When the month of margazhi (thanur masam) (15th December to 15th January) comes headache also comes to the

common man in Tamilnadu. Whether it is the condition of other states of India or not condition is becoming worst day by day in Tamilnadu. Each and every temple will make maximum air pollution by putting the loudspeakers to cry at their maximum volume. Even a Ganesha (elephant God) under a neem tree will also produce sound pollution by tiding a cone loudspeaker at the top of the tree so that the sound can reach at least one kilometer. The condition of students who are preparing for their half yearly examination is very pathetic. When they arise by putting an alarm at 4'o clock the mp3 player operator is also arising at 4'o clock and make the speakers to cry. (they are also having their own alarms I think) Old people cannot sleep at this high pitch of sound. As each and every small temples are also having their own music system each street is having at least one or two loudspeakers. If Vishnu shasranamam is coming from one speaker Subrabatham is coming from the second and songs of Lord Ayyappa from the third M.S.'s Margazhi Thingal from the fourth and S.P.B.'s namasivaya.......namasiva........ So a super mixed sound is coming in final and one cannot even enjoy the music even if he thinks “After all we have lost our sleep let us enjoy the music at least.” Sitting in the bed one can blinking at the walls,that's all. As everybody is going to sleep only at 11'o clock in the night making them to getup at 4'o clock will allow them to sleep for 5 hours. The result is the pupils are having their hen sleep in their desks and the peoples are sleeping and falling in their office at their tables. Thiruvalluvar tells: “Manaththukkan masu ilan athal anaiththu aran akula neera pira” “Have a pure mind must be the ultimate goal All others are only sound making nonsenses.” 2000 years back,during his period, there was no mike,amplifier,speaker etc. During those times people will take bath at early hours, wear clean dresses, singing devotional songs and dancing they will walk in the streets.(particularly during this month). Hare Rama Hare Krishna Movement has come out from this Bhajan system. This bhajan is done in villages and in agraharams of towns by Brahnmins even now. But today what is happening is people are sitting inside a room, tide a speaker at 50 foot hight, cries at 10000 watts PMPO that's all.

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