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Leona Krisa V.

Maulanin PSY 3-1

Nell (1994): The Role of Language

The movie starring Jodi Foster was about a girl who grew up in the woods and was called a wild child, for her way of talking was strange and she was not used to interact with people aside from her mother. Nell had a twin sister but unfortunately died when they were still young. Through some scenes from the movie, she imagined and spent some time going through memories especially those when they are playing in the forest. It was also shown that she and her sister had this modified language or commonly known as twin speech or idioglossia, which is also the title of the play where the movie was adapted. According to Bakker, P. (1987) children who are exposed to multiple languages from birth are also inclined to create idioglossias, but these languages usually disappear at a relatively early age, giving way to use of one or more of the languages introduced. This mostly explains why Nell tends to speak in a strange modification of English but because she was not introduced to the right way of speaking English on the later stages of her development, she stayed on using twin speech even though she is already a grown-up. She also did not have enough social interaction which is an important factor in the development. Nell lived in the woods for a long time; unable to talk and interact with different people which is really needed for a person.

Language indeed plays an important role in the development of a person. Without it, a person will find difficulty in some aspects of his life. Language and social interactions correlate. One will not progress without the other. Like in the movie, without the proper guidance of a parent, a child will not be able to develop his/her speech abilities if he is secluded from the world or he is stuck from a particular part in his life. Children need to grow up and they need the people around them as they face different situations in life.