
matic and results-oriented
10:00-10:45 Your soul speaks to you through Song Health In Community,
solutions. She has conducted
your visions of what you can Inc., a nonprofit organization
Hampshire many spiritual retreats and
be, your dreams and through in Putney, VT, that promotes
Clearing out brings insight, compassion and
the energy flow in your body. community health by providing
a good sense of humor to all of
the Blocks of Come learn how to recognize integral naturopathic primary
her work.
ALL Bodies the language, to understand medical care and education.
Ellen Donovan 10:00-10:45 what your soul is saying and
how to jump into your life and
your passion. Berkshire
The Clear Quantum
Learn about aligning the body Skin Diet - Dorothy, founder of the Institute
and clearing out the stuckness Biofeedback:
27 Northampton Fall 2008 Whole Health Expo Program Guide October 18-19
Presentations & Workshops Sunday, October 19
Re-Educating Patricia, LMT, CNMT, a health When you live by old defini-
educator with extensive experi- tions of yourself, there’s only
the Body’s ence in Kundalini Yoga and so far you can go personally,
Stress Response Breath Therapy, is currently a scholastically or professionally.
for Maximum staff Neuromuscular Therapist And these limits can also mani-
Vitality at Canyon Ranch Medical Spa fest into physical conditions.
specializing in breath educa- You have the power to realize
Lori Strolin tion. your full potential. This is an
Learn how dramatically stress There are four parts to any ex- invitation to gain insight and
affects our health and how change and 50 ways to go about 12:00-12:45 skill to shape your life.
quantum biofeedback can it! If you don’t know what the Southampton
parts of a recipe are or how to Laurie, a personal development
facilitate ease and healing Calibrate your coach and homeopathic prac-
from many kinds of stress and flavor it, then what’s it gonna
taste like? Tired of the sour? Soul Contract, titioner since 1995, has taught
dis-ease. See for yourself that programs to people of all ages,
the body is indeed electric and Come and learn the perfect God Power
recipe for your prosperity. and Karma individually and in groups. Her
that energy does effect matter. inspiring approach focuses
Learn how to utilize the laws Corporate consultant and psy- Dr. Gregory M. Scott on a state of wellness for both
of quantum physics to achieve chic for many years. After a 40 mind and body, nurturing one
maximum health and vitality. day and night experience in mid on a path to find and develop a
Whether you are looking to Maine that was so intense his more authentic self. She hosts a
improve your own personal pores seeped blood as well as new live radio program called
wellness or help your clients being struck by lighting twice Journey into Wellness and has
feel better faster, what you (not on the same day), Tim produced a new CD for personal
discover in this workshop will brings a desire to be of service journeying and meditation.
help! with the wisdom he received.
Dr. Scott, the Grand Master 1:00-1:45
Lori integrates her skills as
12:00-12:45 Universal Healer, will dem- Hampshire
a biofeedback practitioner,
Hampshire onstrate how to calibrate your
social worker and yoga teacher Ghost Point
Soul contract, God power and
with a well-rounded knowl- Power of Treatment:
karma. Experience Soul and
edge of herbs, homeopathy, Breath: Survival God Ascension. Group healing Source Energy
nutrition, flower essences and
Tools for the will be provided. Alignment in
aromatherapy. She teaches and
trains other practitioners on 21st Century Grand Master Universal the Classical
biofeedback, yoga and stress Patricia Bowden- Healer Dr. Scott trains healers Chinese
management throughout New
England. Her strong commit-
Luccardi and provides distance-only Tradition
private healing and Ascension
ment to educating and empow- sessions. Leta Herman
ering people of all ages, races
and abilities assists her clients 12:00-12:45
in achieving optimal health, Berkshire
vitality, joy and wellness. In
her teaching and counseling You Are What
she fosters a deep personal You Think
reverence for spirit, heart and
We live in a period of rapid
You Are
change. We can quickly alter Laurie Wheeler Anything from parasites to
emotional states and reduce inherited illness to emotional
12:00-1:45 Is your life defined by your
stress by using the breath, pro- trauma can keep you from living
Northampton preconceived notions of who
viding we know how to breathe your life to the absolute fullest.
you think you are? You never
Applied correctly. The breath techniques Join me as I discuss the Ghost
think you’re good at: fill-in-
Prosperity... It’s offered will enable you to Point acupressure treatments,
the-blank; you’ve always seen
Not a Secret improve and maintain your an ancient Chinese spirit-level
yourself as a poor: fill-in-the-
physical and mental wellbeing. healing that brings emotional
Tim Harris Learn techniques that produce
blank. What are the things you
freedom and alignment with
are most conscious of; what do
quick results. your source energy.
you tend to think most about?

