There is/ are
1)- Read the sentences and chose the correct answer

There is/ are a cinema.
There are/ is two restaurants.
There is/ are a market.
There are/ is lots of cars.
There are/ is a big factory.
There are/ is lots of shops.

There was/ were
2)- Read and choose the correct option

There were/ was a market.
There wasn’t/ weren’t lots of cars.
There was/ were a restaurant.
There were/ was some shops.
There was/ were a museum.
There were/ was some markets.

3)- Look at the picture and answer the questions


Was there a swimming pool in the park fifty years ago? __________________________
Was there a railway?
Was there a river?
Was there an ice cream shop?
Was there a restaurant?
Were there any flowers?
Were there lots of flowers?
Were there lots of trees?
Were there two bridges?

4)- Completar con was/ were
1- Helen and her friends ________ at the museum yesterday
2- There _______ a dinosaur
3- There _______ a video about dinosaurs


There _______ some clothes
The dinosaur _______ big and scary
There ______ some hats
The hats ______ beautiful
There ______ an old toyshop

5)- Look at the pictures and write sentences. Use there is/ there are and there was/ there were
Example: There wasn’t a supermarket fifty years ago. Now, there is a big supermarket and a market

1- ____________________________________________________________________
2- ____________________________________________________________________
3- ____________________________________________________________________
4- ____________________________________________________________________
5- ____________________________________________________________________
6- ____________________________________________________________________
7- ____________________________________________________________________


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