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Handbook Archery

Handbook Archery


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Published by jaybudd50
This is handbook on the handling and maintenance of recurve bows.
This is handbook on the handling and maintenance of recurve bows.

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Published by: jaybudd50 on Jan 05, 2009
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Focus is extremely important. Staying with the task at hand is difficult for humans. The average person
has an attention span of approximately 2-3 seconds, so developing focus is a key feature for all
successful archers… from the pre-draw to the follow-through we have to be single-minded, aware of
our body and the feel of the shot, but committed to the centre of the target.

When an archer finds a deep focus and concentration, it is a wonderful feeling. It is almost a meditative
state, and is often referred to as “being in the zone”, and once there the archer can achieve great things,
but like all things in archery, it takes practice and determination, and even then rarely stays around for

When things are going wrong it is easy to get distracted and start over-analysing the shot – and
suddenly our minds are full of negative images and self-condemnation. If you get into this state, stop.
Put the bow down and relax, because nothing can come from such distracting emotions.

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