Northampton Fall 2008 Whole Health Expo Program Guide October 18-19 28
Presentations & Workshops Sunday, October 19
Leta is a dynamic teacher of work to help you discover and coaching is guided by a desire
Chinese philosophy and heal- live the life you want. to empower others to attain
ing. She has a thriving acupres- optimal wellness.
sure practice in Belchertown, 2:00-2:45
MA. 2:00-2:45
1:00-1:45 Five Elements
To Supplement
Healing Breath or Not to
Come learn about Prime Somat-
What’s Your Aaron Hoopes ics, a powerful neuromuscular Supplement...
Body Really retraining and movement edu- THAT is the
Telling You? cation system that helps people Question!!!
Priscilla Bengtson overcome minor chronic pains
Katie Kelley
to major injuries and debilitat-
Physical pain and postural ing disorders, with pain-free,
misalignments can be caused gentle hands-on sessions and
by physical, emotional or self-help exercises (in just 5
spiritual factors. Explore your minutes a day). Improve your
body alignment, daily habits Special workshop on the 5 Chi- everyday life!
and emotional triggers to see nese Elements (Wood, Earth,
what may be the source of Steven, a certified Clinical So-
Fire, Metal, Water) and their matic Educator and President
your discomfort. Working with
your energy centers, obtain a relation to the 5 Yin Organs of Somatic Systems Institute, Most health experts agree that
better understanding of your of the body (Liver, Spleen, was disabled by Fibromyalgia supplementation in this day
physical body, along with your Heart, Lungs, Kidneys). Also at the age of 20. He began study and age is not only recom-
BodyMind. learn about Ten Zen Qigong and treatment in alternative mended, but essential. Learn
and conventional modalities, about why, and what to look for
form. Come as you are. Sitting in products.
Priscilla, owner of simply fitness which led him to Somatics,
for the spirit, mind and body, and standing exercises only. which cured him completely. In
holds several national fitness Everyone welcome, no prior Katie, a native of Burlington,
practice for over 15 years, he is
certifications and is a certified experience needed. VT, has been fascinated by the
author and subject of articles,
Health Coach, Hypnotherapist human body since she was a
books and TV programs about
and Reiki Master. Aaron is founder of Zen Yoga young girl. As an adult, she has
and the author of a series of devoted much time and energy
1:00-1:45 books, CD’s and DVD’s to help 2:00-2:45 to understanding the concept of
health and what the body needs
Berkshire people become more mindful Southampton
to remain or get healthy.
Hypnotrition: of their own bodies, including Take a Spin on
Feeding Body, “Zen Yoga: A Path for Enlight- the Wellness 3:00-3:45
Mind and Spirit enment Through Breathing, Wheel Northampton
Movement and Meditation.”
Deborah Yaffee A student of martial arts, yoga
Pamela Burris The Chakras
in Shamanic
Deborah gives you insights and traditional Eastern healing What is wellness? How does
into a simple body, mind and
Practice: Eight
arts for over 25 years, his work- wellness relate to health and
soul food formula that you can all areas of life? These concepts Stages of
shops provide a fresh look at
apply to the sacred trinity of are explored then followed by Healing and
some of the traditional methods
your being: the Life Balancing an introduction to the wellness Transformation
Formula of Cleanse, Replenish of holistic health.
wheel. Participants will be Susan J. Wright
and Tonify. Learn about several guided through a brief “spin”
practical applications for body, 2:00-2:45 on the wellness wheel to ex-
mind and spirit. Hampshire perience new possibilities for
Somatics: The improved wellness.
Author and speaker Deborah
Yaffee, BS, CH, CN, is a syn- Warmup for Pamela Burris, RN, MSN, AHC-
ergistic healer who integrates your Whole Life BC, is a Wellness Inventory
nutrition, hypnotherapy, medi- coach and SUN® affiliated life
tation, EFT, Reiki and labyrinth Steven Aronstein coach. As a holistic nurse, her
This workshop will facilitate
Northampton Fall 2008 Whole Health Expo Program Guide October 18-19 29
Sunday, October 19 Presentations & Workshops
a powerful journey through The Reverend Stephen Hermann
3:00-3:45 4:00-4:45 is an internationally acclaimed
the chakras. The participants Southampton Northampton
will have the opportunity to medium with incredible tal-
experience their inherent spiri- Children as Messages ent. A featured personality on
tual strengths while addressing from Beyond: television and radio worldwide,
Teachers and Stephen’s mediumship has been
unresolved needs related to Demonstration
their developmental selves and
Healers documented by the Associated
the traumas they may have Debbie Gleadow & of Spirit Press and other news media.
experienced. We will move our Communication Stephen is the director of the
Sara Abernethy Alachua Sanctuary for Spiritual
bodies gently and travel safely The Reverend Healing in New Zealand and
in non-ordinary reality to bring Children intuitively have the
a vital piece of healing to the Stephen Hermann teaches parapsychology classes
answers to health and peace. locally at Holyoke Community
wholeness of our individual and Participate in a joyful session
collective being. College.
and learn how we all can create
Susan, a practicing shaman opportunities for them to teach 4:00-4:45
and licensed massage therapist and guide each other towards an Hampshire
for over 25 years, a certified empowered community. Money and Me
Gestalt therapist and yoga
teacher and a licensed clinical Debbie and Sara, of the Chil- Marcia Bloomberg
social worker, created a shaman dren’s Holistic Collaborative, Experience the reality of spirit
offer services to empower chil- communication through the “Money and Me” introduces
training program at her healing principles that allow you to cre-
center, Birth of Venus, in Mama- dren to heal and teach each amazing mediumship of In-
ate abundance and prosperity.
roneck, NY, where her practice other holistically. The Collab- ternational Medium Stephen
Explore your life dreams, de-
integrates social work, psycho- orative, created with passion Hermann. You’ve watched John
termine what might be standing
therapy, shamanism, yoga, belly and love, assists children to Edwards and other television in the way of achieving them,
dancing, and craniosacral and enable them to embrace their mediums, now join Stephen learn to realign energy and
other bodywork. gifts and empower them to for an incredible demonstration actions to increase your money
change the world. of spiritual communication, flow so you can be, do and have
3:00-3:45 in which Stephen will bring all that you desire.
Hampshire 3:00-3:45 through specific messages for
Berkshire participants from deceased Marcia Bloomberg is a Cer-
Shake Your loved ones and guides in the tified Empowerment Coach
Soul® - Resonance spirit world. Stephen will ex- specializing in abundance and
Experience the prosperity coaching and life
Harold Bates plain the process of medium-
coaching. She is also a consul-
Joy of Dance! ship as well as answer questions
In words and pictures, the tant offering non-profit board
Daniel Leven from the audience. Stephen will
development and fundraising
principal of Resonance is attempt to reach as many of the
Shake Your Soul® dance classes demonstrated, and practical audience as possible with spirit strategies.
are a refreshing approach to applications are explored that messages.
body-spirit fitness. Enjoy being are simple but profound in
led in dynamic movements as their scope. Attend this lecture
well as having the opportunity and walk away with simple Spiritual Web Communications, LLC
to move from your natural cre- ways you can employ these
ativity. Experience the sense of Visualizing the Unseen
pure joy as your body and soul
unite through dance. Harold Bates has been a certi- Medium, Tarot Reader,
fied Hado instructor and an Spiritual Artist & Healer
Daniel, RSMT, co-founder
of Kripalu DansKinetics™, adherent of “In the Light of
draws from 30 years of experi- Truth: the Grail Message” for Linda McCracken, Medium
ence to create integrative ap- over twenty years. His interests
proaches to body-mind healing include water research, mu- PO Box 235, Marlow, NH 03456
and wellness. His trainings at sic, computer technology and 603-446-3918
Kripalu and Omega draw rave travel, and he lives in upstate
reviews. New York.
30 Northampton Fall 2008 Whole Health Expo Program Guide October 18-19
Spiritual Web Communications, LLC
“Consciousness cannot perform beyond its self-imposed limits”
—Thomas Hanna, Ph.D.

