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Introduction, SAP, GUI, Versions, Modules ASAP Methodology System Landscape Transports, Customization, Configuration General explanation of Inquiry to Cash Cycle, Enterprise Structure, Customer Master etc. Customer Master, Material Master, Customer Material Info Record Pricing Credit management, Accounts Outputs Master data Text, Incompletion log Sales documents Delivery documents Billing documents Copy Control Documents Processes Item Categories, Schedule lines Standard ITC / QTC/ OTC Cycle

Day 5


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Day 17

Return Scenario, STO Availability Check, Transfer of Requirements Sales BOM, Intercompany, 3rd Party Consignments RICEFs IDOC/EDI OSS Notes SD Tables Technical Routines, User Exits Queries Online help – SAP help site, forums, SDN, BPX Resume templates Mock Interview / tips for technical screenings, face to face interviews Getting ReadyCertificate of Completion

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