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Published by: Thistle Hall on Jun 15, 2012
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June Speaker Series



Come along to the Victoria University Coastal Ecology Lab (VUCEL) and find out about some of the amazing research happening in the heart of Wellington.

Don’t miss this opportunity to see inside VUCEL, and hear about the things that are impacting on our precious coastal environment.
Each talk will be less than 10 minutes.

Keith Michael What does science know about the Bluff oyster, one of New Zealand’s oldest fisheries? Agnes Rouchon The effect of pollutants on pāua and kina. Jeannine Fischer Do marine snails on the rocky shore get sunburnt? Paul Mensink Reproductive output in the common triplefin: Putting all your eggs in one basket and how to get lucky if you’re a fish! Āwhina VUCEL Incubator team The effects of sediment on pāua and kina: building Māori and Pacific science capability through the Āwhina VUCEL Incubator. Anne Wietheger Coral reefs: an ecosystem in crisis – the important association between corals and algae in tropical coral reefs. What exactly is coral bleaching and where is the connection to New Zealand’s rocky reefs?

Where: VUCEL, 396 The Esplanade, Island Bay When: 5.30-7pm, Wednesday 27 June
Light refreshments will be served beforehand. Parking is available in various locations off The Esplanade or it’s a 10-minute walk from the Island Bay (number 1) bus.

For more information, phone 470 9252

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