SCREAM 4: Ricky Clarke Side By thorney33

RICKY CLARKE SIDE EXT. WOODSBORO HIGH - DAY Robbie walks away from the fountain when a mocking and high-pitched voice rings out from behind him. BOY (O/S) Hi, I’m Robbie Mercer. Today, on Hall Pass, we’ll discover how to make all girls in school avoid us like the plague! Robbie turns around with a groan to find that the voice belongs to RICKY CLARKE, 16, a junior member of the Cinema Club. He looks overdressed, with black pants and a nice shirt, with a trendy hat to boot. His cheeky face has menace written all over it. ROBBIE Actually, today I’m focusing on the negative affect that junior students can have upon the integrity of... RICKY (interrupting) Yeah, don’t care. Ricky jumps down from the tree and walks up to Robbie. RICKY (CONT’D) Still with the creepy camera thing, huh? ROBBIE What do you want, Ricky? RICKY Hey, relax, champ! I was just wondering whether or not we still have a meeting later. ROBBIE All things considered, we need a meeting today more than ever. RICKY Excellent. The perfect chance to begin my campaign for domination of the Cinema Club.




ROBBIE Nice try; I’m the Vice President. RICKY So is Joe Biden; do you think he’ll ever be running the country? ROBBIE Sorry to burst your bubble, but the pecking order goes Charlie, then me...then maybe Kirby, Rachel...then you’re all the way down the bottom below Trevor and Brett Ratner. Ricky leans in, grinning from ear to ear. By the end of his speech, he is basically whispering. RICKY (CONT’D) Times are a changin’, Robbie. And you might wanna hop on my bandwagon now, because if you’re not on it when it leaves the station...there’s no getting on at the next stop. Ricky begins to walk away. ROBBIE That analogy doesn’t even make sense! Ricky slowly turns around with a mad look upon his face. He mockingly pretends to pull a train’s horn in mid-air. RICKY Choo, choo! Ricky turns his back and walks away from the clearly bemused Robbie. RICKY From now on, Woodsboro High...everything is coming up Ricky. He pulls his collar up and begins to saunter into the corridors of the school, whistling to himself as Robbie watches him with disgust. END SIDE.

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