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My Big Brother's Hands

When I came into the world, Mommy held me out to you. She said to touch me softly, She showed you what to do.

Your hands proudly held me, You claimed me as your own. You asked if I was "for keeps", If you could take me home. Your hands are Mommy's helpers, Anything silly to make me smile. Hunting for my lost blankie, Pushing the stroller for awhile. Your hands are my amusement, Playing peekaboo with sheets. Humpty Dumpty and pat-a-cake, Tickling my tummy and my feet. Your hands are my heros, I'll watch intently as you play. My curious eyes will follow you, I'll want to be like you one day. As we both grow older A bond both strong and deep. Between me and my big brother, Who gave his love for keeps.

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