Delores Samatte

Metis educator receives Lifetime Achievement Award

Each year, the Aboriginal Circle of Educators presents one educator with the Trailblazer/Lifetime Achiever Award. The 2011 recipient was Dolores Samatte, a Metis teacher who grew up in Crane River Manitoba but now lives in Cranberry Portage with her husband Don and their twin daughters, Ramona and Wenona. Getting an education in Crane River was difficult, as the community only provided schooling until grade 8. Luckily, Dolores received a bursary and was able to complete her high school education in Ste. Rose du Lac. After completing high school she attended Frontier Collegiate, and was allowed to teach on a permit for a couple of years. She completed her senior matriculation from the collegiate and followed that with receiving a teaching certificate from the University of Manitoba. "I used my certificate to work during the school year and attended university classes during the summer," said Samatte. "Eventually I graduated with a Bachelor of Education." Mrs. Samatte was employed with Frontier School Division from 1968-2000 as a teacher, Principal and Consultant. She was the first Center Coordinator for the Brandon University Northern Teachers Education Program (BUNTEP) in Cranberry Portage from 1984-91. As coordinator, it was her responsibility to make certain that all aspects were running smoothly to ensure the success of the program. "I was inspired by the emergence of the group of future teachers for Manitoba their perseverance and their commitment to their chosen field of education," said Samatte. She retired from Frontier School Division in 2000 but continued her work in education as a board member on the Council for Post Secondary Education from 2001-2005. Today Samatte is a member of her local District Health and Catholic Church Committees, and is also on the committee of the Manitoba Metis Federation's The Pas local.