Prime Somatics ®

think • move • feel • live

Somatics is the field of mind-body integration & human potential
established by Thomas Hanna 40 years ago. Somatics' science & principles
have influenced almost every system of bodywork & natural health today.

as reported on in:
• Natural Health
as reported on in:
• Yoga Journal
• Natural Health®
• Massage
• Therapy
Yoga Journal
• Massage
Therapy Journal
“Answers questions
that experts are
only beginning
“Highly questions to ask.”
that experts
–DIETER are o
nlyLeading Pain Specialist
Institute is ask.” Prime Somatics is the health care system that Hanna
fast becoming a leader developed out of the field of Somatics – the culmination of its
the field.”
theory, philosophy, and research. Integrating the foundations
“Somatic Exercises can change of Western medicine and holistic traditions, Prime Somatics
how we live our lives, how we
utilizes our most elemental natural mechanisms to methodically
teach the body to heal itself, expand awareness, and dramatically
believe By
that our minds & bodies improve control over the muscular and nervous systems.
Licensed Core
interrelate, how powerful we
Prime Somatics eliminates chronic pain disorders and trauma,
think we are in controlling our treats or prevents injuries, increases flexibility, comfort, and
lives, and how responsible we grace, and deepens other practices such as yoga, meditation,
should be in taking care of and martial arts. These powerful results are achieved through
hands-on sessions & self-care movements that are
our total being.” gentle, pain-free, and easy for all ages & conditions.
–Thomas Includes
Ph.D. Call or visit our Health Center / Store or Website…
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